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"In Gnosis, we look at ethics, morality, or guidelines for behavior as having two fundamental aspects, or two divisions you could say, and these are the First Law and the Second Law. A law of course is a guideline, a rule - this is the way we usually think of a law, something that somebody decided and opposes on us, but we are not talking about that kind of law. When we talk about the First Law and the Second Law, we are talking about law in the sense of Dharma. Dharma means "truth, law, a fact," something which IS, so when we discuss the Law, the Cosmic Law, we are not describing some rule that a bearded man in heaven decided on and is demanding of those below him; this is not what we mean by Law. What we mean is, as an example, gravity. In this third dimensional world, gravity is a law, it is a truth, it is a fact. So the First Law and the Second Law are exactly like that: they are truths, facts of reality, facts of existence, but according to certain levels." - The Freedom of Discipline