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As you know, the Book of Revelation is one hundred percent Kabbalistic, and only through knowing Kabbalah and Alchemy is it possible to understand its mysteries.

Remember that all cryptic symbols always contain seven levels of interpretation, because everything develops according to the law of seven. The law of seven is the law that organizes - it is the law that we call the law of the Heptaparaparshinokh - so any symbol develops under its influence. In this way, you have to comprehend that we are unveiling the Book of Revelation in that level which is in relation with ourselves, with the development that we have to perform inside of our own psyche, our body, our spirit. All of us.


We are entering into the World of Fire because the church of Pergamus, which is related with the Chakra Manipura, is related with the element of Fire. You should know that each chakra is related to an element. We said that the chakra Muladhara is related with Earth, the chakra Svadhistana with Water, and now the chakra Manipura with Fire. So we are entering into something beautiful, since we know that it is written that God is Fire; that is why INRI was written the atop the cross of the crucified. In Latin, it means Igneus Natura Renuvatar Integra: the fire renews nature constantly.So the church of Pergamus starts as follows:

"And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges..."

As we said in other lectures, the Logos, Christ, is divided into seven parts, main parts of our solar system, or of any solar system. In any solar system, there always exists an exalted family, a high hierarchy related with these seven parts of the Cosmic Fire, which in Kabbalah we call the Ain Soph Aur.


The Ain Soph Aur is related with that which we call the ray of Okidanokh, which is the first emanation of the Ain Soph, the Absolute. It is the Pure Light that has the power of manifesting the power of the Absolute into matter and energy. So the Ain Soph Aur is what in Greek we call Kristos, and in Latin we call Lucifer; the first emanation of the unknowable divine. There are many mistaken interpretations concerning Lucifer because the Catholic Church and many other sects of the Middle Ages misunderstood many Kabbalistic and Alchemistic symbols. This lecture will give us a clear explanation about that mistake, because Lucifer, as you know, is a Latin word which means "Carrier of Light". Luci- in Latin comes from the word lux, which means "light", and Fer is "carrier". So the "Carrier of Light" is obviously Fire; where there is fire there is light, where there is light there is fire. That is why Samael Aun Weorattributes the meaning of Lucifer to "light" and "fire", the fire being the carrier of the light.

So Lucifer or the carrier of light - that Fire - is the Ain Soph Aur, which is the first emanation of the Ain Soph, which itself is divided into three: the three primary forces. And, of course, the three primary forces are what we call in Kabbalah Kether, Chokmah, and Binah; and what in Christianity is called the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Four Worlds of KabbalahThe World of Atziluth, the world of Archetypes, is the first manifested world that comes from that ray of creation. It is a place, of course, at the core of the Sun. Any Sun is, in and of itself, a physical vehicle for that spiritual light which is not located in the three dimensional world, but rather belongs to the seventh dimension. And this is what we have to comprehend, because the solar light that we see in this three dimensional world is nothing other than the unfoldment of that light that resides in the seventh dimension, for which the physical sun is a vehicle. So every Sun in the infinite space, we will say, is like an atom; and if we reunite all of the suns of infinite space, then we can construct a physical body with them, and that will be the physical body of that Light that we are discussing here. So, in synthesis, we say that any sun is the central focus of the light which emanates from the Ain Soph Aur. And that is why when we talk about the three primary forces of the universe, we always point to the sun, since it is the crystallization, the matter for those three primary forces, which is what we call hydrogen.

So that solar light travels through space, as you know, and enters into the atmosphere of all the planets. Concerning the planet Earth, we know that this solar light exists in the atmosphere thanks to the law of gravity. The law of gravity is a variation of that law which is called the Law of Downfall. The Law of Downfall is related with involution, or the way in which the light of the Absolute descends into matter, involutes to become matter. This is how that light, which is the first emanation of the uncreated Absolute, cosmic, abstract Father, enters into the universe and falls into matter. That is what is called the "fall of Lucifer".

Remember that we are speaking here from an Alchemistic-Kabbalistic point of view. We are not referring to any particular individual but to the Light of the Absolute, the Ain Soph Aur, its descent. So that Lucifer that we speak of, in the beginning was beautiful, was the Ain Soph Aur; but as it descends into the different dimensions and cosmos, it loses its beauty, its splendours. And when it enters into the matter it becomes black, because it is within matter - but it is the same force.

PrometheusOf course, this reminds us of that great mythological story from the Greeks about Prometheus. Prometheus is, of course, Kristos-Lucifer. According to the Greeks, Prometheus steals the fire from the sun and takes it down to Earth and gives it to man. There is, of course, marvellous wisdom hidden within this myth that we have to understand. Lucifer descends from the Ain Soph, from that Solar Light, and enters into the planet and is placed in the atmosphere, because the sun deposits its energy during the day into the atmosphere. This is how Prometheus takes the fire of the sun and places it in the Earth. But it is also written in the myth of the Greeks that this Prometheus gives the fire to man. How does that solar light enter into the human being? Here is precisely where we have to comprehend and understand the physiology of the human being.

