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The Human Being

“The First Root Race lived within the fourth dimension of space. The planet Earth itself was then submerged within the fourth dimension. That Root Race had a gigantic civilization; the Language of Gold was spoken and they wrote with runic letters. These letters are of great esoteric power. In that epoch, the Angel Uriel wrote a precious cosmic book with runic letters. We can only study this book in the Akashic Records... The Hebrew letters are but modifications of runic letters” - The Perfect Matrimony by Samael Aun Weor

“Sukra, in other words, the Regent of the planet Venus, is the one who incarnated on the Earth as Usanas, and is known in Hebrew as Uriel. He gave perfect laws to the inhabitants of this world. Disgracefully, these perfect laws were disregarded and rejected in later ages. I knew Usanas or Uriel on the Polar continent during the first Root Race.” - Magic of the Runes by Samael Aun Weor

In this day and age we use the word human very often, in different ways, and the problem is that all of us believe that we are a human being. Indeed, we are not. This is precisely why we gather to study and practice these teachings; in order to eventually reach the level of human being, which has many levels.

“Before all the languages of the Tower of Babel were scattered upon the face of the Earth, only one language, a language of gold, a universal idiom existed. That language has its perfect cosmic grammar. The letters of that golden language are written within all of Nature. Whosoever has studied the Nordic Runes and the Hebrew, Chinese, and Tibetan characters will be able to intuit that “cosmic language” with its enigmatic letters.” - Samael Aun Weor, The Divine Science

The Rune Hagal as the H of Human


Let us begin studying the five letters of the word, “Human”; when we look in the Babylonian dictionary, Nimrods (those who are governed by their intellect) explain, according to their beliefs or knowledge, what a human is. Remember that the English language is rooted mostly in the German language, yet, when we observe the English that we speak today, we also find a lot of Latin and Greek words, and many words from other sources as well.

As we have explained previously, the Runic alphabet, which we call the Futhark, is the root of the Hebrew alphabet and many other alphabets, such as Latin, the alphabet we use in order to write in this day and age. We have often said that the word human or the being itself, physically speaking, is related with the five-pointed star; the five points corresponding to the five letters of the word human. The two legs, the two arms, plus the head are the five points of that star when opened, related with that famous Vitruvian Man of Leonardo Da Vinci.


So, all the letters that we use in the Latin language have different sources, but are mainly from the Futhark. For instance, the first letter that we find in the word human is the letter H. The letter H is what in the Futhark (the Runic alphabet) we call the rune Hagal. Hagal is a rune that we always perform in different practices; it is a very important rune. Hagal is important because it relates to the twelve tribes of Israel, which are the archetypes related to the true human being. And of course, we have to explain why the letter H is related with that: If you look at the Futhark, you will find the rune Hagal, the H, is written in different ways. Most commonly, it has the shape of an X cut by a horizontal line, which is nothing other than the six-pointed star. This is how we usually see the rune Hagal, but, it is also presented with three lines as in this graphic, like the letter H or the letter N. So, when we address the rune Hagal, either in this way (six-pointed star) or like the H or letter N, and when you also inquire about the word human, you see that the H is in the beginning and the N is at the end; meaning that the human being is related with two rune Hagals. If we take into account that when we address the human being, we understand that it is an androgynous being, meaning male-female, because we have the two polarities in different manners, different ways that we always address.

Golden Hagal

Master Samael Aun Weor explains in his book Magic of the Runes, what the rune Hagal (as shown here, with the X cut by a transversal line) is; Hagal is the same six-pointed star, which is a symbol we find in different religions. Presently people think the star of David is a symbol that is the patrimony of Judaism… I was going to say the patrimony of Israel, but in reality, it is the patrimony of Israel; but when we address Israel, we are not naming any one particular race from this civilization but indeed, we are addressing the twelve archetypes of Tiphereth, the causal world, which are named in the bible, the children of Israel.

“In the temple, my brother, receive the Rune Hagal, the star with the six points, the divine breath of the sacred music of God. Shine the Sacred Star, with an ineffable glow… You have entered the kingdom of the music… Delicious ineffable melodies resound in the divine ambits of (Tiphereth) the causal world…” - Christ Will by Samael Aun Weor

The bible talks about the twelve tribes of Tiphereth, Israel, which are related to the six-pointed star; the six-pointed star has six entrances which are feminine, and six points which are masculine. So, if you add together the six entrances and the six points then you find the twelve. In reality, it is a star of twelve points, six feminine and six masculine; that is why we said the rune Hagal is related with the twelve tribes of Israel. Further, you know that the twelve tribes of Israel are related with the twelve zodiacal signs; we are born into a particular sign in order to receive influence of the forces of the Zodiac, what we call the twelve constellations of the zodiacal belt.

Our soul, our essence or consciousness, descends from the causal world and is always influenced by the twelve constellations, in different ways. Of course, the sign that we have has more of an influence over us than other constellations, but remember, when we study the twelve zodiacal signs, we find that they are related to the four elements. Each element – the earth, the air, the fire and the water - relates to three of the signs of the zodiac; for instance, fire relates to Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. We find three signs in each element.

So therefore, behold here and understand how these twelve forces are related with the four elements and how a human being has to be influenced by this powerful sign Hagal. That is why, when we perform practices and exercises in Gnosticism, we always address the elements and the cosmic forces, because those forces descend into the earth through the elements, through the atmosphere.

Obviously, a human is somebody that is in contact physically, mentally, psychologically, spiritually, with the cosmic forces and is aware of it, conscious of it. Most of us when we talk about this, we really do not know; that is why we gather in order to hear explanations about our origins.

The Rune Ur, the Womb, as the U of Human


These twelve constellations or archetypes which are related with the cosmos, with nature and the four elements, are in each one of us, synthesized in the sexual glands, the sexual energy. That is why our tradition insists that the work that we have to perform, the dominion we have to acquire, is through the sexual energy. Just as we physically developed in the womb of our mother for nine months, in order to physically expresses ourselves - in this case, with the shape of a human, because physically we have the shape of a human being, though we are not human beings in the complete sense of the word – so too can the womb of our Divine Mother make us. But in order for us to achieve that, we have to understand where is that womb, we have to delve into that which the Futhark or runic alphabet is showing us; we have to follow the sequence of the word “Human” to the letter U, which relates to the rune Ur; the womb.

