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A term used by Gurdjieff to describe an energetic influence in our solar system.

"First of all you must be told that all the three-brained beings, on whatever planet they arise and whatever exterior coating they receive, always await the manifestations of the action of this law with impatience and joy, somewhat as your favorites look forward to their feasts of 'Easter,' 'Bairam,' 'Zadik,' 'Ramadan,' 'Kaialana,' and others. The only difference is that your favorites look forward to these feasts of theirs with impatience because on these 'holy days' it has become customary for them to abandon themselves to merrymaking and drunkenness; whereas the beings of other planets await the action of Solioonensius with impatience because thanks to it the need for evolving, in the sense of acquiring Objective Reason, increases in them by itself... As for the causes that give rise to the action of this cosmic law, they are different for each planet, but always flow from and depend upon what is called the 'common-cosmic harmonious movement'; and as regards your planet Earth, what is called the 'center of gravity of causes' is brought about by the 'periodic tension' of the sun of its system, brought about in its turn by the influence upon this sun of a neighboring solar system, existing under the name of 'Baleaooto.' In this latter system, however, the 'center of gravity of causes' is determined by the presence, among the number of its concentrations, of a great comet, 'Solni,' which, in accordance with certain combinations of the 'common-cosmic harmonious movement,' comes at times in its falling very near to its sun Baleaooto, which is thereby forced greatly to increase its 'tension' in order to maintain the path of its own falling. This tension provokes the same in the suns of the neighboring systems, among which is the system Ors; and when in its turn the sun Ors increases its tension in order not to change the path of falling proper to it, it provokes the same tension in all the concentrations of its own system, among which is also the planet Earth. The 'tension' in each of the planets acts also on the common presence of all the beings arising and breeding on it, always engendering in the beings, besides desires and intentions of which they are not aware, the feeling called sacred 'iabolioonozo' or, as your favorites would say, 'religious feeling,' namely, that 'being-feeling' which, as I have already said, appears at times in the desire and striving for more rapid self-perfecting as regards Objective Reason. It is interesting that when this sacred feeling--or another similar to it likewise engendered by a certain common-cosmic actualization--is produced in the presence of your favorites, they accept it as a symptom of one of their numerous diseases, and call it 'nerves.'" —Gurdjieff

"There is a cosmic law called Solioonensius. After the submersion of Atlantis, this law has manifested itself upon our planet Earth forty times. That cosmic law is the outcome of the electromagnetic tension of the worlds.There is a cosmic law called Solioonensius. After the submersion of Atlantis, this law has manifested itself upon our planet Earth forty times. That cosmic law is the outcome of the electromagnetic tension of the worlds.Our solar system of Ors has a neighboring solar system called Baleooto. In the cosmos there is also the famous comet Solni. Sometimes this comet Solni draws dangerously close to the resplendent Baleooto sun. Many times in the past this resplendent sun has been forced to develop a strong magnetic tension in order to be able to firmly maintain its customary cosmic path. This tension naturally and logically provokes identical tension upon all the neighboring suns; among them is our sun which is called Ors. When our sun Ors also puts itself in electromagnetic tension, (in order for the cosmic path that it follows not to be modified) it originates identical tension upon all the planets of the solar system of Ors, including our planet Earth. This is the cosmic Solioonensius. This great law acts upon our planet Earth at very long intervals. Normally, this great law produces intense religiosity and profound yearning for inner Self-realization. However, when humanity is not psychologically prepared for the action of this law, the outcome is customarily catastrophic." —Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of the Dialectic