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In these times of the end (1992), we watch on TV and hear on the radio, and through many other devices, many Christians and other religious people talking about salvation; every church is promising salvation. Thus, in this lecture, we are going to talk about salvation or liberation.

First of all, when people talk about salvation, we ask them: Salvation of what? They answer: “From Hell.” Therefore, we have to explain what hell is, related with the Tree of Life. Hell is related to the nine spheres of Klipoth, which is the name for shells in Kabbalah. Our egos are related to the nine spheres of the fallen tree of death, Klipoth (קליפות).

All of us are full of egos, defects, vices, errors, etc. As you know, our soul, our consciousness or essence, that which is the only thing of value that we carry within, is unfortunately bottled up within a multitude of psychological defects, of egos: anger, lust, greed, pride, envy, gluttony, laziness, etc. Our ego is the beast 666 that the Bible talks about in the book of Revelation. Thus, salvation, in actuality, is to be liberated, to be saved from the beast that we carry within. This is because our ego, the animality that we carry within, belongs to hell. The beast, the ego, belongs to the inferior layers of the planet. Master Samael AunWeor stated:

Brothers and sisters of mine:

This Christmas, it is necessary for you to deeply comprehend the necessity of dissolving the “I.”

The greatest danger that exists in life is the danger of converting ourselves into hasnamussen.

Whosoever does not work in the dissolution of the “I” gradually degenerates himself more and more in each existence. Finally, he does not receive any more physical bodies because he has converted himself into a dangerous hasnamuss.

Four types of hasnamussen exist:

1. Hasnamussen of a cretinous type, very decrepit, stupid and degenerate

2. Hasnamussen who are strong, astute and perverse

3. Hasnamussen with a double center of gravity, but without an astral Body; they only have a lunar body

4. Hasnamussen with a double center of gravity and with an astral Body

The hasnamussen of the first type are true cretins, idiots and degenerated people. They are extremely perverse, yet they do not even have the strength in order to be perverse. This type is rapidly disintegrated after the death of their physical bodies.

The hasnamussen of the second type keep returning to this world in organisms of the animal kingdom.

The hasnamussen of the third type were Initiates of White Magic who acquired many psychic powers. Yet, they went astray from their path and fell into Black Magic, because they did not dissolve the “I.” This type of hasnamuss is like two heads of a coin, the obverse and the reverse. They have two internal personalities, one is white and the other black. Each one of these personalities has its own self-independence and psychic powers.

The hasnamussen of the fourth type are true fallen Bodhisattvas, who committed the mistake of strengthening the “I.” These hasnamussen have a double center of gravity. One is diabolical and the other divine.” - Samael Aun Weor

It is important to understand that there are many ways of categorizing the types of hasnamussen; indeed, Master Samael himself in other lectures used a different system of categorization:

9 Sagitarius

Question: Venerable master, could you explain what a hasnamuss is?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, obviously a person that has created the existential bodies of the Being has to eliminate what does not belong to a Human. If one does not eliminate those inhuman elements, those elements that belong to the rational mammal, it is clear that one becomes an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, a hasnamuss with a double center of gravity. There are four types of hasnamussen, they are divided into four families. The first, we would call the mortal hasnamussen: people that only have the planetary body, the physical one; they have not created the existential superior bodies of the Being, but they have worked in black magic, and finally they crystallize (within their organism) that "something maleficent and tenebrous" that makes them authentic hasnamussen. Fortunately, with the death of the physical body, that "something maleficent" disappears, and there only remains the inhuman psychic aggregates that can return later into a new organism or that have to fall into devolution in the infernal worlds.

There also exists a second type of hasnamuss: They are those who have created the astral body, that have that vehicle, but that did not eliminate the inhuman elements, and because of this, they then became hasnamussen. The ego inside of the astral creates that "something maleficent" that characterizes the hasnamussen.

That second class of hasnamussen can eliminate that "something maleficent" voluntarily if they want, but if they do not do so, then the Great Law can cause them to return, to come back, or re-incorporate themselves in animal organisms (not only two brained, but even one brained) and through this system of re-incorporations in inferior animal organisms, they can eliminate what they have of hasnamussen. There is a third type of hasnamuss: people that created the existential superior bodies of the Being, and that became human beings, that have an astral body (authentic, legitimate), a real mental vehicle and also the causal body or body of the conscious will.

Well, if they do not eliminate the inhuman elements, not only do they not achieve the perfect illumination, the real wisdom, but what is worst, they become hasnamussen; it is because the ego, the inhuman elements, create within themselves that "something maleficent" that characterizes the hasnamussen. There is no other way for these kind of people but the work on themselves, and through conscious work and voluntary suffering they must eliminate what they have of hasnamussen. Otherwise, there will be no other path but the submerged devolution in the infernal worlds: to descend through the animal, vegetal and mineral states, to finally attain the Second Death. After this, the Essence will be set free, to the surface of the planet, to re-initiate a new evolution that will have to begin from the mineral kingdom. Well, that is, unfortunately, the case of the third type of hasnamuss.

There is a fourth case: hasnamussen that not only had become Human beings, but people that had achieved the state of angels, of archangels, of gods, but that have fallen. The ego formed in their vehicles, that "something maleficent" and if they do not take the decision to eliminate that  "something maleficent" of hasnamussen, the Law will also punish them: they will be precipitated in the submerged devolution of the infernal worlds, to finally attain the Second Death. Then the consciousness, the fraction of soul, the Essence, we would say, will come back once again to evolve from the mineral, passing through the vegetable, the animal state, to reconquer the human state that they had lost; that is the case of the fourth type of hasnamuss.

Therefore, one or the other: either we eliminate the inhuman elements that we have within ourselves or we become hasnamussen. Not only do we need to create the existential superior bodies of the Being; we have to eliminate what we have of the inhuman.” - Samael Aun Weor

So, what is important to remember is that we need to die psychologically, and, in order to be rid of that beast, of that ego, of that shell or klipha-קליפה (an outer form without substance) that covers our psyche, we have to learn how to do it. Why? Because if we do not disintegrate the ego, that bestial psychological covering, then we will enter into the nine layers of hell, because it is to Klipoth (קליפות), hell, the inferior dimensions of nature, that our ego belongs.

All the great avatars, masters or messengers - as the Greek Hermes or Latin Mercury - of the higher worlds came into the infernal worlds in order to teach us how to annihilate the ego, that which causes us to become hasnamussen, so that like them we can enter into the higher worlds, the sephiroth, the higher dimensions of nature. The superior dimensions of nature and the cosmos are what Master Jesus calls in the Bible, the kingdom of heaven.

