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Tarot 6 

Arcanum No. 6 – Indecision is related with the letter Vav, which means “and” in the Hebrew language and symbolizes connection - to hook, to unite one thing with another. It is also related with the word “yug” in Sanskrit, which means union. In order to have an union you have to hook - and of course it is related with the word religare (or religion). It is the way in which we receive knowledge.

The letter Vav of this arcanum is related with the property of hearing, listening. Of course now we have to emphasize that it is not just related to the faculty of hearing on the physical plane but also with that chakra which we have mentioned several times in different lectures: the chakra Vishuddha, which is related with magical ear, the faculty of understanding, listening to or hearing the Word of God which is related with the world of Archetypes, symbols that we know through understanding and comprehending.

This is why when we pronounce the four letters or the sacred name of God, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, then we find that the third one is Vav.  Associating this holy name with the Tree of Life, we find then the upper triangle Kether-Chokmah-Binah, Iod-Hei-Vav, so Binah is Vav, it means understanding.

Remember that the sacred name of God is always explained in different levels and in different ways and - in order to explain the letter Vav - this is one of them. That is why the kabbalists state that Vav is related to the faculty of hearing or listening, it means “and.” Obviously, it is possible to understand - we will know how to listen - and this is precisely the point; in all the lectures, in all that related with the Word of God, which is not the word we read literally. That is why Master Samael Aun Weor states that in the Hebrew language is hidden the wisdom.

Who brought this sacred language or the alphabet of this language into the world? It was the angel Metatron whose name was Enoch when he was alive. He brought the alphabet and the language into the planet Earth in order to teach the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, the language of God. So, this is why the Hebrew language is associated with Kabbalah. Because every single letter is related with a number and symbol. When we read words in Hebrew we must know the meaning of each letter and associate one with the other, with numbers, in order to go deep into the Tree of Life and to see behind the word. Because remember that it is written that in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And to understand, to comprehend the Word of God is indispensable to develop the chakra Visuddha, the faculty of hearing, which is the power related with the Word, because that chakra is exactly at the throat.

It is the word that we speak, the word that we listen to; and that is why the mysterious sephira Daath, which is knowledge, is precisely located at the level of the throat of Arik Anpin, the Vast Countenance, Adam Kadmon, the Primordial Man, who was created in the beginning. This Primordial Man - or better said this Primordial Emanation of the Ain Soph - is always represented with the letter Vav. In Hinduism they represent this Vav or Binah with Lord Shiva and they say that the first begotten of Creation is Lord Shiva. Of course, Lord Shiva is that Primordial Light or what we call Ray of Okinadock, and which we represent with the letter He, that already we know is associated with the uterus. The Ain Soph gives the birth to that Vav and that Vav is the Aur or the Ain Soph Aur, which when crystallized in the universe becomes Kether-Chokmah-Binah (the first triangle). That is why when we refer to the Ain Soph we refer to is as to the letter He, the unmanifested He.

Kether-Chokmah-Binah (Father-Son-Holy Spirit) forms in itself one being, which is represented with the letter Vav. Vav is in itself the letter Iod, because the letter Iod, which is the first name of God, is related with Kether. Iod resembles a little flame, if you observe it carefully. If you have a candle and you light it you will see that the flame has precisely the shape of Iod, which is just a spot of light with that symbol. But if you extend that Iod downward, if you “stretch” it down to Tiphereth, which is the Sephira in the center of Tree of Life, you can clearly see the letter Vav, which is the lower part of Iod prolonged to the bottom. That is why the name Iod-He-Vav-He really is Iod-Hei-Iod-Hei. The third Iod, which is Vav, is that which is acting, it is the fire that acts.

When you see that light in the candle stretches up, you see Vav, but it comes from Iod. Iod is the phallus – Vav is the spinal medulla where that fire has to stand. But in order to do it, it needs the letter Hei, it needs the uterus, because the fire cannot stand without the other force, without the Mother. God is Father-Mother, Iod-Hei, phallus-uterus, man-woman.

