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Introduction to Revelation (Transcription)

The Book of Revelation is a book that is very difficult to understand when we do not know a bit of Kabbalah and Alchemy. Indeed, the Book of Revelation is an alchemical book that requires a lot of meditation and, more than that, a practical life in initiation, because really it is guidance for the path of the Self-realization of the Being.

In English, the name of the master that wrote the book is John. And if we go to the Middle East, they will call him Johanan. In Spanish, which was the language in which the master Samael Aun Weor wrote his books, the name of John or Johanan is "Juan." The fact that this book is written by Juan, Johanan or John, is important because this name is directly related with the Word. Basically, as the master Samael explains in his books, it is related with the seven vowels.

The Meaning of John

In esotericism, we say that we have seven vowels, with the M and the S being the sixth and the seventh. That is why the name of John or Johanan, Juan, is disarranged as the seven letters or seven vowels. I, E, O, U, A, M, S. So when we say John, we say IEOUAMS. So in that word, whether in any language, written in any language, we find hidden the seven vowels. Of course the first is the I, the second is the E, the O the third, the U the fourth, and the A the fifth, M, the sixth, and the seventh is the S. IEOUAMS, that is the sound that we say. Why do we say that the name John, or Johanan, or Juan is related with the Word? Because everything is a crystallization of the Word. That is why in the other Gnostic book, the Book of Genesis, it is written that "God said, let there be light and the light was." In the very beginning. And it is because God creates with the power of the Word. So the whole universe is a crystallization of the Word. That is why in other schools or philosophies, specifically in masonry, they say that in the beginning God geometrisized. And we speak in other lectures about how, when we record the word, our language, in any tape recorder, if we look at the tape in the microscope we discover that the word that we pronounced is recorded on the tape with geometrical figures. So then we discover there that really the Word is geometrical. And when we study matter we will see that indeed matter is formed by different geometrical forms in the microscope, or we will say in the atomic world or molecular world, everything is geometrical.

So behold here also the Gospel of John in the New Testament, which is directly related with Netzach, related with the Eagle (the element Air, the Wind), with the Spirit, and also with the mind. It says:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. - John 1

So in this way, this gospel is asserting that God is the Word, the sound, it is vibration. It is not a person, but a type of energy that crystallizes into different geometrical forms. So the multiplicity of forms that exist in the universe are just the crystallization of the Word. But the goal, the end, or the objective of the Word is really to create or to crystallize the human being, which will be the vehicle in order to express divinity.

We know that God itself has no form. That is why the great Kabbalist Moses, in one of the commandments that he gave at that time said: "You shall not make any image of God." Because really when we want to experience that entity that we call God, we can not give any image of it, because it is the origin of all images, of all forms. But God itself has no image, but it can take any image. And this is something that we have to understand, because sometimes in our experiences we see God in different forms. But it is because our own entity, our own Being, wants to show us his attributes, divine attributes related with our consciousness. But after he appears with that shape, he dissolves that shape because he doesn't need it. So the objective of that entity, the Glorian we will say, in this case, because it is that light, is to create a vehicle in order to express itself into the matter, you see? God needs to express itself in the matter. So he needs a perfect vehicle in order to do it. And this is why God creates the human being, that is the only objective, the only reason in order for that Monad to have form and to express itself in the world of matter.

God needs matter in order to exist. But as it is written in the Book of Genesis; in the beginning the earth is without form, has no divine form, and is void of those attributes. But this is precisely the objective of the self-realization, to acquire that shape which the Bible calls "the human being in the image of God." With this, we are asserting that the image of God that the Book of Genesis talks about does not exist.

It comes into my mind now a certain phrase of Victor Hugo, the great initiate, about Christians, and Jews, and Muslims that follow the book of Genesis, in the way of the dead letter. He said they say that they are made into the image of God, all of them, because they read literally. Then he says, if that is true, God might be very ugly, and really that is precisely the point. If we, as we are right now, are made into the image of God, that God might be very ugly. Psychologically speaking, physically speaking, mentally speaking, and spiritually speaking, all the way. So this is something that we have to understand, because there are many people, whether Jews, or Christians or Muslims, who think that all of this humanity is made into the image of God. Wrong. Very wrong.

This humanity is without form, without shape and void, and darkness is on the surface of the deep: the subconsciousness, unconsciousness, infraconsciousness. That is why we have to state, and to establish. Because if we start the doctrine of this Gnosticism with the point of view that we are already human beings, we are wrong. In many books and lectures we always said human being, the man, etc, for respect. Because it will be very ugly if in all the lectures we will say well, we the intellectual animals, we the beasts, people wouldn't like that. But that is the truth. But we say human beings out of respect, just in order to be polite.