The womb of the rune Ur is not the feminine, physical womb. In order to be born into this physical world, we came through the feminine womb; all of us, without exception. But, men and women have within their anatomy another womb. This other womb is precisely that which the divinity uses, or we will say, our Monad uses, in order to crystallize in each one of us all of this that the Rune Hagal or letter H is showing us. That womb is the spinal medulla.

We always insist that the main organ in our physicality is the spinal medulla, which is connected to the sexual glands.

Remember that in many lectures we have explained that the spinal medulla, together with the brain, is what we call the central nervous system. The central nervous system (the spinal medulla together with the brain) floats in that water which in medicine is called the cerebrospinal fluid. So, the spinal medulla, which is that womb related with the letter U, is precisely the womb of Mary. 

In Hebrew, which is an alphabet that derives from the Futhark, if you want to pronounce the sound of the letter U, you use the letter Vav. Vav is precisely that uterus where Elohim creates the human unto his own image and likeness. Listen, in the same way that the womb of any woman needs the sexual energy - in order to have and develop a child - so too does the spinal medulla need the sexual energy of Elohim in order to create the human being, Adam, as it is called in the bible, in his own image and likeness; which is precisely the main point of Genesis.

Remember that Elohim (God, in English) is a word that means a multiple perfect unity. Physically, psychologically and spiritually speaking, Elohim relates to many cosmic and natural forces both outside and inside of us. So, in order to create a human being made into the image of God, we need to take advantage of the sexual energy as well, but the womb where this being develops is different; it is the spina medulla.

In many lectures we always explain that when you read the book of Genesis, which is the first book in the bible, it is written, "And Elohim said, let there be light, and there was light"; “and Elohim said Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.”; “And Elohim said…” etc, etc, etc… always repeating the word, “And.” In order to write the word “and” in Hebrew, we just write the letter Vav. So, when we know Kabbalah and Alchemy we immediately see that “and” is addressing the spiritual womb, which is the spinal medulla, the letter Vav. And, it is Elohim who is doing that, through the letter Vav, because it is the first letter that appears in every verse; Vav, “and.” It is not written like this merely to explain the order in which God creates, but to show that Vav is what Elohim needs in order to create Adam, the human being in his own image and likeness within our womb, the spinal medulla.

Om mani padme hum

Aum Mani Padme Hum

Everything in Genesis has its kabbalistic explanation; so, the letter U is precisely the U of Human, which in Sanskrit relates to the mantra Hum. To give a short explanation; all of us involved in these studies know the mantra, "Aum Mani Padme Hum." The mantric words of which we write with letters of Latin alphabet are ॐ मणिपद्मे हूँ in the Sanskrit alphabet and also ཨོཾ་མ་ཎི་པདྨེ་ཧཱུྂ༔ in the Tibetan alphabet, all have the same root, the same source. So, Hum which is at the very end of the mantra - Aum Mani Padme Hum - is the spirit of אל El hovering upon the הים Ha’Ym, the waters. Hum, the spirit, is also within the seed. When we talk about “the seed,” we are talking about the sexual force, the seed, the salt, that is in הים Ha’Ym, the waters, the fluids of our genitalia.

So, you see how everything is explained in the same word when we meditate and analyze, when knowing the alphabets. That is why a true, serious Gnostic has to know, by memory, the kabbalistic alphabet, which has twenty-two letters and the Futhark, which is the source of that alphabet; in order to associate and understand and comprehend, esoterically, the meaning of the word; in this case, “Human.”

When we study this and extend ourselves in this explanation, in this comprehension, we really understand that we are far, far away from being what this word human is telling us and what we think we are. For instance, in different places we hear; “but God made us in his own image.” They assume that they already are human beings; this is ludicrous.

In Hebrew God or Gods is called Elohim; thus, God is Gods, a perfect multiple unity, that we have to study. If we study the days of the book of Genesis, we find that the human being, who in the bible, in Hebrew, is called Adam, was made male-female, in the image and likeness of Elohim. And, on which day was this Hebrew Adam made? Remember that there are seven days of creation… so, on which day was it that Elohim made Adam in his own image and likeness? The answer is in the sixth day. When we know the Hebrew alphabet, we know that the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letter Vav, which alchemically represents the medulla. This is showing us very clearly that Elohim made Adam, the human being within the letter Vav.

The letter Vav is just a vertical line, with the tip of the line being wider than the bottom; thus, hidden in the shape of the letter Vav, is the symbol of the brain and the spinal medulla. When we write the word “Vav” in Hebrew, we write it with two Vavs; Vav-Vav. There are no vowels in the Hebrew alphabet, so we just write it with two Vavs. These two are what the book of Genesis calls the male-female, the two polarities; that is why Adam was made on the sixth day, within the womb, the sixth letter, Vav.

This is precisely what I was analyzing and comprehending when I was coming here on the airplane; I said, this will be good to explain to the students, in order for them to better understand the origin and meaning of the word human. That letter U of the word human is the Rune Ur, the letter Vav, the womb, that we have to be very concerned with, because in the spinal medulla - which in Sanskrit is named Sushumna - is where the energy of the Holy Spirit (Kundalini) has to rise. It is in that womb, in that Vav, in that Rune Ur, where the seven main chakras that the book of Revelation calls the seven churches must develop, in order for us to have the seven senses of the consciousness, of the soul. The letter Vav, the U of human is related with the Tree of Life as well.

Are you familiar with the Tree of Life? Is there anybody here that does not know the Tree of Life, that cryptic symbol with ten spheres or sephiroth? All of you know it, right? Okay, on the Tree of Life, we find three Vavs or three pillars, three columns, because we have the spinal medulla in our spinal column… but are you familiar with the caduceus of Mercury? The caduceus of Mercury is the same column; the spinal column, with the two serpents. Actually, it is good to state that in the beginning, the symbol of the caduceus of Mercury was represented with three serpents; the caduceus in the middle being the third.