Remember that we have another body beyond the physical body, which is called the vital or ethereal body. This vital body is related with all of the chakras that we talk about, because in the physical body we find only plexuses. Here in this area of the abdomen, between the pit of the stomach and the navel we have that which we call the solar plex. Why is this called solar plex? Because we have a vortex of solar energy in this area. That is why we always teach that in order to perform a conjuration, you must place your left hand on your solar plex, because that will take that solar energy -which is Christ - and send it through the three fingers of your upraised right hand to the entity that you want to conjure or reject when defending yourself. It is because in this area, we have the solar force. How do you take that energy from the atmosphere into your solar plex? Well, we have two plexuses in that area, which are called the hepatic plexus and the splenic plexus; one is related with the liver - hepatic - and the other with the spleen - the splenic. Both vortices gather the solar energy that the sun places in the atmosphere during the night when we are sleeping, and this is how Prometheus (fire) enters into the body of the human being.

That energy that we call Lucifer or Christ, is the Ain Soph Aur. You know that the liver is the main organ related with the creation of blood in the physical body, and the spleen with the creation of red blood cells. That is why it is written that the blood is a vehicle of the spirit, because the solar spirit and the blood transform into semen, sperm and ova, and all that substance that we have in our sexual glands. Here is how you have to understand why Lucifer is related with the sexual force. This is how the physical body is charged with solar energy during the night.

But, of course, it is written that that gift of Prometheus - that gift of Lucifer - which is the fire, the solar fire, that was given to the human being became a damnation to humanity; because humanity did not know how to handle that fire. Of course, in the solar plex we harbour all of those elements related with our past animal behaviour. Meaning that when we were animals, that energy was working in accordance with the law of the Monad - mechanically, but perfectly. Likewise, we can affirm the same thing for when we were in the plant kingdom and the mineral kingdom.

If we use our sense of intuition, we will see that the two aforementioned chakras are related with the two inferior kingdoms, and now we enter into the animal state, which is the chakra Manipura - which, presently, is working against us. Remember that according to the myth of Prometheus, it is written that Prometheus gives a lot of virtues or attributes to all of the animals, but that when he starts creating man, he has nothing for him. The human being is left weak. Prometheus asks himself, "What will I to give to this creature? Because I have already given all of the powers and attributes to the animals!" And then he says, "Well, the fire," meaning the way in which we can take advantage of the Fire. But since the human being received the knowledge Daath - of the Fire - he didn't know how to handle it. And you know that the brother of Prometheus, who is Epimetheus, was the outcome of that mistake.

With him (Epimethus), Pandora opens the vase (or box) of all the diseases, defects, and vices that we have right now in the physical body; meaning that they misuse the box, the sexual force. They use it in the wrong way and so this is the outcome. Therefore Jupiter, or Zeus, takes Prometheus and chains him to the rock; meaning that that energy, that solar force, is chained to the rock of sex, to this area. Not only to the sexual organs, but also to the solar plex because the myth says that a vulture comes every day and eats at Prometheus' guts. This means that, during the day, the ego of lust eats the guts, the solar energy, and so does any type of ego because in this area we have all the animal appetites.


Remember that there is a saying in English that is used when someone is going to do something bold. You say, "Oh, you don't have the guts to do it." Translation: you do not have the animal courage that is necessary. "Oh my gut is telling me something," meaning your animal, instinctual forces are talking to you or telling you something. It is not as the people think, that their gut instinct is their spiritual level, or soul, no: it is your animal that acts as instinct.

There is a good example in the irrational animals: cats, dogs, horses, etc. When a catastrophe is coming - like a tsunami or earthquake - their guts are working perfectly. So they flee because their Monad is telling them that something dangerous is coming, through their guts, or emotional center. And this is how the animals obey their guts in a perfect way; but we are in the human state, or trying to enter into the human state, so our guts have turned against us. Because it is written, that we have to eliminate all of the animal elements in order to enter into the human state. We have to transform the instinct into intuition; we have to transform our negative emotions into superior emotions.

All of the negative emotions that we feel in this area are one hundred percent animalistic. A lecture that the master gave many years ago about Alcionecomes to mind - the rings of Alcione which are, of course, the solar energy. He says that when that energy enters into the solar plex, people cannot control it, and instead of using it in the positive way, they use it in the negative way. So do you see the relationship there?

Negative emotions turn people into liars. And it is written that Satan is "the father of lies," the origin of lies. But in the humanoid kingdom, because that emotional aspect has turned against us, instead of Prometheus we have Epimetheus - the one that sees events after they have happened. Prometheus is that capacity to see an event before it occurs. And that is related with this area because here we have the telepathic center that captures the mind of Nature.

You have to understand that it is not just the mind or the thoughts that people send through the pineal gland, because the pineal gland is just the emitter of thoughts. Not only human beings think, but animals also, plants - everything has mind. So this solar plex, which is related with the solar light, is a marvellous sense when it is awakened. It captures mental waves from all of nature, allowing you to know what is going to happen. Because in nature there exists the angels-devas that control the forces of nature, and they send all of these messages out when they are doing something in nature. The animals capture that and flee, but we are lost here; we don't listen that. The wave is entering into your guts but you don't understand it, because there is another liar there - which is your Satan, your ego that transforms those messages in the wrong way.

Even when your gut is telling you something, you say, "My gut is telling me something," but then you rationalize about it. Your animal level is telling you something, but you don't listen to your animal soul, because your intellect is precisely the problem and so you are misguided. So now you understand and comprehend how that solar light, Lucifer, is transformed inside of us into Satan. That is why it is written that we have to transform Satan back into Lucifer. And this is precisely the Great Work that we have to perform. Lucifer was in us through the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms; but because we don't obey the laws of the human kingdom, he is turning into Satan - or that same power that is suffering in the solar plex and transforming in the wrong way.

