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Fulasnitamnian Principle

“You must first be told that there exist in the Universe generally two ‘kinds’ or two ‘principles’ of the duration of being-existence. The first kind or first ‘principle’ of being-existence, which is called ‘Fulasnitamnian,’ is proper to the existence of all three-brained beings arising on any planet of our Great Universe, and the fundamental aim and sense of the existence of these beings is that there must proceed through them the transmutation of cosmic substances necessary for what is called the ‘common-cosmic Trogoautoegocratic-process.’ And it is according to the second principle of being-existence that all one-brained and two-brained beings in general exist wherever they may arise.… And the sense and aim of the existence of these beings, also, consist in this, that there are transmuted through them the cosmic substances required not for purposes of a common-cosmic character, but only for that solar system or even only for that planet alone, in which and upon which these one-brained and two-brained beings arise. In any case, for the further elucidation of the strangeness of the psyche of those three-brained beings who have taken your fancy, you must know this also, that in the beginning, after the organ Kundabuffer with all its properties had been removed from their presences, the duration of their existence was according to the ‘Fulasnitamnian’ principle, that is to say, they were obliged to exist until there was coated in them and completely perfected by reason what is called the ‘body-Kesdjan,’ or, as they themselves later began to name this being-part of theirs—of which, by the way, contemporary beings know only by hearsay—the ‘Astral-body.’" - Guirdjieff, Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson

"In Lemuria you could live 12 to 15 centuries, and then it was decreasing, until today you hardly live. By what principle was already degenerated humanity ruled by? After its degenerative process began, it was no longer governed under the Fulasnitamnian Principle, it was governed under another principle, the Itoklanoz principle, which is the principle that now governs humanoid life, as it governs dogs, horses and all animals. Formerly there was time to create; those who had not created the superior existential bodies of the Being had more than enough time to be able to create them. Today there is almost no time, it is almost impossible to live, because since the human beings have become governed by the Itoklanoz principle, they die when they least expect. Formerly they were dying consciously… See how sad it is! Currently the human being depends on the same Itoklanoz principle that governs the beasts. Humanity is no longer governed by the Fulasnitamnian Principle. That is very sad, really regrettable. However, when one manufactures the superior existential bodies of the Being and reaches the state of true human being and eliminates the ego, one again remains under the Fulasnitamnian Principle, on condition of integrating first of all with the Logos, because there is a codex out there that says: "The Gods created humans of wood, and after having created them, they fused them with the divinity", but then the codex adds: "Not all humans managed to fuse with the divinity." -Samael Aun Weor, Mysteries of Time, Life Span, Egyptian Mummies, and Living Statues