The Caduceus of Mercury or נחש הנחשת the Nachash Nachashoth


In Hebrew these three pillars, serpents or columns are called נחש הנחשת the Nachash Nachashoth, and in Sanskrit Sushumna, Ida and Pingala; the central, left and right columns respectively. Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are precisely three Vavs, three nervous systems, namely, Parasympathetic, Grand sympathetic and Central Nervous System, which our ego, our animality, our bestiality uses in order to satisfy the sensual appetites of the flesh. Each nervous system is a letter Vav, which is the sixth letter of the kabbalistic alphabet.

Now, this is very important to know; so that we may learn to delve into the Hebrew alphabet, into what is hidden in clues in the bible, so that we can discover the guidance contained within in order for us to become a human being in Tiphereth, the sixth sephirah.

The top of the letter Vav is a letter Iod, and represents the brain. In regard to the left and right nervous systems, the brain is “cross-wired.” The left hemisphere controls the right handed side of the body, and the right hemisphere controls the left. What we perceive with the left hemisphere we perform with the right hand and vice-versa. Binah; hearing, understanding, formation, speaking, reading, writing, and all instinctual habitual sensual activities relate to the left hemisphere. Chokmah; imagination, artistic expression, and a healthy, creative, higher mental function, relates to the right hemisphere, it is also associated with the retention of sensory impressions, daydreaming and fantasies, intuitive leaps of insight and the ability to synthesize. Kether, the frontal lobe controls intellectual activities, the brain stem, at the bottom of the brain, connects the cerebrum with the spinal cord. It includes the midbrain, the pons, and the medulla, where we can develop the different levels of consciousness. Unfortunately the head of all of these three nervous systems are control by the mind, the beast, our ego, our animality.

“And he (the beast) causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand (which connects to the left hemisphere), or in their foreheads (frontal lobe): And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of (Tiphereth, Adam) a man; and his number is six hundred sixty-six.” - Revelation 13: 16, 17, 18

After the letter Vav, comes the letter זין Zayin. The letter ז Zayin is exactly like the letter ו Vav; the only difference is that the letter ז Zayin dissects the letter Iod that sits at the top exactly in the middle (as opposed to the ו Vav, which joins to the Iod at the top on one edge.)

From where does this Zayin come? The Zayin relates to the genitalia, the bottom left side of the tree of life and our spinal column. It comes after the sixth because it is the seventh letter; it is a representation of the seventh day in the book of Genesis. On which day was the woman created? She was created in the seventh day. The man (Adam) represents the male-female that was created with two Vavs - on the sixth day - was made to sleep by Elohim, and then from that Adam, Elohim extracted one of the two Vavs, the woman. But the woman is different; it is another Vav, but with a big difference, obviously, she is a Zayin. It is another column; meaning that from Adam (male-female) was taken one sexual polarity and from that was made another physicality, exactly with another column, with the same three forces in it. The three polarities that we are talking about, are what in Christianity are called Father, Son and Holy Spirit and are given many other names in different religions. Those forces are related with the spinal column; Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are in the male and the female, but obviously Zayin has it in the feminine manner; when we see the spinal column of a woman, we see that it contains the exact same forces as the male (Ida and Pingala), but in a completely different manner. So, do you see the beauty of creation here?


ז Zayin

The seventh, is what we call Sabbath, which is זין Zayin, the seventh day, the genitalia. About זין Zayin, the Sabbath, it is written in the bible:

“And on the seventh day Elohim ended his work which he had made; and he rested on (זין Zayin) the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And Elohim blessed (זין Zayin) the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it (זין Zayin) he had rested from all his work which Elohim created and made.” - Genesis 2: 2, 3

So, the letter U, which is the spinal column, implies a lot; that in order for you to really be a human, you have to have the two polarities within you and the three forces of your spinal column active, in relation with the Rune Hagal, which is a six pointed star and relates to the twelve constellations, the twelve tribes of Israel, which is the multiple perfect unity as well. So here goes the sentence; to call yourself an Israelite is to call yourself a human - kabbalistically and alchemically speaking. This is why there is a lot of confusion among ignoramuses that read the bible literally, thinking that the true Israelites are in the Middle East. Of course, when they read the bible, or any of the sacred books of alchemy or kabbalah, literally, they start qualifying themselves as true human beings, true men and think that the rest of humanity are just animals… but, in reality, all of us are animals. To become a true Israelite, a true human being, is a long, hard work; as we have seen from studying merely the first two letters of the word “human.”

We have given a lot of lectures on the subject of the spinal column already, so I do not want to go too deeply into this topic, but just to touch on it a little bit; for us, the Gnostics, the spinal medulla, the brain and the sexual organs are the most important thing. As we see, these three aspects are synthesized in the two male-female polarities. Within the male or female physicalities there are two types of water; the superior waters or cerebral spinal fluids and the inferior waters or genital fluids, these are the male-female sexual fluids in us, the two sexual polarities. These two sexual polarities in us, the male-female are explained in different ways, different levels and this is what we have to analysis and comprehend. Kabbalistically it is written:

"A great fish (letter Nun) coming from the left (pillar of the tree of life) swims through all these waterways to poison and corrupt them. Its scales are as steel. From its mouth comes forth a lurid flame and its tongue is like a sharp sword. Its object is to force its way into the sanctuary of the great ocean to pollute and defile it and thus extinguish light, and causing the waters to become frozen, and the great circulatory water system may cease to operate.

"The occult meaning of this mystery is expressed in the words of scripture, 'And (ו Vav) the serpent (the nervous system) was more subtle than any beast of the field which Jehovah-Elohim had made,' (Genesis 3: 1). This wicked serpent (parasympathetic nervous system) wished to accomplish his aim by first corrupting (through the physical senses) the brooklets (the genitalia fluid) below and making them impure and bitter, so that flowing back to the great ocean (the cerebral spinal fluid) their fountain head, it might become polluted. This is why she (זין Zayin) first seduced Adam (the brain, through the sexual physical orgasm) and brought death into the (spiritual) world and entered into (Tiphereth) the heart of Adam from the left side.

