Minor Mysteries

"When the candidate becomes successful in all the introductory ordeals to the path, he has the absolute right to enter into the Minor Mysteries. Each of the nine Initiations of Minor Mysteries are attained within the innermost consciousness. Thus, if the student has a good memory, he then can bring into his physical brain the memory of those initiations. However, when the candidate’s memory is not good, then the poor neophyte is unaware in the physical world of all that which he learns and receives in the superior worlds. Therefore, those who wish to be aware in the physical world of all that happens to them during initiation have to develop their memory. It is urgent that the candidate develop his memory. It is urgent for the candidate to learn how to consciously depart within the Astral Body. It is urgent for the candidate to awake his consciousness....  The nine Initiations of Minor Mysteries constitute the probationary path. The nine Initiations of Minor Mysteries are for the disciples who are on trial." —Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

To learn more, read Initiation and Levels of Spiritual Development.

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