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Human Being

Although the words human or human being are used generally to refer to the people of this planet, the real meaning of the word human is far more demanding. Human is derived from Latin humanus "of man, human," also "humane, philanthropic, kind, gentle, polite; learned, refined, civilized." In classical philosophy, we are not yet human beings, but have the potential to become so. A famous illustration of this is the story of Diogenes wandering around crowded Athens during this day with an illuminated lantern, searching for "anthropos" (a real human being), yet failing to find even one.

In general, there are three types of human beings:

  1. The ordinary person (called human being out of respect), more accurately called the "intellectual animal."

  2. The true human being or man (from Sanskrit manas, mind; this does not indicate gender): someone who has created the soul (the solar bodies), symbolized as the chariot of Ezekiel or Krishna, the Wedding Garment of Jesus, the sacred weapons of the heroes of mythology, etc. Such persons are saints, masters, or buddhas of various levels.

  3. The superhuman: a true human being who has also incarnated the Cosmic Christ, thus going beyond mere sainthood or buddhahood, and into the highest reaches of liberation. These are the founders of religions, the destroyers of dogmas and traditions, the great rebels of spiritual light.

According to Gnostic anthropology, a true human being is an individual who has conquered the animal nature within and has thus created the soul, the Mercabah of the Kabbalists, the Sahu of the Egyptians, the To Soma Heliakon of the Greeks: this is “the Body of Gold of the Solar Man.” A true human being is one with the Monad, the Inner Spirit. It can be said that the true human being or man is the inner Spirit (in Kabbalah, Chesed. In Hinduism, Atman).

"Every spirit is called man, which means that only the aspect of the light of the spirit that is enclothed within the body is called man. So the body of the spirit of the holy side is only a covering; in other words, the spirit is the actual essence of man and the body is only its covering. But on the other side, the opposite applies. This is why it is written: "you have clothed me with skin and flesh..." (Iyov 10:11). The flesh of man is only a garment covering the essence of man, which is the spirit. Everywhere it is written the flesh of man, it hints that the essence of man is inside. The flesh is only a vestment for man, a body for him, but the essence of man is the aspect of his spirit." —Zohar 1A:10:120

A true human being has reconquered the innocence and perfection of Eden, and has become what Adam was intended to be: a king or queen of nature, having power over nature. The intellectual animal, however, is controlled by nature, and thus is not a true human being. Examples of true human beings are all those great saints of all ages and cultures: Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Krishna, and many others whose names were never known by the public.