"There is, however, another serpent (nervous system) that comes from the right (related to wrong transformation of sensory impressions, daydreaming and fantasies). These two serpents are they that are closely attached to Adam (the brain) during his lifetime (the cerebral spinal fluid and genital fluid), as scripture says, 'of all the beasts of the field that Jehovah-Elohim had made,' these two are the most cunning, crafty and subtle in tempting and destroying Adam (the brain).” - Zohar

People ask, why do we always practice the rune Hagal? Because we need the help of the elements; we need the help of the constellations, we need the forces of the cosmos to penetrate in us. Through those practices that we do, the energies that enter us are transformed through our metabolism and are stored in our brain and sexual glands. Obviously, if our body is polarized in the feminine aspect, we store the energy in the feminine manner, and, if our body is masculine, in the masculine manner. This is the reason that sexual cooperation is indispensable; in order to create the human in that divine womb (the Rune Ur, the Vav), we need the two poles of the sexual energy, united, in order to procreate in the same manner in which the Elohim do. If we perform the sexual act and reach the orgasm, as the beasts do, what we will get from that kind of sexual act is a child; just as the physical body of each one of us, who has his physical parents was created through the orgasm in that way. But, when we know this doctrine, we are not interested in creating more children - it is a beautiful thing, to have children – but, we are more interested in creating a child of God inside of us.

To create a child of God, to become children of God, is not easy; it implies a lot of willpower. Willpower, because in order to leave the animal level and to enter into the human level, which is to absorb the light from the sex and to store it in the spinal medulla, takes a lot of patience. This is why it is written, "in patience you will possess your souls"; because those elements that we call archetypes or the tribes of Israel, are the parts of our soul that are there in the galaxy, in a state of potentiality. These archetypes descend through the practices that we perform and if we absorb them, if we know how, then that human being, made in the image and likeness of Elohim, will eventually appear, through many initiations… then we will understand how to become a human being.

Of course, all of these things that we are speaking about here require in depth explanations in order to fully understand, but for now, we are merely touching on them so that you can gain some understanding about the practices that we perform. These practices always relate to the spinal medulla and to the union of man and woman; Zayin זין also represents the woman and one of the ten commandments taught by Moses says:

“Keep (Zayin זין) the sabbath day to sanctify it, as Jehovah thy Elohim hath commanded thee. Six days thou shalt (sexually) labour, and do all thy (alchemical) work: And (Zayin זין) the seventh day (the genitalia) is the sabbath of Jehovah thy Elohim...” - Deuteronomy 5: 12-14

Women said, “Oh well, we should keep ourselves holy.” But there is another mystery here.


The seven days of Genesis, when performed in us by the Theomertmalogos, are related to the seven lower sephiroth of the Tree of Life; counting from Chesed, which is the first sephirah beneath the first triangle of the Tree of Life; to Geburah, the second; Tiphereth, the third; Netzach, the fourth; Hod, the fifth; Yesod, the sixth and Malkuth, the seventh. What is Malkuth? It is our physical body, and of course it is related to the earth too. Macrocosmically, Malkuth is the physical plane, but in us (microcosmically) it is our physical body; that is why we explained about the division of the sexes, because when we explain about the two polarities and how Elohim takes Eve from Adam, it is because Eve is within Adam. So, when Eve is extracted from Adam then we find the woman and the man in Malkuth; the two polarities. When the bible is talking about the seventh body, the seventh day, it is talking about our physicality, the woman, and also our creative organs, here below; that is the seventh.

So, “keep the Sabbath holy;” that is telling us to keep our genitalia and our physicality holy. That is why in many religions, the first thing they learn is how to keep their genitalia and physicality holy. We do not talk about the need to keep our astral body holy, or our mental body holy, because we do not have the solar astral and mental bodies. Eventually, we will create them, if we utilize the medulla, which in the physical body alchemically is called “the chimney of the laboratory.”

In the middle ages, there was a lot of talk about the “laboratory of the alchemist” and, a lot of people that were reading the clues of alchemy in the middle ages were looking for all the instruments in order to make that laboratory. Meanwhile, they did not know that they had been walking with it since they were children; that the laboratory that they wanted to make was their physicality itself. At the end of many years of searching and searching, many alchemists realized this and said, “Oh, the laboratory is my physical body.” Here you are receiving this doctrine directly, in order to not waste time; you do not need to build any laboratory, you have it already. Our physicality receives and gives energy, we have a lot of forces in our body. If you know how to utilize these forces, then you will build the human being that is named in different ways; you must learn how to utilize your chimney, which is your spinal medulla.

So, you see the marvels of this letter U of the word human? It is the same U at the beginning and at the very end of "Aum Mani Padme Hum.”

The Rune Hagal as the N of Human


Now, the N that is at the very end of the word Human, is the letter Nun of kabbalah, Nun in Latin letters is written with a U and two letter Ns. We also find that a Nun is a member of religious community of women who tries to make her body holy. In the middle ages, those that discovered the mysteries of alchemy were monks and nuns, and they were getting married in private and in secrecy, in order to work with the letter Nun, which means fish in Aramaic and relates to the sperm and ovum that we have in the sexual organs. That is why the letter N is at the very end of the word human because those forces that come from the Hagal or H, above, are transformed and ultimately synthesized in the sexual energy and are called the sperm and the ovum; that is the Nun. That is why in the Hebrew alphabet there are two types of Nun; the normal Nun and the final Nun, to specify the duality. That is also why the word human has the N at the end, which lines show the three forces. These three forces are represented by the first triangle of the tree of life: Kether, Chokmah, Binah; Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and many other names in different religious traditions. So, you see it right? It is not complicated for us to understand what the word human hides.

The Rune Man as the M of Human


This morning we were performing the rune Man and we were explaining that the rune Man relates to the way in which we invoke the cosmic forces that we call the Cosmic Christ, through the three Vavs, or forces that we have which we call Ida, Pingala and Sushumna; the medulla and the two polarities. That is the rune Man. That is why the rune Man is very important, in order for us to become what we call in English, a man. That word, "man," comes from the Sanskrit words “Manu,” “Manas” and “Mani.” A Manu is a person whose Manas (Mind) is a Mani (a Jewel) אמן Amen.

