Often translated as "Parlok"; a term used in the teachings of Gurdjieff.

"To exercise the Being-Partkdolg-Duty means that we not allow intellectual concepts to pass through our mind in a mechanical manner; in other words, we become cognizant of all the intellectual data that come to the mind. How do we become cognizant of that data? It is done by means of meditation. So, if we read a book, we should meditate on it, try to comprehend it.

"2. We must become cognizant of all the activities of our Emotional Center. It is unfortunate to see how people move under the impulse of emotions, in a completely mechanical manner, without any control whatsoever. So, we must become self-cognizant of all emotions.

"3. The habits and customs of the Motor Center. We must become self-cognizant of all our activities, of all our movements, of all our habits, and not do anything in a mechanical manner.

"4. We must become lords of our instincts and subdue them. We must comprehend them in-depth, integrally.

"5. We must transmute the sexual energy. We transmute our creative energies by means of certain alchemical procedures.

"Obviously, our life unfolds harmoniously, when we fulfill in this manner the Cosmic Duty or Being-Partkdolg-Duty and we live in harmony with the Infinite, in agreement with the Great Law. Thus, we will be able to reach old age full of ecstasy; we will be able to attain Mastery and perfection." - Samael Aun Weor, excerpts from The Erroneous Functions of the Five Centers

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