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In order to understand the universe and our place in it, we have to analyze the Ray of Creation.

In our depths, each of us has our own particular Ain Soph, our fundamental root, a spiritual “atom,” which Samael Aun Weor explained in his book Tarot and Kabbalah.

Ray-of-CreationThat abstract atom or inner star radiates a light called the Ain Soph Aur, the “limitless light.” In Kabbalah, the Ain Soph Aur is the “limitless light,” an aspect of the Absolute Abstract Space, which is the fundamental uncreated light at the ultimate synthesis of all things. The Ain Soph Aur (“limitless light”) comes from the Ain Soph (“limitless”).

The Ray of Creation, which is the omnipenetrating ray of Okidanokh, is also called Kabbalistically the Omnipresent-Active-Element of Ain Soph Aur. The Ray of Creation is the first emanation of the Ain Soph Aur.

The first manifestation of the Ain Soph Aur (the Ray of Okidanokh) is the Sephirah Kether. The Sephirah Kether is a point in the space in eternal becoming. From it emanates the Sephirah Chokmah, and from the Sephirah Chokmah emanates the Sephirah Binah, making the three of them the Trinity: Kether, Chokmah, Binah.

In relation with the Ray of Okidanokh, there are two Sanskrit terms that we have to study: Mahamanvantara and Mahapralaya.


The prefix Maha is a Sanskrit term that means “great.”

Manvantara comes from two words:

  • Manu implies “a host of beings,” but we will say “minds” because from manu also we find the word “manas,” which means mind. But we have to understand that this type of mind is not like the mind that we use here in the three dimensional world. Manu is a type of intelligence that we call mind. Remember that in different lectures we call the mind Chitta, Nous, Manas. Manu is precisely a group of minds or beings, a group of entities that enter into activity within the Ray of Okidanokh.
  • Antara means “within” or “in between.”

So, translating the word "Manvantara," we will say it is “the Manus, minds, or entities within” the Ray of Creation, within the Ray of Okidanokh. In synthesis, we will say: Manvantara refers to the great manifestation of all of those entities that emerged from the Ain Soph. Usually, manvantara is translated as "Cosmic Day." Notwithstanding, a Cosmic Day needs an intelligence in order to enter into activity.


The other word is Mahapralaya. Maha is “great.” Pra means “in progress,” and laya means “dissolution.” So pralaya refers to “a progress of dissolution” within which the universe little by little dissolves and enters into repose. As an example in order for us to understand this word "Laya" or dissolution, if we put an ice cube within hot water, we will see how this solid cube of ice will dissolve completely within the water, becoming one with the water. So in this way we have to understand that what we call dissolution, does not mean disappearance or annihilation. It means just a “rest” in which all the elements which were active in the Cosmic Day become in repose, in their homogeneous state.

Another word that comes from this same root laya is "Alaya," which means “without dissolution.” Alaya is a synonym of the Ain Soph, which is an element which is always there within the Abstract Space.

The Ray of Okidanokh, the omnipenetrating Ray of Creation, works through different Laya centers within the universe. A Laya center is a border between cosmoses or dimensions in which the energy of Okidanokh passes from one dimension into another, like a hole or tube by which the energy ceases to exist in this dimension and passes to another. The dimension “below” always depends on the one “above.” This is how we have to understand and comprehend the Ray of Creation.

Seven Cosmoses

The Ray of Creation develops in the seven cosmoses.

The first cosmos that appears in action is what we call the Protocosmos or the first cosmos. The Protocosmos exists within the nature of the Ain Soph, or within the nature of Okidanokh, which is the Cosmic Christ, unmanifested. This level is related to a Sanskrit word: Atala. According to the Vedas, Atala is “the mist of the fire,” the first emanation or manifestation of the Absolute. It is necessary to comprehend this Atala or the first manifestation, because it implies different Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. When we name the world of Atala, we must consider the Sephiroth Kether, Chokmah, Binah, and even Chesed.

Atala is related with the Monads that emanate from the Absolute.

From the point of view of an individual, the Ray of Okidanokh, the Ray of Creation—individually speaking—is called the Glorian, which is the first emanation of the Ain Soph. So if we comprehend our own particular atomic star within the Abstract Space, the Ain Soph is the origin of the Glorian, Okidanokh, or Ray of Creation—individually speaking.

From the cosmic point of view, the Ray of Okidanokh embraces all of the rays that emanate from those individual particles that we call Ain Soph within the Abstract Space in the beginning of any cosmic days. This is how we understand the Manu, which is a group of forces that emanate from the Abstract Space. Those group of forces are called “Manu and Antara”—manvantara—which means within the Ray of Creation.

Now then, not all the rays that emanate from the Ain Soph are with cognizance. In other words, they do not have the sense of individuality; they cannot say “I am I,” because they belong to the consciousness—we will say “of the Absolute,” even though the Absolute itself is not consciousness, it is something else. But in order comprehend, because we do not have another word, we explain it in that way.

So these particles that manifest in the beginning in the Ain Soph Aur create a type of matter which is immortal, eternal, and abstract—types of worlds that we call the abstract of the worlds. That level is a series of spiritual suns that cannot be seen by any telescope. Within those suns of the Ain Soph Aur are beings. They are omniscient, omnipresent, and have cognizance of themselves; they exist within the abstract of those worlds. In the Vedas, that place is called Loka. The Vedas associate a Loka with a Tala. A Tala is a space where something is happening. Loka is the consciousness of that place, or in other terms, we will say that Loka is a “Heaven.” Remember that when we in Gnosticism talk about Heaven we say that Heaven is a type or a state of consciousness.