“Mani meaning Jewel, symbolizes the factor of method - the altruistic intention to become enlightened, compassion, and love.” - Dalai Lama

Thus, Manu, Manas, Mani are words connected with all of these forces, that is why in the books of the Master Samael Aun Weor we find the word Manvantara that is rooted in Manu-Van-Tara, or the period of Manu, the period of a true man. Master Samael says in his books that the founder of this root race, the Aryan race, was the Manu-Vais-Vasvata, and just by saying a Manu we understand that it means a true human. From that Manu we find the word man, which I repeat, is related with Manas, the mind; somebody that develops objective reasoning, that is the Manas we want to develop. In this day and age, everybody has subjective reasoning, a kind of logical reasoning that is very shallow, very subjective.

Talking about this, it comes to my mind something I have to say regarding this, because it gets directly to the point. There are many intellectuals that call themselves atheists and they say that they do not believe in God, because they do not see God and have no proof of God. To this I say, they are right because there are many people that believe in God, but have no proof of God; indeed, to have proof of God is to be a Manu and they do not have that. These people were discussing the origin of the universe and that it was the big bang and another religious person was asking these atheists, “Well can you explain to me from where that explosion that created the universe called the big bang came from? What was there before? Nothing? But from where did that explosion come all of a sudden? How did that explosion come from nothing? How can you explain nothing? It is impossible.” I was analyzing this, and what the atheist is saying is true but he does not know it; he does not know what he is talking about, because nothing in Kabbalah is the Ain, the nothingness, but they think that nothingness is nothing. It is something. It is called the nothing or nothingness because it is not energy, it is not matter. This universe in which we live, where we find millions of galaxies made of matter and antimatter and energy, all of that emerged from the nothingness; but that nothingness does not mean that it is nothing, it means that it is something we do not know, that place from where the energy and matter emerges.

If we were to adventure into the nothingness, transforming into a true human being (which at that level is called a Paramarthasatya, an inhabitant of the Ain) then we will know, “Oh, now I know what is this nothingness.” But, in the level in which we are, we can only speculate.

So, this atheist and the religious person were discussing these matters, and the atheist was saying that God does not exist, but only the nothingness and I said to myself that he is right, because the nothing is beyond Gods; even the Elohim emerged from the nothingness. But what is that nothingness? Master Samael says it is Aelohim; meaning, “not Elohim,” because placing the A in front of Elohim, it means without – without-Elohim, beyond the Elohim.

But, to conclude; in that tv show debate between the atheist and religious person, in the end both of them were just confused and I was enjoying watching it, and I said to myself, ok, they just base what they know in beliefs; none of them - neither the religious person, nor the atheist - were developing anything within themselves spiritually, just beliefs and theories. Their earth, Malkuth, the physicality in both of them, as it is written in the book of Genesis, was empty and without form. And, if our earth (our physicality) is empty and without form, where then is the light? “Darkness was on the face of the abyss.” So, we need to make light first, in order to understand what we are talking about.

The people that talk about God and say, “I do not believe in God, I am an atheist;” when somebody comes to me and says that, I say, “Well you are an atheist thanks to God because theist means God and if you are atheist, you are utilizing the word but you are an atheist thanks to theist, to God.” Nobody can be an atheist without God. To deny the existence of God is to really show that you do not know anything.

Here, in this tradition, when we are seriously practicing, little by little the notion of that which we call God, or Elohim, comes into our consciousness. As that happens, we realize that in order for people to understand these things, they have to develop themselves, to practice, to absorb the light, because that is the first thing that the book of Genesis states; "and Elohim said let there be light, and there was light." After we develop the light, we can see, but in the darkness, we cannot see anything.

This all relates back to what we are talking about; Manas. Manas is the mind; when we have subjective Manas, what we call subjective reasoning, we cannot know anything about what we call God; it is only if we develop objective reasoning that we can have knowledge about God.

So, the true human being is a being that has objective reasoning (objective Manas), but that only develops when we know how to transmute the sexual energy and to pass through initiations. Before that, we can talk about beliefs or non-beliefs and we can fall into confusion, thinking that just by believing in this or believing in that, we are going to acquire that level; there is many levels.

When we talk about Manu, Manas, Mani, observe that those words begin with the letter M and that all of them have the Nun (fish) within. The letter Mem, in Kabbalah, is the symbol of water. Master Samael Aun Weor stated that for the Prana, solar light to enter into any planet, that planet needs to have water; without water the Prana, the solar light would not develop any life, would not develop any Nun (fish), and the proof of that is here in our planet earth. Unfortunately, we have polluted the water here, but it is going to be cleansed.

The planet on which we live has oceans, lakes, rivers, that is the Mem, and in our physicality, we have waters, fluids. What percentage is our physicality water? 70 percent, or something? We are more water than anything. But, when we talk about the atmosphere, there is water there too, right? The proof of that is evident right now; it is raining a little bit outside and the water is coming from the clouds. So, we have water in the atmosphere above, and water below (the rivers, oceans, lakes, etc); physically, we too have those two types of water. The waters above, in us, are those waters or fluids upon which the cerebrospinal floats; the waters below are the sexual fluids, which are always associated with the sea, with the ocean, the rivers. That is why the book of Genesis, in the seventh day, talks about the rivers of Eden, but not only in the seventh day; there is water in all the days of Genesis. For example, Genesis begins with the spirit of God floating above the face of the waters and the water was creating life, etc. That is alchemy, that is the letter Mem of man or human.

The Rune Ar as the A of Human


"AR, in the original language, means SUN. That is where ARIO, ARISTO, ARIAL comes from. As a standard it releases a part of the earth to us. Now this Rune in the original language was called ARA, which is the other name that it is known by. ARA means ALTAR. Upon that Altar sacrifices are offered and it is a small stone which rests directly upon the Altar itself where the Chalice is deposited." - Huiracocha

The letter A, Hebrew Aleph; that is a very beautiful letter. A or Aleph is a symbol of precisely of the two waters that we are talking about here. We have explained that the letter Aleph is written in this way; the spinal column (Vav) with two Iods on either side. This is how the shape of the letter Aleph is written, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

The letter Iod symbolizes, what we call in Sanskrit Prana, the shakti potential in the waters. So, as you see, when we are doing the practices of the runes, we are absorbing the Prana or shakti potential that is the solar light that was placed in the atmosphere during the day. When we transmute the sexual energy, we absorb the Prana or shakti potential of the sexual fluids. That is the symbol of the letter Aleph; because we have fluids in the brain (the cerebrospinal fluids) and fluids below in our sex (the sexual waters) and they are divided by (Vav) the firmament, the spinal column.

