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The Twilight (Tzadik)

Tarot 18

This Arcanum is related with two dogs or two wolves. Behind these two dogs or two wolves we see two pyramids.

The pyramid is a symbol of thought; a symbol of the mind. As you remember the Egyptians were the builders of the pyramids in Egypt, of course, but there are other pyramids in different parts of the world; among the Mayans and Aztecs we find other pyramids built by the Toltecs, which means ‘The Builders,’ as the meaning of Masons is ‘The Builders.’

In Sanskrit, manas means ‘mind.’ The English word ‘man’ comes from that Sanskrit term manas; mind.

So here we see the meaning of this Arcanum; we will say it is “to be or not to be,” because we find that it is related with the ninth sphere twice. On the Tree of Life, the ninth sphere is Yesod. Yesod is always related with the sexual organs, which we can see when we place Adam Kadmon behind the ten Sephiroth. Yesod is Hebrew and means “foundation.” And of course, 9 (Yesod) + 9 (Yesod) = 18 (The Eighteenth Arcanum).

In order to comprehend this we have to understand the different types of souls that are taught in Kabbalah, which are:

  1. Nephesh
  2. Ruach
  3. Neshamah
  4. Chaiah
  5. Yechida

These five aspects relate with the five aspects of the Divine Mother, because indeed the Divine Mother makes the Universe. We will say the Divine Cosmic Mother makes the Universe within her womb.

She takes the universe out of the Muladhara Chakra of the Elohim and this is something very significant. The word Elohim is a Hebrew word and is plural not singular, because in Hebrew, in Kabbalah the feminine words that end in “OTH” are feminine plural, and the words that end in ‘IM’ are masculine plural. That is why the word Elohim is a feminine word with a masculine plural ending.

So therefore in the Bible and related books the correct translation of the Hebrew word Elohim is not “God” as many translators who translated the Bible interpreted it, such as ‘In the beginning God created…’ The right translation should be ‘In the beginning the Gods and Goddesses created the Heaven and the Earth.’

That is why I said that the Divine Cosmic Mother that in Kabbalah is named ‘Aima Elohim’ took the seed of the Universe from the Muladhara Chakra of the Elohim, the Gods, or as we call them in Gnosticism ‘Cosmocreators’, or as we call them in Christianity ‘Archangels.’ In order to understand this word ‘Archangel’ we have to look into the root word Archeus or Archaeous (Greek), which is precisely all of the attributes of God in activity within that Being that we call an Angel, a Self-realized Being who performed the Great Work in past cosmic days.

The Absolute

Mem-Sophit.gifWhat is the Great Work? The Great Work is also called the Self-realization of the Being.   What is the Self-realization of the Being? It is the complete development of all the attributes of God within any creature. What It wants, what the Absolute wants, what the Ain Soph wants, is to completely develop its own attributes, in order to know itself.

Madame Blavatsky (the great Master and writer of the book ‘The Secret Doctrine’) stated that the Ain Soph is profoundly unknowable to itself; this is why the Ain Soph creates the Universe: in order to know itself.

Of course, there are many parts of that entity we call the Ain Soph or the Ain, which is precisely the three aspects that we find above the Tree of Life. Immediately above Kether we find the Ain Soph Aur, which is that first Cosmos that exists within the unknowable Divine. After that we find the Ain Soph (‘limitless’) and then the Ain, which means ‘nothing.’

In our utmost depths, each one of us has our own Ain Soph. There are as many Ain Soph’s in the Universe as there are individual beings in the Universe.

Within the Ain Soph exist all possibilities of creation. This is stated that everything goes into the Ain Soph at the end of the cosmic night, and everything returns from the Ain Soph in the beginning of any cosmic day of any creation of any Universe. But the Ain Soph we can call the ‘Multiple Perfect Unity,’ because it is formed by many; you can imagine the ocean.

This is why in Kabbalah the Ain Soph is symbolized with ‘Mem Sophit’ (the letter Mem at the end of any Hebrew word, or “final Mem”) which is a symbol of water, but the unknowable waters within which every drop is a part of it. So imagine a vast infinite ocean within which every drop is part of it, so everything is within the drop and the drop is within everything.

Every drop in itself needs to know the ocean and that is precisely the objective of creation: to know. But in order to know, it has to develop those attributes and those attributes cannot be developed in the water but only out of the water, and that is why the Universe exists, in order for that drop to manifest its power and to withdraw again into the ocean then knowing its own capabilities.

The Structure of the Soul

Within every drop, within every Ain Soph, we find three particles, we will say three ‘atoms’ - when we say ‘atoms’ please do not think physical atoms because this word is a Greek word which means “small.” We say atoms in the sense that they are three particles of itself, but these are not matter or energy.

These three particles of the Ain Soph have the power of creation, and every drop, every Ain Soph, or every Star has those three particles.

In Christianity those three particles of the Ain Soph are called Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

In Hinduism those three particles of the Ain Soph are called Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

Among the Aztecs these three particles are called Ometecuhtli, Quetzalcoatl, and Tlaloc.

The Mayans called them Kukulkan, Tepeu, and Gucumatz.

The Tree of Life shows us these three particles are Kether, Chokmah, and Binah.

So these three particles of the Ain Soph have the power to create, but they do not know how. As you know, for instance, within your brain you have many capabilities, you can be a doctor or an engineer - you could be many things - but if you do not know how to do it, you have to go to the university and study, and then you know. Every human being has those capabilities within, if they are put into activity.

Therefore, our Ain Soph has the power of creation because it is part of the Ain Soph, but it needs to know, it needs to learn how to do it. And that is why the Elohim of past cosmic days enter into action.

If you are a student and you want to learn a certain profession, you need professors, teachers who already know about it and who teach you how to do it. Thus they will place, little by little, their lessons and their lectures in your mind; thereafter, you have to study and you have to practice.

The same is with the Elohim. The new Monads that are virginal and have the capability of doing need to learn from teachers who already did it; those teachers are Archangels, Cosmocreators. In many other religions they call them Gods, Devas - it does not matter how they are called, the truth is that they exist.

Thus, when the virginal sparks from the absolute abstract space emerge from within it and appear in the Universe, then those Cosmocreators engender within them a spark of light. That spark of light is what in Kabbalah is called ‘Neshamah,’ the soul. It is what in Sanskrit is called Atman.

That Neshamah that the Archangels give and put inside that Ain Soph has another attribute called Ruach (that in Kabbalah is called the thinking soul), and another called Nephesh (animal soul), which is what we call “the human soul.”