The true word for us is beasts, or intellectual animals, but not human beings. A true human being is a IEOUAMS. A Johanan, a John. We have to create that human being, that John, which is the crystallization of the Word. Because it is God that creates the human being, and he does it through the initiation. That is why in every day of the Book of Genesis, it is written that "God said," and "God said," and "God said." Because it is God that is creating it. That intelligence that is crystallizing, and it is utilizing that chaotic matter which we have in the sexual organs in order to do it. That is a process that we have to learn, and that of course is the mystery of Daath, knowledge, Gnosis, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and that science which is called Alchemy. This is way in which we use the different forces, principles, energies. We have no form, in order to make them form, or in order to create them we need the science; but it is Allah, El, God, who does it.

He does it through the Word. That is why we learn the inner relation of the throat, the laryngeal chakra, with the sexual glands. And that is why we stress the importance of the Word when we transmute the sexual energy. That is why you find that there are different mantras, when you are single, in order to transmute the sexual force, that you have to pronounce. Because the Word exercises certain special influence in the sexual energy, in order to transform it. So those words, mantras, sacred things that we pronounce, are specific vibrations that we need in order to transform that energy. And that is why we need concentration, in order to send that vibration into our sexual organs. This is how the Word creates, and that is why the importance of the seven vowels, in order for that to give shape to that particular matter. That is why in sexual magic we pronounce different mantrams, specifically the mantram IAO, and other mantrams the master Samael explains that should be combined with different vowels.

The word John, Johanan, is related with creation. John, as it is written in the Gospels, was the disciple that was closest to the master Jesus. John is always depicted as resting his head on the chest of Jesus. John is related precisely with the heart, or as we know, with the Thymus gland. In the heart we have the atom Nous, and in the Thymus gland, which is behind the atom Nous, we have John, the child that has to grow and to become a human being. That part of the essence that needs that assistance. And this is how you see that the Thymus gland is related with the moon, and the heart with the sun. And this is how we transform the moon into the sun.

In the beginning of the Book of Revelation the book says; "I, John." When he starts saying "I, John," he's talking about the real human being, the essence which is following the path of the self-realization, which is following the atom Nous.

The very beginning of the Book of Revelation says:

The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him to show unto his servants, things which most shortly come to pass, and he sent and signed it by his angel unto his servant John.

When you read there "the revelation of Jesus Christ," most people immediately associate that with the master Aberamentho who came two thousand years ago, and gave the Venustic Initiation to John, his disciple, which of course we don't deny. It happened like that. But every book that is written Kabbalistically we have to understand internally. All the books written, related with masters, or disciples, are always a guidance for our own internal development. And as the master Samael explains in the book The Pistis Sophia Unveiled, each one of us has to develop his own individual, particular Jesus Christ. So when we read "the revelation of Jesus Christ," we have to understand directly, that it is speaking of our divine particular Nous, atom Nous. And in this case, it is referring to the Bodhisattva, in Buddhist terms.

The Christ

What is a Bodhisattva? First, Bodhi (Sanksrit for wisdom), which in Hebrew is Chokmah, wisdom. So that is Christ, and Christ as you know, is not an individual but a force, and energy. That is why Chokmah, the second sephirah in the tree of life, is associated with the Zodiac, the twelve constellations. And Kether, the Father, the Crown, is related with the infinity. You know that, that the Father and the Son are one. One energy. So that is of course Bodhi, that is Christ. So when we say Christ, Bodhi, Chokmah, the Messiah, we are talking about that Christ, which in Persian terms is called Ahura Mazda, which in Buddhism is called Avalokitesvara. And also Kwan Yin, and also in Tibetan terms, Chenrezig. It is an entity; it is not a person. It is a force. Vishnu is how it is called in Hinduism. And it is called in different names simply for the fact that in the Earth we speak many languages. In Egypt, how did they call that force? Osiris-Ra. So if we study ancient religions we find different names for that entity, which is Christ.

Jesus is another name for Christ, that we always associate with the name יהוה Iod Hei Vav Hei. Jah-Hova. It is the holy name of God, which is a representation of our own divine entity. And as we explained in other lectures, if we place the letter ש Shin between יהוה Iod Hei Vav Hei, we find  יהשוע Iod Hei Shin Vav Hei, or the pentagramma (because penta means five and gramma means letter). If we read that pentagram, and then we read IESHUA. IESHUA means "savior." Meaning, that your own savior is made when your own internal particular individual Monad, Iod Hei Vav Hei, that is written Jah-Hova or Iod-Havah, when that particular entity enters into activity creating with Shin, which represents the three primary forces of Christ; Kether, Chokmah, Binah. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Then it enters into creation, or the creative force of the human being, to create a human being inside. So this is Jesus. That is why Jesus said, "No one goes to the Father but through me."