“And (Vav) Elohim said, Let there be a (Vav) firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And Elohim made the (Vav) firmament, and divided the waters which were under (Vav) the firmament from the waters which were above (Vav) the firmament: and it was so.” Genesis 1: 6, 7

So, a true human has to have those two waters in activity (the waters above and the waters below) in order to be in contact with the forces of the cosmos and nature. Outside the planet earth, what do we call the superior waters? We call them the Akasha, the Tattva Akasha, which is that substance that permeates the space, a subtler water, whose shakti potential is Prana. The waters above relate to our cerebral spinal fluid and the water below to our genital fluid, both contain the Akasha and Prana. Anyone that transmutes their sexual forces of their waters below, transmutes that Prana or shakti potential in their Vav, their spinal column and fortifies their brain. Such individual alchemists, have more senses and are feeding those senses with the Prana of their superior and inferior waters, within their letter Vav or central nervous system; alchemists represent the word human that we are talking about here.



As we learned, the letter H and the letter N are related with the rune Hagal. We find hidden between those two Hagals, the letters U-M-A, which together form the word or mantra ॐAum. Aum ॐis a sacred mantra in Hinduism. It is written Aum, but you pronounce it OM; you unite the A and U sounds and make an O sound. You have to pronounce it, OOOMMMMM. It is written with an A and U, but really the vowel O is united with A and the U, because Aleph is the waters above and below; the U is the spiritual uterus, the spinal medulla; the M is the waters, so again we are working with the waters. Aum ॐimplies the way in which that which is divine works in the cosmos and in nature. Among the 72 kabbalistic names of God אום Aum is one of them. Thus, if you were to say, “I am a human,” you are saying, “Aum אום ॐ works through me.”

When we receive these instructions - that is, when we learn how to meditate, how to develop ourselves, to be aware here and now - it is in order for us to be aware of that, the forces of Aum coming from above to our body. This is hard work; to reach that level is not easy. So, that is a human being.

There are many beings in Malkuth, the earth, at different levels, that are complete beings. For instance, when we see a lion, in order for a lion to be a lion, it needs many attributes, many elements in order to be a lion. If we investigate that lion physically, psychologically, mentally, we discover that the lion does not reason because he is an irrational animal, but, he has a spirit, just as we have a spirit. That lion has everything that he needs in order to be a lion. And, if you investigate a bear, he has everything he needs in order to be a bear. Any animal is the same; any animal is a complete being, as an animal. They are what Genesis call (נפש חיה Nephesh Chaiah) living souls.

So, when someone says “I am a human being” they are implying that they are a being that has all the attributes of being human. Those attributes are the archetypes of Israel that Genesis, in the seventh day, call “dust of the ground” with which Jehovah Elohim formed Adam, the true human being.

William Blake adam

“And Jehovah Elohim formed Adam, from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and Adam became a (נפש חיה Nephesh Chaiah) living soul.” - Genesis 2: 7

So, really, it is important to never affirm that we are human beings. Sometimes we address people with the word human being, out of curtesy, but we know very well that we are not that; that is why we are in these studies, because we want to be that, what bible explains very well as Adam being made in the image and likeness of Elohim.

If you meditate and look inside yourselves, observe the images that manifest in your mind, you will see very clearly that such mental images are not Elohim.

“Thou shalt have none other Elohim before me. Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth.” - Deuteronomy 5: 7, 8

Master Samael Aun Weor was telling us that he reached a level in which his mind was always quiet. He said for instance, in order for you to enter into samadhi, you need to do a lot of work and finally your consciousness will leave your physicality, your mind, your emotions, and enter into that level of the universe where there is no thought; that is called samadhi. There, you experience something beyond the mind. Then he said, “But let me tell you, I am in that state all the time; my mind does not bother me with subjective images. And, if by chance I capture something that is bothering me from within my mind, I immediately go and meditate on that, to see if there is something wrong there in my mind. I never put my mind into activity; it is only when I am teaching that I use my mind, because the mind is only an instrument that I use to teach, to write my books, it is just an instrument. Sorry to tell you, but your mind utilizes you. I use my mind, but your mind uses you.” And this is how it is with all of us. We have many egos, which are minds, images plural. You are in that sense idol worshippers.

Sequentially, addressing the mantra Aum Mani Padme Hum; Padme, in Sanskrit, means lotus flower. In other words, a human being is a lotus flower. That is why the chakras are symbolized with lotus flowers, because this is what a being is, an open lotus, a Padme. So Aum Mani Padme Hum is a human being, in synthesis.

Now you see the necessity of utilizing mantras, words, prayers, because all are derived from the first letter H which is the rune Hagal. According to the Futhark, all the letters derive from Hagal. When you perform the rune Hagal in the way that we do here, you find all the letters or runes related with that. So this is the importance of practicing runes, because with the physicality we have the means to imitate all of the letters of the sacred Futhark. And, indeed, not only in that way, because, “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.” So, the sacred alphabet is important and that is why any prayer, in any language - but especially in a language that is not so degenerated like our English language - Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, any mantra in those language that helps us is good. We do not discriminate. So this is why all of this is so important. 

Question: When you refer to our degenerated language, what exactly do you mean?

Instructor: Well, it is a language that has lost most of its spiritual principles. For instance, if we study the word human, which is an English word, most of us believe ourselves to be a human because we have lost the spiritual principles of that word and we just repeat it mechanically. To repeat a language mechanically without knowing the spiritual roots of that is to just mumble words without any purpose. That is why we have to be very careful when we talk, in order to give value to the word. Remember that the words are gestated in the throat which is another uterus and is aligned with the spinal medulla.

Question: Can you explain the relationship of Hagal and the six-pointed star to the pentagram as the symbol of the human being or five-pointed star.

