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Arik Anpin

Today we are going to talk about the fourth and fifth Kabbalistic, alchemical precepts. The fourth states: “Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that יהוה is Elohim in heaven above, and above the earth; beneath  there is none else” - Deuteronomy 4:39, which explains how Jehovah Elohim is a multiple perfect unity.

As we can see, this unity is symbolized by the graphic of Arik Anpin or Adam Kadmon along with the following biblical quotation:

Elohim stands in the congregation of אל El, who judges in the midst of the Elohim. I have said, you are Elohim; and all of you are children of עליון Elion [the Most High]. Nevertheless, as Adam you shall die, and fall like [Tiphereth] one of the princes. - Psalm 82

So, according to Psalm 82 אלהים Elohim becomes a multiple perfect unity in the congregation of אל El. This congregation is symbolized by יהוה and in the graphic by the four worlds of kabbalah. The first is י Iod, the head of Arik Anpin or the Ancient of Days, which alchemically represents the World of Atziluth. In Iod we find the congregation of אל El, as archetypes. The second Kabbalistic World is the world of יה Jah or Iod-Hei, which is the world of Briah, creation, the act of engendering Iod, the archetypes, into Hei. The third is the world of Yetzirah, or world of formation, the act of giving shape to those archetypes in our divine womb or spinal medulla, which is the Vav of Jah or Iod-Hei-Vav of the sacred name of Elohim יהוה. The fourth is the world of Assiah, or matter and action in any dimension. This relates to the final Hei and to the full name of God יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei.

Here, we are addressing Iod-Havah or יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei alchemically, in relation to the four worlds.

So, the head of Arik Anpin is related to the letter Iod which is the first letter of the Holy Name of God יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. The letter Hei is added to Iod in the second world; the letter Vav is added to Iod-Hei in the third world; thus, when reaching the fourth world we add the final Hei to Iod-Hei-Vav in order to spell the full name יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei at the very bottom. This is in order to show—as the Zohar explains—“that יהוה Iod-Havah is אלהים Elohim, in the heavens above, and upon the earth.” Thus, Elohim and יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei are the same.

From the alchemical point of view we have to understand that the imaginary old man that we see in the graphic is formed by all of the elements or archetypes which are in different levels of development within the four worlds.

arik anpin

In the head we find the archetypes, which are those divine elements that—as thoughts or ideas in our head—have the possibility of development through Iod, hand, phallus. In order to develop them we have to descend into the world of creation, where we find the articulated word, the mantra Jah or Iod-Hei, which relates to the duality or the creative force of Briah, which is related specifically to Daath, the throat and heart of Arik Anpin; this is how we have to visualize Jah. The third is IAO or יהו Iod-Hei-Vav, which as we see, Iod on the right is related to the male force, Hei on the left is related to the female force, and Vav in the center is always related to the spinal medulla that connects the Iod or phallus to the Hei, the uterus or throat of Arik Anpin. When we address Arik Anpin, we have to understand that the Ancient of Days is an androgynous being.

The letter Vav in kabbalah is related to Yesod, the sexual force, and to Tiphereth, the heart. So Vav connects Yesod and Tiphereth through the spinal column. This is why the central column of the tree of life relates to the letter Iod, the letter Vav, and to the letter final Nun. When we reach the very bottom of this image of Arik Anpin, we find the planet earth, which represents action and matter in any dimension. Let us visualize the Ancient of Days always above the earth, since Malkuth, the earth, as the final outcome of his power, is the element that represents the activity of the matter in any dimension. Thus Arik Anpin is always above it as we will see through the different alchemical explanations that we are going to give in relation with the fourth and fifth precepts of the Zohar.

These graphics shows us the relation of the triangle, symbol of the trinity, with the four worlds of the whole tree of life. Thus, we find the unfoldment of the holy name יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei in four parts. The names of the Sephiroth are written with Hebrew letters because we have to learn them. Yes, we have to be familiar with these Kabbalistic letters in order to understand the alchemical development of Elohim within us.

Let us now study the relation of the first triangle of the tree of life with the word Elohim אלהים [Aleph-Lamed-Hei-Iod-Mem]. The word El [אל Aleph-Lamed] means God and relates to Kether, the first sephirah. The word Elah or Eleh [אלה, Aleph-Lamed-Hei] means Goddess or These respectively and relates to Chokmah, the second sephirah. And finally, the complete name Elohim אלהים [Aleph-Lamed-Hei-Iod-Mem] means Gods and Goddesses and relates to Binah, the third sephirah. This is how the word Elohim אלהים relates to Kether, Chokmah, and Binah, the first triangle, the trinity, of the tree of life.

So, we also see how יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, the Tetragrammaton, relates to the first triangle, the second and third triangles and the bottom of the tree of life, this indicates alchemically that יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei relates to Kether [head], Tiphereth [heart] and Yesod [sex], the central pillar of the tree of life in Malkuth our physicality. Understand that the letter Hei of יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei is pronounced twice in order for “Iod” to make—out of Daath, through Vav, the central pillar—Malkuth [kingdom, the tenth sephirah], the very bottom of the tree of life.

Thus, everywhere we look within the tree of life we always look at the Holy Letters יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, the Tetragrammaton; namely, Iod, Jah = Iod-Hei, IAO = Iod-Hei-Vav, and Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, which is Kabbalistically translated as Iod-Havah.

El [אל] is also related to the sephirah Chesed, who represents our own Innermost, our own Spirit, our own Angel or our own particular individual God. This is why when we say El [אל] we are addressing our own divine particularity; yet, this El [אל] is just the רוח אלהים Ruach Elohim, since, our רוח Ruach-Spirit is just an emanation of the trinity above which is named Elohim אלהים.

We also said that El [אל] is related to Kether, which is the beginning of the word Elohim אלהים, this is why we always address Kether as the Father of our Father, or the God of our God.

The multiplicity of the name Elohim אלהים is indeed beautiful when we start comprehending it through the different aspects of alchemy. For instance, Elah or Eleh [אלה, Aleph-Lamed-Hei], which means Goddess or These, is always related to the sephirah Chokmah; in other words, [אלה, These and Goddess] it relates to the world of Briah-creation.

Now, the Iod of יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei plus the El [אל] of Elohim אלהים, which represent Kether, together become אלי [my God] in the world of Atziluth, and is singular. Yet, when El [אל] reaches Chokmah—which is the Son, Christ, and who is represented by the letter Hei of יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei—then El [אל] becomes Elah or Eleh [אלה, Aleph-Lamed-Hei]; thus, Goddess and These are in charge of the world of Briah-creation.

The syllable ים Yam [meaning sea] at the end of the word אלהים Elohim relates to Binah. When ים Yam is alchemically combined with the syllable אלה Elah, Goddess and Eleh These of אלהים Elohim in Briah, it explains the mystery of Binah as follows: El- Ha-Yam אל-הים meaning “The Sea God” and אלה-ים Elah-Yam meaning “Sea Goddess” and אלה-ים Eleh-Yam meaning these [archetypes in the] waters of Binah, Jehovah Elohim.

So from the alchemical point of view the word אלהים Elohim is indeed marvelous, since alchemically it encloses a lot. אלהים Elohim should not be translated as God, because in Hebrew God is El [אל] masculine, thus, when translating Elohim as God, we are taking אלה Elah, Goddess and Eleh These Children of them, out from the word אלהים Elohim. This is why it is written in Psalm 82: “Elohim stands in the congregation of אל El, who judges in the midst of the Elohim;” this is because each one of us has our own El [אל], who resides within the innermost part of us.

In other words, we find how אלה these attributes or אלה these archetypes of Atziluth, the first triangle, will express and develop in the second triangle or world of Briah through El-Ha-Yam אל-הים “The Sea God” and אלה-ים Elah-Yam “the Sea Goddess,” the male and female aspect of Elohim in the waters of Binah. This is why the spelling of Goddess and These is אלה, the same, since these [אלה, Aleph-Lamed-Hei] is plural and אלה Elah is singular and feminine.

These אלה are [the archetypes of Israel, the children of עליון Elion - the Most High] the generations of [מי Mi and מה Mah] the heavens and of the earth when they were created [in Briah], in the day that יהוה אלהים Jehovah Elohim [Binah] made the earth and the heavens. - Genesis 2:4

So, אלה Eleh, these (archetypes) in the world of Briah will develop thanks to El-Ha-Yam אל-הים “The Sea God” and אלה-ים Elah-Yam “the Sea Goddess” of Binah, These two alchemical aspects of Binah form Adam within the spinal medulla, which is represented by the letter Vav of יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. This is why when אלה Elah reaches Binah she becomes אלוה Eloah in Yetzirah, because without the womb of אלוה Eloah, the female aspect of Binah, these אלה Eleh-archetypes, cannot develop. Thus, when these two aspects of ים Yam are alchemically forming Adam within the Vav, or Divine womb of Yetzirah, then Vav transforms ים Yam into יום Yom, meaning “Day.”

Vav [the central pillar, Sushumna or divine womb of Binah] Elohim called [the right pillar Adam] the light Day and [the left pillar Eve] the darkness Night. [Thus when in them] Vav [Ida] the evening Vav [Pingala] the morning were [alchemically joint, then] the first day (יום Yom) [dawned in their Sushumna]. - Genesis 1:5

These אלה also relate to the archetypes that are named "Congregation of Israel," which are contained in potentiality within Elohim, namely, Kether the Father, Chokmah the Son, and Binah the Divine Mother, who is also related to Iod and Mem-final, the final letters of Elohim. Iod and Mem-final is read ים Yam, meaning water, sea, the light-ocean of Atziluth.