You have to understand and to comprehend what Jesus is, what the Savior is. It has many levels. When God starts creating inside of you, through the fire, the internal bodies, it is doing it through Jesus. Why? Because God is יהוה Iod Hei Vav Hei inside of us. And that יהוה Iod Hei Vav Hei needs the activity of the three primary forces which are represented in the letter ש Shin, in order to act in the sexual act. These three primary forces of the letter ש Shin; the man, the woman, and the sexual act, in fire. That is the letter ש Shin. This is how God said, so when God said that Word that is pronounced, it is IESHUA. And of course, this is how Jesus unites the human soul with the spirit through the creation of soul, through the creation of the solar bodies. So that is Jesus in one aspect, but it has many aspects. And this is how it is written and explained in Christianity from the Kabbalistic and Hebrew point of view. That is what we call Jesus because it is a Hebrew word, Ieshua. The Kabbalah is a language of the cosmos, or esoteric language, Alchemy. So now you have the word Jesus Christ. So that is Jesus, Christ, or as we said in Buddhism, the Bodhisattva.

So when we finish the creation and we receive the revelation of Jesus Christ. This is what God gave unto his servants. Who are the servants of Jesus Christ? They are those who work with the three primary forces. They are those who work with the three factors of the revolution of the consciousness, represented in the letter Shin, which is always fire, because God is fire. So then you have it. In order to have the revelation of Jesus Christ, you have to develop that inside. And of course it starts by the awakening of the kundalini, which is a Sanskrit word. Or we will say, by the awakening of the bronze serpent, or the serpent of bronze that Moses lifted in the wilderness in order to heal the Israelites, which is of course, Alchemy. Alchemy is in relation with metals. Bronze is a metal made of tin and copper, man and woman. So then you follow here all the basic things that we really should know in order to understand what we are reading. Because if we read just the letter, we just read "John, yeah somebody whose name was John that lived two thousand years ago and that was listening to the revelation of Jesus that was appearing in the clouds," right? But the clouds is the symbol of mystery: this is all symbolic.

So when the Book of Revelation says "the revelation of Jesus Christ," it is saying of course all of that entity of God within each one of us, the outcome of Alchemy, that is of course teaching the consciousness, that is teaching the essence. And that essence of course is our selves, that in the beginning we are learning little by little how to develop. And little by little that essence is growing in different levels, because "John" has different levels.

It comes into my mind in this very moment John the Baptist. You see, another John. And John the Baptist is the reincarnation of El-IAO. Elias. This is how it is said in English, Elias. But in strict Hebrew it says El-IAO. El is God, IAO is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The letter Shin again there, or the holy trinity or triamazikamno, the law of three. El-IAO, the God IAO, or the crystallization we will say, of God. If we want to say it better, the crystallization of God, El-IAO.

Some say that El-IAO was the prophet of Michael, the spirit of the Sun, or the Logos of the Sun. The messenger. It is true! John the Baptist, the master that baptized Jesus of Nazareth two thousand years ago, was really the incarnation of Elias, or El-IAO. But we have to understand or to comprehend that we have our own particular individual El-IAO, IAO. Master Samael Aun Weor explains that there exist the lesser IAO, and the greater IAO inside of ourselves. And this is something very profound that we have to study and meditate upon.

John the Baptist baptized with water, and we know that water is the symbol of sexual energy. John, the Word, is hidden within the sexual energy. We need to be baptized by John, by the Word of God, IAO, in the Jordan of life. This can happen when we transmute the sexual creative waters of life. And this is how that Word, John the Baptist, comes before the crystallization of the Lord, because it is written Jesus crystallizes thanks to John the Baptist. Christ, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, cannot crystallize within each one of us without the help of John the Baptist, without the help of John. So you see there, you associate how the different Johns are related always with the Word in different steps, in different aspects.

When we read the Bible we have to know, which aspect are we reading about? "What is the Bible telling me here, what is this alchemical symbol here?" Because everything is written with a purpose. Not just as the people think, to "believe." We have to study and we have to crystallize that. It is the guidance for initiates, not for believing. Because with mere belief, we just transform ourselves into Pharisees, as the master Jesus of Nazareth said. Hypocritical Pharisees talk but do not accomplish anything, because they don't comprehend it.

So then you see how John the Baptist appears there. But you have to associate that also with the mind. And when we say with the mind I'm not talking about the animal mind, with the ego. No, we're talking about with the man. Because remember that in Sanskrit "man" comes from "Manas," mind. But it is not the animal mind. It is that individual mind, individual man that we have to create in each one of us. Manas. The individual Manas, and we have two Manas according to Theosophy; inferior Manas and superior Manas. But let me tell you, even the physical body is Manas, because Manas itself is matter. When we talk here about matter, we're talking about matter which is molded by the spirit of God through fire.