As you see in the tree of life, in Kabbalah, the tenth Sephirah Malkuth is called the kingdom. This tridimensional, physical world in which we live is the kingdom of Malkuth, the world of Assiah. Most of the kingdoms of the Earth, Malkuth or Assiah, are related with what we call asuras, demons, our egos. Master Jesus, and other great masters, came to this planet in order to teach us how to be saved from falling into the nine inner layers of this kingdom of the Earth, Malkuth or Assiah, which is below the tridimensional world, and instead, how to enter into the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven relates to the supradimensions of nature. It encompasses the fourth, fifth dimension, sixth and seventh dimensions. That is what we call the heavens. Master Jesus the living incarnation of Apollo, the Solar Logos, said:


Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water (sexual fluids) and of the (Holy) Spirit (Minerva - Mercury), he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” - John 3: 3

Therefore, in order to enter into the kingdom of God, we have to be born again. You hear that the many sects of Christianity repeat the words of Master Jesus: “You have to enter into the kingdom of heaven,” “You have to be born again.” Any type of birth is always related with sex. It is written:

Sexology? Bless my soul, oh God, and hail Mary! This theme horrifies the puritans...

It is written in the sacred scriptures with words of fire that sex is a stumbling stone and a rock of offense...

The evidence stands out; we are not the offspring of any theory, school, or sect.

In the crude root of our existence, we only find the coitus of a man and a woman...

We were born nude; somebody cut our umbilical cord; we cried, and then we searched for the maternal breast...

Clothing? Schools? Theories? Erudition? Money, etc.? All of these came later on, as an addition.

Beliefs of all types exist everywhere. However, the unique force that can transform us in an integral and unitotal way is the force that placed us on the carpet of existence. I am referring to the creative energy of the first instant, to the sexual potency.

The delightful love, the erotic enjoyment, is by logical sequence the greatest joy...

To know how to wisely copulate is indispensable when a definitive psychological change is sincerely longed for.” - Samael Aun Weor

Regardless, lay people think that to be born again is just related with belief: believing in Jesus or in the Bible, or as they say “I am related with this sect of Christianity and therefore I am ready to enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

Listen, to enter into the kingdom of heaven is the most difficult endeavor that you can ever take, the most difficult duty to attend, because the kingdom of heaven is not for Asuras, demons, but for Suras angels, thrones, archangels, seraphims, cherubims, etc. If you read the Bible, or any sacred book, you will see that the demons are below, in hell, under the surface of the Earth. If you study any religion, you will find that demons are related with anger, pride, vanity, greed, lust, and all of the sins that we carry within. There is not a single angel in heaven that possesses defects and vices. Therefore either we are angels in heaven or demons, hasnamussen in hell; and, since we have defects and vices, obviously, we are Asuras, demons, hasnamussen and not Suras, angels.

Jesus and other great masters came to teach us how to stop being hasnamussen and how to become angels in the kingdom of heaven. However, in order to perform that great change, that revolutionary change within, we have to work with the three factors.

The first factor is to create through alchemy the necessary solar vehicles in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven; that is, to create a solar astral Body, a solar mental Body and a solar causal Body. Upon what basis am I telling you this? I am telling you this as a consequence of my own alchemical experience, because I have those bodies. Thus, it is not an imaginary thing that I am asseverating this. I created my mercurial bodies in ancient ages. So, I was born with those bodies and I use them.

The second factor is to die psychologically in the ego, to annihilate the ego. Now, again using myself as an example: I have ego because I committed a mistake, I fell in the beginning of this root race. Thus, as a consequence of that I became a hasnamuss again, and I now have the ego alive, I am trapped in Klipoth; thus, I cannot enter the kingdom of heaven if I do not first annihilate my ego, even if I have already created my solar vehicles. That is the second factor.

Someone that possesses the internal solar bodies, but also has their ego alive is called a hasnamuss, a centaur; it is someone that is human and beast at the same time. Thus, any initiate that creates the internal bodies and falls becomes a centaur, a hasnamuss again.

The third factor is to kill, to annihilate, to destroy all the karma that we have created in all of our lives, because of the ego. What is karma? Karma is the law of cause and effect, action and consequence. We performed many evil things in the past because of our ego, and now we have a lot of debts to pay. Thus, we have to do a lot of good, in order to pay what we owe. That is the third factor, what we call sacrifice for humanity: to do a great deal of good for the souls of this humanity, in favor of the spirit. Indeed, it is important to differentiate between the very many good things we can do, but that do not aid the souls of this humanity aspire towards spirituality, and those actions we take that help souls find the path. So, comprehend what sacrifice for humanity means: it is to do all of that which is good for the soul, all of that which is good for the spirit. These are the three factors.  As it is written:

"Trust in Jehovah יהוה (in Yesod), and do good to your (three brains in) your neighbor earth (that is, your physicality, Malkuth) and (thy neighbor as thyself; that is, do charity - third factor - to those with) evil faith (the fornicators in Klipoth, who abide in limbo, the bottom left side of the tree of life).”  - Psalm 37: 3

Happy is the portion of the one (Chesed חסד) who (through chastity) does good (צדקה tzedaka) using what is his, since he (Jehovah יהוה) arouses good (צדקה tzedaka in Yesod), towards the congregation (the solar archetypes) of Israel (12 zodiac signs). And in what are they aroused?

Rightly so (through the first factor). In righteousness (chastity), since when righteousness (the Shekinah) awakens, that is good (צדקה tzedaka), then awakens toward the congregation (solar archetypes) of Israel, and on it is written:

“Treasures of wickedness (orgasm) profit nothing: but righteousness (chastity) deliveres (us) from (the second) death.” - Proverbs 10: 2

What is the point (of the second factor)? Because Righteousness (the Shekinah) is the Tree of Life, which (in the sexual act) it is aroused against the Tree of Death (Klipoth) and takes those (solar archetypes) who hold on to it and saves them from the dead (the animal egos). Who causes the Tree of Life (the Shekinah) to be aroused to do that?

