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Tarot 22 

This Arcanum is also called the Crown of Life, the Truth.  We are arriving at the end of the series of the 22 Arcana of the Tarot.  We will seal this series or seminars with the letter TAV, which means “seal, mark.”

We have to explain about the fall and the rising of the soul in order to deeply comprehend this Arcanum.  Remember that the previous one was the 21st, related with The Fool, in which the Initiate has to decide to take the Path of the Self Realization or the Path into Klipoth, the Lunar Path, which generally most of humanity takes.  So here we see the mystery of Adam and Eve, since everything in all of the Arcana are always related with these two polarities that we have to manage, to control, to master. 

Remember that Adam and Eve represent different aspects in esotericism.  Ida-Pingala, Od and Ob, Yang and Yin, are those polarities related with Adam and Eve who in the Book of Genesis were ejected from the world of Yesod.  If we want to find Adam and Eve, we have to go directly into the 9th sphere, which is Yesod, and Yesod is the fourth dimension, the ethereal world, which the Bible calls Eden, in which we find the sexual power of the Holy Spirit.  It is important to remember that this upper triangle of the top of the Tree of Life (Kether, Chokmah and Binah - Father, Son and Holy Spirit) controls the three triangles that we find in the Tree of Life.  The first Triangle is controlled by Kether, the second is controlled by Chokmah, and the third by Binah.  They are always controlled in the column of the middle.  That is why when we talk about Yesod we talk about Binah, which is the Holy Spirit, Intelligence, which is the sexual power.

When Adam and Eve were ejected from Eden, Yesod, it was after Adam was divided into two polarities.  Before that, remember that Adam, who was in Yesod, had both polarities, he was androgynous.  But when he was divided in Yesod, Eden, you find the two polarities separated into male and female.  These two polarities are related of course with sex, and if you observe man and woman you will see that the difference is precisely in the sexual power, beginning with the three brains.  We know that the three brains are the vehicle of the three primary forces that express themselves in any of the three triangles. That is why the triangle has always three Sephiroth because each one expresses the power of the three primary forces.  When you see, for instance, the head of a man or woman you find that it is related with the Father and that the difference is in their throat.  When one enters into maturity, the sexual power in the sexual glands changes the voice - the power of the voice, which is related of course with the sperm and ovum.

In the heart or the area of the thorax, you find the difference between man and woman is precisely related with love, which is always attributed with Chokmah, the second Sephirah, and of course it is the breast.  The breasts are those sexual organs that are fully developed in the woman but are atrophied in the man. 

Below, in the sexual organs, which are related with Binah, then you find that both forces of Binah are active in man and woman, the sperm and ovum through the sexual organs.  This is why when we talk about the division, the separation of the two polarities, you find that they are related with Binah, the sexual power of the Holy Spirit.  Binah expresses that power in the three brains because, as we always state, the Holy Three Unity or Trinity is always one: 

Related to the head, Kether has Chokmah and Binah.

Related to the heart, Chokmah has Kether and Binah. 

Related to the sex, Binah has Chokmah and Kether.

In any aspect, we always find the three.  In this way we explain and understand why we see a difference in the three brains, which we have already pointed to.


So Eve in this case is always related with Yesod and Adam to the brain.  This beautiful symbolism of the division and how Nature works is depicted in the Sphinx, which in this card is represented by the four Gods of Death, who are Mestha, Hapi, Tuamutef and Qebhsenuf. 

As you realize and observe these four Gods you see that each one is represented by one of the elements.  The head of the man is the symbol of the water; the lion is the symbol of the fire; the eagle the symbol of air, and the bull or the other animal, which is a monkey, represents the earth.

SphinxThese are also represented in the sphinx. If you bring into your imagination the different symbols of the sphinx you find that it is a creature that has the face of a human being and the breast of a woman, wings of an eagle, paws of a lion and legs of a bull.  Here (in this Arcanum) you find the same symbols. 

The breast of the woman is a representation of Mother Nature, the forces of the Divine Mother that you find here in the center of this card, playing the harp.  That harp is a symbol of the spinal column, which is the letter VAV.  We always emphasize and repeat that the letter VAV in the Hebrew alphabet symbolizes the spinal medulla and the one who plays that instrument is the Divine Mother.  From that point of view then we understand the symbolism of the sphinx. 

When we enter always into these studies, onto this path, we have to face the sphinx.  Let us remember Oedipus, that Greek myth which of course has its symbolism.  When Oedipus finds the sphinx he has to face it and answer the riddle of the sphinx; Oedipus says that the answer to the riddle is the man.  But to answer the riddle and to say it is the man is not just by words.  To answer the riddle is to become a human being, a true man.  This is precisely the point because the four elements of Nature are represented in the sphinx and this is precisely the first ordeal that anyone has to face when entering the path.

In the bottom of this card you find a lotus flower, a symbol of the chakra Muladhara, and it can also be a symbol of a cross; this is because the whole work is synthesized on the cross. When the soul that enters onto the path receives the doctrine, as you are receiving the doctrine, immediately after, that soul has to pass through the ordeal called the ordeal of Direne.  That ordeal Direne is not only in the beginning, but is repeated in different steps and different levels, in different Initiations, in accordance to the level of the Initiate.  This ordeal is precisely placed by Lucifer, who, as you know, is the sexual potency.  Lucifer, in this case, individually speaking, within any human being, is the shadow of God.  Here we are not explaining of Lucifer in his higher aspect, but Lucifer within the Microcosmos, within the human being.  That is precisely the entity of God within us that gives us sexual strength.  Without that entity of light which is here in Yesod, man cannot have an erection, the woman cannot have humidity.  Lucifer gives precisely the necessary elements in order to perform the sexual act. 

Jehovah Elohim in this case is your own individual particular God inside, because Jehovah Elohim as you know - Jehovah, Iod Havah - is the representation of Adam and Eve, the two polarities, but divine.   We will say ABBA and AIMA in heaven. These are the two polarities of God: Iod Havah.  But those two polarities are within all Monads, Self-realized Monads, the Elohim.  This is why they are called Iod Havah Elohim.  In many lectures we have said this: Iod Havah Elohim, which in this case represents all those Gods and Goddesses, Angels, Archangels, Divas, or any name you want to give onto that, is that which the Army of the Voice, the Logos, is. 