In the Bhagavad-gita, when Vishnu (talking through Krishna) wants to crystallize he says: "Even though I am immutable, I have no form, once in a while I crystallize, I incarnate. And when I want to do it I do it through my own Maya." Buddhism says Maya is illusion, because matter is always in movement, in transformation; it has no reality in the sense that it is eternal, I mean immutable, always the same, like God is always immutable. But when it wants to be in matter it uses Maya, and that is matter. Or as Krishna says, "I serve myself through my Prakriti and incarnate, and take form." But how does Christ do that, or how does Vishnu, Krishna, do that in order to appear? He does it through fire, because fire is the one that shapes, creates. It is ש Shin. Shin, that fire, crystallizes through the Prakriti, through Maya, and then Christ appears in a human shape, or makes a human being. So then, that is why the Man is called Manas. But I repeat, not that mechanical Manas, or mind that is related with the ego, that appears and disappears and is related with evolution and devolution. We're talking here about this matter which is immortal because ש Shin is within it. This is precisely what we want to state here in order to understand the word John. That is why when I said that John is the mind, I'm not talking about the animal mind, but that man.

Here again, we enter into the New Testament, to the letters of the master Hilarion, Paul of Tarsus, that said that we have to bring the image of two Manas, of two matters, immortal matters. The terrestrial matter and the heavenly matter. The terrestrial man and the heavenly man. Because one thing is a terrestrial man and another the heavenly. The heavenly is the Bodhisattva, the terrestrial is the one that has to die, to pass through a transformation, a metamorphosis, in order to become a butterfly. The activity of these two Manas in the initiation is important to understand in order to comprehend John in different aspects. In the Gospel of John, that he's the one that is not the light, but brings witness of the light. John has to become the Bodhichitta, the very awakened man, completely. It is a great transformation. And that is why when you read the Book of Revelation that Jesus Christ is revealing this through his angel to his servant John.

Jesus Christ is revealing that to John through an angel. Why? You see that when you read carefully the Book of Revelation, people think, "Oh yeah, Jesus personally was revealing that unto John." But it doesn't say that, it says he was revealing that through his angel. Why? Because as we always explain, that particular individual Jesus Christ is an energy that expresses itself through an angel. And what is an angel? An angel is a messenger, or as we say in Sanskrit, an avatar. "Angel" comes from the Greek word angeloi, which means messenger. And the Sanskrit "avatar" means messenger. But in order to be a messenger of Christ, you have to have Christ within. You have to incarnate him, and not only to incarnate him, but Self-realize that within you. When an entity, a Monad, Self-realizes that energy, which is cosmic, and individualizes it in himself, he's called a Logos. Logos is a word in Greek which means Word. A Logos has the power to create worlds, and is a vehicle of that cosmic energy.

There are many levels of course among angels, as you know. But in this case that particular angel that we are talking about here is called in esoteric terms, "archangel," because that archangel has the Archeus or the Argot, the Word incarnated. The Archeus is precisely what we call the To Soma Heliakon, or the Egyptian Sahu, or in Hebrew Mercabah, the chariot where the Monad rides, or where Christ abides. The chariot of course, is formed by the solar bodies, made of gold.

krishna and arjuna in the chariot

Christ creates through the law of three, which is symbolized in the letter ש Shin. Kether, Chokmah, Binah. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But Christ when creating, when that fire is creating, is organizing his creation with the law of seven. That is why we said always that in Kabbalah and Alchemy we have to study very carefully the two laws: the law of three, or the holy Triamazikamno, and the law of seven, the law of the Heptaparaparshinokh that organizes.

In any creation myth, you always find seven. The seven notes, and even in the word "John" (IEOUANS) you find seven vowels. The Word organizes through the number seven. When Christ organizes the Universe and the Solar System, he always does it through the law of seven.

When Jesus Christ appears through his angel, he says "I am the Alpha and the Omega." And you know that those letters are the first letter of the alphabet, alpha, and omega is the last one. Alpha and omega, the beginning and the ending. Alpha is the Word, Omega is the sex. The beginning and the ending.

In that Revelation written by John, he depicts Jesus, or Christ in other words, or that angel, that Logos through which Christ is manifested, with seven stars in his right hand. The seven stars are the representation of the seven spirits, the seven spirits before the throne of God.