Jehovah יהוה (IAOH) says he, the same righteousness that he (צדק Tzedek, Chesed חסד) does (in Yesod), as it were he (Jehovah יהוה) did it above (in Binah), as is written:

“Blessed are they (the Chashmalyim-חשמלייםthat keep judgment (צדקה tzedaka - in Yesod), and he (צדק Tzedek, Chesed חסד) that does righteousness at all times (in Yesod).” - Psalm 106: 3.  We have already explained this.” - Zohar

Thus, we are going to talk about the four ways of liberation for all of the souls which are in bondage in the kingdom, Malkuth, which is also called Assiah (עשייה), and which in the book of Exodus is called the kingdom of Egypt. We, all souls, are here in bondage of the laws of Malkuth, this planet Earth. We have to be saved from the second death. It is written:


Chashmalyim (חשמליים), enlighten me with the splendors of Elohim and Shekinah!

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” - Genesis 2: 17

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit (of Hermes - Mercury) saith unto the churches; He that overcomes (fornication) shall not be hurt of the second death.” - Revelation 2: 11

What is the second death? In order to talk about the second death, we first have to explain what the “first death” is. The first death is something that, in one cycle on the wheel of Samsara, occurs 108 times. It is the type of death that we are all familiar with, when we think of the concept of death: the death of the physical body. However, the second death is not the death of the physical body, but the death of the beast, the ego.

We as souls descend into existence, come down to this Earth because we do not possess an astral, mental and Casual Solar body. Instead, we have the ego, the beast, or animal mind, animal emotion and animal will; three demons within. Instead of the astral Solar Body, we have the demon of desire; instead of the mental Solar Body, we have the demon of the mind; and, instead of the Casual Body, we have the demon of evil will. Therefore, the consciousness or the soul is trapped, in bondage to that which is the demon of desire, the demon of the mind and the demon of evil will. It is from those three demons that we have within that the seven capital sins sprout and operate. That is protoplasmic matter which is always evolving and devolving. Our animal mind or that part of our animal nature is increasing in these times of the end in order to destroy nature. When the ego increases, develops, strengthens in order to do evil, it is a danger for everybody, even for nature; it becomes the cause of a gradual decline into disorder, an evil consequence for a planet where entropy reigns supreme.

If we observe the animal part of any human being in these times of the end, we will see that it is a hazard for the life of the mineral kingdom. Behold: the waters are polluted, the soil is polluted because of the ignorance of the animal ego. Let us observe the plant kingdom: plants are also being destroyed, adulterated. Forests are destroyed in order for a few individuals to become wealthy. Yes, we are destroying the planet and you know that.

The animal kingdom is being destroyed by hunters. Moreover, we are destroying ourselves. There is too much degeneration. Lust is a tremendous monster: today, homosexuality, lesbianism, etc., is very common. We are degenerated because our animal mind is abnormal. When humanity carries the sign of the beast in their hands and mind, then the only escape to that evilness, that degeneration, that suffering, is the second death, the annihilation of the ego in hell, in order to liberate the soul from that darkness, because the soul is holy.

The soul is the only good element that we have within. The soul is the consciousness; it is part of the spirit, part of the monad, which in turn is part of the Glorian, which is Christ in heaven. When Jesus said, that we should pray like this: “Our Father who art in heaven....”  it is because Our Father is in the superior dimensions. The monad exists in the sixth dimension, which is what we call heaven or paradise. So, we, as souls or consciousness, are part of that monad within, which is in heaven. Unfortunately, that consciousness is suffering because it is trapped in anger, lust, greed, pride, envy, gluttony, laziness, etc.

The soul, in bondage, returns into this physical world as an intellectual animal 108 times. Understand, this cycle of 108 lives is for those souls that do not yet posses the solar astral, mental and causal bodies. The law of return for those people who do not have Solar bodies is to be born 108 times and to die 108 times, in this physical world. So, the soul returns, returns, returns... and each time the ego, with all of its defects, returns with it, bigger, stronger, uglier, because in each life we continue to feed our egos, instead of destroying them. Thus, it so happens that in these present times, most people are living their 106th, 107th, or 108th life. Most of people are in their 108th life. It is very easy to see the amount of egos that we carry within, so psychologically, we are very fat and dangerous.

Fortunately, nature has an end, the solution for our evilness: when the souls of any humanity are at the end of their 108th life, the abyss opens its mouth. Then, the doors, the mouth of the bottomless pit is open for them. At this point the soul starts its entrance into the nine layers of the earth; this, in order for the beast to be disintegrated. This is the common and general way of liberation: this is the path of the failure. Presently, most of the souls of the planet Earth are failures.

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto (the tree of) life, and few there be that find it.” - Matthew 7: 13, 14

The souls that enter the wide gate of the abyss follow the broad way that leads them to destruction; the ego of those souls has to be destroyed, annihilated, burned within the atomic fire of nature, according to the karma of that particular soul. In other lectures, we told you that the way of the failure is what we call the lunar way, which is mechanical. You do not have to do anything in order to fall into the abyss: it is the inevitable destination of everyone that does not resolve to walk the narrow path. The karma, the pain and the suffering that the soul experiences in the broad way of the failure is tremendously painful in comparison with the karma, pain and suffering that we experience here. Yes, karma here is something sweet, something wonderful, something that we can enjoy in comparison to the pain and suffering that the souls must endure in the nine shells or layers of hell, when they fail. In order to understand this better, it is a very good idea to read the Divine Comedy of the Master Dante Alighieri.

These infradimensions of nature that we are talking about is what we experience when we have nightmares. Sometimes, when we eat something heavy, we go into the infradimensions and we have nightmares. A nightmare is a subconscious or unconscious experience of that which we call the infradimensions or infernos. The word “Inferno” comes from the Latin Infernus, meaning, inferior, infradimensions or inferior dimensions. As you remember, we have previously stated that the common and ordinary hasnamussen, are those with down syndrome; they disintegrate in about a thousand years. The second death endures in length of time according to the malignity of the hasnamuss.

The second death occurs in the ninth sphere, which is exactly in the center of the planet. The Masters of the Great White Lodge, the angels who are in charge of that process of the second death, examine the soul, until they become weary of examining that soul, until they become sure that such soul does not have any single ego and is very clean like a diamond.

So, after their descent through all of the spheres of hell—after one thousand, two thousand, ten thousand or more of years—all of the souls finally experience their second death in the ninth sphere, and are thereafter meticulously examined. After their second death, when those souls are very clean, the masters open then the doors of Eden for them and enter the paradise of the Lord Jehovah.


