Soma Psuchikon

from Greek Soma Psyche eikon: Soma meaning "body"; ψυχικός Psuch (psyche) "soul", and ikon derives from Eikōn meaning "image." Literally, "the Soul Body Image."

"It is sown a ψυχικός σῶμα (psychikos soma; soul body); it is raised a spiritual body. There is a ψυχικός σῶμα (psychikos soma; soul body), and there is a spiritual body." - 1 Corinthians 15: 44

"Whosoever wants to enter Eden has to previously have received the Wedding Garment of the Soul; this garment receives the name of “Soma Psuchikon.” Such a garment is an organized body of ethereal material. When the clairvoyant examines this ethereal organism, he can then prove that it is transparent as crystal. It looks like a beautiful, innocent girl. It is necessary to know that the “Soma Psuchikon” is governed by the Moon. Whosoever possesses this body can visit all the departments of the kingdom with it." —Samael Aun Weor, The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac

"We need to create an astral body, a mental body, and a causal body, which in theosophy are called the astral body, the inferior mind or manas, and the causal body, which is called the superior manas. These are called in Greek the famous To Soma Psuchikon...To Soma in Greek means “the body.” Psuch comes from psyche and ikon means “image.” The image of what? To Soma Psuchikon is precisely that psychic body or soul body that has to emerge from the waters. The Ikon is called in Hebrew Tzalem or image. In other words, the image of JAH, which is Kether, and is symbolized by the letter Yod, which means phallus, esoterically speaking; that image is in the seed, in the sexual organs, in Yesod. So from Yesod there has to emerge Elijah, the God JAH, the forces of ELIAO, in the different steps, in order for the reincarnation of that Elijah, ELIAO to be in the earth. This reincarnation of Elijah (the God JAH) can happen within anyone on the earth. Elijah symbolizes the Bodhichitta that has to be created. That Bodhichita emerges before the creation of the Mercurial bodies, or the astral, mental, and causal bodies, because To Soma Psuchikon is related with Yesod. It is in Yesod when we start developing the Consciousness by taking care of the sexual seed, or the Tzalem of God, or the Icon of God... Understand that such an image is precisely what has to emerge from Yesod - His image. His IKON as we say in Greek: TO SOMA PSUCHIKON, the soul image of God, this is what we have to create within. This is what we Gnostics are interested in: to create the image of God within. And this is a matter of permutation through transmutation; because what people have within their psyche is not the image of God. It is enough to sit down and observe our mind in order to see that ELIAO is not there, the Bodhichitta is not there. The Bodhichitta is the image of God that emerges through transmutation in Yesod. " —Bodhichitta in Christianity

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