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(Sanskrit) from सम्भोग sambhoga, "sexual intercourse, sexual union, sexual joy, delight, enjoyment, pleasure" and kaya काय "body, principle, house, habitation, collection."

Also called "body of perfect enjoyment" or “the perfect resource body."

In Buddhism, one of the "bodies" of a buddha corresponding to a very subtle level of manifested existence. As such, it corresponds to a level of nature that other beings can perceive or experience with training, specifically during dream state, and in preparation for the process of death, during which one who is prepared can recognize the Sambhogakaya experience and utilize it as a doorway to a better level of existence. 

Sambhogakaya corresponds in Kabbalah to the sephirah Chokmah.

"Sambhogakaya relates to the sephirah Chokmah, which in Christianity is called the Son. Chokmah is the world of Christ, compassion, Bodhichitta. Chokmah translated means “wisdom,” which in sanskrit is bodhi. This is the emergence of bodhichitta, which is the heart essence of a bodhisattva. A bodhisattva is a vehicle of Christ. Sambhogakaya represents all of the luminous qualities of Christ, all of those particles of light, of love, that Christ emanates. Sambhogakaya is incredibly complex and beautiful. It is the highest form of wisdom that exists. It is the very wisdom mind of all buddhas, of all angels. If you were to visualize and imagine all of the angels and buddhas in existence, and imagine their minds, which are all love and knowledge, a knowledge that creates universes, that is Sambhogakaya." - Why We Must Die