"The Lord Jehovah is a Guru-Deva. He is the chief of all Angelic or Devic evolution. Only in this manner can we explain the creation of all things, as told in the book of Genesis. Angels or Devas governs all the elementals of the whole of creation. The supreme commander of the Angelic or Devic evolution governs all the Devas, with all the elementals of the whole of creation. This commander is the Lord Jehovah." - Samael Aun Weor

Eden is the Fourth Dimension; it is where all souls or elementals in the wheel of Samsara evolve through the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, and animal kingdom. Then, later on, when they through 108 lives enter into the humanoid kingdom, they devolve as Cain, in the intellectual animal kingdom again, where,  because of fornication, they leave Eden and enter limbo little by little. 

“The human mind in its current state of evolution is the animal (Cain) that we carry within.” - Samael Aun Weor

However, in these times of the end, Cain, the animal mind, is in the process of devolution.

Cain in the Land of Nod

"At the time that Cain (the intellectual devolved animal mind) killed Abel (his conscience or elemental embryo of soul) he knew not how to separate or disjoin (his mind from his) body and soul, but (through the orgasm) bit Abel (his conscience or elemental embryo of soul) like the (tempting) serpent. From that moment Cain (the intellectual devolved animal mind) became accursed and (as any fornicator beast) wandered about in the world, an outcast shunned and abhorred, until at last repenting of his sin (of fornication), he became reconciled with Jehovah and found a habitation in (limbo) the lower earth or world."

"It was not (only) in the lower (limbo), but (also in Malkuth) on our present (tridimensional) earth that Cain after his repentance was admitted (through 108 returns) into human society (better said, humanoid Kingdom), as it is written, 'And Jehovah set the mark (of the beast 666) upon Cain'" (Genesis 4: 15).

"From these words we gather that it was from (Eden) this earth which is (in the fourth dimension and) called Adamah (human society) that Cain (the intellectual devolved animal mind) was driven, and that it was in the earth called Arqa (or limbo) that he afterwards (after 108 returns) became a dweller, as it is written, 'And Cain (intellectual animal mind) said thou hast driven me this day from the face of Adamah' (human society). After his repentance, however, it was granted him to live on a lower earth (arqa or limbo) of whose inhabitants it is written:

“Thus shall ye say unto them, The Elohim (better said, the Spirits or Monads) that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they (their souls) shall (through the second death) perish from the earth, and (they as Monads) from under these heavens.” - Jeremiah 10: 11.  It is here (in limbo) where Cain lives and dwells as scripture states:

 "And Cain (the intellectual animal mind) went out from the presence of Jehovah (יהוה), and dwelt in (limbo) the land of Nod, on the east of Eden." - Genesis 4: 16  ZOHAR

Once a soul again reconquers the state of the humanoid, the intellectual animal, as Cain, they will once again experience the cycle of 108 returns, 108 physical births and deaths; in other words, that is 108 opportunities for their salvation. If those souls do not perform the work in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven, then after their 108th life, they die physically and once again enter into the Abyss, and will again endure one thousand, two thousand, three thousand years, or whatever amount of karma they owe, according to the malignity of that soul. Then, they will be disintegrated again. After eons of time, the masters look to see if that soul is clean again, and they open the doors of the fourth dimension (Eden) to that soul, in order for the soul to again enter into the process of evolution through the kingdoms of nature, until reaching the intellectual animal kingdom. If, upon reaching that state of humanoid that soul does not enter into the path, then it will fall into the abyss once more. This process of evolution through the kingdoms of nature, the 108 lives of the intellectual animal kingdom, and then, if failing to achieve spiritual development, entering into the abyss and the second death, is one cycle of the wheel of Samsara. Now, we must ask: “How many times does the wheel of Samsara rotate? How many rotations upon this wheel does one soul get?” It rotates three thousand times. These are the 3000 cycles assigned to every monad in the cosmos. Thus, the soul is allowed to rotate only 3000 times in the wheel, and in each cycle, the soul experiences 108 physical lives, and deaths, in the humanoid kingdom.

There are many souls that rotate 3000 times and never repent; they fall into the Abyss 3000 times. So, they become demons, and demons, and demons again, 3000 times. This is the way of the failure; a mechanical lunar way. After finishing the 3000th cycle, the soul is united with the monad in heaven, and the monad returns into the bosom of the Father which is in heaven, the Eternal Common Father, as a failure. After the 3000th cycle, there are no more opportunities for those souls, those monads to attain the realization of their Self. The doors, the opportunities are closed to them. That type of monad, in comparison with others monads that conquered themselves and nature, those who are not failures, is like comparing an ant with a human being. So, that is the way of the failure. I repeat, in this planet Earth the majority of monads are walking the way of the failure.

Presently, most of the souls are entering into the abyss, because most of the souls of many monads are becoming homosexuals, lesbians, prostitutes, assassins and all of the different types of degenerated souls that we have in our planet. Alas, who knows in what future those souls—after living in hell through many eons, and being disintegrated in the Abyss through the second death—will again have another opportunity in the humanoid kingdom, another 108 lives, since devolution happens according to the malignity of their evil.


Let us now talk about the intermediate way of liberation, which is the path of those who do not want to become adepts, but nevertheless, want to enter into the kingdom of heaven. There a many monads here in this planet who do not want to become adepts. For instance, in Egypt, there were many initiates who knew that if they did not disintegrate their ego, they would eventually return into the bowels of the Earth and suffer the second death, but that if they want to leave this mechanicity, they must destroy their ego. Those monads do not want to be adepts, they just want to be free of the mechanicity of nature. The second way is what is called the intermediate way, which is the way where the souls of this planet start eliminating their ego, with techniques we know here.

Through meditation in the annihilation of the ego, the essence, consciousness or soul, is liberated by the will of the initiate. Meditation is a way of comprehending and destroying the ego. Through meditation the soul achieves union (yoga) or religion (Latin: religare, “to reunite”) with the Being. If we study the etymology of the word religion, we understand that it comes from the Latin word religare which means to “unite again” or to be reunited. This is what religion means. In other words, someone could be a religious person, in the true sense of the word, without belonging to any particular sect.

Through meditation, we, as souls, unite little by little to our spirit, to our monad; in this way, we are entering into heaven little by little, but without the solar astral, mental and causal bodies, just as a simple elemental of nature. In order to achieve that, we have to be strict, serious. In order to receive the help of the Inner Masters, we have to meditate daily. We have to control the main defects that, in these times, are very strong: lust, anger and greed. The rest are always strong; pride is always together with anger. We have to receive the technique, we have to receive the Masters’ help.

