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There are two forms of reasoning: Objective and Subjective.

"Objective Reasoning was developed before the Greco-Roman period emerged. The primeval Aryans of the first sub-race of the great Aryan Root Race (which flourished in Central Asia) had developed it. The people of the second sub-race (prior to the period of the solar Rishis) possessed it. The Egyptians of the ancient Dynasties of the Pharaohs, the Babylonians, the sages of Afghanistan, Turkestan and Iraq also used it. This type of reasoning practically ended with Greek reasoning. The Greeks were the ones who began to play with words and ended up establishing the Subjective Reasoning based on external sensory perceptions, thus drowning out the Objective Reasoning, eliminating it from the face of the Earth. Since then, humanity only possesses subjective reasoning, external sensory perceptions, the data provided through the five senses." - The Aquarian Message

"(Subjective) Reasoning is one thing and intuition is another. Reasoning only nourishes itself with external sensorial perceptions (by means of the senses it perceives or receives impressions and then produces sensations). Thus, reasoning ends up being negative and limited. The reasoning person believes that he can attain the truth through the struggle of antithesis, but this only divides the mind and incapacitates it to comprehend the truth." - The Revolution of Beelzebub

Objective Reasoning is a power of the Being. "The process of (subjective) reasoning divorces the mind from the Innermost. A mind which is divorced from the Innermost falls into the abyss of black magic. Many times the Innermost gives an order and the mind reveals itself with its reasoning. The Innermost speaks by hunches, thoughts and superlative intuition but the mind reveals by reasoning and comparison. Reasoning is based on opinions, in the struggle of antithetic concepts, in the process of conceptual election, etc. Reasoning divides the mind between the struggles of the antitheses. Antithetic concepts convert the mind into a battlefield. A mind which is divided by the battle of reasoning, by the struggle of antithetic concepts, fractions the understanding and converts the mind into a worthless instrument for the Being, for the Innermost." - Tarot and Kabbalah