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We have arrived at the caduceus of Mercury, the number 8, with the wings of the spirit always open. Arcanum number 8 is associated with the two witnesses, which are related with the two forces, the two vital forces symbolized in many religions by the moon and the sun.

Here we have to emphasize the deep meaning of the Hebrew letter ח "Chet," which is related with life. Remember that the Tree of Life is called "Otz Chaim" and there are many words in Hebrew written with Chet, like Chaioth (which means "living creatures") or Chaiuth (which means "life force") and different names like the word, for instance, "Enoch" which is written with Chet, “Henoch.”

So, as you see, the form of the letter Chet is related with the two previous letters that we were describing in the previous lectures: the letter ו Vav and the letter ז Zayin. The letter Zayin is at the left, and the letter Vav at the right of the shape of the letter Chet, united, of course, by that invisible life force, which was explained here very clearly that it is the Kundalini, or the life force of God, which is related with the law of the Cosmic-Common Trogoautoegocrat, the reciprocal force that descends and ascends in different ways.

There are two words in Hebrew that explain the descent of that force from the Ain Soph Aur and the ascension or return of that force. The descent of that force into the universe from the Ain Soph Aur is explained in the letter Vav, which we talk about very extensively in other lectures, but the returning of that life force into its own source is related with the letter Zayin. So, the movement of that energy, descending and ascending, is of course symbolized in the letter Chet; this is the active life force in the Macrocosmos and in the Microcosmos.

So, pay attention here because there are two Hebrew words related with it, and because when we talk about the Tree of Life, we have to talk also about the Tree of Knowledge, because both trees share their roots; this is very important because without the knowledge of one tree, we cannot understand the other tree. These two trees are in the book of Genesis in the beginning, the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge together in the beginning of creation. Of course, these are two symbolic trees and that they embrace a lot.

The words טוב ורע “Good and Evil” in Hebrew are pronounced - tob ve ra -, good and evil. Remember that – ve - is always translated as "and", and ra is a word translated as "evil". Indeed, good and evil, as is understood by humanity, do not exist, because good is something that is pleasant to the person, and evil is something that is unpleasant to the person. So, really, the true meaning of “good and evil” is something that we have to study, because, indeed, the translation should be “devolution and evolution,” or “descension and ascension,” or “lunar and solar,” or “right and wrong.” So, it depends how we approach these two words.

If you go to the Egyptian pantheon, you find that the god Ra is a solar god, and we explain in the previous lectures that Kether, Chokmah, and Binah together are called in Egyptian terms, Osiris-Ra. The god Ra itself is related with the solar light, with the sun, and the third aspect of the unknowable (the Absolute) which is called Ain Soph Aur is related with the solar light. That is why it is called the Solar Absolute; any sun, star of the infinite space is in itself the physical vehicle of the Ain Soph Aur, being that the light (Aur in Hebrew) of the limitless light expresses through the sun or the star (any star). Our star or sun that shines during the day and is that is the center of this solar system is one of them. So, therefore, that sun, that force, is called in Egyptian terms, Ra, and you know this. There are many symbols in Egypt, but that Ra explains the descension.

This is why when you read the Hebrew bible, you read ורע - ve-ra – “and Ra,” “tob and ra,” - ve-ra -. So, - ve - is ו Vav, and we explained that Vav is a force that descends from Kether downwards as the ray of creation. This is, of course, the spinal column in the human being. So, that Iod or force of light that comes from the Ain Soph Aur appears in Kether and descends through the letter Vav in the universe, but that light is the solar force of the Ain Soph Aur which is Ra. That is why the letter Resh in Hebrew (among the 22 letters) explains the beginning of the end. In other words, we state, from the beginning we see the solar light coming down from the Absolute which is precisely where the way of that light begins its journey, in order to end as a force that descends from above into the lower kingdoms, or the lower levels.

The word רע ra is written with the Hebrew letters Resh and Ayin; Ayin means "eye", the eye, the light. Remember that through the eye we see the light. So, the Hebrew word “RA” is usually translated as “evil,” yet indeed, the meaning should be “the light descending from the beginning, down to the end.” This is what we call in Gnosticism “devolution,” meaning that the ray, the force, the light, is descending from the Ain Soph, from the Absolute, into the universe, and finally in the ninth sphere, and that is precisely the force which is called “Adam.” It is necessary here to talk about these terms in order for you to memorize them, because in Kabbalah, Adam is related with the letter Iod. It is related with the force that descends from above. That is why the primordial man is called Adam Kadmon, and who is precisely that light that is Kether. It is also called Adam Kadmon, the primordial man. It is also called Arik Anpin. Yet, when we talk about that force descending from Kether down in all the Sephiroth, even to Klipoth, then that is Ra, the solar light, descending through Vav.

This is how we have to understand that word that is translated in Hebrew as “evil,” but really, evil itself, we would say, is just a way of saying how the force descends. We are not talking here about "bad," a bad force. Only a devolving energy that comes from the Absolute and that as a force needs to return into the Absolute. This is the law of the Cosmic-Common Trogoautoegocrat, because if that light does not return into the Absolute, into the Ain Soph Aur, then it will dissolve. This is the law of the Ain Soph Aur: to give and to receive. This is the Cosmic-Common Trogoautoegocrat, and this is related with the letter “Chet” because the life that descends through Vav must return through Zayin, which is similar as you know to the letter Vav, but Zayin is related with the feminine aspect, because the woman, the female aspect, is the force that reflects the image of God.

