(Hebrew; plural בהמות behemoth; singular בהמה behemah) Literally, "cattle, beast, animal, brute." In Kabbalah, behemah represents the unpurified sexual power we have within, that has to be tamed and transformed in order for us to unite with the divine.

"And אלה-ים Elah-Yam (the Sea Goddess) brought about [...] בהמה behemah according to מינה miynah (sex)." - Genesis 1:25

"Behold now בהמות behemoth, which I [יהוה Yehovah] made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his און aun [sexual force] is in the שריר shariyr [moisture] of his belly." - Job 40:15-16

"In chapter 40 of the book of Job, behemoth is described as being a terrible beast full of incredible power, yet God put him there. Why? He is the power of the Nephesh, he is the power in our blood, the power of life. To be alive is to have Behemoth." - The Hebrew Letter Nun

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