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Hebrew Letter Lamed

Verses 89 to 96 from Psalm 119 begin with Lamed:

89 Oh Iod-Havah your Word is settled in heaven forever.

90 Your fidelity is to generation and generation; you founded the earth and it still stands.

91 To this day, they stand according to your judgments, for all are your servants.

92 Unless your law was my delight, then I had perished in my grief.

93 I will never forget your precepts, for through them you gave me life.

94 I am yours save me, for I have sought your precepts.

95 The wicked waited for me, to destroy me; I will consider your testimonies.

96 I have seen an end to all perfections, your command is exceedingly broad.

Arcanum 12

From Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot by Samael Aun Weor

Tarot 12

We must now study the Twelfth Arcanum of the Tarot. Chinese tradition mentions the Ten Trunks (Shikan) and the twelve branches. It is necessary to know that the seven chakras and the five senses are the Twelve Faculties. The universe emerged from the Chinese Hoel-Tun; this is the primordial chaos. The Ten Trunks and the Twelve Branches emerged from the chaos, which in Alchemy is the Ens Seminis, the Lapis Philosophorum or the Philosophical Stone.

The entire Misterium Mágnum is found enclosed within this Sum Matter.

King sun

The Alchemist must extract the Potable Gold from within this Menstrum Universale in order to achieve the blending of the Cross with the Triangle. Before achieving this amalgamation, we do not have a true existence. The four bodies of sin (Physical, Vital, Astral and Mental) are controlled by the Ego.

The Ego, the “I” is not the Divine Being of the Human Being. Indeed, the “I” is the total sum of successive “I”s, for instance: John the drunkard, John the tenor, John the intellectual, John the religious one, John the merchant, John the youth, John the mature one, John the elder, etc… all are a succession of “I”s, a succession of phantoms that inevitably are condemned to death. The “I” does not constitute the whole of what the human being is. John fought in the tavern, John is now a religious one, John is now a bandit; to that end, every person is a dance of Johns, so who is the true John? Therefore, if we do not escape from the fallacy of all of these multiple “I”s, we cannot asseverate that we have a true existence.

Present humans have not incarnated their Immortal Soul (their Divine Being) yet. Thus, from this point of view we can asseverate that present humans have no true existence yet. The annihilation of all of those false and mistakenly called centers of consciousness is only possible by denying oneself.


We are astonished when seeing how so many students of occultism (as if they were Great Masters) attire themselves with tunics and disclose beautiful and sounding names upon themselves, when indeed they do not even have true existence.

It is necessary to annihilate the “I” in order to attain true existence. Do you want to drink? Then do not drink; do you what to smoke? Then do not smoke. Did they strike you right cheek? Then present your left cheek to them. The supreme negation of oneself is found in the coitus. Not to ejaculate the Ens Seminis in the supreme moment is an absolute sacrifice of the “I”; the outcome of such a negation of oneself is the awakening of the Kundalini . The fire burns the evil scoria and in the end it absolutely dissolves the “I”. The fire is the Potable Gold.

The Great Work

The Twelfth Arcanum of the Tarot represents the Great Work. On this card, we see a man that hangs from one foot. The hands of this man are tied in such a way that they form an apex of an inverted triangle; with his legs, he forms a cross that is over the triangle (over the rest of his body). The objective of the entire work is to acquire the soul , in other words, to attain the amalgamation of the cross with the triangle. This is the Great Work. The Twelfth Card of the Tarot is Sexual Alchemy. The Cross-Man must join the Triangle-Spirit by means of the sexual fire.

fu shi

According to the Chinese, the God Fu Ji (the Adam-Christ) was born at midnight, on the fourth day of the tenth moon. Precisely at twelve years old, the virgin Hoa Se, while walking along the shore of the river (the seminal liquid), conceived the Christ in her womb while placing her foot on the print of the Great Man.

You must study these dates 4, 10, 12 under the light of the lectures 4, 10 and 12 of this present course.