Remember that it is written that man, the terrestrial man or the heavenly man, is made into the image of God, but that man is always made within the womb of the mother, within the womb of the woman, so that is why the woman receives that image, the letter Zayin, the symbol of it, but as you see, that letter Zayin or that aspect of returning, is related with the other polarity or Ob, Eve, Havah, where is found precisely the action of returning the fire from the bottom to the top, returning it again to the Father, as to return the light of the Father up, and the Mother does it. That is precisely the great meaning of life, “Chaiah” or “Chai,” Chaim, Chet. This is why we find or we hear this term in Hebrew language: “l'chaim,” meaning “to life.” For this to happen, we have to transmute the sexual energy.

Of course, this is the meaning of what we state here, “tob,” because if you examine the letters of the word “tob,” which is “good” in Hebrew, for instance, when you said "good morning" you said "boker tob"; good night, “laila tob", so tob (T or Teth in this case), Vav, and Beth. Tob means "good", but here you find a word Ob with the letter Teth (which is the symbol of the serpent) which is going to be explained in the next lecture, the number 9, which is precisely the serpent, but here (in Chet) you find the duality of the force, the serpent, Chet, the life, which descends and ascends, and precisely this is how you see it, for instance, as a symbol in the Macrocosmos, how the solar light comes from the sun, and enters into the atmosphere of the earth, thanks to the moon.

We know very well that the moon transforms the life of the earth, and that is 100% proven, how the moon influences the earth. Both earth and moon are symbols of feminine forces. You know that the light that shines from the moon is a reflection of the sun, meaning that the moon would not shine if it were not for the sun, but it is the same light reflected by the moon; such a light must return, in other words, that light must return towards the sun by means of the transformation of the energies in this planet earth. So, this is how you see how in different religions you always find the sun and the moon related with this life which comes and goes in different ways.

It is coming into my mind, for instance, the Mayan bible, the Popol Vuh. There in the Popol Vuh it is written about the twins whom many translators translated as male twins, but really when you read the Popol Vuh it is really only about children, two children. These two children could be a male and female, and really they were male and female, but in the book, the translators, always show them as males, yet, these Hunahpu and Xbalanque, the two twins which later after doing all of the great tasks in that bible, become the moon and the sun. Hunahpu becomes the sun and Xbalanque becomes the moon, but they are twins and those twins remind us of Adam and Eve; Apollo and Artemis who are also twins, Son and Moon.

So, you find of course that symbol of sun and moon in many religions. Here of course, in the Bible, the sun is Adam, which we always associate with Pingala, because in Sanskrit the solar force that descends and is symbolized in the letter Vav is Pingala, and the lunar force which should ascend from the sex up to the brain is called Ida, and that is related with Eve; Adam and Eve, Pingala and Ida. These are in kabbalistic terms, we state, Adam is Od and Eve is Ob. These are the two witnesses, Adam and Eve, Od and Ob, or Pingala and Ida, or as they state in Taoism, these are yang and yin. Yang is positive, yin is feminine, and in this case, in the Mayan bible, Hunahpu is the sun, the positive force, and Xbalanque is the feminine, the moon. These are twins, and we have to study this from this point of view, because the great marvels that are done in the Popol Vuh, the Mayan bible, are done by these two twins, and of course these two twins are the children of a virgin. She is called Xquiq, who was pregnant because a certain individual who was hidden, better said, the head of this individual was hidden in a gourd of a vine, a certain gourd which was the head of this god, spit into this virgin and she became pregnant. You know that the gourd symbolizes the head, so a symbol related with the head. Anyone that celebrates Halloween knows that the pumpkin gourd is the head, but of course, it is the intelligence of the head, Kether, spitting through Binah, and thus getting pregnant with the two twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

In the Mayan bible, you find always all these names associated with Mayan language, and in this Mayan bible always appears a word, it is written there many times, the is word “vukub,” which means seven. Vukub-Hunapu means the seventh hunter. There is another word, and it is called Vukub-Caquix, which is related with the seven capital sins, and when you read that, of course, and you see Kabbalah, because the Mayan bible, or the Mayans were kabbalists. There are many books written by the Mayans, which you find in America, where they explain things beautifully, and if you know Kabbalah, you know what they have written there, because as we have explained in other lectures, the science of Kabbalah that we teach here was brought to the earth, to this planet earth, by an angel, and that angel was Metatron, whose name was Enoch when he was alive, the prophet Enoch. Of course, that was in ancient times, so his knowledge spread a lot among the Atlanteans, the Mayans, because the Mayans and the Atlanteans are the same thing.

Of course, when we talk about the Mayans we are referring to their golden age, that root race, the Atlantean race, because when Christopher Columbus came to America, he discovered just the leftover or remnants of the Mayans, which of course were not related to the golden age but to Kali-Yuga; we are talking about the Golden Age of the Atlantean civilization where the Kabbalah was being taught by Metatron, which later on the Semites took and brought it into the Aryans, but it is of course a science that belongs to the universe, the 22 letters related with the language of God that we have to learn in order to understand his ways.