Jehovah Elohim always sends the Ruach Elohim into Yesod.  Ruach Elohim is the Spirit of the Elohim and they work, as we know, in the different kingdoms in order to help the evolution of the Monads in the kingdoms and eventually the Self-Realization of those Monads when they finally enter into the human kingdom.  So that is why when we say, what is the essence of iron?  We answer, it is the Ruach Elohim of that Jehovah Elohim, which is related with the 5th ray which is called Samael, because all the Angels that we call Samael, Orifiel, Zachariel, Michael, Gabriel, etc., are Elohim, and all of them in themselves are Jehovah Elohim that work in harmony in the universe and in Nature.  Each one of them sends their Ruach Elohim in order to help the development of those Monads to become Microcosmos, because they work in the Macrocosmos.

This is why when you study those Jehovah Elohim, which are beyond the solar system in the world of Chokmah, which is the Zodiac, the galaxy, you find 24 Jehovah Elohim that work in the galaxy, because the galaxy represented on the twelve signs of the zodiac is the Macrocosmos.  So these Archangels, or Jehovah Elohim that work in the Macrocosmos have the duty to send their Ruach Elohim, their own Spirit, their own essence into any planet, in order to help the monads to reach the level of mastery. 

Here in the planet earth, we always talk about the 24 Elders.  These 24 Elders of the Book of Revelation - two for each zodiacal sign - are related with the 12 tribes, the 12 signs, that we call the 12 Tribes of Israel.  Remember that we always state that Israel is a name that is a symbol: Isis, Ra and El.  El is God, Ra is the solar force, the Christ, and Isis is the fire within the sexual force, or that essence we need to develop.  When we talk about Israel we are talking about all of those elements that we have within in potentiality, or as Genesis says, in Egypt.  Israel descends from the Zodiac.  It is written that the Essence descends from the Zodiac, from the galaxy, passes through the solar system and enters into the planet earth and finally into the physical body of any human being.  We have the essence.  So that essence comes from the galaxy and that galaxy is represented by the 12 tribes, the 12 signs of Israel.  So in other words, every essence contains in itself all of those 12 powers; they are not in activity, but in potentiality.  This is why you find that any one that self realizes himself or attains Self-Realization as the Book of Revelation states at the very end, develops the New Jerusalem.  This New Jerusalem means that there is an old Jerusalem.  The old Jerusalem is precisely the people who are spiritual in this physical world, the terrestrial Jerusalem, which is represented by all the religions, specifically in this case by Jerusalem in the Middle East, which receives directly the name.  But when you read or hear about Jerusalem it refers to any religion.  This inner Jerusalem is in potentiality, it needs to be developed.  

When we develop all the powers of Jerusalem then we have the heavenly Jerusalem, which is the diamond soul [vajrasattva] and that diamond soul is represented by Christ, the Self-Realized Christ within any Initiate.  Christ, the 12 powers, the 12 Apostles, like jewels shine in the Tree of Life, the spinal column of the Initiate.  That is why you find that the New Jerusalem has 12 gates and at every gate is an Angel. That angel is in relation with an Apostle or a representation of the 12 tribes.  That is why you find it is stated that there are 12 stones which are related to faculties that we need to develop. 

Let me read to you the 12 stones in accordance to the Book of Revelations, which are related with the 12 tribes, the 12 apostles:

  • Chrysoprasus
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Beryl
  • Sardius
  • Jasper
  • Amethyst
  • Sardonyx
  • Jacinth
  • Chrysolite
  • Topaz
  • Chalcedony

These are the 12 twelve stones. Self-Realization has to come from the very bottom, from the mineral kingdom.  Remember that the Buddhata, or Essence, our own soul develops, evolves from the mineral kingdom, to the plant kingdom, to the animal kingdom and finally to the human (intellectual animal) kingdom.

You find in astrology the different plants or trees associated with the 12 zodiacal signs, as well as animals related with these 12 zodiacal signs, but in synthesis they are always related with four.  You find for instance, the lion, which represents in this case the fire, is related with 3 signs, the fire in Aries, the fire in Leo and the fire in Sagittarius. 

You find the air, which is associated also with three signs or three tribes.  The air includes Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.  

Then you find water: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. 

And then you find earth, which are Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. 

You find there that the four elements of Nature are related with the 12 signs: four elements with 12 signs. So that is how everything is evolving and developing in the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom and animal kingdom and that is how the soul passes through those kingdoms of Nature and acquires certain abilities which in the human kingdom the Essence and the Monad need to master.  One thing is to acquire that in the evolution and another thing is to acquire dominion of those. 

That is why when you enter into this path, after you face the Guardian of the Threshold and the four ordeals, you have to enter into the 9 Initiations of Minor Mysteries, which is the probationary path in which the soul is tested.  But in order to start, the soul has to pass the Direne ordeal, because if the soul does not pass the Direne ordeal he returns into the world of Egypt, into the world of matter, as a failure.  And that is precisely esoterically hidden in the story of Adam and Eve as follows: 

When Jehovah Elohim, which is precisely in this case your own particular individual God is receiving instruction from the Jehovah Elohim of Nature who said: “You are entering now into the human level, but the only thing that you are receiving as a human being is a physical body because you are coming from the kingdom of the beasts.”  Beast is precisely the right title here because remember that TAV is in relation with the Mark or the Seal, and the level in which we are we either receive the Seal of God or the Mark of the Beast.  Both seals are in Yesod.  It depends how you manage Yesod.  Of course, the Mark of the Beast, which is always associated with the number 666, is easy to understand: it is attributed to Tiphereth (the sixth sphere) because the Essence, the Buddhata is part of the human soul, which is Tiphereth, and of course Tiphereth is the Son of Man.  This is why the Book of Revelations says that the Mark of the Beast is related with the number of a man and he who has understanding let him understand. This is the number 666. 

