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The Transformation of Energy
The Transformation of Energy

Machinery of the Soul 05: The Alchemical Synthesis of the Soul

In many of our past courses, and in the books was well, we often talk about the soul, but I find that there are some basic misunderstandings. There are many things that are not clear about what exactly the soul is. In this tradition, when we talk about the soul, we are actually pointing towards something quite specific. Not not only do we have a soul, but we also have a spirit. These are different, although related, things. Traditionally many times in whatever religion we might have been brought up in, these words might be seen to be a little bit interchangeable, or there is something vague about it.

Here in this tradition when we say “soul” we are actually pointing towards something distinct. There is something different between the soul and the spirit. Not only that, but the soul is something that has to be developed, something has to mature, or be changed, or transformed. Whereas, the spirit is something else, it is something that already is. The soul is something that has to be acquired. We have soul, but the type of soul that we have is not a fully developed soul. We have a soul related to being an animal. What this really means is that our psychology and the way our emotions work, and our behaviors are, at their depth, is related to being an animal. We have only a thin façade of really being human. We have a human-like form, but psychologically we don’t really have form as a human being.

So this word “psyche” or “psychology” is from the same root word for soul; soul is “psyche.” Now the development of the soul is what is referred in our title of the lecture, “The Synthesis of the Soul.” In chemistry if you want to develop a compound, to make a new type of molecule or a new type of material, you have to synthesize it. You synthesize it by combining different elements, by breaking down elements and using forces to have a reaction. Certain types of reactants come together and you synthesize a new material. So this is what we mean by “The Synthesis of the Soul”. You have to synthesize it, you have to create it, you have to acquire it, you have to possess it. As stated in the Bible, “With patience ye shall posses thy souls”.

The dictionary definition of “synthesis” is “the production of a substance by the union of chemical elements, groups, or simpler compounds or by the degradation of a complex compound.”  We are taking this notion which is associated with chemistry and looking at it from a spiritual aspect. Often, in a naïve sense, alchemy is viewed as a sort of pre-scientific version of chemistry. This is really incorrect, because the real and true importance of alchemy is something related to a spiritual transformation. The fact that the development into a materialistic science of chemistry occurred is good, that is normal and there is no problem with that, but the real importance or what alchemy really is, is the chemistry of our psychology and of our inner Divinity, of the energies, the rivers of energy which culminate into manifestation.

Our present condition is not a condition in which we are complete. We have to accomplish a work and what that really means is that there is a path, and we have the elements, we have the forces, and we have the science to put those things together in order to develop something, in order to walk that path. If you have the resources, and you know the science to build a rocket, you know how that chemistry works and you know how those laws work, then you can put everything together and develop something to liberate yourself from the gravity of the Earth. In the same way we have all these elements within ourselves, and we have the science: the science of awakening consciousness and creating the superior existential bodies of the soul. That science is this doctrine that we are teaching or any true religion or mystical doctrine teaches.

We need to synthesize our soul, we need to create it, we need to manifest it, and this is in deep contrast to most traditions, or orthodox religion, which are more common today. Like this quote here that we have of Luke 21:19, “With patience ye shall possess thy souls.” In newer translations of the Bible that is usually translated as “With steadfastness you will win your life”. So the view is different. They think if you just have faith in your religion or tradition then you will win your life, but really the more accurate way of presenting this is that we actually have to possess, we have to become a Master of our own psychology, and we also have to develop a new material within ourselves.

The soul of the Human Being is alchemically synthesized through the advantageous use of diverse physical, sexual, psychological, and spiritual reactants within our Being. In other words, we have the very forces, the very raw material or raw matter, already within ourselves physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, but we have to know how to put them together in the right way. We need to know how to work with it in the right way, because any person born with a fully capable human body (which is more or less healthy) has all of these forces. This physical body is a beautiful machine that can transform energy. If we know how to make use of it, if we know how to take advantage of it, we can manifest something psychological, something new.

However, if we just rely on a belief or even if we do a lot of good things, even if we have a very ethical life and do a lot of good works, it still does not mean we are going to synthesize the soul. So doing good works is necessary, we need to do our best to work and be a good upstanding citizen, good person and to do good deeds, but we also need to know how to work with the energy, with the rivers of our life. Our body is symbolized in the spiritual traditions in different ways. Whenever you see a river in the Bible or any scripture, it is pointing towards a stream of energy. We have rivers in Eden for example. Those rivers of energy need to be worked with and that is what we are going to talk about. Exactly how does that work?

Since we are going to be talking about synthesizing the soul, it is really necessary for us to get a good idea of what the different aspects, at the broadest level, are of our Being. We point towards the Tree of Life a lot - these 10 Sephiroth. But there is an even simpler way we can break things down and clairify the difference, for example, between the spirit and the soul.

Composition of the Being

I said at the beginning of the lecture that the spirit already is, but the soul is what needs to be acquired. If you reflect and meditate on those two quotes you will begin to understand what the difference between the spirit and the soul is. The spirit is placed into existence, not physically, but in the spiritual worlds – the 6th Dimension – and there is a sort of completion and unity related to that, but at the same time there is not a perfect comprehension or understanding of its own happiness and bliss so there is a necessity to acquire that comprehension, a consciousness. And this is what the soul is able to do. The soul is the aspect which has the descent, because the Master in Heaven or the God is always in Heaven but the aspects, certain elements, must descend into the matter because the matter, the physical world, possesses certain qualities which can interact with each other and by doing so acquire knowledge.

