Caduceus of Mercury
Caduceus of Mercury

Caduceus of Mercury

From Latin caduceus, alteration of Doric Greek karykeion "herald's staff."

"The Caduceus of Mercury symbolizes the spinal medulla with its two serpents representing the canals of Ida and Pingala through which solar and lunar atoms ascend to the brain... [In men] Ida rises from the base of the spinal column to the left of Sushumna and Pingala to the right. These positions are reversed in the woman. The cords end in the medulla oblongata. All this is symbolized by the Caduceus of Mercury with its two spread wings. The two wings of the Caduceus of Mercury signify the power to travel in the Astral Body, the power to travel in the Mental Body, the power to travel in the Causal, Conscious and Spiritual vehicles. The Fire gives those who follow the Path of the Razor’s Edge the power to leave the Physical Body at will. Kundalini has the power of awakening the Consciousness of the human being. We remain completely awakened in the Superior Worlds with the Fire. All those who have awakened in the Superior Worlds live absolutely conscious outside of the Physical Body during the hours of sleep. Whosoever awakens the Consciousness can never again dream. They become in fact, and rightfully, absolutely conscious citizens of the Superior Worlds. They work with the White Lodge while their Physical Body sleeps. They are the collaborators of the great White Universal Fraternity. We clarify: Ida and Pingala are not physical. A physician could not find them with a scalpel. Ida and Pingala are semi-ethereal, semi-physical." —Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

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