In synthesis, the Archangels impregnate the Ain Soph with a Monad.

In order to avoid confusion we have to clarify this: the Ain Soph itself is a Monad, meaning, “a unity,” (Monad comes from the Greek word ‘Monas’ which means unity). The Ain Soph is a Monad, and the Archangels impregnate the Monad with another Monad, understand? Another Unity. (There are levels).

The Archangels will teach that Ain Soph how to develop its own attributes through the Monad they place within it.  It is through experience that the Ain Soph learns. That is why we say that the Ain Soph is our ‘Supramonad,’ which is beyond our own particular Monad but in itself is one because they ultimately integrate into one whole.

So we have said that in the universe or any solar system there are always seven Archangels that are in charge of the Seven Mighty Rays that organize creation. Every solar system has seven.

I am not saying that only seven Archangels exist in the solar system; there are many millions. What I am saying is that there is a hierarchy, and the highest rank are seven who are in charge of the rest. Any other Archangel is aligned to any of those seven in order to work in this creation.

Many times we name the seven spirits behind the throne of God; these ‘Cosmocreators’ are: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, Samael, Zachariel, and Oriphiel. Those are the Seven Mighty Archangels which are the heads of the Seven Mighty Rays.



All the Monads (whether they are Self-realized or not) align within those seven rays in order to organize creation, in order to help the virginal Monads that come into the Universe in order to learn.

The virginal sparks of life have everything in potentiality but not in activity, so they have to follow the will of the Elohim, because they do not know.

Yet, like any seed, in order to develop, it needs to be put into the soil. Likewise, every Monad that needs to be developed needs to put its attributes into matter, because the ‘Matter’ is the ‘Mother’ (Latin: Mater) Aima Elohim in her five aspect aspects. She is the one who will develop that within her womb, in her different aspects.

This is why those particles, those Monads, send part of them and as Nephesh, part of the human soul, they enter into matter, because through that elemental force the Monad is going to learn. That fraction of soul is what in Zen Buddhism is called ‘Buddhata,’ because the Monad itself is called Buddha, you see? Atman (that Neshamah that we are talking about here and that is called Buddha in Buddhism) is within the Ain Soph; so part of that Buddha is called Buddhata, thus, such a fraction of soul is what enters in the matter, and we learn through the Monad. 

Evolution starts from the very bottom of the matter, and in it those virginal sparks (elementals) start to evolve within the mechanicity of the wheel of Samsara. It will be a mechanical collective development, it cannot be an individual development – impossible. Because those Monads are ignorant, they need to collectively learn first. So little by little they will acquired that which many call individuality, but in order to acquire that, before acquiring that, they have to be in ‘Communal Will’; will as a group, will follow of course collective willpower. That collective willpower is always organized by the Angels.

Monads begin their evolution in the mineral kingdom. When you see them with your clairvoyant eye within any stone, any rock any mineral element, you see those virginal sparks that are working in groups and that they are organized by the Angels. The Angels work in relation to that which we call the ‘World of Formation.’

Those virginal sparks are mentioned by clairvoyants and initiates in books of the past, which talk about gnomes, pygmies, dwarves, and leprechauns; people think that such creatures are just the imagination or the fantasy of people of the past – yet, they still exist, they are doing their work, despite the skepticism of the blind that cannot see beyond their nose. In order to see those creatures we need to activate the clairvoyant eye.

They work in groups collectively; the will that they obey is the will of the Angels. According to the will of the Angels they do this, they do that.

The Angels obey another hierarchy; there are always hierarchies that they have to follow because everything is organized according to the law of Karma. Every planet exists because of Karma; cause and effect. This planet Earth is an ‘effect’ of previous manifestations of cosmic days. So the Angels have to obey and act according to those laws, as well as the Archangels.

The Monad is what we call Ruach and Neshema; that is why when we say Ruach Elohim we are pointing to a Monad that is performing that work according to its own level, because each one of us has its own Ruach Elohim, but in its own level.

The thinking Ruach, the knowledgeable Neshamah, act under the direction of the Angels and control the spark which is within the matter. That spark is the elemental that we call gnome, pygmy, or whatever name. That elemental obeys his own Father, his own Monad.

So there you find that nature gives the elementals their protoplasmic bodies, as a gift, so any creature from the mineral kingdom has a protoplasmic body, a body made of protoplasmic matter, which is related to the fourth dimension: molecular and atomic, not cellular because the cellular bodies are what we call here rocks, stones, metals and that which we touch with our physical hands. Those protoplasmic bodies cannot be touched by the hand, they belong to another dimension and through those is how the Monad acts. They are very ductile.

Through evolution they go into the plant kingdom and when they acquire more knowledge within their Ruach and their Neshamah, then that particular Monad acts and receive more knowledge about creation, about evolution.

In the plant kingdom you find beautiful families of elementals that work under the direction of the Angels, and they create according to their own ray. As I said at the beginning, ‘every Monad belongs to a particular ray amongst the seven,’ so every ray is related with certain vibrations, forces. You find that there are trees that give different fruits according to their own kind. As it is written in the book of Genesis ‘according to its own kind, its own force, its own energy,’ to its own ray.

Those elementals work in the Tattvas of nature. They move the forces of nature according to the will of the Angels, according to the karma of the planet; they work by collective will, and they do not work independently unless somebody who knows how to control them can direct them.

I.e. a family of dogs will obey one particular entity or Angel and do what they have to do. But you can take a dog and teach that dog to be either a bad dog or to be a good dog. In this case you are involving your karma with that particular creature, which is innocent; because Monads control their own souls according to the will of the Angels.

Another i.e. if somebody comes and makes a graft in a tree, meaning, they adulterate a tree by grafting it with another type of tree in order to make, they say, from that implant a “better fruit,” they then adulterate the plant and break the law of nature. Therefore they are gaining karma unconsciously, because an adulterated or grafted plant does not give unto the fruit the energy that is needed for the development of other entities, beings that need to eat that. So any fruit that is not adulterated is good because it contains not only food for your physical body but for your inner Monad as well. This is something that the scientists of this planet Earth ignore. The fruits, plants, and vegetables of the Earth not only feed the physical body but even the Monad, because any energy is septuple in its constitution. But an adulterated plant does not give such septuple nourishment because it is adulterated; the seed does not work the septuple way. 

That is why we call in Kabbalah ‘the Tzalem’ which is the image, or Solar Force or image of God. That image of God works in different ways. ‘Tzalem,’ the image of God is precisely within Neshema, Ruach, and Nephesh, which are in each Monad and that we have to develop, because it is the power of the Elohim. The Elohim work under the direction of the World of Atziluth, and Atziluth works under the direction of the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Light.

