In ancient times, I was related to these great cultures, with these Mayan and Nahua cultures. I came here driving caravans from Atlantis...

Student: Master, is it true that there were camels, people who came here on camels, too?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, they rode camels, but by the north of the Gulf of Mexico [which at that time was a valley], where there was a strip of land that led to Africa through Atlantis...

Student: We have seen camels...

Samael Aun Weor: Then they came, certainly, in caravans. They stayed in "caravansin," a kind of restaurant or cafe (rather we would say restaurant or hotel). They stayed there. I always met the black people who came. They came from Africa through Atlantis. I knew all of that, and many times I led the pilgrims to Teotihuacan, Yucatan, and all of those lands. That is why I know all that knowledge of the ancient Nahuas, Mayans, Toltecs, Zapotecas, etc.

olmec headThere is a kind of stone head all over the place, a stone head with black features, whose  subjects I knew... Those stone heads are a remembrance of the African initiates that came here… 

Student: I am interested to hear about the black people that came here... 

Samael Aun Weor: Again: I knew the ancient wisdom of the Nahuas, Mayans, Zapotecas, Toltecs, etc. I already told you that I have not read much of anything about anthropology. To be clearer, I have not read. What I know of indigenous matters is something completely experienced for myself. 

When the caravans came, which came here from North Africa — from all Africa, but especially from North Africa — I witnessed many things. There were caravans coming from Atlantis, and caravans coming from Africa, through Atlantis ...

There was a strip of land that led to Africa by the north of the Gulf of Mexico. There I found, always, many caravans that came with Africans that came through Atlantis and arrived in northern Mexico. Yes, I met them, black Africans who stayed in the caravansin (a kind of hotel). They stayed there...

Among them there were black African initiates. As a reminder of that, there are big stone heads with protruding cheekbones and African mouths, African noses... Anthropologists call them the “Olmecs." Well, I hear what they say, but I say what I know. What they say is one thing, and what I know is something else… If you look at those stone heads — huge, big, with African features — they are certainly African! They were made in remembrance of those African initiates who therefore came from Africa through Atlantis.

At that time Africa was not called “Africa." It was a small continent at that time, the continent Grabontzi.

Student: Grabontzi?

Samael Aun Weor: Grabontzi! That continent was not as big as it is now. The continent of Grabontzi was small... But later, after the submersion of Atlantis, new lands emerged from the bottom of the seas and were added to that continent and so it grew, and became great. But in those times of which I am speaking to you, the continent of Grabontzi was very small.

So, those African initiates came from Africa (Grabontzi) through Atlantis, and they came to the north of the Gulf of Mexico, and they spread throughout the whole country. As a consequence of this, their descendants raised monuments and carved those stone heads as testimony of those African people. Indeed, if you really observe those stone heads they do not coincide with any of the pre-Cortesian races, established here in the country; these are completely an African type..." —From a discussion with students

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