The Bible says that there are seven spirits before the throne of God. When you imagine a throne, what do you imagine? A chair, of course, right? And a throne made of gold and an old man sitting there. But in Gnostic Christian Esotericism, we know that "Throne" is a level of the angelic hierarchy related with Binah. The Seraphim are in Kether, the Cherubim in Chokmah, and the Thrones in Binah. Binah is related with Saturn and Jupiter in the Tree of Life, which are related with the solar system. Saturn is called in esotericism "the Ancient of Days." Saturn is worshipped in Greek mythology, appearing in the beginning of creation. And from there come the mysteries of Sabbath, or Shabbath. According to the mysteries of Shabbath, Kabbalah, from there you find the mysteries of God, if you study Kabbalah in Saturday.

The seven spirits before Binah in the solar system are the seven Logos, which are mentioned in different chapters in the Book of Revelation. They are Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, Samael, Zachariel and Orifiel. These are the seven spirits, seven Thrones. They are related with the creative force of the Holy Spirit. Obviously, the angel which is giving the revelation in the name of Jesus Christ to John is one of them, and you know that each one of us is related with one of them, in accordance with our ray.

When we establish this understanding, we have to comprehend and understand that Christ is three, is seven, is twelve, twenty-four, forty-eight, as the master Samael Aun Weor explains in many of his books. There are many fires, or many flames, sparks of the one flame that we study. Christ as flame, as fire, has the power to spread itself in different flames, and it is always the same fire; but every flame expresses itself in different ways. That is why the Book of Revelation is guidance for those who are following the path. That is why it is written, it says, he sent and signed it by his angel unto his servant John. So that angel is the angel related with the particular ray to which that essence, John, or that Manas, that Man, is being created, who bears record of the Word of God.

To "bear record of the Word of God" is something inside of you. That record is the development of virtues, the development of powers, the development of the solar bodies. Our internal spiritual development is the record of the Word of God in each one of us.

And of "the testimony of Jesus Christ," you know that that Jesus Christ is individual in each one of us, as well.

And "of the things that he saw." Of course, that is what in Buddhism is called "insight," internal view. It has nothing to do with the physical world but rather the internal world.

Blessed is he that writeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein, for the time is at hand.

And then it starts, "John, to the seven churches which are in Asia." John, the Word, again. The seven word, the seven vowels, IEOUAMS, to the seven churches which are in Asia. Here you find how people in this day and age still think that the apostle John was writing letters to seven physical temples which were built in Asia. And it is because they ignore that in Kabbalah, we study Four Worlds. The world of Atziluth is the world of Archetypes. The world of Briah is the world of creation. The world of Yetzirah is the world of formation. Assiah is the world of matter and action.


We have to act in the world of matter. Assiah is the fourth world, in which we are right now. The whole initiation, the whole path, starts in Assiah in ourselves, not in the continent of Asia, but Assiah in this physical world. But where do we have to start that work?

We study the doctrine that we are doing in here symbolically, in general, in synthesis. We study the doctrine. And that is the beginning we will say, in order to comprehend how to do, how to act.

We have to start organizing the creation of the human being through the law of seven. In order to create, we need to enter into the Tree of Life. Life is what we need. We need life internally, and the Tree of Life is in our spinal column; that is the beginning. No one can enter into initiation without opening the Tree of Life; he is not entering into Eden. Where does God create the whole Human Being? He does it in Eden, internally. He does it in seven days. And this is precisely what we have to understand.

You write with your right hand or with your left. But before writing you have to think, to use your mind. Before your writing what your mind will dictate you, you have to know, to know what to write. That is Gnosis, this is Daath. We are talking about the mysteries of Daath, the mysteries of the Tree of Good and Evil, the Tree of Knowledge. So when you know that Tree, when you comprehend it with your consciousness, then you have the will of doing it.

We have to have the will of doing it. If a person does not want to do it, it does not matter if he comprehends it.

First, feed the comprehension of the mysteries of Daath, of Good and Evil, of Alchemy. That is first. When you comprehend that, and then you have to have the will, Thelema, to do it. With Thelema you control your mind, and then you teach your mind. That is the Manas, the inferior Manas that unfortunately is filled with ego, with different psychological minds or aggregates that we need to clean and annihilate in order to make order in our internal house.

The mind is the one that goes into action when you write. "To write" means to develop that inside, but you are writing, you are developing, you are doing it, through the seven churches. And that is why a specific study of the seven churches has to be done.

We have to understand that the seven churches are not seven temples in the continent of Asia, but they are seven magnetic centers related with the development of our own particular individual Jesus Christ, our own particular Chokmah, our own particular Son of Man, in seven octaves. Everything is in seven, that is why when you read the Book of Revelation everything is in sevens, and sevens and sevens.

And everything is always related also with the law of three: physical, mind and spirit. We have to develop that in three levels, through the law of seven.

