Dharma Megha

Sanskrit, "cloud of virtue." In Hinduism, a degree of realization reached through meditation (Raja Yoga). In Buddhism, the highest level of attainment on the bodhisattva path.

"To one who remains undistracted in even the highest intellection there comes the equalminded realization known as The Cloud of Virtue. This is a result of discriminative discernment." —Patanjali, Yoga Sutras

"Dharma Megha in Raja Yoga means "the cloud of virtue". Just as clouds shower rain, so also this Dharma Megha Samadhi showers on the Yogins omniscience and all sorts of Siddhis or powers. The Yogi enjoys a form of freedom. Therefore, this Samadhi is called the Showerer or cloud (Megha) of virtue (Dharma). The Yogi enjoys expanded vision of God." —Swami Sivananda

"When a Bodhisattva renounces all of his psychic powers, when he radically eliminates the false idea that in order to be happy he needs something external, then a particular knowledge, a marvelous resplendence, will come upon him. In occultism this is called Dharma Megha ("cloud of virtue"). These types of Bodhisattvas can no longer fall; these types of Bodhisattvas possess within themselves all of the basis of knowledge; they enjoy the most profound peace, and from their hearts spring the substance of love." —Samael Aun Weor, The Narrow Way

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