Sri Yukteswar Yogananda

This way is for the ones who want to destroy their ego little by little. There is a case, for instance, of this initiate called Yogananda. I do not know if you have heard about Yogananda; he was the founder of a school in Los Angeles. He came from India to America in order to teach Kriya Yoga; the way to awake the consciousness, to open the inner senses and to liberate oneself from the second death is the way of Kriya Yoga. He believed, in the beginning, that he was a Master because he thought he could create the solar bodies without being married. When he died physically in Los Angeles, he was awakened and he had annihilated a lot of ego. He awoke many senses and powers.

In the internal planes he believed himself to be a Master. When the Masters told him: “you are not a master. You are not self realized. Because in order to be self realized, you need the solar bodies,”then, he understood. He has to reincarnate again, to be married and to create the solar bodies, because he wants to be a Master. He was working in the second way of liberation: annihilating the ego with Kriya Yoga. Kriya means “action” and yoga, “union,” thus, it is the action of being united with your monad by annihilating your ego, but being single, without creating the solar bodies, without mastery. It is the path of the yogini or yogi who do not accept marriage with a man or a woman, respectively. Such individuals just work with their own energy, their own sexual force of the Holy Spirit, which is Hermes, the mercurial sexual energy, in order to develop spiritually.

Like Yogananda, there are many initiates that prefer to do that, to work spiritually without being married. In order to follow that path, I repeat: you have to have a lot of courage. After annihilating a lot of ego, physically you die. Then, in the internal planes, the Masters help you to annihilate the rest of your ego, in order for you to liberated as soul and to be united with your spirit or monad until you are totally free of ego. After death, the Masters put the initiate in the Fifth Dimension and the soul sees that a great storm is coming; they see ligthning, thunder and rain. The soul has to be there, quiet, without any fear, even if there is lightning strikes close to him. Everything is in darkness because of the great storm. The initiate hears the howling of the wolf of karma... the soul lives those ordeals in that darkness, in that forest. Often, the initiate runs to a cave; those caves are the womb of a woman in the physical plane. So, he enters trying to find refuge from the storm, the howling, the thundering and then, nine months later, he is crying as a baby. The initiate escapes out of that cave, which is a womb and is born again in this physical world.

If he passes that ordeal, then, he has to pass another ordeal. He has to enter in a place where he has to see different couples performing the sexual act in many ways. Those couples that he sees around are not imaginary couples. In fact, they are couples that are performing the sexual act in the physical plane, in many places of the Earth. If he becomes identified lustfully with any of those couples, then they will become his future parents. And he will enter into the physical plane. This is the second way of liberation. If they pass the ordeal, they will receive the help of the Masters of Glory. The soul will be congratulated and helped to annihilate the rest of the ego, in order to be united with his spirit, his monad.

You see that, in order to pass that ordeal, they have to annihilate a lot of ego here; likewise, sooner or later, if any one of us wants to pass an ordeal, one has to die psychologically. Only few, those who have very strong determination, pass those ordeals in the internal worlds. I repeat: in the Ancient Egypt there were many initiates that were being liberated in this way and now enjoy living in heaven with the Buddhas, with the Great Masters, as simple elementals. And, if they want to return into the Earth, they can return in the Golden Age, where everybody is going to be beautiful. If they want to remain in those dimensions, where only happiness reigns, they could stay there forever.


Let us now talk about this other way of liberation, which is called the way of the spiral. The spiral way of liberation is only for those monads or spirits who achieved mastery, the pratieka buddhas. When those monads or spirits, that in Hebrew receive the name of Elohim of Yetzirah, enter—after having passed the animal kingdom—into the human kingdom or the kingdom of the intellectual animal, they have to perform what the Bible says in Genesis:

Let us make Adam in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fishof the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over everycreeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So Elohim created Adam in his own image, in the image of Elohim created he him; male and female created he them.” - Genesis 1: 26, 27

That particular monad then has to create Adam, the true human being. Man in sanskrit is Manu, it derives from Manas, someone that has solar mind. That Man is Chesed in the second triangle of the Tree of Life; that man is comprised of the spirit, divine soul, human soul (solar causal body), solar human mind (not the animal mind, not the ego), solar astral body, the vital and physical bodies. In order to create that man, we have to know the mystery of Alchemy, the mystery of Daath, Gnosis, the knowledge that we are teaching here. We have to create the astral, mental and casual bodies, in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

As I have previously said, indeed, I have those bodies. Anyone, through alchemy, can create those bodies, but you have to have the will, you have to be serious. There was a woman that was sacrificing for humanity a lot, as a single. This woman was Madame Blavastky. I do not know if you have heard about her. After many years of being a yogini, the Masters told her: “If you want mastery, self realization, you need the astral, mental and causal bodies.” So, then she married the Colonel Olcott and she started working with Maithuna, and created the solar bodies in one life. Now, she is a Master. But, even before creating the solar bodies she was clairvoyant and had a lot of powers in the beginning, because she was serious. That is what we need if we want to enter into the kingdom of heaven: to create the internal bodies.

We have to be serious. We have to work with the three factors that we already explained, namely: Alchemy, annihilation of the ego and sacrifice for humanity, every day of our lives. Why everyday?Because in these times, the common and current amount of time that we are going to be alive is as much as 50 years. Somebody that lives more than 50 is lucky; 60 or 70. But during those years we have to work because, now, we are in the times of the end. This is the last opportunity that the White Lodge is giving us, if we want to enter into the kingdom of heaven. That is why this knowledge is very clear.

In previous times, in order to receive this knowledge, you had to pass at least seven years of tests in order to receive, from mouth to ear, the secret that we are teaching here in lectures, to the public. The time is short, but we still have time in order to create the internal bodies.

After creating the astral, mental and causal bodies, two paths are opened before us: the direct path and the spiral path. The spiral is the one that I am talking about now, the third way. It is only possible to enter this spiral path after becoming a real man or woman. I told you that if we have the physical body of a male, we become a real man, a word which comes from Manas; it is someone that has a solar mind. And, if we have a female body, we become a real woman, because in Sanskrit “Wo” means “no,” thus, it is a no-mind, or in other words, a negative mind, It is someone whose mind, even if it is solar, is negative. It is not negative in the sense of what we understand the word to mean, but negative as the opposite pole of the positive, like in magnetism. The initiate whose physical body is female, is also a Man (Manas, Adam), but not a positive man (male), a negative man, a Wo-Man. That is why, it is written in the Bible that the woman was taken from the man, but both are Manas. When we say woman or man, you have to understand that we are talking about a real human being. A true woman is a real human being; a true man is a real human being. The woman is polarized negatively, and the man positively. But, either way, the true woman and the true man possess the solar astral, mental and causal bodies. Before that, we are merely intellectual animals, male and female. When we reach that level, if the monad chooses to follow the spiral path, we enter into the way of reincarnation; to those individuals, heaven, paradise, what we call Nirvana is opened. And they enter into Nirvana. There, we, as souls, are united with our Being, our monad; there we experience bliss. We go into the heaven and descend into the Earth. Thus, we do not need to die physically in order to enter into heaven. Remember what Jesus said: “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God..” If we are born again, we enter into the kingdom of heaven. There we talk with angels, with great beings when the physical body is sleeping. When we follow the spiral, then we annihilate the rest of our ego little by little, bit by bit over many reincarnations. The way of the spiral is the path of being reincarnated millions and millions of times, in order for them to descend again and again into this physical world, until the entirety of their ego is eliminated.