So, as we said, there in the Mayan pantheon you find beautiful books written, prophetic books. Here, we have to talk about prophets, because the root of prophecy comes precisely from the two witnesses, which many Kabbalists, many great initiates, associate with the two witnesses, with two great prophets.  Elijah is always appearing there as one of the main prophets of the two witnesses, but who is this Elias? Of course we will not deny that this great prophet existed, he is a great master, he is an Aeon, but the meaning of Elijah’s name means the God Jah-hovah or the God IAO, because El of the word Elias is written with Aleph-Lamed, which means god, “El,” and the other letters is Iod-Hei-Vav, these are at the end of his name, Iod-Hei-Vav, no more. Iod-Hei-Vav means Iod-Hei-Vav, IAO, which is translated El-I-A-O. This is how you pronunce it in Hebrew, the prophet Eliao. This means, "My God is Eliah, or Jah." So, obviously, IAO are the letters that go directly into the Trimurti, or the Tree of Life, the first triangle, Kether, Chokmah, Binah. Kether, Iod; Chokmah, He; and Binah, Vav. This is IAO, this is El-iao, and this is the force that descends, the solar light, because El-iao, or Elijah, is the prophet of the sun, the vehicle of the solar light that descends into the earth and disappears. We are talking here about the meaning of that force, hidden within the name of this great prophet, because he is one of the prophets that appears and disappears in the Bible, the highest of the prophets, because he symbolizes the highest force of God, El-iao, IAO, or as we will say in other words, Jah. El-i-jah.

So, behold here the first witness, and that first witness descends in us as Pingala, or symbolizes Adam, because Elijah is always related with the mind. He is that prophet that receives the knowledge from God, and commands from God, that performs the will of God. It is Pingala. You receive through it because in the spinal column descends that form of Eliao.

But the solar light ascends from the bottom trough Zayin, as the prophet Enoch.

If you examine the force of Enoch (Chet, Nun, Vav, Kaph), the whole name is precisely the symbol of the ascension, because Nun is the Messiah, the force in the sex, the sperm, the seed hidden within the waters, the sexual waters, and Chet is life and we said Vav because that force ascends through the spinal column in order to form the cap up here in the top of the head. This should be the meaning of Enoch, the force that ascends and makes you a prophet, because that force when it is reaching the brain, the cap, or the kippah we will say, on the top of the head, makes you an initiate, a prophet.

Thereafter, you have to work with the Enneagram, within nine steps after you reach the mastery, and that is related with the letter "Zayin", the ascension of the force from the ninth Sephirah, this is related with the prophet Enoch. That is why the two witnesses, as written in Kabbalah, are Elias and Enoch. So, people are waiting for these two prophets to come physically, however this is internal, having nothing to do with outside. They are inside; they are our forces, because the forces of the Macrocosmos dwell within the micro. Everything is inside of us. Jesus, the Christ, is inside. Elias is inside, Enoch is inside. Moses is inside.

Or, as some Kabbalists state, Enoch is not the other witness, they say that the other witness is Moses. Well, Moses is Mem and Shin (water and fire), from the Hei, which is the uterus. The letter Heh of Moshe is the uterus, the feminine aspect of Mem, which is the waters of Schamayim, the fiery waters where the Shin, the fire, is hidden, and if you understood me, with this combination, behold Moses which is willpower. Moses is that willpower that gives you, of course, the development of all those inner powers of the self realization of your being.

So, this is how you have to understand the two witnesses. The two witnesses, of course, are two ganglionic cords related with the caduceus of Mercury, which ascend, when you work alchemically with the two witnesses, Ida-Pingala, Od and Ob, Yin and Yang, Adam and Eve, Hunahpu and Xbalanque, the mythological gods of Rome or Greece, Apollo and Artemis. Apollo, of course, is the sun, you know that, and Artemis is the goddess of the moon.

So, if you examine this, you find out in different ways; how for instance, in the Hebrew letters, we always appoint Vav as masculine, and Zayin, feminine. So you have to be familiar with this; but understand how it is applied in different ways, because sometimes when we point the woman we said Havah, Eve, Ida, Ob, Yin, because we are pointing different religions, different aspects, how different religions or philosophies indicate the same force. If we point to the Mayan pantheon, we said Xbalanque for the woman, but for the man, the positive, we call Hunahpu, and we refer to them like this because Gnosis is always the knowledge that is hidden in different ways.

As for instance, that which is coming in to my mind from the previous lecture, which was related to the seventh lecture, which is the warrior of the Tarot, we always state, for instance, among the Nordics this warrior is related with the rune Othilla. When you hear the hymn that always we play here at the beginning of the lectures, it is related with Oth-illa, the god of war.  This god of war, Oth-illa, is also called Attila, but we are not referring, of course, to the warrior-king who in ancient times had that name, we are addressing Oth-illa, or Odillah as it is also called, which is of course Odin, the god of war. This god of war, of course, is that force that we must develop, which is willpower, Thelema, Odillah that we need in order to succeed in our work because this is a great battle, it is a great work that we have to do, but all of this is done with willpower. That willpower emerges, it is the outcome of the union of the sun and the moon, the man and the woman, Adam and Eve, and this is something that is hidden within the letter Chet.

Now, see, for instance, that the law of the Trogoautoegocrat is the reciprocal nourishment of all the species, and it acts in the universe, existing as something normal; the force descends and ascends in order for the universe to exist because without that reciprocal nourishment of forces, everything would disappear. One thing depends on the other, but here of course related with the sun and the moon we find also the duality of the two forces working in humanity, because we know that the prophets are nourished with the solar light when they know how to combine the sun and the moon, but the opposite of the prophets are the sorcerers, the witches, the soothsayers, warlocks, that also develop a power, but lunar, meaning that they do not accomplish the law of the Cosmic-Common Trogoautoegocrat, they do not return the light to the Father. They just keep working with “Ve-ra,” with the force that descends, they keep fornicating, because the energy that extends from the Absolute to the ray of creation goes into Malkuth and down into Klipoth.