You see the Holy Name of God represented in the first triangle, but the first triangle Kether-Chokmah-Binah hides behind the Ain Soph because it emerges from that unknowable. That is why it is stated that the letter Vav has a double aspect. Obviously, the hidden aspect, the abstract, that which is unknowable, is behind Kether. It is that Aur which we call Ain Soph Aur, that first light that emerges from the Ain Soph, but it is unknowable Divine. When it expresses itself in the Universe, it is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The other side of the flame which is Tri-unity is represented in the Hebrew alphabet in many ways – with the letters Aleph and Shin (fire). You see that the upper triangle is always associated with the Star of David, with the superior triangle of Star of David. And that is why the Arcanum 6 is always associated with the Star of David or Seal of Solomon and in Tibet they call it “Karma,” the symbol of the six-pointed star. We find that star not only in the Hebrew pantheon, but also in Buddhism and Hinduism. Esoteric symbols are found in many places. People think that the star of David or Seal of Solomon belongs only to the Hebrew pantheon, but we can find it also in Buddhism, Hinduism, America, among the Mayans, Aztecs.

Just the same as that star called Swastika, which people think belongs to the Nordics. You can find the Swastika in Buddhism, Hinduism, among the Mayans, Aztecs… it is very ancient symbol.

We have to start comprehending, understanding to not associate symbols to particular races, because in reality, symbols are universal. They represent something that we have to comprehend, because remember that in the beginning we stated that within Iod-Hei-Vav, Binah is Vav, which means “understanding,” the ability of comprehending the Word. And not only the Hebrew word but also the Sanskrit, Latin and Greek word, because there are many scriptures in various languages that hide different things. For instance, mythology among the Romans and Greeks. All the stories, legends, tales in mythology always hide something that we have to grasp. But for that, the awakening of that hearing power of the Vishuddha chakra is necessary. Especially with the mental body.

Remember that the true human being has seven bodies – the physical, vital, astral, mental, causal, conscious and spiritual body. Each body has its chakra Vishuddha, but the one that gives us comprehension of the word is especially related to the sephira Netzach, which is the mind. Because it is precisely the mind that you use in order to write and pronounce the word, as right now I am using my mind. That is why the Bible is written in such a way that,when people read it literally, it is only stories, legends, that sometimes makes sense, and sometimes it does not make any sense. But when you read it with the chakra Vishuddha, then you see behind everything. That faculty of hearing is associated with the faculty of seeing, which is related to the previous lecture.

Behold, lo, see! But in order to see, you have to hear, to understand, to see that which is behind the letter. In synthesis, it is called superlative intuition. Intuition is the faculty associated with all the faculties – clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy. That is precisely the power of the human being – intuition. The lower level of that intuition is “hunches” - but when we arrive to the superlative intuition we have to have all the chakras in activity and use them in one way. That intuition is precisely that faculty which develops when we are hearing now, when we know how to listen. Remember the lecture Master Samael Aun Weor gave us – To Know How To Listen. For that you have to be listening now, because the word is pronounced and you have to grasp it with your consciousness; in accordance to your level you comprehend it; in order to comprehend more about what we are talking about, about that flame, because God is fire.

Moses found God in the burning bush and always when one wants to experience the essence of God, one finds fire - and that is why you can see fire when you observe all the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, flames of fire. Because the Word is fire. So that fire is precisely behind everything. That Vav, that flame, is behind everything. Every abstract and concrete element in the Universe. So therefore intuition is that faculty of the fire.

In Sanskrit, that fire – universal fire – is called Vishnu, precisely the fire that is associated with creation.  If we stretch the letter Iod down to Tiphereth it has to pass through Daath, and this is how the Son – Chokmah – Wisdom through Daath enters into the World of Creation because the second triangle of the Tree of Life is related with Briah, the World of Creation. And Daath, this mysterious sephira which encompasses the whole Tree of Life, is the union of Iod-He, Abba-Aima, Mother-Father. From that emerges the letter Vav, because the Father is Iod, the Mother is He and from them emerges Vav, which is the manifested universe, the outcome of creation. That is why we said that Vishnu (which is the manifested Chokmah in creation), means “he who penetrates in everything” - and that is fire. Avalokiteshvara is also that which everywhere, it has the same meaning.

When you see the word Chokmah, which means in English “wisdom,” then you find that the word wisdom consists of two words: Vis-Dom, Vis means ‘to see’ and ‘dom’ means power, the power to see or the power to be there in everything and that is Chokmah-Vishnu-Avalokiteshvara. Then you find that the letter Vav is precisely the first associated with that word written in the bible – Bereshith. Always when we talk about creation, we arrive to Bereshith, which has many meanings, but the main one, as we have stated, is: “In wisdom, God created” - because within Bereshith is hidden wisdom (Chokmah), within Bereshith is hidden Vishnu, Avalokiteshvara, the Word.