Instructor: The human being itself is a five-pointed star, physically speaking, as we said; the two legs, two arms and one head. The five-pointed star is a symbol of the word made flesh. In other words, our physicality is a symbol of all that which we explained in regards to the word human, made flesh, or incarnated, within us. But, because we do not utilize these forces or values that our pentagram has, because we just waste those forces, we are an inverted pentagram; remember, the star can be positive or negative.

Obviously, an inverted pentagram symbolizes the intellect going down and that is why there are many ways in which, in this day and age, people utilize the forces, the values that they attract physically, in the wrong way; they are inverted pentagrams. There are many in this day involved in witchcraft and sorcery, like individuals that call themselves shamans. When we say shamans, we know there are positive shamans, but to find a positive shaman is to find someone that is chaste, utilizing the sexual force in the positive manner, as we are teaching here; otherwise, those that utilize the forces that they have physically, in combination with the forces of the cosmos or nature, for egotistical purposes, are negative shamans, black magicians, inverted pentagrams.

You can develop negatively or positively; that is why it is written in the book of the Hebrew Law, "You shall not eat from the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil." You see the two polarities there again. If you enter into these studies, if you continue fornicating (meaning spilling the seed), you start developing powers; you become a demon, an awakened demon. Right now, we are sleeping demons, but if you do not disintegrate your animality, you become an awakened demon. That is to awaken in evil and for evil.

Therefore, it is critical to know how to meditate in order to annihilate our ego so that we may revert the pentagram; because when that pentagram reaches self-realization, when that person which becomes a pentagram in the positive way, he receives, as a sign of his purit,y the Star of David, the six-pointed star. That is united there, the six with the five which makes eleven. The number eleven, that has the shape of two Vavs.

Question: How do Ida and Pingala relate anatomically, in terms of the left and the right sides, in the man and woman and does that correspond to the pillars of Mercy and Severity on the Tree of Life?

Instructor: Those forces of the Tree of Life, Severity and Mercy, are forces in the right and left pillars and along with the central pillar, are always related with the spinal medulla. Those two forces, of course, are shown in different levels; first, energetically - Ida, Pingala and Sushumna; then the forces that express through the physicality, because we have other nervous forces or plexuses, in each side that are always connected to the spinal column. For instance, physically speaking, the central pillar of the Tree of Life is related with the central nervous system; the left pillar with the parasympathetic nervous system; and the right pillar with the grand sympathetic nervous system. The three nervous systems relate to the same spinal medulla, physically. It is through these nervous systems that we receive energies, forces, physically speaking, and how we waste them too. By studying these three nervous systems, in relation with the different organs and senses we have, we will see just how much of a mess we are in, physically and psychologically.

Now, going higher and higher into different levels of the Tree of Life, we discover that duality also in our Monad, because every sephirah of the Tree of Life relates with the forces - whether in the left or the right Tree of Life - that we have to balance, by working with the spinal medulla, which is precisely the main organ we have to take care of, along with the sexual organs.

This work that we are talking about here is related with the symbol of the Greek cross. The Greek cross has three horizontal lines, which explain a duality pointing in both directions. And, the vertical line is that which we have to re-centre, in order to control the forces - in synthesis.

Remember, the Tree of Life, physically speaking, is the spinal column; the two polarities, Ida and Pingala, are in both the feminine body and masculine body, but they also represent, according to kabbalistic alchemy, what we call “Who” and “What” or in other words, “Me” and “Mah.” That is in the Zohar… but, I do not want to go there because then you will be very confused.

Question: It is a very common phrase to say, “God is in you.” But, esoterically speaking, it’s true, right? Because God is in the U, the Vav.

Instructor: God is within you, in the U, the Vav, if you are in chastity. When you read the bible for instance, it says, “In the beginning God created the heaven and...” And; that is the first Vav that appears there. “And the earth…” It does not mean the planet earth, it is telling you that in the beginning God created the heavens - you have your own heaven, your own spirit - but your earth, the Vav of your earth, was “empty and without form and darkness was upon the face of the abyss.” It says it explicitly, very clearly. That is “in the beginning” for all of us. So, God is in you in the U, the Vav, if you are in chastity, in different levels.

When we talk about this 'you;' in English we say 'I am' and in this day and age, many groups talk about the 'I am' because when Moses was in front of Elohim, Moses asked to Elohim, “who are you?” and Elohim replied, (אהיה אשר אהיה Eheieh Asher Eheieh) meaning "I am what I am." You see? Present. We say “I am thirsty, I am hungry;” we use that “I am” very often, but do you know what “I am” means? If you want to spell the english word “I am” with Hebrew letters you write the letter Iod for "I" and the letters Vav and Mem for "am," thus, the outocme is יום Yom: Iod-Vav-Mem; Yom. The bible says that the evening and the morning was the first יום Yom; the first day; the first אהיה Eheieh; I am (in English), that is the origin. When you say, “I am,” you are saying “I am a day, I am light,” because יום Yom, or day in Hebrew, means light. Why? because God called the light, day, and the darkness he called night. So, if you said day, you are saying light. Thus, if you say I am, you are saying you are enlightened, a Buddha. So really, you shouldn’t say I am, but that would make it very difficult to express yourself…


Question: So although the word human is an English word, and you talked about the significance of the syllables in Sanskrit, how is the word Hanuman related to related to the word human?

Instructor: Well this is a very interesting question. Within the word Hanuman you find the word human there also. Well, Hanuman, according to alchemy, is what in us we call the baboon, which is a symbol of mercury. That is the animal force that we have to utilize in order to develop the inner powers. When you study Hanuman in the Ramayana he shows a lot of powers…

Audience: The power of devotion, right?

Instructor: Yes, the main faculty he utilizes to develop his powers is devotion. He is devoted to Rama and Sita; these are the elements that we have in the heart. In the beginning it is how we are; we begin as Hanuman, we are animals, and little by little we are transformed into humans. We are intellectual animals. That word animal is really anima, which in Latin means soul. In other words, we are intellectual-souls. There are many souls that are not intellectual; the cat is not intellectual; dogs, horses, they are not intellectual. We are intellectual-souls, but they are souls too, they are animas, which is the root to the word animal. So, when somebody says animals do not have souls, they are saying souls do not have souls and that, besides being very rude, is incongruent.