When these creatures are ready in the Plant Kingdom, these elementals enter into the Animal Kingdom. Thus when they are in the Animal Kingdom they start developing desire, or the body of desire, according to the evolution of the protoplasmic bodies. Thus we will say the difference between the plant, minerals, and animals is that the animals have desire and they act in groups as well. That body of desire in Sanskrit is called Kamarupa, within which the animals (animas) act collectively according to the wheel of Samsara or the wheel of evolution. It is the Nephesh which is bottled up or that is working according to the forces of nature in the protoplasmic bodies and who works under the direction of the Angels and Archangels.

Every Monad learns that the goal of creation is to create Human Beings: creatures that will have individuality; individual willpower. Not collective. This means that we must act with responsibility; you see this word ‘responsibility’ means “the ability to respond” to his own Monad without any intervention.

So therefore the last gift that the Elohim give unto those Monads that are evolving in the mechanicity of nature - because it is a mechanical evolution - is the intellect.

Thus, the protoplasmic bodies (which are the mind through which the Monad works) receives the intellect, reasoning, or we will state: they start developing reasoning, and to analyze things.

This is how they begin to discover that they have reached that level, because they have no ego. Their own Essence, together with the Monad, knows very well that now in order to go beyond the Animal Kingdom they need to exercise, to exert willpower and to control the inferior kingdoms, which are mechanical.

Behold here this is precisely the problem, because the evolution in the wheel of Samsara ends in the intellectual animal. Intellectual animal means that the Nephesh, the anima, the soul reaches the level of intellect. You see, this is something that we have to learn because we say that animal comes from the word ‘Anima’ which means ‘soul.’

So that anima is in the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and finally in the kingdom of the intellectual animal, that has the opportunity to become an Individual, a Human Being. Why?

The intellectual animal body that resembles the human shape has three brains. No other animal creature from nature has three brains. You have the intellectual brain, the emotional brain, and the instinctual-motor-sexual brain. Any other animal of the kingdom has two brains; they do not have an intellectual brain. This is why it is stated that we are three brained creatures.

There is something very important that we have to understand here, this is the word ‘Nephesh-Chaiah,’ which translation means ‘Living Soul.’ Of course in nature you see many beautiful living souls, ‘Nephesh-Chaioth.’

In the book of Ezekiel, the Chaioth (plural of Chaiah) are represented only by four: the lion, the Eagle, the Bull, and the Human Being. Of course there exist other ‘Nephesh-Chaioth’ in nature but they are synthesized in the Chaioth of Ezekiel because they are related with the internal bodies that we have to create and with the four elements that we have to control.

An eagle is a ‘Nephesh-Chaiah’; this means a soul-creature that has the attributes of an eagle. You see an eagle is beautiful; it flies high and it can even fish in order to eat. It has a beautiful intelligence. Understand, we are not stating here that the eagle is the ‘Chaiah,’ the soul, called the Light of Chaiah, that encloses the Light of Yechidah, the superior intelligence. But, we are stating that the eagle is a ‘Chaiah’ (creature) in the sense when in Hebrew language you say ‘Chaiah’ which means animal or Chaioth (animals) or creatures, which, we will say, have their own animal attributes.

A lion is a ‘Nephesh-Chaiah’ which has all those attributes in order to be a lion; a bull in order to be a bull, must have all the attributes of the bull in itself, so a bull is a ‘Nephesh-Chaiah’. Thus the human being also has to become a ‘Nephesh-Chaiah’ (living soul).   

But if we investigate all the people that exist in this world we do not find any ‘Nephesh-Chaiah,’ because the real human being, it is written, is a being, a living soul, a ‘Nephesh-Chaiah’ that controls the elements of nature; a human being is a King or Queen of Nature, but the present human being is a slave of nature.

It is enough to remember the many earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes that kill all of those creatures (Chaioth) that are wrongly called human beings (because they are not). Therefore, we have to become a human being, a ‘Nephesh-Chaiah.’ The true Adam ‘Nephesh-Chaiah’ (living soul) is always related with Yesod.  

In Kabbalah when we name Adam, the human being, we always place him here in Yesod (fourth dimension), a male, but it is Tiphereth (the human soul, Nephesh) in relation with Yesod and in order to be a Human Being, a ‘Nephesh-Chaiah’ (living soul) as the book of Genesis states ‘You have to climb Malkuth, Yesod, Hod, Netzach and Tiphereth in order to become into the image of the Elohim. I mean the Elohim who control the natural forces, because the Elohim control the forces of creation.

Behemoth.jpg The present intellectual animal (intellectual Chaiah) or humanoid of this planet Earth is not controlling the forces of creation (creative forces), since they are slaves of sex, because Yesod is the foundation of the sexual force. The present “human being” is a slave of sex; like the animals, the beasts, the Behemoth, fornicate, they also fornicate.

 I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the children of Adam, that the Elohim might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts (behemoth). For that which befalleth the children of Adam befalleth beasts (behemoth); even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath (Ruach); so that (present) Adam hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity (Abel controlled by Kain, the beast). – Ecclesiastes 3: 18, 19

Fornication is the spasm or orgasm which any beast performs. Any beast in the kingdom fornicates, which means they reach the spasm or the orgasm in the sexual act, but the true Human Being is different. The true Human Being is the one who does not eat of the Fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil.

The word ‘tree’ in Kabbalah is ‘Otz’ which is a word formed with the letter Ayin and Tzade, which is the Tzadik, the soul. This hides a lot of wisdom.

This (soul), thy stature is like to a palm tree, and thy breasts to clusters of grapes. I said, I will go up to the palm tree, I will take hold of the boughs thereof: now also thy breasts shall be as clusters of the vine, and the smell of thy nose like apples. – Song of Solomon 7: 7, 8

Otz Chaim (tree of lives), Chaim is plural for Chai, life

So then you find that when you reach the level in which we are right now, which is intellectual “Chaiah,” then we have the opportunity to become individuals to perform a transformation, a transformation that is not the outcome of evolution but of a revolution!

That is why it is called the revolution of the consciousness: not the revolution that people perform in this physical world, this is, killing others in the name of their religion. That is just the mechanicity of that mind, which is protoplasmic, that is just going to fall because eventually the protoplasmic bodies (Behemoth), according to the wheel of Samsara, when they reach the summit of evolution, they then have to descend (devolve) or to fall downwards, whatever you want to call it, that is the law.



