Latin purgatorium, "means of cleansing." A process of final purification that occurs after the ego is eliminated on the Second Mountain. Dante symbolized this process in his Divine Comedy, as a region one enters after completing the work in the Inferno, which is to eliminate the ego. Then, after Purgatory, one enters into Paradise. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. From henceforth now, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors." (Apoc. 14:13).

"When the pluralized “I” is dissolved, it leaves in the mind its seeds of perdition. The yogis say that one must burn the seeds, incinerate them, reduce them to cosmic dust. It is urgent to know that the “I” is re-born again like an evil weed from its own seeds. I needed then to incinerate those evil seeds of a poisonous weed. It was necessary for me to enter into the purgatorial region of the inferior molecular world in order to burn the seed-plot of the “myself.” —Samael Aun Weor, Magic of the Runes

"The path that leads to the realization of the Innermost Self, of the Being, begins within the very atomic infernos of the wretched intellectual animal (mistakenly called a human being); thereafter, it continues in the molecular purgatory of the initiate, and concludes in the electronic regions of the Empyrean."  —Samael Aun WeorThe Narrow Way

"Every creature that yearns for final liberation knows very well that there is a planet called Purgatory. On the planet Purgatory everything is beautiful. They are known as some twelve thousand varieties of extraordinary birds that fill that planet with their songs, with their melodies; about ten thousand kinds of mineral springs. All the flora and fauna of the universe is present in such a world. It is a secret planet, beyond good and evil. Those who indeed want to enter into the bosom of the sacred Absolute Sun must remain some time on the planet Purgatory. On that planet there are no cities. In the mountains of that planet, there are many caves (some natural, others that have been made by the hands of people). In those caverns live sacred individuals, dedicated exclusively to purification, to the elimination of the last residual elements that remain in their psyche. Obviously, the planet Purgatory is wonderful. Its inhabitants also have cosmic ships, with which they can travel from world to world, or from galaxy to galaxy… The Uni-existent, the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, Aelohim, would manifest in that world to encourage those who are preparing themselves for the final truth… Not all souls can enter the planet Purgatory, but only those that have crystallized within themselves the three primary forces of the universe - only those have the right to dwell on the planet Purgatory. So, not all souls can live on that secret planet, but only those that have created the existential superior bodies of the Being." —Samael Aun WeorFoundation of Sexual Transmutation

"We have to perform a double work within our own atomic infernos: first, to transmute the lead into gold, and second, to execute Judas by hanging... Any gnostic that has concluded the double work can verify this himself. It is written that whosoever abandons the atomic infernos of nature immediately enters into the purgatorial region in order to fry or brown the seeds of the “I” (as the Hindustani yogis state). The evil tendencies of Judas remain within those malignant germs. The complicated purgatorial work, that is, to incinerate satanic seeds, is terribly difficult, and bitterer than bile. Judas has three Satanic aspects, because he betrays us in the world of desires, in the world of the mind, and in the field of willpower. This reminds us of the three traitors of Hiram Abiff. Also to my memory comes the image of Lucifer holding one traitor within each of his three jaws. Dante stated that purgatory has seven regions. However, if we multiply seven by seven, then we will have the kabbalistic number forty-nine. These are the forty-nine regions of the subconsciousness, the forty-nine stables of Augeas. It is a bitter and difficult task to eliminate the Luciferic fire in each and every one of the forty-nine regions of the subconsciousness. Whosoever performs this work has to weep tears of blood. The esoteric ordeals in each and every one of the forty-nine subconscious regions are incessantly repeated, and the Twice-born intimately suffers within the frightful moral torments of the purgatorial state. An in-depth analysis of this esoteric purgatorial work allows us to integrally comprehend that without the aid of our Divine Mother (within whom all of the powers of our sacred monad are contained), failure would be inevitable. From the sphere of solar fire and the path of John, the great law excludes the souls who did not kill Judas within themselves and who did not purify themselves amidst the flames of intimate purgatory. Hasnamussen are never admitted within the spheres of happiness. The absolute access into the solar heavens is only possible after having burned even the seeds of the pluralized “I.”  —Samael Aun WeorThe Narrow Way

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