(Latin; CVLTVS, cultus, worship, from colere, to cultivate)

Objectively, it is an exclusive group of awakened people (Initiates) who cultivate and share an esoteric knowledge, usually verified by the superior senses of their consciousness. “Man know thyself and you will know the universe and its Gods.”

Subjectively, it is a religious, philosophical or scientific system of worship and ritual; in other words, a way of expressing devoted reverence in a religious or non religious (subjective scientific manner, five senses). For example: "Scientific methods or regimen of present epochs cultivate a subjective knowledge about the origin of Man based exclusively on their subjective reasoning (five senses), which is an obsessive, faddish, devotion to a person’s theories or sophisms. The source of such devotion is pride and ignorance. The interpretation of any religious scripture can become extremist or false when interpreted by subjective reasoning (five senses) or without the proper esoteric tools. Then, its followers can end up living a life in an unconventional manner and under the guidance of an ignoramus, authoritarian, charismatic leader."

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