Heavens gustave dore

Something that we have to understand is that, in Nirvana, there are periods of activity and periods of resting, repose. For instance, since February 19, 1919, Nirvana has entered into activity, and many buddhas of the spiral are reincarnated and helping humanity. It is important to remember that those buddhas of the spiral path are not forced to help humanity; if they want to, it is good, but if they do not, it is ok. They destroy the ego, little by little, during their reincarnations, and then enter again into Nirvana for periods of time, living in paradise, in heaven. Later on, they again again into activity, reincarnating in a physical body. Maybe on this planet, maybe on other planet.... Who knows! And like that, reincarnation to reincarnation, over eons of time, they finally reach the Absolute. The problem with this third way of liberation is that, sometimes, when those Nirvanis reincarnate, they are sexually tempted and fall. Thus,they return again into vices, defects, etc. Their ego is reborn again, and very strong. Then they start to live like intellectual animals again. Thereafter Hermes has to rise in ther spine again and Minerva annihilate their ego again, in order to reconquer paradise, Nirvana. The way of the spiral is called in Buddhism, the way of the Pratieka Buddhas, the selfish buddhas. It is called this because in the spiral path, you forget humanity forever. When you enter into the spiral way, you enter into Nirvana, detaching from the problems of the Earth, where there remain a lot of souls suffering because they want the knowledge. Nevertheless, because the way of Nirvana is forgetting humanity forever, it is called the path of the selfish buddha, because while the nirvanis live in happiness, in bliss in paradise, millions of souls are going to enter into the Abyss because they do not how to do the work. Anyhow, there are millions, billions, trillions of Buddhas in Nirvana that follow the spiral and are going up in that way.

Let us now talk about Christ and the most exalted path of liberation; the book of Revelation states:


And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of (El Shaddai) Almighty God. And he has on his vesture and on his thigh (Yesod) a name written, King of kings, and Lord of lords.” - Revelation 19: 11-16

The straight path of liberation is the most exalted way, and the most difficult one. In this path the monad that has created astral, mental and causal bodies renounces Nirvana. When the monad renounces Nirvana, when the monad rejects happiness because it wants to help its fellowmen, that monad is given the right, the opportunity to incarnate Christ. The union with Christ is the way of salvation. Only those souls or monads that enter into the direct path are allowed to incarnate Christ. Christ does not incarnate in the monads of the spiral, nor in the intermediate way, nor in the way of the failure. Christ only incarnates in those who follow the straight path. This is because the Law of Christ is sacrifice for others, for those that are in hell. In Sanskrit, those who follow the way of Christ are called Infernal Gods, Angels of the Abyss, Bodhisattvas. Bodhi means wisdom, Sattva means esscence or soul. Thus, a Bodhisattva is the embodiment of Soul-wisdom; in other words, it is the soul that is united with wisdom. Do you remember that the word wisdom, in Hebrew, is Chokmah, which is Christ. Those initiates that follow the Straight Path have to live physically, psychologically and spiritually with those souls that are in bondage, and have to experience all which is written in the Gospels, from the beginning to the end. They have to live the way of the cross. They have to preach the knowledge and walk in the Direct Path. Those initiates enter into the Solar Absolute in one life.

Nevertheless, the Direct Path is tremendously painful; some of the physical bodies of the initiates that follow the Direct Path die, but they are reborn again immediately. Such was the case, for instance, of Tuthankamon. The King Tuthankamon died at the age of 18, but he self-realized himself; he was previously incarnated, but he died in that previous life before completing the work. Thus, he had to return or reincarnate again, in order to finish the job.

There is also the case of Saint Francis of Assisi. He too is a Bodhisattva or follower of the Direct Path. When he was born again on this planet Earth, he had the astral, mental and causal bodies from other lives and he came in order to finish the job that he could not finish in other lives. However, some of the initiates that follow the Direct Path perform the whole work in one life. That is why it is very painful. This is because the destruction of all the evil, the defects that we have within is not easy, but, with the help of Christ, it is possible. Christ takes over the defects of the initiate in the internal planes. While he in the physical plane is teaching, Christ is working inside, destroying the causes of the evil. Christ, who incarnates in the initiate, has to teach and help others through the initiate. That is why that initiate is forced to sacrifice for humanity, because it is the way of his own Being and his own way as soul as well, because he is living that and he vibrates with it. For instance, Joan of Arc is one of the female initiates that followed the Direct Path. The gift for those who follow the Direct Path is resurrection. Thus, resurrection is not for those of the spiral, neither the intermediate way, neither for the failures; resurrection is only for those who follow the Direct Path, the fourth way of liberation. Those initiates of the direct path that achieve the work resurrect with an immortal physical body. These Bodhisattvas remain with humanity until the last soul is liberated from the mouth of the Abyss.

In another lecture I was telling you that in the beginning, Master Samael Aun Weor thought that Bons of Tibet were black magicians, but he was wrong because they are white magicians. He thought that because they are so strict. In Tibet there are the Bons temples especially for those who want to follow the Direct Path. Any initiate that knocks at the door of those temples has to follow the Direct Path. If they do not follow the Direct Path and fail any ordeal or test, then they kill the initiate physically. The Bons have that freedom because they are above the laws of good and evil. Anyone that knocks at the door of those temples knows that he has to die physically or psychologically. The Bon monks always give the neophyte the opportunity to think about what he is going to do.