Such a fall is called devolution, and that is precisely the point of the Eighteenth Arcanum. Those protoplasmic bodies that were serving creation, when they start descending or falling into devolution they become Behemoth, the secret enemy. The secret enemy is shown by the Arcanum 18, because that secret enemy, or better said, the protoplasmic bodies that were using the solar force in evolution in the positive way, now the forces of nature, the moon turn the protoplasmic bodies to the service of devolution; both ways are just mechanicity.

The problem is that Nephesh, the Soul, is trapped within, and if the soul does not know how to go out, it will sink into Klipoth, into Hell, into the Infernos, whatever you want to call the inferior dimensions which are symbolized by the nine infra spheres below Malkuth.

So those protoplasmic bodies will act in a devolving way. It does not matter what you believe or what you think, it does not matter if you like it or not, those protoplasmic bodies are inside of everybody and are devolving, because that is the law.

For instance, when you are in a body of a child, whether you like it or not, that body will grow; we reach the teenage, age into adulthood, then become elderly, whether we like it or not: because that is mechanicity. Thus, when you reach a certain age that body will decay, become old, whether you like it or not. You see, there are people many people who have old bodies and can scarcely walk; because they are old they can do nothing. Scientists try to find a way in order to prolong that misery, but at the end everybody will die. Nobody can mock death, and that is the truth.

So, the physical body evolves and devolves in the same way as anything in nature, i.e. a plant grows or evolves and devolves or decays, it turns into dry wood. The same fate awaits the protoplasmic bodies.

The problem is that the protoplasmic bodies function in another big circle, which is not physical, but the circle of eternity, which has a beginning and an end. Eternity is not a never ending time, it is a circle. Time is a circle and eternity is another circle; it has a beginning and an end.

So therefore when the protoplasmic bodies reach this level in which we are, which is the level related to this mind that is thinking, which is this feeling-level that we are feeling,  they will devolve, will go down, because they belong to nature.

Face it: the body that you have does not belong to you, whether you like it or not, whether you burn the body, whether you go to the grave, it will turn into dust because it belongs to nature. And thereafter it maybe will grow into a tree.

This is how it is: it is the law of the Cosmic Common Trogoautoegocrat. So therefore the protoplasmic bodies have to be disintegrated in order to give consistency of rock to the planet. And that is why in order to give that consistency of rock to the planet they have to enter into the abyss which is at its very center.

Dante Alighieri described that; the abyss, inferno, Hell, the inferior dimensions where those protoplasmic bodies turn into plants, minerals and are disintegrated. That is the law.

This is what the Book of Revelation calls ‘The Second Death.’ That is what every religion is always concerned about; to be saved. We need to be saved.

When we say we need to be saved we are talking here about the soul, about Nephesh. It needs to be saved.

But for salvation to occur we need to make a revolution. If we think that we can go to Heaven with the protoplasmic bodies that we have, we are wrong, because then this planet will become like sponge. If all of the protoplasmic matter were to go up to Heaven where would the stability of this planet be? Where would be its solidity be?

Every protoplasmic matter returns, spins around in the wheel, it is the law of return and recurrence, evolution and devolution, of matter!

Remember that we are not talking about Nephesh (the soul) here, we are talking about the matter; the protoplasmic bodies. The problem is that we (as souls) are bottled up within the protoplasmic matter, we are trapped in them. When those bodies devolve they turn into lust, animal defects that strengthen: anger, greed, vanity, laziness and gluttony, you name them, there are many.

This is why the initiate Victor Hugo said: ‘If I had a thousand tongues to talk and a palate made of steel, I could not enumerate my defects accurately, completely, because we have many’.

The protoplasmic bodies through devolution transform themselves into that which we call ‘Medusa.’ This is why it is stated ‘those that identify with Medusa turn into stone’ - they go down into Hell into the ninth sphere, because in the ninth sphere (ninth layer, center of the Earth) is where those bodies turn into stone. And if we are trapped within them, if we identify with them we will turn or devolve into stone.

So, Medusa is not outside, it is inside, everybody has a Medusa within. That is why the great Kabir Jesus of Nazareth said:

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. And again: Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. John 3: 3, 5

ImageTo be born again does not mean to believe in Jesus as many people think; meaning, ‘To, believe that Jesus died for you and you are saved.’ Well you can believe that if you want, but a woman does not get pregnant because she believes in Jesus; for that she needs the sexual act, this is, sexual energy.

So in order to be born again we need sexual energy, but the process is different from common sex; we have to stop eating of the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil which is animal sexuality.

To stop eating of it means to transmute the ‘Tzalem,’ the Image of God which is within the sexual force, because such an image is creative energy. So if we transmute and we sublimate that force which is in the sex, then the eventual creation of the internal bodies will occur.

This is how Ruach and Neshamah or that Ruach Elohim (Spirit of the Elohim) starts creating a creature according to its own image, which is different, this is not an animal image. Because to be a bull, to be a lion or to be a tiger, a ‘Nephesh-Chaiah’ (living soul) of the animal type is wonderful, because those creatures are beautiful, but that is the outcome of evolution; however, the human being is not the outcome of evolution, it has to exercise willpower. Our motto is Thelema, and the fight is against the occult enemy which is inside.

That occult enemy is the ego, which is the protoplasmic bodies that turned against us because they are just following the mechanicity of nature. When we say they turned against us that means against our souls.

As souls we want to go up to our Father who is in Heaven, but the mechanicity of the protoplasmic nature says ‘no, now you have to go down, I’m sorry – if your will won’t do anything here, I won’t take you further because this is the wheel of Samsara’.

And this is why great Avatars, great Messengers came, in order to teach this humanity. Moses came and taught the doctrine, Abraham came and taught the doctrine, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha and all of the masters, according to the place where they appeared, taught the same doctrine, nothing new.

Now it is more open, clearer because we have much here. We have exercises and the intellect is very developed so we understand, but please understand that it is not a matter of believing something or belonging to some cult or group. There are people that think that because they belong to a certain group they will go to Heaven or because they belong to the chosen race they will go to Heaven, or because they are following this Guru they will go to Heaven – all of these beliefs have nothing to do with salvation.


Salvation is a practical work where - instead of the protoplasmic bodies which are mechanical and belong to any creature in nature - we have to create our own individual bodies. We have to create an Astral Body, a Mental Body, and a Body of Willpower; three bodies inside that will give us that individuality.

Thereafter, we can talk about becoming a Human Being into the image of God. And that is precisely the level of ‘Chaiah’ the fourth type of soul that is taught in Kabbalah. ‘Chaiah’ in order to become a ‘Nephesh Chaiah’ that Nephesh has to grow to ‘Chaiah’ with the help of Ruach and Neshamah; of course through its own Monad, through initiation.