The expression, "Congregation of Israel," in the first instance, refers to the [archetypes] first born children of Light, or, as they are termed in the Book of Job, the morning stars, who, along with the Children of Elohim, sang their song of praise at the creation of the world. In an extended sense, it includes the [alchemists] true children of light who have attained unto the Divine Life. - Zohar

From Elohim-Binah, that is to say, from El-Ha-Yam אל-הים “The Sea God” and אלה-ים Elah-Yam “the Sea Goddess” in Daath, the upper Eden, the archetypes descend through נהרה Nahera, the river of light, into the waters of the left and right rivers namely, Pison and Gihon, the Monad, Geburah and Chesed. This is why when we utter the name Elohim Gibor אלהים גבר we are addressing El [אל] Chesed-Abraham and אלה these solar archetypes-Israel that descend through the river Pison of Isaac the גבר the Gibor or Male from Geburah into the waters of the river Hiddekel in Tiphereth, Jacob-Israel. And finally. from Tiphereth אלה these archetypes-Israel descend into ים Yam, the waters of the river Euphrates, Yesod-Sex in Malkuth-Egypt, our physicality.

So, when we study Elohim אלהים alchemically, we then learn how the Iod or Shakti potential of El, Elah, Eleh, אלה as forces relate to ים Yam, the water; or how the Iod or solar forces that fecundate the Shekinah, the Divine Mother, relate to the letter Mem, the water. So the letters Iod and Mem are indeed the clue in order to understand that in order for the Iod or solar forces of El [אל], Elah or Eleh [אלה] to manifest in the universe, the water or Mem, is necessary; and this is something that we can even prove physically, since this planet would be a moon without the water. So, the water is that element in any place of the universe that will put Elah and El אלה, these generations of the heavens and of the earth, into activity; this is how alchemy and kabbalah show Elohim in the universe and in us. Remember that physically we are a least 80 % water. Thus El, Elah, Eleh will manifest in us thanks to the liquid elements that we have in our physicality, if we take advantage of the creative water which in kabbalah is symbolized by the letter Mem.

“The waters” in Hebrew is written המים [Hei Mem Iod Mem-final] Ha-Mayim, in this word we have a beautiful description of the waters. In the word Ha-Mayim the letter Hei means “the” and Mayim “waters.” The second letter Hei (of יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei) is always related to Malkuth, the female aspect of God. This second Hei acts in our sexuality, and the letters Mem and Mem-final are the symbol of water, while the letter Iod in the center of מים is the male Shakti potential. This is why when we read the word המים Ha-Mayim backwards we find the two words מי Mi and מה Mah, which are the masculine and feminine aspects of the waters, the two polarities of the waters. So, when in alchemy we address “the waters” we always address them in plural because they are not a singular force, since in the waters we find masculine and feminine, this is what the Zohar states and what is very well hidden within the scriptures so that even those who study the Zohar do not grasp it.

Mi מי relates to Iod, the masculine aspect of the waters, and Mi מי in Hebrew means “who”.

Mah מה relates to Hei, the feminine aspect of the waters, and Mah מה in Hebrew means “what”.

Mi מי relates to those waters in our physicality called the cerebral spinal fluids and Mah מה relates to the sexual fluids that men have in their prostate and women in their uterus. So, we have Mi מי above and Mah מה below.

So, this is how Kabbalistically and alchemically these two syllables Mi מי and Mah מה hide the mysteries of המים Ha-Mayim, “the waters” of Genesis. This is why it is written:

Vav the Spirit of Elohim [ורוח אלהים-Ruach-Elohim] was hovering upon the face of [המים-Ha-Mayim] the waters. - Genesis 1:2

The spinal medulla, Vav, is associated with the sexual alchemical activity of Mi מי or אל-הים El- Ha-Yam, the spirit, upon Mah מה, the male and female waters of sexuality. When female and male are active then the Iod of the Spirit of Elohim is between them, the two Mems of מים Mayim. In our physicality המים Ha-Mayim corresponds to our cerebral spinal fluid and genitalia fluid. Thus, in order to place the force of המים Ha-Mayim, the waters, into activity we need to perform the sexual alchemical act, which is the activity of the two polarities of Mah מה, or אלה-ים Elah-Yam.

The Zohar states:

The fourth precept teaches that יהוה [the Tetragrammaton, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei] is אלהים Elohim.

That is, יהוה [Jehovah] has two polarities: Iod (Jehovah’s Phallus), and Hei (Jehovah’s Uterus); Vav (Jehovah as male) and Hei (Jehovah as female). Thus, Elohim אלהים manifest through these two polarities above and below; as it is alchemically written:

Through Vav you know [Daath דעת] to-day, through Vav in the Sabbath, El אל in thy heart, that יהוה Iod-Havah is אלהים Elohim, in the heavens above, Vav above the earth, עוד OD [the witness] beneath Ain. - Deuteronomy 4: 39

Vav means “and” in English, but we wrote “Vav” in order to point that Vav as male also represents the cerebral-medullar-system, which has the shape of the letter Vav. The key to uncover the mysteries of Genesis is the letter Vav that the Masters of the Zohar explain, but in a very hidden manner that not even those who are experts in comprehending the Hebrew language understand. This is because they are fornicators. Yes, in order to understand Genesis we have to be alchemists.

Listen, in order to comprehend Genesis we have to begin from the point of view that the letter Vav represents our spinal column, since in our physicality Vav divides our superior waters from our inferior waters. The Shakti potential of our two waters is symbolized by the two letter Iod’s [Iod יד means hand, arm, in Hebrew] found in the letter Aleph. In other words, we are, symbolically speaking, a walking letter Aleph, since the Shakti potential of our המים Ha-Mayim (the two waters we are explaining here as Mi מי above and Mah מה below) are divided by our spinal column—the letter Vav.

The letter Vav divides and separates the inferior waters from the superior waters. The waters above are represented by Adam, the cerebral-spinal fluid and the waters below by Eve, the genital fluid. Thus by beginning from this alchemical point of view we then can comprehend the alchemical waters of Genesis. These waters are very profound, since within these waters are hidden the mysteries of the book of alchemy that is called Genesis in the Bible. Indeed, Genesis is a book of alchemy.

So Deuteronomy 4:39 alchemically states: through Vav, our spinal column, our brain knows the mysteries of Daath דעת within each day of Genesis, in the throat, since, the mysteries of Daath relate to the word but within the Vav that is the middle column, the central pillar, which in us is the tree of life. Thus, through Vav we know the central pillar; namely, Daath (throat), Tiphereth (heart), and Yesod (sex), and through Vav we know Malkuth, the Sabbath.

Physically and alchemically speaking according to the Zohar and Genesis, we have two Sabbaths or Malkuths. The first Sabbath is the Woman, the night; the second Sabbath is the Man, the day. Thus we work with Daath, which is the secret of alchemy, through Vav in the Sabbath, specifically, when the Sabbath of man sexually joins the Sabbath of woman and the two make one day. The Sabbath is the seventh day that according to the seven days of Genesis is Malkuth, the seventh sephirah, when counting the seven lower Sephiroth from Chesed down to Malkuth, which alchemically is always feminine.

Thus, when we address the Sabbath we are addressing Malkuth, male and female physical bodies. Our physicality is our Sabbath, which is also divided into night and day or feminine and masculine. This how we have to apprehend the Sabbath.

The verse continues: “El אל in thy heart,” because El אל our God, Chesed, Mercy, expresses his self through Tiphereth, the heart.

Thus, through all of these aspects we understand “that יהוה Iod-Havah is אלהים Elohim,” because this is how we associate the name יהוה Iod-Havah with אלהים Elohim, which is formed by a plurality of different divine elements in us. Elohim is a multiple perfect unity in us, inside of us.

If Elohim is a multiple perfect unity within us, it is also so outside of us, since if each one of us is a multiple perfect unity, then there are multiple perfect unities that form a big unity or Elohim “in the heavens above, and (Vav) above the earth.” Comprehend that this unity expresses itself through the spinal column of chaste people and not through the spinal column of fornicators. The Vav in fornicators, the Vav in their particular earth or physicality is not alchemically awakened to the spirit; therefore, their Elohim does not manifest in them.

In order for our Elohim to be above the earth (physicality) we have to awaken the Iods or shakti potential solar fires within our spinal column, which are “עוד Od [indeed] beneath Ain.” The word עוד Od means “another,” but if we remove the letter Vav, then the word that remains is עד Od, which means “witness.” The letter Vav is in the middle of the word עוד Od in order to indicate that Vav is the letter that brings the forces of the Ain Soph Aur down through our spine. This is why עד Od, which contains the solar force of the Ain Soph Aur, is beneath Ain, the nothingness. This is how Aur, light, descends from the Ain Soph into the tree of life, the vertical line, the Vav, our spine, in each one of us.

Thus, we see how this force—that is forces, which the book of Genesis calls Elohim—works alchemically through the Tree of Life, which is the spinal column in us. So, Elohim is a multiple perfect unity. If we think that God is someone there in outer space and that we are here below then we fall into the heresy of separatism, since God cannot exist out of his own creation, since divine creation stands because of the will of God, which is the sexual energy that is always in movement. Listen, animals move God’s divine creative energy down when they fornicate, yet alchemists move God’s divine creative energy up when they do his will on earth as it is done in heaven. So everything depends on Thelema, willpower.

We are illustrating Thelema with the beautiful painting of Saint Francis of Assisi – who was indeed one of the great alchemists who taught the doctrine that we are teaching here. In Italy he is worshiped as a Saint who supposedly did not know anything about alchemy, but despite these characterizations, Saint Francis of Assisi was a great alchemist, since at his time alchemy was taught in secrecy. We are not going to talk about his private life, but will only mention what he is doing in this picture; that is, he is looking at his forehead, between the eyes, where we have the chakra Ajna that relates to clairvoyance. It is through this chakra that we can see divine things, since at the root of our nose we have the magnetic center where we find the atom of the Father.