Lust and all of those egos eat the guts - the guts of Lucifer - bringing Prometheus suffering every single day. During the night, the solar light enters again into the solar plex and renews all of the organs, and the next day the vulture comes again and does the same thing. That is the situation of Prometheus. And of course this happens every day with the solar light, within us.

Of course there is another symbol there, because the Book of Revelation says, "These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges." That double-edged sword is the word of God, the word of Christ, because if you read later into other chapters, it is written that that that sharp sword comes from the mouth of Christ. As we told you in other lectures, this is the Chakra Vishuddha; the chakra related with the throat. And if you look at the image of the Kabbalah, you find that Daath is located precisely in that area of the larynx.

It says that in the beginning God created with the Word and the Word was God. So the word in Daath, in our case is the wisdom, the knowledge - Gnosis. And that is precisely the double-sharp sword or the two-edged sword that gives meaning to everything. When you read a book or hear a lecture, first comes the literal or immediately apparent meaning; but then, if you meditate, or you receive in the internal planes a vision, that chakra gives you the intuitive knowledge of that which is within the book or lecture. These are the two edges of the sword. To develop the Chakra of the throat is the best. And who is in charge of the Vishuddha Chakra? It is Samael - the Fifth of the Seven - and that is why it is written that Samael, Mars, by using the parathyroid gland in the throat, gives the power, the meaning. That is why Samael delivers the synthesis of the knowledge of the gospels, because he has the Word, he has the sharp sword. All the Logoi have a sharp sword, but Samael himself has the duty to deliver that sword to humankind - and that is why we are receiving the knowledge.

Samael is the spirit of Fire, the king of fire. When we do our conjuration in order to invoke the salamanders of the fire, we say "By Samael, king of volcanoes and earthquakes," because he is that magma or fire. He is the king of fire. That is why Samael has been misinterpreted by many Kabbalists and Alchemists, because they don't know about this transformation of the solar light that enters into the body. Samael is the Fifth Helper who places the solar light into the physical body. That is why Samael is called Lucifer, as well. And by the way, און ואור "Aun Weor" in Hebrew means "Light and Strength" - sexual strength - that is Aun Weor, Samael Aun Weor. But Samael is given many explanations by other people in books of Kabbalah and Alchemy who say that he is associated with this angel of the bottomless pit, whose name is Apollyon in Greek, and Abbadon in Hebrew.

Apollyon reminds us of Apollo, the genii of the sun according to the Greeks. Apollo is the God of the Sun, the solar light. Apollyon, of course, is that solar light in the human body which, as you see, turns the solar plex into a destroyer of our own particular Psyche, and into a destroyer of this society. Because all of humanity, instead of having Apollo, the Christic solar light acting positively within them, have the opposite, which is Apollyon or Abbadon. Abba in Hebrew means Father, Adon is lord - lord or father - but we can also apply Aun, which is the strength, the sexual strength. So the strength of the father is there.

That is why in Taoism, when a man is lacking sexual virility, the Taoists or acupuncturists summon unto him elements that will fuel the kidneys and the chakra of the kidneys. Above the kidneys, we have two chakras which are registering our use of the sexual energy - not only in the sexual organs, but in all the organism, because the sexual energy is utilized in many ways and in different levels. So when your chakra of the kidneys weak, it is because the solar force, that sexual energy is being used in the wrong way. So then you have to feed your kidneys, and that is why the Taoist or the acupuncturist gives you medicine for your kidneys, which will nourish your liver, your spleen, your prostate, your uterus, your ovaries, your testicles, and will nourish as a consequence the whole organism. And that is why it is good for any Gnostic Alchemist to take elements that will feed their kidneys, because Karma enters through the kidneys.

This is the mystery of Daath - how Samael is related with the Fire, with Daath, with Gnosis. That is why we are teaching this. When we teach, we have the power of Samael in our throats, in our Verb, in our words; because we are disciples of Samael the King of Fire, particularly if our Monad belongs to the Ray of Strength. But Samael is always present in all of the rays, because remember that Christ is the Multiple Perfect Unity, which acts in different ways according to the individual ray; but is the same energy.

You see now how the Bible says in the Book of Revelation that the great battle, Armageddon, is coming, which is the fight between the forces of evil and the forces of good - but that happens inside of you. The good forces are coming from your heart - the atom Nous - that channel of the Christ. The atom Nous is that element that will eventually grant us the level of Human Being. But those forces have to fight, because you see how the Superior Forces of the Christ have to fight against the inferior, negative forces of Apollyon or Abbadon, which are there in the solar plex. And this is how you see the meaning, when we talk about the fire.

So you have to be careful in order to understand and comprehend how Daath, the forces of Christ, enters into you; and that is why the knowledge, studying the doctrine, is indispensable, because the Chakra Vishuddha gives you understanding of the knowledge, comprehension of that, in order to apply it. That is why we always reject those ludicrous assertions of those pseudo-Gnostics who say that only five books are enough in order to develop. No, you have to study the entire doctrine; that is why the Master wrote many books, because you have to understand all of these points.

That is why there have been so many hasnamussen in Gnosticism - meaning Gnostics with a double polarity. This has happened because some of those Gnostics follow their guts, and they think they are predicting something with their guts; but in their guts, their emotional instincts, they have Satan, who has polarized that fire in a negative way, and everyone has to disintegrate that.

That is why the Master says very clearly that we have to transform our negative emotions. When we are enslaved to our negative emotions, we are disconnected from our Monad, who is the truth. And our negative emotions are very subtle - do you follow that? Do you understand and comprehend regarding this Chakra Vishuddha - I mean Manipura - but they are related because this double-edged sword of God protrudes from Vishuddha and hurts Manipura.