So in synthesis, Assiah, not Asia, but Assiah, represents the spinal column, because the spinal column is the foundation of the physical body. In other words, it is a column. You can have strong legs, but if your spinal column is severed, you cannot walk. If we are standing, if we move, it is because of the spinal column. It is really amazing to understand that, because really, that is the Tree of Life. And in order to enter into the world of esotericism, the world of magic, we do it through the spinal column, through the seven centers, which are associated with the seven chakras.

seven chakras

As you know, the seven chakras have been talked about a lot, but we also have to understand how the seven vowels, the seven Logos, the seven spirits of God, relate to the seven chakras, to the seven churches. To specify, we have to understand that each one of the seven Logos is related with the seven chakras. All of them are interrelated, and this is synthesized in what the Book of Revelation says: "the Lamb of God which is slain from the beginning of the world." The lamb is a symbol of fire. It is "slain from the beginning of the world," because it sacrifices always for the matter, and matter exists because of that fire that always gives form to the different elements in nature. Inside of us, of course, we want to do that, but in the divine way. The Lamb of God has seven horns and seven eyes. Seven horns because they are the representation of the seven rays, or mighty rays related with the seven Logoi. Seven eyes because they are related with the seven chakras. So there you find that it is one fire, one lamb, with seven aspects. But this is one unity, which is fire, is the Hebrew letter Shin. This is how we study it and we see it, and from that point of view we enter and understand that this is not related with the physical world, as many people think.

It is written there; "I, John..." You see, the internal man created. "...was in the day of the Lord." What is "the day of the Lord"? The Lord, as you know, is the solar light; as we said, Christ is the solar light. That is why the solar light in synthesis is called in Kabbalah the Ain Soph Aur, the unlimited light, because that light, Ain Soph Aur, expresses itself through all the suns, and when we point to the sun, that is one of them. We will say that all the suns are just like atoms of a gigantic cosmic body that form the physical body of Christ, if you want to have that image. Our own particular Sun is just one of the atoms of the Ain Soph Aur through which that solar light expresses. And that is why Christians, in the beginning, were pointing at the Sun, and they were saying always, "Our lord Jesus Christ, the Sun," pointing at the Sun in the sky. But of course, it is not like the ignoramuses think, that they were worshipping the Sun because they didn't know that the Sun was the center of the solar system, whatever, and all that ludicrous explanations that they give, thinking that ancient people were worshipping the stars because they didn't know. They understood what the stars were. And the ancient people said, "our Lord Jesus Christ, the Sun," because they understood that our own particular individual Jesus Christ within is the outcome of the solar light of the Ain Soph Aur, that energy which is everywhere, and which is life. So then, the day of the lord is Sunday, or "the day of the Sun." That is why ancient Christians said that we should worship the Lord on Sunday. Of course, all the days are the day of the Lord, but it is specifically the day in which the Sun is vibrating, astrologically speaking. And that is the genuine Sunday, which is our current Wednesday.

The days of the week as we know in this day and age are confused; the days of the week were changed centuries ago. What we call Wednesday is really Sunday. The only day which is not changed is Saturday.

kabbalah-the-tree-of-lifeWhen it is written, "I was in the day of the Lord", it means that John was in ecstasy in the sphere of Chokmah, or united in the sphere of Tiphereth, because Tiphereth is related with the Sun. When we talk about Chokmah also, which is the solar light, every single star of the Zodiac is a Sun that shines in Tiphereth. Right? You see and understand that in Chokmah, which is ruled by the Zodiac, all of those stars or Suns which are related with the Zodiac shine in Tiphereth, which is related with our own particular, individual Sun. So to be "in the day of the Lord" means out of the body, united with Chokmah. It is written there, I was "in the spirit," not physical. He was not seeing that as people think, that he was on an island wherever that Patmos is, that he was seeing his visions physically, no. "I was in the spirit" he says, meaning, out of the body, in Atman. In the Spirit, in the Monad, united with the Lord, and he saw all that Revelation. And if we want to point to the physical body, we have to state that in order for us to receive that and to bring it into the physical body, we need a vehicle, because we are in the Spirit receiving the revelation.

Obviously, the Book of Revelation was written in the physical world. So can you tell me how John, the internal man, was receiving those visions and bringing them into the brain? Which gland was he using? Of course, we know that the pineal gland is the door to heaven. The pineal gland is that chakra that opens the internal worlds. So that "island" in which he was, esoterically speaking, was the pineal gland. He was there in the pineal gland. But in order to be in the pineal gland, you have to remember yourself, consciously speaking, by controlling your mind in meditation. When someone in meditation succeeds to control the ego, to control the mind, he or she immediately concentrates or establishes him/herself in the pineal gland. That is why Descartes said that the pineal gland is "the seat of the soul." It is, but we have to remember ourselves. So when we do that remembering and when we meditate and we continually observe and remember ourselves, then the pineal gland is developed.