If he knocks at the door of those temples, a monk - emulating Kali, the goddess of death - with his neck full of skulls appears in front of the neophyte, with a dagger with blood. That is terrifying, of course. “What do you want?” “I want to become a disciple of this temple.” And then the Master says: “Think about it. Because if you enter into these doors, you will die.” And then he closes the doors. After a period of time the monk opens again if the disciple knocks again and says:“Welcome!” And then: “What do you want?” “I want to become a Master. And I know the doctrine and I want to follow the Direct Path.” And then the Master begins teaching this neophyte all the secrets of Alchemy, all the secrets of the ego that he has to destroy. “Are you ready? I want to give you mantras, powers to defend yourself. Come!” And the Master takes the neophyte to the mountain and puts him in a hut, cabin of solitude. In that place, with the powers they have, they materialize the disciple’s lust, anger, greed, hatred, all of the animals he has within, in the physical plane. This neophyte has to fight with weapons, mantras and powers that the Masters gave to him, in order to conquer himself. So, they leave the disciple there for one night. The next day, when they return into that house, if they find the disciple alive, they will teach him the rest. If not, his own defects and vices will eat him, swallow him alive. The ego does not want to die, so it prefers to eat his owner before dying. So the neophyte has to be courageous and defend himself. If after that the disciple is a conqueror and still alive, they take him and present him a priestess. That priestess then helps him forever in transmutation and chastity. If the disciple is female, she receives a priest to help her in the creation of the astral, mental and causal bodies. If the disciple is male, only one failure in the practice of Alchemy is enough in order to be killed by them, as an act of sacrilege. This is the Bons way to self realize in one life.

Jacobs Ladder

Of course, there are many initiates that do not go into Tibet, to enter into the temples of the Bons. We do not need to go in a Bon temple even if we want to enter the Straight Path, only if we are sure that we can do the job in one life. That is why many initiates misjudged the Bons. They thought they were black because they are so violent. But you are free to enter. Nobody is pushing you. If you enter there, you are going to die psychologically; if you do not die psychologically, you will die physically. Either way, you will leave that temple dead. I think that many of those initiates that fail the ordeals of the temples of the Bons, are now reborn in this physical world, trying to do the job.... Anyhow, when you enter into the Direct Path, your inner monad becomes a Cosmocreator. In the Direct Path, the monad becomes a creator of worlds, a creator of planets; only for those monads are the doors of creation of planets, moons, suns, stars, All of those monads that give life to those cosmic units are masters of the Direct Path. This is the fourth way to enter into the Absolute. Cosmocreators go from firmament, to firmament, to firmament, helping humanities and giving life in many cosmic units.

Audience: In the part of spreading the knowledge, there are many different ways of spreading the knowledge. These lectures, books, etc. or by supporting this website?

Instructor: In the beginning, nobody starts as a lecturer or a great speaker. Right? Because, in reality, the one that teaches, the one that has the knowledge and wisdom is always the monad. So, when somebody is dumb, Christ teaches him to talk; one one is, stubborn and stupid, Christ makes him hear. The one that cannot walk very well, Christ made him walk; the one that is blind, that cannot see the kingdom of heaven, Christ gives him sight. So those who cannot see, hear, talk and walk, Christ always makes them to see, to hear, to talk and to walk.

Audience: You said that once the opportunities for the soul to develop spiritually are concluded, they descend into the abyss in order to be cleansed in the second death, is it possible to lose your soul in this life time, and come back more than once, does that ever happen?

Instructor: The soul is bottled up, trapped here in the ego. When the ego descends into the abyss it is because you as soul are lost, failed. That soul never dies. That soul is going to be cleaned in the abyss, but as failure of nature. In the other three ways of liberation, it is you, the soul who cleans itself of its anger, pride, vanity, etc... What is it that we are trying to be liberated from? From the second death. If we remain bottled up, trapped in those defects, we, as souls stay in suffering and in pain. If somebody hurts our self-esteem, then we are react full of rage, and thus we suffer inside, in our heart. In those situations we answer with anger, which is frustrated desire. A conditioned soul is always suffering. So, the only way to be free and happy is to annihilate all of our egos. Otherwise, we will return again and again through those 3000 cycles.

Audience: To be around homosexuality, even if you do not practice that yourself. Is that wrong?

Instructor: Whether you know it or not, it is becoming to be part of your life, because it is increasing more and more in these times; you may be around people very often that are homosexual, without knowing it. But, who here is an angel here? All of us are demons. I am a demon because I have ego.You are demons because you have ego, but we want to be angels. That is why we are giving this knowledge. We want to change. We want to annihilate the ego. Those who are happy being demons are the failures.If you are worried because you are close to many degenerated people. Well, because of our karma, we always return to the same people. The person that is very lustful in their past life, abusing their sexual energy too much, in the next life return as a homosexual or lesbian. The phenomena and experiences that comes into our lives do so because of the actions we took in previous lives; thus, if want to improve our circumstances, we have to improve our ethical conduct, we have to comprehend our errors and to live in accordance with the teachings. Recurrence is always pushing the same beings close to us. If we are awake, we are not going to fall into the same mistakes. In my case, when I was a teenager, I was having a lot of friends and they were smoking. I remember one day that I started smoking. I took a cigarette and immediately after, I was feeling dizzy, in that moment I thought. “Why am I doing this stupidity? Just because they are smoking I have to smoke. No.” And I never smoked again. After that I was with them again and they were smoking marijuana, but I didn’t smoke it. And I know many that drink, but it is their business. But just because my friends are drinking and smoking, I have to do the same thing? No. I care about my soul; if they do not care about their soul, it is their business. If they want to fall, let them fall. I want to be free.Their way was not my way, my way is to follow my Being. So, what is the way that you want to choose? If you want to choose the way of the failure, well, it is easy.... be like the Marques de Sade. He followed the way of the failure, degenerating himself more and more, because he wanted to destruct himself faster. It is the way of lunatics. You have to find a group of people that help you energetically, spiritually, that pull you up. Because if you do not do that, you are going to follow the way of the failure, because it is very easy. You have to not identify. It is very difficult, especially in these days; you want to destroy your ego and find it everywhere. Degeneration is rampant. This is how our willpower is tested. The way of the failure is also related with many sects: the Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Adventists, etc. They teach you how to enjoy your life without destroying the ego. You find in Limbo, for instance, or in the outer layers of hell, many people with the Bible in hand. They approach you to try to convince you to believe in what the Bible says. Meanwhile, they are so asleep they are in hell and don’t even know it. They are already there. They are already failures. It is not only Christians that you find there; you find Buddhists, Jews and many others. The only way to escape this fate is to annihilate the ego. Just enjoying reading the Bible, reading Buddhism or any other type of religion, without annihilating the ego, is the way of the failure. They have hundreds, millions of proselytes. Listen: you can physically commit suicide, but unfortunately the ego cannot commit suicide. You cannot kill your ego in that way. You can kill, with a bullet in your head, your physical body, but your anger, pride, vanity, laziness, will remain in your psyche. The only way to annihilate the ego is here. As we said, it takes, at least one thousand years for the ego to be destroyed in hell. But, if by destroying the physical body we could kill the ego? I would shoot myself a hundred times over. Unfortunately that is not the way. The physical body is the mule that you have to take care of. And you have to take all its energy, because the physical body is a mixture and, in the physical body, we have all the energies from above, within. Once the energies get into the physical body, something has to be born again in you.