Chokmah is the first sephira of the Tree of Life, which in the world of Atziluth receives the name Iod-He-Vav-He (Iod havah). This Iod havah (Jehova) is hidden within Vav, within Bereshith, which was in the beginning. That is why you find arrows above in the Arcanum Six, which is Indecision. It is Cupid with his bow and arrow. The arrows are always associated with sexual force. Erotic – Eros. We bring from Greek language the Trimurti of the Greeks – Chaos, Gaia, Eros. That is the Trimurti of the Greeks, Eros – the Holy Spirit, Binah, Shiva.

Above [in the Arcanum] is a triangle created by a boy with a bow and arrow; you see very clearly the upper triangle used by Binah (Eros) which is pointed at the head of Medusa – the whore, the harlot, because that upper triangle is against the Ego. This upper triangle is represented in different religions by different names. Kether-Chokmah-Binah in Kabbalah, Chaos-Gaia-Eros: the Trimurti of the Greeks, Father-Son-Holy Spirit in Christianity, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva in Hinduism. We have to comprehend and understand the different trimurtis. Because when we talk about this trimurti, the point of the triangle is pointed at the Medusa. But there is another triangle when the letter Vav descended into Tiphereth.

We explained that in Daath we find Abba and Aima, Father and Mother. It means that this triangle transforms itself into duality. As you see, the triangle in the physical level is the three brains we have – Intellectual Brain / Emotional Brain / Motor-Instinctive-Sexual Brain. These three brains constitute the physical body that we use. And if you imagine in front of you a woman (or if you are a woman, imagine a man in front of you), obviously you find there a duality. But each entity has three brains. The same happens in Daath : Abba has three forces, Aima has three forces, meaning that within the Father there is a trimurti and within the Mother there is a trimurti as well. That mysterious division happens in Binah. It is written that Chokmah descends into the world of creation through Binah, that duality, in order to make another triangle – it is in the lower part of the Tree of Life – which in Christianity appears as Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

The word Joseph is IO-Cephas; Cephas means “stone” and IO is duality, polarity. Mary is Ram-IO, the feminine aspect of the stone. From them emerges Jesus, who is Yeshua, “Savior.”

In ancient Egypt, that trinity was represented by Osiris. The Holy Trinity in Egypt was named with one word – Osiris-Ra. Ra is solar force. If you say Osiris-Ra, you express Kether-Chokmah-Binah together. And if you say Isis, you express Kether-Chokmah-Binah in its feminine aspect. Osiris-Ra and Isis are united in Daath and from them emerges Horus, the Son. So, do not mistake that trinity with the upper triangle. That trinity belongs to the World of Creation. Osiris-Isis-Horus, the World of Creation, not the world of Atziluth, which is Kether-Chokmah-Binah.

The power of Binah in the first triangle, which is represented with the letter Vav, receives in the world of Atziluth the name El Shaddai, when associating it with Yesod, because Binah controls the third triangle of the Tree of Life associated with sex in Yesod. Yesod is sex, the sexual force, El Shaddai, the power of the sexual force. That is why El Shaddai, the Holy Spirit, Binah is the one that gives the pact to Abraham and Sara. Obviously you find here duality again – Abraham and Sara and their child Isaac, which is Tiphereth. So, this trimurti or descent of the forces is represented in many different religions with different names.

If you study religions you will find that Abraham has another son which represents Malkuth – Ishmael. He represents physical creation and Isaac symbolizes spiritual creation.

Isaac is related with the letter Vav, with that fire that rises in the spinal column. To be a child Isaac is to be an initiate, somebody that is rising and creating what is symbolically written in the Bible, within.

There are two children in accordance with that pact, the children of Ishmael and the children of Isaac. Isaac (Tiphereth) are the initiates who belong to the tribe of Judah (Leo, solar force) and Ishmael, the ones who are children of Egypt, are “my-body and everybody” in the physical plane. Of course, this is Kabbalistically speaking.

Obviously, we have to enquire and see in the pact with Isaac, which is internal, that fire that we have to awaken, which is Yeshua related to Christianity, Horus in ancient Egypt. That is the representation of the upper triangle of Eros, of Cupid above in the Arcanum number 6, which in Sanskrit is called Atman-Budhi-Manas, the upper triangle which represents the Monad, Atman (Chesed) – Buddhi (Geburah) – Manas (Tiphereth). Do you see how everything appearing in different languages and religions are always pointing at the same thing? That is the triangle that we have to be united with.

In many lectures and books of Master Samael Aun Weor, he points always to the different triangles, always above. But we have to now go to the triangle below, which you see in the graphic of the card Indecision, the Sixth Arcanum. You see there the Human Soul represented by that person in the center of the card whose legs are in the water, because the third level of the cards symbolizes the waters.