White and Black Tantra

Two types of Tantrism exist in the east. The ejaculation of the Ens Seminis is not taught in Positive Tantra, whereas the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis is practiced in Black Tantra. Grey Tantra also exists, however this type of Tantra is not concerned with whether or not seminal ejaculation occurs; this Tantra is very dangerous because it can easily mislead the students towards Negative Tantra (Black Tantrism).

The sexual positive yoga is practiced without the ejaculation of the seminal liquor. A Tantric Sadhana exists for the connection of the Membrum Virille and the Genitalia Murielis; the sexual connection is performed after an interchange of caresses between man and woman. The couple remains quiet, with their mind in blank so that their “I” does not interfere, thus, this is how they reach ecstasy during the Tantric Sadhana. The entire work is performed by the Tantric Yogis under the guidance of a Guru. The only significant thing (in Tantrism) that comes from India is White Tantrism because it forbids the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis.

Twelfth Key of Basil Valentine

Twelfth Key of Basil Valentine

In the twelfth key of Basil Valentine the twelfth Arcanum is profoundly studied, thus, it is important to comprehend it.

As the lion transforms the serpent into its own flesh when he devours it, likewise the philosophical stone or powder of projection (red lion and living fire) has the power to transmute or transform all imperfect metals into his own igneous substance. The vile metals are the false values that constitute the “I”. The fire transmutes them, and then the “I” is dissolved. Thus, this is how we acquire Soul , Being; this is to be Different. Without the fermentation of the Gold (fire) no one can arrange the philosophical stone or develop the tincturing virtue. The tincture of the fire has the power to penetrate all of the internal bodies in order to radically transform them. Similar is united to its similar in order to transform it. The fire transforms the lead of the personality into the gold of the spirit. Three serpents that symbolize Mercury, Sulfur and Salt represent the synthesis of the Great Work. The Phoenix Bird rises from within its own ashes. The Alchemists must work for twelve hours in order to attain the fermentation of the gold. Behold here the Twelfth Arcanum of Kabbalah. Whosoever possesses the fermented gold can have the joy of truly being.

buddha's temptation


The present human is a dormant machine. If you want to awake from the profound dream in which you live, then do not identify with pleasures, desires, emotions, dramas, scenes of your life, etc… Call yourself to vigilance in each step; remember good disciple that people are dreaming. Observe people and their dreams, analyze all of those dreams in which humanity lives in, but do not identify with those dreams so that you can awake. People believe they are awakened because they are not sleeping in their beds, regardless they have their consciousness profoundly asleep, thus they dream. Everything that you see amongst the people is simply dreams. Nevertheless, remember that not to identify with one’s dreams, does not mean to abandon your duties as a father, a mother or a son/daughter, etc. However, do not identify; thus this is how you will awake from the profound dream in which you live.

The Hebrew Letter Lamed

Written by a Gnostic Instructor

In Kabbalah, the letter ל Lamed symbolizes aspiration, contemplation of the heart, and spiritual work. It is formed by a ו Vav, whose head (י Iod) looks downward on the letter כ Kaph. "A tower soaring on the top of the head, in the air," this is the only kabbalistic letter that ascends above the head.

Kabbalistically the letter Lamed is written (למד lamed-mem-dalet) and is read: Lev Meivin Daath. This phrase means: a heart that understands דעת Daath: knowledge. Lamed is wisdom acquired by the brain by means of the fires of the Atom Nous within the heart. Eve (intuition) through the heart teaches Adam (the brain) how to develop Objective Reasoning in order to understand the universe.

The form of the letter Lamed represents the way in which the fires of the heart nourished by the spirit can feed the aspiration of the mind.

