(Hebrew יוסף Yowceph) Like a characters in scripture and myth, the Biblical name Joseph is symbolic. The name hides a very deep Kabbalistic meaning. IO (יו) represents the divine Father (I, phallus) and Mother (O, uterus) whose union creates the Son (Christ, Horus). Cephas means stone, a reference to the foundation stone of the temple: the sephirah Yesod, the sexual energy.

"Thou art Simon the son of (יונה) IOnah: thou shalt be called Cephas, which is by interpretation, A stone.” – John 1:42

IO-cephas is identical to IO-patar: Jupiter (Zeus), the Greco-Roman symbol of "the father of the Gods." Patar is Latin for stone.

"Binah is Abba and Aima, Father and Mother or Joseph and Mary as they are called in Christianity, here we are talking about those archetypes called Joseph and Mary which alchemically are IO the Latin letters I and O; IO are representations, I masculine and the O the feminine. Jesus is the son of Joseph (IO-Cephas) and Mary (MarIO or RamIO), IO represents the androgynism. Cephas means stone (Yesod) and Ram is the fire of “M” water." - The lecture Yeshua, the Jew Zeus

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