Genesis 1:1 states: ברא אלהים Bera Elohim, which means Elohim created, but by separating the syllable ים from אלהים, the sentence can be read מי-ברא אלה Mi bera Eleh, meaning “Who created these.”

Lift up your eyes on high and behold who has created these. - Isaiah 40:26

Lift up your eyes on high. Where? To the place whither all eyes are turned. There [at the magnetic center - the root of the nose] between the opening of eyes. There you will recognize the mysterious Ancient One who created these and is the object of research. And who is he? It is Mi (who) that is called the summit of the heavens above [not only in our physicality but also in the four worlds of kabbalah, since Mi relates to the world of Atziluth], for all things exist by his will. Because he is the object concealed and invisible after which all seek. Therefore is this mysterious being called Who (Mi), and beyond him search in vain [thus, realize that Mi (who) is between our eyebrows, which is where we see our thoughts, when we think or analyze, when we meditate, where we see everything through our third eye that relates to our pineal and pituitary glands, it is that part of our head where we see everything even physically]. Delve at the other extremity [of our spinal column] where is another being known as What! (Mah). What distinguishes the one from the other? Mi (who), the concealed and hidden One, is he whom all created beings are seeking to know, but after all their efforts and endeavors, by the gaining of knowledge, they only come at last to Mah (the what, the Divine Mother Kundalini). - Zohar

Alchemically speaking under the light of Tantra when we come at last to Mah “What” (which is the Divine Mother, the sexual force) then we understand that only through her can we go up to our brain, because she has to rise through the spinal column, which is represented by the letter Vav or serpent of brass with which every verse of Genesis begins.

Let us imagine both ends of our spinal column and visualize that Mi מי as Father is in our cerebral-spinal fluids and Mah מה as Mother is in our genital fluids. In alchemy both fluids are called Mercury. Thus, the outcome of both fluids rises as the serpent of brass in Vav, the spinal medulla; this is why it is also stated that Vav, the serpent, is the Son of Mi מי and Mah מה.

Yet the book of Genesis, a book of alchemy, talks about the tempting serpent of Eden, which is always related with the left side of the spinal column, because the spinal column is represented by the Caduceus of Mercury, around which are entwined the two serpents Ida and Pingala. Thus, Ida is the tempting serpent that relates directly to the lower extremity of the spine where we find our sexual organs. This is why when we address alchemically the feminine aspect of Elohim, which is Mah מה, the sexual fluids, we associate it with Ida which is located at the left side of the tree of life and that is also related to the sephirah Malkuth.

Now, in the upper extremity of our spine we find our brain, which is connected to Mi מי, the masculine spinal fluids, associated with Pingala, the other serpent. When the energies of the serpents Ida and Pingala are alchemically united at the base of the spine, we then awake the middle serpent Sushumna, which Moses called the brazen serpent.

So, in Genesis chapter 3 we find the tempting serpent, but in Numbers 21:9, the brazen serpent. Jesus in Matthew 10:16 said, “Be wise as serpents,” and in John 3:14-15 Jesus said, “And as Moses lifted up the [brazen] serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:
That whosoever has faith in him should not perish, but have eternal life.”

We have to carefully analyze everything related to the letter Vav in order to not fall into confusion, because if we do not know the alchemical meaning of all of these biblical serpents, which are related to the letter Vav, we can then fall into mistaken interpretations, like many of the readers of the Bible, who always associate the serpent with evil. If the interpretations of these religious fanatics were true then the following teachings given by Jesus would be considered incorrect: “Be wise as serpents,” “And as Moses lifted up the [brazen] serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up.” And what Jehovah Elohim commanded to Moses in Numbers 21:8 (“Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looks upon it, shall live”) would also be considered incorrect; even though they truly are alchemically correct.

The serpent as a symbol is always alchemically associated with our spinal column and nervous systems. Thus, only through the spinal medullar systems can we comprehend and understand the biblical serpents which in kabbalah relate to the letter Vav. In Taoism אלהים Elohim relates to the three modes of energy named: Shen, Chi, and Jing and Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה to the duality Yin -Yang.

The Zohar states:

The word אלהים Elohim joins Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה [in Binah], to show that both names are one and the same, and without distinction in nature or essence as implied in the words:

“And Elohim said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven.” Genesis 1:14

That is how it is translated in the Bible, but when we alchemically read, “And Elohim said” (which in Hebrew is ויאמר אלהים “Va-eamar Elohim”) we see an anagram that says: מי-אור אל-הים Me-Aur El-Ha-Yam, which translated in to English means, “Who, the light, the Sea God.” Aur אור means light in Hebrew and מי Mi is the Holy Spirit who we are addressing here as the Sea God or the masculine aspect of המים Ha-Mayim, the waters, because El-Ha-Yam אל-הים is אלהים Elohim in Binah.

El-Ha-Yam אל-הים, the God of the waters, has his Iod or his solar force within הים Ha-Yam, the waters of Mah מה, so that the light will become lights [מארת Meoroth] in the firmament of the heavens.

In Sanskrit we would say: Narayana moves the Prana within the Akashic waters of the firmament and within our sexual organs in order to place his Shakti into activity, so that the light will become lights in our Sushumna as in the firmament of the heavens.

Mi מי and Mah מה are the Yang and Yin of Taoism, which are the two aspects of המים Ha-Mayim, the Akashic waters, or space. Yin (or Mah מה) is the cold water, and Yang (or Mi מי) is the hot water, or lunar and solar lights, which activate or act in the universe thanks to the water. In the Hebrew Bible the word מאורת “Meoroth” addresses these two lights.

If we read the fourth day of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible (Genesis 1:14) we will see that the word “Meoroth” (which means “lights”) is written מארת—without the letter Vav—but in other parts of the Bible it is written מאורת, with a letter Vav in the middle of the word.

The Zohar states:

ויאמר אלהים יהי מארת ברקיע השמים

The word מארת “Meoroth” [should be written מאורת with a “Vav” but it] is written without the letter Vav; מאורת “lights” is feminine singular in its form to show that [through the letter “Vav” of אור Aur - that is between מ-אור-ת the letters Mem and Tav - the light rises from Mem or המים the waters of] Iod-Havah Elohim [Binah in Yesod-sex, who thanks to the cross or letter ת Tav] is a unity, and not a duality [during the sexual act].

In ancient times the letter ת Tav was written as a Latin letter X, which is the cross of Saint Andrew; so when we see a letter Tav we alchemically associate the letter with the cross. Even in English we write Tav with the letter T whose horizontal and vertical lines together make another shape of the cross. So the Hebrew letter Tav is indeed an alchemical symbol of the cross. Thus, thanks to the male female polarities represented in the two beams of the letter Tav, and thanks to the waters symbolized in the letter Mem, the light (Aur) appears in any Cosmos. This indicates that the word מאורת “Meoroth” contains the feminine and masculine lights; this is why these lights are represented by the moon and the sun.

The Zohar continues:

This is also symbolized by the [letter Vav or] pillar of cloud by day and the pillar [or letter Vav] of fire by night going before [the archetypes of] Israel [Tiphereth, which is also represented by the letter Vav] in the wilderness, representing the divine Being [developed in the spinal medulla that has the shape of the letter Vav] who [through the brazen serpent] gives light and guidance to all the [archetypes in the] world [of Malkuth]. - Zohar

pillar of cloudWe see the pillar of cloud in this graphic that shows Moses taking all of his archetypes from Malkuth-Egypt into the wilderness. This pillar of cloud is the symbol of the spinal medulla. When we start working alchemy with the forces of Jehovah Elohim within us, we discover that during the day the letter Vav, which represents our spine, is the pillar of cloud. This cloud indicates that we are alchemically sublimating the steam from Mah מה, the waters of Yesod or our sexuality, that rises towards our head or heaven. Then the cloud pours from heaven the blessings or waters of Mi מי upon our spine, as the waters that evaporate from the rivers, lakes and oceans and thereafter are poured down again onto the earth.

Separate that Spirituous Earth from the dense or crude [waters of Mah מה] by means of gentle heat, with much attention. In great measure it ascends from the Earth up to Heaven, and descends again, newborn, on the Earth, and the superior and the inferior are increased in power. - Emerald Tablet

So the pillar of cloud is the symbol of the alchemical mercury that rises up to heaven and thereafter descends newborn into the earth. That is the meaning of the pillar of cloud by day; it is an alchemical Vav. Thus, if we alchemically transmute our sexual akashic fluids into energy or prana by means of a gentle heat, with much attention, we will see internally how the sexual akashic steam ascends from our sex up to our brain during our sexual alchemical work, because the akashic cloud or steam rises within our spine. The lunar and solar atoms of Mi מי and Mah rise from our sexual akashic fluids towards our brain thanks to Ida and Pingala. This is how that akashic cloud is made in us during the day.

pillar of fireYet, remember that there is also a pillar of prana or fire by night, as shown in the graphic. This means that when we are doing our alchemical transmutation during the night, then Who, the light, the Sea God, pours his prana or fire from above into הים Ha-Yam, the waters of Mah מה, so that the light will become lights [מארת Meoroth] in the firmament of the heavens and in us. This is in order to make light in the darkness. Understand that Mi מי (the male water) is the vehicle of Iod, the solar fire, prana, or electricity, as we already explained.

The pranic fires of El, Elah, Eleh cannot emerge as lights into the universe and into us without the akashic waters. Thus this pillar of fire or prana is also rising in our spinal column or letter Vav, which is transformed into light (AUR) that rises within our spinal medulla towards the brain. And this is why in Hebrew Vav is spelled וו, with two Vavs, and this why the word “Meoroth” in the fourth day of Genesis is spelled without the letter Vav, as if saying, “understand that here we are talking about the pranic lights of Mi מי and Mah of sexual alchemy within your spine, as well as in your heart (Tiphereth) and your sex (Yesod), all of which are represented by the letter Vav.” Thus, if we are not performing sexual alchemy how are we going to see those pillars?

