The sacred bull Apis(Egyptian) The sacred bull of Memphis, said to be the incarnation of Osiris or of Ptah. His worship spread throughout the Mediterranean world and was particularly important during the time of the Roman Empire.

"Among the ancient Egyptians, the Sacred Bull Apis had to be young, healthy and strong in order to symbolize the Philosophical Stone. The famous Bull Apis, so adored in the Egyptian mysteries, was the creator and prosecutor of souls . The symbolic Bull Apis was consecrated to Isis, because it is in fact related to the Sacred Cow, the Divine Mother Isis, whose veil no mortal has ever lifted. In order for a Bull to have the high honor of being promoted to such a category, it was necessary for it to be black and to have on its forehead or on one of its shoulder blades, a white spot in the shape of a crescent Moon. It is also true, that said sacred bull had to have been conceived under the impression of the ray and have under the tongue the mark of the sacred scarab. Apis was the symbol of the Moon, both because of its horns in the shape of a crescent Moon, as well as because, except during the full moon, this celestial body always has a tenebrous part (indicated by the blackness of the Bull's skin) and another resplendent side (symbolized by the white spot)." - Samael Aun Weor, The Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology

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