The Beings that exist within that Loka (place) of Ain Soph Aur, the Unmanifested Absolute have a type of cognizance (Tala) that allows them to stay there, while the other Rays that emanate from the Ain Soph that do not have that cognizance, they only appear there without knowing themselves. We will say they are unconscious virginal particles of the Absolute that emerge with the objective of acquiring cognizance.

There are two other terms related to this: Paramartha and Paramarthasatya. The word Para means “Absolute, complete.” Parama means “supreme or highest.” Artha is “meaning.” The Sanskrit word Martha means “consciousness or cognizance.” In order to stay within the bosom of the Absolute you have to have absolute cognizance as an Ain Soph. An Ain Soph that does not have cognizance of itself does not have Paramartha. Therefore, all the atomic particles of the Absolute are within Nishpanna or happiness, we can also say Paramarthasatya (Absolute Happiness) but they do not have cognizance of that happiness within their individuality. This is why the Beings that acquire cognizance of their happiness within the bosom of the Absolute are called Paramarthasatyas. Samael Aun Weor stated in the book Tarot and Kabbalah that the Ain Sophs that acquire cognizance of themselves are Ain Soph Paranishpanna. With that term he indicated that the Ain Soph has cognizance of its absolute happiness. The other Ain Sophs exist within the Paranishpanna but without cognizance of it; they are just simple Ain Sophs, not Ain Sophs Paranishpannas. This is why creation exists, because the Ain Soph wants to acquire cognizance of itself. This is why there is complication or Mahamanvantara. This is why the Absolute is always creating a Cosmic Day.

Imagine the first cosmos, the Protocosmos that exists within the Abstract Space, which is an eternal cosmos or order of worlds within which exists only happiness. There are two beings or two entities there, different from each other. First are the ones that emerged without cognizance but exist within that happiness. The second ones acquired that cognizance and have Paramartha and are cognizant of their happiness. This is what have to understand: those beings that have cognizance are the Paramarthasatyas who have the ability to descend or to stay there, while the others—Ain Sophs without cognizance—have to descend into the different Tala—or better said, parallel universes—in order to acquire that cognizance. The Ray of Creation, the Ray of Okidanokh, has to express itself into lower dimensions in order to develop that cognizance by direct experience, by developing its own capacities, its own properties.

That is why when they appear from the Ain Soph Aur into first manifested cosmos, which is called the Ayocosmos.

Ayocosmos is a Greek word that means “sacred cosmos” or “holy cosmos.” In Kabbalah this cosmos is related to the world of Atziluth, which is the first manifested cosmos. This is the manifested Atala.

tree-of-life-talasThe world of Atziluth is ruled by three Sephiroth: Kether, Chokmah, Binah. Within that world the different Lokas or Talas are unfolding:

  1. Atala
  2. Vitala
  3. Sutala
  4. Rasatala
  5. Talatala
  6. Mahatala
  7. Patala

Every kabbalistic world has ten Sephiroth, which are predominated by the Sephiroth related with that world. So in the case of the world of Atziluth, the Sephiroth that predominate are Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. Now, listen carefully: Atziluth is not unmanifested but manifested Atala.

In Atziluth appear as well those entities (or Manus, Monads, or better said, spiritual rays, Glorians) within the head of the Tree of Life which is called Kether; this is why Kether is called the “Crown.” They sparkle and appear in the infinite, in the universe, but they are unconscious rays or spiritual forces that appear according to the descent into the universe of the Ray of Creation or Ray of Okidanokh.

In the world of Atziluth (which is the manifested Atala of the universe) we find Dhyani Buddhas, whereas within the Absolute the Adhi Buddhas. The term Adhi Buddha is related to the unmanifested. According to Buddhism, the Adhi Buddha exists within the Abstract Space, while the Dhyani Buddhas are related to the world of Atziluth, the world of Atala.

Here, the first Logos (Kether) starts the creation according to previous causes; the Cosmic Day appears according to the causes from the previous Cosmic Day. It is necessary to create the Akasa or Akasha, which is a substance without form.

The Ray of Creation has to act through these other two laws that we always study in Gnosticism, namely the Law of Three and the Law of Seven.

The Law of Three creates and is directly related with the Ray of Okidanokh, because every Ray of Okidanokh has three particles we call in Kabbalah Kether, Chokmah, Binah (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), or as they are called in Hinduism: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Every individual Ray has this Trinity within. There is not a single Ray that does not have the Trinity within.  That Trinity has the power of creation within the Ray of Okidanokh, yet that Trinity has to learn how to create. These unconscious rays learn how to create through the celestial Buddhas or those entities that we call Cosmocreators.

From Kether in Atziluth emanates the seven Logoi. The seven act as seven Laya centers or centers of action, which cooperate with the Ray of Creation in order for a solar system to exist. Cosmocreators are individual Glorians who in previous Cosmic Days acquired cognizance of their particular Ray of Creation; these Glorians in their bygone beginning were Rays of Creation or Rays of Okidanokh, who were like sparks, yet now they are Cosmocreators they are no longer  sparks but bonfires.

What we have to comprehend and understand is that in the first moment, as a Ray, we emerged from the bosom of the Absolute; we emerged like a spark of light. If we acquire in the universe what we should acquire, then that Ray becomes a bonfire of light, which is called a Cosmocreator. Thus, a Cosmocreator is a Ray of Okidanokh with cognizance of his own capabilities within the cosmos, a  Ray that has cognizance, that has developed all of that cosmic consciousness.