Sadly the people who read these alchemical Holy Scriptures literally think that many, many thousands of years ago there was a group of people who escaped from an evil Egyptian Pharaoh, left Egypt, and walked through the wilderness towards a Promised Land. Thus, out of nowhere for guidance during the day a physical pillar of cloud appeared to them and pillar of fire during the night. Other ludicrous people explain that such pillars were created by a UFO or cosmic ship from other planets in order to guide the same people through the sands of the desert towards a promised land, and all of this just because of the fact that they were monotheists and not polytheists, which is utterly ludicrous. Listen, only when we are Kabbalists and Alchemists can we know the meaning of what we are reading in the Bible.

When we go into the astral plane during the night, we see spiritual things thanks to our pillar of fire that shines in our spine during the darkness. But if we are fornicators, how are we going to have a pillar of fire in our spine to illuminate our path during the night of mysteries? Understand, these pillars relate to the letter Vav, in other words, to the brazen serpent and serpents that alchemically are energies, forces in our spinal column that we have to handle.


In the graphic on the left we find the woman that represents the night with the pillar of fire, and on the right is the man that represents the day with the pillar of cloud.

And Elohim called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. - Genesis 1:5

In Hebrew “The day” is היום Ha-Yom. It begins with the letter Hei to indicate that it is from the second letter Hei of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, our physicality, that the light or היום Ha-Yom rises to heaven. “The Night” in Hebrew is הלילה Ha-Lilah, which reminds us of דלילה Delilah and also לילית Lilith. These names represent the feminine aspect, the left aspect of the tree of life that relates to our sexuality. The Holy Name of Elohim יהוה is hidden within הלילה היום [Ha-Lilah and Ha-Yom] the night and the day.

It is in our cerebral-spinal-nervous-system, which is called “The firmament of the heavens” in the Bible, where we alchemically find יהוה, because Iod represents our head or our brain; Hei represents our throat, which is a uterus where the word is gestated; Vav represents our spinal column; and the second Hei represents our genitalia.

יהי מארת ברקיע השמים

Let Yehi be lights in the firmament of the heavens.

“The heavens” in Hebrew is השמים Ha-Schamayim. The letter ש Shin represents the fire of the trinity or Elohim within המים Ha-Mayim, that is, within Mi מי and Mah מה, the waters above and below our spine, within our physicality. Likewise, Ha-Mayim המים the waters above, in the heavens of the planet earth, contain the ש Shin or electricity or lightning within its clouds, as well as the electricity within the waters of rivers, lakes, etc., below on the earth. Thus between Mi מי and Mah מה, the waters above and below, we find the ש Shin or fire of the sky, firmament or heavens which in us is the central nervous system.

And Adam [Mi מי] called [Mah מה] his wife's name [חוה Chavah] Eve, because she is the mother of all [חי Chai] living. - Genesis 3:20

Let us study now Eve or חוה Chavah as it is written in Hebrew. Chavah חוה is written with Chet-Vav-Hei. Thus, Chavah חוה is rooted in חיה Chaiah [Chet-Iod-Hei] life. This is an alchemical mystery that we have to disclose.

The shape of the letter Chet is made with the union of a letter Vav and a letter Zayin. Vav is the sixth letter and is spelled with two letter Vav’s. This is why Vav represents the cerebral-spinal-system of Adam who was made male-female in the sixth day of Genesis. Zayin is the seventh letter. It represents one of the Vavs or ribs of Adam. In other words, it is the cerebral-spinal-system of Eve, who was separated from Adam in the seventh day of Genesis. Thus, when the Shakti potential—represented by the letter Iod—of the two cerebral-spinal systems are joined by means of the sexual act, then Chet, the eighth letter is formed. Thus Chet represents the lunar and solar living polarities of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, Abba and Aima above and Adam and Eve below.

The two polarities Abba and Aima Elohim above are represented by יה Iod-Hei, which means Jah, the divine name of Elohim in Briah-creation. When Chet ח joins יה Iod-Hei the letters then together spell Chaiah חיה meaning “divine life.”

The two polarities Adam and Eve below are represented by וה Vav-Hei. When Chet ח joins וה Vav-Hei the letters then together spell חוה Chavah, the mother of all the living. Thus, חוה Chavah-Eve represents male and female genitalia.

Chavah חוה also means “to experience.” Thus alchemically, חוה חיה Chavah Chaiah means “to experience life” and חוה יה Chavah-Jah “to experience Jah.” Indeed, it is through חוה Chavah, the genitalia - the tree of knowledge - that we experience the tree of life, and it is through חוה Chavah, the genitalia that we experienced Jah, Hallelu-Jah.

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil [the two sexual polarities], you shall not eat of it [as animals]: for in the day that you eat of it [as an animal] by dying [the lights מאורת “Meoroth” in] you מות die. - Genesis 2:17

Muth מות in Hebrew means death. And in the middle of the word מות (“Muth,” Death), just as in the middle of מאורת (“Meoroth,” lights), we see the letter Vav, symbol of the spinal medulla and of the serpent or carrier of light. Furthermore, the letter Mem represents the sexual waters and the letter Tav is the cross. Thus, Muth מות alchemically means that by crossing our חוה Chavah or creative sexual waters as animals, we eat the light (Aur) of “Jah” that rises in our spine – or tree of life – as the brazen serpent. Thus, through the animal orgasm we lose divine life and find death.

The book of Zohar explains this alchemically:

In this consisted the sin of [Vav] the serpent [Ida that relates to the genitalia], which unites the divine [Trinity] above and below; yet [through the orgasm] promulgated a multiplication [of desire] above [Yesod], the doctrine [of Lilith and Nahemah] which has wrought great mischief and strife in the world [of Malkuth].

Man ought [through sexual alchemy] to acknowledge distinction below [חוה Chavah in Malkuth] but unity [of יה Jah] on high, that is, distinction of the divine Being [יה Jah] from the world [of fornicators], but unity of essence and nature [through chastity] which when recognized and universally acknowledged [through sexual alchemy], then will the demon of evil [will] and strife disappear from amongst mankind and have no longer power and influence in the world. This is also the occult meaning of:

"And let [Zayin and Vav, the lunar and solar energies of] them be for lights [והיו למאורת] “Meoroth” in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth: and it was so." (Genesis 1:15) – Zohar

Thus, the biblical serpent is not literally those creatures that live in the fields or forests. Yes, some of those animals are dangerous. Yet, some people have other not dangerous serpents as pets, so please leave those innocent animals alone, because the biblical serpent as the Caduceus of Mercury represents the spinal medulla with its nervous systems. So alchemically that is the serpent that we have to deal with. The spinal column is associated with three serpents.

The trinity above is Kether, Chokmah, and Binah (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit); the trinity below is the Breath, the Blood, and the Water-sexual fluids.

Lilith and Nahemah are related to the doctrine of the many demons that constitute our ego. Yes, our egos are the opposite of the many divine elements that form Elohim that we are studying in this lecture. Egos are false creations made within our psyche through fornication. Lilith and Nahemah represent many egos or idols within our mind; namely, lust, anger, envy, greed, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc. Again, all of these negative elements are a plurality that we created within our psyche through the orgasm. So, by means of the animal orgasm, our sexual organ expels atomically the Multiple-Perfect-Unity, which is Elohim, and absorbs atomically the multiple imperfect unity which is the Ego or Satan. Thus, Satan is inside us and is worshipped by every fornicator. Yes, Satan is a false Elohim, represented by a compound of defects, vices, errors, idols, that everybody carries within their psyche. So, instead of enjoying the perfect multiplicity of Jehovah Elohim within our consciousness, our consciousness is a slave of the imperfect multiplicity of defects, vices, errors, idols, that we created because of the orgasm or fornication. Such is the doctrine of Lilith and Nahemah, also called the doctrine of the many. This is why Jehovah Elohim stated:

Thou shall have none other Elohim before me. Thou shall not make thee [through the orgasm] any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth: Thou shall not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them [in other words, do not become an egomaniac]. - Deuteronomy 5: 7-9

People think that those graven images refer to the different alchemical symbolic wooden or marble-stone sculptures that represent the Solar Deities or Self-realized Masters from different religious pantheons. Sadly, they do not realize that those graven images or idols mentioned in the bible are their own psychological anomalies that they carry within their minds and hearts, since they themselves created them by means of their abominable spasm, their filthy orgasm, during their daily fornication.