In that water you find the inverted triangle. That inverted triangle is related with us, it represents the three traitors that are always against the work of God. These three traitors are found in different symbols in many religions. But in synthesis they represent Satan, and obviously it is a black triangle. Here we have to understand how the triangle is associated with us.

The soul is crossing its arms, you can see that the left arm is over the right and making a cross, an ‘X’. Because the left is on the right, it expresses that he is not doing the will of God but his own will. In order to do the will of God, the right one has to be over the left one. That is easy to see. Sometimes when you ask a person to cross his or her arms over the chest, automatically they put the left on the right. To start putting the right on the left is very difficult because we the left is always associated with evil will.

Observe the mummies in Egypt: they always have the right arm over the left one. They do the will of the upper triangle. But here on this card, the man is obviously doing his own will, not the will of God, because his face is towards the Medusa, towards the whore, the harlot.

And he is not seeing his Divine Mother who is on the right side. We have to work very hard in order to turn the face towards the right in order to see God, its female aspect which is Love. He is turning his face to left, to Medusa, because he is the slave of the lower triangle.

The three traitors are related to the three brains that we have. As we have explained many times, these three brains are associated with the upper triangles, the energies that descend into the physical body.

The first brain is the cerebrospinal nervous system related to the Father (Kether) which unfortunately the demon of the mind utilizes and squanders.

Then we have the grand sympathetic nervous system, which is related with the Son (Chokmah), which is squandered by Caiaphas, the evil will in the heart by satisfying desires. In that area of the heart, the navel, we have our negative emotions of lust, anger, fear, gluttony, laziness, anxiety, self-esteem, pride, you name them.

And the next brain is Motor-Instinct-Sexual brain, the parasympathetic nervous system called also vagus, where the energies of Holy Spirit circulate. But Judas is there, the demon of desire who satisfies his sexual appetites in that brain.

Those are the three traitors – Pilate, Caiphas and Judas. They are related to the three brains we have within.

Moses is the will of God, performs the will of God.

The three traitors are three demons represented in Egyptian Book of the Dead. The demon of desire is called Apopi, the demon of the mind is called Hai, the demon of evil will is Nept. No matter how we name them, the truth is that they are within us.

There is not a single person on this planet that does not have them. Those are the three traitors because they squander the energy of Father-Son-Holy Spirit in our body. That is the Ego, Satan. We will say that Ego is the word of Satan made flesh in each one of us. That is why Jesus said, “You are children of the devil and the lust of the devil you want to fulfill.” Obviously, the ego lies because it is the opposite of Truth – The Father. It is a murderer because everyone that fornicates is a murderer. He murders his own soul, his own Being. Life is God and everything that goes against life is going against God.

It is really difficult to be a child of God. But the letter Vav has the power to transform anybody into a child of God. For that we have to deal with the star of David, with the star Kama, the Seal of Solomon. Kama, the symbol of six-pointed star means desire and Karma as well. Kama also appears in Kama-Sutra. This is related to the lower triangle which you have to transform because the three primary forces of the Universe are those forces that create because those three primary forces plus the Ain Soph are always behind any creation.

Master Samael states that the Ninth Sphere is the origin of planets, moon, suns, gods, angels, demons, human beings – everything comes from it. It depends on how it is transformed.

The mineral, plant, animal and human kingdom are Malkuth – the Kingdom in which these forces, fires are hidden. You find those forces everywhere and they act in accordance with the will of God.

We receive the doctrine, the knowledge, in order for us to learn how to do the will of God individually - because in the animal, plant and mineral kingdom the will of God is done collectively. If you observe animals or plants, they obey the Law mechanically, automatically, collectively. The intelligences of the Elohim, the Creators, or Iod-Havah Elohim enter into the planet and organize them. And all the elementals, souls of the elements, obey. That is why they are in Eden, in paradise, because they obey the will of Cosmocreators that enter into their souls.

When we reach the level in which we are right now, the mechanical nature goes into devolution and then the three primary forces guided by the ego start work for devolution, because the planet, the nature, the Universe is sustained in two ways – evolving and devolving. The forces that evolve have to devolve in order to give consistency to the planet, they have to descend. Unfortunately, the ego is made of that material which nature needs to give consistency to the planet in the infra-dimensions and unfortunately our consciousness, our soul, is bottled up within it. So, no matter what you do, your ego will go down, as in the beginning it was going up.

