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From Greek hydr-, stem of hydor "water" + French -gène "producing," from gen: generate, genes, genesis, genetic, etc.

In esotericism, hydrogens are the fundamental substance of existence, whose infinite forms create the all of the dimensions of nature, symbolized by the Tree of Life.

In modern science, Hydrogen is the simplest element on the periodic table, and is the building block of all forms of matter. But this is only a physical manifestation. Here, we study the building blocks of all of the dimensions of nature; they emerge from a root hydrogen, far beyond the physical world.

"...hydrogen in itself is the first emanation of the universal primordial matter (Mulaprakriti)." - Samael Aun Weor, Cosmic Teachings of a Lama

In other words, the true, root hydrogen is not physical, nor are the hydrogens that emerge from it. Eventually, as the solar light crystallizes into denser forms, that solar power becomes physical and results in the periodic table, whose first element is called "hydrogen"; it is very far from that root hydrogen that emerges from the Absolute.

To understand this fully, one must study kabbalah and learn meditation, because the intellect cannot perceive hydrogens.

Hydrogen and its derivatives are packets of solar light. The solar light (the light that comes from the sun) is the reflection of the cosmic solar intelligence, the Okidanok, the Cosmic Christ, which creates and sustains every world.

Hydrogen is "fecundated water, generated water" (hydro). The water is the source of all life. Everything that we eat, breathe and all of the impressions that we receive are in the form of various structures of hydrogen, which emerge from the sublte dimensions of nature.

"It is urgent to know that there are twelve fundamental basic hydrogens in the universe. The twelve basic hydrogens are arranged in tiers in accordance with the twelve categories of matter. The twelve categories of matter exist in all creation; let us remember the twelve salts of the zodiac, the twelve spheres of cosmic vibration within which a solar humanity must be developed. All the secondary hydrogens, whose varied densities go from 6 to 12283, are derived from the twelve basic hydrogens. In Gnosticism, the term hydrogen has a very extensive significance. Indeed, any simple element is hydrogen of a certain density. Hydrogen 384 is found in water, 192 in the air, while 96 is wisely deposited in the animal magnetism, emanations of the human body, X-rays, hormones, vitamins, etc." - Samael Aun Weor, Light from Darkness

"Every substance is transformed into a specific type of hydrogen. Thus, just as the substances and life forms are infinite, likewise the hydrogens are infinite." - Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

Samael Aun Weor will place a note (Do, Re, Mi…) and a number related with the vibration and atomic weight (level of complexity) with a particular hydrogen. For example, he constantly refers to the Hydrogen Si-12. “Si” is the highest note in the octave and it is the result of the notes that come before it. This particular hydrogen is always related to the forces of Yesod, which is the synthesis and coagulation of all food, air and impressions that we have previously received. Food begins at Do-768, air begins at Do-384, and impressions begin at Do-48.

"In all the elements of Nature, in every chemical substance, in every fruit, exists its corresponding type of Hydrogen, and the Hydrogen of sex is Si-12... Within the seven notes of the musical scale, all the biological and physiological processes are carried out, and the final result is that marvelous elixir called semen [sexual energy, regardless of gender]. The process is initiated with the note Do from the moment in which the food enters the mouth, and continues with the notes Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La, and when the musical Si resounds, the extraordinary elixir called semen is already prepared." - Samael Aun Weor, Practical Astrology

For more understanding see chapters and lectures related to The Pancatattva Ritual and The Transformation of Impressions.