So, instead of our soul or psyche being one with that perfect multiplicity which is represented by the Solar Logos Michael in the heavens of Tiphereth, we are entangled within that imperfect multiplicity of egos, vices, idols, evil images, that all of us have and that represent Lilith, the black dragon on earth, Malkuth. Thus, we are a multiple imperfect unity in Klipoth. There is not a concordat harmony within our consciousness or psyche, since she is divided into multiple psychological incongruencies, which are created when we utilize the sexual creative energy in the wrong manner. This is why it is written:

And there was war in heaven [of Tiphereth, the human soul]: Michael and his angels [or Malachim] fought against the dragon [our Ego]; and the dragon fought and his angels [namely, lust, anger, envy, greed, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc.], and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven [of Tiphereth]. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world [from within, because Satan is inside and not outside of us]: he was cast out into [Klipoth] the [bowels of the] earth, and his angels were cast out with him. - Revelation 12:7-9

Adam and EveThus, מאורת “Meoroth” lights are absorbed by the spinal medulla of man and woman when they are performing the sexual alchemical act under the guidance of Elohim. This is how they develop מאורת “Meoroth” lights within their own psyche or heaven. Yet, if they follow Lilith and Nahemah, or evil-will, which is their animal desire, sensation desire, then instead of developing מאורת “Meoroth” lights in heaven, they develop מות “Muth” death in Hell, since through the orgasm they eject the light and replace it with the shadows of Hell. As it is written:

“And [through the orgasm] he, drove out את, the Adam [from Tiphereth]; and he placed at [Yesod] the east of the garden of Eden the Cherubim, and את as a flaming sword which turned every way [left pillar and right pillar], to keep the way of the [central pillar, the spinal medulla or] tree of life.” - Genesis 3:24

Thus, if we allow our two serpents, Adam and Eve, our two polarities, Vav and Zayin, to be controlled by Chavah חוה our sexuality, Yesod, we then through the orgasm drive out “את,” the Logos, Christ, from our souls, from Tiphereth. So, the sin of Vav the serpent consisted in not knowing how to handle the energies of Good and Evil or Zayin and Vav, the Chet חית in our spinal column. Listen, when we talk about Vav, we address the spinal column, which is divided into three nervous systems, namely, central nervous system, grand sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. The three nervous systems are symbolized by serpents and by the letter Vav.

In alchemy the letter Zayin is taken as another letter Vav; since in Hebrew Vav is spelled וו, thus Vav represents two serpents.

So we gain control of the Caduceus of the God Mercury by acquiring dominion over these three nervous systems. This is how we control Zayin, the tempting serpent of Eden that was “wiser than any [letter] Chet חית [that joins two serpents, Van and Zayin] of [Yesod] the field which Jehovah Elohim had made” (Genesis 3:1). So the letter Vav addresses any one of these three nervous systems. Thus, unfortunately, we are slaves of Zayin, or the creative force of Ida.

והיו למאורת

And let [the feminine and masculine - וז - “Zayin and Vav” of] them be for lights. - Genesis 1:15

Who is “them” in the verse, “And let them be for lights”? They are the two letters Vav connected to הי Iod-Hei, the phallus and the uterus, as the word והיו show them. והיו has הי Iod-Hei in between the two letters Vav. Thus, alchemically speaking “And let them be for lights” relates to the absorption of the lights מאורת Meoroth through the spinal columns or firmaments of man and woman, when they are connected through the sexual act without orgasm. This clarifies the following alchemical statement given by the Zohar to those who practice sexual alchemy.

The word אור AUR (light) is also a symbol of the divine [Three] unity as its letters are in alphabetical sequence. Aleph first [Father], then Vav [Son], followed by Reish [Holy Spirit].

This, however, is not the case with the word Muth (death) in which the letters are found inverted. Mem being the thirteenth letter of the Alphabet, Vav the sixth and Tav the twenty-second.

Now, the word מאורת Meoroth is compounded of the two words אור AUR and מת Muth. If אור AUR be taken from it, מת Muth remains the symbol of death and separation [from light]. It was by these [מת] letters that [when joined to the ו Vav of] חוה Chavah-Eve [the genitalia] became the cause of evil in the world [because חוה Chavah-Eve begins with the letter Chet – life - and ends with Hei, the uterus, the mother of all living]. - The Zohar

The Book of Genesis states:

Vav-Iod [these letters represents the man or spine and brain] said unto [Zayin-Hei - these letters represent the woman or spine and genitalia] the woman, Yea, has Elohim said, You [Zayin-Hei] shall not eat of every tree [nervous system] of the garden [physicality]? And [Zayin-Hei] the woman said unto [Vav-Iod] the [male] serpent, We [Zayin-Hei and Vav-Iod or Eve and Adam] may eat of the fruit [solar force] of the trees [nervous systems] of the garden [physicality]: But of the fruit [solar force] of the [parasympathetic] tree which [restraining the instinctive functions under the commands of the mind and that] is [related to Zayin-Hei, the spine and the genitalia, which is] in the midst of the garden [physicality], Elohim has said, [without my guidance from the pineal gland] You shall not eat [the solar force] of it, neither shall you touch it [better said, neither shall you connect your genitals that relate to the sense of touch], lest you die. Vav-Iod the [male] serpent said unto [Zayin-Hei] the woman [serpent], You [Zayin-Hei] shall not surely die: For Elohim does know that in the day you [Zayin-Hei] eat thereof, then your [pineal and pituitary] eyes shall be opened [in the brain], and you [Zayin-Hei] shall be [creator] like Elohim, knowing good and evil.

Thus, [Zayin-Hei] the woman [serpent, through the sexual intercourse] saw that the [solar light in the parasympathetic] tree was good for food, and that it was voluptuousness for the [pineal and pituitary] eyes, and Nahemad [a lovable] tree to make one wise; and [through the orgasm, Zayin-Hei] took of the fruit [or sperm from Vav-Iod], and [Zayin-Hei's ovum] ate [one], and [this is how the ו Vav of חוה Chavah-Eve, the genitalia, drove out AUR or light from the spine in both sexes and] gave [מות Muth - death] also to [the brain] her husband with her, [thus] Vav-Iod [the spine and brain or Adam also] ate. - Genesis 3: 1-6

By means of the orgasm of Chavah, our genitalia, we keep driving the light AUR of Elohim out from Adam, our cerebral-spinal nervous system. The sensation of the orgasm travels through Zayin from Chavah-Eve our genitalia to our brain—Adam. In other words, when a man and a woman experience the orgasm, the male drives his fruits [sperms] out from his organism and the female absorbs or eats the ejaculated fruits through her vagina; then, both in the moment of the orgasm, send through their spinal column the darkness of Lilith and Nahemah’s sensation desire from Chavah-Eve, their genitals towards their brain or Adam. Such is the alchemical meaning of “And she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat; and she gave also unto her husband with her, and he did eat.”

Thus the outcome of the orgasm is animal pregnancy, since this is how animals reproduce, this is how animals multiply. So, orgasm is exclusively an instinctual animal sexual function. Thus, after that sexual misconduct between husband and wife, it is written:

Thus, אדם Adam or Vav-Iod [spine and brain] called [Zayin-Hei] his wife`s name חוה Chavah-Eve; because she, [Zayin, within the letter Chet] is [through the orgasm] אם Aem, the mother of all Chaiah חיה animal [since only animals ejaculate life through the orgasm of Iod-Hei - Phallus-Uterus]. - Genesis 3: 20.

Therefore, we all are “livings” or children of this sexual misconduct of Adam and Eve, that is, fornication through brain and sex. In Hebrew חיה ,חי, is a feminine word which means animal, beast, life, live, living; and “livings” is חיות Chaioth, which is feminine plural, which also means beasts.

The Zohar continues explaining alchemically the process of how we fell from the light as follows:

The woman [Zayin-Hei, the spine and genitalia, through the serpent, the “Vav” of חוה Chavah-Eve] took [through the orgasm] the letters מ Mem [water] and ו Vav from מאורת Meoroth and with [the sexual cross] the letter ת Tav thus formed the word מות Muth “death,” which then first entered into the world [of Malkuth, our physicality].

We have learned that when [through the orgasm] the letter מ Mem [water] was left, ו Vav, the symbol of life [in חוה Chavah-Eve, the sexual organ, the mother of the living], took its departure [because the letterמ Mem, symbol of the living waters, is the habitat of חיים Chaim, solar lives]. The woman [Zayin, through the serpent “Vav” of חוה Chavah-Eve] then took the letter ת Tav [the cross] and added it to מ Mem [water] as it is said:

[Through the orgasm, the] Vav of [ חוה Chavah-Eve] took [from sex] of its fruit, and ate, and gave also to [the brain, Adam] her husband with her, and he ate." - Genesis 3: 6

And thus formed מות Muth (death). In order however to counteract its effects it is necessary to add further to it the letter א Aleph, whose numerical value is unity and symbol of the divine Being. מת Muth then becomes אמת Ameth (truth), by which the world is saved. – Zohar

“And [this is how] you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” - John 8: 32

ida and pingalaNow, we understand that “to know the truth” is not a matter of religious beliefs, as people say: “Oh, I believe in the truth because I believe on what is written in the Bible.”

Listen, to know the truth is to understand the mysteries of עץ הדעת - Otz Ha-Daath [the tree of knowledge or alchemy] in relation with אמת Ameth [truth].

Ameth אמת (truth)

Aleph א is alchemically related to our spinal column with the Iod or Shakti potential of ים Yam-Waters or Mem above and below. Tav represents the sexual cross. By means of Tav, the cross, we transmute the Iod or Shakti potential of Mem the waters.

Thus, for Ameth אמת, the truth to make us free, we have to perform the letter Aleph א alchemically within us, that is, to unite in our spinal column through Tav, the sexual cross, the two Iods or Shakti potentials of ים Yam, the waters or our cerebral spinal fluids above and the water or our genital fluids below.

People ejaculate their sexual fluids through the orgasm. Thus, people are children of מת Muth-Death because they are children of fornication.

In the graphic above we see the two serpents Ida and Pingala, or Zayin and Vav, entwined around the tree of life or spinal medulla.

Pingala relates to Vav-Iod, the spine and the brain, and Ida to Zayin-Hei, the spine and sexual organs. Ida and Pingala are united thanks to Sushumna, which represents the medulla in the spinal column with the seven chakras, representing the seven days of Genesis.

“And [in the uterus] out of [the mist or sexual fluids of Mah אד-מה]Adamah made Jehovah Elohim to grow every tree [or nervous system] that is pleasant to the sight, Vav [grand sympathetic nervous system] good for food; Vav [central nervous system] the tree of life also in the midst of the garden [physicality], Vav [the parasympathetic nervous system] the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” - Genesis 2:9

Regarding these nervous systems, the book of Enoch states:

After these things, [clairvoyantly] surveying the entrances of the north [in the pituitary and pineal glands], above the mountains [spinal vertebrae], I perceived [in Daath] seven mountains [the seven cervical vertebrae] replete with pure nard, odoriferous trees, cinnamon and papyrus.

