While modern science studies atoms as the basic unit of matter, they are ignoring the two other essential aspects of each atom: energy and consciousness.

"Every atom is a trio of matter, energy and consciousness. The consciousness of every atom is always an intelligent elemental. If the materialists are not capable of seeing those elementals, it is because they still do not know the scientific procedures that allow us to see them. We have special methods in order to see those creatures. Indeed, the atom is a truly infinitely small planetary system. Those planetary systems of the atoms are formed by ultra-atomic ternaries that spin around their centers of gravitation. The atom with its Alpha, Beta, and Gamma rays is a trio of matter, energy and consciousness. " —Samael Aun Weor, Sexology, the Basis of Endocrinology and Criminology

Thus understood as being more than mere matter, atoms have great significance for all living creatures, since atoms form the basis for all living things. That is why the spiritual classic The Dayspring of Youth by M explains that atoms are “Minute bodies of intelligence possessing the dual attributes of Nature and man.” While there are many types and levels of such atomic intelligences, both positive and negative, some of particular importance are Aspiring atoms, Destructive atoms, the Nous atom, Informer atoms, Scholar atoms, etc. 

“Life will not be fully understood until we recognise the living forces within us and transplant atoms of a higher nature into the body. This will eventually help humanity to become the personification of justice. Our atomic centres are similar to the starry clusters in the sky, and each atom is a minute intelligence revolving within its own atmosphere. When we aspire we unite ourselves to atoms that have preceded us in evolution; for they evolve as we evolve: this body being their university, and they prepare the path for us to follow.” —The Dayspring of Youth by M

"The atom of the Father is situated in the root of the nose; this is the atom of willpower. The seven serpents ascend by means of willpower, by dominating the animal impulse. The atom of the Father is situated in the root of the nose; this is the atom of willpower. The seven serpents ascend by means of willpower, by dominating the animal impulse. The atom of the Son is in the pituitary gland, whose exponent is the Nous atom (the Son of Man) in the heart. The angelic atom of the Holy Spirit shines in the pineal gland, within the chakra Sahasrara. The atom of the Father governs or controls the right ganglionary chord Pingala within which the solar atoms, the positive force, ascends. The atom of the Son governs the Sushumna canal, within which the neutral forces ascend. The atom of the Holy Spirit governs the Ida canal, within which the negative forces ascend. This is why it is related with our creative sexual forces and with the rays of the moon, which are intimately related with the reproduction of the races. Each of the seven chakras from the spinal medulla is governed by an angelic atom." —Samael Aun Weor, Kabbalah of the Mayan Mysteries


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