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(Hebrew שטן, opposer, or adversary)

"And שטן [Satan] stood up against Israel..." - 1 Chronicles 21:1

Although modern Christians have made Satan into a cartoon character, the reality is very different.

Within us, Satan is the fallen Lucifer, who is born within the psyche of every human being by means of the sexual impulse that culminates in the orgasm or sexual spasm of the fornicators. Satan, the fallen Lucifer, directs the lustful animal currents towards the atomic infernos of the human being, thus it becomes the profoundly evil adversary of our Innermost (God) and human values within our own psyche. This is why it is often identified with the leader of the fallen angels or fallen human values (parts) of our consciousness trapped within the animal mind (legions of egos, defects, vices of the mind) in other words, Satan is the Devil or "evil" adversary of God that everybody carries within their own psychological interior. The spiritual aspirant has to conquer Satan and transform him back into Lucifer, which is Latin for "bearer of Light." This was once known in Christianity (even some popes were named Lucifer), but over the centuries Christianity degenerated.

"The white magician worships the inner Christ. The black magician worships Satan. This is the “I,” the me, myself, the reincarnating ego. In fact, the “I” is the specter of the threshold itself. It continually reincarnates to satisfy desires. The “I” is memory. In the “I” are all of the memories of our ancient personalities. The “I” is Ahriman, Lucifer, Satan. Our real Being is the inner Christ. Our real Being is of a universal nature. Our real Being is not a superior or inferior “I.” Our real Being is impersonal, universal, divine. He transcends every concept of “I,” me, myself, ego, etc. The black magician strengthens his Satan and upon this he bases his fatal power. Satan’s form and size result from the degree of human evil. When we enter the path of the perfect marriage, Satan loses his volume and ugliness. We need to dissolve Satan." —Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

"The origin of the sinful “I” lies in lust. The ego, Satan, is subject to the law of the eternal return of all things. It returns to new wombs in order to satisfy desires. In each one of its lives, the “I” repeats the same dramas, the same errors. The “I” complicates itself over time, each time becoming more and more perverse. The Satan that we carry within is composed of atoms of the Secret Enemy. Satan had a beginning; Satan has an end. We need to dissolve Satan in order to return to the inner star that has always smiled upon us. This is true final liberation. Only by dissolving the “I” can we attain absolute liberation." —Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

"Pain cannot make anyone perfect. If pain could perfect anyone, then all humanity would already be perfect. Pain is a result of our own errors. Satan commits many errors. Satan reaps the fruits of his errors. This fruit is pain. Therefore, pain is satanic. Satan cannot perfect himself, nor can he make anyone perfect. Pain cannot make anything perfect, because pain is of Satan. The great divine reality is happiness, peace, abun- dance, and perfection. The great reality cannot create pain. What is perfect cannot create pain. What is perfect can only engender happiness. Pain was created by the “I” (Satan)." —Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

"Time is Satan; Satan is memory. Satan is a bunch of memories. When a human being dies, only his memories remain. These memories constitute the “I,” the me, myself, the reincarnating ego. Those unsatisfied desires, those memories of yesterday, reincarnate. Thus, this is how we are slaves of the past. Therefore, we can be sure that the past is what conditions our present life. We can affirm that Satan is time. We can also state, without fear of being mistaken, that time cannot liberate us from this valley of tears because time is Satanic. We have to learn to live from moment to moment. Life is an eternal now, an eternal present. Satan was the creator of time; those who think they will liberate themselves in a distant future, within some millions of years, with the passing of time and the ages, are sure candidates for the Abyss and the Second Death, because time is of Satan. Time does not liberate anyone. Satan enslaves; Satan does not liberate. We need to liberate ourselves right now. We need to live from moment to moment." —Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

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