“It is written, Man (the mind) shall not live by bread (sensual knowledge) alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” - Matthew 4: 4 from Deuteronomy 8:3

The letter Lamed hides in its shape the way in which Tiphereth learns how to be a King (מלך Meleck) through דעת Daath (through the wisdom, the teachings of יהוה Iod-Havah). The light of the Ain Soph, the Solar Absolute, the Cosmic Christ, hovering on שמים Schamayim (the fiery waters of Mem) descends into Atziluth through the letter יIod;” thereafter, the Father (in the shape of a dove) from Atziluth descends into Daath in order to impregnate הHei” (the Mother Binah), there in Briah, She gives birth to the child of wisdom (Chokmah). Thereafter, Chokmah as וVav” descends into כKaph,” the brain (Adam) within the pineal gland (the manger of Bethlehem). From the “Kaph” the effluvia of the Son of God descend into the heart, which is Eve, the other הHei”. In the heart is Nous (the Son of Man, Tiphereth) the consciousness of the Bodhisattva (the vessel of light), who is nourished with the fires of Judah (Leo the Solar Light, the Ain Soph Aur).

Surfacing at the top of the brain is “Adam” (Iod), the light of Kether, the Crown (which forms the Kaph) that is related with the three primary forces, (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) plus the Ain Soph Aur. This is where יהוה Iod, Hei, Vav, Hei the "Light-giver" of Objective Reasoning rules the Mind of the true Human Being, the Microprosopus, the Bodhisattva.

From the waist above, Adam holds the secret of the brain, Eve, the secret of the heart and the snake, the secret of the liver.

Adam and Eve, Od and Ob, Ida and Pingala, Yang and Ying, male and female, are archetypical spiritual forces, one gives and the other receives. Objective Reasoning is the secret of Daath (knowledge); it is the gift of the perfect matrimony attained between husband and wife but only when (from the waist down) Adam, Iod, the phallus knows his wife Eve, the uterus in chastity, through the Arcanum A.Z.F. This is how, the brain (Adam) learns from the Atom Nous that is within Eve (the heart), this is how we unite wisdom and love, heaven and earth.


When inverting the symbol of the letter ל Lamed, it indicates the ascension of the sexual fires towards the head. It is formed by the fires of י Iod in Yesod (sex) which inwardly and upwardly rise within a ו Vav (spinal medulla) to finally reach the brain, letter כ Kaph.

Adam, the intellect, (the י Iod above) depends on the י Iod that is hidden within the serpent below in Yesod (sex). Eve (the female intuition in the heart) is nourished by the sexual transmutation of Zayin, the Eve below (the sexual organs). The fires of יIod” from Yesod through “Vav” the spinal medulla must join the atom of the Father, Kether on the root of the nose, the כKaph”.

Both glands, Epiphyses and Hypophyses (pineal and pituitary) respectively radiate and have their own aura. A current of light departs through the door of the frontal chakra when these glandular auras are mixed. The Initiate receives the Initiation when reaching these esoteric heights. The Initiate must raise the seven degrees of the power of the fire.

The Pentagonal Star gleams and shines with immaculate whiteness in the frontal chakra of the great Initiates.

Some Initiates resurrect in the fire, others in the fire and in the light. We must first resurrect in the fire, then, after in the light.

When we aspire to the light, millions of aspirant atoms reach the magnetic field of the nose and then they move towards the heart. In the heart resides the atom "NOUS", this atom governs all of the atoms of the organism.

A master atom exists within the seminal system. This atom rises towards the brain with sexual alchemy in order to teach the wisdom of nature.

Whosoever reaches the fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries becomes a major brother of humanity (a Meleck).

Before you can reach the valley of refuge which is referred to us as the path of pure knowledge, you have to sacrifice yourself for the love of humanity.

The fifth path is supreme love, supreme charity, and supreme obedience to the Father (Kether, the Crown).

Part of the fire escapes and enters the exterior world when the sacred serpent passes through the cerebral centre, which is situated where the frontal fontanel of a new born would be found. The entire aura shines with fire in those instances and the immaculate white dove of the Holy Spirit enters within us.

All of the vehicles of the Initiate must be crucified and stigmatized in the Golgotha of supreme sacrifice. The Golgotha of the Father is the brain. We must rise to the Golgotha with the cross on our back.