Cosmocreators exist within that location that the Vedas call Vitala. They are in the state of contemplation within that Loka that is called Tapa. Usually when we say Loka we are pointing here those who have acquire cognizance of themselves, who abide within the same Tala state but in a cognizant state that is called Loka. Thus, when we do not have that cognizant state, we are in the state of Tala. So Tala we will say is a state of unconsciousness or better said a state in which we have no cognizance of our own capabilities. Thus, Loka is when we acquire that capability; this is why in the Vedas we find that they refer to both: the Tala or the Loka. They say that Vitala for instance belongs to the Tapa Loka and those beings that exist within them are in a state of contemplation. Those beings are the Logoi, the Cosmocreators that have the capacity of helping the development of those virginal unconscious Rays that emerge in each Cosmic Day into the universe.

The world of Vitala is the place where we find the fire of our Lord Jesus Christ. When we say the fire of our Lord Jesus Christ we have to comprehend this term because when we say Jesus Christ in Kabbalistic terms we are not naming a particular person, but we are addressing the root, the meaning of the word "Yeshua" (Jesus), which means savior. This means that every particular Cosmocreator that acquires that contemplative state in Vitala is a savior, a helper. Thus, Christ is an energy, not a person. So when we said: Vitala is the place where we find the fire of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are naming the savior fire that can be guided or that can be transmitted by any of those Cosmocreators. The being (Aberamentho, Jesus of Nazareth) who came two thousand years ago represents that particular fire of Vitala because he is the highest amongst all of them.

Vitala is related to the Sephirah Chokmah; yes, to Chokmah, but through Daath. Remember that Daath in the Tree of Life is where the Ray of Okidanokh starts creating or developing the ability of the Trinity, in different levels.   

So then, the Logoi (Cosmocreators that Christianity calls Archangels) fecundate each one of those new rays. Thus, we find that every new ray receives a spark from their own particular cosmocreative light. That spark contains the cognizance of that particular Cosmocreator that fecundated, that entered into that particular new ray in order to help the new ray to evolve or to develop their capabilities that they have in potentiality.

In previous lectures, we stated that every solar system has Seven Logoi or Seven Cosmocreators that help the world of Atziluth. This is why we state that the Cosmocreators are the celestial Buddhas that act under the direction of the Dhyani Buddhas of Atziluth; through them the new rays receive that spark, what we call in Sanskrit our own particular Atman, which means “soul.” Chesed is how we name it in Kabbalistic terms; he is our Innermost.

Each one of us our own particular Innermost, Spirit, who relates precisely to what the Bible states in Genesis, that in the beginning the Ruach (spirit of the) Elohim were floating or hovering upon the face of the waters. These Elohim are Archangels, the Cosmocreators. The sparks are those spirits of the Elohim that were hovering upon the waters of creation; sparks that were entering into those virginal new rays of light that were emerging from the Absolute. This is why, according to the Vedas, it is is stated that Chesed, the Spirit, belongs as well, to the world of Atala.

Chesed belongs to the world of Atala because the Cosmocreators when they are creating belong to that world because in it they are manifesting such a creation in the universe. So then, Chesed, the Monad, receives from the Cosmocreators their inheritance; this means that the Cosmocreators deliver certain capabilities or certain particles of themselves that the new ray has to develop. So in other words each one of us has different inheritance from their particular Cosmocreator, because there are billions of Manus that emerge in every Cosmic Day; every Cosmocreator engenders certain qualities within those new rays. All the Seven Cosmocreators distribute their qualities respectively within the new rays that they fecundate.   

This is why when we pray the famous prayer of the Lord Jesus that says, "Our Father who art in Heaven hallowed be thy name,” we are directly addressing or guiding that prayer to our particular Cosmocreator. This is why the Master Jesus of Nazareth gave it, because he belongs to Vitala—better said, he at that moment was representing in this physical world the force of Vitala. This is how we have to pray to our own particular Cosmocreator in order to receive guidance, because our own particular Innermost is part of it. This is precisely the way in which the Ray of Creation develops; this is how the universe is organized in order for us to develop cognizance.

Monads receive their own particular inheritance; this is what is called in Gnostic terms cosmic consciousness or spiritual consciousness. The Monad in itself, in his purity, is Atman-Buddhi. Buddhi is that wisdom, intelligence, consciousness that is directly related with the Cosmocreator, that consciousness emanated from it. If you associate Buddhi with "The Ring of the Nibelungen" by Richard Wagner, you will understand that the Valkyries are related to it: spiritual elements that we have to comprehend. The Monad has to develop through that particular inheritance, which is in Buddhi, but that is not developed. It is in potentiality, but not in activity. This is why these archetypes have to descend through different Talas in order to acquire in each one of them the development of their different attributes, forces.

From Vitala they appear in Sutala, which is the world of willpower. Here is where we find the elements of ether.

From Sutala descends the so-called Essence or particle of the Buddhic consciousness. In Zen Buddhism it is called Buddha-dhatu. The Essence is our human consciousness.

The Essence descends through Talas associated with the Lokas or heavens, within which we find different Beings that already have cognizance of those Heavens.

Sutala is related to Jana Loka, which is a creative heaven.

Rasatala is related with a Loka called Maha, which means great.

Talatala is related with Sua, which is also translated as heaven.

Mahatala is the Loka called Bava, which means to develop.

Finally, Patala is the lower Loka related with Bu, which means “evolving, growing or developing.”