That is why the Book of Revelations it is written:

"I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my Faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth."

You understand that Satan, of course, is not an individual, but the solar force subverted; and that every time we are enslaved to a negative emotion we slay Antipas. Antipas symbolizes that power in this area.

In ancient times, when humanity was not so degenerated, Antipas was alive - that superior sense was alive there in the temple. Thus, humanity was receiving information from nature, and we were commanding nature, because we were obeying the Gods or the angels. But now what comes to my mind is that instead of obeying the Gods, we are obeying our guts - our animal, instinctive emotions. Do you see? This means that you are following your own animal instincts, because here is where Satan's seat is. In other words, here is where we create all of those negative entities that we have.

Samael Aun Weor explains very clearly in his book, The Mystery of the Golden Blossom, how we create negative things in our solar plex. But we also know that we created ego because of fornication, and that is why Satan, or the passionate elements of the fire, works from the pit of the stomach downwards. They cannot go upwards into other chakras.

But, of course, as we say, if we have evil thoughts in the mind, those evil thoughts are immediately attracted by those elements here, by that ego that we have in this area in order to nourish it. That is why, for instance, the Master says in one of his books, that pornography makes one impotent. How? Easy; because when you are watching pornography, that image enters into your mind through your eyes and is immediately attracted by those elements that you have in your solar plex in the lower abdomen, in order to nourish it. They fornicate, they adulterate with it, and in this way they expend the solar energy that the sun places there in many ways through that action. The point is that that energy is expended; so that when you want to perform transmutation, or when you want to do this or that with the solar energies that you should have used instead of stealing the fire from the devil, the devil has already stolen that fire from you. Do you understand that?

This is the axiom that states that you must steal the fire from the Devil. You have to understand what it means to steal the fire from the Devil. To steal the fire from the Devil means to control your Kama Rupa, because in this area of the solar plex you also have the emotional brain. The emotional brain is related with the Grand Sympathetic Nervous System, and that system is the vehicle of the Astral Body (once you have created it). Presently, instead of the Astral Body, we have the Kama Rupa, as you know, and "Kama Rupa" means "vehicle of desire" or passion.

The Kama Rupa is the protoplasmic body that animals have; all animals have their Kama Rupa, and they use that Kama Rupa, the protoplasmic, lunar body, in order to travel in the Astral Plane or in any plane. But unfortunately this Kama Rupa of the animals turns into damnation for us, because that Kama Rupa behaves as animals behave. Fornication and adultery, and all of those animal appetites that are erroneously called human elements, are there. Really, they are animal elements.

This is also related with Nephesh of the Kabbalah, which is the animal soul that we have to transform. It is written that that Nephesh - animal soul - is a donkey, and that donkey has to be transformed into a human being. This is a great task. The only one that can transform Nephesh into a human being is Christ, meaning that we have to work with the fires of the heart in order to transform the donkey into a human being.

And that is why we have the great commandment of the Lord: We must to love our enemies; meaning that you have to transform your negative emotions. You have to transform them into positive emotions, so that you can save emotional energy in order to create the Astral Body. We need to create an astral body, which is our own particular, individual Jesus Christ.

In his letters or Epistles written in the New Testament (after the gospels), Paul of Tarsus says ‘Little brothers or little children I with pain of deliverance until Christ is formed within you', and this is something that we have to comprehend. As we have the Kama Rupa, which is the vehicle of the astral solar force inherited from the animals, the way in which the solar light behaves in us is animal; now we have to be born again as human beings, in order to create a vehicle that will transform the solar light as human beings.

And that is the meaning of needing to be born again, if, indeed, we want to enter into the kingdom of the human beings, or the kingdom of heaven. For that which we have to create, the Solar Astral Body, is a vehicle that is called the individual, particular Jesus Christ inside of us - our own human level. This is how we begin, and its process is related with the emotional center. That is why the Master Samael explains that if we misuse the emotional energy, if we don't save the emotional energy, then we cannot create the Solar Astral body.

So we have to take the food from our guts, from our ego, from our negative emotions that are constantly being fed through the solar plex. In the solar plex you find self-esteem, pride, hatred, fear, gluttony, laziness, lust, anger, and many of those defects which are animal and upon which this society, as you can see, is based. This entire society, especially the capitalistic aspect, is based on the egos that we have in that area. Vanity, lust, gluttony...

For your gluttony you have, for instance, McDonald's, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken. There are many places like Starbucks, as well, and places with donuts. For your vanity there are lots of stores that sell beautiful suits, dresses, shirts, blouses, as well as cosmetics. Even in the industry of medicine, there is plastic surgery. If your vanity is not pleased with your face then you can change it - no problem. But that is not for the soul, for the spirit. It is just for your ego, for your instinctive, emotional, animal guts. And you see people appear on TV crying, "Oh! I was ugly and now I am beautiful! I am pleased with myself!" With what? With that ego of vanity, of course!

Lust. Oh, I don't even have to tell you - it is everywhere.

Fear. Well, politicians know about that. They exploit the fear of the people in order to win elections.

The whole of society is related with the ego, with the animal level. Meanwhile, we are said to have "guts"; you see now how we use the word. The "guts" used to indicate that we are humans are really related with animals, not with humans. A human uses his intuition. A human being never uses his guts; he uses his intuition. He follows God, the Monad, through his heart, and he knows he has to control Satan, which are his guts. And by behaving like that, by denying himself, this is how he is saving energy.