The twenty-four Elders cast their crowns at the feet of the Lamb. Whosoever opens the church of Laodicea (Crown Chakra) must humbly toss his crown to the feet of the Lamb. - The Aquarian Message by Samael Aun Weor

LamedThe Atom Nous is the Intuitive Mind, the Son of Man that receives the insight, the word of God through Eve (or the heart) that upwardly and inwardly longs for the effluvia of the Son of God in the pineal gland within the brain. The achievement of this is hidden in the form of the letter ל Lamed: from the bottom of the letter ל Lamed, is intuition of the heart, (Nous) which with the objective of conceiving or comprehending the Word of God develops understanding, knowledge. This knowledge is developed by receiving the light from the Iod (situated at the top of the letter ל Lamed), which becomes a Vav that delivers wisdom, Chokmah, his Son, ש Shin, Fire, the three atoms of the three Supernals, the crown כKaph” on the brain.

Kabbalists refer to the letter ל Lamed as "a tower elevated on top of the head, in the air." This flying tower is the same as the Father in the form of a white dove, symbol of divine love and devotion to the Word of God, and the way or aspiration in order to perform the Great Work, which is the self-realization of the truth. This divine inspiration (which is beyond our earthly mind, affection and physical body) is developed within the heart. This is how the palm of the hand or the Ruach of the Elohim is place on the heart of the Bodhisattva; this is how the Father Christifies, blesses or places the fires of his Shekinah within the soul , within the heart warmed by those who transmute their sexual force.

“And Jesus, when he was baptized, (the fires of י Iod) went up straightway out of the waters (of Yesod and through his “Vav” or spinal medulla reached his brain, and said: Oh Iod-Havah, your Word is settled in heaven forever) and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw (the other Iod or) the Spirit of God (the Ruach of the Elohim) descending like a dove (or Berashith, the Word), and lighting upon him (his כ Kaph): And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This (Word) is (Chokmah) my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” - Matthew 3: 16, 17

God manifests his will יIod” from above through the chakras of the palm of his hands (stigmata) and through them he actualizes his potential within the heart, within the Bodhichitta – the Auric Embryo who within the heart of the Bodhisattva is impelled by the fires of Nous to comprehend the wisdom of God. This is manifested in the dominion of the terrestrial mind by means of the Will of Kether (the power to subdue and control our instinctual animal creative forces through the crown of thorns in the heart), which shows the inner spiritual sexual purification of the Initiate (whose human will is united to the will of God thanks to the fires of the heart).

The fires of the heart rise upwardly and inwardly towards the י Iod, Kether, the light of lights in order to receive, in order to learn and thus to teach how to perform the Great Work based on his divine insight. This is shown in the letter lamed, which is made out of the letter כ Kaph and the letter Vav that extends upwardly towards the letter י Iod. This manifests the aspiration of the heart towards the secrets of Divine wisdom (Iod). The heart is the temple of Aima Elohim, the Divine Eve, the Divine Vessel of Adam Iod-Havah.

expelled from paradise

And I will put enmity between thee (passional fires of the Instinctual Eve-Venus – the Lunar Serpent ‘Ob’ in Yesod) and the woman (Urania-Venus, the Soul Christified with the fires of Nous in the heart), and between thy seed (Subjective Reasoning - Cain in Malkuth) and her seed (Superlative Intuition – Objective Reasoning of Chesed); it (the Lunar Serpent ‘Ob’ or Eve in Yesod) shall bruise (through Od) thy head (the Brain, Adam, with the lunar devolving forces of Lilith and Nahemah from Klipoth), and thou shalt bruise his heel (Malkuth, physical body with Kamaduro and Karmasaya; this is why we cry when we are born and we cry when we die). - Genesis 3: 15