So we have to transmute the sexual force because it is the only force that creates, we have to follow the rules that give us the keys in order to control those evil entities that we have within. There are certain intellectual creatures who - when they reach this level - they think that the matter of becoming a Human Being is to control the elements, and that is it, without being born inside, without creating the Solar Bodies within, without creating that ‘Mercabah’ or that chariot that took Enoch or Elias into Heaven.

You see it is written that Enoch was taken to Heaven because he was good, he was walking with God,

And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.  - Genesis 5: 24

If you want to walk with God, then you will be taken to Heaven too, but to walk with God does not mean to believe in God because there are millions of people that believe in God and are not walking with God.

To walk with God means to understand what Moses said: ‘To love your inner God with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your strength’, three bodies of the three brains; sexual strength, emotional brain, and intellectual brain. You have to use all those energies, to save those energies in order to create inside of you the psychological human being; behold here this is a big statement: to be or not to be.

Many followers of most religions are wrongly identified, thus their followers think that just by awakening their consciousness within their protoplasmic bodies they are done. Listen, when somebody awakes their consciousness within their protoplasmic bodies they go to Hell (Limbo).  Examplea include Yogananda and Mahatma Gandhi (‘Mahatma’ means Great Soul, and Yogananda is a Great Soul too); both of them are in Hell (Limbo) because although they did good for humanity, they did not create their solar bodies. 

If you go to Limbo (which is the first sphere of Hell below the World of Malkuth) you will find all of those creatures that Christianity calls “innocent children,” who are there because they did not receive the waters of baptism. It is unbelievable, the first sphere of Hell.

What are those waters of baptism? These are the sexual waters, this means, they were not practicing chastity; they did not transmute the sexual force in the holy matrimony. Therefore they awakened, but they are in Hell.

Nobody can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven if he has not been born again. You cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven with rags of a beggar, you need to be a King; a Malachim, and a Malachim, a Kumara has to have royal bodies.

So therefore when Dante Alighieri went into limbo, the first sphere in ‘The Divine Comedy’ he found Socrates, Plato and many great philosophers. Likewise, when you go and investigate limbo you will find many Gnostics, many Jews, many Christians, and many Muslims. Each one of them in limbo approaches you and shows you the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, or shows you the scriptures of Buddhism where it is stated the doctrine that you need to follow in order to be saved, or what you need in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, meanwhile they do not know that they are already in Hell, in limbo because they do not have solar bodies.

That is why Gnosticism insists upon teaching to humanity the scientific chastity, but not that chastity that many religions erroneously practice which is sexual abstinence, no. Chastity is not sexual abstinence or celibacy, but it is to know how to manipulate the sexual energy by following the rules of sexual alchemy, which are synthesized in the Ten Commandments given by Moses. These Ten Commandments are given to those who want to follow the path. Not by believing on them or by writing them down and putting them on the wall, or to repeat them by memory.

Many people mistake the first commandment, yes, they make two commandments from the first commandment. They say that the first commandment is to ‘love your God with all your heart’ etc and the second one is not to make an image, yet, both statements belong to the first commandment. But how can they know about that since they only repeat and ignorantly make many other commandments; really they do not know because in order to understand the Ten Commandments you need to understand Kabbalah, and Alchemy in order to understand these esoteric rules. If you know the Ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life you know where to place every commandment. Then you understand that Kether is the first manifestation of the abstract entity of God and you cannot make an image of it; yet, to place this statement in the second Sephirah, Chokmah, as a second commandment is wrong. So people do not know; it does not matter anyhow because in order to follow the path you have to accomplish the commandments. So they are ten; in order to be born again.

Whilst you are being born then you have to fight against your enemies: those enemies are within you.  This is why when you study the process of Jesus of Nazareth you find that the enemies of his work, of his mission were his same people that were in religion at the epoch. Likewise, the enemies of Krishna were of his same race, why? Because those protoplasmic bodies that are within you are also within your brother, within your sister, within your father, within your mother, within your family – within your entire race, everywhere! And they are related to attachments, to traditions.

The law of nature likes people to identify with traditions with things related with evolution and devolution. There are people so identified with their race, with their religion, that erroneously they think (when incorrectly interpreting the scriptures) that if they kill this ‘disloyal one’ they go to Heaven. This is a Klipothic way of thinking. The unloyal, the unfaithful ones, the uncircumcised that we have to kill are inside of us. Those are the animal entities that we call lust, anger, greed, hatred, gluttony, laziness; those are the ones that we have to annihilate, and by annihilating them we are making a great transformation within us, we are being born again.

This is how we are creating the Cherubim, or that Cherub of Ezekiel. The lion which symbolizes the Astral Body, the Inner Christ; the eagle which symbolizes the Mental Body, the bull which symbolizes the Physical Body, and then you find the Man which symbolizes Tiphereth controlling Yesod.

Remember that all emerges from Yesod, from the water of Genesis. From Yesod, from the waters of Genesis, Moses was born and this is why John the Baptist baptized in the waters and this is why it is written:

And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him: - Matthew 3: 16

Jesus came up straightway out from the waters and thereafter the heavens were opened unto him, because nobody can go up to heaven and perform the miracles that Jesus performed without first coming from the waters, because those waters are the symbol of the sexual force that we have to raise through scientific chastity. But, if we behave like beasts in the sexual act, then nothing spiritual is being born there, we are just fortifying the ego.

To create the internal bodies is one step. The second step is to deny yourself. This is what Christ says: ‘If you want to follow Me, deny yourself’. To deny yourself means to deny all of those entities that you have within, to deny all of the animal attributes that everybody has within because the human has to be born.

And that is why, if you read the book of Genesis you will find that the first, the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth days were good, but the sixth is the only one that was very good because this is when the Man was created. So everything is good, but to become a Human Being is very good. And if you have lust within you are not very good, if you have anger within you are not very good, if you have hatred you are not very good. A Human Being has to be clean, “to be perfect as your Father who is Heaven”; your Monad who is in Heaven is perfect, this means, to have no animal elements within you.

We emphasize the animal elements because that is the last step of evolution; but we must go beyond them. In the Plant Kingdom those elements are not so negative like in the Animal Kingdom because in the animal, desire is really strong, thus, that desire becomes very strong in the level in which we are.

