In the Bible the word Egypt is written מצרים Matzarim, Mitsrayim, or Mitzriyim.

"Now there arose up a new king over מצרים (Mitsrayim / Egypt), which knew not Joseph." - Exodus 1:8

The word Matzarim also connotes the Essence or parts of the soul trapped within Mitzriyim, a symbol of the physical plane as well as the physical body, Malkuth. Matzarim also relates to the difficult ordeals of the narrow, strait and difficult initiatic path. Matzarim represents for all initiates the ordeals of life that release afflictions which they must received calmly and with resignation. The initiate through the Initiatic philosophy understands the fleeting adversity of this world of Maya (illusion) and the reality, divine and eternal nature of the Spirit. Thus, Mitzriyim, Egypt, represents the different mechanical evolving or devolving laws of Nature, or Wheel of Samsara. Egypt Matzarim in the bible represents the mental, emotional and instinctual situations of the soul slaved of the forces of nature. The Exodus of Israel from Egypt, Mitzriyim, means the building of the solar bodies and the acquisition of the dominion of the physical, vital, emotional and mental bodies (four elements) by the will of God (Moses). Thus Moses represents Willpower or Thelema developed on the Staff of Aaron that represents the Spinal Medulla of the Human Soul, Tiphereth.

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