Subjective Reasoning does not receive anything from Kether, the Crown, because it is the outcome of fornication, the outcome of the orgasm or sexual spasm of Eve or Ob, the serpent of procreation. This type of reasoning is generated by the animal mind, a gift given by the mechanical laws of involution in a brain built for the mechanical purposes of nature. Below the waist, the forces of the liver (which through animal self-gratification pilfers the sexual creative force in order to fortify our own animal lust) impel the forces of procreation. After the orgasm, Eve, Ob, the lunar serpent (as a fatal hose) falls into the atomic infernos of Klipoth and extracts by means of the spasm of our sexual organs the Klipothic devolving fires of the Abyss and through Od send them up to the b (Adam). This is how the Subjective Reasoning (Cain), "the seed of the tempting serpent of Eden," is born within us. This type of Mind is a slave of sex and is represented by the cross on top of the head, on top of the triangle-force (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) of the כ Kaph; sex (the Cross) dominating the Spirit (the Triangle).

This is why the Sinning Adam was expelled from Eden (bliss). Now in order to return to the Promised Land (Eden), this Sinning Adam must suffer a transformation through Zayin. The Subjective Reasoning must be transmuted into Objective Reasoning, WISDOM, in Daath by means of super efforts and voluntary sufferings.


Objective Reasoning surrender to the powers of the heart, to INTUITION, which is the faculty that receives the teaching from within, from the Innermost (our Spirit, our Inner God) who rectifies the prophetic power within the cognizant imagination of the Bodhisattva.

Intuition is a faculty, equally present in all Souls , whether they are incarnated in male or female bodies; however, it is related to the heart, which is the organ that predominates in those souls incarnated in a female organism, because the counterpart, the “Iod” life force in Yesod or vital body in a woman is male (positive). Therefore, INTUITION (the faculty to perceive or receive the life of the spirit) is esoterically called "the woman's seed" in Genesis. So, intuition is a faculty related with the superlative consciousness of the Being; it relates to the Objective Reasoning that breaks through the tridimensional limitations of subjective reasoning or rational intellect.

We have the arterial blood, and the venous blood: in the venous blood, we have the impurities that belong to Nephesh (our animal nature) but in the arterial blood, we have the purified blood (thanks to the oxygen). Roughly, 75% of the blood entering the liver is venous blood from the portal vein and writhes as a serpent closely to the flesh. Yet, the Christic pure and untainted solar force of the heart with none of the impurities of the body purifies it and diffuses it again as arterial blood, oxygenated blood flowing directly from the heart all over the body.

solar atoms

Through sexual transmutation the solar atoms of our heart guide the solar force of our seminal system in order to luminously flow through our spinal column up to the brain to finally descend into the heart in order to be distributed as a Solar Christic Spirit through the blood in our body and within our consciousness. This is how we make light in the darkness. The solar force is gradually absorbed by the soul in all of the bodies; this is how the solar Christ “erases the sins of the world” (by restoring the rhythmic solar vibrations through initiation), thus enabling the soul to progress. This solar influence works by cleansing the world through means of the three factors of the revolution of the consciousness. This is the source of Christic altruism and benevolence, which gradually takes place in the Initiation, bringing the souls into the Universal Brotherhood or Kingdom of heaven. This is how the new heavens and new earth are created in the psychosomatic nature of the Bodhisattva.

The right half of our brain is only partially active. However, by means of the fires of the Atom Nous (that is in the left ventricle of the heart) through sexual transmutation, the right half of our brain becomes increasingly active, and as consequence of the many physiological changes that occur, the Objective reasoning of the Being finally appears in the Brain. The left side of the brain is under the power of the ego and is given over to selfishness, but the Monad will gain more and more control as the right side of the brain is invested with the power of the atom Nous (from the left ventricle of the heart) in order to act upon the body as right judgment.

Let us remember that the life-force of י Iod in Yesod (for the medium of propagation) was awakened by the Cherubim or Lucifer after the division of sexes. The seat of this Cherubim’s divine love and shadow is in Yesod (the vital body) and man was exiled from the Ethereal Region (the Garden of Eden, the fourth dimension) for the misuse of the sexual force. The same Cherubim is still there brandishing the flaming sword, the blood, the fire. The right use of the sexual force builds Objective Reasoning, which opens the doors of the inner Worlds and grants unto the initiate the power to create with the power of the word.