From there, it ascends in any macrocosmic planet through the law of evolution, which we are going to talk about this just to explain the law of devolution. The light descends from the Absolute down through all the Tree of Life, reaching Malkuth, which is the lowest of the Sephiroth, then it keeps going down to the ninth sphere of the center of the planet, which is Klipoth, hell, and that is “Ve-ra.” You see, this is how it ends, talking cosmically. From there, it ascends in the fourth dimension, which is in the symbol of the letter "Zayin", up again to the Tree of Life. That is normal in any planet, in any sun, in any moon, in any cosmic force, how it descends and ascends, but here, of course, as human beings, we are submitted to that energy.

When we reach Malkuth, when the energy reaches Malkuth, we as human beings, receive commandments. We hear that you should learn to return that force by your own will, and that is why the commandment, “You shall not eat from that fruit.” You should learn how to transform that energy in order to create within you the Microcosmos, this is, the man into the image of God, but in the people who do not do that, the souls that do not do that, the force keeps going down, through fornication, because that is mechanical, any animal does this, it pushes the force because of this, which is the force of gravity, of falling. The law of falling, or the law of gravity pushes that energy that comes from the Ain Soph down to the ninth sphere, into hell, and that is why people fornicate; it is easy because that goes with the devolution of the force.

To return upwards is to control nature. To work with the letter Zayin is to control the four elements, and not to allow that force (that normally, mechanically) to go down into hell but to return it, to keep it and return it to the Father. That is the birth of the prophet. That is the birth of a child of God.

If you do not do that, the force descends normally into hell, and takes you with it, and this is precisely what happened with this humanity, the souls of this humanity. They keep fornicating, so their souls descend with the force of devolution, which is to go to the ninth sphere, to hell, and mechanically, of course, they go to the ninth sphere, they are disintegrated as ego, and then after that, they return, mechanically, through the law of evolution, the letter Zayin, into the fourth dimension again, but that is just following the mechanicity of nature. That is why the Master Samael Aun Weor said very clear in one of his books, or many books, Jahve, the demon Jahve that is the king of Klipoth, made that descent or that falling into the ninth sphere, into a religion, something mystical, and there are many people, as the Master Samael explains in the eighth Arcanum, who make fornication, the orgasm, the spasm, into a religion, mysticism, and they say that they will awake the force of Zayin, or the force of Enoch in other words, the force of Moses, by fornicating. That is impossible.

The force of Moses, or the force of Enoch that ascends in Zayin, in order to return to the Father, Kether, works only if we avoid the orgasm, the spasm in the sexual act. If we do not do that, we descend with the mechanicity of the ray of creation into Klipoth, the nine layers of hell, and there we follow the mechanicity, which most of people, most of the souls, always follow, because to enter into the Kingdom of God in order to be born again is only done through sexual transmutation. It is not a belief, it is a creation, and for that you have to learn how to return the force as human being, because an animal, an irrational animal, cannot do that. They do not know. They just follow the mechanicity of nature. They fornicate, they spill. It is normal for them, but we are receiving the gift of the intellect, reasoning, in order to develop. That is what in Kabbalah is called ratzon l ’ kabel, willpower to receive, but that is work not mere belief; it takes willpower to return the force in order to receive the inheritance of God in the spinal column, because when we do that, we then develop here in the spinal column, that light that unites Zayin and Vav, that unites Adam and Eve, and then Enoch is born in us, or the prophet Moses, but it is necessary for the Messiah to come first.

Before the Messiah comes, it is necessary for Elijah to appear; that Elias, that force of Eliao, is the force that descends into the spinal column through Pingala, and then you return it and you become a prophet. Easy, right? Yes, easy to say it, of course, but this is the work, the whole alchemical work hidden within the letter Chet, the transformation of that force that is done though the two witnesses, Ida and Pingala.

Tarot 8

That is why you find in the Arcanum 8 the scale of justice, which is a symbol of the two forces that are related with the kidneys. When we read in the Bible, the book of Revelation, the chakras of the kidneys, we find it says, "I am the one that searches the kidneys and the heart, and I will give unto everyone of you according to your deeds." What deeds? Sexual deeds, because the kidneys, the scale, control the sexual force.

We said in other lectures that above the kidneys we have the suprarenal glands, and above the suprarenal glands, the chakras of chastity. There is where the Lord searches or sees. And questions, Are you chaste? You might answer, Yes, I am transmuting. He will say, OK, let me see your chakras of your kidneys and then He says, "Yes, you are saying the truth because I see the chakras of your kidneys are white," but if He sees either a red color, bloody color red, He would say, "You are a liar, because the balance, the kidneys are showing that you do not have the sword. The sword is precisely that sword which the woman is holding there in his hand, it is the willpower, the Kundalini, that one develops when one is in chastity, but it is the woman that holds it. Why? Because chastity depends on Zayin, chastity depends on Ob, Havah, the Divine Mother. That is what Zayin gives.

You find, for instance, in the Arthurian legend that the one who gives the sword Excalibur is the Lady of the Lake. The lake symbolizes the waters, and the Lady, the Divine Mother, gives you the sword, if you know how to control the forces of the Mother, because the forces of the Mother are below in your sexual glands. So realize how everything is related, how the initiates left the message in different ways, in different areas, for the whole of humanity; there is no difference among those religions, they always have the same meaning, the same hidden wisdom.

Whether our body is female or male, the sexual organs are always related with Havah, Eve. Adam, Iod, is always related with the brain, whether in the male or female body. So, when we said "Adam" we were referring to the brain, and with Eve to the sexual organs. This is how it is, but in addition, Adam is Pingala and Eve Ida. Or od and Ob. Vav and Zayin. You have to be familiar with these terms in order for you to understand; sometimes people say, "What is this, all of this: Ob, Ida, Havah?” It is the same thing. We can even add more, but you have to be familiar with the two polarities, which are hidden in this symbol, of course, of the woman, of the eighth arcanum, who holds the scale, which obviously is the scale that you see related with the kidneys, are also related with how we manage the two polarities, Ida and Pingala.