From thence I passed on above the summits of those [vertebrae or] mountains to some distance eastwards, and went over the Erythræan sea [the cerebral spinal fluid]. And when I was advanced far beyond it, I passed along above the angel Zateel, and arrived at the garden of righteousness [the central nervous system]. In this garden I beheld, among other trees [nervous systems], some which were numerous and large, and which flourished there. Their fragrance was agreeable and powerful, and their appearance both varied and elegant.

The tree of knowledge [parasympathetic nervous system] also was there, of which if any one eats [alchemically of its fruits], he becomes endowed with great wisdom. It [the parasympathetic nervous system] was like a species of the tamarind tree, bearing [in Yesod, the genitalia, the tamarind] fruit which resembled [either: the uterus or the phallus, with] grapes [ovaries or testicles] extremely fine; and its fragrance extended to a considerable distance. I exclaimed, How beautiful is this [parasympathetic] tree, and how delightful is its appearance!

Then holy Raphael [Mercury], an angel who was with me [because I am an alchemist], answered and said, This [the Caduceus of Mercury] is the tree of knowledge, of which thy ancient father [the brain] and [the genitalia] thy aged mother ate, who were [fornicators] before [creating] thee [through chastity]; and who [through fornication], obtaining knowledge [of Klipoth, Hell], their eyes being opened, and knowing themselves to be naked, were expelled from the [upper] garden [tree of life or central nervous system]. - Book of Enoch chapter 31

“And the tree of life” ועץ החיים Va-Otz Ha-Chaim shows that the letter ו Vav is related to עץ Otz, a tree; and that the letter ה Hei is related to חיים Chai-Yam, life and water.

The word חיים Chaim contains חי Chai-life and ים Yam-Waters. Behold how life is alchemically associated to waters. So if we do not control our waters, we do not control life. This is precisely what happened in the sexual act when the Vav of Chavah-Eve, took, through the orgasm, the Mem or Yam the sexual waters; and by doing so, she took life which is within Yam, because life together with waters is חיים Chaim in Hebrew.

Thus, without kabbalah and alchemy people cannot understand these verses of the bible. People are still arguing about the type of fruit that literally is mentioned in Genesis. Alchemists state that it was an apple, but people say that it was a peach or another fruit, because there are no apple trees in the Middle East.

As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste. He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love. Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: for I am sick of love. His left hand is under my head, and his right hand doth embrace me. I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please. - Song of Solomon 2: 3-7

So, people think that the tree of knowledge was actually a tree from an orchard. They ignore that this tree is the alchemical symbol of the spine and sexual organs in our physicality and that the fruit is the sperm and ovum which contain the solar light as sexual creative energy. About the apple tree Master Samael Aun Weor stated:

The apple tree symbolizes the sexual force of Eden. When humanity ate of the forbidden fruit, they were cast out of Paradise. The Angel who governs all the elementals of this tree has the power to close our spinal chambers if we eat of the forbidden fruit. When man violated the laws of the Lord Jehovah, the elemental Angel of this tree closed the sacred chambers of our spinal column and cast us out of Eden, where the rivers of the pure waters of life flow with milk and honey. - Igneous Rose

מי Mi and מה Mah

Now, we will easily understand the fifth precept of alchemy that states:

Let המים Ha-Mayim, the [Akashic] waters [of מי Mi and מה Mah] bring forth a swarm of נפש חיה living souls. – Genesis 1: 20

We already know that המים Ha-Mayim, the waters, are the cerebral spinal fluids above and the genitalia fluids below, which are divided by our spinal column. So, “let the waters [of מי Mi and מה Mah] bring a swarm of living souls” is an alchemical statement; notwithstanding, if we are not performing sexual alchemy we cannot bring into our psyche those נפש חיה Nephesh Chaiah—living souls—- which are אלה-ים Eleh-Yam, meaning, “these” archetypes of Israel within ים Yam - the waters - that descend down as solar light from מי Mi into מה Mah, our sexuality in Malkuth. Each sperm carries a living soul, because it holds life and we physically are a proof of it. We were the sperms that through the sexual animal act, penetrated into the feminine ovum. This is how we appeared in the physical world of Malkuth. Thus, according to natural animal selection, we are the selected or chosen ones. Among the swarm of sperms that were ejaculated from our father’s sexual glands during the sexual animal act with our mother, we are the ones who won the swimming race. The rest of sperms were lost and die within the feminine uterus. Yet, in the alchemical sexual act we do not lose a single sperm because the Shakti potential or solar light or life of all of them is transmuted and sublimated towards our brain. Yes, alchemists absorb the light enclosed within the sperm and ovum during the sexual act; such is the beauty of alchemy.

The Zohar states:

The fifth precept that states: "Let the waters bring forth abundantly נפש חיה living souls that have life" (Genesis 1: 20).

In these words are included three commands, having reference to the study of the secret doctrine, the multiplication of the human species and circumcision on the eighth day after the birth of a male child.

In this day and age (when we are spreading the Gnostic doctrine that was hidden in the past, yet now is open to everybody through the internet and through many other ways), the White Lodge is making three selections. The three commands addressed by the Zohar are related to these three selections.

When this knowledge or doctrine of alchemy is studied by any person—through the internet, through this gnostic group, or through any other group that studies and practices the alchemy taught in the Bible, in the Koran, in the Mahabharata, in the Ramayana, in the books of Master Samael Aun Weor or any other Master of the White Lodge that teaches alchemy—then that person belongs to the first selection.

This first command by the Zohar addressing “the study of the secret doctrine” refers to all of those students that study and practice alchemy and learn how to alchemically bring forth abundantly the נפש חיה living atomic souls that have life, from מה Mah the fluids of their genitalia up through the fluids of מי Mi in their spine and brain into Tiphereth, the heart, since they know the mystery of Daath or alchemy and kabbalah. From this point of view anyone who studies and practices this doctrine is a selected one.

Understand, it is not enough to study the doctrine of alchemy but to practice the science of sexual alchemy or chastity. We can read all of the books of Samael Aun Weor; the Secret Doctrine, Isis Unveiled by Madam Blavatsky; all of the writings of Max Heindel and Rudolf Steiner; and make of ourselves a walking Gnostic Library, but that does not change our psychological misery unless we practice what we learn in these studies of alchemy and kabbalah.

If we are studying this doctrine, if we know the science of alchemy, but we do not bring forth abundantly from our genitalia towards our brain and heart the נפש חיה living souls that have solar life, then we are just cheating ourselves.

We might think that just because we believe in the sacred scriptures or because we were born within a certain religion or because we belong to a certain sect or esoteric group, we will eventually be in heaven or in the world to come. People state, “If you come with us you will automatically be one of the chosen ones, and you will be saved.” We state the same thing, but we also state it is not enough to study the doctrine. We have to practice it.

Gnosis studies all religions because in them we find the same alchemical principles, so we are not exclusivists. Indeed the doctrine that we study here is written in many sacred books, yet it is written in code as we are showing it to you. Listen, we need to bring forth abundantly from our genitalia towards our brain and heart the נפש חיה living atomic souls that have life if we want to belong to the first selection. When we practice it, we easily understand it, and see it hidden between many religious or philosophical allegories. Yet, if do not practice what we learn, know and preach, we just become parrots uttering blah, blah, blah, yes, only repeating what others say.

People ask us, “Why do you always emphasize the alchemy of Genesis in the bible? Why not the Koran, for instance?” We answer, “It is because we do not live in the Middle East, or in those countries that preach the Koran; we live in America and most of the Americans, whether from the North, Central, or South, read the Bible, which is the sacred book for the western world. Christians, Jews, Muslims read the bible, but do they understand the bible? Do they study the Zohar and study these alchemical precepts? Do they understand these precepts? We do not know. What we know is that we understand them, and this is why we share this knowledge of the Zohar with all of you, and for all of those people that eventually will study and listen to our lectures. Thus, if they listen to these lectures they will understand that what they believe must be practical. If they do not practice chastity, if they do not transmute their living souls from the creative waters of their physical bodies, they are wasting their time. They may believe 100% in what they read, but if they do not practice it, that is worthless.

The Zohar states:

The one who addicts and gives himself up to the study and acquisition of esoteric science [of alchemy and practices it] becomes eventually united to [Tiphereth] his higher self and equal to Malachim. Thus it is said:

Bless יהוה, you his Malachim, his Geburah, who fulfill his word by obeying the voice of his word. - Psalm 103:20

In English, laypeople have translated the word Malachim as angel, since the hierarchy of beings from the heavens of Tiphereth (the human soul) in the world of Yetzirah are called Malachim in Kabbalah. Thus, alchemists through initiation eventually become united to Tiphereth. This happens in the Fifth initiation of Major Mysteries; this is how alchemists become Malachim. This is why we say, “Through initiation we become eventually united to Tiphereth,” because there are some Kabbalists who believe they are already Malachim, simply because they study the Zohar, the kabbalah, and only fornicate on Saturdays. Listen, fornicator Malachim do not exist.

Some fanatic religious orthodox from Judaism believe that they are the angels or Malachim on the earth because they study the Zohar. Some sects of Christianity believe that they are saved because they rest on the Sabbath, but are they in chastity? Do they transmute their sexual energies? Do they understand the mystery of the Sabbath? They might rest on Saturday, the seventh day of the week, but do they know that the woman is the Sabbath, because she was created on the seventh day? Do they know that to rest on the Sabbath means to practice sexual alchemy on the Sabbath? Listen, if they have a lot of children it is because they are not practicing the main alchemical precept of the Sabbath or the Seventh Day of Genesis that states:

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. Genesis 2: 17

Did they fulfill alchemically any of the seven days of Genesis? Did they alchemically reach the level of Malachim in Tiphereth? If the answer is no, they do not; then they are just liars, “them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:” because they are not alchemically practicing Ameth אמת, the truth. So, lets us not interpret the Bible and the Zohar at the dead letter. So, do not think because we reunite every Saturday, we are already selected and thus we are the angels of the earth.