The protoplasmatic bodies are the vehicles of the will of God when they go up, but when they go down they become the three traitors of that solar force because it sends the soul into Hell (Klipoth). Therefore, we have to work with the lower triangle because we come from the animal kingdom and in the animal kingdom we were obeying the Law. We were fornicators. Any cat is a fornicator, any dog is a fornicator, any bull is a fornicator, any horse is a fornicator, any animal fornicates, that is the will of the law of the animal kingdom. But they do it mechanically, because they do not have reasoning. But when we enter into the level of intellectual animal, we have to transform that and we have to stop fornication. Therefore the first commandment we receive when we enter into the human kingdom is: “You shall not eat of that Tree in the middle of the garden of your body, because the day you will eat from it, you will not continue on your way up, you will go down – you will die.” - The second death in Hell. We are not talking about the physical death, which is also related to this, but we mean the disintegration of those protoplasmatic bodies – the second death.

There are many different symbols related to this. You might say that it is not fair, but that is the plan of God – he wants a diamond soul. He wants willpower, and in the beginning we have the will but not power. On this level we have to develop power and that comes from above. That willpower is Tiphereth, Vav. That willpower is energy, consciousness, fire of Chokmah, fire of Kundalini that we have to develop in order to create our own individual will and to become the image of God.

God uses his will consciously, wisely. Our will is doing wrong things; every single Ego has its own will: lust that wants to fornicate, pride wants to be better, to rise to the top of the ladder and say: “Here I am!,” vanity as well, gluttony, laziness and all those animal defects which are wrongly called “human” defects. A real human being has no animal defects. He might commit errors and mistakes, but not animal ones. One thing is the intellectual animal and other thing is the human being.

Here we receive the precepts in order for us to work and to control the elements with the willpower, and that is why Tiphereth, or in this case we would say Buddhata, the Human Soul, is a slave of the inferior triangle because it comes from the animal kingdom and it has to learn how to transform those elements in order to go up from the waters of fornication to stand in the middle. But for that, he has to turn the face towards the other side.

How to develop willpower? It is written – Bereshith. In the beginning God created. You can see the will of God. The upper forces created Heaven and Earth. That is the will of God. But in order for that will to create, the human being has to do it through the letter Vav. If you read the book of Genesis, there is written “And God said…”. That ‘and’ is Vav, the spinal column, that fire which is Chokmah. Bereshith is repeated in every ‘and.’ If you read that, you can see it, but the translators of the Bible sometimes omit Vav. They translate it as ‘but’ or they use another words. Then the whole thing is missing, because they do not know the meaning of the word.

It is written: “Whosoever knows the meaning of the word, the word gives power to him. Nobody can utter it, nobody has uttered it but the one who has incarnated it..” To incarnate the word is indispensable, but the word is fire. It begins with the transmutation of the sexual energy. That is why there is written “And God said…”. “And Elohim said…”

All the inheritance of the Cosmocreators - who are Elohim, who are already Self-realized in the worlds of Yetzirah, Briah and Atziluth - they send the Ruach Elohim to float upon the face of the waters, the Akasha, which we talked about many times. Here we mean Akasha as sexual waters, the semen, the substance that is El Shaddai in sexual organs but in us it is Shaddai El Chai, the power that we have there. That Shaddai El Chai, that semen, that seed has the power of Elohim in potency because that is the plan of Elohim: to create the human being. They place there all the forces we need to use in order to develop the human being, the Microcosmos (or in Kabbalah Zauir Anpin, the one below Arik-Anpin).

There is another triangle related to the Star of Solomon. The upper triangle is Arik-Anpin, Kether-Chokmah-Binah whose body is formed with all the sephiroth in the world of Atziluth. The lower triangle should be Zeir Anpin, the lower countenance which is the human being as the image of God, the letter Vav. In order for that Zeir Anpin to emerge on the sixth day…

Why on the sixth day? Why did the God create man on the sixth day and not on the first or second? Because Vav is the sixth letter and it is related to the work of will. But the one who does it is God. The Bible does not say “And Joseph said…” or “And Mary said…”, it says “And Elohim said…” That force is guided by the Inner Being; the Innermost has to say it. It is not you. That is why we always insist that the power to Self-realize oneself is here and now, remembering your God. That is the first commandment: “You shall love your God with all your might, with all your heart, with all your sexual strength and the neighbour as thyself.”