Those that enter into the world of ‘Nephesh Chaiah’ (a living entity or a living soul) have to perfect themselves through higher works that are described in Kabbalah. This is why we study Gnosis; it is in order to know how to perfect ourselves. This is not like believing in something, so that in one week or one month or one year we are going to be perfect, no. It is a psychological process, it is written:

In your patience possess ye your souls. - Luke 21: 19

If you are anxious, if you are greedy, covetous, if you are coveting powers, remember,

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. - 1 Corinthians 6: 9, 10

So, nobody goes to Heaven by coveting powers. The powers are developed within you when you annihilate your ego, when you annihilate your animal entities, then powers naturally develop.

This is why the Lord Jesus says “In your patience possess ye your souls.” What soul? Nephesh, which is bottled up in lust, which is bottled up in anger, which is bottled up in hatred, self esteem, and all those defects that now people worship. On TV and radio you see that instead of fighting against those things, people are worshipping those things, which are the animal elements that will take them to Klipoth and are taking people into Klipoth.

It is written, you have to love your Self, but your Inner Self, Inner Being, it is not your protoplasmic bodies, because they all have to be disintegrated. This is how you perform the work of denying yourself (your animality) which is a process within the 49 levels of the mind. The first level is the intellect; this process is done through meditation.

This is why Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni came here in order to teach meditation, because we need to meditate, we need to deeply comprehend ourselves in order to clean the mind and thus possess our souls. This is how we unify all those ‘children of Israel’ as Moses Kabbalistically wrote in his book Exodus.

All of those children of Israel are precisely the Nephesh (souls) that came into the world, into Matzarim, in order to evolve, thus, when they reached the intellectual level symbolized by the pyramids there in Egypt, then at that level they need to be saved. Then Moses comes (which is the will of God) in order to control the mechanicity, in order for the children of  Israel to come out of the protoplasmic matter and enter into the Promised Land. This is a process that you will see, that you will touch, because what we are saying here is not something that we have read; we have experienced that.

When we say that the plants have souls, it is because we saw the souls, it is because we are aware of that, because we have had many experiences. When you develop, when you enter into initiation, then you start developing your senses, then you see that all creatures have soul, not only we, as some religions erroneously teach.

All nature is filled with soul, this is how we must start thinking in the beginning, but if we awaken our senses then we will see the soul, thus, we will love everybody. And we will see that all of us are in this universe in order to develop.

In order to become a Nephesh Chaiah, a Human Being made into the image of God, we have to resurrect. Resurrection is necessary, so then we must enter into resurrection, and nobody resurrects who previously does not die; thus if we are alive, if we are with Medusa very alive within, if Herod the King is inside of us and very strongly committing adultery and mocking religion... If inside of us Judas is very alive - not Judas the Master  but Judas the ego that we have within, the traitor, because Judas as the Master is the Master that taught us that we have to kill ourselves - and if Caiaphas and Pilate are inside of us, no, we cannot resurrect, because these traitors have to be annihilated. And the only one that can annihilate those entities within us is God.

However, we do not have to worry about the Caiaphas of the neighbor or the Pilate of the neighbor: let the neighbors deal with their own demons and devils. If they want to go to hell and worship the ego – let them go ahead, it is their business.

You have to take care of yourself first, thus, you have to stop “beholding the mote that is in the eye of the neighbour,” and start perceiving the beam that is in your own eye. This is the first rule, yet, unfortunately we like to see the mote in the eye of the neighbor and we forget that the one who we must purify is ourselves. If the neighbor wants to be purified let them do it by themselves, it is their problem.

We have to respect others, because God respects ‘free will’. God gave you the commandments; if you want to follow them, Ok; if you do not want to follow them, then that is Ok too. Thus, if God respects our own free will, then who are we in order to try to forcedly put something in the mind of others? We have to respect others. We have to teach like all the Avatars, all the messengers that came to teach and respect. So, if you want to follow the doctrine, Ok; yet, if you do not want to follow it, fine.

Now if you want resurrection, then we have to talk about ‘Yechidah’.

Yechidah is the highest soul related with the triangle Kether, Chokmah, Binah. That soul Yechidah is called in Buddhism the Trikaya;  Buddhism divides it in three aspects; the Dharmakaya, the Sambhogakaya and the Nirmanakaya. These are the three Kayas. Of course, the Adhikaya is related with the Ain Soph Aur because Adhi is light.

So those levels of Yechidah are only for Resurrected Masters. We do not deny that in meditation (via ecstasy, via Samadhi) you can experience them. There are people that are very serious in their meditation that practice mediation and through it they experience those levels; nevertheless, to experience those levels and to develop those levels within as a citizen of Atziluth is different, to develop Yechidah is a subject only for Resurrected Masters.

Yechidah is related with the three glorious bodies in which the Monad that has resurrected has now started as a beginner, it is reaching that level in which it knows about Cosmocreation. You see everything is in steps; they learn how to self-realize the Kayas, when they enter into those levels of Yechidah.

Thus, when somebody as a Resurrected Master, through the development of a Yechidah, reaches the Ain Soph Aur - because first you have to resurrect, nobody can develop Yechidah without resurrection - then you enter into the realm of those Beings that we talked about in the beginning, Archangels or Angels! Then the Lord, Christ, the Ain Soph Aur - which is not a person or an individual but an energy, an omniscient, omnipotent force - takes you into his own realm and radiates through you in every cosmic day in order to help him to do the same thing which the other Archangels did within you, now you have to do within others, this is, to help them from the very beginning. And this is precisely the development of knowledge. As we have said in other lectures, this is how the Cosmocreators sojourn through cosmic days helping Christ - not by believing. Thus, as Yechidah they enter within the very bosom of the Father, the unknowable Divine, which is the Absolute, the Ain.

Thus, this is how they transform themselves into ‘Paramarthasatyas,’ such is the goal, to become a Paramarthasatya. But this is not by force, nobody is forcing you or turning your arm and saying ‘Go and do it’ - no, it is free will, it is individual will.

There is a Being that did it and came back in order to teach; his name is Aberamentho: the Master Jesus of Nazareth. There are many Archangels who are trying to enter into the Ain in order to become a Paramarthasatyas, there are many of them. But the one that we know that did it and came back in order to help and to teach how to do it is the Master Jesus of Nazareth; Master Aberamentho, the great Rabbi of Galilee, but who understands this Master? Very few, because this humanity misunderstood his message.

Jesus taught with his life the way to do it, but everybody thinks that he did the work for us, thus, they think that if you committed any sin yet you believe in Him then you are saved, ready for Heaven, thus, this is a big problem. This is how people fall into that big mistake; not only in Christianity but in other religions too, you have similar beliefs.