The book of Revelation is the one that talks about how the two witnesses will appear in the time of the end. We will say that the explanation of these two witnesses is appearing now in the times of the end. Elias and Enoch or Moses: they are inside of you. They are Ida and Pingala, Adam and Eve. These two witnesses, says the book of Revelation, have the power to prophesy 1260 days. When you take those numbers, 1: Aleph, 2: Beth, 60: Samech, which make the word "abbas". This word, abbas, is an Aramaic word. Jesus of Nazareth says, Hail, Abba, or related to God, Abbas.

There are other Scriptures there, other phrases, where Abbas is related with the Father, and it is coming into my mind now the word Bar-Abbas. Bar in Aramaic means son, abbas father, the son of the father Barabbas. Now you say, “How come? So the son of the father is Barabbas?” Yes, and Jesus of Nazareth is the son of the Father, too, but behold the duality. Didn't you understand or you forgot, that the ego is inside of us, and within the ego is Tiphereth, the soul, the consciousness, bottled up, so this is Barabbas.

Is not Barabbas the son of the Father, too? Yes, of course, but Barabbas has to be annihilated, the ego has to be annihilated in order to liberate the particles of the Father hidden within, which are part of the Son. Who is the Son? The Son is Tiphereth, but when you reach the initiation, when you reach the fifth initiation of major mysteries, you discover that part of your soul, Tiphereth, beauty, is hidden within Barabbas, and that is why you see in the Bible, when it says, "Who do you want me to liberate, Jesus, who is the Son of the Father, or Barabbas, who is also the Son of the Father?" Who of the two, and then the people said, “Oh, oh, the ego of course, because we like fornication, we like anger, we like all of that, all of the crimes of Barabbas.”

Liberate Barabbas and leave Jesus who is without a sin, united there in the sixth dimension with Tiphereth, crucify him, and this is how we always say. We are always in favor of the ego, which is the Son of the Father too, because everything that comes from above, from the forces that we are explaining here, is from the Father.

That is why the Master Samael says that the ninth sphere, sex, is the source of gods, angels, human beings, animals, beasts, and demons. That force creates all of that, or you might say good and evil. No, it is just a variety of beings. Demons of course inhabited Klipoth, hell, inferno. That is their habitat, so we belong to Klipoth.

We want to go out of Klipoth. We want to be saved from the second death, which is the annihilation of Barabbas by the forces of nature. When the people say to liberate Barabbas and crucify Jesus, they are saying, "Let us go into hell, into Klipoth, because nature will disintegrate us in hell anyhow. We choose the Lunar Path,” but we the Gnostic say no, we do not want to choose the Lunar Path, death to Barabbas, or as we said in Egypt, “death to Seth and his red demons.” We want the death of Seth. (We want between quotations to state that this “Seth” here is not the third son of Adam and Eve. But what in Egyptian terms, is Barabbas.)

We want the death of Barabbas, the son of Abbas, but Jesus also is the son of Abbas, but in the positive way, you know, because there are two ways, the solar way and the lunar way. The solar way is the way of the initiation in which we take advantage of the two witnesses in order for the Son of God to appear within us, and that is the Son of Abbas in the positive way. This is why you have to understand, because there are many people that talk about how come Barabbas is the Son of the Father, and Jesus is the Son of the Father, too, but they have to understand the duality of the forces of the consciousness. One is free, and the other is bottled up into the sins of the initiate. Or as the Master Hilarion, which is Paul of Tarsus, stated, the heavenly man is Jesus. And Barabbas, the son of Abbas, is the terrestrial man, sin is Barabbas; behold the two forces, but one has to die and the other has to go up.

The word Abbas is formed from 1, 2, 6 and zero, 1260 days, which is the prophet within those who have the power to prophecy 1260 days, the two witnesses, and therefore this is Abba, meaning that the power of prophecy comes from Abbas.  If you make the addition of all of the numbers, you have the number 9, 1+2+6+0 is 9, the ninth sphere, meaning that the two kinds of prophets come from the same source. If you awaken the Kundabuffer, you become a sorcerer, and you can bring from Klipoth your prophecies, but if you awaken the Kundalini and you make the letter Chet in yourself, then you become a great prophet, Enoch, the one that sees like Moses, because you are uniting the two witnesses.

That is why in the Bible it is said that Jesus appears in the middle of Elias and Moses, in the Transfiguration; and that Transfiguration appears and happens in the letter Hod, because Hod is the astral light. Hod, precisely, is the fifth dimension, the astral light where the forces of Chaim, the life forces of the Tree of Life, are. That is why it is stated that in the astral light we find INRI, the dragon of Medea, the heavenly dragon and all those forces that we are talking about here are in Hod, and that is where Jesus appears: Hod, the Transfiguration, between two forces, between two witnesses; the two are Elias and Moses, because Jesus in this case represents the fire that rises in the spinal column.

Kabbalistically, we say that Hod is governed by the moon. Many Kabbalists say that Hod is governed by Mercury, but they are wrong. It is governed by the moon, and Yesod is also governed by the moon; Yesod and Hod, the two polarities there related with the feminine force. That is why Hod, which is the Eighth Sephirah from above to below, is related with this Arcanum number eight, where the woman appears because it is a feminine force, but of course it is because the light of the sun reflects into us through the moon, and we have to polarize ourselves with the positive aspect of the moon, which is related with Jah-hovah.