It means that you have to use all that you have for your Inner Being, because he is the one that does the work, he is the Master. When someone comes and says: “I am such and such master…” with pride and vanity, we always insist that the God is the Master. If anybody reaches the mastery, it is the God, the Monad, that reaches it. Here below, we are just vehicles, we have to serve the Lord. Read the Psalms of David, he never praises himself, he always talks to God, Iod-Havah, because He is inside.

“I am your servant, send me your word…” What word? That word is Chokmah which is the Vav. “I want to hear your word...” We associate the letter Vav with the ear. “I was in the day of the Lord and I heard behind me the voice of the trumpet.” That is the voice of the God, the spinal column behind you, the letter Vav that gives you the power of intuition and it is associated with all of the chakras - and then you hear the word of God.

What is God saying to John the Divine in the Book of Revelation? He says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” – “I am Aleph and Tav.” The beginning and the end. All the letters - because there in the letter Vav is hidden Bereshith, the development of the man into the image of God, because God is Aleph to Tav, Alpha to Omega, all the words.

How do you create words? By using the whole alphabet. If you read the Bible, you find the letters Aleph and Tau everywhere. I mean the twenty-two letters making the Word, the Wisdom - what evangelists and many people call “This is the word of God.” Yes, it is the word of God. Twenty-two letters of the alphabet made by the initiate to develop in the spinal column, twenty-two, the letter Vav, Bereshith. That is why they have the power to say it, to understand it, because they are the living incarnation of the Word. This is how you have to read and understand the scriptures.

“And God (and Elohim) said.”

In the transmutation of the sexual energy, God - represented in the word Daath, the larynx - has to say with willpower, with Thelema, “Shaddai El-Chai,” in order for Isaac to be born within yourself, within your spiritual nature – Sarah. And then you pronounce the Holy Name of God: “Iod Hei Vav.” The Hebrew alphabet has no vowels, so Iod is I, Hei is A, Vav is O. With the letter Vav you make I, O, U in hebrew. That is how you can explain Vav in various ways. For example, Vav in front is solar plexus: U. You pronounce it according to where it is. So the letter Vav is I, A, O. That is the sacred name of God among Gnostics: IAO. That is the sacred mantra you have to pronounce which is associated with many forces: IAO. If you pronounce IAO during the sexual act, it transmutes energy and God says: “Let there be light.” Because that IAO (Father-Son-Holy Spirit, Kether-Chokmah-Binah) works in duality, man-woman in the sexual act (Abba-Aima, King-Queen).

Malkuth and El Shaddai releases Isaac, releases Jehoshua, produces fire in the spinal column and the God said, “Let there be light.” And the mother says, “And there was light.” The light is the outcome, that fire is the outcome of the Father and Mother (Iod-He, Abba-Aima). The Father gives the active and Mother the passive. This is how you make light in yourself and this is how your consciousness receives the electronic force of the Kundalini, because the consciousness is electronic. This is how you make light in darkness. Because in the beginning the God (Elohim) created the Heaven and Earth. But the Earth, the matter in which we live right now (the physical body) is empty – it has no light – and void. It has no divine form.

The Ruach Elohim, the forces of the Elohim, the Cosmocreators were floating upon the face of the sexual waters. Then “And God said...” appears many times. The whole Genesis is “And God said...” We have to be attuned to higher forces in order to develop in order for that Vav to be illuminated. That Vav is the Tree of Life itself. Then you defeat Medusa. That is the whole work.

The star of David, the seal of Solomon is synthesized there. If you observe the star you can see that the upper point (Iod) is the phallus while the testicles of man are the two lower points of the triangle, which are the lower sephira. In the woman it is opposite and the uterus (yoni) is below and that is the other triangle. Uniting the in the sexual act, you make the star of David, the Seal of Solomon. That star is the magical star, it gives you eternal birth if you know how to handle it.

But you have to know that the lower triangle also represents the three traitors that are inside of us. Not only that, but the lower triangle is explained by Master Samael Aun Weor also represents the Innermost with the power that deliberates (which is the mind) and the power that executes (which is the personality). That is another explanation. The Innermost is in the cerebro-spinal nervous system. You have to work with it, remembering him, then we control the mind because that is the willpower, the will of God, “Thy will be done on this Earth (or within this Earth) as it is Heaven.”

Obviously, we control the mind. The brain is the vehicle of the mind and unfortunately, the mind is animal in us. In us we have the animal defects that always want to do evil will, the animal will – fornication, adultery. Adultery is very common among animals and all those things Bible speaks against is in all those animals. Any lion has many lionesses, even some cats have many cats. In the animal kingdom fornication and adultery is something common. When we enter into this level we have to fight against those elements within, in order to do the will of God. Why? Because we have to be kings and queens of nature.