  1. To Atala belongs the Innermost.
  2. To Vitala belongs Buddhi, the Cosmic Consciousness that relates to the inheritance that we are talking about.
  3. To Sutala belongs willpower or the Buddha-dhatu. Here also we find the Monads related with the ether, the elementals of ether.
  4. In Rasatala are the elementals of air.
  5. In Talatala are the elementals of fire.
  6. In Mahatala are the elementals of water.
  7. In Patala are the elementals of the earth.

This is how the Monad descends in all of those Talas. As we will say regarding the Sephiroth, they descend from Tiphereth to Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and finally into Malkuth, which is Patala. In Malkuth they have to descend into the lower kingdoms in order to evolve, because Patala is related with the Bu Loka, which means “evolving.” Here the Monads have to evolve in order to acquire or to develop certain capacities within Patala. Evolution is performed on the surface of the Earth.

In Patala, the Monads develop what we call in Gnostic terms the "Elemental Advocate" or that part of the Being that has cognizance related with magic or priesthood of the elementals of water, earth, fire, air, ether, and all those rituals or procedures that the Monad needs to learn in order to acquire cognizance of their own capabilities. Each one of us has his own particular Advocate or Elemental Intercessor that helps us when we want to do any type of ritual related with nature. We acquired already that ability when we were evolving from the mineral into plant, into the animal, and finally reaching the level in which we are now, which is an intellectual humanoid. This is precisely what we gain as intellectual humanoids within the Monad: the ability of knowing about the developing of all of those kingdoms in Patala. But that is just an elemental ability that any person, its elemental has, because obviously we learned something through evolution. Yet we cannot pass beyond this level through mechanical evolution. This is why we always state that these seven Lokas or Talas are related to the Tree of Life, in relation with what the Monads acquire. When you enter for instance into the world of the elementals, you know how the elementals have the ability of going from Malkuth to Kether in the Tree of Life or from Patala to Atala as we will say in Vedic terms. Elementals are not incarcerated or trapped within Patala; they can go up and down, but as elementals. They do not have cognizance of the other worlds or cosmoses above. They can develop cognizance if, after reaching the level of humanoid or intellectual humanoid, they enter into the path of Self-realization.  

This is something very important to understand here. As Monads we descended through all this complication that we explained already into Patala, this physical world, acquiring in each parallel universe those principles that we need to develop. But now that we have reached the lowest level (Patala), we need to develop it. Every Monad receives by inheritance everything needed, but we are not cognizant of what is within us. There is no excuse for avoiding the ascent back with cognizance. We cannot say that we do not have the elements for the work, because we have them, but in potentiality, not in activity, and this is why we descended. Of course, there are Beings that can help us, who they already did that work, and they can teach us and guide us; they are what we call Angels, or Elohim, which means “Gods and Goddesses.”

We have to understand this: in Gnosticism we do not talk about a single God, individually speaking; there are many: God is Gods. It is impossible to comprehend or to think that God is only one, there is no way. God is penetrating and co-penetrating within each one of us in different levels; this is what we have to understand. Separativity is the worst heresy. The sad thing is that when we are spiritually blind we do not realize these facts, because of the level in which we are.  

There are certain theories among the Theosophists, which are foolish theories. They think that from Patala we go into the different Lokas. Theosophists state that we are going into the different Lokas “just like that,” automatically, mechanically, just because we have to go up and thats it, through evolution, yet this is wrong. The law of evolution exists only in Patala, within the evolving Bu, which is that Loka related with the elementals. The Monads evolve up to a certain level; beyond that they cannot go further. Mechanical nature has a limit. If you want to develop into the different Lokas above, then you have to create vehicles that correspond to them.

Solar or Lunar Bodies

Here in this physical world we have the physical vehicle, the physical body. Within our internal worlds we have the protoplasmic bodies, but those protoplasmic bodies are related with mechanical evolution. Related with what we will call Baba Loka, the Mahatala, which is in another dimension; those protoplasmic bodies are feminine, lunar. The bodies that we have to create are Solar, masculine. In other words, when we said that the protoplasmic bodies are feminine, we are telling you that if you do not have any Solar bodies created, then when you die you become female in the internal worlds; there are no protoplasmic males in the internal worlds. That is why Malkuth is a feminine Sephirah. Patala is a feminine Loka or Tala in which we find the protoplasmic bodies, which are feminine, lunar. This statement might discourage those men that think they are very manly because when they die they become feminine.  

Anyhow, we have to create the Solar bodies. The Master Jesus of Nazareth represented Vitala when he said that in order to enter into the Kingdom of the Lokas, the Kingdom of Heaven, we have to create the Solar bodies; we have to be born again. It is not like the Theosophists erroneously think, that they will evolve and automatically will go up just because the cosmic rounds are going up. We have to understand that the first step is to develop the seven radicals, we will say the seven Laya centers within each cosmos or in each Sephirah, in order for us to have the permission of developing the different principles that our Cosmocreator Father gave us.

Understand that if we do not create the Solar bodies, we cannot develop those principles that our Cosmic Father gave us in order for us to acquire cognizance; this is why we descended: to acquire cognizance in this universe. We have to create an Astral body, a Mental body, and a Causal body in order to reach the Sephirah Tiphereth, in order to unite the Monad, our Innermost, with our Buddha-dhatu (Essence). We have to acquire realization; this is already explained in the course "The Path of the Bodhisattva" in very clear detail.  

This is why we always state that the Kundalini has to rise in the spinal column and has to awaken the seven churches, which are directly related with the seven chakras, and we always state that each chakra is in relation with an element.