There is also a name for that beast, 666. To enquire about that name is easy when we know that that beast has 7 heads and 10 horns.  Those 7 heads are the opposite of the true man because the true man has the 7 developed, the Heptaparaparshinokh developed completely within him, which are the seven serpents of fire developed.  Those are the physical, vital, astral, mental, causal, Buddhic and Atmic bodies of the human being.  Those are the 7 bodies of the true human being.  But the opposite of that are the 7 heads of the beasts, in which the individual, the Essence, the soul does not develop those bodies, but fortifies the animal elements that are within.  Those 7 heads are lust, anger, greed, envy, pride, laziness and gluttony.  Those are the 7 heads and they are of course receiving the Klipothic strength because remember that when you study, for instance animals, you find that the horns of animals are like antennas that receive energy in order to serve as instruments for Nature in order to feed Nature.  That is why different types of animals have different types of horns in order to channel energies in their own unique, mechanical way.  But in this case those 10 horns that the Book of Revelation talks about are in relation with the 10 inverted Sephiroth which are called Klipoth, beginning with Malkuth, which is polarizing the energy of God through fornication in a negative way and then you find the other nine spheres, which Dante Alighieri explains very well in his Divine Comedy. 

So these 10 horns of the beast are the same Klipothic forces that fortify the seven heads.  Then you find that the mark of the beast is nothing but the mark that any soul receives on the forehead - symbol of the horns, and in the right hand – a symbol of servitude (actions through the three brains, the inverted triangle). It is not like many people who do not have kabbalistic or esoteric knowledge think that it might be a microchip that someone is going to implant in them and that in order to buy something they are going to have to check that microchip. This is how they try to explain things literally, with silliness. 

In Kabbalah, we know that the hand is also attributed to Iod.  When God is pointing or doing something with the hand it is Iod, which is also the phallus, which is attributed with action, because you perform action with your hands.  The actions that you find in Nature, in creation, are the actions of God, the hand of God, but are actions of His intelligence.  In the same way, whatever we do is an action or outcome of our thoughts.  The beast in the head does things with the hands.  That is why we state that the Mark of the Beast, 666, which is 3 times Tiphereth, the 6th Sephirah, is placed in every brain, in every nervous system, and is related with the 3 primary forces.  The 6 in the head, the 6 in the heart and the 6 in the sex, as we explained is: you shall not fornicate because even in the number 6, if you take the ‘I’ and put an ‘E’ it says sex.  Obviously, that is in relation with the activity of the energy, which acts through the three brains, 666.  And in this day and age everybody is worshipping the Beast, because everybody is in servitude to the seven capital sins. 

Look at society.  This is what it is.  Society is vanity, lust, everywhere violence, anger, wars, hatred.  But everybody justifies that Mark of the Beast and they even take the Bible, the Koran and many other sacred books in order to justify the actions of the Beast.  This is precisely the Antichrist.  People wonder, who is the Antichrist?  Well, he who uses the forces of Christ in the negative way is the Antichrist and this is the ego within.  When we forget about spirituality and we do not care about it, even God abandons us and we receive the Mark of the Beast, which is an inverted triangle.  That inverted triangle is a symbol of the three brains, the three primary forces working for Klipoth.  This is how we understand when using the science of Kabbalah. This is how we have to interpret it.  The Beast, the Antichrist in this case is the intellect, very strong reasoning in order to justify the animal. 

It is said that man comes through evolution.  Yes, the intellectual animal comes from evolution, but not the man. The true human being has to come from a revolution.  This is a revolt against the laws of evolution and devolution, but inside, not verbally, not in discussion, not in arguments.  Anybody can debate, go to the internet, go to the forum and write, “I am against evolution”, or “I am in favor of it.”  But revolution is a work we have to do within, because those laws are within us.

So that is precisely the point when Jehovah Elohim says to Adam and Eve from the Tree, Daath, the sexual force, who is in the middle of the Garden, which is Yesod, “You shall not eat.”  This is the first ordeal.  But who is the one who gives to Adam the apple?  It is Eve.  In this case the Direne ordeal is in relation with the female aspect. But when people read literally they think that it is in relation with a male who is going to be tested by a woman in the physical world.  Of course, if I am a man I will be tested by a woman.  But if you are a woman you are going to be tested by a man.  And that is the Direne ordeal, because that Direne ordeal is a female force.  It is not related with certain women or certain men.  It is always related with our genital’s sexual force which is always feminine. 

In Kabbalah, in Alchemy, we always point to Chavah, Eve, who is always related with the sexual organs.  That is why when Jehovah Elohim took Eve out of Adam, it is written, He made a female.  But that female is polarized in both bodies.  That female aspect is the sexual force of procreation because before, Adam was procreating by himself in his own body because he was androgynous.  The sperm was entering into the ovum by itself and the Father/Mother gave birth without the necessity of the sexual act, because both forces were within; but then those forces were separated, divided. Behold here, it is necessary to divide the forces because that Essence needs to develop and the only way to develop the Buddhata, is by channeling the forces of the macrocosm into their own body in order to activate those elements which are in potentiality, which descended into the essence, into the Buddhata, into the soul to be developed.  This is why it is necessary to have division of the sexes because without the division of the sexes it is not possible to activate those elements because it is through the sexual act that those elements are activated.

But of course Lucifer is the trainer. In the moment in which the man and woman enters into the sexual act Lucifer is present.  Without Lucifer the sexual act cannot exist.  It is impossible. The sexual potency is Lucifer. That is why Lucifer tempted Eve, in other words, the sexual powers of procreation, which is always attributed to woman.  As always we say, the woman receives the name of Eve because after the sexual act the woman develops for nine months (the Ninth Sphere, Yesod) that seed in her womb.  That is why she receives the name of Eve.  But the man also has seed in his sexual organs.  And of course as you know, the Book of Genesis clearly shows that none of them pass the ordeal, the test of Lucifer.  “Oh” says Lucifer.  “If you want to develop the image of God, well, you have to avoid the spasm, the abominable orgasm of the Beast.”  Because if you spill your seed, you steal the potency of Jehovah Elohim, the Ruach Elohim, the image of God, which is that “Tzalem” (image) in Hebrew, how are you going to develop that (image)?  God is the one that develops that (image).  The Elohim develop that (image), but we have to absorb it, which is the Tzalem (his image).  By absorbing it is how we absorb the seal of God.   

