Blavatsky, Helena Petrovna

Quoted from the Theosophical Online Library: "HPB was born in Russia. She spent her early years in travel, arriving in New York in 1873. Together with Colonel Henry Steele Olcott, William Q. Judge and others, she formed the Theosophical Society. She published her first book, Isis Unveiled, in 1877. The following year HPB and Olcott went to India to establish the TS there, leaving Judge to continue the work in the United States. HPB edited the magazine The Theosophist while in India. She moved on to England in 1887 and established the Blavatsky Lodge in London. She also started a magazine, Lucifer (from the Latin "Luciferus", meaning the Light-bringer, the Morning Star). HPB's master-work, The Secret Doctrine, was published in 1888. HPB suffered from a chronic kidney disease for many years. She contracted the flu and died on May 8, 1891." She wrote in her Secret Doctrine, "In Century the Twentieth some disciple more informed, and far better fitted, may be sent by the Masters of Wisdom to give final and irrefutable proofs that there exists a Science called Gupta-Vidya; and that, like the once-mysterious sources of the Nile, the source of all religions and philosophies now known to the world has been for many ages forgotten and lost to men, but is at last found." This prediction is a reference to Samael Aun Weor.

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