It is written that Christ, through the lips of the Master Jesus of Nazareth, said, "Anyone who wants to follow after me has to deny himself." What does it mean, "to deny onself"? It is not just avoiding the activity of your guts or your animal elements. It is also comprehension, meditation; because the consciousness, unfortunately, is bottled up within those animal elements. We have to take it out and place it in the Astral Solar Body. But, of course, there are certain elements in this story of humanity that says, for instance, in verse 14 of this Chakra Manipura: "But I have a few things against thee because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Baalam who taught Balach to cast a stumbling rock before the children of Israel. To it things sacrifice unto idols and commit fornication."

Animal desires feed themselves through sensation-desire. Sensation-desire is precisely that with which the Kama Rupa is related: the way in which you, through your guts, feed your elements with sensation-desire - lust and all types of inhuman elements through that area. The opposite of sensation-desire is sensation-willpower, and willpower is the element that should be under the service of the Monad.

Willpower is that which says "Father, if it is possible take this cup from me, but not my will but thine be done." This is the will power of God, and to acquire it we have to work a lot. Of course, Baalam are those individuals - a symbol of those individuals - that work with the Baalim. We will say that in synthesis, in this area, all of those psychological elements that we have in the solar plex are the Baalim, our own particular Baalim. Baal means in Hebrew, "Mister" or Master - Master of the House. Satan, it is written, is the Master of the House - Baal. So Baalam, of course, is that hasnamuss that follows his guts, even though he knows the knowledge. He follows the doctrine of Gnosis but he is still identified with his pride, with his self-esteem; he is not following the doctrine of Christ.

He is being born again but is not dying, and that is a problem, because then he has two polarities. The polarity that follows the Monad, and the other polarity that follows his guts: anger, vengeance, pride. And that is why in this area we harbour that which we call mythomania.

You see here, the word "myth" is used in another way. Myth means a chest, a box that has something hidden - so of course we understand "mythology." "Myth-ology" means a story within which the wisdom of the Logos is hidden.

But mythomania is different. It is not Mythology where the Logos is hidden. Mythomania is a box in which the mind, the manas, is hidden, which in this case is the animal mind. It is not the Logos, the truth, a beautiful truth; it is a lie, the opposite of the truth. So mythomania, of course, is rooted in the Chakra Manipura, and acts, of course, through the illusions and fantasies of the mind.

You might think that because someone told you that you are "master such and such" and your name is "this or that" that you really are those things. And because the ego down here likes such things, which is the ego of mystic pride, or mystic vanity, that ego will take those thoughts and form a mystic figure that will appear in your dreams as your inner Father; and he will say "It is true. I am your Father and my name is this and that." And then you, the dreamer, will return into your physical body and say, "I am the bodhisattva of such and such master!" And sometimes people do not need someone else to tell them anything; they do it all on their own; here in the solar plex they form that ego.

That is why my advice to all Gnostics is: "Do not believe yourself." When they come to me and they say, "I have had this experience where I was this and that and I see myself." I say "Well who knows; meditate, analyze, because you shouldn't believe yourself." And of course many Gnostics come and tell me many things. I believe them, but I also doubt them. Why? Because I don't believe in myself; I doubt myself. So I arrive at the conclusion that what I should do is to always deny myself.

And God is God no matter what I think. His name will be always His name no matter what I think. If I think that the name of my God is Jehovah, even though the name of my God is not Jehovah, it doesn't matter if I believe it. The name of my God will be what it is. But I can proclaim to the four winds that the name of my God is "this and that" because I have formed some mythomaniac inside of myself. You know, even if your God were a God and a Master, he can take the form of a mythomaniac inside of you that will take the shape of your God and will give you oracles in order to deviate you from your path. That is also happening - it can happen.

That is why we have to be careful with the double-sharp sword that comes from our mouth. To be careful, because only the ego of vanity and pride likes to say, "I am the master this and I am the master that." What humanity needs is the knowledge, the doctrine in order to annihilate their guts, to annihilate their animal levels so that they can be born as children and Gods, no matter what their name is.

The Master Samael Aun Weor gave his name because it was necessary for humanity to know that the wisdom he was giving was not his wisdom, but the wisdom of Heaven, the wisdom of the Cosmic Christ. But here on the Earth, we that are speaking here don't need to give our inner name. Why? Because humanity doesn't need to know your inner name; only you need that.

It is written here in this Chakra Manipura, or Church of Pergamus, that when you overcome your negative emotions, you receive manna from heaven. What is that manna from heaven? You know that when the Israelites were in the wilderness and they were hungry for wisdom, it is said that God gave them Manna. It is not literally food, physical food, but food for the soul. Because it is written, "Not only from bread alone eats the man, but from the word that comes from the mouth of God." That word that comes from the mouth of God is the Manna. It is the superior bread, the supersubstantial bread that nourishes the soul and that arrives when you comprehend an ego.

When you comprehend one of the animal elements that you have in your guts and the manna of wisdom arrives, which is wisdom, virtue, a power, food for the soul, for your spirit - you should follow wisdom and thereafter conquer your negative emotions by practicing sexual magic, rather than continuing with those animal elements by forming a mythomaniac inside of yourself. In this case, this is a symbol of Baalach, which is formed within Baalam. You see, Baalam and Baalach in this symbology are the same, the same individual. Baalam is that negative entity, that Satan that you are creating with a double polarity - a hasnamuss. That Baalach is that mythomania that is being formed there and that you want to believe in, and which if you follow means that you are mistaken and are stumbling on a rock for the work of Nous, the luminous atoms of Israel.