Now we are entering into the other Mark, into the other part of this, because the Book of Revelation talks about two marks in relation with this work:  The Mark of the Beast, but in the other hand you find the Seal of God on the forehead as well.  And that Seal of God, we explained in other lectures, is related with the Star of David, Star of Solomon, Star of Six Points.  Why?  Because that star has six points, and six entrances, which are the symbol of the 12 forces: 6 feminine and 6 masculine, which point us to the Arcanum 12, the Apostolate, the 12 Apostles, the 12 Christ-parts that we have to develop through the Seal of God.  It is written, that the ones who received the seal were 144,000, which make the addition of 9, and which always makes the name of Adam, the true man.  And, “12,000 of each tribe”, meaning that this man is going to be developed by developing each tribe, each apostle inside.   We need to develop the faculties related with every tribe, with every apostle (Arcanum 12) in order to become an Adam Kadmon, a Zauir Anpin, as we say in Kabbalah, a Microprosopus.

And then you find that the Seal of God is sexual, because it is in the Ninth Sphere, where you work with that sexual seal, which is the seal of chastity (chastity is not sexual abstinence).  For many centuries this humanity has thought that to be in chastity is to be without sex, single, celibate.  No, this is not chastity.  Chastity is the way in which man and woman, Adam and Eve, the two triangles in the Star of David are united in the holy cross, which is the representation of the letter TAV, because the ancient letter TAV was the symbol of the cross.  That is precisely the symbol of the Seal that we have to receive through Initiation.  It does not mean that we have to hang on our neck a crucifix or that we have to believe in the cross as many people believe. 

So, it does not matter what you believe, the truth is that the Seal is received when you make the cross and that cross is made when a man penetrates a woman or when a woman receives sexually a man.  And you have to follow the rules of that Seal of God, because the Seal of God is giving in two stone tablets; not three, not four.  Two.  Why?  Because it is Adam and Eve, the two forces – 5 for each one, Ten Commandments that we have to follow if we want to receive the Seal of God.  It is not that we are going to memorize the Ten Commandments; it is not that we are going to believe in them.  It is that we are going to make flesh and blood the Ten Commandments within ourselves.  We are going to imprint the Ten Commandments in our soul by working with the cross, the two tablets. 

That is why it is written that upon the Ark of the Covenant were 4 cherubim, not 2.    Commonly they say there were 2.  There were 4 because God is Iod He Vav He, the Tetragrammaton.  So, those 4 cherubim (Chaioth Ha Kadosh) were touching each other with their wings, the wings of the Spirit.  Then we arrive here to the Caduceus of Mercury, with the open wings of the Spirit, they symbol of the sexual force rising.  When that energy rises and reaches the level of the heart then the wings of the Angels are developed in the Spirit.  This is how man and woman can touch the four elements of themselves in the sexual act.

It is written that there were two couples of cherubim on each side or in each corner, because the Arc of the Covenant has four corners, one cherub in each corner, which are these four elements, and they were in the position of the sexual act of man and woman, meaning that there in the sexual act is the Ark.  Within the Ark was precisely the Staff of Aaron.  That Staff is the symbol of the spinal column and also the Staff, the Sword, the Cup, the Holy Grail, or the “Omer,” which is the symbol of that hand full of grain, within which is the Manna of God, the sexual seed, which is precisely placed within the womb, within the uterus.  When the man penetrates the woman, the hand of God is within the “Omer,” taking the “Omer” and feeding himself.  It is written that we have to feed our true selves 7 times because there are 7 bodies that we have to raise, 7 times to take that seed (Omer), to take that manna. 

Of course, within the Ark was also, as we said, the Stone Tablets of the Law.   

All of this is showing us pretty clearly how everything was hidden within the Sahaja Maithuna, the sexual act, which is how we receive (Kabel), we receive through that Ark of the Covenant which represents precisely the sacred way through which we develop the soul in different steps.  And I repeat: it is not by believing in it.  It is by performing it.  The Ark of the Covenant is the symbol of the sexual act and all the forces.  That is why I said all the 22 Arcana of the Tarot, the twenty-two letters of the Torah are synthesized in the Ark of the Covenant.  That Ark of the Covenant is made with the man and the woman united in sexual alchemy, in chastity.  Remember that IOD is the phallus, HE is the uterus, VAU is the man, HE is the woman.  IOD HE VAU HE.  When the woman and the man are united sexually, when the IOD is within the HE and then IOD HE VAU HE, Jehovah is there, creating, and that is the Holy Covenant. 

But the Tzalem of God is in the sex, which is in Yesod, and you have to transmute it, to sublimate it in different steps.  But if you commit the crime of spilling the sexual force, if you commit the crime of reaching the orgasm, the spasm in the sexual act, then you yourself are expelled out of Eden, cast out of Eden.  Eden is precisely that voluptuousness, within which God is; God is there because in the moment of the sexual act all the forces of creation are synthesized, all the fires are there.  And then when we transmute them, obviously we will develop that image.  But if we spill or reach the orgasm or the spasm, obviously it is the Beast there that is conquering and that is why it is written that Lucifer gives Eve the fruit, the apple.  It is necessary to emphasize here that the apple tree is that tree that receives the energy of the Holy Spirit. When you clairvoyantly investigate any apple tree you discover the same creative energy that circulates in your sexual organs circulate in the apple tree, but pure, chaste.  That is why if we transmute that, obviously we are performing or receiving the Seal of God, through steps.  But if we fornicate (spill the force) we receive the Mark of the Beast. That is simple.  Any one who fornicates, sooner or later will receive the Mark of the Beast because that is the way the Beast uses the sex.  You do not find any bull, any dog, any cat, any lion, any tiger that transmutes energy. The plant does it.  That is why the plants are with beautiful, delicious fruits.  You find the flowers, very fragrant flowers, because all the plants transmute the force.  In other words, we can say, the Elohim and the souls of the plants transmute the forces in the positive way, while in the animal it is different.  The beasts fornicate stupidly.  They do not know because they are irrational.  They do it only once in a while in accordance to the seasons. 

But we are intellectual animals.  We have reached the level in which we can go into the human kingdom; but we cannot continue with the actions of the Beast.  The only thing we receive of that action is the Mark of the Beast, and eventually that Mark will give us access or visa to Klipoth, to Hell, infernos, the infra-dimensions of Nature, as a failure as a soul.  But if we transmute we receive the Seal of God.  Do you get that? 