Audience: If one sins, what can go from there?

Instructor: First of all, what is that sins inside of you? Your ego. So, in order to not sin again, you have to annihilate the ego, because if you have the ego alive, you will do it again. You do not have to worry about them, what you have to do annihilate it. For instance, when we find this kind of knowledge, we become upset, remembering all the bad things we have done in the past. But, remorse, while good, it alone does not change you. If you are upset or crying, that is not going to annihilate your ego. Often, our remorse, when not conscious, becomes malignant, turns into self-pity and in turn makes the ego fatter. So, do not become upset or identified. Just meditate, comprehend, annihilate. You have to know how to do it. Here you are receiving the knowledge in these lectures. You have to know how to meditate in order to annihilate your ego, and how to be free of your own self. Then, you enjoy the way of meditation. And you will feel joy in many experiences. You need courage to go ahead. Each time you are walking ahead, it is worse and worse because the ego does not want to die. The ego wants to be alive and fights inside of you in order stay alive. Why? Because you are the ego. Pride is one of those egos that want to be alive, and who is not proud? Let me tell you one thing: the only being that can help you with the annihilation of the ego is your Divine Mother, which is within. Do not forget your Divine spiritual Mother within. She is the only one that can anihilate the ego.

Audience: I wanted to ask you about the difference between the third and fourth types of hasnamussen, the second quote of Master Samael. If the third type also possess the solar bodies, are they not fallen Angels?

Instructor: The hasnamussen of the third type are the fallen pratyeka buddhas, the hasnamussen of the fourth type are fallen Bodhisattvas. This is the difference.

Audience: Master Samael seems to indicate that what constitutes a hasnmuss is possessing a "something maleficent"  inside. What is this "something maleficent?”

Instructor: That "something maleficent"  is a crystallization of the kundabuffer organ. In the hasnamussen of the first type, because they are not spiritually developed at all, their "something maleficent"  has received no strength, and thus with the death of the physical body, their tenebrous personality too perishes. However, the hasnamussen of the other types, the fallen bodhisattvas, fallen souls of pratyeka buddhas, etc, that enter into black magic strengthen that kundabuffer instensely, and their "something maleficent"  persists through physical death, causing them to be true hasnamussen with two personalities, one maleficent and the other benevolent, in other words, an individual with a double center of gravity.

"If deep realization of the Self is what we truly want, then it is necessary to comprehend the necessity of working with the three factors of the revolution of the Consciousness.

If any of the three factors of the revolution of the Consciousness are excluded, then the outcome of this procedure is failure.

Behold the three factors of the revolution of the Consciousness: To be born, to die, and to sacrifice ourselves for humanity.

Sexual magic, dissolution of the “I,” charity: This is the triple path of the righteous life.

Some Gnostic students have written to us, asking for a didactic in order to dissolve the “I.”

The best didactic for the dissolution of the “I” is found in practical life that is intensely lived.

Conviviality is a marvellous full-length mirror where the “I” can be contemplated in its entirety.

The defects which are hidden in the bottom of our subconsciousness spontaneously emerge when we are in relationship with our fellow man. The defects burst out from us because our subconsciousness betrays us, and if we are in the state of alert perception, then we see them, just as they are in themselves.

The greatest joy for the Gnostic is to celebrate the discovery of some of his/her defects.

A discovered defect becomes a dead defect. When we discover any defect, then we should seeit in action, as when one is seeing a movie, yet without judging or condemning it.

To intellectually comprehend the discovered defect is not enough. It is necessary to submerge ourselves into profound interior meditation, in order to comprehend the defect in other levels of our mind.

The mind has many levels and profundities. If we have not comprehended a defect in all the levels of the mind, then we have done nothing, because the defect continues existing as atempting demon in the bottom of our own subconsciousness.

When a defect is integrally comprehended in all the levels of the mind, then it is disintegrated along with the small “I's” which characterizes it. Thus, the defect is reduced to cosmic dust in the suprasensible worlds.

This is how we die from moment to moment. This is how we establish a Permanent Center of Consciousness, a Permanent Center of Gravity within ourselves.

The Buddhata, the interior Buddhist principle, the psychic material or the prime matter in order to build that which is called soul, exists within every human being who is not in an extreme state of degeneration.

The pluralized “I” stupidly wastes such psychic material in absurd atomic explosions of envy, greed, hatred, fornication, attachment, vanity, etc.

This psychic material is accumulated within ourselves in accordance with the death of the pluralized “I,”  from moment to moment. Thus, we attain a Permanent Center of Consciousness.

This is how we individualize ourselves little by little. When we rid ourselves of ego, then we become individualized.

However, we clarify that individuality is not everything, because we have to pass into the Supra-individuality when experiencing the event of Bethlehem.

The work of the dissolution of the “I” is something very serious. We need to profoundly study ourselves in all of the levels of the mind, because the “I” is a book of many volumes.

We need to study our thoughts, emotions, and actions from moment to moment, without justifying them or condemning them. We need to integrally comprehend all and every one of our defects in all of the profundities of the mind.

The pluralized “I” is the subconsciousness. When we dissolve the “I,” the subconsciousness is transformed into consciousness.

We need to convert the subconsciousness into consciousness and this is only possible by achieving the annihilation of the “I.”

Continuous Awakened Consciousness is acquired when our consciousness occupies the place of the subconsciousness.

Whosoever enjoys Continuous Consciousness lives conscious each and every instant, not only in the physical world, but also in the superior worlds.

This present humanity is ninety-seven percent in the subconscious. Therefore, this humanity profoundly sleeps, not only in this physical world, but also in the supra-sensible worlds during the sleep of the physical body, as well as after death.

We need the death of our “I.” We need to die from moment to moment, here and now, not only in this physical world, but also in all of the planes of the Cosmic Mind.

We need to be pitiless against ourselves in order to dissect the “I” with the tremendous scalpel of self-criticism.” - Samael Aun Weor