Jah-hovah represents the positive ray of the moon, but the negative ray of the moon is represented by Nahemah and Lilith, which are the two negative forces that appear in the psyche of the human being when he or she fornicates. Lilith and Nahemah are two psychological aspects hidden within the psyche of “my buddy and everybody.” It is not like people think, that these are just outside. Everybody has them within. This is why in the initiation we have to fight against Nahemah first and then against Lilith, throughout many steps, and now you may understand how this feminine aspect relates especially in the Judeo-Christian religion, how always sin is pointed to the woman, but those ignoramuses that learn literally all this explanation of male-female, they always point the physical woman and they renounce the woman, thinking that is the way, but it is not by renouncing the female aspect, but by transforming it, and it is not the woman, physically speaking, but that female aspect that we have within, in the psyche, because the woman also has many of the symbols in a positive way when she transmutes the sexual force; she is then Bathsheba.

All the wives of the prophets in the Bible are represented by that positive force when it rises, which is feminine. The Divine Mother is feminine. Kundalini is feminine, because coming from below. Everything that comes from below up to the Father is feminine, but has always the two polarities. That is precisely why we have to study this, which is alchemy. That is how we understand this. Otherwise, you fall into the mistake of many people that always condemn the woman, when they do not understand that Havah or the Eve of the Bible is referring to that sexual feminine force that we could not control and is related with the sexual organs, because the sexual organs create, and the woman is always related with creation; that is why the feminine aspect is related with Malkuth.

Everything comes from the woman, right, but do not blame the woman physically. Blame yourself, your feminine aspect that you must control. In this case, as a male, the feminine aspect is the sexual organ that we have below, and Adam is the brain, as well with the woman. So then, when we transform those forces and we know how to control the feminine aspect, which is related with the mechanicity of nature, procreation and all of that, and then we enter into the mysteries of Chet, the letter related with life, and we enter into the kingdom of heaven as prophets.

Remember there that we find the duality. When we enter these studies, we always find the duality. Those that follow the Klipothic way are related with the moon. It is called the Lunar Path, in which they do not fight against their feminine aspect. They just let their feminine aspect work through them, which is procreation, and they fornicate and they go to Klipoth because they follow Lilith and Nahemah, which are the aspects of fornication or degeneration.

That is why it is written that Lilith and Nahemah are the two spheres related with Klipoth, and humanity develops in those two spheres, but the humanity above, that rises up into the nine Sephiroth, are related with the other two aspects of the woman in chastity, which were talked very extensively in the seventh arcanum which is called of course Sheba, the daughter of the seven, Beth-sheba, or the queen of Sheba. You see here for instance the two aspects here the wife of David, the one that makes you a king was Beth-sheba, the daughter of the seven, and from these two forces were born Solomon, or Soli-man, the Solar Man.

This Soli-man or Solar Man, Solomon, was born from the daughter of the seven and David, but then he gets involved with the Queen of Sheba, because it is written that when the Queen of Sheba, which is the Queen of the Seven, or the Queen of Shabbath, the mysteries of the seven, which is Saturn, Binah, knew about Solomon and his wisdom, she says, “I will try him. I will test him.” She was carrying with herself the Holy Grail and delivered it to Solomon, after testing him, asking questions, but of course that is a symbol. The Holy Grail is a symbol of the feminine Yoni, the sexual organ of the woman. That is why everybody can acquire immortality through the Holy Grail.

As you know, everybody is discussing Jesus and Mary Magdalene. No one can receive the power of the sword or the power of the magician without a woman. Obviously, Jesus of Nazareth had his wife. It was not a single person like many people think. He worked also with the Holy Grail, he worked also with the forces of Zayin, Ob, Havah; why was he to be different, when all the prophets did that?

This is how the prophet emerges from within, and this is how the prophet receives from above and teaches, because Chet is related with the power of speech, but that power of speech, or talking, is a power that comes from above, from the Father when you receive, “kabel, Kabbalah,” with the solar power. There is another power one can receive as well, which is the lunar way when you fornicate; of course, this opens the doors to Klipoth. When the sorcerer receives the power of hell and his powers develop in a negative way, his fire is not coming from above, it is coming from Klipoth, the inverted Tree of Life, and that is the sorcerer. But both come from the same source, as you see.

That is why it is written that the great battle between angels and demons is always happening in the astral light, and the astral light is Hod, the arcanum number eight. It is the caduceus of Mercury. There is the fight. The black magicians, the demons, polarize the two forces of Adam and Eve in a negative way and develop in Nahemah and Lilith the powers in Klipoth, and they develop and receive a sword; that sword has power only in Klipoth. That is why you find demons with swords, but the sword of the demons is on the left side because it is the power of the Kundabuffer, the tail of Satan. While the powers of the angels are always in the right, the sword of an angel is always on the right side, never on the left, and that power is the Kundalini, the Divine Mother. That is Beth-Sheba, the daughter of the seven, which is the sword.

This is how you see also that the woman Guinevere is the one who puts the sword to initiate the knight, to raise or give the power of the knight (knighthood), to the great Knights of the Round Table, as the queen, as Beth-Sheba the queen, Guinevere, and likewise all the queens of all religions. So then here in this arcanum 8 you have to understand the duality inside and outside, and that is why there was always a great battle, a great war, between the powers of the sun and the powers of the moon since the beginning of creation.