It is very well understandable here in order to comprehend Return (Arcanum 22).  We have to return.  It is stated here in this Arcanum, we have to return to God.  That return to God is called in Latin RELIGARE, religion.  A true religious person does not believe in anything; but is the one who is transmuting, receiving the Seal of God and uniting the soul to his own Monad through the Initiation.  That is a true religious person.  In this day and age anyone is called religious because he is following and believing in some type of belief.  But that is not real religion.  In Esotericism, a true religious person is the one who performs this work: the return to the Great Light.  That Great Light is the Ain Soph Aur.  It is Christ.  This is how we Self-Realize. 

Again we remember Lucifer, the tempting serpent of Eden who gives to Eve the apple.  To give to Eve the apple means that through the sexual organ is how He gives the apple, the energy, the force, the power, to perform the sexual act.  It is okay to receive the apple from Lucifer.  The problem is to bite it.  Lucifer did not say “bite the apple.”  He says, “Jehovah Elohim knows that when you taste this fruit you will be like Elohim.”  And she receives it and bites it, yet she should not bite it.  So smell the fruit, transmute it; but do not bite it.  And of course, after the bite, she gives it to her husband and he also tastes it like the Beast.  And obviously they were cast out because there is no way that you can receive all the powers of the 12 Sephiroth, the Tribes of Israel if you fornicate, because the Tzalem of God is in the 12.  Of the 12, beyond Kether, there is the Ain Soph, and the Ain or Ain Soph Aur.  There are 12, two hidden Sephiroth in the Absolute that we have to develop.   

So that is the ordeal of Direne.  But every time you enter into a new Initiation, you always face that ordeal.   The problem is fornication and adultery.  That is why the rules of this path are very delicate.  It is the Path of the Razor’s Edge: dangers inside and outside.  If you follow your own Being, your inner Self, then there is no problem; this is precisely the way.  That is why through the Initiation you receive the different faces of the Sphinx.  If you go into the hieroglyphs of Egypt you find that mystery beautifully represented. 

Let us put for instance the Chinese.  Are Chinese worshipping idols because they read a certain type of letter?  When I see a Chinese newspaper I say, “What is the meaning of this?”  But the Chinese easily read it.  And sometimes they are reading something in English or in their own language.  Yet, I don’t know about their symbols (letters).  But they learn it and they know how to decipher their symbols that we call letters.  The Hebrew alphabet as well:  If you read the Hebrew Bible without knowing the meaning of the letters of the language, you don’t know, you just see signs.  Is that worshipping idols?  No.  This is the way to communicate through symbols.  And obviously when you go into Egypt you find different symbols that represent each letter as well.  So, those symbols are not idols.  Any archeologist knows that those symbols are saying something – based on that tablet which they discovered, which you call the Rosetta stone, which they wrote in Greek, in Egyptian language and other hieroglyphs.  So then you find that before its discovering they did not know.  They stopped there.  They should have gone beyond because even in their so-called “idols” these esoteric symbols are hidden: so these are not idols, but esoteric representations.  As we are studying all the Hebrew letters here that represent this and that, also those symbols of those Gods that you find in Egypt represent something.  But the ignoramuses only see superficially and think that the Egyptians believed that God had a head of Ibis, ignoring that such a God Hermes Trismesgistus is in relation with the air, Mercury, the sign that rules the air, and the Ibis is another bird that represents the air.  Simple.  The Ibis is wisdom, intelligence, because the eagle and other birds in the four elements represent intelligence.  The head of the man is knowledge, the lion is courage, and the bull represents patience, in synthesis.  Sometimes the Sphinx does not have the face of a human being.  It can have the face of an eagle too.  And you find many symbols, hieroglyphics with the head of an eagle.  But it has to be related with the air, you have to understand that by studying symbology.  A sphinx with the head of a hippopotamus represents the water of the earth.  And every single hieroglyph in Egypt is pointing a certain element, certain forces that we have to comprehend.  It is not that they were ignorant and were thinking that God was this or that.  They were studying this Kabbalistic science and they understood it. 

We can say then that the Ark of the Covenant was also an idol.  It is written that you must not represent God with any symbol, with any image, but it is important to understand this. When it is stated that you should not have any image of God, this is a statement like saying - when you understand the symbols of these letters and the symbol of the Ark of the Covenant, which is the synthesis of all symbols, then you do not need to make any other symbol; so you should not make any other symbol.  

But understand that Moses came from Egypt, and when you go to Egypt you discover that they have their own symbols that represent the same elements of the Hebrew letters. 

Did you hear about the God with the lion face, the lion cephalic God - Courage, fire?  You have to go to the fire to understand that, to comprehend that.  This is the way, because the ancients knew very well that the way for you to read (comprehend) the Bible must be with the Hebrew characters, or the way you read the ancient Coptic letters with which the Gospels were written, thank goodness there are people who know how to read Coptic in order to get the Gospel of Judas, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, etc.   

AztecBut Initiates were even cleverer than that. They left books, not only written with esoteric letters, but books written in stone.  If you go to Mexico for instance, you see the Mayan, or the Aztec monuments, when you know esotericism and symbolism you become astonished, overwhelmed to see there (in their monuments) a book before your face.  This means that with what this sculpture is telling you, you can write a whole book with it.  Every chiseled symbol is telling you, this is associated with this or with that, etc, and you say, “My goodness, the Initiate who built this is really a Self-Realized Master because he is giving a whole book within it.” 

But ignoramuses who do not know anything about esotericism and who have already received the Mark of the Beast on their head and their hand (because they are in servitude to the forces of Nature) do not know anything about this.  Thus, they start making theories, sophisms about the Egyptians, about how they build the pyramids, how they did this, how they did that, and when you read the whole story of Egyptian culture, it is just lies, lies, and more lies.  Sometimes we are seated there in front of the TV hearing about certain persons talking about the Egyptians, about the mummies, about many things.  They state nothing truthful, just theories, because they are not Initiates.  And this is what they teach in school: “The ancient people were worshippers of idols because the Bible says this, the Bible says that.”  Listen, when the Bible says you should not make any idols it is pointing to the Initiate.  If you don’t know really how to make a book with symbols then don’t do it.  If you know, then do it.  So this is a commandment for Initiates; not for people who don’t believe in this or who don’t believe in all of that or those who only believe in one God, thus, this is how people misinterpret things because they do not go deeply into the meaning of things.

