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“When, during the period of the Tikliamishian civilization, the learned beings of the locality Maralpleicie first constated in their common psyche the special possibility of such ‘combinations,’ and began to search for ways of intentionally bringing one another into this special state, they soon understood and found the possibility of actualizing this by means of what is called ‘being-Hanbledzoïn,’ namely, that cosmic substance, the essence of which the three-brained beings of the contemporary civilization came close to understanding, and which they called ‘animal magnetism.’ Since for the explanation of the given case and also perhaps for my following explanations, you must know more in detail concerning being-Hanbledzoïn, I find it necessary before speaking further to inform you just now about this cosmic substance. Hanbledzoïn is nothing else than the ‘blood’ of the Kesdjan body of the being; just as the cosmic substances called in totality blood serve for nourishing and renewing the planetary body of the being, so also Hanbledzoïn serves in the same way for nourishing and perfecting the body Kesdjan. It is necessary to tell you that in general the quality of the composition of the blood in three-brained beings and also in the common presences of your favorites depends on the number of the being-bodies already ‘completely formed.’ Blood in the presences of three-brained beings may be composed of substances arising through the transformation of three separate independent what are called ‘general-cosmic-sources-of-actualizing.’ The substances of that part of the being-blood which is designed by Nature for serving the planetary body of the being arise by means of the transformation of substances of that planet on which the given beings are formed and exist. But the substances which are designed for serving the Kesdjan body of the being, the totality of which is called Hanbledzoïn, are obtained from the transformation of elements of other planets and of the sun itself of that system, where the given three-brained being has the place of his arising and existence. Finally, that part of the being-blood which almost everywhere is called the sacred being-Hanbledzoïn, and only on certain planets is called the ‘sacred Aiësakhaldan,’ and which part serves the highest part of the being called the soul, is formed from the direct emanations of our Most Holy Sun Absolute." -Guirdjieff, Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson

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