If we study and practice alchemy we might eventually become an angel of the earth, in other words a Malachim, a Master of the fifth initiation of major mysteries, because we have to study the sciences of Kabbalah and Alchemy, or the tree of life and the tree of knowledge, in order to practice them. But to think that we are the angels on the earth just because of the fact of reading and misinterpreting the Zohar every Saturday, is to swim in very shallow waters. We have to dive within המים Ha-Mayim, the profound waters of Yam ים, and for that we have to avoid the orgasm and to transmute our sexual energies during the sexual act in order to bring forth abundantly from our genitalia towards our brain and heart the נפש חיה living atomic souls that have life. The Zohar explains this very well, but we have to meditate on its explanations otherwise we might fall into misapprehensions. When we do not practice sexual alchemy we always fall into misinterpretations. So, let us study the Zohar but let us also be chaste; that is, let us practice sexual alchemy.

The students of the secret doctrine are called to be his Malachim upon earth as intimated in the words:

Let המים Ha-Mayim, the [sexual] waters bring forth [through sexual alchemy] a swarm of נפש חיה Nephesh Chaiah - living souls that have life, and fowl [of Malachim] that may fly [in Tiphereth, the sixth dimension] above the earth [Malkuth] in the open firmament of the heavens [of Yetzirah]. – Genesis 1: 20

In Malkuth, the bottom of the central pillar of the tree of life, we find the students of the secret doctrine; and above Malkuth, we find the alchemists in המים Ha-Mayim, the waters of Yesod, which are the living souls that have life because they do not fornicate; and above Yesod, in Tiphereth, the sixth dimension we find the fowl of Malachim that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of the heavens of Tiphereth. So, in Tiphereth the alchemists can talk with the angels - as the Prophets that talked with the angels and said, “Last night I talked with an angel and he said this and that, etc. and since, I am a Prophet, a Malachim, or an Alchemical Master of fifth degree, I can talk with the angels.”

Do you want to talk with Master Samael Aun Weor, the Angel Samael, who wrote all of the books that we have? Well, that is easy: meditate and through a Samadhi enter the world of Tiphereth and there you will find him. We can also talk with him in the world of Hod and Netzach in the fifth dimension. Thus, project consciously into the astral plane, and out of your body in the astral plane call him, and he will come and talk to you. But in Tiphereth, only through a Samadhi or if you are already at the level of Malachim, you might approach him and say to him, “Master, my respects to you, I am a Malachim of this world but you are a very high Malachim and I want to receive your doctrine here in the Mount of the Olives.” He might answer to you, “Yes let us reunite here in the Mount of the Olives, the sixth dimension, and I will teach you more about the fourth path, since now you created through alchemy your causal body.”

But they that wait upon יהוה shall renew their [sexual] strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint. - Isaiah 40:31

Those who always transmute their sexual force shall always renew their sexual strength and become strong as Samson.

Thus they will be able to go throughout the world as masters and exponents of the truth that saves and purifies the souls and enlightens the minds of humans [as Master Samael did, who taught what he practiced and explained what he read; if we teach what we read, we must unveil what is alchemically written, which is something practical]. Thus the words, "and fowl that may fly above the earth" refer to students of esoteric teaching called in scripture [יומים Iomayim, meaning days or] "waters" [because Elohim called the light 'Day'" Yom יום; and it is through the light or "Iod" of their transmuted sexual waters that the alchemists wait upon יהוה] They are able to mount up to the great fountain of divine truth and partake of [the light of] its living waters. That it might be so with him, David prayed:

A clean heart prepare for me, O Elohim, And a right Spirit renew within me. (Psalm 51:10)

Meaning, incline and open my heart for the study of the mysteries and occult meanings of thy word, and renew me with a right spirit, or, in other words, [as א Aleph], let my higher and lower nature become purified and unified. - Zohar

Aleph is the breath, the Spirit of Elohim that hovers in the spine, above the superior and inferior waters. Aleph, the breath, unifies both waters through sexual alchemy.

Now the second command in the fifth precept is “the multiplication of the human species.” How do we understand this second command? We might say, “Well the waters that bring the living souls, are the seminal fluids that bring the sperms and ova that are related to the multiplication of the species, right?” Wrong! That is how the fornicator ignoramuses interpret that verse of Genesis. They say, “Well we have to also multiply physically, since it is written:

And Elohim blessed them, and Elohim said unto them, “Grow, and multiply.” - Genesis 1:28

And the Zohar states “the second command relates to the multiplication of the human species.”

Sadly, they do not read what they are reading, since Genesis 1:28 is related to the sixth day, which relates to Geburah-Neshamah, the Spiritual Soul, when counting the Sephiroth from the bottom to the top. Therefore, in order to work in Geburah, we have to first establish ourselves in Tiphereth; thus, it is written:

“And Elohim blessed them [the Malachim], and Elohim said unto them [the Malachim] Grow, and multiply. And replenish the earth [your physicality], and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish [sperm and ovum] of the sea [Yesod], and over the fowl of the air [Hod, Netzach and Tiphereth], and over every living thing that moves upon the earth [Malkuth].”

This is what “the multiplication of the human species” means. It is not to physically multiply as the animals do! In Hebrew human is Enosh אנוש or Adam אדם; yet, ignoramuses believe that they are already humans. Listen a Malachim is a true Human Being, is an Angel and Alchemist that is blessed by Elohim and that talks to Elohim. This is why it is written “And Elohim blessed them, and Elohim said unto them [the Malachim].” Thus, if we are not Malachim, we are only humanoids or intellectual animals, and that is all.

Thus, multiplication of the human species is what we do when we sit down and meditate, and when we comprehend our animal defects and annihilate them. We are then blessed by our own Elohim, who multiply the human level in us, because the human species are represented in the bible by the 12 archetypes or tribes of Israel that descend from Tiphereth into Malkuth in those who are already at the human level. Those who are the members of the second selection are those who fly with their astral, mental, and causal solar bodies in the open firmament of the heavens.

The alchemists of the fifth degree, members of the second selection, have to liberate, as Moses did in the exodus, all of those archetypes that are named Israel and that are trapped in Egypt within their ego. Israel represents the consciousness that we have to liberate from the tyranny of Lilith and Nahemah, our animal mind. So, this is how, “Humans” are blessed by Elohim, and this is how they perform the multiplication of the human species. Thus, what we have to do first is to alchemically grow to the level of Tiphereth, a human being and thereafter to multiply the human species. Do not fall into the stupid mistake of thinking that the second command the Zohar addresses is related with having children on the earth, because we do not need a written command in order to have children on the earth, since even irrational animals multiply through the orgasm. Thus, to justify fornication by misinterpreting that statement of Zohar is ludicrous.

Now, the third command in the fifth alchemical precept is “circumcision on the eighth day after the birth of a male child.” People who interpret this command literally circumcise any male child on the 8th day of his birth. But let us study this third command alchemically. The myth about the death and resurrection of Osiris illustrates this command very well.

Osiris was killed by his evil brother Seth and resurrected by Isis, his wife with the help of Thoth-Mercury. Osiris’s body is cut into 14 pieces by Seth and scattered throughout Egypt. Isis set out to look for the 14 pieces, but she was able to find and put together only 13 of the 14 pieces; she was unable to find the 14th and most important part, Osiris’s penis. Instead, she fashioned a “phallus made out of gold” and sang a mantra around Osiris until he came back to life. Thus Osiris resurrected, and through his “phallus made out of gold” impregnated Isis, who conceived her male child Horus. Because of this alchemical experience, Osiris became Lord of the psychological dead, and Lord of resurrection. This myth is associated with the mystery of circumcision, because resurrection happens in the eighth alchemical day. The male child Horus, who is Tiphereth, resurrects in Osiris and Osiris-Chokmah resurrects in Him.

The alchemist, after performing the alchemical “multiplication of the human species” within his human soul, finally fulfills the seventh day, which is associated to Chesed, and becomes psychologically ready to enter into Binah; that relates to the eight day. In order to enter into Binah and resurrect, the alchemist has to pass through a great abyss that is located between Chesed and Binah. This abyss is associated to the sephirah Daath. It is a very deep abyss, as is shown in the graphic of the tree of life.

In Daath we find Osiris and Isis, Shiva / Parvati or Abba and Aima, Elohim-Binah, it refers to resurrection and is associated with the eight day: 1) Malkuth, 2) Yesod, 3) Hod, 4) Netzach, 5) Tiphereth, 6) Geburah, 7) Chesed, and 8) the duality Osiris Isis of Binah in Daath. So, from Chesed to Binah the alchemist has to pass the deep abyss of Daath, and the alchemist cannot pass through that abyss if he is not completely psychologically dead. Not even an atom of lust can exist within our psyche; thus this how in the eighth day Abba and Aima Elohim-Binah conceive the child Horus within our psyche in Daath, without any speck of animal lust. This is what “circumcision on the eighth day after the birth of a male child” means.

Thus, when the alchemist enters into the eighth day, that means resurrection. Then the alchemist enters into the Promised Land or is selected as a seed for a golden age; in this day and age, we would say, he is a ready seed for a new progeny, the sixth root race. Resurrection is related to the third selection.

Let us study these three selections kabbalistically, alchemically, initiaticly speaking.