As here precisely on this card of the Tarot, you see these four Gods of Egypt: Mestha, Hapi, Duamutef, and  Kebsenuf.  These symbolize the same Sphinx that everyone has to face because it is within.  You have the four elements within.  You have your Divine Mother within, in the chakra Muladhara, in that flower that is in the bottom of the 22nd card; She is what you have to raise, She, the Divine Mother, who is playing the harp has to rise from the chakra Muladhara and this chakra has four petals, four elements, four forces because the Divine Mother dwells in the four elements and those four elements are within us. 

This is why it is written that because we fell we created the ego, which is reflected in one part of the Being that is called the Guardian of the Threshold, which in reality is three: 

The Guardian of the Threshold which is the image of your defects in the Astral plane; 

The Guardian of the Threshold which is the image of your defects in the Mental plane, and

The Guardian of the Threshold of the Causal plane.  The seed of your ego is there, your evil or bestial will. 

So you have to face the 3 Guardians.  The first one that you have to face is the Guardian of the Astral plane, this is the first step related with desire.  If you defeat the Guardian it is because you are not afraid of yourself.   If you really are scared of that Guardian it is because you are afraid of yourself, not of anything else.  You are afraid to face yourself.  Who is your self?  I told you – the Beast with seven heads and ten horns, 666.  That is the Antichrist within, which has to die.  If you defeat it and you are not afraid of yourself and you say “I am going to die in myself, I have to face my own destiny” then you enter into the dilemma of “To be or not to be?” 

Do you want to be?  Then you have to defeat that Guardian, which is the image of yourself.   You have to pass the ordeal of Direne because you understand what adultery and fornication are, and then you go, you walk. 

But then you have to pass the four ordeals related with the four elements because every ordeal is in relation with the elements.  And then you enter into the 9 Minor Initiations.  The 9 Minor Initiations are nothing more than the memory, the way you remember or face your past, which is in your subconsciousness.  Every step that you go, you go inside the earth - the first Initiation, and so on until you reach the ninth, which is in the center of the earth.  But you are going into Malkuth, because that is the probationary path, which is in Malkuth.  Remember that the shade of the Tree of Life is in Klipoth, which is within Malkuth.  And thus you face it. 

In every Initiation you see certain things in relation with Heaven because the earth is divided in three aspects. First, the physical aspect in which you find the magma of volcanoes, hollow parts of the earth, different metals, rocks - how the planet is constituted, physically speaking.  The second aspect is the aspect we are talking about here, related with the superior dimensions - in this case with the fourth dimension, with the soul, with the subconsciousness of Nature.  Then you are through initiation entering there and through this you are recalling all the memories of the past: human level, animal level, plant level, mineral level. 

Then you discover that, unfortunately, your Essence is bottled up within the Beast (animal level). So, therefore, initiation is also related with the third aspect, which is Klipoth.  This is why the Initiates, when they are entering the nine initiations, sometimes they have beautiful experiences and sometimes they go to hell.  They, the Masters say:

“Do you see how this is related?  This is the part of your consciousness that is related with this, your higher part.  But look at the lower part that is related with this, which is bottled up within this demon, this head of the beast which is in hell.” 

Then, this is how you are descending and descending, Initiation plus Initiation, in different layers.  Do you understand this? The Minor Initiations: the probationary path, the tests in which you are realizing or being aware of the beast by discovering yourself. 

When you reach the Ninth Sphere, then, we would say, you already know about yourself in a subjective way.  You now know what is that against which you have to fight.  Then the ninth sphere opens the doors and Lucifer again says: “So you want to become an Elohim?  Then, Eve will have to receive the apple.  So, let me give the apple to Eve.”  And then you receive the sexual strength from Lucifer in your sexual organs.  And then you can enter into the Major Initiations. 

The Major Initiations are related with the development of that Elohim in the Tree of Life, step by step, Initiation plus Initiation.  No one can enter into the Major Initiations being single.  You need the two polarities.  To know about yourself in the Minor Initiations as a single person you can do it, but in chastity, because this is developed from initiation to initiation. Thus, no fornicator receives initiations.  You are sexually tested and tested and tested until you reach the ninth and thus eventually you enter into the Major Initiations by being married, thus, through sexual magic you will go up in the Major Initiations.  But in each Initiation you always have to face the Direne ordeal. For instance, Master Samael explains in the Arcanum 21 how Geronimo, who was a disciple of Cagliostro, was very nicely working and rising spiritually in different Initiations.  But in the physical plane someone came with the Direne ordeal, a friend who said “What, you are transmuting your sexual energy?  You can receive Initiation without transmuting it.  That which you do is brutal.  Let me tell you, you have to spill the sexual force, but in a very holy way, in a saintly way.  And this is the way how you enter into Initiation.”  So Geronimo heard the wrong advice of this friend of his and what was the outcome?  Geronimo did not pass the ordeal and his Eve was eating, his own sexual organs were eating the apple.  And within, his brain, Adam was receiving the outcome of his Eve and this is how Geronimo was losing Degrees and Initiations.  Do you see that?  The ordeals are subtle and subtle.    

When you reach the level of the Mental Plane you receive the ordeal of the Guardian of the Mental World, which is in relation with the whole world, the mind.  If you succeed, it becomes more subtle and you pass into the Fifth Initiation.  When you reach the High Initiation you have to decide your will:  to go to the spiral path or the direct path.  In the spiral path, your will is selfish; because you still have ego; you become a hasnamuss and you will become liberated from your ego, little by little.  Those who take the straight path annihilate completely their hasnamussen way or level by annihilating their whole ego.  This means that there are many Masters who after reaching mastery take the spiral path and still have ego.  This is what we have to understand and comprehend.  The ego that was very vulgar is now very subtle; it is an ego that believes to be a saint, a holy being.  He likes to have followers, believers, etc.   


After these there are even more ordeals, because these four elements or four creatures of the Sphinx are always working in different steps, different levels, always purifying the soul.  Do not think that the four ordeals are one time and no more.  The four ordeals are passing one time, and then another time and then another time and another time because the soul is being purified.  It is like the smith who is tempering a sword in the forge; with the hammer he is beating it and beating it, and then putting it in the water again, and put it again into the fire and then beating it again. Do you see? – Willpower is the hammer, because that sword has to be very well tempered.  This is the soul that we have to temper.  We have to make a diamond soul.  This is what God wants.  He wants to have the Mercabah.  He wants to ride in the Mercabah like Krishna.  Do you see? Arjuna is the smith that developed all the bodies, which are the representation of the four horses.  Arjuna is the soul. 

