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Amrita gives the gods their power. Mohini, an incarnation of Vishnu (Chokmah / Christ) provides it.


(Sanskrit अमृत; Tibetan བདུད་རྩི་ dutsi; Chinese 甘露) A symbolic beverage that provides immortality, which represents the secret of preserving and transmuting the sexual energy. 

"'The gods are long-lived; through ambrosia (amrita) they are..." - The Grihya Sutras, Kandika

"The ambrosial drink or food of the Gods; the food which gives immortality. The elixir of life churned out of the ocean of milk in the Puranic allegory. An old vedic term applied to the sacred Soma juice in the Temple Mysteries." - from the Theosophical Glossary.

The transmutation of the sexual waters elaborates the extraordinary "pure waters of Amrita," ambrosia, soma, the mercury of secret philosophy.

"In the primordial Chaos, before it became developed into the Seven Oceans (Sapta Samudra) -- emblematical of the seven gunas (conditioned qualities) composed of trigunas (Satwa, Rajas and Tamas, see Puranas) -- lie latent both Amrita (immortality) and Visha (poison, death, evil). This allegory is found in the "Churning of the Ocean" by the gods. Amrita is beyond any guna, for it is UNCONDITIONED per se; yet when fallen into the phenomenal creation it got mixed up with EVIL, Chaos, with latent theos in it, and before Kosmos was evolved. Hence, one finds Vishnu -- standing here for eternal Law -- periodically calling forth Kosmos into activity -- "churning out of the primitive Ocean (boundless Chaos) the Amrita of Eternity, reserved only for the gods and devas; and he has to employ in the task Nagas and Asuras -- demons in exoteric Hinduism. The whole allegory is highly philosophical, and we find it repeated in every philosophical System. Plato, having fully embraced the ideas of Pythagoras -- who had brought them from India -- compiled and published them in a form more intelligible than the mysterious numerals of the Greek Sage." - H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine

"Narada said, Salutations to thee, O God of gods, O thou that art freed from all acts! Thou art he who is divested of all attributes, who is the Witness of all the worlds, who is called Kshetrajna, who is the foremost of all Beings, who is Infinite, who is called Purusha, who is the great Purusha, who is the foremost of all Purushas, who is the soul of the three attributes, who is called the Foremost, who is Amrita (nectar), who is called Immortal..." - The Mahabarata

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