  1. Muladhara Chakra: earth, Patala
  2. Swadhistana Chakra: Mahatala
  3. Manipura Chakra: Talatala
  4. Anahata Chakra: Rasatala
  5. Vishuddha Chakra: Sutala
  6. Ajna Chakra: Vitala
  7. Sahasrara Chakra: Atala

Because the English language does not have words to express what we are explaining here, we apply Sanskrit, Hebrew, Latin or Greek.

We have to develop the Kundalini in all the bodies that we eventually create until reaching Atman. From Atman to Malkuth or from Malkuth to Chesed we find the seven lower Sephiroth related with the true Man. In other words, what we are creating here is the Microcosmos, which is the reflection of the Macrocosmos.

If you make the addition and count seven times seven, then we have the forty-nine levels of the mind or the forty-nine levels of the Man, Manas, or that Soul that we have to create within.

When the Man is created, we have to continue our development in the Lokas or the Heavens, because the Ray of Okidanokh has to develop. Yet here, as we said in many lectures, we have to act with willpower; this is why our motto is "Thelema," which is Greek for willpower. Do not think that willpower comes automatically. Willpower is something that we have to exert in order to return the Ray of Creation, we have to return it inwardly and upwardly in order to acquire the longed-for cognizance.

When we state that we must inwardly and upwardly return the Ray of Creation, it comes into my mind the law of the Ain Soph Aur. This is a law that is related to the Ain Soph Aur, which is the law of the Cosmic-Common-Trogoautoegocrat in which the Solar light is given and received. The Solar Absolute gives and receives in order to sustain its life.   

So if as a ray we emanated from the Ain Soph, as a ray we have to return into the Ain Soph; thus, if we want to return triumphant into the Ain Soph, then we have to return every single particle of that Ray of Creation in different steps, and that is precisely what we call initiation.

In the beginning, as it is stated in Genesis, we have to develop seven days, seven serpents. The Ray of Creation ends in our physical body, in the sexual organs. This is why sometimes when we talk about the Ain Soph Aur we point to the sexual organs, because there is where we have in potentiality the Creative Ray that has to return, that we have to return inwardly and upwardly.

In the lecture "Ouranon Poreuomenon" we explained how after acquiring the level of "Ishim" in Malkuth the initiate enters into the world Yetzirah in order to develop the different states that the Ray of Creation or Ray of Okidanokh is acquiring with the help of the Stellar Father, with the help of that Cosmocreator, because it is the Monad who is doing that work in different steps, or how we are transforming or the Monad is acquiring the different levels of Archangel, Principality, Virtue, Power, Dominion, Throne, Cherubim, Seraphim (according to Christianity) and elevating Himself.

There are three bodies that we always name in relation to Buddhism and that many of us know, namely:

  • Nirmanakaya
  • Sambogakaya
  • Dharmakaya

The Nirmanakaya is the body of sacrifice, the first body that the Monad is developing when entering into the world of Yetzirah. To become a Nirmanakaya means to enter in all of those heavens of the world of Yetzirah, in the whole Tree of Life of the world of Yetzirah. In order to develop the Nirmanakaya body, in order to acquire that Nirmanakaya body, which is the body of the Holy Spirit, a body related with the Sephirah Binah (because Binah rules Yetzirah) we have to follow the rules of Binah within the world of Yetzirah. The laws of Binah the Holy Spirit are given in the Ten Commandments. The rules of the Holy Spirit demand complete annihilation of Kamaduro and Karmasaya (karmic debts from the abuse of sex) in order for the body of Nirmanakaya to be perfectly pure. Only when we reach that level are we capable of entering and acquiring the next body, which is called Sambogakaya, Bliss body, or body of happiness, which has three more perfections than the Nirmanakaya. As Samael Aun Weor said, the one who acquires resurrection and enters into the world of Briah is three times honored, because these three levels are related with three nails—one in each hand, and one nail that pierces the feet on the cross of the initiate. These relate to the purifications or the three days we will say that symbolically are written before the resurrection, that relate to the resurrection of Christ after three days. The three are specific terms of three times or procedures in which the Monad is qualifying and purifying the Bodhichitta in different levels.

Three Hours

In other terms, symbolically speaking, Samael Aun Weor said that in the beginning we practice one hour of sexual magic but we have to acquire the ability of practicing three hours, and the one who practices three hours is respected and honored three times. If you read that literally, you think that you have to literally perform three literal hours, 180 minutes in the sexual act. But that is not the meaning. If you understand the meaning of it you understand that the first hour is the first mountain, the second hour is the second mountain, and the third hour is the final eight year process of the third day. When we talk about hours in esotericism we are not talking about the hours of the ordinary day. There are many Gnostics who when they heard “three hours” they thought that they have to be in sexual act for three hours; no. It means that if you accomplish the first mountain, you accomplish one hour. If you accomplish the second mountain, you accomplish two hours. If you accomplish the eight years of Job then you acquire the other hour, which is the third hour, and then you resurrect. This is how we have to understand this. This is necessary to explain because many Gnostics fall into stupidities just like that, thus, they end up just feeding lust.

The Sambogakaya appears after purifying sex “for three hours.” The Sambogakaya or body of Bliss is related with Briah. We find in the universe many Sambogakayas and Nirmanakayas but usually the Sambogakayas have immortal physical bodies. The Nirmanakayas appear on the Earth and have different levels related with the Ouranon Poreuomenon, in accordance to the level acquired in the world of Yetzirah.