And Krishna says: “You need to be Self-Realized.  Now, I will help you.  For this, you have to kill all your family (fathers and grandfathers, teachers, uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons, friends as well, fathers-in-law and even companions in both armies also).”

Likewise, you have to fight against them, your family (your egos), all the unfaithful ones. This is according to Mahabharata.


And Arjuna says – “'Seeing this, my own people, Krishna, approaching to fight, my limbs sink, and my mouth dries up, and trembling in my body and bristling hair occur.  Gandiva slips from my hand, and my skin burns; and I am not able to stand, and my mind wanders; and I see contrary omens, Keshava; and I do not foresee good fortune in killing my own people in battle.” 

But, this is how the path is, death in order to reach the different levels of Nirvana until we enter the Absolute, which is beyond good and evil.

So this is precisely the seal, the letter TAV, which in Egypt is represented by the letter or better said, the cross TAU, which is a T with a circle above, which reminds us of this serpent here, above, in this card.  This is the Ouroboros, which represents the letter SAMECH, which is precisely the energy that comes to put into activity the forces of God.  This means that when you acquire that Ouroboros on top it is because you already made the whole work, you received the Seal of God because you have the four creatures, the four cherubim and you become a Seraph playing the harp, or the lyre, an innocent creature.  That is why the letter TAV, which is the Seal of God, the Mark of God, is written with two letters TAV and VAV.  Remember that the letter VAV is sometimes used as the letter O or U.  That is why we say TAU, yet it is the same TAV, the symbol of that, in synthesis.  And that TAV is the spinal column, spinal medulla.  Tav is telling us that if we want to receive the Seal of God we have to work with our spinal medulla, which is the Tree of Life.  As you know, the Tree of Life is precisely the spinal medulla in the physical body. 

But the letter TAV is made by two letters.  Here, I repeat, it is not how it is written or how it is spelled, but how the graphic of the letter TAV is made.   You see how it is found there, the letter DALETH, which we already talked about in the fourth lecture of this series, in which we explained that DALETH is the symbol of the Cross.  But at the end of the letter Daleth you find the letter NUN.  So here the letter TAV is made with the letter DALETH and NUN.  And NUN, we stated represents the fish, the sperm or ovum, which is where the Tzalem of God is hidden.  This NUN is the heir to the throne, or the heir to the throne of God, which is the spinal column.  The NUN has to rise in the spinal column which is the throne of God because the Throne of God is the cerebrum spinal nervous system.  That is the Throne of God, yet, now God is not seated there but the Beast.  Yes, right now the antichrist is seated there in the cerebrum spinal nervous system - that Beast. 

But now we have to rise, we have to sublimate the Tzalem (image of God), which is within the NUN and this is precisely the synthesis of the letter TAV; this is, to receive the Messiah, which is to receive the Christ, which is to sublimate the sexual energy through the cross.  This is how we reach the Self-Realization of the Being.  This is how we develop the 12 Tribes of Israel within, or the 12 Apostles, but I repeat through the Initiation.  There is no other way because the letter TAV means seal, mark and the letter TAV is in relation with the cross and with the letter NUN which is the sperm and the ovum.  It depends how we use those forces that we have in the sex as to how we are going to receive either the Mark of the Beast or the Seal of God. 

Do you have questions?

Question: How does the couple create another physical being?

A: It came into my mind in this very moment something related with the Master Samael Aun Weor and a disciple of his that was asking the same thing.  It came into my mind because I have to talk about it.  She was like you, asking the same question.  And the Master said, “Why are you worried about that?” 

She answered: “Because if the entire world becomes Gnostic there will be no people in the world.” 

And the Master said, “Believe me, the whole world will not become Gnostic.  This is very rare because many are called and few are chosen.”

Remember Sarah. “For it is written, Rejoice, thou barren that bearest not; break forth and cry, thou that travailest not: for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath an husband (who is sterile).” - Galatians 4:27.  Because the children of the desolate or the slave are many; but Sarah had only one child, Isaac.  This Isaac is the rising fire of Kundalini.  Obviously, the woman Initiate who enters onto the path is not worried about having children (which is a very holy predestination because the answer for a woman’s riddle is to have a child).  But it is not necessary to reach the spasm or orgasm in order to have children.  It is the same way as the woman who every month releases one ovum in order to be fecundated, the men acquire that power to release only one sperm.  But the one that releases within the initiate is Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Spirit.  There are many couples who because of Divine Law, have children who were created in that way, without spilling millions of sperms, when only one seed is necessary in order to create a human body. 

Of course in the kingdom of the Beast you know that this is how the beast multiplies.  The beast loses a lot of seed in order to fecundate and to have two or three children.  I am talking about the irrational animals.  But here of course, when we enter into this path the woman has to sacrifice that, which is very difficult because for the woman to have a child is best, it is her own nature.  But the woman has to understand that in order to have a child she does not have to reach the spasm or orgasm like the beasts. 

There is in Gnosticism a book that the Master Samael wrote called the Yellow Book, in which he advises and teaches there how a couple can have a child of wisdom - Wisdom – Chokmah, not a child of fornication.  How is this performed?  Well, it is stated there that both have to have nine months without sexual activity.  That is the way that the Master teaches. After nine months without having the sexual act they have to perform the sexual act; but they have to do it in May.  So they have to calculate in order to do it in May and in that moment they have to pray.  For the nine months they have to pray in order to have a child.  If you read the Bible you will see how those women who were initiates they were always praying to God in order to have a child, i.e.  I remember the mother of Samson who was in the temple asking for a child.  Why?  It is because they were Initiates.  This is why the Archangel Gabriel appears to Mary, the mother of Jesus, announcing that to her because they were Initiates.  She was an Initiate.  An Initiate means that they know the mysteries of the Ark of the Covenant and they don’t fornicate.  They transmute the sexual energies.  But in certain epochs, the woman wants to have a child.  Then pray, and if you follow the directions of the Master Samael you can have a child. 