If we succeed entering into Samadhi (ecstasy), then we enter into "the day of the Lord," in the Spirit, because we escape as soul and unite with the Spirit. John, united with the Spirit, sees the Logos, and this is how the Logos guides, which is "the Sun of midnight." Midnight, because it is not during the day. You have to leave your physical body. And usually when people sleep is at midnight. So the Sun of midnight is that Sun, that star, Christ, which shines in the internal planes, and appears through the pineal gland. Physically, you have to establish yourself there in that island, or Patmos, distant from the physical world. And the Buddhists state "under the Bodhi tree," - the Buddha under the Bodhi tree was precisely in the "island of Patmos," having his revelations. I invite you to meditate and to concentrate in that, because really, that is the base.

You see, when we want to enter to a study the Book of Revelation or any book of the Bible, we have to know how, from the spiritual point of view. Not study it intellectually, because with the intellect, just with the intellect alone, is wrong. I am using my intellect now here to communicate with you, but my intellect is just a tool. I utilize the microphone in the same way I utilize the intellect. But if I want to understand scripture with the intellect alone, it will be wrong. I comprehend scripture with my consciousness, I experience it, I live it, I practice it. And then, I give a lecture, and utilize my intellect in order to approach you. But the intellect is nothing but a vehicle in order to express the knowledge. In this case, we will say that it is John.

To extend more only in this theme, you can ask questions in order to specify and to clarify things, because there are more things to say, but I want to establish this in order for you to understand the lectures that will come after this one.

Questions and Answers

Audience: Is Joshua from... who is Moses' student, is he the same Yeshua that you were talking about earlier with the Shin in the middle of the word?

Instructor: In the Old Testament,  they write it in other ways [יהושוע]. But Joshua יהושוע obviously means the same as Jesus יהשוע. And behold here, the one who enters into the Promised Land is Joshua, right? That tells you a lot. Right? Because when you read the book of Exodus and how it is explained, of course that is a very high level in the Tree of Life that we have to comprehend and to understand. Moses is the willpower that collects all the parts of the Being, which is Israel. And you collect that inside of you, and then the next step is to enter into the Promised Land, which is the fourth dimension, which Joshua enters. And once there, you have to develop many other things, symbolic, Kabbalistic things that we have to comprehend and to understand.

In ancient times, that knowledge was given only Kabbalistically, but Jesus of Nazareth came and with his own life taught with examples, even though it is still veiled.

In order to comprehend this, we need to be practical Kabbalists and alchemists. We need to study a lot of symbology in order to comprehend and to develop our own particular John. That John knows a lot of Kabbalah, knows a lot of Alchemy. That is why John is in relation with the Word. And Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist, and John is always on the chest of Jesus. And after that John received the revelation. Because in the beginning was the Word.

Audience: You were talking about the Manas, which is the mind in Sanskrit?

Instructor: Manas in Sanskrit, yes.

Audience: Does that have any relation to the manna that was raining on Israel during their time in the desert to feed them?

Instructor: Well, that is a similar word, or pronunciation: the Manna in the desert that was coming from God in order to feed them in the wilderness. Well, that is what we call "the super-substantial bread," or the comprehension of the Word of God that you receive when you meditate. Which is, we will say, is associated with the Sanskrit manas, because your mind will be nourished by that type of knowledge. When you understand and comprehend the meaning of the Word of God in different ways, and you apply it to your life, that is Manna, right? Because it is certain that you are hungry, you want to be fed, and that is precisely the meaning of that. But when you say that the Israelites were hungry it doesn't mean physically, right? Because that would be really ludicrous, to think that God was giving them some food there in order to be physically alive. It means the consciousness.

In the beginning, when you start walking in this path, you are thirsty, you are hungry for knowledge, you want to know how to walk, you want to know what to do. And that is why new students have many questions. And then, of course, we give them some "food" - Manna - which is the real meaning. So when they receive that manna they are happy. In the path of initiation, we are always hungry for knowledge, no matter in which level we are developing; we always are hungry for knowledge, for guidance. And that is why we go to the instructor, we go to our guide, and we always ask our guides, and then we ask "Please, explain this, I had this dream, I want to know what step to take, for this, for that," right? Because we do not understand. But the best explanation we always give is: "Meditate." Because your inner God can give you that manna. And then you feed and then you feel happy, because then you are being guided in the wilderness of your life. And that is precisely what happens with all of us. It doesn't matter in which level you are situated, you always want that manna. That is why it is written that the Word of God is the best manna that enters into the Manas, into the mind, into the man. So we can give that association, Manas, Manna. They might have the same roots, because in the end all the languages come from the golden language, which is the language which is associated with all of the powers of nature and the cosmos. In this way you have to understand and comprehend what is that golden language. Obviously we do not speak that language, that is why we ask for explanations, we ask for questions, we want answers. Because our language is not the golden language. The golden language is recovered when John is created within you and he is in harmony with Christ, with Jesus Christ, with all the apostles, with all the forces of the universe. And then the golden language arises, which understands everything because it penetrates everything.