Adam is not the slave of nature, he commands the fish of the ocean, the cattle of the Earth and that creature that creeps and rides the sexual forces – the serpent. It is not related to that animal that can poison you and kill you but there are many serpents that do not have poison. It is related to us, to that fire because that fire creeps, circulates everywhere in our physical body. Adam in the Bible is lord of that, he commands nature, fire, water, air and earth. But we do not, so we are not Adam. Therefore we have to control the animal in us because that is precisely the part of us that is against the will of God.

When you control the animal in yourself then you move ahead because you are becoming a human. God wants to see that his creature, his son becomes human like him because God controls that. God is not the slave of the animal appetites. Elohim, Cosmocreators, the angels control them. We have to imitate them, we have to become like God, controlling them, but inside. If you do not control them inside, how can you control them outside?


Master Samael gives the practice for this Arcanum. He says, “Do you want to work with the elements of nature? Make a circle around you and close that circle with the star of David because all the elementals obey this star and tremble before the Seal of the Living God which is the star of David.”

If you work with this star in yourself, you are controlling the elements which are within you.

If you are slave of your anger, if you are always thundering with anger or hatred, then you are slave of salamanders (fire).

If you are voluptuous, the slave of lust, you are slave of undines and fairies of the water.

If you are lazy, if you do not work on yourself, if you do not observe yourself, not remembering your God, you are lazy and slave of gnomes of earth, they are diligent but they are controlling you.

If you are always thinking and thinking and on many things, vanity, how to become famous, how to do this or that in order for people to admire me, you are the slave of sylphs of air, who work in the mind.

So all the elements work within you, within your consciousness but unfortunately they are controlling us. When something is happening on the Earth: an earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, fire, we are slaves of that, because we are not kings and queens of nature. Nature controls us. But we are called to be kings and queens by working with the Vav and then we exercise the control with the star of David. Within that star is hidden the whole power of the Zodiac as you know because the Zodiac is related to Chokmah. Through Chokmah is placed in us all the powers of the Zodiac.

There is not a single person in this world that does not have the powers of the Zodiac in their sexual seed, but it is in potency. Only those that follow the book of Genesis and make the book of Genesis alive in their psyche put those elements in activity and then they become micro-cosmoses, Zeir Anpin made into the image of Arik-anpin the upper triangle.

Remember that we have three brains, that is the lower triangle that has to be in harmony with the upper triangle: Father-Son-Holy Spirit. Then you become king.

The one that passes the ordeal of the sanctuary, controls the whole nature, then one receives the seal of Solomon, the star of David in his right hand. That ordeal of the sanctuary encloses all the ordeals we pass from the beginning to the end. Ordeals of fire, air, water and earth. If you pass them, you receive the ring which means you achieved resurrection. But if you touch it with your left hand, you lose it. This is what the person on the card of Arcanum 6 did, he put his left arm over his right one, doing his own will, fornicating. When you touch the ring with your left hand, it means you fornicate and you lose everything. There are many fallen angels that touch the ring of Solomon with their left hand and they become fallen angels.

Any fallen angel becomes a demon that can rise again if God allows it, because God said it. If God said it, you can rise, but if God does not say it... Those demons fall into damnation because every time they fall Chokmah is the one that does it through the letter Vav and suffers the consequences. More wisdom, more suffering, more pain.

You can see why Arcanum number six is associated with the sixth commandment: “You shall not fornicate.” Many people mistake this with adultery which is the ninth: “You shall not covet your neighbours wife.” That is the ninth but the sixth is: “You shall not commit fornication.” It is related to losing of the seed and number six encloses salvation, incarnation, the mystery of the soul and the mystery of the Human Being. The number six is letter Vav that unites our physical personality with the supreme immanence of the solar father, with the Ain Soph Aur. This is how we go up to heaven.

Do you have questions?

Q: Why is that the face of the person of Arcanum 6 is looking to the left but his feet are going to the right?

A: It means that he is undecided. Where to go? To the right or to the left? He moves towards one direction but he looks back to Medusa, to harlot who is almost naked. She is obviously the representation of lust, of the ego. In the beginning – when you get to know the doctrine of Vav -, you want to walk towards your Divine Mother but because you have a lot of ego, mechanically, automatically you still look back towards your ego, the animal level. The whole work is to keep walking towards your Divine Mother and turn your head completely to her. That means comprehension, which is precisely the letter Vav – understanding of your animal nature. How to transform that animal into a man. You have to transform the donkey into a man and that is difficult, because donkey is stubborn.