Remember that Israel is a word that comes from Isis and Ra, the solar force of the divine Mother that works in your spinal column. El is God. Israel, the children of Israel,are all of those solar atoms that come from Judah, the solar light, the lion of Judah, Leo. The children of Israel symbolize atoms that rise in the spinal column. So, of course, if you are identified with your Baalam - Baalach - if you are still working from your own particular Satan instead of your own particular God, that fire doesn't go up. And that is precisely why the Master says that this path is full of dangers inside and outside. There are initiates or many students that are identified with their own particular Baalam and Baalach, and they appear before others like great illuminated Masters. That is why we like to teach only the teachings of Samael, because this is what humanity needs.

Humanity doesn't need to come and to worship you, because the one that wants to be worshiped is the ego. Humanity needs to learn how to worship their own God, how to follow their own Guru, their own Master within - not without. In my case, for instance, sometimes I am very strong in my speech, even with the students, and joke around because I don't want anybody to follow me. Because that would be stupid. Everyone has to follow his own God - his own Angel in order to create his own particular Jesus Christ in order to go to his own Father. And this is precisely by doing the work, as we must.

"But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication. So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate."

You see how it says in verse 15: "So hast thou also then that hold the doctrine of the Nicolitians, which things I hate." Those Nicolitians, in this case, are those elements that we have in this area, the Baalim that like to fornicate. How many Nicolitians do we have inside? Because the Nicolitians, according to history, were individuals who practised Black Tantra. They were trying to awaken, you see? To awaken the fire of Satan, which is the Kundabuffer, the tail of Satan. And, of course, the Nicolitians utilize the solar force in the negative way in order to fortify Satan within themselves; and then the Kundabuffer develops and they awaken, and they see things and they think they are OK because they are awakening.

We have to awaken in good and for good, because it is written that Christ, the inner Lord, hates the deeds of the Nicolitians - black Tantra. But remember that those Nicolitians are within us. Every lustful ego in this area dislikes transmutation, dislikes chastity. They like to fornicate, and that is why we carry the Karma of fornication and adultery in this area, since we committed adultery and fornication in the past, because of our guts.

My guts tell me that that woman likes me, so I go after her and fornicate and commit adultery and all the other things we have in this area. That is why the Master said in one of his books that our karma is placed in the liver. This is how, you see, the Hepatic plexus transforms the solar energy for our own particular Nicolitians.

So, of course, to work with the fire is to work with the emotions, because that the fire is the origin of everything. Temptation is fire; triumph over temptation is light. Now we have to find and fight the consequences of our own past fire: actions, past deeds which are written in the kidneys, in the liver, in the prostrate, in the sexual activities. Repent. But in order to repent, we have to comprehend.

"Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden Manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it."

True repentance occurs when we comprehend the ego. It is not there simply by acting fanatically - fanaticism is no good. We have to comprehend what we have to annihilate. That is why many students don't advance, because they just avoid - they don't comprehend. When you reach comprehension, and as a result chastity is being born not only in the physical plane but in all the planes, that chastity is being born little by little. It is being born as we meditate and comprehend lust in the 49 levels of the being or the 49 levels of the mind. It is not something that you will acquire in one week or one month or one year. It is a whole process.

Before entering into the Absolute, you have to defeat the devil. That is why it is written that there are many fallen angels, because Lucifer, the solar fire, is always there. Solar light is everywhere; in the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, in the angelic kingdom, in the logoic kingdom, everywhere. And the Absolute is the origin of that solar light and upon reaching it you are free. This is something that we have to understand. It says repent or else, you see? That ‘else' means: "Well, if you don't repent, if you don't want to do the work that's okay, because nature will disintegrate your defects for you with the fire, with the atomic fire of the ninth sphere." There is hell: you will disintegrate in about a thousand years if you are an average person - that is good - and if you are an evil person, well more than a thousand years but you will be disintegrated. This is "repent or else".

But for those who follow the path it says, "I will come unto thee quickly and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth." How is the Lord going to fight with the sword of his mouth? That sword is the Word, when that word becomes flesh. If you follow the path of the Lord, then that word, the Verb of God, Christ, will incarnate in you, will become flesh in you and will fight with the power of the word in your initiation to completely disintegrate the three traitors within yourself.

Chakra Manipura

The typical image of the Chakra Manipura contains an inverted triangle. That inverted triangle is a representation of the three negative, or evil, friends of Job; the three brains or the three demons that we have. The three traitors of Christ: Judas, Pilate, and Caiaphas. Or the three traitors of Moses: Shatam, Avidam, Korda. There are many names in different philosophies and schools for these three traitors that are rooted here, do you see? That inverted triangle of fire is found in the Manipura Chakra, but it is related with your intellectual center, your emotional center and your instinctive-motor-sexual center. And if you overcome all of that, you receive a small stone, the stone of Truth.

The rock upon which you are building your own temple is the Astral Body. When you receive the Third Initiation of Fire it is because you overcame Satan in the emotional aspect alone; because afterwards you will have to overcome Satan in the Mental aspect, related with the Sephiroth. But obviously each level contains all three aspects: Mental, Emotional, and Sexual. So when you overcome that level of Hod - Glory - and possess the Astral body, internally you receive your true name. Why? Because that Solar Body is divine, is immortal. And so you receive the name of your God for the first time. If your God allows it, you will remember that name in the physical plane; if not, He won't allow you to remember that name, because it is His and not your name.