We do not have to make of Gnosis another belief. If you take Gnosis and make another belief of it you will be then ready for Klipoth as well; because what we need is practicality.

Do you have any questions?

Q. What kind of Karma would someone like Gandhi have if he is in purgatory right now?

A. He might have some kind of Karma, I do not know what, but he is not in purgatory but in limbo and it is not because of a certain type of karma, he is in limbo because he has no internal bodies.

Q. I mean what about his future?

A. Oh well, those types of beings like Mahatma Gandhi, like Yogananda and others who really did something good, they come back because the Cosmic Law gives them a new body in order to work. They really are treated very well because they are not born in an ordinary home, they are born in a house where the father and the mother know about this knowledge that we are talking about here and they will be taught from the beginning, and they will be raised like that because they earned it. Unfortunately we have karma and we are born in families where they only teach us religion in the biased way and sometimes in a crude way, in a very wrong way.

Q. When Adam & Eve were created by God, when they ate off the Tree of Life, they became animals, is that right?

A. Adam & Eve were animals. Animal means, as I have said, ‘Anima’, ‘Soul’ in Latin, so Adam & Eve are souls, are animals. Any animal is an anima, any plant is an anima, any mineral is an anima. The difference is that Adam & Eve symbolize the anima in the level of intellectuality, in which the Elohim tells the soul ‘If you know how to transmute the sexual energy of Yesod, of the Tree of Good and Evil, you will become like Elohim’. And then they tried ‘Ok, they said let’s try’

And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked. - Genesis 3: 6, 7

This happened because they did not know, thus, they fornicated like the beasts, so instead of going up they went down. Do you understand this?

Now we know a lot of good and evil. We do not need to teach here how to fornicate, everybody knows how to do that, what we need to teach instead is to know how to transmute in order to raise your Tzalem, your image which is in your sex, this way, you will create an Elohim within you. This is what the serpent said, but the serpent, Lucifer, is a tempter. Feel the temptation, it is fire, thus, triumph over temptation is light.

Nevertheless, unfortunately that humanity of the past did not defeat temptation. Still we are defeated by temptation because Lucifer is always there, Lucifer is the sexual potency; without Lucifer there cannot be a sexual act. That is why anytime a couple is performing the sexual act Lucifer is in the middle of them. Without Lucifer there can be no sexual act so the temptation is there. If you transmute the sexual energy, good, you have defeated temptation, but who is doing that? Most of humanity is defeated by Lucifer.

Q. So they have to learn how to use that energy?

A. They have to learn. That is why as I have said, when messengers came to teach this, all the great Messengers from different religions teach the same thing, the same rules, of course, different manners of teaching but it is the same doctrine. But if you fail in the first ordeal which is the sexual ordeal, you are done. You cannot pass.

So He drove out Adam; and He placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubim, and the flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way to the tree of life. - Genesis 3: 24

That flaming sword is the blood, because the blood is the container of the fire, and is circulating, turning every way. This is why the Cherubim that are in front of the doors of Eden are with a flaming sword. When you are in the sexual act, the sword, the blood, starts turning every way, going like this into your sex, thus, the Cherubim, Lucifer says: ‘Ahh, you reached the spasm, the orgasm – get out from Eden’, because Eden is voluptuousness, Eden is the happiness of God, without bestiality.

Q. Since the Monad came from a Cosmocreator and is below Binah in the Tree of Life, could you say it was the Binah the Cosmocreator that unfolded into masculine and feminine in order to create it?

A. The Elohim become divided in Daath thanks to Binah. This is why in the name of Binah in Atziluth is Iod-Chavah Elohim. Iod-Chavah means Abba and Aima; Iod is the Father, Hei-Vav-Hei is the Mother; Iod-Chavah or Jah-Chavah. Jah-Chavah Elohim is here in Daath, which is precisely where the Monad, the Innermost are being created and Daath is knowledge.

Q. Do other solar systems have other types of Seven Spirits before the throne of God organizing other types of Mighty Rays? Please elaborate upon that.

A. Yes. As I have said, every solar system has them. Of course, we do not name the other solar systems because we scarcely know this one. If we name another one you will not know it. It is like an experience that a certain student had with extraterrestrials. The student said to the extraterrestrials ‘I know that you are from other planets, tell me from which planet!’ The extraterrestrial looked at the student and said ‘If I tell you the name, how would you know?’ So he did not answer. So of course other Cosmocreators of other solar systems exist but it is irrelevant to name them. If you want to know, then you have to awaken.

Q. What is the first ordeal, the sexual ordeal?

A. Well, the first ordeal that the initiate has to pass is the ordeal of the threshold, the Guardian of the Threshold which represents all of your weaknesses; if you defeat the Guardian you go ahead. Of course, the route of that Guardian of the Threshold is lust. If you are defeated in lust you are defeated in everything, if you triumph over lust you triumph over everything. When I say lust, understand that the main dish of lust is called orgasm, spasm, which is what the Bible call fornication.

Q. I do not understand by what you meant ‘Eternity has a beginning and an end’? Why is eternity a circle?

A. We enter into this circle of time in which we are right now and we came through the womb of our Mother with our physical body into a newborn body and the circle of time will finish when we eventually physically die. When we physically die then we return, we go into the circle of eternity. That circle of eternity takes us, it is another dimension but eventually when that circle ends again, we come back again into time.

Q. That suggests that it is not eternal?

A. Well as I have said what people call eternity is wrongly termed as a “never-ending” time. Eternity is a circle that has a beginning and an end.

Q. When you say if someone goes to Heaven for a certain amount of time, from an earthly point of view, when his karma burns out then he has to come back again?

A. We must go beyond eternity; in order to defeat eternity you have to go beyond eternity. The circle of eternity is just beyond time but beyond time and eternity is another dimension which is not possible to describe. It is where precisely we find the Elohim and the creatures of Heaven, this is beyond eternity.

People think that eternity is just where heaven is. It is part of the Heavens, but Klipoth also belongs to eternity; yes, Hell belongs to the circle of eternity. This is why many religions state that Hell is eternal; yes it is eternal, it is there in eternity, but this does not mean that the souls are going to be there eternally, for a never ending period of time, no. The souls who are there in Klipoth, that descended there, eventually their protoplasmic bodies are disintegrated. When this happens the soul is free and emerges again out of Hell, but Hell remains there because it is eternal. But the punishment as I explained is not everlasting; it has a beginning and an end. Otherwise that would be really unjust.