Q: Was Hercules the one who was not supposed to look back in one of the Greek myths?

A: No. That is the story of Orpheus. Orpheus in this case represents the letter Vav, he descends into hell, into his infra-dimensions, infra-consciousness, etc., in order to bring his soul from hell. That soul is called Eurydice and she was bitten by the serpent. You can see there the same meaning as in the myth of Adam and Eve. Eurydice is bitten by a serpent, she dies and goes to Hell and then Orpheus, who symbolizes the upper triangle goes into Hell to bring her back. But then Pluto, the king of Hell, who represents the instinctual forces of the physical body (Pluto is also God which means that he forces of Cosmocreators work there also but you have to know how to control them) and Pluto says, “Well, go but do not look back, because if you look back, you will lose her.” He is playing the lyre, bringing the soul back and soul is following him, but he doubts, like anybody... “Maybe she is not following me, maybe she is not behind me.” He turns, he looks back and then he loses her. And Pluto says: “You lost. Out of here, there is no soul for you.”

Well, you remember that the same thing is written in the Bible with Lot and his wife, when they go out of Sodom and Gomorra. Three angels say: “Do not turn back!” But the wife turns around and she becomes a statue of salt, it means devolution into the mineral kingdom.

Therefore, when you enter this way, do not look back upon your vices and errors, always go ahead. Those people who turn back towards their vices and errors, they are like the wife of Lot. Those are enamored with the world, with money, fame, last name, religion, “What people say if I do this or that? My relatives, my family...”, etc. And they turn back, because they do not want to lose that. They become stagnant and so they enter into devolution.

Do not look back, go ahead and let the dead bury the dead.

Q: How is Geburah connected to the upper triangle (Kether-Chokmah-Binah)?

A: Geburah is a descendent of the Ray of Creation in the Tree of Life. All the Sephira are connected. All of them are collected to Daath. The first triangle is represented in Holy Tri-unity. Anyone who descends into Daath is connected with all of them. The Tree of Life you can see from different views in order to comprehend it but main thing for this arcanum is Willpower. We need willpower. That is why the title of our website is Thelema. We need willpower to do this. But do not think that you will do it yourself, without the assistance of God. Will is precisely the will of doing something but the power comes from above. Elementals do not have willpower, they have only will. Only the human being has willpower.

Q: You mentioned that the personality can be united with the monad. I thought that Master Samael said the personality does not survive.

A: Well, I never said that personality could be united with the Monad. I said that the lower triangle also represents the Innermost, the mind that is the power that deliberates and personality that executes. When the personality and the mind do whatever they want, then the Innermost loses his vehicle. That is why we have to always remember our Innermost. If we follow the explanation of this personality, we have to understand, that at the end we have to develop our particular personality associated with God. It has nothing to do with that egotistical personality we have here. Every single being in Heaven is an individual, every of those beings has different attributes, power, certain duties, that is a person, personality but it is not the type of personality we have here. It is a heavenly personality, which is one with the universal personality, which is God – the multiple perfect unity associated also with the universal mind. That is the real Zeir Anpin, the one whose Innermost is controlling his own solar mind and whose personality executes his own work, which is the will of God. It is solar personality, not lunar type that we have.

Q: Why is Medusa above the water?

A: Because all the impressions we receive are related with the brain. When we are looking at this physical and mental area we see the impressions we receive are received through five senses. If we identify with those forces and energies that come into our brains then we create elements which are subjective (lunar, negative) which are related to the Ego. But when we know how to transform the impressions correctly, the Divine Mother, that Akasha, element become positive elements and substances that make the human being. We have to control our senses. By controlling the senses, we control impressions. Remember, that we as intellectual animals have our center of gravity in the mind, in the intellect. The upper triangle is always against Medusa.

Q: When Iod is phallus, could we see Vav as phallus erected?

A: The Iod is expression of the force in man. That is why sometimes we say that Vav is man. But really the letter that symbolizes the sexual organ is Iod and Vav is man. Man differs from woman because of the phallus. Even in Genesis you find the word for man “Ish.” If we observe how Ish is written, we see that it is Aleph-Iod-Shin. Shin is Fire, Aleph is Wind and Iod is phallus. Shin, the active power of God. When God is creating the woman, the woman is named “Isha.” If you observe the word in Hebrew, you can see Aleph-Shin-He. You know that the letter He is the symbol of the uterus. Woman has no “Iod,” she has “He.”