The name that we have here is just an accident. That is why when people are identified, saying things like: "Oh this is my name, this is my family, this is the name that I was born with, this is my last name," whatever - it is bologna. Your true name is immortal, eternal. It cannot be erased even if you want to erase it from yourself. You cannot erase it because it belongs to your Monad. That is the true name that you have - the other names don't matter. That is why Count of Saint Germain comes to mind now. Every time that he appears he utilizes a new name. Cagliostro also utilizes many names. Why? Because in this physical plane, you have to choose a name according to the epoch, according to the circumstances in order to fall in accord with society. But the inner name is sacred. You cannot change that - the physical name comes and goes. It is really related with death.

So that is the name that we have to fight to find; and if you find it keep it for yourself. Don't proclaim to the four winds that "my second name is this and that." When have you seen a great Master doing such a thing? There is a great master alive - the Dalai Lama. He is a great Master, he is a reincarnation. I don't see him proclaiming his name to the four winds. That is because he responsible, he knows that it is sacred; he doesn't need to proclaim his inner name.

Questions and Answers

Question: How does the Being receive a name?

Answer: The name of the Being is related with its own vibration, with its own nature. When the Monad emerges for the first time from the Absolute, that Monad is a Word, you see? It is like, for instance, saying that the Absolute utters a name, which is part of its essence, and that name goes out. That is the Monad and that is the Word; so every Monad is in itself a word, a name. When Samael, for instance, was created, the Absolute or the Ain Soph says "Samael," and Samael came into existence, and that was the Monad. "Michael," and that was there. Because, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." So when you pronounce your name, your true name, you are naming your own God, its own essence. That is why the Master says that only those who have completely annihilated their own ego have the right to pronounce their name if they want to, or in any circumstances. Maybe sometimes the law demands it, but it is not necessary.

Question: The talk about the guts and all that... sometimes when you are in a situation that is dangerous you feel it there in your solar plex like a warning. It is not intuition, because intuition you would feel more up here, right? So you are saying not to follow your guts. But my guts, for example, have helped me in situations that have been dangerous. So to an extent we have to follow our guts in those dangerous kinds of moments.

Answer: Okay, let us explain this. Remember that we are 97% animal and 3% human. When I said we don't have to follow our guts, I meant the Baalim, I meant the Nicolitians. All of those animal elements that we have there. But I also said that in this area we have the telepathic center which receives the waves of Nature. Obviously Angels, our own particular Guardian Angel as well, sends thoughts - even our God does. Sometimes when I am in meditation, I receive a thought and then I analyze: "Oh this is not my thought. This is not from my gut. This is a thought sent by my God and captured by my telepathic center." Like that, intuitive thought that tells me something and then I analyze. When I give a lecture, beforehand I meditate on what I am going to talk about, and when I don't understand something I say, "My God, what is this?" And I just stay there and - shump! - comes the answer. "Oh I understand." This is called "Kabbalah", because Kabbalah means to receive.

So when you are in your daily life, of course, the angels, the forces of nature are always warning people. Animals receive that information through their guts, through the solar plex in this way, and they obey because they have no conflict with their intellect. But the intellectual animals also receive that warning, only they are very occupied with their vanity, with their selfishness, self esteem, with their greed, with their anger, with their lust - so they don't care and they don't pay attention to what their guts are saying or what the information that is received there is. It so happens, for instance, that sometimes when you are talking with somebody you can suddenly think to yourself, "I don't know why I'm suddenly thinking about this other person" and in five minutes somebody is ringing at the doorbell and you see that it is the person you were thinking of; meaning that that person was thinking of you and you were receiving the information through your guts, you see? So in this way you have to understand that your guts are always telling you many things (since it is the telepathic center), but you should never "follow your guts"; meaning you don't have to follow your instinctual, negative, animalistic forces, understand?

Question: For example sometimes I feel that. I feel something negative, and I feel fear. That could also be my ego just playing with me in a sense.

Answer: Exactly. Or it might be, let's say, for example, that you are working for a company and suddenly you have a hunch, or your guts tell you that you are going to be fired. That thought is captured by your ego of fear because you have no faith in your God, so therefore you also feel fear in this area. The information might be right, but the way that you are transforming that information is wrong. Do you understand that? You have to have faith in God. You could rather say, " what if they fire me? I am going to be alive, I will find another job, no problem. Why should I identify with something that will pass sooner or later?"

Question: But also, couldn't you be picking up, say for example, the fear that other people are feeling? Say you are in a situation where you don't know what is going to happen, maybe there is some kind of imminent danger. You could be picking up the fear of other people as well surrounding you.

Answer: You always capture the mental waves of people no matter what they are feeling through your solar plexus. Always.

Question: Say you are in a situation, for example, in a place that has many people who are very, you know, lustful. Like in a bar. That is why we say it's not good to be in a place like that, because you are capturing all that...

Answer: Exactly. This is how the Master says that if you go to a place where people are always thinking of lustful things, obviously your telepathic center will capture that and will feed your ego. That is obvious. That is why we always have to be careful where we go, etc. etc., and that is also why it is best to go to nature where the animals etc. obey the law - they are not degenerated like we are degenerated. And remember that we emit thoughts with the pineal gland - with the brain - but we capture them with the telepathic center in this area in the solar plex.

Question: But then by living, for example, in a city, where we have so many people around us...Obviously we have houses where there are people living above us, people living below us, people living beside of us. We are also receiving so much of those thoughts, feelings, and energies from those people; so we are in constant stimulation of our center. That is why so many people live in cities than say, for example, in the country.

