(शक्ति Sanskrit, literally "force, power, energy"; also transliterated as Sakti) From the root sakt, which means "to be able, to do." In Hinduism, shakti is symbolized as a goddess, the wife of Shiva, the Third Logos, the sephirah Binah. The feminine aspect of Binah. A personification of primal energy. Symbolized by a yoni, a female sexual organ.

"Sakti is symbolically female; but It is, in reality, neither male nor female. It is only a Force which manifests Itself in various forms." — Swami Sivananda

"The power or active aspect of the immanent God is Sakti. Sakti is the empodiment of power. She is the supporter of the vast universe. She is the supreme power by which the world is upheld. She is the Universal Mother. She is Durga, Kali, Chandi, Chamundi, Tripurasundari, Rajarajesvari. There is no difference between God and his Sakti, just as there is no difference between fire and its burning power. He who worships Sakti, that is God in Mother form, as the supreme power which creates, sustains, and withdraws the universe, is a Sakta. All women are the forms of Divine Mother. Siva is the unchanging consciousness. Sakti is His changing Power which appears as mind and matter." —Sivananda, Tantra Yoga

"There are seven cosmic forces: First: the force of the Glorian. Second: Para-shakti (light and heat). Third: Jnana-shakti (wisdom, intelligence). Fourth: Iccha-shakti (willpower). Fifth: Kriya-shakti (Christic-mind) Sixth: Kundalini - shakti (seven serpents) Seventh: Mantrika-shakti (the power of the Word)." —Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

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