  1. First selection: the study and practice of the secret doctrine; here is where the devotees begin to study and practice Alchemy and through five initiations reach the level of Tiphereth.
  2. Second selection: the multiplication of the human species. Here is where, as alchemists, we gather all of the archetypes of Israel within Tiphereth, our human consciousness.
  3. Third selection: circumcision on the eighth day after the birth of a male child. Here is where, as alchemists, without animal residues, we resurrect as Horus in Binah.

Circumcision means that sex is no longer performed according to your whim but only under the will of Jehovah Elohim.

The members of the third selection do not have lust in their psyche; they are resurrected masters, who are completely chaste. In order to pass from Chesed to Binah, the alchemist has to physically die and resurrect, because the physical bodies that we have, in the first and second selections, are bodies that were conceived by our physical parents through fornication.

Physical death and resurrection was the alchemical process that Master Samael Aun Weor passed in 1977, so from the seventh to the eighth day, the eagle or Holy Spirit, swallowed him. This is how he became the first member of the third selection of this new Exodus that he is commanding where we find millions that belong to the first selection.

We can count with the fingers of one hand, a small group of members of the second selection. Thus, to become a member of the third selection implies a lot of alchemical work; it is very hard.

So, this is what is to become alchemically circumcised by Jehovah Elohim, Binah, who completely eliminated animal lust, animal desire, in all of the seven kabbalistic levels of the Being in each one of the seven days of Genesis or seven lower Sephiroth of the tree of life. As the seventh day states:

These אלה are [the archetypes of Israel] the generations of [מי Mi and מה Mah] the heavens and of the earth when they were created [in Briah], in the day that יהוהאלהים Jehovah Elohim [Binah] made the earth and the heavens. - Genesis 2: 4

Thus, יהוה אל-הים Jehovah El-Ha-Yam formed Adam from [אלה these - archetypes] the dust of [the mist of Mah - אד of מה Mah - אד-מה Ed-Mah] Adamah- the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and Adam became נפשחיה Nephesh Chaiah, a living soul. And Jehovah Elohim planted a [resurrected physical body or] garden eastward, in Eden [the fourth dimension]; and in there [in the Promised Land] he put Adam whom he had formed [in Malkuth, the Sabbath].- Genesis 2: 7, 8

After this process in Sabbath, in the seventh day, we enter the eighth, where sex becomes a function strictly under the command of our Inner Jehovah Elohim. If these resurrected Masters break that law, if they perform the sexual act by their own whim, then they become fallen angels. Understood?

Questions and Answers

Q. About the selections: the first selection is clear for me, the third selection is pretty obvious; however, in the second selections is where we often talk about the 50% and I heard that in the second selection this refers to the elimination of the fifty percent of the ego, I also heard of the second selection of what today your were talking about related to the Malachim, which relates to the developing of the causal body, Tiphereth that is in the half of the tree of life. Is there a unity between those two views of the second selection? Since in the second selection it is specified that we need to eliminate the 50% of the ego, so do we need to eliminate 50% of the ego in order to develop the causal body or is this distinct?

A. Let us talk here kabbalistically and alchemically; when an initiate receives the Initiation of Tiphereth, he still has ego, therefore, at the end of the Eighth Venustic Initiation in the first mountain or mountain of initiation, he is 50% animal and 50% human, in other words, he is half and a half, he is a Hasnamuss. Thus, if he does not disintegrate his ego he will remain as a Hasnamuss with a double center of gravity, these types of Hasnamussen are dangerous. So, that is what kabbalistically alchemically is called 50%. Understand, this does not mean that such an initiate eliminated the 50% of his ego, but that regarding the great work, he reached the half of the half of the time. Regarding the initiatic end of the Eighth Venustic Initiation in the first Mountain, Master Samael Aun Weor wrote:

Litelantes was a little distressed when contemplating my holy sepulcher. “Do not be afraid,” a Mahatma told her, “His physical body will not die yet.” These words integrally calmed her.

In that forgone epoch of my present existence, I had not even died within myself. I was still with my ego very much alive. The sepulcher was then merely symbolic, as the coffin of every Masonic lodge.

Yes, even though I comprehended the sepulchral symbolism in an integral manner, I knew that I must die within myself in order to have the right to the resurrection of “Hiram Abiff,” the secret Master within my heart temple... That initiation concluded with precise instructions related to the mission that I am presently accomplishing in this world... - The Three Mountains

Q. At one point you state that “Muth” is death and that if we add the letter Aleph to it we then have “Ameth,” which is translated as Truth. In the Secret Doctrine H.P.B. talks about the Semites getting exile out of India and that the clue of this is in the word Abraham that is similar to Brahma. H.P.B. translated the letter “A” of Abraham as “without or not,” thus, Abraham means “without Brahma.” Can we say that the word Ameth means “without Meth,” meaning without death?

A. Let us say it even better, מות Muth is not אמת Ameth, because the “Vav” of מות Muth does not contains the two letters Iod of Aleph as אמת Ameth (the truth) does; since the two letters Iod—above and below, the superior and inferior waters (divided by the letter Vav, seen in the shape of the letter Aleph)—symbolize the unity of the essence of God within his throne, the spinal medulla. The fornicators, through the orgasm, drive the essence of Elohim or the Iods out from their spinal medulla, their Vav or throne of God. Thus, their spinal medulla, or Vav, between their Mem [filthy waters] through their Tav [sexual cross], form the alchemical word מות Muth, meaning death.

This is how the Vav of the earth in fornicators remains without form, with void and darkness upon their minds, or face of their Vav or spinal medulla, which remains without light, because they do not retain the Iod of their waters. Fornicators do not work with “Brahma,” or the Ruach Elohim that hovers upon the Genesic waters, symbolized in the letter Aleph. Thus, through the orgasm, fornicators exclude themselves from the creative powers of Aleph; they choose מות Muth, so their spine is dead to the Spirit.

Regarding H.P.B. and her explanation about Abraham, we will say that the religion of Abraham relates to the Third Subrace of the great Aryan Race that emerged from the Second Subrace, which worshiped Brahma and that developed in India. Thus, from this point of view, Abraham was not a Brahmin, because he belonged to the Third Subrace and not to the Second Subrace of the great Aryan Race. The Hindus named their creator Brahma, while the book of Genesis named the creator Ruach Elohim. Egypt developed in the Third Subrace, where Abraham received his initiations. Abraham traveled from the city of UR of the Chaldeans towards Egypt, because his mission was to organize or to expand the Third Subrace of the great Aryan Race into Jerusalem, which as Persia and Egypt are lands completely out of India. Thus, Abraham symbolized the development of the light of Brahma, the Father, in a completely different manner.

Every Subrace develops the cosmic principles of the same universal doctrine in different octaves. This is why Moses in the Bible narrates beautifully the life of Abraham in a Kabbalistic manner. The Zohar is a doctrine completely different in its explanation from the Mahabharata and others writings from India, but they also hide the same truth, but in a Sanskrit manner. H.P.B. understood this very well. Thus, from this point of view we understand that Abraham came from the Second Subrace—not literally from India, but rather from the principles upon which the Second Subrace, which developed in India, is founded. We are now in New York where the Seventh Subrace of the great Aryan race is being formed, so Gnostic Teachings in USA studies the principles of the doctrines from other subraces in order to comprehend that all religions are precious pearls linked on the golden necklace of divinity. Samael Aun Weor’s physical body was born in Colombia, in the Sixth Subrace, that developed in Latin America. Samael’s books grant us the wisdom which is the source of the doctrine that we study in order to form the seventh and last subrace of this great Aryan Race.

Q. About מארת Meoroth without the letter Vav. In the discussion of Meoroth you imply that the absence of the letter Vav is to highlight the importance of Vav in this particular instance of “let there be Lights in the firmament of the Heavens.” So then, is not that the Vav is missing but that the lights or Iods in each side of the Vav or spinal column or firmament are missing?

A. Indeed, this is in order to indicate to alchemists that it is within the letter Vav or spinal medulla that we build those lights, and also because kabbalistically this also relates to the second day of Genesis. When the alchemist reaches the second initiation, when the alchemist is working with the Akashic waters, the positive and negative powers of the waters, these waters are still not pure, but impure. Remember that the letter Vav is in the middle of the word אור AUR; so if the Vav is taken out from מארת Meoroth, this means that any alchemist student like us, that studies the secret doctrine and reaches the first, second, third, and fourth initiation of major mysteries, is not a pure Malachim yet, because the waters are not pure yet, because the letter Vav is not yet there in מארת Meoroth, in the fourth day of Genesis. This is why not all the days of Genesis state “and Elohim saw that it was good.” Yet, the second day does not say that Elohim saw that it was good. This indicates that even when transmuting our sexual waters, our waters are not pure in all the levels of our mind. When the letter Vav is absent, this indicates that we are making light but still the egos of Lilith and Nahemah are within us. Thus, even though we are working with the waters our lights or מארת Meoroth is missing the letter Vav. This does not mean that we lack a spinal medulla, but that our spinal medulla does not retain the whole light yet, because our waters are not completely clean. Remember, all initiations in Genesis and in other biblical books start with the letter Vav, as in the following verse:

And what [ומה Va-Mah] the land is in which it is dwelling, whether it is good or bad. - Numbers 13:19

Alchemically, in the Hebrew word ומה the letter Vav is a moving spermatozoid within the Mem or creative waters that is searching for the Hei of Mah, this Hei is our sexuality or land in which it is dwelling, whether it is good or bad.

So, we are developed Vavs, or sperms on this earth. We move our physicalities, we walk, thanks to the spinal medulla. If we damage our spine we cannot walk even if we have strong legs. So we walk not because of our legs or feet; we walk because of our spinal column. If we break our spine we are dead alive; you know this. So take care of your spinal column and the two waters at the top and the bottom of it, which relates to the fourth and fifth precepts of alchemy. Thank you very much.