Answer: That is why the Master says that those who self-realize in cities, obviously develop a very strong willpower. They become Masters with a strong willpower because they are constantly at battle. And, of course, that is why the Master gave us so many weapons: "Helion, Melion, Tetragramaton", for instance.

I am conjuring against you right now, because you have many questions. I am protecting myself. (laughter)

Another question?

Question:How is it that Black Magicians and Negative Entities can disable us through the solar plexus?

Answer: It is easy. Why do the witches and black magicians, and everybody else - politicians and propaganda advertisements on TV - move us? Why? Because they utilize those guts, the animal elements that we have inside and that enter into your plexus. And then you become a slave, a marionette for those that want to move you. Somebody wants, for instance, for you to smoke this cigarette. If you have that vice they will put a woman there, or something sexual, and then you will go and buy that brand. Or you want this - even buying a car, for instance - they always associate cars with sex. Why? Because it is what humanity likes. They attack us through that, and we are attracted to it and we go and buy the car that they want us to buy. This is how they disable us, because we are not following our inner God, but rather, the wills of other people. This is called Black Magic.

Question: Can you explain the practice of the Holy Eight and the relationship of the Solar Plexus with the Lunar mind?

Answer: Well, the practice of the Holy Eight is the way in which we learn how to transfer the solar atoms in the solar plex into the head. As well, we place the negative atoms of the Lunar mind that we have in the head into the solar plex, in order to make our mind solar for a while. But we have to understand the meaning of all this, because we are talking here about the inferior manas, which is not the Solar Mental body. viparitakaraniThe inferior manas is a protoplasmic lunar body that the animals have. And of course, this depends on the forces of the solar plex. But when we want to Christify, or to Solarize that mental body, we can do the practice of Viparitakarani Mudra, and then the Solar Fire of the solar plex is transferred to the head and the lunar atoms of the animal mind are transferred to the area of the guts, the animal guts - so that later on, we can transform them. That helps, of course. That was the question, right?

The Holy Eight is when you imagine a Holy Eight starting from the navel, forming one current of solar light which travels to your head and another coming from your head going back down to the navel filled with Lunar light. Meanwhile, you are praying and doing the Viparitakarani Mudra. That is a nice work that anybody can perform in order to help in his or her development.

The solar plex is, of course, an accumulation of solar light. We are not transferring, of course, the guts or the animal negative emotions into the head - no. We are transforming that solar energy that is placed everyday in the solar plexus to the liver and to the spleen, utilizing that in their positive way; because most of the time you use it in the wrong way.

Question: Why does Sivananda say that we can awaken the powers of the Chakras by concentrating and meditating on them? Don't we need Alchemy to do this?

Answer: No you can do it, but of course through meditating on it, you have to annihilate all of those egos related with it. It is not that meditating on it and concentrating on it is enough. Sivananda says that in a very synthetic way. That is why there are many followers of Sivananda that have been concentrating on a chakra for years and years, and yet meanwhile acquire nothing because their guts are full of egos. We have to meditate to comprehend that in order to develop the positive fire. Otherwise we can awaken in a negative way as black magicians - but that is another thing.

Question: Concerning Lucifer, how should we understand the following quote from The Perfect Matrimony? "When the paradisiacal human being fornicated he then penetrated into the kingdom of the Lucifers. The human being of this day and age is Luciferic."

Answer: Well that quote is related, of course, with the kingdom of desire. It is talking about that Luciferian force transforming into negatively, becoming Satan. In other words, that Solar Fire called Lucifer became Satan, or Shatan: the enemy. You have to understand that this humanity is Luciferic, meaning that it is using the power of Lucifer as animals. If you use the power of Lucifer as a human being, then you will become an angel. Lucifer is the stairway to heaven and the stairway to hell. The thing is that sometimes the Masters don't explain things in detail, but we are explaining here how Lucifer can transform into Satan in this area - but it is the same Lucifer that transforms in a negative way, do you see? The Solar Fire is the creator of good and evil, you have to understand that.

Question: What is the name of the Satanic Atom situated between the navel and the pit of the stomach?

Answer: The name? Call it Apollyon or Abbadon.

Question: Didn't we used to have a Lunar Plexus which switched with the Solar Mind when humanity fell, hence creating the Solar Plexus?

Answer: A Lunar Plexus? Well maybe. Maybe that Solar Plexus wasn't there, but I think that we have it there because we are more animal than human.

Question: Can hasnamussen, like Andromeleck be awakened both positively and negatively?

Answer: This is what a hasnamuss is. The Monad is a Master and the Ego is also a Master. That is a hasnamuss. The Monad Andromeleck, of course, is a great Master of the Ray of Strength. That is why this Being is called the Black Samael or Samael the Black, because of the Lunar forces. In this case we will say that the Apollyon or Abbadon of Andromeleck awoke in evil and for evil, and is now he is a Demon that services the negative devolving forces of nature; he is awakened for evil and by evil. So there is a double polarity.

That is why when you invoke Andromeleck, sometimes the Demon will come and sometimes the Being will come. If the Being comes, He will tell you: "I warn you that my other aspect is awakened, but in evil! So don't believe everything that I say to you." But a Master that is completely dead in all of the egos is a White Master. Between quotations and parenthesis I should say that all of us are hasnamussen, but not like Andromeleck, because we, unfortunately, are psychologically asleep in all of the levels.