Samael Sabaoth

(Hebrew סםאל צבאות) In Hebrew, the Army of the Voice, the Logos, the Host, or Creative Hostess of the Elohim, receives the name of צבאות Sabaoth or Tzabaoth. Samael Sabaoth is the name of the army or diverse forces of Samael.

Every star is the center of gravity of a particular Logos, a Sabaoth, an Intelligent Host of Creative Forces that manifest within all Kingdoms of Nature. Samael Sabaoth in the human body governs the divine vital essence, principle or substance or animating divine fiery force within sex (Scorpio), this is why it is stated that Samael is the seducing fiery serpent of Eden (Yesod, sex). When the human being fornicates, when the human being becomes enslaved by his own concupiscence (sinning against the Holy Spirit), then (within the fornicator) the fire of Samael becomes the primeval atomic angelic force that rebels against the Divine Forces (the Holy Spirit); then, this creative sexual fire through fornication creates Kain, the "Red Dragon," the Angel of Death. The Talmud states that "the Angel of Death and Satan are the same" (the same sexual principle or creative fire that crystallized in Klipoth, Hell, by means of fornication). Samael Sabaoth in Aries is the Warrior, the Knight equal to Michael, the slayer of his own shadow, Satan (the sexual creative fire crystallized in Klipoth, Hell) as well as St. George, who is also a Dragon Slayer. We must alchemically comprehend the Seven Centers of the Human Machine, since the fire of Samael is directly related with the Fifth Center, the Sexual Center. The Seven Centers are connected to the spinal medulla; the Fifth, the Sexual Center, is directly related with the transformation of the Scorpio creative sexual fires of Samael, the Fifth Spirit before the Throne of God (the central nervous system).

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