A symbol of Alchemy, represented by . Physically, a brittle metallic form. Esoterically, a part of our inner Being.

"The fire of the lower atomic infernos of the human being, the fire that comes from the abominable Kundabuffer organ, has to be eliminated. If one eliminates the psychic aggregates and the Arsenic Sulfur, one makes gold, gold of the best quality, gold more perfect than that which is in any mine on Earth.

"Of course, in order for there to be gold within us, we need a great artificer, an Hermetic artist. I want to refer, clearly, to the Antimony.

"Antimony is not merely a substance, as many claim. In alchemy, antimony goes far beyond: antimony is one of the autonomous and self-cognizant parts of our own Being, since our own Being has many autonomous and self-cognizant parts. Antimony is one of them. It is an alchemist. That part works actively, fixing gold on Mercury.

"We already said that the solar bodies are constituted by Sulfured Mercury, plus a little sublimated Salt; but then to fix the gold in that Mercury is the important thing. You know very well the relationship that always exists between gold and Mercury in the mines… Mercury is very fertile where gold is fixed. Well, within us there is also a relationship between Mercury and gold, and gold and Mercury. As we are eliminating, for example, the psychic aggregates or the Dry Mercury related to the astral body, it is clear that the Antimony is fixing the gold in that body, and there comes a moment when, truly, the sidereal or astral body (the famous Eidolon) becomes a fine vehicle of pure gold of the best quality." - Samael Aun Weor, Kosmos Human

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