The legions of demons align to the ray of the moon, which is mechanical, while the powers of the children of God always are related with the sun, the positive forces, and the place of the battle is the astral light, Hod. The power is in the caduceus of Mercury and this is how you understand that those who crystallize the negative force, or crystallize negatively in Klipoth, during their prophecy it does not rain. This is written in the book of Revelation. These two witnesses have the power to shut heaven to the fornicators, because if we utilize the sexual forces in a negative way from Yesod, then the two witnesses shut the doors of heaven and they do not give power to the black magicians, meaning that it does not rain in the time of their prophecies. The black magicians said this and that, et cetera, and all the prophecies are accomplished, but in hell or Klipoth, never above. Black magicians never enter into the Promised Land or into the world to come, which is precisely the internal Sephiroth. Then, of course, the two witnesses close the doors.

The two witnesses only open the doors to those that know how to be in chastity, how to obey the law of the sixth commandment, “You shall not fornicate,” or “You shall not eat of the tree of good and evil,” and that is why it is written that the two witnesses have power to bring sickness into Malkuth, the earth, according to the evil deeds. That is what is happening right now because people do not know what this means. They are having a lot of sicknesses in the physical world because of the evil use, the negative use, of the sexual force, but when you know how to transmute the sexual energy, fire comes out of the witnesses and devours your enemies. Those enemies are the egos, the sins that you have within, because the power of the two witnesses have the power to destroy the negative aspects of our psychology.

Question: Would you talk about Job, number eight?

Answer: Of course, it is necessary to understand that the Arcanum 8 encloses all the ordeals, and of course it reminds us that this is the arcanum number eight is the arcanum of Job, Saint Job. Who is the one that place all the ordeals and the tests to Job? Shatan, or Satan, in other words, but in Hebrew you said Shatan. It is written with three letters, Shin, Teth, and Nun, Shatan. The fire, Shin, descending to Teth, the serpent, down because Nun is the sexual force in the waters going down to fornication. That is Shatan, and Shatan is the adversary. That is the meaning, “adversary,” and also “the accuser before God.” Why is Shatan accusing me before God? Let me tell you. When you start working in this esoteric path, Shatan will accuse you all the time before God. Why? Because Shatan represents fornication, represents the way in which the forces were polarized negatively through fornication, through adultery, which is the source of all the sins that we have within. That is why lust is called the original sin. It is not the sin, it is not precisely the evil that we have the one that accuses before God. You can say I did not sin, I did not do this, and Shatan says I am the fire which you polarized negatively. You stone me because that fire Shin is the fire of sexuality, and if you abuse sex, you polarize that fire in a negative way, so here you find Shatan, the tail of Shatan, the Kundabuffer. It is the same fire of God, but polarized negatively because of your sins. So this Shatan is chained, as is written in mythology (Prometheus), to the rock of Yesod and the only way (it is written) to liberate him is by annihilating the ego.

So then, Jah-Hovah, Iod-havah, Abba, calls Shatan and says, “How do you see my servant Job? He is transmuting the sexual energy. You are Shatan. You are the outcome of his previous actions of fornication and adultery,” and Shatan says, “Yeah, he annihilated the ego but still I am a slave of the rock. I am chained to the rock still, of sex. If you allow me, I will test him and you will really see (since I am still alive) if he is still mocking you.” God says, “OK, it is in your hands, do what you want to do, because you still are chained to the rock.” Shatan descends and puts through the power of God which is the fire, a lot of ordeals to Job, but Job keeps his path of chastity, transmutation, annihilation of the ego and defeats Shatan, that Shatan that he made because Shatan was made by him when he was crystallizing negative energy or crystallizing the energy in a negative way. This means that when you enter into the letter Chet, or the number eight, the eighth arcanum, this is the ordeal, the tests of it. You are tested to see if in reality you are working in yourself and the one that tests you is Shatan, because he is the one that is black like the carbon, like the charcoal, very black, but you made him black, and he is suffering because he is the fire of God bottled up into your lust. The tail has to disappear. Shatan knows you very well because he is mingled with your sins, with your evilness. Shatan will accuse you always. In this path you have to transform that Shatan into Lucifer, the beautiful angel of light. He wants to become Lucifer again, without sin, but unfortunately that depends on our work. If we do not annihilate the ego, if we do not accomplish 100% of the work, Lucifer will not be liberated. He will be Shatan, black, and that is why any initiate is always tested, is always tested, and the great test is in sex, temptation, and that is the mystery of Job. So, different things, different karma will come to you, this is all from Shatan, he is the adversary, is the enemy of God.

You may say, “Shatan is treating me bad, but I believe in God and I am good and he is treating me bad.” No, no, no. He is giving you what you deserve because through that fire the law of karma acts. Do you see the scale here (in the eighth Arcanum)? Anything that you receive in your physical body, or in your mental body or in your astral body, or any body is coming through Shatan, meaning through your karma, through your evil deeds, which began with a sexual orgasm, because this is how Shatan started to develop lust, and this is the Justice of the Arcanum 8; but when you are in this path, you want to be liberated from that, you want to be free of that. Well, be aware of what you have; you enter into this path in order to pay what you owe. Oh, you do not want it? You do not want to pay what you owe? Well, nature will take care of that down there in Klipoth, and it will be very painful, too. For there are two ways, the lunar and the solar: Through the solar, you develop wisdom, through the lunar nothing, and it is very painful.

Question: Why does the woman have the sword in her left hand?

Answer: Because the left is Ida, because the left is feminine, because we have to control the left. The left is Ida, the left is Ob, the left is Havah; in the left side, we have to control that entire ego that we have within, which is the left-handed ego, by acquiring the sword, and it has it in the left because it is a woman. This symbol indicates everything, but understand that it says: “OK you want the sword? Control me. I am Havah, I am Obd, I am Zayin. Transmute your energy and then I will give you the sword which is in my left because I am the left, I am Ida, I am Ob,” and you have to do it by balancing the two forces of the scale by acquiring chastity.