So, in the end, Sarah did not care about children.  At the age of 99, which makes the addition of 18, which makes the addition of 9, which is Yesod, she started raising Isaac in the spinal column.  This is a symbol related to Sa-Rah. But, you know other women who don’t know anything about this have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - many children - because they fornicate. Simple.

Question: What about 666?

A: I said, the three 6s of the beast are related with Tiphereth because the soul that we have within, which unfortunately is bottled up within the beast, is part of Tiphereth.  Tiphereth is the human soul, which always is up there, in that part of the Monad in the macrocosm, in the Zodiac, in the galaxy and only a part of it descends.  This is what in Kabbalah is called Nephesh.  That is the only thing that descends.  It is part of Tiphereth.  And unfortunately it becomes bottled up within the ego and because it is part of Tiphereth it is part of the 6 – 666.  And also it is referring to those Initiates who were already Self-Realized and they fell, because the one who falls always is Tiphereth.  And when Tiphereth falls into animal generation, it falls into animal generation because human generation is not fornication.  But animal generation is fornication.  So when Tiphereth falls into animal generation the beast resurrects – 666 – because it takes over the three brains:  The cerebrum spinal nervous system, the grand sympathetic and the parasympathetic, the Vagus.   Then we become slaves of Egypt. 

Question:  Can you explain the relationship of the number 666 with the 6th Arcanum?

A: Well, the relationship of the number 666 with the 6th Arcanum is in relation precisely with the Direne ordeal because in the right side of the human soul, which is precisely Tiphereth of the Sixth Arcanum you find the Divine Mother  (who in the 22nd Arcanum is playing the harp), while to the left is that degenerated whore who is the representation of the mind, the protoplasmic mind.  You see this all in the Arcanum 6.   On the right is the Divine Mother, to the left is precisely Lilith or Nahemah, either one, who is of course saying “Come and procreate with me.”  While the Divine Mother says “Come to my side and raise the Son of Man, Isaac, in your spinal column.”  Of course, that is why his legs are underneath the Seal of Solomon, you see the black seal, the black triangle?  That is the negative aspect of the seal, which is the mark of the beast, 666, each part of the triangle, which means fallen soul.  That is why the Holy Spirit, which is above, symbol of the Eros, or Cupid, is pointing against Medusa, Lilith, Nahemah, which everyone has within. 

So at anytime we are always facing the 6th Arcanum, always, in every Initiation.  That is why not everyone Self-Realizes, because at a certain initiation he turns to the left.  Now it comes to my mind again information, a friend of mine from many years ago, he told me,   “I don’t know why but I am going to tell you this.  I have many years of transmutation and I was developing many things inside of me.  But the time arrived when my wife came and said I want a child, I want a child, I want a child. Everyday – I want a child!”  She was singing that song “I want a child” everyday for him.  Then he said.  “What the heck.  For one time I don’t think I will lose what I gained - Only one time in order to close the mouth of my wife because really this is overwhelming this song ‘I want a child.’”  Thus, he fornicated only one time and the outcome was a child.  But he said “I lost there 8 years of working in one night. I thought I was going to lose one or a couple of vertebrae but no, I lost the whole thing because I did it consciously by my own will.  Now I am trying again to reach that level which I lost, but it is very hard.  I don’t know why I am telling you this but maybe it will help you.” Yes, thank you, because the song “I want a child” I heard it many times in different places and sometimes the man falls for that and loses everything.  Yes, when someone does that, they lose everything. 

If there is an accident because sometimes a man or a woman has an accident (involuntary spasm) when the man cannot contain himself, he tries but he spills a little bit, some drops. Then they have a child.  But is not a child of wisdom, it is just a child that comes because he was trying to transmute and he couldn’t and he spills some drops.  In every drop there are millions of sperms.  When you fight and lose a little bit you don’t lose too much.  But when you just decide “I am going to give her a child.”  Then, you will become sorry, and this is it. 

Question: Where can I read about Direne ordeal?

A: Where is the Direne ordeal written?  This is written in the book of The Three Mountains by the Master Samael Aun Weor, there he explains how he passes the ordeal of Direne.  This is how he enters.  First he is dealing and facing with a certain individual that is an enemy.  He enters the Gnostic Church and he passes the ordeal, only by conversation.  But physically he has to do something else.  If you read in the beginning, the First Mountain you will understand what I am talking about. 

Question:  What can you tell us about abortion?  A woman that gets pregnant, but she doesn’t have the child, meaning she loses the child.

A: The question is what happens when the seed doesn’t develop in the womb even if the woman is praying to God to have a child and she is not reaching the orgasm.  I don’t know in the present time but in the past it was very difficult for women to reach the orgasm.  Now unfortunately they are being taught in different ways how to do that.  But usually it is the man that falls into fornication and the woman of course cooperates and it is very rare if she reaches the orgasm, which is good if she doesn’t.  Sometimes she gets pregnant by praying, but if the husband is fornicating, if he is spilling his semen, then this is not a child of God.  But of course that child comes because of the Law of Karma. 

A child of God is born when the man does not spill his semen and the woman does not reach the orgasm.  That is a child of wisdom and that is not easy to have.  It is very difficult.  Of course there are many times when the seed does not develop in the womb of the woman, they have a miscarriage.  Those miscarriages are because of karma too.  Sometimes women in the past did not want to have children and now they want it and then they get pregnant for a while, 6 months or even 7 and they lose the child because of karma, in order to teach them.  It is the Law.

When the egg is not fertilized then there is no life.  It is the same thing in order for us to fertilize our soul.  We need to fertilize our soul by transmuting the sexual force, the two polarities. Adam and Eve have to be in the sexual act.  But believe me, when you are on this path and you are serious you don’t start thinking in children because there are many people, millions bringing children into the world.  And in this day and age indeed there are a lot of children with problems. 

Everybody in this day and age have children because of the orgasm.  All of us without exception, we are children of fornication.  It is what Jesus said in the Bible “You are children of the devil.”  And the lusts of the Devil you want to perform because our parents created us through fornication and anybody, whether they are a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, or a Buddhist is created through fornication and they continue fornicating.

So, we will state the following in order to finish with this course:

Holy and blessed be his unutterable name, now that the sacred meanings of the letters have been verified.  Now we have to go to more occult places within, if what we want is to perform this mystery.