Are you understanding this? Because this is precisely the process that we explain about how the cosmos is inhabited in different levels, in different dimensions, by sentient beings, intelligent entities, not only in the physical world but all the worlds, billions of them. And not only in this planet, because we are explaining this in relation with planet Earth, but each planet has its own scale as well.

The Sambogakayas that enter as Resurrected Masters in the world of Briah have to enter into another scale of perfection in order to become Dharmakayas, which are beings related with Atziluth. As you see, the Nirmanakayas are related with the world of Atziluth and indeed they belong to it, but are connected directly with Yetzirah, and the Sambogakaya with the world of Briah.

The Dharmakaya vibrates in the world of Atziluth. The Dharmakaya is the body of perfection. When you acquire that, all you need is to enter into the Absolute. The Dharmakaya is a state of abstract space, of perfection such that you can no longer perfect yourself in this universe. You understand that? In this universe. In order to continue your perfection you have to enter into the Absolute, but here is the great question: not all of the Dharmakayas enter into the Absolute forever, because the Christ, the Cosmic Christ which acts in the Ain Soph Aur, takes them as helpers in order to help other humanities in future Cosmic Days to acquire cognizance, because there many particles of the Absolute which are infinite that need to acquire cognizance.

You see, the Absolute each time is more cognizant of itself; that is why Madame Blavatsky called the Ray of Okidanokh “the mysterious Ray profoundly unknowable to itself,” but it has to acquire that knowable part in order to return. When the Ain Soph returns with that cognizance, then that Martha or consciousness gives to the Ain Soph the ability to grow, to develop within the Absolute. There the Paramarthasatyas exalt themselves within the bosom of the Absolute more and more and more. But they need cognizance first, because an Ain Soph without cognizance cannot exalt itself within the bosom of the Absolute; they need to acquire cognizance in order to exalt and to develop themselves.

Jesus of Nazareth is one Paramarthasatya that has that ability to grow there, to enter and to keep growing there. Within those beings there is always compassion, as the case for instance of the Buddha Shakyamuni.  In one of his books Samael Aun Weor states that the Buddha Shakyamuni acquired the higher level of Binah or Sutala in this physical world, because indeed this is the only level that we acquire, the Nirmanakaya level. Beyond that you have to die, resurrect, pay your Karmasaya and Kamaduro, and pass into that bliss body, Sambogakaya. Gautama Shakyamuni acquired Dharmakaya after the process that ended many thousand years ago on the Earth. He acquired and entered there and became a Dharmakaya. As a Dharmakaya he entered into another planet in order to help. Samael Aun Weor explained in one of his books of astrology how the Dharmakaya Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni entered into the Laya center of Mars (which is ruled by Samael) in order to help the evolution of that particular planet; so, therefore that Dharmakaya Shakyamuni is emanating his vibrations from Mars into all the planets, especially in this day and age that we are receiving the force of Samael in the planet Earth. So, of course at the end of this Mahamanvantara or Cosmic Day, Buddha Shakyamuni who is a Dharmakaya will enter if he wants into the Absolute or to return in a new Cosmic Day, and then he will be the Laya center of any planet because he is already at that level of Cosmocreator. Anyone that reaches the level of Kether in Atziluth has that ability of returning into another Cosmic Day as Cosmocreator in order to help other Cosmic Rays, other Okidanokh Rays that are virginal and unconscious.

So do you see how this is organized when the Monad acquire the Dharmakaya level? of course, Gautama Shakyamuni did not start as a Buddha, he started as a spark, a virginal spark from a Cosmocreator, and developed, and now he is capable of becoming a Cosmocreator to help other virginal sparks in a future Cosmic Day.

This is how the ray is developed. But this is a process of hard development, of hard work that we have to do. This is how you have to understand and comprehend the Ray of Creation.

In the world of Atziluth are the Dharmakayas, Sambogakayas, and Nirmanakayas, but each Kaya in every Sephiroth (Kether, Chokmah, and Binah) is related with the lower cosmoses. They have power over them because they abide above, but through their process of development.

Where We Are

We are hasnamussen, beings that have a split or divided psyche. We do not even belong to Patala because we are so degenerated.

As elementals we acquired the ability of handling the rituals and forces, of evolving forces of Patala. But beyond that if we want to exercise dominion upon those forces, we have to create Astral, Mental, and Causal Bodies. Otherwise, we return into the Patala course by devolving and doing the course again, or the elemental course again in the evolving arc.

So, do you understand the level of hierarchies that we are explaining here? How the Ray of Okidanokh descends and ascends into the different Lokas, worlds, or Sephiroth? This is a very important because through it we comprehend how are we situated, in which Tala are we or to what Sephiroth we belong, and how we acquire more levels of consciousness.   

To create the Solar Bodies is not enough; that is why many initiates that create the Solar Bodies enter into Nirvana and they start developing themselves very slow in the world of Yetzirah - and not at the same speed of those who renounce Nirvana - because they don't receive the help of Vitala or the help of Christ in order to ascend into the world of Yetzirah. That is why we found here on this Earth different Masters that belong to the world of Yetzirah but who are not at the same level of a walker of the straight path. Those individuals from Yetzirah may have physical bodies, as we have physical bodies. However, if we are hasnamussen and have physical bodies we belong to Klipoth, to the inferior layers of Patala. Now, if we being inferior can have physical bodies, why cannot a higher individual who belong to the other cosmoses, other dimensions, have a physical body? Indeed they can, as the Master Jesus demonstrated. He being a Paramarthasatya as a sacrifice has a physical body. Yet there are different ways of physical development that we already studied, and that we have to study in order to comprehend this Ray of Creation. Please understand this; every single planet in the universe have their own development, as well as their own hierarchy. Thus this is not only related to the planet Earth; although we are studying the Ray of Creation in relation with the planet Earth, remember that every single planet in the universe has its own development, its own beings, who travel in space; this is why in different books of Samael Aun Weor he states that certain Angels, Archangels, or Cosmocreators came from other galaxies or other solar systems in order to assist this plant Earth, because they have the ability of doing it.  

