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(Arabic) Or Jinn. Root of the word "genie." From Semitic root JNN, literally, ‘beings that are concealed from the senses’.

"He created man of clay like that of the potter. And He created the djinn of pure fire..." - Qu'ran

"According to Arabian writers, there is a species of beings named Jinn or Jan (Jinnee m., Jinniyeh f. sing.), which were created and occupied the earth several thousand years before Adam. A tradition from the Prophet says that they were formed of "smokeless fire," i.e. the fire of the wind Simoom. They were governed by a succession of forty, or, as others say, seventy-two monarchs, named Suleyman, the last of whom, called Jan-ibn-Jan, built the Pyramids of Egypt. Prophets were sent from time to time to instruct and admonish them; but on their continued disobedience, an army of angels appeared, who drove them from the earth to the regions of the islands, making many prisoners, and slaughtering many more. Among the prisoners, was a young Jinnee, named 'Azazeel, or El-Harith (afterwards called Iblees, from his despair), who grew up among the angels, and became at last their chief. When Adam was created, God commanded the angels to worship him; and they all obeyed except Iblees, who, for his disobedience, was tuned into a Sheytan [Hebrew "adversary" ie. Satan] or Devil, and he became the father of the Sheytans. The Jinn are not immortal; they are to survive mankind, but to die before the general resurrection. Even at present many of them are slain by other Jinn, or by men; but chiefly by shooting-stars hurled at them from Heaven. The fire of which they were created, circulates in their veins instead of blood, and when they receive a mortal wound, it bursts forth and consumes them to ashes. They eat and drink, and propagate their species. Sometimes they unite with human beings, and the offspring partakes of the nature of both parents. Some of the Jinn are obedient to the will of God, and believers in the Prophet, answering to the Peries of the Persians; others are like the Deevs, disobedient and malignant. Both kinds are divided into communities, and ruled over by princes. They have the power to make themselves visible and invisible at pleasure. They can assume the form of various animals, especially those of serpents, cats, and dogs. When they appear in the human form, that of the good Jinnee is usually of great beauty; that of the evil one, of hideous deformity, and sometimes of gigantic size." - The Fairy Mythology by Thomas Keightley [1870]

"Of course, there are two types of Jinns. There are those of the "left hand" who are the tenebrous, the harpies (cited by Virgil, the poet of Mantua, in his Aeneid). Yet, there is also another type of Jinn. I am referring, emphatically and objectively, to those luminous Jinns (as explained by Don Mario Roso de Luna, the distinguished Spanish writer), the Tuatha de Danann for example, who brought to Ireland (among their precious things) four extraordinary symbols: the one was the Steel Lance, or the Lance of Longinus, or the Asta of Minerva, an extraordinary phallic symbol; the other, a great cup symbolizing the yoni; the wonderful Stone of Truth; and the Flaming Sword. This type of Jinns are said to have founded four magical cities in Europe. No one can deny that they fled Ireland, but when they returned to that island they did battle with wizards of darkness and triumphed. After the submergence of Atlantis nothing has been known about these white Jinns. I understand that they remain with their physical bodies within the fourth vertical. I personally know a beautiful race of Jinns who live with physical bodies within the fourth vertical. The men and women of that race who have great beauty, form beautiful homes, have children, etc. It is a human race that lives very close to us. They are everywhere; just as we live here, in this world of three dimensions, that race lives in the fourth vertical, and they have bodies of flesh and blood. I repeat: they eat, they drink, they reproduce, they are happy, they have not left "Paradise." They live in a paradisiacal state. They are what we could call "White Jinns." - Samael Aun Weor, The Inquisition, Alchemists, Astral Projection, and Jinn Science