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In regard to the present time, the Gnostic Church is not just another church or a newly invented religious ideal. It is the church of Christ, the church preached by Jesus, the divine Rabbi of Galilee, with all of its sacred initiatic mysteries. It is the church of redemption, the primitive Christian church that suffered all of the attacks from the Catholic sectarianism, whose doctrine was altered to accommodate its aims and egotistic interest. The Gnostic Church possesses the holiest revelations and interprets and presents the truth in its most pristine purity without spots to dim it.

Our doctrine is science and religion at the same time. As science, it depends upon something superior, supreme, infinite, and para-scientific (which is very elevated and greater than the lower, vulgar knowledge) for the incarnation of the knowledge par excellence. As a religion it exerts that the man, as supreme human hierarchy, can awaken in himself the divine powers that pertain to him in order to one day attain the Holy Union with the primary cause that was his genesis. Within this dualism, it is respecting that Latin principle that states: Primum intelligere, deinde credere... [First understand, then believe…]


The difference between Catholicism and the Gnostic Church is based upon the fact that for us, Christ is a substance and its existence on the Earth a fact or a cosmic-biological phenomenon, whereas the Catholics only give importance to the historical-material fact, thus ignoring the true mystery of this Christonic substance...


The Catholic Church, in its fight to establish itself in the world, did anything and by whatever means possible in order to erase the tracks of the Gnostics, whose vestiges were too clear and open and vast in revealing the truth. Therefore - although rivers of blood were soon spilled by the imposition of Christianity in its Catholic form - in the first centuries, it relied more upon diplomatic methods in order to burn books, falsify others, and collect those of greatest initiatic importance, that today are hidden in the Vatican. Naturally, within them a great deal is expressed in metaphors and symbols that the Catholics did not make any effort to decipher. Now we are forced to clarify in order to fulfill our mission, although after eighteen centuries of delay...

The Gnostic Church is a school of initiatic mysteries.

These mysteries were revealed by the Elohim or Holy Masters through different means, according to the race and place; these vary only in their form, since in their substance they are identical.

This book of the Gnostic Church is called to open the last door and to disclose, for those who have studied, the last veil...

Excerpted from The Gnostic Church by Arnold Krumm-Heller (1876–1949), Archbishop of the Gnostic Church