A term invented by occultists, derived from the French clair "clear," and voyance "seeing."

Clairvoyance is simply the perception of non-physical imagery, such as imagination. Inferior forms include hallucinations, dreams, daydreaming, fantasy, memory, etc. Superior forms provide perception of other dimensions, free of the limitations of physical spacetime.

"There exist clairvoyance and pseudo-clairvoyance. The Gnostic student must make a clear differentiation between these two forms of extrasensory perception. Clairvoyance is based on objectivity. However, pseudo-clairvoyance is based on subjectivity. Understand that by objectivity we mean spiritual reality, the spiritual world. Understand that by subjectivity we mean the physical world, the world of illusion, that which has no reality. An intermediate region also exists, this is the Astral World, which can be objective or subjective according to the degree of spiritual development of each person." - Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

"Positive clairvoyance is achieved only with a great intellectual culture and a great esoteric discipline. The highest cultured people, who are submitted to the most rigorous intellectual disciplines, only achieve the truly positive clairvoyance. The illuminated intellect is the outcome of positive clairvoyance." - Samael Aun Weor, Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology and Criminology

The two main categories of consciousness are objective (positive, related with free consciousness) and subjective (negative, related to the deluded perception and opinions of the psychological “I”s). Further, there are five types of clairvoyance, as explained in Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology and Criminology.

1. Conscious clairvoyance: to perceive any given phenomenon (whether internal phenomenon related with the psyche and internal worlds or external phenomenon related to the circumstances of the physical world and nature) through the intelligence of the Monad which is essence or consciousness. Conscious clairvoyance is experienced when one is able to perceive a physical or psychological phenomenon how it really is, in all of its causes and multiple dimensions.

2. Supra-conscious clairvoyance: This is the level of Logoic consciousness. This is only for those Venerable Masters who finish The Great Work. This level of consciousness is Turiya, those Masters who have no ego, who have resurrected, and for those who never dream.

3. Subconscious clairvoyance: This is related to the perception of the egos who are related with memories of past experience. These egos are the most superficial egos whose inherent pattern was defined during the formation of the personality (birth to seven years old). These egos can be created at any time in our lives but the pattern is related to the false personality and the PCPF. An example of a subconscious ego is the one who avoids broccoli for their entire lives because they remember the disgust they had when they were forced to eat it by their parents. Remember that subconscious clairvoyance is the way the ego perceives that particular experience; as in the example, it was the way the ego perceives the impression of broccoli and that example.

4. Unconscious clairvoyance: This is the type of perception that develops through the frustration of desires. Pride constantly talks about himself and how great he is because it if frustrated that nobody else talks about him; this is an unconscious habit. Lust becomes frustrated because it was never able to satisfy its sexual desire to fornicate with a particular movie star, etc. This desire becomes frustrated and in the astral plane projects its frustrated desires in the form of sexual dreams with the image/impression of the movie star.

5. Infra-conscious clairvoyance: The deepest aspects of our egos, related to the spheres of Lilith in the Klipoth. Remember that everything in the universe has its antithesis. The antithesis of the angel of love, Anael, is Lilith, the demon of fornication, black magic and homosexuality. This region is usually only experienced during nightmares. A minority of people bring these egos to the surface, incorporating these elements in action and with the personality. Sadly, this humanity has more and more people who bring the elements of black magic, homosexuality and brutality to the surface of their psychological world.

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