Once you acquire cognizance in all of the levels of your Being, you are capable of helping others because that is the cosmic process. Before entering into the abstract space, all these beings have always the duty of helping others. For instance, Master Samael Aun Weor said the following to us in Mexico, "I have many Mahamanvantaras in activity, helping different humanities. This is not the first humanity that I am helping," he said, "and I need to rest. I hope," he said, "at the end of this Cosmic Day I will submerge within the Ain, but of course, this is my opinion," he said, "because I am only the Dhyani Bodhisattva of that Dhyani Buddha which is called Samael in Mars and the one that has to decide to enter into the Abstract Absolute Space, the Ain, is He, not me." He said, "I have just to follow what he decides," but anyhow, he said, "I would like to rest because I have too many Cosmic Days already working and helping humanities." Thus, like him there are many other Cosmocreators. Behold the case of the Master Jesus of Nazareth, after having many Mahamanvantaras helping humanities he decided to enter into the Absolute, and became a Being of the Ain, yet in the beginning of this Cosmic Day when this planet was created, he abandoned the Ain in order to help this humanity.

Questions and Answers

Audience: What is the relationship between the Okidanokh and Kundalini?

Instructor: The relationship between the Ray of Okidanokh and Kundalini happens in different levels as the Ray of Okidanokh always works through the three, the Trinity, likewise the Kundalini through the three primary forces. Thus, in order for the Ray of Okidanokh to develop and return in every level, you have to work with the three primary forces, otherwise it does not work. The Kundalini is the outcome of three forces: the woman, the man, and the sexual force that unites them. So, that is why we always state that through sexual magic is how we put into activity the Ray of Okidanokh from the very bottom of Patala and rising it through the spinal column. For instance, when the initiate acquires a resurrected body in the world of Briah, then he keeps practicing sexual magic but with his particular Eve, which is his Cosmic Consciousness, or Spiritual Consciousness, in order to work with the creative force of the Ray of Creation, because the Ray of Creation that is precisely the Kundalini develops always through the law of three.

Audience: You cannot get past Patala without having a sexual partner?

Instructor: Impossible. You can develop all the abilities in Patala, but to go into the other Talas or Lokas in this case, to develop, because you can go as an elemental when you enter into a samadhi or a satori you enter in any Tala, the higher Talas. But to acquire cognizance of every Tala is to acquire a Loka, and for that you need to raise the Ray of Okidanokh from the very bottom, to return it to the source, and for that you have to work with the Kundalini, because the Kundalini itself works harmoniously with the Ray of Okidanokh, with the Solar Absolute. This is why we state that the Solar Absolute, the Ain Soph Aur, is the Cosmic Christ, and the Kundalini is the energy of Christ itself.

Audience: All of us receive our Innermost from one of the Seven Rays; where did Samael the head of the Ray of Strength receive his Innermost?

Instructor: Samael is a Cosmocreator, he is the head of that Ray, which is the Fifth Ray. In other words, in previous Cosmic Days when he was still a virginal spark, a ray without cognizance, he belonged to a particular Ray. But in this Cosmic Day, he became the head of the Fifth Ray because he acquired that cognizance or that ability, that power of becoming the head of the Fifth Ray in past Cosmic Days. The Logos Samael is the head of the Fifth Ray; he helps all the Monads. Samael Aun Weor is the Dhyani Bodhisattva of  Samael, that particular cosmic, Self-realized being.

Audience: Is the Illuminating Void part of the Absolute? If so, what part?

Instructor: The Illuminating Void is the antechamber of the Absolute.

Audience: Where on the Tree of Life is the Tality?

Instructor: The Tality, or Totality is the Ain. The Ain Soph and the Ain Soph Aur are an expression of that Tality.

Audience: You said Sutala was related with Binah, Patala was related with Malkuth, now it doesn't add up into the spheres.

Instructor: Atala is related with Kether, Chokmah, Binah, and Chesed. All of them together belong to the same Logos. You see, a Cosmocreator is Kether, Chokmah, Binah. Chesed is a spark of those Cosmocreators. So, all of those belong to Atala. Your Being is Chesed, your Being is Binah, your Being is Chokmah, your Being is Kether, your Being is the Ain Soph. These are different parts of the Being, different parts of Atala, but all of them are in the mist of fire, Atala, in different Lokas. You understand that? They are different heavens or degrees.

Audience: From where did the First Ray get their Atman when there were no Cosmocreators around?

Instructor: There always have been Cosmocreators; this is eternal. The mind likes to go back in that... this emergence of Rays and Beings, thus we always think to put a beginning to it. But really, that is eternal, we cannot put a beginning neither an ending to it. Of course, in previous Cosmic Days, the development was not at the level on which we are developing now, because each time the Absolute knows Itself more and more. When did it start? Well, within the Absolute there is no time. Yet, that will be good to investigate while in meditation, while entering into a Maha-Kalpa Samadhi.  

However, the Rig Veda answers with the following:

Nor Aught nor Nought existed; Yon bright sky was not, Nor heaven’s broad roof outstretched above.

What covered all? What sheltered ? What concealed ? Was it the water’s fathomless abyss?

