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"Mere giving up of objects will not constitute real renunciation. Dear friends, remember this point well. True Tyaga or renunciation consists in renouncing egoism, "I-ness," "mine-ness," selfishness, desires and cravings of all sorts." - Swami Sivananda, How to Get Vairagya

"Based on renunciations (each time more incredible), one advances on the path of John." - Samael Aun Weor, The Doomed Aryan Race

"Without pure renunciation, there is no way to end this striving for pleasant results in the ocean of life. It is because of their hankering life as well that beings are fettered, so seek renunciation first. Leisure and fortune are hard to find, life is not long; think it constantly, stop desire for this life. Think over and over how deeds and their fruits never fail, and the cycle’s suffering: stop desire for the future. When you have meditated thus and feel not even a moment’s wish for the good things of cyclic life, and when you begin to think both night and day of achieving freedom, you have found renunciation." - Tsong Khapa, Three Principal Paths