Question: How did Elohim speak to Moses? If Hebrew does not have vowels, and the Hebrew language was, I’m guessing, original, is that symbolic?

Instructor: Well, no, it is not that. When you hear the Hebrew language, there is a lot of vowels spoken but not written; this is on purpose. Why do the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet not have vowels? It is simple; because the letter Vav, as we were explaining, is the spinal medulla. The letter Vav can be pronounced as I O U A E, the sounds which are found within the spinal medulla. So, when you are reading modern Hebrew, you will see dots above the letters. The dots signify which vowels are supposed to be pronounced there; one dot is “I”; two dots is “E”; if the dot is above, then it is “O”; if it is in front, in the belly of the letter, it is “U”; and if there is one line, it is the “A” sound. So, you see the vowels 'A E I O U' are in related with the medulla.

Question: So, people learn the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and then learn the positions of the dots?

Instructor: Yes, the position of the dots gives you the clue as how to pronounce the vowel. For instance, the letter Mem; if there is a line underneath it, it is pronounced “Mah.” But, if the line is above it, it is “Mi.” But, you do not always need to use the dots.

The thing is this; 'A E I O U' are related with U, your Vav. That is why when we perform the runes, like the Rune Fa for instance, we pronounce, ‘FA FE FI FO FU.’ We are saying that because all of the vowels relate to the Vav, the spinal medulla. When Moses was in front of the deity, it was because all of his Vavs, vowels, chakras, were active. And, the way to communicate with God is to have your chakras active; The language of God is not English… he talks in a language that we have to understand with the psyche, with the consciousness and so we have to put that into activity. Sometimes when I am meditating and I have an experience and receive a message, when I return, I have to meditate, sometimes two days, in order to understand what my inner being is telling me, because he is not going to just talk to me in English. The ones who wrote the bible - 'and God said this to me etc' - it is because they already understood what God had said. But, it is not that God is going to tell you directly in English at any given moment, because God wants you to know the truth because the truth shall set you free. But, English does not hold the truth, but the Word, the Golden language does.

Question: When you talk about the still, small voice that you can hear, is that not words then?

Instructor: That voice is something you hear through your spine, your Vav that stands for the faculty of Hearing. Thus, when you are concentrated and paying attention to your brain and you hear the still, small voice; it is a high pitched sound vibration, a very high pitched sound vibration (like the sound that the jet turbine of an airplane wails out) that can toss you into the astral plane. But, in the bible, we read about Elijah, who was in the cave (the cave is the symbol of the cranium). While in the cave, Elijah heard the still, small voice that said, “What are you doing here Elijah? That is how it is written in the bible, but in reality, that voice is a sound, a vibration that you hear in your brain. In order to hear that inside of you, you have to be very well concentrated and have certain chakras or churches in activity, because when God communicates or reveals to any being, any person, he does it through the seven chakras or churches of Assiah, your spinal medulla, always. That is the way to communicate with us, even when we are outside the body. Each body whether it is physical or spiritual always has its seven chakras in its Sushumna, or churches in Assiah, its spinal medulla.

“He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” - Revelation

Thus, the first thing that appears when a sperm penetrates an ovum is the letter Vav, the medulla and the brain and after that, the rest appears in the womb of our mother. Likewise when Shiva penetrates the spinal medulla, the womb of the Divine Mother Kundalini.

So, the Holy Spirit, expresses itself through the letter Vav because Vav represents the brain and the spinal medulla, the central nervous system, which is the throne of the Spirit, who is the real ("U") You. Likewise Vav is more particularly related to the vowel U or the Rune Ur because Vav represents the spinal medulla, the womb of the Holy Spirit.

Moreover, how do you write the sound "U" in old Latin? You write it with a "V"; the V of Vav. Which is the same letter U in old Latin. But V and V make a W. This is interesting because V the throne and V the womb makes a W that make the sound of the mantra WU, the sound of the hurricane.

“This mantra is sung mentally with the sound of the vowel U repeated twice, U… U…, prolonging the vowel U sound, imitating the sound of a hurricane howling through a mountain’s throat, or like the crashing of the boisterous sea’s waves against the beach. During the practice of Meditation we sing this mantra mentally with the purpose of attaining calmness and silence of the mind, when we need to drain the mind of all types of thoughts, desires, memories, preoccupations, etc.” - Samael Aun Weor

Now Jesus, that in Latin is written JESVS, when talking about the Vav, the V, or the U said:

“The wind (Ruach רוח in Hebrew) blows where it pleases, and (in thy spinal medulla, through the seven chakras) thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” - John 3: 8

Moreover, Moses said: “And (the Vav, the spinal medulla, the womb of) the earth (our physicality) was formless and void; and darkness was upon the face of its deep: and (in the Vav, the Hurricane) the (Ruach רוח ) Spirit of Elohim was moving upon the face of the (fluids or) waters (of our genitalia and central nervous system). And Elohim said, let there be light...” - Genesis 1: 2, 3

In order for “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” This reminded us of the revolution of the wind, the hurricane or cyclone, the Spirit; this is why Master Samael emphasizes in his Revolutionary Psychology, Revolution of the Dialectic and Revolution of Beelzebub, the urgent need for us all to enter into a spiritual revolution. He also highlighted the differences between involution, evolution, devolution and revolution, and the importance of understanding each of these laws. So again here in “the volution” of revolution, evolution, involution and devolution, we see the V, the Vav; which is nothing other than the word volition; will. This is clearly telling us that the Vav, our spinal column, the sexual forces, are the crux of two Vs that make a W upon which the hurricane spins - in other words, this is determined by Jesvs saying:

“Father, if thou be willing (revolve and) remove this cup (feminine sexual yoni) from me: nevertheless not my will (or volition), but thine (volition), be done.” - Luke 22: 42

So, the use of our will, our volition, our Vav, has to move along with the will, volition of the Ruach Elohim, the wind, the hurricane, this, in order to attain the revolution of the consciousness that Master Samael urged us towards.

"After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen."