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Confirmation of Francis of Assisi

The sacrament of confirmation must be understood as the sacrament of initiation. This is because this sacrament should be administered during the time of adolescence where the sexual aspects of our life related with puberty are strongly affecting us. Confirmation is a continuation and completion of baptism or the baptismal grace. The sacrament of baptism can be performed by a priest, yet confirmation must be performed by a bishop, as we stated in previous lectures. The anointing with oil in the sacrament of confirmation symbolizes the cleansing and healing of the soul who receives the seal of the Holy Spirit by means of sexual transmutation; as a result, the soul is united with the Christic forces more fully, thus binding the soul with the superior forces of the Gnostic Church in Daath. Then the confirmed or initiated neophyte receives the power of transferring the superior forces of Christ to people, or as our Lord the Christ stated:

"If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me." - Matthew 19:21

So, being confirmed or initiated is a serious step with the Gnostic Church of the Superior Worlds.  Remember that the bible states that the time we are to be confirmed - as a youngster, as an adolescent, as a teenager - is represented in that rich young man who asked Jesus, "What good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?" In other words, what shall we do in order to be confirmed in our faith? Master Jesus said:

"If thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments."

He (the youngster) saith unto him (Jesus), "Which?"

Jesus said, "Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." - Matthew 19:16-19

The former commandments are intimately related with the development of the sexual force at the time of adolescence; this is very important. Unfortunately, this is unknown to humanity.

The young man answered:

All these things have I kept from my youth up (to that age): what lack I yet?  - Matthew 19:20

When reaching the teen years, at puberty, the third layer of the testicular tissue of boys start building zoosperms and young women start menstruating because their ovaries start producing the ovum; so, at teen age the forces of Venus start affecting the physical body of both sexes. The sexual hormones cause a drastic transformation in the mind and heart of teenagers, because of the sexual force of Venus. This is something very important that we should study, because unfortunately humanity ignores the relation of the forces of the cosmos, the solar system, with our sexual development.

As we stated in previous lectures, the sacraments are related with the three Amens, which at this age start to act very strongly through the sexual forces, and if do not know how to take care of the sexual forces of our physical body then we fall into many mistakes. So it is important to study and to learn the relation of the sexual force with our own particular divinity.

The whole of this relation of the divine with the human is written in the book of Genesis, but unfortunately, the book of Genesis is only understood when we know Kabbalah and Alchemy; otherwise we only wrongly interpret its stories and tales and fall into many misinterpretations. Thus, we need to be initiates in order to comprehend it. The sacrament of confirmation is indeed an initiation or a serious step that the soul takes in order to penetrate more into the mysteries of Daath - that is, into the Gnostic Church - and as you know, Daath is the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, related with the forces of Yesod (sex), which during the teen years are very strong.

So related with this, it is very important to understand that in Gnosticism when we talk about fire, we mention the three Genii, or Logoi which are related to the fire, and who are related to the superior hierarchy of the cosmos. The tree of life is related to the planets, to the stars. So according to the conjuration of the fire, the priest always name three Genii.  The conjuration of the fire is very simple; it is as follows:

MICHAEL, King of the Sun and of Lightning,
SAMAEL, King of volcanoes and earthquakes,
ANAEL, Prince of the Astral Light, obey me salamanders of fire.

This is the invocation for the exorcism of the fire. We name three Genii: Michael, Samael, and Anael.

Michael is the Genie of the sun, and in the tree of life, in esotericism or the Initiatic Gnostic Kabbalah, the Sun is related with Tiphereth and Geburah.

Venus is related with Anael the positive ray of Venus; Anael is the Prince of the Astral Light. Anael represents the positive ray of the planet Venus; the negative ray of the planet Venus is called Lilith [לילית‎]. This is very important, because in accordance with Gnostic esotericism or Gnostic Kabbalah, Venus is also related with Tiphereth, as is Samael (Mars), which is related with Geburah and Chesed.

So, we find that the three Genii of fire are:

  1. Michael in Geburah and Tiphereth
  2. Samael in Geburah and Chesed
  3. Anael the Prince of the Astral Light in Tiphereth

Thus, we find that Tiphereth and Geburah, these two Sephiroth of the tree of life, are directly related in the human organism with the soul. The soul is part of the Monad, the second triangle on the tree of life.

the monad The Monad is a trio:

  1. Chesed, the spirit
  2. Geburah, the divine soul, which is feminine
  3. Tiphereth, the human soul, which is masculine

Thus, we find that the fire - that is related to the three Genii: Michael, Anael, and Samael - is related to Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth. When we refer to the physical body, we state that Tiphereth is related to the heart and that Geburah (the feminine aspect that is like a fine and transparent glass of alabaster within which the flame of Prajna - Chesed - is burning) is also related to the heart, and both are related with fire, which in Kabbalah is represented by the letter ש Shin.

ש Shin is the "Three-tongued flame" that never dies; it is the immortal spiritual triad - Atman-Buddhi-Manas. It is the sacred crocodile Sebek (or Seventh Sephirah, Chesed). Master H.P.B. quoted from the Book of the Dead and the Mysteries of Ro-stan the following:

I am the three-wicked Flame and my wicks are immortal,
I enter into the domain of Sekhem and
I enter the region of the Flames who have destroyed their adversaries.

In Kabbalah, we state that the three Hebrew mother letters (Aleph, Shin, and Mem) are related to the three elements:

Students always ask, "How is the element earth related with the Hebrew letters?" The element earth is related to the Hebrew letter נ Nun, the sperm, which is the outcome of these three elements, symbolized by the three mother letters. The element earth is related to the letter Nun, which is the zoosperm or the ovum, which is the outcome of these three mother letters as follows:

א Aleph is related with the air, with the oxygen that we breathe through our nose. The atom of the Father is precisely at the root of the nose. The oxygen purifies the blood, which is represented by the letter ש Shin. Thus, we refer to the purified blood as שמים Schamayim, the superior waters, the blood in the heart.  Of course, we repeat, this is ש Shin, the Hebrew letter which represents fire. In fact, to write the word "fire" in Hebrew, you do it with two letters, אש Aleph and Shin, which are related with the head and heart respectively, thus these two letters together form the word Shin, which is fire in Hebrew language. "Shin" or fire is in the blood, because Aleph and Shin united are the oxygen and the fire respectively in the blood, which eventually when they crystallize in Yesod become מ Mem, which contains נ Nun, the sexual fire within the sexual matter; Mem is the sexual fluid or semen.

Two Trimurtis or Trinities

All of this is the transformation of Aleph. When you write the letter א Aleph, you find that its shape is formed by three lines: one in the middle, one above and one below. These three lines represent the three primary forces of the first triangle, the three Amens: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These are the three Akashic breaths that enter into the blood and become the fire of Daath, the fire of the Gnostic Church. The fire (the letter Shin) also has three elements or wicks.

The letter ש Shin also represents another Trimurti or Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but related with the heart, with the fire.

Thus in the shape of the letters Aleph and Shin we find the two Trimurtis that we were talking about in previous lectures and discussed by Samael Aun Weor in his books.  The first Trimurti (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is in א Aleph. The second Trimurti (Father, Mother, and Son / Tiphereth) is in ש Shin, which in Kabbalah is related with Briah, the world of creation.

The forces of Aleph and Shin descend into Yesod, which is the sexual energy, the Mem, the Ens Seminis within which we find the Nun, which is the physical, chemical element within which are the elements that we need in order to create a physical body or the internal bodies.

The first triangle of the tree of life is related with Aleph. The second triangle is related to Shin. The third triangle is related to Mem. Thus, Aleph, Shin, and Mem are related with the alchemical elements that we are talking about here: Air, Fire, and Water, while the Earth is Malkuth at the very bottom, which is related with the letter Nun, the Messiah.

The Name

IHVH is Hashem, "the Name"

Now, behold: if you clearly observe these three letters Aleph, Shin, and Mem, they form a word: אשם "the Name." There is a ritualistic phrase pronounced in a kabbalistic manner in the Hebrew language that is, "Baruch Ashem," which means "the sacred Name." Baruch is a word for "sacred," and the word "the name" is formed by the letters Aleph, Shin, and Mem, and are read Ashem, which means "the Name."  This is why many Kabbalists instead of saying "Iod, Hei, Vav, Hei" (which are related with the entire tree of life) say instead "Ashem" - "the Name."  Thus when they say "Ashem," they are pronouncing the letters Aleph, Shin and Mem of "the Name." In synthesis, the whole tree is "Ashem," and the whole "Ashem," "the Word," is hidden within "Nun."

This is why it is stated that נ Nun is the Messiah, because Nun in itself contains the Tzalem of the Elohim (the Image of God) or three primary forces of Aleph, Shin and Mem. The letter Nun represents the zoosperm and the ovum that start to develop at the age of adolescence, at the age of puberty.

Whoso sheds Adam's blood, by Adam shall his blood be shed (cause and effect > Karma): for in the (Tzalem) image of the Elohim (Aleph) made he Adam (the purified blood). - Genesis 9: 6

Behold why it is necessary to comprehend all of this, why it is necessary to comprehend "Ashem," the Word, the Name. Iod, Hei, Vav, Hei is translated or explained as:

  1. Iod, the Phallus
  2. Hei, the Yoni or feminine sexual organ
  3. Vav the Man
  4. Hei, the Woman

This is the explanation in alchemy about Iod, Hei, Vav, Hei, which is synthesized in Ashem, "the Name."

Father and Mother, Man and Woman

We also explained that the feminine and masculine polarities in the superior forces of the tree of life are in Daath, where we find the Gnostic Church. The two primary forces of the Father and Mother, Abba and Aima, are represented in the Priest and Priestess in the Church of Daath, the superior Eden. These two forces are represented by the Hebrew letters "Iod" and "Hei."

Iod and Hei are the two letters that represent Abba and Aima, Father and Mother, which relate to one of the commandments that Jesus mentioned to the young man in Matthew 19:19:

Thou shall honor thy father and thy mother.

In order to honor Father and Mother, you must know that all of the forces of the tree of life are synthesized in Daath, because Gnosis explains the mystery of Daath - Father and Mother united - which manifests in the Gnostic Church in those superior forces of Daath, which is where they unite.

This is how and why the letters Iod and Hei, together with Aleph and Shin, become in the Hebrew language, "man" and "woman." The book of Genesis explains this when you read it in Hebrew, and not when you read any translation. Thus, you find man and woman, Adam and Eve, written in different ways, because in Genesis everything is synthesized.

So how do you write the word "man" that is pronounced "Ish" in Hebrew, in Kabbalah?  Simple: just take the letter י Iod - which represents the Father in Daath - and place it in the middle of the word for fire: אש Aleph and Shin. The result is איש Aleph-Iod-Shin, and is still pronounced "Ish," but when reading the spelling of the word, it means "male." Remember that this "Iod" of the Holy Name יהוה "Iod, Hei, Vav, Hei" symbolizes the phallus. This is why the word "man" in Hebrew is written with Aleph, Iod, and Shin.

However, if, instead of taking the letter Iod from the Holy Name of God, you take the letter ה "Hei" (the Hebrew symbol of the uterus) and place it after אש Aleph and Shin, then you form the word אשה Aleph-Shin-Hei, which is pronounced "Isha" and means "woman" in Hebrew.

So, you can see very clearly that the duality of Daath divides the fire "Shin" into two polarities.  This is how the fire of Abba and Aima in Daath is related to man and woman in Yesod.  If you know this clue, that is, the fire related with "Iod and Hei" of the Hebrew letters, then you can understand the meaning of the entire book of Genesis, because wisdom (Chokmah) is hidden within the Hebrew language.  This is how the Masters delivered their wisdom, and this is why the Angel Metatron - who gave us the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet - delivered them to humanity.  This is how Moses wrote the book of Genesis.  If you do not know Hebrew, if you do not know Kabbalah and Alchemy, you just get lost in the book of Genesis, because every single word is related with the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The Division of the Fires

So, there is another aspect that we must understand at puberty, that is, how the feminine soul and the division of sexes happened.

In the second triangle of the tree of life, we find the two aspects of the soul:

  • The masculine which is Tiphereth
  • The feminine which is Geburah, which is related with Mars-Samael

Samael works through Geburah. Samael in Geburah is related with the warrior, with the Valkyrie. Samael is related with the superior forces that have to descend into our physicality in order to divide the forces of the fire.


Geburah - The feminine Spiritual Soul, Buddhi. It is the superlative consciousness of the Being. It is the principle of justice, the Law. Whenever consciousness is spoken of, it is referring to Buddhi, the Elohim who say, “Do battle for me (in my liver) in the name of Tetragrammaton.” - Samael Aun Weor

Samael is an Archangel who rules two zodiacal signs:

  • Aries that rules the head = Adam
  • Scorpio that rules the sexual energy and is directly related with our Genitalia, Yesod = Eve

This is something that we must understand carefully, in order not to fall into confusion. In the previous lectures we stated that particles of that Samaelian fire, of that Samaelian force related to Geburah, exists within each one of us in the head and in the sex. The Microcosmos is the reflection of the Macrocosmos; Samael is an Archangel in the Macrocosmos, while in the Microcosmos Samael is in potentiality within our physical body; thus, Samael can perform marvels if we work with him.  This is what we have to understand when we read Kabbalah or Genesis. So, one thing is Samael there in the planet Mars as a Logos, as a force, as an Archangel; and another is the force that we have in the physical body, which is a gift, we might say, that Samael Archangel places in nature and within us. So we can use this Samaelian force in the positive way or in the negative way. Remember that all cosmic forces have two polarities or two rays; this is why in the Conjuration of the Seven we always conjure the negative aspects by the power of the positive aspects.

So, Samael as a force - as well as Michael, Anael and all cosmic forces in nature - can become positive or negative.

How does the fire enter into the physical body, since we stated that we are the Microcosmos of the Macrocosmos?

Astral Light

In addition to Samael, the forces of the fire are also related with Anael, who represents the forces of the positive ray of Venus.  Anael is the Prince of the Astral Light, which is that solar energy that is suspended in the atmosphere; thus, that astral light of the Prince Anael surrounds us.

Solar Light

The Sun, which is Michael (Tiphereth), places the solar Light in the atmosphere everyday. But how do we extract that energy from the Sun? When we go to bed, to sleep, then the vital body (which is related with Yesod, the superior aspect of our physical body) extracts the astral light from the atmosphere and through the spleen (which is that organ that we have on the left of our abdomen) that solar light enters into all the organs, into the physical body, by means of the nervous system. The spleen is located near the stomach. It is composed of lymph nodes and blood vessels. It filters the solar light and stores red blood cells and destroys old ones, and produces white blood cells that help the healing of the body. Thanks to the spleen, the astral light enters the physical body and works miracles in the entire metabolism, in all of the evolution or development of our physical body, especially in the teen years. At that age the forces of Venus influence the sexual gonads through the spleen; they active the third layer of the testicles of the man in order to create zoosperms, and activate the ovaries in the woman in order to discharge the ovum at the age of puberty.

Sexual Fire

Yet, then, something more happens at the age of puberty, since unfortunately, as you know, we come into this world through fornication, thus, we have in our blood the inheritance of our parents, grandparents, and all of our ancestors or forefathers from the past through that blood that we took from our physical mother. We also have the influence that our liver produces in accordance with the inheritance of our protoplasmic bodies.

There are two aspects here:

  • Inheritance through blood relations
  • Inheritance through Nephesh (animal soul)

The physical body's blood carries the influence of the protoplasmic bodies that we bring from nature, which is related with our animal aspect or inheritance. In Kabbalah, this is called Nephesh (animal soul), and is what the Hebrew Bible calls "Nephesh Chaiah" (living creatures or souls), which are forces within the body.

Because of fornication, we created psychological aggregates in the protoplasmic bodies. These psychological aggregates (animal elements) aggregate to the soul and infect the blood through the liver.

The liver is related with Mars; the liver is a reddish-brown glandular organ located in the upper right portion of the abdominal cavity that converts these harmful animal substances and regulates the amount of blood in the body. The liver synthesizes our animal inherited substances involved in the clotting of the blood.

The liver is influenced by the Christic forces of Samael. Through the blood, the Samaelian forces enter into the body to be developed under the influence of Geburah (the law of Karma). Geburah is related with the superior forces of Mars that enter into the body through the liver. This is how the Christic forces of Samael work in the body. Through the liver, Samael enters into the blood and at puberty starts the complete development of the sexual organs and the sexual potency (which in Hebrew is Aun) either in the man or in the woman. This is how that Christic fire of Samael that descends from above enters into the body.

Unfortunately, as you know, the divine Christic forces of Samael that come through the liver are mixed, mingled with our animal past, not only when we were irrational animals but also as intellectual animals.

Doctors call the liver “the organ of the five.” The Kabbalists know that the five is the number of Geburah, rigor, the Law.

Many mystics state that Christ is crucified in the liver. There is no doubt that the liver is the seat of appetites and desires. From that point of view, we can really state that we have Christ crucified in the liver.  - Endocrinology & Criminology by Samael Aun Weor

The Christic forces of Samael are related to the serpent (sexual force) that the book of Genesis talks about.

Adam and Eve symbolize parts of us When all these Christic forces enter into the body through the liver and the spleen, in combination they develop the sexuality of the teenage organism.

The spleen is related with the Sephirah Hod, which many Kabbalists mistakenly state that is ruled by Mercury, but they are wrong, because Hod is ruled by the Moon. Any Gnostic Kabbalist knows that Hod is ruled by the Moon. The atmosphere here on the Earth is charged with the astral light of the Sun, but is controlled and influenced by the Moon. The moon controls the forces of the Earth; the moon controls the atmosphere of the whole planet. This is why many Kabbalists are mistaken with Hod, because they do not understand the transformation of the energy in relation with these cosmic forces. This is why when we talk about Hod, we talk about the Moon.

We also talk about Hod related with the astral light that comes through Venus into the Earth. Every sunrise is preceded by Venus, and every sunset is preceded by Venus as well, because Venus is the first heavenly body to appear in the sky, the intermediator of the astral light or the solar force that is placed in the atmosphere by the force of gravity that is ruled by the moon. Hod, the astral light of the Sun, comes through Venus but is placed in the atmosphere thanks to the moon, so it is ruled by the moon.

All of that astral light is absorbed or mingled within the lunar protoplasmic bodies, which through the liver and the spleen results in the blood. In Hebrew, blood is "Dam" (Daleth, Mem). When the letter "Aleph" - which represent the three primary forces: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - descends upon that "Dam," the blood, the result is the word "Adam" (Alpeh-Daleth-Mem) which is precisely the prototype made into the image of God, and which circulates within the purified blood; yes, within the purified blood.

Nahemah / Naamah

The body absorbs the astral light in relation with the Moon. Because of fornication, we absorb the negative aspect of the moon that is related with Na'amah, as the bible states:

Tsilah (the shade of the moon), then again, gave birth to Tuval-Cain (the animal mind), who instructed the artificers of brass (copper, the metal of Venus, mingled with zinc) and iron (the metal of Mars). Tuval-Cain's sister was נעמה Na'amah (the poisonous astral light of the moon). - Genesis 4:22

Image Nahemah (as we say in Kabbalah) is that aspect in the psyche of every human being - or better said, of every intellectual animal - that falls into fornication. The bible states that Na'amah (the poisonous astral light of the moon) was the sister of Tuval-Cain, who is nothing but the evolution through time of Cain (the animal mind), through the venom blood.  Tuval-Cain is the outcome of the gloominess of the animal intellect; it is the subjective reasoning, the shade of that element that we call Nahemah.

Nahemah is named as the evil beauty.  Remember that in Hebrew the word for "beauty" is Tiphereth. Nahemah indicates the consciousness, the soul, mingled with the gloominess of adultery, fornication, and with all of that animal inheritance that we bring from the past.

Master Jesus said to the youngster, "Thou shall not commit adultery," because adultery is related to Nahemah. When the forces of the astral light enter into the body they become distorted by our egos of adultery and fornication, thus making beauty "evil," that beauty in the physical body or that animal lure that entices both sexes.

At adolescence, all the beauty (solar light) of Tiphereth, all the beauty of Venus, the soul, is expressed in the youth of the physical body through Yesod (sex), because the sexual hormones of the zoosperms and the ovum put in activity all of the metabolism of the physical body, which when fully transformed is how the man acquires his masculinity and the woman her femininity.

The beauty that we see in the woman at that age as well as in the man is precisely the outcome of the transformation of that astral light through their sexual organs, the liver, and the spleen. This is the epoch of Romeo and Juliet where we feel that attraction, that force, and where we, unfortunately, fall under the enticement of that "evil beauty." It is called "evil beauty" because our lunar ego takes control over that solar force, thus becoming Nahemah.

It is very rare to find a person at that age whose psyche takes control over their solar sexual force and is not involved or enticed by Nahemah. In other words, it is very rare to find a person who is not identified with physicality, and who sees beyond that animal attraction related to Nahemah [נעמה‎] and Lilith [לילית‎].


Samael - the sexual power of Geburah (the Sword of Justice) enters the body through the liver where he finds Lilith, our animality which through the venom blood tempts our brain (Adam) and sexual organs (Eve)


לילית‎ Lilith is related with Netzach (the mind) that relates to the venom blood of the liver, because it is stated that Lilith is a spirit of the air:

Lilith is a wild animal, or an evil spirit, or, as some say, a bird, which flits about alone at night and fills the air with wailing. - David de Pomis (Venice, 1587 CE)

Lilith grows out of the wind just as the salamander grows from the fire. Lilith represents the classical example of the succubus in Jewish mythology. The incubus is a spirit which, taking the semblance of a man, has intercourse with mortal women. The succubus is a similar spirit which in the form of a woman behaves in a like manner with mortal men. The Hebrew Lilith was regarded as queen of the succubi by the theologians who spent much time investigating such matters. - Solomon ben Abraham (Salerno, 1160 CE)

St Augustine stated that "the devils (of Lilith) do indeed collect human semen, by means of which they are able to produce bodily effects."

Thus incubi and succubi are psychological aggregates that pollute the psyche of present humanity. Related to Lilith, Samael Aun Weor stated:

The Sun and the Moon represent the positive and the negative poles of sound. The Sun and the Moon originate creation. The Sun is positive and the Moon negative. The Sun is the husband and the Moon the wife; the devil Lilith gets in between and harms the great work; as above so below. Man is the sun and woman the Moon. Lilith is the Satan that seduces them both and leads them to fornication and to the abyss. Lilith is the Black Moon, the dark aspect of the White Moon, the origin of the "I" and of separate individuality. - Samael Aun Weor

How does Lilith influence the creation of the "I," of that psychological "me," those succubi and incubi that we Gnostics work against? Through the liver.

In many Kabbalistic books they state that in the beginning Samael (Scorpio) had a consort, a lover, and the name of such a lover was Lilith. How do we understand this?

When we study Kabbalah, we learn about Lilith. Thus, according to Klipoth, Lilith is related to Binah. In Klipoth, the gloominess of the moon (Binah) relates to Lilith in the male and Ashmedai in the female. Through the venom blood, Lilith or Ashmedai provides the body of the serpent (animal instinct), while Samael from Geburah provides the creative fire of the Sun (sexual power).

This is why it is stated that Lilith is an eighth fallen sphere. What is this eighth fallen sphere that the Kabbalists talk about? In the tree of life, the eighth sphere counting downwards is the Sephirah Hod.  It is stated that Hod is fallen because of the astral force that is utilized only for the animal aspect, only for animality, since according to Kabbalists there is not a drop of human blood in Lilith.  How do we understand this?

According to Kabbalists, before Adam beget Seth within Eve, Adam had Lilith as wife, so how do we understand this statement of the Kabbalists of the Zohar?

As it is written: "And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth" (Genesis 5:3), which was not true since Cain and Abel, his sons were born before. For in the beginning, BEFORE EVE, he had another union, WITH LILITH, as explained, until Eve came. For the Holy One, blessed be He prepared Eve for Adam, and they (Adam and Eve) were united face to face. Therefore it is written, "This one shall be called 'woman'" (Genesis 2:23). But the other one, Lilith, is not so called, as was explained.

This is explainable when we know the metabolism of the physical body related with creation, related with Genesis, because Lilith is related to the impure blood of the liver. The actions of the impure blood from the liver began with Lilith and continue with Cain and with other personages that we find in the book of Genesis, who relate to the impure blood. This is also explainable and understandable when we comprehend that the sexual creative power of Samael that enters through the liver mingles first with the animal aspect that has nothing to do with the human aspect. Why? Because the blood of the liver is דם "DAM" (Daleth-Mem), which becomes אדם "Adam" (Aleph-Daleth-Mem), when we breathe the oxygen (א Aleph, air), thus "Adam" is in the human blood, which is the purified blood.  Yet, the poisonous blood from the liver that is not purified is related with our animal aspect, with Lilith.

This is why in Kabbalah it is stated that in the beginning Samael - the sexual force of Geburah that enters into the body through the liver - married Lilith, and that Adam, likewise, was married to Lilith.  The Hebrew root word for "Adam" means "red" which is related to "Dam," the blood. Yet, Adam in itself is the letter "Iod" that represents the brain, and the development or evolution of it in the human race.

Division of Sexes

In the beginning, when the forces of the Holy Spirit through Binah created the human being, as it is remembered in Genesis, they were hermaphrodites:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. - Genesis 1: 27

Through time when the division of sexes happened, was when, precisely, Samael started to act, as it is explained in the book of Genesis:

Genesis: 2: 15 - 25:  See tree of life

And Jah-Chavah Elohim (the sexual power of the Holy Spirit) took Adam (the Nun, the Human prototype the zoosperm and the ovum from the purified blood = Aleph-Shin-Mem), and put him into the (the womb, the) Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. (This is the descent of the superior forces of Daath in order to create the hermaphrodite.)

The division of sexes is done through the power of Samael. Mars rules in Geburah, which is the feminine aspect of the soul, it is that "Hei" that we find in the psyche, in the soul. This is why it is stated in Kabbalah that Samael is the one who interferes with Adam and Eve, when the two polarities became separated, since this is a process that happened through the liver, through the blood, through evolution. This is how Lilith, our animal aspect, starts to influence adolescence, because the physical body recapitulates, repeats the evolution, within the womb of our mother.

We have to understand that when we study the development of the physical body we are then studying the evolution of the human race from the beginning in this planet, in this physical, chemical earth, in this part of evolution. The physical body represents the physical-chemical matter in this tridimensional world; yet, remember that life started in the superior dimensions, it was related to other superior forces of superior dimensions. The esoteric doctrine states that previous to us (the Aryan root race) there were other root races, namely, the Protoplasmic root race, the Hyperborean root race, the Lemurian root race and the Atlantean root race. So the human organism recapitulates in the womb of our mother all of those evolutions of previous root races.

When we study the gamete, the zoosperm within the womb of our mother we discover that in the beginning that gamete is hermaphrodite, thus we do not know if it is going to be masculine or feminine. In modern genetics they still do not know whether the fetus is going to be a male or female, since in the beginning such a gamete has the two possibilities; the possibility of becoming male or female, in other words such a gamete is hermaphrodite.  In kabbalistic words we might say that such a gamete has "Iod and Hei" together within the womb of our mother. Remember that "Iod" is the phallus and "Hei" is the uterus or feminine sexual organ.  These kabbalistic letters "Iod" and "Hei" are represented in this day and age in genetics as "Y" and "X."  So "Y" is male and "X" is female. Thus if the fetus develops two "X's" then it is going to be feminine, a girl; yet, if it develops one "Y" and one "X" then it is going to be masculine, a boy.  All of this is a repetition within the womb of our mother of the evolution of "Y" and "X," Adam and Eve as described in Genesis:

And Jah-Chavah Elohim said, it is not good that Adam (the brain) should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

And out of the ground (Adamah) Jah-Chavah Elohim formed every beast (Chaioth) of the field (Shidah), and every fowl (Ofe) of the air (Schamayim); and brought them unto Adam (the brain) to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam (the brain) called every living (Nephesh) creature (Chaiah), that was the name thereof.

And Adam (the brain) gave names to all cattle (Behemoth) and to the fowl (Ofe) of the air (Schamayim), and to every beast (Chaioth) of the field; but for Adam (the brain) there was not found an help meet for him.

And Jah-Chavah Elohim (the sexual power of the Holy Spirit) caused (within the womb and from ages 7 to 21) a deep sleep to fall upon Adam (the brain, through "Dam," the blood) and he slept:

And he took (from Geburah) one of his ribs (signifying the development of the heavenly masculine or feminine soul within the animal nature of Adam), and (in the physical body) closed up the (masculine or feminine) flesh instead thereof;

And the rib (Geburah, the feminine soul, ruled by Mars and the Sun) which Jah-Chavah Elohim (Binah in Daath) had taken from Adam, made he (through Samael) a woman (Isha, sexual organ in Yesod, Scorpio), and brought her (through the blood) unto the man (Adam, the brain). - Genesis 2:18-22

Thus little by little Eve, the sexuality, whether masculine or feminine, appears in the fetus; yet the development of sexuality does not end when the fetus comes out from the womb. When the baby starts growing as a male or female, the development or the evolution of the sexual organ that happened in our racial past happens outside of the womb. According to evolution such development started in the superior dimensions and through time it crystallized and started its development in the physical tridimensional world, which is something that scientists ignore.

The development of the sexual organs starts within the womb and continues its evolution in the outside world, outside of the maternal womb. Such an evolution endures from birth to puberty and beyond.  This is why it is stated that the complete final physical development of the sexual organ starts in the teenage epoch, which is from 14 to 21. Thus, in order for a couple (man and woman) to start the sexual intercourse, that is, to perform the sacrament of matrimony, they have to have their sexual organs completely developed in accordance with the forces of mother nature.

Unfortunately, and this is the big problem here, at such an age we develop the influences that we received from Lilith and Nahemah by inheritance from our parents, grandparents and from nature.

The Influence of Lilith

Before reaching adulthood, before becoming completely developed as a physical human, which means a completely mature Adam or completely mature Eve, before that maturity the brain is influenced by the negative forces of sexuality; read with attention, because here is where you find how these things are hidden in the book of Genesis.

Adam represents the brain, and Eve represents the sexuality, the sexual organs, the genitalia.  This is very important because Adam and Eve in Genesis have these and other important symbolic meanings.


And Adam (the head, the brain) said, this (sexual organ) is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she (the sexual organ) shall be called Woman (Isha), because she (the "Iod" "Y" the lingam, or "Hei" "X" the yoni) was taken out of (Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, the prototype hermaphrodite) Man (who in the womb is born with essentially two sets of proto-structures > that can develop into male or female.

Thus, this is how:

אש ESH the sexual fire of יהוה JAH-CHAVAH became איש Ish, MAN or אשה Isha, WOMAN.

Therefore shall a (Ish) man (ו the Vav) of יהוה leave father and mother (or hermaphrodite state; leave יה, Shiva-Shakti, the androgynous fire of יהוה Jah-Chavah in Daath), and shall (honor father and mother in Yesod, that is, ו Vav-Tiphereth shall) cleave to (Hei) his wife אשה Isha in Yesod - sex): and they (יה Iod-Hei) twain (lingam - yoni) shall be (יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei) one flesh (in Yesod, the sexual act).

And they were both naked, the man (ו the Vav-Tiphereth-Adam, the Priest, the Meleck) and his wife (ה the "Hei", the Priestess, Malka, Malkuth), and were not ashamed (because י Iod, the Father and ה Hei the Mother were with them since they were chaste). - Genesis: 2:23-25

The brain as well as the genitalia are completely mature, completely developed, at the age of 21. Therefore, just because a teenaged boy has begun to create zoosperms in his testicles and because the teenaged girl is menstruating, this does not mean that they are mature enough for sexual contact. Their sexual organs are developing zoosperms and ovum respectively, yet, these gametes are only completely mature at 21 years of age, then, these masculine and feminine gametes are ready for multiplication or for transmutation. Women mature faster than men, reaching maturity before the age of 21 (study Arcanum 21) because the feminine organism develops faster that the masculine. Women are ready for sexual contact at the age of 18 (study Arcanum 18).  This is hidden in Genesis as follows:

And Jah-Chavah Elohim commanded Adam (the brain), saying, Of every tree of the garden (physical body) thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (sex), thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. - Genesis 2: 1, 17

Therefore, performing any sexual activity before such ages is related with Nahemah and Lilith. This is why it is stated in Kabbalah that Adam (the brain) had two wives (Lilith and Nahemah) before having intercourse (divine union) with Eve in Yesod (sexual organs); since in the beginning Adam and Eve within the hermaphrodite were created together, as it is written: "Male and female He created them, and blessed them." - Genesis 5:2

Thus, Yesod manifests the expansion of Abba and Aima from Daath, that is, the creation of Eve separated from Adam by the power of Jehovah-Elohim-Binah.

Matthew 19:6: Wherefore (in the sexual act) they are no more twain (יה Iod-Hei), but (יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei) one (יהוה Jah-Chavah in the) flesh. What therefore God (Shaddai-El-Chai in Yesod) has joined together, let not (fornicator or adulterer) man put asunder.

So, while this Eve was in the head of God as it is written:

"And Jah-Chavah Elohim said, it is not good that Adam should be alone; I will make him (from 14 to 21) an help meet for him. - Genesis 2:18

So, before the help meet of Adam (the brain) to appear, the brain was in development, and the sexual forces were also in development, yet unfortunately, they both were infected by these two forces which are called two feminine forces Nahemah and Lilith.

And out of the ground (אדמה Adamah) Jah-Chavah Elohim formed every beast (Nahemah) of the field (שדה Shiddah), and every fowl (Lilith) of the air; and brought them unto Adam (the brain) to see what he would call them. - Genesis 2:19 (This is why it is stated that Adam had two wives Lilith and Nahemah.)

Therefore, Lilith influences the brain in the very moment when we enter into puberty; that is, when the sexual masculine hormones in the male start to develop, then he wants answers to his enquiries related to the sexual force that is developing in his testicles and that is influencing his mind and heart, so what to do?

Unfortunately, he finds friends, etc., that invite him to satisfy through Lilith that desire that is in his sexual organs; thus they advice him to masturbate, because Lilith entices the sexual sensation, the animal sexual sensation. Not knowing how to wisely handle such energies, the youngsters are led to masturbation, thus, this is how they end sexually associating themselves with Lilith.

Lilith is precisely that element that in the beginning was created or absorbed in the psyche because of the fall of man. Many great Avatars (messengers) speak against this psychological element in order to help humanity reject Lilith. Nevertheless, people think that Lilith is outside in the world, but no! Lilith is within the psyche of every single human being, better said, every intellectual animal.  Thus, if we allow Lilith to enter our minds through the venom blood (desire), and if we do not control her, then we fall in love with her, then we start creating those elements that are called incubi and succubi, which are those elements that are formed with masturbation. This is why it is stated that Lilith is sterile; that is, she cannot give birth in the physical world because he feeds herself with the fumes or vibrations of the spilled sexual energy, through the masturbating animal orgasm.

Many Kabbalists, especially Eliphas Levi, stated that the masculine aspect of Lilith is Ashmedai. Ashmedai is the masculine aspect of this animality of Lilith, which influences women.

In this day and age, Lilith and Ashmedai are influencing youngsters, since all of them enjoy masturbation. In these times Lilith influences the minds of people; she is creating madness through "the fowls of the air" - which symbolizes the negative aspect of Netzach (their mind), as we stated, Lilith is related to the air, which means the mind - Lilith is infecting the mind, the psyche.

Lilith is creating devices and innumerable apparatuses, inventions, i.e. condoms, etc., in order to satisfy the animality of youngsters; thus their brain (Adam) falls easily under the influence of Lilith. Then little by little Lilith turns the human body and the psyche into a degenerated individual who always looks for animal sensation, because this is what Lilith is.

It is written in Kabbalah that Lilith has not a single drop of human blood.  This means that the purified blood from the heart has nothing to do with Lilith. Lilith is related only with the liver. This is why that sensation or sexual sensation in the area of the liver, spleen, and sex urge you to satisfy the sexual sensation, and is very strong in the age of adolescence, when we are teenagers, and continues into adulthood.

Unfortunately, in this day and age humanity is slave of sexual sensation, the animal sexual sensation. Thus people think that they should enjoy life by satisfying Lilith and Ashmedai, that is, by satisfying only sexual animal sensation, which has nothing to do with love, although they call it love. This is nothing but Lilith, the negative aspect of love. So this demon is very strong in this day and age. Lilith influences as you know homosexuality, lesbianism and any type of violence against nature, violence against the sexual nature.

Yet, other sexual pleasures also exist that relate to that other aspect of animality or evil beauty of Nahemah, which is also related with that enticement that the youngsters feel towards physicality, to attraction, to animal magnetism, this lure of Nahemah, which is related with prostitution and adultery. This is why Master Jesus said to the youngster:

Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal (which is related to the Sephirah Netzach, not to steal the forces of nature for the satisfaction of Lilith or Nahemah), Thou shalt not bear false witness (that is, not to create justifications in order to satisfy the animality of our physical body, so that not to fall into degeneration), Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. That is, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me. - Matthew 19:16-19

To follow Jesus the Christ is to keep during our teen years the chastity that we learned in the sacraments of Baptism, Penance, and Eucharist, because chastity is very difficult at that age, which is the age of revelry, when we become rebels, who unfortunately, in this day and age, find all their answers related to their sexuality with Lilith and Nahemah. Now, the influence of Lilith is multiplying and growing overwhelmingly, since homosexuality and lesbianism are seen as "normal." People justify it because they think that it is normal, yet, they ignore that these are animal behaviors related with Lilith, that is, with the impure blood, with the venom blood created by the liver (karma). Likewise, Nahemah infects the blood related with the astral light that enters through the spleen and also the psyche in relation with adultery and prostitution.


Now you understand why at this age you have to be confirmed on the path, if you received these mysteries from childhood. Unfortunately, in this day and age, the people who come into our Gnostic teachings are not connected with the Gnostic Church or any church in the internal planes, thus, they have to be confirmed or initiated.

There are many Catholics and Orthodox followers who perform many of these rituals in order to be in union with their own particular religion, however, even before they become teenagers they are prostituting and squandering their sexual energy, so there is no union of Christ with their psyche, with their soul; this is very sad. Nevertheless, they think that because they celebrated baptism and all the sacraments in their church they are already connected to God, yet they ignore that the forces of the sacraments work only if you keep your chastity, if you keep working on yourself psychologically. They believe that they will go to heaven because they celebrated all of the sacraments; that is, they performed the ceremonies of their particular religion in their temples, but in their homes they are committing adultery, fornicating, masturbating themselves. This, of course, is very common, since everybody does it. Therefore, there is not such a union. Yet, there can be if we are very well guided, as stated here in the bible when the young man said to Jesus:

All these things have I kept from my youth up: what lack I yet? - Matthew 19:20

This means that the young man knew what Baptism, Penance and Eucharist truly are, and when he was entering into his teens he was ready to go ahead in the sacraments, but Master Jesus said: "You shall not commit adultery, you shall not murder," because murder is related to the liver as well.

Whoso sheds Adam's blood, by Adam shall his blood be shed (cause and effect > Karma): for in the (Tzalem) image of the Elohim (Aleph) made he Adam (the purified blood). - Genesis 9: 6

It is written, "Whoever sheds man's blood by man, his blood shall be shed" (Beresheet 9:6). He who sheds blood is considered as if he diminishes the supernal image and likeness above, meaning that he does not diminish the image of the man BELOW, but another image (the Tzalem of God, which is in the blood), and this is the interpretation of the verse: "Whoever sheds (the Tzalem of God, which is in) man's blood by (the law of the superior) man, his blood shall be shed (karma)". The damage he does by shedding blood reaches the supernal man. Why? "...for in the image of Elohim (the Tzalem of God, which is in the blood) made He (the) man (below)." Therefore, they are interdependent, THE FIRST COMMANDMENT (Thou shall love thy God above all things) DEPENDS ON "YOU SHALL NOT MURDER."  - Zohar

The forces of the liver are controlled by Mars, by Samael, whose forces - if you do not control them - mingle with the impure blood. Then you then murder your own soul. In other words, Cain, your animal mind, the outcome of fornication, murders Abel, your own soul. Cain is the outcome of that impure blood. When Adam and Eve ate from the fruit of the tree of good and evil, that is, when they fornicated, they fell under the influence of the serpent or the evilness of the serpent, which is related with Lilith and Nahemah. This is why it is stated that after the fall when Adam knew his wife, he created Cain, and Cain killed Abel, which is the soul. This which happened in the past is repeated in our childhood through adolescence.

Genesis 1 represents the initiatic creation of man and woman within, as a hermaphrodite being, by means of sexual transmutation in the sacrament of matrimony.

The one who falls into temptation revives Lilith within the psyche, and afterwards abandons the divine soul, the true companion (as described in Genesis 2). Genesis 2 also represents the androgynous Adam whose nature underwent a divisional sexual metamorphosis, when Eve (his sexuality) suffered an androgynism or pseudohermaphroditism, symbolized in the making of Eve (his genitalia) out of his ribs (Geburah), and was given to Adam (the brain) as a "helpmeet" for him.

Lilith and Nahemah captivate many youngsters. They smile winningly on youthful faces, and afterwards by means of their sexual embrace they take them to the abyss.

Lilith lives as succubus or incubus in the psyche of men and women. Lilith as succubus or incubus copulates through masturbation with men and women (which also experience wet dreams with her). These lustful demons of Lilith (succubi and incubi) are formed within the psyche from emanations of the spilled masculine or feminine semen (sexual energy). This is how our animal nature becomes impregnated with lustful, demonic, psychological entities. This process also happens with those who attempt celibacy without the sublimation of their sexual libido. The lack of sexual transmutation leaves the soul vulnerable to Lilith (masturbation and wet dreams) and Nahemah (adultery and prostitution).

This is why from birth to age seven and from age seven to fourteen - that is, when you reach adolescence - Abel, your soul has already been killed, because Cain, the animal intellect, the son of Lilith and Nahemah, is very well developed. Thus, Adam, the brain (within which is hidden Cain), the fallen Adam, does not want to cooperate with the Lord. This happens when you reach the age of thirteen, which is precisely the most difficult age, the beginning of the teen ages. After thirteen comes fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen - thus during all of those teen years we become a rebel, and our brain (Adam) does not want to cooperate with sex (Eve) in the positive way.  Thus, the brain (Adam) prefers to go with Lilith or with Nahemah, which are very popular in these times.

In this day and age, if you talk about sex with any youngster, you discover that the males are already married to Lilith and the females are already married to Ashmedai in their livers; that is, they are satisfying the animal aspects of their liver. Thus, they talk about how to satisfy their sexual desire in different ways and they joke about sex, etc. They do not know anything about the positive aspects of sexuality, whether they are Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Jewish, etc., they do not know about it, because if they knew how sacred sex is, they wound not masturbate themselves or satisfy and fortify Lilith in themselves, or commit adultery with Nahemah and justify themselves in different ways.

Therefore, the youngsters brain (Adam) ignores Chavah (Eve). That is, they practically ignore the natural development of their sexual organs and instead degenerate themselves with Lilith and Nahemah.  Thus later, if they keep performing masturbation, adultery, or sexual promiscuity, the black air of Lilith enters and pollutes their brain.

When an individual commits fornication, then Lilith (that is related with the black air of the moon) enters through the sexual organs and infects the brain, infects Adam. This is how Adam (the brain) begat his traumas; thus a teenager whose Adam (the brain) is polluted through masturbation has the polluted air of Lilith in his mind. That Cain (which is his mind) becomes Tuval-Cain who develops a sister whose name is Nahemah or Na'amah, and with her he pollutes himself more. Thus, that Cain ends going and killing people or hanging himself or committing suicide, because their brain has no answer; they do not know about life, as it is written:

And Adam (the brain) called (his genitalia, that is) his wife's name חוה (Eve, Chavah, from Chaiah - life); because she (the genitalia) was the mother of all living. - Genesis 3:20

Thus they develop depression because they are disconnected from God, although some of them might believe in God. There are many teenagers that are very serious about religion; they have a lot of faith in God, they believe in God, but regrettably they reject the almighty living God (Shaddai-El-Chai) through their sexual actions. Therefore the almighty living God is not with them. This is why they are weak. Thus they find answers in suicide and in many other manias, even killing others. Yet it is written, "Thou shall not murder."  When you receive Gnosis, knowledge, then you understand what the life in you sex is, then you respect life, but when you do not respect your own life in your own sexuality, how are you then going to respect the life of others? How are you going to respect God, which is life, when you go and kill in the name of religion?

This is how fornicators become fanatics; their fanaticism is related with Lilith and Nahemah, because they justify their adultery, fornication, and even celebrate homosexuality, but physically, psychologically, they are disconnected from God. People can believe whatever they please. Lilith is that type of psychology that places in the brain a lot of justifications; yes, people justify their animality of following Ashmedai or Lilith. They justify themselves with science, with evolution, by thinking that animality is human love, that animality is natural. Yet listen: such animal sexuality is unnatural (inhuman), since there is not a single drop of human blood in Lilith.

Tiphereth and Adultery

In Nahemah, yes, there is just a little humanity; this is why it is stated that there is a hope of redemption for those who follow Nahemah rather than Lilith. Remember: those two forces are inside mingled with our psyche. Everybody carries them within, yet when Lilith takes complete control over your consciousness, then it is very difficult to transform the self unless you develop a powerful willpower. We are not stating that you cannot transform yourself, since redemption depends on your will, not my will, not the will of the neighbor or the will of the Gnostic Church, but your will. Lilith is very strong when she takes control over your psyche, i.e. Lilith is very powerful in an homosexual or a lesbian, as well as in those who enjoy masturbation, thus, these individuals have to perform super efforts in order to control and avoid the influence of Lilith.

There are people who have good manners, good customs, who do not fall into the abyss of Lilith, yet unfortunately, when they marry they fornicate or commit adultery or fall in the arms of prostitution; notwithstanding, they have more opportunity to transform themselves, because they are not under the influence of Lilith but only under the influence of Nahemah.  Therefore, there is more opportunity for those that are under the influence of Nahemah than those who are under the influence of Lilith.

Sex was abhorred and hated during the Age of Pisces which had a regressive, retarded asceticism.

In the Caucasus, vestiges still exist of a sect that mortally hates sex. Whosoever entered into that sect had to castrate themselves with an iron stick that was heated until red. The minor lips of the vulva were taken off of the women; this was the first step. In the second step, the men had to amputate the phallus from themselves, and to the women, one breast was cut off during a religious ceremony. They drank the blood and ate the flesh. Afterwards, each woman lay down in a bed of flowers. This is monstrous, abominable. This belongs to the sphere of Lilith. See for yourselves into where the horror towards sex reaches.

Kabbalistic tradition states that Adam had two wives: Lilith, who is the mother of abortions, homosexuality, and hatred towards sex, and in contrast, Nahemah, who is the mother of malignant beauty, mother of passion, adultery, lust and everything that is related to the abuse of sexuality.

The Caucasian sect belongs to Lilith. They abhor the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit.

See for yourselves how hatred towards sex discards the Philosophical Stone. This is absurd; nonetheless, they believed that they were doing very well.

The authorities intervened in another sect, where each year a man was crucified until death, in order to remember the great Master Jesus. These are types of barbarism that belonged to the Age of Pisces. - Samael Aun Weor

When you enter into this Gnostic psychological work, first you have to annihilate the aggregates related with Nahemah, and later the aggregates related with Lilith, which are those elements that are hidden in the dark psychological aspect of everybody, which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. - Matthew 7:3-5

This is why we must not point at any person - i. e. an homosexual or lesbian or anyone who is already a slave of their own dark psychological aspect of Lilith - by saying that "they cannot change." We must not point at them, because within ourselves we also have in potentiality the elements of Lilith; their inherent capacity for coming into being may not have flourished, thus, they are not on the surface.

When you allow those abysmal elements to reach the surface of your psyche, then act upon them and justify them, then you are then lost by your own will. Some individuals state, "I am an homosexual; I was in the closet, but now I am publicly declaring it." Then everyone applauds them. What kind of attitude is that, which is, to applaud the one who is confessing to be a degenerate? That does not deserve applause but compassion, because the action they are confessing is harmful and a form of violence against nature.

Lilith is something that you have to overcome within yourself. If you are under the influence of Lilith and you do not change your mind, but instead justify your behavior, then you are justifying your own degeneration, your own impure blood, thus you forget about "Aleph," the three primary forces of the Air, the Akashic Breath of God that can help you.

There is always hope, because all doors are close for the unworthy except the door of repentance. Understand: such repentance has to be shown sexually. Remember this, because sex, Yesod, is the foundation of the Church. Thus if you want to show that you are really repented, show it with your sexuality; exert efforts to change, with patience, thus you will be confirmed, you will receive the sacrament of confirmation that is, we repeat, related with initiation.

Therefore, when you enter into this initiatic sacrament, it is because you already know the seriousness of the sexual energy with your psyche, with your brain, with yourself, with your physical body.

Understand: this is not a matter of believing in something; this is a practical work that starts with our sexual physicality and with our psyche. If you go to the school, university, or college, and listen to fornicator or homosexual or lesbian teachers who teach you that it is okay for you masturbate and that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality and lesbianism, that every perversity is "okay," then you will start justifying your own degeneration and end up going into the abyss of suffering and pain.

Indeed, we need to learn about sexuality in order to be confirmed on this path. This is how it is written and this is how you have to understand it: that is, how the Ish and the Isha are transformed and become a transformation that occurs within them when they take care of their sexual force that they produce during their teenage years.

If teenagers, adolescents, youngsters take control over their sexuality, if they take control of their own sexual energy, this is the best thing that they can do for themselves; thus, when they enter into adulthood they will continue their path with ease. At this moment in which we are teaching this doctrine, many teenagers, many adolescents are entering into this knowledge, and unfortunately they are habituated to masturbation and to other violent perversities against sex (i.e. adultery, pornography, etc.) thus the change is very difficult for them, but not impossible. Remember the statement of Master Jesus: "In your patience possess ye your souls." (Luke 21:19) This is what the Lord said.

Remember, at the age of adolescence and beyond we have to study our own sexuality and teach others about it, because this is precisely the responsibility of the godparents. If all godparents were to know about these mysteries of the bible, they then would teach the teenagers when they reach puberty, and tell them:

"Come, I will teach you about sex, but do not think that I am going to talk about that garbage that you learn in your school where they teach you that you have to have "safe sex" and start giving you condoms, no! Because that is stupidity; what I want to teach you is about upright sexuality or the relationship of God with your testicles or ovaries and with your psyche, in order for you to know about it; thus, if after this explanation that I will teach you, you prefer to go with Lilith or Nahemah, well that is your own freedom, you can do it, because I cannot stop you, it is your own will; yet if you want to enter into the mysteries and not to fall into the abyss, then I can help you to keep ahead on your path of Religare, Religion, union, Yug with God."

Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau (the venom blood), who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright. - Hebrews 12:16

Questions and Answers

Q. Are there levels of confirmation?

A. Yes, confirmation and penances occur with every initiation of the path of self-realization.

In the physical world, in the Gnostic Church, we celebrate an initiatic ceremony of confirmation for students, whether teenagers, adults, or elders, in order for them to receive help from the Gnostic Church of the superior worlds. Such a ceremony is a confirmation that is a very special ceremony of initiation, physically speaking. The bishop who is connected to the Gnostic Church of the internal worlds will give that force, that union to the neophyte, thus they are initiated; from that moment, the initiate starts helping humanity, because his soul is connected to the Gnostic Church. In that initiation or confirmation, we unite the four elements, the forces of Christ - that we explained in the beginning of this lecture - to the soul, in order for the soul to keep ahead in its work.

If you misbehave, you can break or reduce such a union that the bishop performs on your behalf in the Gnostic Church, since the only thing that the bishop does in the confirmation is to unite the superior forces to the soul.

The bishop can perform such a ceremony for teenagers (if they are coming from their childhood with the Gnostic knowledge).  This is why children are allowed to enter in the superior chambers of the Gnostic Church before the age of thirteen; when they reach the age of thirteen, the bishop tells them: "I am sorry but you cannot enter into the secret chambers of this church anymore until you are confirmed, until you are initiated. Do you want to keep ahead in your initiation? Do you want to take care of your sexual energy? If yes, then you can keep coming after being confirmed, but if you are not going to do it, then sorry, but you are not allowed to enter. You can come to the lectures, but not into the secret chambers." This occurs when the youngster enters into his puberty.

Q. Is there something that the student can do when lust is attacking very strongly?

A. The whole doctrine of Gnosticism relates to that, namely: meditation, studies, prayers, conjurations. There are a lot of tools.

When people start listening to lectures, reading the websites, or reading Gnostic books, they think that we, the ones who teach, who are in charge of this group, are already in heaven and that we do not have penances, that we do not have ordeals or tests with our lust, therefore we are "okay," and we are just resting very comfortable on our beds, but no! Listen: Lilith and Nahemah are related to the forty-nine levels of the mind. There are forty-nine because each body has seven levels; we have seven bodies, thus seven times seven equals forty-nine.  The whole Gnostic work is performed through the first and second mountains. Thus, do not think that we are not tested; we have the tools in order to overcome these tests that every time become more and more subtle and more and more strong.

In the beginning, this work is very difficult because everyone comes from the world of Lilith or Nahemah and wants to enter into the Gnostic Church. The only advice that we can give you is to study the doctrine, study the books of the Master Samael Aun Weor, and do not fall into the stupidity of believing that only five books are enough, because the doctrine is given in all his books for you to study it, so that you cannot fall into mistakes, or into foolishness. And of course, do a lot of meditation practice.  Through meditation is how you discover your mistakes, and through meditation is how you comprehend your own defects related with Nahemah or Lilith, which are invisible to your psyche. Pranayama is also indispensable.

In the moment when Lilith or Nahemah are invading your mind, pray the Pater Noster (Our Father). Related to this topic, I remember when talking with the Master Samael, and he advised me: "Do not ever forget your Inner Being." That is, do not ever forget your Aleph that comes through your breathing into your blood. When Lilith or Nahemah through your impure blood are tempting you through your mind, then you have to bring the superior forces. Lilith comes from below, from the liver and the spleen, from the impure blood that goes to your heart, thus your heart purifies it. But if you allow the impure blood to infect your mind (Cain), your brain (Adam), then of course you feel a lot of negative force, a lot of temptation. So, what do you have to do? What you have to do is to remember your God.

So, the Master Samael told us:

There are women who unknowingly accumulate great amounts of Luciferian force. Often these women are not necessarily that beautiful; yet they fall under the service of the Luciferian force. This is why naive male disciples become irresistibly tempted by them; the disciples fight against the temptation, yet the weak end up falling into these women's atmospheres and fail on their path by fatally submitting themselves to these temptations. Indeed, these women with their Luciferian force hypnotize and attract the weak.

Nevertheless, a sacred clue to defend ourselves from these terrible temptations exists: this is the "Pater Noster." Hence, the Prayer of the Lord fervently prayed and meditated on without haste and with a great amount of willpower is the clue. - Samael Aun Weor

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

Remember the daily bread is the breath, the "Aleph," the wind, the Spirit that purifies your blood. This helps you completely; when you pray the Pater Noster, you must concentrate in your Inner God and do the effort to fight against Lilith and Nahemah which are within. Unfortunately, those two forces are inside and outside; this is why we have to bring God within, this is why we advise to go occasionally to the forest, to the country, in order to receive the forces of nature, since in the cities Lilith and Nahemah are everywhere, which influence your own inner Lilith and Nahemah.

Q. If the moon is a dead planet, how is it that it controls the atmosphere of the earth?

A. Scientifically, it is proven that the moon is a dead planet. The moon influences the dead, as the bible Kabbalistically states. The dead are those who are influenced by Lilith and Nahemah. Remember that Klipoth, the Abyss, is divided into two spheres, Lilith and Nahemah, which together are the wheel of Samsara, the wheel of the dead that carries the karmic inheritance of the dead, which comes from the moon, that comes from the past, and the black moon is Lilith that infects the astral light that enters into the body. The lunar protoplasmic bodies are also the dead that relate to the moon. This is why people turn into lunatics (luna-tics) when there is a full moon, since the lunar protoplasmic bodies receive a lot of force from the moon, and through these lunar bodies the physical body receives the impure blood that turns people into lunatics, thus they end serving Lilith and Nahemah.

The Logos of the Moon is the Angel Gabriel, who is in relation with the positive forces of Jehovah, which work in relation with Gnosis, with Daath.  So, when we enter into the Gnostic teachings, we start working under the influence of Jehovah and Gabriel, who work through the positive aspect of the moon and the astral light of Anael. We start polarizing the astral light of Anael, the Angel of love, through Jehovah, the Holy Spirit, and the astral light is related to Hod.

Q. What about Netzach the mind?

A. The mental plane is related to the fifth dimension, to Netzach, the mind, where unfortunately, Lilith has a lot of power, because Lilith are those demons of the mind, which are known as incubi and succubi that we create in childhood through masturbation, and also many other demons or psychological aggregates that we bring from past lives, these are in Netzach, in the mind. This is why we say that the den of the ego, the psychological aggregates, our defects and errors, is in the mind-Cain. And if we unfortunately allow Lilith to take control over our mind, ourselves, then we start performing stupidities.

So the whole Gnostic work is against Lilith and Nahemah.  This is why in Kabbalah if you want to protect yourselves against Lilith and Nahemah, you must pray to Shaddai.

From the hour in which death was decreed upon Adam and upon the whole world, he said 'Why should I beget children for terror?' and instantly separated from his wife."  And two female spirits [Lilith and Naamah] would come and copulate with him and bear children. And those whom they bore are the evil spirits of the world who are called the Plagues of Mankind. And they lead the sons of man astray, and dwell in the doorway of the house, and in the cisterns and in the latrines.... But if the holy name Shaddai with supernal crowns is found in the doorway of a man's house, they all flee and go away from there. - Master Yose.

This is why Kabbalists place at the entrance of their house the name of God related with Yesod in the world of Atziluth which is "Shaddai-El-Chai." Thus they write only "Shaddai," the Holy Name of God in Yesod, in order to reject Lilith and Nahemah.  This is why in the Conjuration of the Seven we pronounce the following plagiary from the king Solomon:

By the divine and human name of Shaddai and in the name of the Angel Anael, by the powers of Adam and Eve who are Jah-Chavah, begone Lilith; let us rest in peace, Nahemah or (Na'ama).

We say, "divine and human name of Shaddai," because we understand that the divine descends into the sex and becomes human through the human blood; that is Shaddai in relation to Yesod.

We say, "and in the name of the Angel Anael," who commands the astral light through the positive ray of Venus, "by the powers of Adam and Eve, who are Jah-Chavah," that is, the superior forces Abba and Aima who are Jah-Chavah, Jah the Father and Chavah the Mother, thus Adam and Eve who are Jah-Chavah in Yesod, in order to reject the negative forces of the moon in Yesod, that is, "begone Lilith lets us rest in peace Nahemah."

So when we utter this conjuration, we must know what we are doing. We are rejecting the forces of Lilith and Nahemah by the powers of Anael and Adam and Eve who are Jah-Chavah and by Shaddai that is completely related to the sexual force.

Q. Is Shaddai related with the Passover, with the blood of the lamb on the door, and also with the Eucharist?

A. Yes, the blood of Christ that descends from above as Aleph and Shin goes into our sex as Mem (sexual waters) and if we transmute the Nun (the sperm) of our sexual energy, it becomes Shaddai or the blood of the lamb, the blood of God that protects us against the angel of destruction. Likewise, the blood of Christ that descends from above as Aleph and Shin goes also into the bread and wine of the Eucharist and if we take this Eucharist in the way that we teach here, then it becomes the blood of Christ that protects us against Lilith and Nahemah.

Now you understand why we need the Eucharist, because without the help of Aleph and Shin, which are Christ, how are we going to fight against our own powerful negative bestial forces of our impure blood that we have in the area of the abdomen, a little bit above Yesod (sex), which are Lilith and Nahemah? If you want to know where to find Lilith and Nahemah in your body, well they are in that area of our abdomen; they unfortunately influence the uterus. This is why it is advisable for those women who are pregnant to pray a lot in order to reject the negative influence of Lilith that comes from the impure blood and that influences their children. There is a lot of information in Kabbalah related to this. This is related to the creative forces of Samael in Scorpio that are infected by Lilith because of our transgression, our degeneration.

So, remember this: it is not Samael's fault, rather, it is you yourself who infected and polluted the creative forces of Samael in your sex when you fornicated, when you masturbated, when you committed adultery.  Samael can give you freedom, potency, in order to unite your soul to God, but if you pollute your sex, then you are polluting the forces, the gift that this Archangel bestows in your body, thus you convert yourself into a demon. This is why when you pronounce "Samael Sabaoth" you are rejecting Andrameleck, which is that hasnamuss that is connected to Klipoth, which, in other words, represents you.

Q. Can the incubi and succubi be annihilated by chanting Belilin?

A. The incubi and succubi cannot be taken out by means of conjurations, but only if you transmute your sexual energy.

If you chant:

Belilin... Belilin... Belilin...
Amphora of Salvation.
I would like to be next to you;
Materialism has no power close to me.
Belilin... Belilin... Belilin...

This can help you in order to reject the influences that go into your brain from Lilith and Nahemah and from your lower abdomen; because, very often, the mind is infected by Lilith and Nahemah, which are related to those infra-psychological elements related to our sexuality. Thus our mind is always listening to the stupidities that we unfortunately created, that we placed there because of our ignorance, thus if we conjure them, then we are conjuring our own selves and the selves of the outside world, by not getting the influence or getting attached to those psychological elements. This does not mean that these psychological elements will be disintegrated.

If you want to disintegrate your psychological elements, then sit down and meditate. In meditation, comprehend that polluted thought or polluted action that you had, and thereafter ask your Divine Mother for the annihilation of it.

Ask for annihilation after deep comprehension in meditation; do not commit the mistake of thinking that your Divine Mother is going to annihilate your incubi and succubi just by walking around, just by practicing that mistaken sophism of distraction that is called "Death in Motion," because psychological death does not occur mechanically. The Divine Mother is not mechanical, She is very exacting: She is Wisdom, Love, Power.

Comprehension is equal to consciousness. When you take the consciousness out from within the ego, it is because you comprehend it, and then you can ask for annihilation.  But do not act mechanically. If you were taught that the Divine Mother acts mechanically, then you were taught wrong information.

Thus, conjurations, invocations, and prayers help in order to reject the influence of the ego in the very moment when these arise, but they do not annihilate the ego if there is no comprehension.

If there is no comprehension, there cannot be annihilation.

Q. What do the seven years from thirteen to nineteen mean?

A. Let me read something for you:

It is written:

Adam-Brain, Cain-Mind, Abel-Soul
For 130 years Adam kept separate from his wife and did not beget. After Cain killed Abel, Adam did not want to copulate with his wife.

This means that from birth to thirteen, Adam (the brain) kept separate from the activity of Eve (his genitalia) and does not beget (because there are no zoosperm or ovum), yet since from birth to thirteen Cain (the animal mind) kills Abel (the human soul), Adam (the brain) lost its inner psychic relation with Eve (sexual potency).

Thus, according to Kabbalah:

Adam (the brain through "Dam" the blood) had a wife before the development of Eve (his genitalia), whose name was Lilith (the impure blood from the liver). Refusing to submit to Adam, she (through fornication) left Paradise (Yesod) for a region of the air (Netzach). Lilith haunts the night as a lustful specter, and is especially hostile (through the liver) to new-born infants. Thus, not even a drop of blood of Lilith, the first wife of Adam is human ... But she is made like a soft sweet woman.

So at the age of 13 (130 according to Kabbalah) Adam (the brain) gets involved with Lilith and Nahemah, because Adam (the brain) becomes a rebel, it refuses to transmute the forces of Chavah, Eve, his sexuality. It prefers fornication and multiple justifications. So when Adam, the brain, reaches 21 years of age, it is already polluted by Lilith and Nahemah.

So now, our Adam (the brain) - already polluted - wants to work with Eve (sexual transmutation), since, there is always the door of repentance; so okay, now that you know the Gnostic mysteries, work with your wife, your Eve, your sexuality, your genitalia, in the right way. But do not forget that your brain (Adam) has to fight against Lilith and Nahemah since he was in love and performing sex with them before Eve.

Study the Hebrew letters in order to understand and comprehend more about the mysteries of the Bible.

In Hebrew, Ish is fire, Ish is the man, Isha is the woman.

In Kabbalah, the letter Iod represents the phallus, and the letter Hei represent the yoni, yet in Daath the letter Iod is the Father and the letter Hei is the Mother.

The combination of the letters Aleph and Shin the spell the word "fire," and when these two letters Aleph and Shin are combined with the letters Iod and Hei, they spell respectively the Hebrew words "man and woman."

So it is good if you get the book of Genesis in Hebrew written in a parallel way to English. Then you will learn that Adam refers to the brain and to the purified blood, etc., Cain is related to the impure blood and to the animal mind, etc., the tempting serpent relates to the impure blood, to Lilith, to Esau, etc,

You defeat the tempting serpent when you purify all the effects of your impure blood by means of the effects of your purified blood through sexual transmutation, since the tempting serpent relates to the impure blood that comes from the liver. This is why it is stated that the superior creative forces of Samael-Geburah that enter through the liver rode upon the tempting serpent of Eden - that is, the creative forces of Samael when entering into the body were riding the impure blood from the liver. Samael rules the sexual power of Yesod in Scorpio and through the impure blood tempted Eve, the sexual organs.

When you read about the serpent, remember, it is related to your blood, it is related to your sex, whether you feel it in the womb or in the testicles, it is just your impure blood, the serpent going there. So if you feel tempted, listen: it is the effects of your poisonous blood tempting you.

So perform your Pranayama, which is the practice of sexual transmutation by means of the breath. By breathing you absorb the oxygen, the Aleph from the three primary forces, then you place that oxygen that you are breathing through Ida and Pingala from the root of your nose into your testicles or ovaries. With that oxygen you fight against Lilith and Nahemah. When you transmute the sexual force, this is how Lilith and Nahemah are defeated temporarily, because the next morning, the next day, the sexual force comes and is built again. This is the natural process, the body is always regenerating itself, its sexual potency, everyday.  Unfortunately, all of us have polluted our sexual force with Lilith and Nahemah, thus we have to fight against them. Remember in the breath is the secret, because through the breath is how the breath of God, Aleph, enters into your body and purifies your blood, your soul.

So through Pranayama, the practices of respiration, you transmute your sexual energy with the help of God.

This is related to the sacrament of confirmation because through Pranayama teenagers learn sexual transmutation, and in sexual magic married couples learn how to have rhythm in their respiration in order to transmute their sexual secretions in the sacrament of matrimony.  The breath of God that enters through the nostrils helps to transmute the sexual energy in the sexual act and the word of God IAO also helps, the three primary forces above vibrate with the IAO through the throat and the three primary forces below vibrate in the union of the lingam with the yoni by means of the sexual fire of the Holy Ghost. Thus, this is how we work with Abba and Aima from the Gnostic Church in Daath, and Adam and Eve in the sexual act, in Yesod.