Question: Why would the right hand, which is supposed to be grasping the scales, but if you look she is not actually touching it so it is almost like she is levitating.

Answer: Yes, because that represents the law of the scale, which is karma. I mean, do not touch it, and touch it, right? This means: have the sexual act but transmute, do not reach the spasm, do not reach the orgasm because the scale is related with the kidneys, with the suprarenal and these are measuring the chastity. Touch, but do not touch. Enter the woman, do the sexual act, but do not reach the orgasm. Withdraw. That is the meaning of that, because the law is there, you see?

Question: I think the ego uses different, like, ??? transmuting, right? Obviously the lust is less I would assume, right, so does the ego use other, like say, anger, or jealousy, envy, more strong in people that transmute than other people since lust got ???

Answer: That is why you always have to be attentive when you work in the annihilation of your ego. The energy of the negative force is always approaching you to feed lust, anger, pride, through greed, through many ways, and the main thing here is to use the letter Zayin in the right way, which is to return the light to the Father. That is the meaning of the letter Zayin, to return, but you see, that return is only possible when you are in the balance, balancing the two forces, Ida and Pingala, which is the Chet, the life within you. That means that through the Kundalini you have acquired the degrees when you are in balance, when you are controlling the two forces, when you are returning the energy above. To return the energy is to transform lust into chastity, to transform anger into sweetness, into love, to transform greed into altruism, to transform laziness into diligence. All that is a transformation we must do because we created sin within, which is the power of the tail of Satan. The power of the tail of Satan is in the sin, the seven capital sins that we have within. That is why it is written that the beast 666 had seven heads.

Question: Without transmutation, is any other energy going back just to practice, say, to work on ego?

Answer: The whole work is transmutation. We begin with sexual transmutation because that is the origin of the ego. Remember that I said lust is called the original sin, because lust originated the other egos. So, we began in chastity by transmuting the sexual force as a single person, or married person, and we continue that transmutation through the different levels, transmuting all the vices that we have into virtues, and that is a work of meditation, and by applying the sexual force or the sword, as well, and that is the process. It is always transmutation. Of course, the main thing is lust because that is a kind of ego that is always present there, this is why Shatan is there who is the one with whom we do the work. The ordeal of Job comes at the end, before the resurrection, in which the initiate has to pay the Kamaduro. What is Kamaduro? Kamaduro is the karma of fornication, and that sin is paid only with death. So therefore, before you pay that karma, you pass the ordeal of Job, and it is Shatan, the one that is putting that test, because Shatan is precisely the memory, the story of your past sinful life, but with death, with that impure sickness that you are going to receive, you are going to pay and to be clean completely, and then you resurrect. That is the resurrection of the dead. Only the dead resurrect. If you are alive, you cannot resurrect. You need to die psychologically.

Question: In these lectures, are we applying the Tree of Life to the world of Assiah all the time, or are we, or it really pertains to all of the...

Answer: Well, we are always applying, when we explain for instance the descent of that light from the Ain Soph, we are explaining from the point of the world of Atziluth, which is the world of God, but when we are talking about how we are returning that force directly based on our willpower, we are then talking in the world of Assiah, which is Malkuth, the place where we are. We have to learn from the very bottom. We have to return the light from Malkuth, then from Yetzirah, then from Briah and then from Atziluth in order to return into the Absolute.

Question: What are the three steps upon which she is kneeling?

Answer: Well, the three steps obviously are the three bodies that we have to build, astral, mental and causal, which are precisely the three vestures or the three garments of the soul that we have to have already built. That is why the woman is on top of it, meaning that you already are a newborn Master, a prophet, but you have to clean, and that is why you see that the serpent, the symbol of the infinite, which is this circle below the waters, is related with the waters of Yesod, the sexual waters, and with the three bodies that we already have, meaning that the whole cleanse, the whole work that we have to do is with the Divine Mother, with the serpent.

Question: Also the three steps of initiation...

Answer: The three levels of initiation which are beginners, companions, and Masters, which are all explained in Freemasonry. It is always the three, or as we in Gnosticism say, it is First Chamber, which is this one, when you receive the knowledge; Second Chamber, when you are a “companion,” you are really working on the path very seriously; and Third Chamber for Masters, but this is just symbolically, of course. It does not mean that if you are in Second Chamber you are already a great initiate; no, it is just symbolic.

Question: The color of the serpent that is in the water represents the gold, the yellow I guess of the serpent?

Answer: Of course the gold is in relation with the sun, right? It is the fire. The sun is Leo, right? It is precisely coming into my mind, Ares arieh or arech. Aryeh is a word in Hebrew for lion. We said the lion of Judah, Aries, and Arya, is Aryeh Leo, the fire of Samael. There is something here with the name of Samael that I want to explain to you. We said that we are explaining here the word, the knowledge of Samael Aun Weor, and you find the word Samael itself is the logos of Mars, which is above, related with Aryeh, the lion, the fire. That is Samael above, and then Aun is a sexual force. From above, it comes to below. That is why Samael governs Aries, which is the head, and Scorpio, which is in the sexual organs. This is Samael Aun, but in order to unite those two forces and to be a prophet, you need to put light (aur or eor) in your Vav, in your spinal column, and that is Weor (aur or eor in vav). So the name means and encloses above and below in the middle. The whole thing is made, the whole doctrine is given, in order for you to Christify yourself, or not do it. Samael above, Aun in the sex, and Weor in the spinal column. This is the letter Chet, Samael Aun Weor.

The next lecture will be the nine, the Hermit. This will be important because what we said today will help to understand the next lecture.

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