There was not death - yet there was nought immortal, There was no confine betwixt day and night;

The only One breathed breathless by itself, Other than It there nothing since has been.

Darkness there was, and all at first was veiled in gloom profound - an ocean without light -

The germ that still lay covered in the husk burst forth, one nature, from the fervent heat.

Who knows the secret? Who proclaimed it here? Whence, whence this manifold creation sprang?

The Gods themselves came later into being - Who knows from whence this great creation sprang?

That, whence all this great creation came, whether its will created or was mute, The Most High Seer that is in highest heaven, He knows it - or perchance even He knows not.

Gazing into eternity...

Ere the foundations of the earth were laid, Thou wert. And when the subterranean flame Shall burst its prison and devour the frame Thou shalt be still as Thou wert before And knew no change, when time shall be no more.

Oh! endless thought, divine Eternity.

Audience: You said that the Lord's Prayer is directed to our own Cosmocreator. Can it be directed to our Innermost as well?

Instructor: Well, the Innermost is the one that is praying to that Cosmocreator because when we do it we have to remember ourselves. This is why Samael Aun Weor said, "When you pray the prayer of the Lord you have to remember your Self." Not do it mechanically, because there are people that go and say to a priest, for instance “Father, I sinned.” And the priest says, “Okay, pray ten Our Fathers.” Then the person quickly says, "Our Father who art in Heaven...” [rapid recitation] like that. That is not prayer. You have to remember the Self, meaning remember the Innermost, remember Atman the Great Soul, which is that spark that emanated from that Father, from that Cosmocreator. So when you pray, you say, "Out Father who art in Heaven" because you already are identified with your particular Innermost who is the Son of that Father. Beyond the innermost is your own particular ray. Understand that the Ain Soph is individual in each one of us; beyond that Cosmocreator you find your own particular Ain Soph. In Samadhi you can experience your Ain Soph, and your Ain Soph will, if He is already with Self Realization, will tell you "Do this, do that"—beyond the Cosmocreator. But if you never acquired Self-realization in the past that Ain Soph still needs the help of the Cosmocreator.

Audience: If the point of the Ray of Creation, and we are supposed to return those values, and then here in the physical body why is it, why, I think many students have a questions why is fornication possible if the point is to return?  

Instructor: Well, this is precisely the point; this is the case: fornication occurs in Patala. We have to return or to develop those values; it is not that they will develop automatically. Now, the sad thing is that we are trapped by desire here in this Loka, which is Patala. Desire is related to the animal kingdom. Desire is necessary in the animal kingdom, yet the property of a Self-realized ray or Monad is to acquire control of all the kingdoms, and if you don't acquire control of desire, you cannot develop those attributes. This is why many Monads are stagnant in this planet Earth, because most of their souls or buddha-dhatus are still enslaved by desire, and they cannot control their animal matter. So, the first step is to control desire. If you control desire, you can go further into all the developments. We as animals are all stagnant, with only an elemental intercessor or elemental development—everybody is developed as elemental—but if you don't go further, you devolve and you repeat again the cycle. Samael Aun Weor stated that after 3,000 cycles of doing the same thing, you return into the Absolute with Self-cognizance in a certain level: as an elemental of the lower level Patala, but never as a Buddha.

Audience: This is all done with the physical body here on Earth? In terms...

Instructor: Well, in the beginning, everything is done with the physical body. Yes, in the beginning you need the physical body to start your development, but you also need other bodies in order to enter in all developments. You need Astral Body, Mental Body, Causal Body in order to enter into Heaven and to develop there. This is why we create those bodies because we need them in order to develop, but in the beginning only the physical body is necessary, which is what we have as a gift.

Comment: We don't have those bodies just to have them, we have to work consciously in those levels to ascend those levels.  

Instructor: Exactly. People have the physical body right now, but are they using the physical body consciously? Do they have cognizance of their physical body? Let me tell you, commonly we talk about fire, water, air, and earth, but there is another element here in this physical world called ether. I am not talking the ether of the higher dimensions, no. Ether in this tridimensional world.

There is another Tattva which is called Adi Tattva and Samadhi Tattva of the light, which is another, there are three Tattvas above this physical world that irradiate even to the sun, they go beyond the atmosphere, but we don't see them. Why? Because we don't have cognizance of this physical world. Yet, we think that we are cognizant. Scientists in this day and age think that they know the physical world, but they do not.

There are causes based not only on the four elements; we have three more. We are addressing simple elements as we address them in esotericism, namely: fire, air water, earth; of course, each element contains many simple and compound elements, but here we are talking about all the Tattvas that exist. So, when we acquire that cognizance, we acquire the level or degree in that particular Tala, which would be Patala. We create the astral, mental, and causal bodies in order to acquire cognizance of the higher dimensions, because those bodies will give us access to all of those worlds.

There are many initiates who have their Solar bodies but to acquire cognizance—to be conscious citizens of the Astral World, the Mental World, the Causal World, the Buddhic World, of all of those Talas—well, that is another matter. Since, one thing is to create and another thing is to acquire cognizance of that creation. Comprehend?

Study this lecture carefully and ask questions in the forum because this is really very basic, even though it has complicated names. It is very basic in order to understand our path, how we descend and have how we ascend. The descent is called involution: the involving of the Spirit or the Ray of Okidanokh in different levels of matter from the higher Talas until reaching Patala. Now the returning is not evolution as many think, but revolution, a work, a development. Evolution always acts in the lower Patala mechanically; beyond that, you have to use willpower.