They said therefore unto Jesus, what sign do you show then, that we may see, and believe you? What work do you show? Our fathers did eat manna in the desert; as it is written, He gave them bread (knowledge) from heaven to eat. - Deuteronomy 8: 3

Then Jesus (the Atom Nous in the heart) said unto them, verily, verily, I say unto you, Moses gave you not that bread from heaven; but my Father (י Iod, Kether) gives you the true bread (the light of the Ain Soph) from heaven. For the bread (the light of the Ain Soph) of God is he (Chokmah) which comes down from (the) heaven (of Atziluth), and gives life (through the heart) unto the world.

Then said they unto him, Lord, evermore give us this bread (the light of the Ain Soph).

And Jesus (the Atom Nous in the heart) said unto them, I am (the Atom Nous in your hearts that receives) the bread of life (the light of the Ain Soph): he (the Brain) that comes to me (the mind that is subdue by the fires of the heart) shall never hunger (wisdom); and he that believes (holds dear, hooks, loves, connects) on me shall never thirst (knowledge).

But I said unto you, that you also have seen me (felted me in your hearts), and believe not.

All that the Father (י Iod, Kether from above) gives me (Chokmah) shall come to me (the Atom Nous in the heart); and him (the mind, the Man, Manas) that comes to me I will in no wise cast out. For I (Chokmah) came down from heaven (of Atziluth), not to do mine own will, but the will of him (Kether) that sent me. And this is (Iod, Kether) the Father's will, which has sent me (Chokmah), that of all (the Light of the Ain Soph) which he has given me (as Nous) I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day (for Objective Reasoning).

And this is the will of him (Kether, the י Iod) that sent me (as Vav, Chokmah), that every one which sees the Son (of Man), and believes (holds dear, hooks, loves, connects) on him (in the heart), may have (the) everlasting life (that palpitates in Nous, the heart): and I will rise (the Objective Reasoning in) him up at the last day (the resurrection day).

The Jews then murmured at him, because he said, I am (the Atom Nous in your hearts that receives) the bread (the Light of י Iod) which came down from heaven. And they said, is not this Jesus (the letter ש Shin, the triple-Iod-force of Elohim hidden within Adam and Havah or) the son of Joseph (the son of IO – Cephas, which is by interpretation, the Stone, Yesod), whose father (י Iod) and mother (הוה Havah) we know (is in Daath)? How is it then that he said, I (Chokmah, am the light of the Ain Soph that) came down (through י Iod) from heaven (of Atziluth)?



Jesus (Yeshua, the letter ש Shin, the triple-Iod-force of Elohim hidden within Adam and Havah) therefore answered and said unto them, Murmur not (with your subjective reasoning) among yourselves. No man (manas, mind) can come to me (the Atom Nous in the heart), except the Father (the Iod), which has sent me, draw him (from the י Iod in Yesod by means of chastity) : and I will raise (the Objective Reasoning in) him up at the last day (the resurrection day).

It is written in the prophets, and they shall be all taught of God (the י Iod in Heaven). Every man (manas, mind) therefore that has heard (through Vav), and has learned of the Father (the י Iod in Yesod), comes unto me (the Atom Nous in the heart). Not that any man (manas, mind) has seen the Father (Kether, the י Iod in Heaven), save he which (through sexual transmutation) is of God, he has seen (and felted) the Father (in his spine, his throne).

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believes (holds dear, hooks, loves, connects) on me has everlasting life (that palpitates in Nous, the heart). (Eheieh) I am (the Word) that bread of life (that palpitates in Nous, the heart). Your fathers did eat manna (knowledge) in the wilderness, yet they are dead (without the life of Iod in Yesod).

This is (Nous, the light of the heart) the bread (the light of the Ain Soph), which comes down from heaven (of Atziluth), that a man (manas, mind) may eat thereof, and not die (as the fornicating men do).

