Penance, Penitence: from Latin nom. Pænitens (Pene, Penis + Tense): the state in which the sexual energies of the Holy Spirit enter through the nervous system into the mind and liberate the soul from any mental tension. This is how the Initiate, through sexual dynamics, consciously attains the absolution from any psychological aggregate.

Pænitens (Pene, Penis + Tense): Let us acknowledge that the clitoris (located at the anterior part of the vulva, the most sensitive point of the feminine organism) is that magnetic centrifugal point which provides a woman's aura with suitable currents of energy. The sexual energies of the Holy Spirit in the female organism vibrate in that small elongated erectile organ. The female clitoris has the same evolutionary origin as the male penis but provides different functions. Any enlightened clairvoyant can perceive the magnetic centrifugal forces that initiate their course from the clitoris.

“True repentance has its foundation in the sexual mysteries.” - Samael Aun Weor, The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

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