Let us imagine a soul fallen there and because she ignores all of this she will be eternally punished? As we say eternally? That will be really unjust, no. It has an end, and the end is when all of those animal entities that we have are mechanically disintegrated, then you as a cleansed soul are free. If the delinquent, the ego, is dead, then you as a cleansed soul can go out, but if the delinquent is alive then the soul must remain, stay there.

Q. Why are so many Gnostics paranoid about witches and sorcerers, what is the real danger there?

A. Which Gnostics are you talking about? I know that witches and sorcerers exist everywhere and they are of course souls that are slaves of Klipothic forces, but they think they are awakened and doing good. They know that they are going to be disintegrated sooner or later because they do not have the Solar Bodies.

Everybody in this world is a witch or sorcerer in different levels. If you are doing something bad against somebody then you are a sorcerer or a witch and if you know how to do it with magic you are worse; you will have much more karma, but that is your problem. You will pay for that. But here we are teaching White Tantra, White Magic.

Q. Is it necessary to stop nocturnal pollutions before being able to defeat the Guardian of the Threshold?

A. Well let me tell you that you can defeat the Guardian of the Threshold and have nocturnal pollutions, because it is one thing to defeat the Guardian of the Threshold, which is a symbol of your defects and vices, and it is another thing to tame the donkey! Which means your physical body.

The donkey (which is the physical body that we use) remember how Jesus of Nazareth entered Jerusalem riding the donkey, but unfortunately our donkey is riding us. The donkey is that animal aspect that we inherit, not only from the animal past, but from our parents because they engender us in fornication, our grandparents because they engender our parents in fornication, grand-grandparents because they engender and so on, everybody fornicates. So we have that in our blood, and to teach the donkey ‘Hey, don’t fornicate!’ to teach it we have to be patient. So sometimes lust is there, your lust will not be chaste believe me. Lust wants to fornicate.

In the beginning, Gnostics have different problems in the internal planes where their lust is fornicating, committing adultery, performing atrocities. They return into the physical body and say ‘my God do I want to follow you?’ yes, but be patient because the animal does not want to follow God. To control the donkey is the most difficult part. That is why it is said ‘To transform that donkey into a man is not easy’.

Q. On the website it says ‘the way the apostles lived their lives is only symbolic, it is not to be taken literally’ but did they not lose their light like the symbol indicates?

A. Well every Apostle in the gospels of Christianity is specifically related with a certain type of power of the inner Monad that we have to develop. Remember that Moses talked about the 12 tribes but in this case Jesus talked about the 12 Apostles. In the New Jerusalem he says that there is one Angel there and it has 12 doors when there is always an Apostle or an Angel on every door. That means that the New Jerusalem, the new city, the new Heavenly city that we have to develop within, in the psyche has to develop certain powers. 12 powers, which are the main ones, because there are many, but these 12 powers are related with the meaning of every Apostle.

So every apostle in the Bible represents that, and their lives were related with that. When you read about the Apostles doing this or Apostles doing that, it is related with that development.

Of course individually speaking they have to develop their own particular 12 Apostles too. Because everybody each Apostle in himself has his own particular inner Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has to be born inside and to develop the 12 Apostles too. The Buddha has to develop too. John the Baptist has to be born inside of us, Moses has to be born inside of us too.

The development of every Aeon or personage in the Bible represents part of the Monad that we have to develop in order to become an Elohim.

Of course every Monad has his own mission, his own powers, but they always develop that according to their fully development. This is how the Universe is organized.

Q. When you say that we enter into initiations, and everyone is talking about the Being is the only that receives them. Are there certain degrees that we go through in terms of the Being that finally receives the initiation? What is the difference between our initiation and the initiation of the Being?

A. The question is what is the difference between the initiation of the Being, and the work that we do here physically as souls.

Well, ‘Religare’ is a Latin word which means to unite. In the beginning as we started this lecture we explained that the Monad (which is Neshamah and Ruach) is learning and receiving all of that through Nephesh which is that elemental, that force that evolves, we are that.

So everything that we do here the Monad absorbs it, everything good. He learns it, any initiation, any power that we acquire when we enter into the path is absorbed by God, by the Monad.

In order for us to enjoy that, we have to deny ourselves, because the Monad which is absorbing all those powers and initiations will not release those powers into Nephesh which is bottled up into the Medusa. That would be a devil with powers. Imagine how the devil is right now. You are afraid of the devil that is inside each one of you and us. You see this society and how it is? It is in chaos, it is chaotic, we are destroying each other and we are killing each other, for different reasons. Imagine the devil with powers!  I do not want to even think about it.

So therefore if the soul that is entering into this path wants to enjoy those powers, God demands annihilation of the ego, to follow his commandments. But if you become a Twice born, keep doing the work because if still your ego is alive, your anger is alive, your hatred is alive, God will not give you anything.

This is why we have to work with three factors: to be born, charity, and to deny yourself which mean to annihilate the ego. If you die psychologically then God will give you, when he will see that there is innocence within you. It is like when you see a boy who is very mischievous, you won’t say to him, “hey take this gun and go outside in the street to shoot, learn how to shoot,” this would be stupid right? Likewise if God delivers to you his powers, because the powers of God can be used for destruction.

Sometimes your inner Monad gives you an experience, a beautiful experience, what the people call Samadhi, rapture in which you enjoy certain things. And you say ‘Oh this it, God exists’ thus, God say ‘Yes! Here this is an experience for you, but now go back and continue your work’.

Q. My question is, because we are looking at the Gospels and we seeing the translations of the disciples, the Twelve Apostles and if there is an integration prompted by what they were and then evolving into Apostles and you are stating power is due to them, are you then saying that the human virtue, entity or the miracle entity are composites of the power?

A. Let me explain this as we know it, if you read, there is already a lecture on the website related with this development. Every Apostle has his own powers related with certain glands.

However, sometimes when people reunite because a miracle is a phenomenon that is shown in many groups, not only in Christianity but in other groups too; so when they concentrate and ask for something specific, thus, when every mind with a lot of faith or belief, whatever you want to call such a fervor, which works through the force of concentration, they then through that energy they come and perform a miracle. Right?

This is normal, this happens even for instance among many ordinary religions, amongst the Catholics and among other religions in Asia where they worship statues.

You see, the Elohim of those areas place within those statues certain elementals that control forces, so when the believer goes and asks with all their heart, then according to karma, the elemental goes and gives, or takes whatever, it depends. So, this how some miracles happen, there many things that people ignore about miracles.

Understand, the Elohim are merciful; therefore, it does not mean that you cannot receive help just because you are not walking on the path, because the Elohim always help, yet always according to the law.