(Eheieh) I am (the Word) the living bread which came down from heaven (out of the mouth of Iod-Havah in Atziluth): if any man (manas, mind) eat of this bread (that palpitates in Nous, the heart), he shall live for ever: and the bread (that palpitates in Nous, the heart) that I will give is my flesh (or Exiohehari in Yesod), which I will give (by means of sexual alchemy) for the life of the world.

The Jews (with their subjective reasoning) therefore strove among themselves, saying, how can this man (manas or superior mind “Nous” in the heart) give us his flesh (or Exiohehari in Yesod) to eat?

Then Jesus (the letter ש Shin, the triple-Iod-force of Elohim hidden within Adam and Havah) said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, except you eat (absorb the effluvia of) the flesh (or Exiohehari in Yesod) of the Son of man (the Atom Nous), and drink his blood (Solar Fire), you have no life in you. Whosoever eats (absorbs the effluvia of) my flesh (or Exiohehari in Yesod) and drinks my blood (Solar Fires of the Atom Nous in the heart), has eternal life; and I will raise (the Objective Reasoning in) him up at the last day (the resurrection day). For my flesh (or Exiohehari in Yesod) is meat (or matter that hides the light of the Ain Soph) indeed, and my blood (the fires of the heart from Nous) is (solar) drink (light) indeed. He that eats (absorbs the effluvia of) my flesh (or Exiohehari in Yesod) and drinks my blood (Solar Fires of the Atom Nous in the heart) dwells in me (the Cosmic Christ), and I in him.

As the living Father (Kether, the י Iod) has sent me (as Vav in the spinal medulla), and I live (within Vav as Fire) by the (effluvia of the) Father ( יIod in Yesod): so he that eats me (absorbs me through the Great Work of Alchemy), even he shall live by me. This is (the Ain Soph Aur) that bread (or omniscient light) which came down (through Iod, Kether) from heaven (of Atziluth): not as your fathers did eat manna (knowledge), and are dead (without the life of י Iod in Yesod): he that eats of this bread (solar light) shall live for ever.

These things said he (the light of the world) in the synagogue, as he taught in Capernaum.

Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said this is a hard saying; who can hear (understand) it?

When Jesus (the Atom Nous in the heart) knew in himself that his disciples murmured at it, he said unto them, does this offend you? What and if you shall see the Son of man (the Atom Nous abandoning the heart and) ascend up (to the Ain Soph Aur) where he was before?

It is the (solar) spirit that is (and must be) stimulated (in you); the flesh (outcome of fornication) profits nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are (solar) spirit, and they are (solar) life. But there are some of you that believe (hold dear, hook, love, connect) not (to Sexual Alchemy). For Jesus (the Atom Nous in the heart) knew from the beginning who they were (the fornicators) that believed not and who should betray him (through fornication).

And he said, therefore said I unto you, that no man (manas, mind) can come unto me, except it were given (through Sexual Alchemy) unto him of my Father (the Iod in Yesod).

From that time, many of his disciples went back (to fornication), and walked no more with him (betraying the fires of Nous in their own hearts).

Then said Jesus (the Atom Nous through the effluvia of the heart) unto the twelve (powers of the soul ), Will you also go away?

Then Simon Peter answered him (from the pineal gland), Lord, to whom shall we go? You (the Atom Nous in the heart) have the words of eternal life (the light of the Ain Soph Aur). And we (through the effluvia of the heart) believe (hold dear, hook, love, connect to you) and are sure that you are that (Cosmic) Christ, the Son (Chokmah) of (י Iod, Kether that expresses the light of) the living God (the Ain Soph).

Jesus (the Atom Nous) answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve, yet one of you (the power of the sexual glands) has a devil? He spoke of Judas Iscariot the son of Simon: for he it was (the gland that receives the lustful venom blood currents of the liver, related to Nephesh the animal soul ) that (with the lustful current of the m) should betray him (the Atom Nous in the heart), being one of the twelve (powers of the soul ). - John 6: 30-71



I know your works, and your labor, and your patience, and how you cannot bear them which are evil: and you hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and have found them liars. - Revelation 2:2

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