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Four Noble Truths

Legend has it that the first teaching of the Buddha Shakyamuni revealed Four Truths to humanity. He said, "It is through not understanding, not realizing four things, that I, Disciples, as well as you, had to wander so long through this round of rebirths. And what are these four things? They are the Noble Truth of Suffering, the Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering, the Noble Truth of the Extinction of Suffering, the Noble Truth of the Path that leads to the Extinction of Suffering." Vast teachings have been given expressing the nature of these Four Noble Truths; but perhaps none have been as direct as this short expression from "The Aquarian Message" by Samael Aun Weor:

First Truth: To have absolute consciousness of pain and bitterness.

Second Truth: Pain is the child of fornication, and whosoever spills the semen (reaches the orgasm) is a fornicator. This is a tremendous Truth!

Third Truth: We have an “I” that must be decapitated and dissolved in order to incarnate the Verb, the Christ.

Fourth Truth: We can only decapitate and dissolve the prince of this world, the “I,” with the Arcanum A.Z.F.(White Tantra).