Audience: Should one speak about Gnosticism with someone else, even if one is not in permanent contact with one's Being?

Instructor: Of course. The fact that we are not in permanent contact with our being is precisely why we have to talk about Gnosis. That is why we need Gnosis. If we were in permanent contact with our Being, still we would need to give the knowledge. Because then we will understand as Jesus, as Buddha, as Moses, as Mohammed, the necessity of helping your fellow man to understand, to comprehend that. But we don't expect you to reach the level of Jesus, of Moses, of Buddha in order to help humanity. We have to help in the level in which we are. Always remember the levels of Being. There are a lot of people above us, and many people below us.

Audience: Regarding the Solar body, is it necessary to experience a body? Sometimes it feels like one is just a point of light. Not sure what level this is though.

Instructor: A point of light? Well, it depends on how you experience it. A body, a solar body, is just a vehicle that you can utilize in order to experience many things. To be just like a speck of light, well maybe that is related with the consciousness. Sometimes in my own experiences, I experience myself completely without the bodies, just the consciousness. Sometimes I experience myself with my mental body, or with my astral body or with my causal body. This is something also that you have to comprehend and understand, you need a lot of knowledge in order to understand what type of experience are you having, in order to not fall into mistakes.

When you start reading the Book of Revelation, you have to establish first that Jesus Christ has to be within you, and when you are starting in the path, that Jesus Christ develops in different levels. You have to develop that within. That is the first step, then comes John. John is you in different levels as well, that you have to develop.

Audience: This question has two parts. What is the difference between astral travel and the transference of consciousness into the projected image of the body. And secondly, can one travel astrally only with a solar body?

Instructor: No, anyone can travel in the astral plane. When we talk about "ourselves," we have to understand that "ourselves" is the consciousness; we are the Essence. That is precisely the point here that we have to understand; we are the Essence. And as the Essence, we can travel within the ego; if we make effort, we can travel with the protoplasmatic bodies in Limbo, and have experiences in the astral plane. Within the protoplasmatic bodies, if we awaken. It is the case, for instance, of this great disciple of the white lodge, Paramahamsa Yogananda. He practiced Kriya Yoga, and he awoke a lot of powers and Siddhis (Siddhis, powers, which is the same. Virtues). And he utilized his protoplasmatic bodies in Limbo, and also, out of those protoplasmatic bodies, he enjoyed and experienced Samadhi as Essence, without bodies, and travelled of course in the superior Sephiroth. You can experience even the Absolute as Essence, out of your body. Without ego, without protoplasmatic bodies. That is possible. With your astral body, well, that is easier. The solar astral body of course gives you the opportunity to travel to any place as you wish. The only thing that you need is to be conscious. That is one of the advantages of having a solar astral body. But somebody can have a solar astral body even if the ego is alive, because he is fallen. He cannot utilize it, because he is asleep. In order to utilize the solar astral body consciously, you need to annihilate the ego, to awaken. In the end, you are the one who utilizes those bodies. To have the solar astral body doesn't mean that you have to be awakened, you can have the body and be asleep. But if you are not awakened, you are fallen, it doesn't matter.

Audience: I read that there are thirteen planets in this solar system, including the Sun. Are there six more rays beyond the seven thrones?

Instructor: No, only seven, seven mighty rays. The other five planets, we will say, to make twelve, right? According to The Pistis Sophia there are twelve saviors; the Sun being the center, the thirteenth. The other planets have to accommodate themselves to the seven rays. They have to subordinate to the seven rays. The master says the highest hierarchy in this solar system is the seven. That is the highest, which is Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, Samael, Zachariel and Orifiel; that is the highest. Below them, these other hierarchies that have to accommodate or to arrange themselves under the seven, which are related of course with the other Logoi of the other planets. Because after Saturn, you find Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Vulcan, Persephone and Clarion. They have to align themselves to the seven, below the seven. But they are Logoi, and of course they are related with what master Jesus says, the twelve saviors related with the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve apostles. Each one of them have their particular part in each one of us. In the book The Pistis Sophia you read about twelve, and about twenty-four. The twenty-four of course are related with the Zodiac, Chokmah. Twenty-four elders of the Zodiac, the twenty-fourth mystery which is very profound.

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