The soul is that which has triumph. It is the soul that does active the work. It is the soul that can have failure, and it is the spirit is what recevies those results. The spirit does not descend in that way. When you do the work, the soul merges with the spirit and the blending becomes so complete that there is almost no distinction, but in the beginning though there is a very big distinction. Our situation, for example, we are in darkness because we do not have a direct cognizant connection with our Inner Being. We are often confused, or we are not sure what a certain experience might be, even though we have an Inner Being always present. We do not see that Light, we do not comprehend that Light even though it is there.We have so many layers of distortion and we do not have the comprehension yet ... but it is there! So we have to do the work.

We also need more than just soul, we need a physical body too, and you could say that the physical body is also an extension of the soul. Regardless, the final extension is this physical body, and it is so important because to begin the work - and really to do the whole work - you need this final crucible where all of the elements are mixed (the physical body). The physicality is the final receiver that has this experience… and that experience is something external to itself (relatively speaking). There is this merging between this internal flow of energy and this external flow of energy. That is, the external and the internal in the final synthesis, is the one and the same energy, but everything divides itself in order to re-cross with itself, and this is a type of purpose as to why the Absolute unfolds itself into multiple layers, into more Laws, more complications, as we have talked about in previous lectures. Then through these experiences we reintegrate everything, there is a crossing and that crossing breeds comprehension.

We have a physical body and the physical body acquires a lot of different energy. We have energy coming from – we can say – the energy of life, the prana, that is descending from the superior worlds and we receive it through nature, but we also receive it through our chakras into our glands of secretion such as: our pituitary gland and our pineal gland, our thymus and thyroid glands, our adrenal glands and our sexual glands. Those chakras are placing more subtle forms of energy into the vital body, and then the vital dody is interfacing with the physical body, and those major points are related to many of our glands. So those glands vivify us, they give us energy, they give us physical life.

We have the experiences of this external world which come in through as impressions. We have talked about transforming impressions in the past, and we have to nourish our psyche with that. We have a stream of energy that is already going on inside of ourselves – we have a stream of thoughts and emotions which are interrelated with the external impressions that are coming into our mind – and we also have a stream of energy coming from the cosmic prana which is giving us life. This is just a basic way of looking at these different streams of energy which are all coming in. They all cross and the physical body has all of it, so this gives us the capacity to work with this raw energy.

The Condensation of Energy

This next slide is describing how this cosmic energy is coming down into our physical body – mulaprakriti to the prana, to the akasha, to the chakras, to the endocrine glands. There is no disconnection – the energy that we feel as hormones, is directly related with the most elevated spiritual abstracts of energy in manifestation. There is a continuous gradient, starting at the Absolute, of the density of energy as it comes into our body. So, if the connection is there with what comes down, then there is some way to turn that and have a connection to go back up. That is what is so beautiful and amazing about the physical body, it has that capacity. We just have to know how to do it. We have to become experts and masters of our own mind in order to do it.

We have talked about the soul and that we need to manifest this soul. We currently have this type of soul related to our animal existence, of previous lives, and it leads us to have a lot of natures. We have the nature of an animal within ourselves and it is, of course, the nature of an animal to act like an animal. But we also have the nature of our inner spirit as well and this is the conflict. This is the struggle that we often face because the ego or our animal desires can be very strong and the connection to our Inner Being can be very subtle and weak at times, so we get confused and we forget.

Three Functions of Sexuality: Procreation, Pleasure, Psychogenesis

However, we have this soul with its animal nature and, as we talked about in our last lecture, we said that the root power of the soul is sex, sexuality, because from that all the other forms, all the other expressions of energy come from that. Sex is the power of the soul. But, if we have an animal type of soul then our sexuality is related to that animal level, and it is natural for the animal soul to want to use that energy to satisfy itself and to develop and procreate physically. However, as we said last time, there really are different functions of sexuality. There is procreation, of course, and pleasure, but the one we are talking about today is psychogenesis. In other words, “psyche” or “soul,” and “genesis” or “the creation of”. So, psychogenesis is the creation of our soul, and that creation must make use of the sexual energy. There is no other way to create the soul.

Fundamentally it is what we call “sexual energy” that creates something. If the sexual energy is let out of the body it creates, or has the potential to create, physical bodies. If the sexual energy is worked with, within that crucible (without letting it out of the body), certain changes can happen so that energy can create psychologically within ourselves.

We mentioned the story of Joshua turning the River of Jordan. The River of Jordan, as I said before rivers represent streams of energy, so the River of Jordan is that psychological, spiritual energy of Life coming down from the Absolute, down into our body and principally finding its end-point in what we would call Yesod, which is our sexual organs or our sexuality.

So the energy descends. It is always descending, it is always happening, we don’t stop that river – the river doesn’t stop flowing into us. We may not want to have that energy active within ourselves, but we cannot stop it, that is impossible. In the Old Testament they talked about Joshua turning the River of Jordan. They had the Ark of the Covenant with them, and they were able to cross over because the River of Jordan turned, it reversed its flow, and because it reversed its flow, dry land appeared ,and they could cross over with the Ark of the Covenant. We also described in detail how the Ark of the Covenant is related to sexuality.

The Turning of the Jordan

What we have here is another description of that. Sometimes people wonder where we get these interpretations of the Bible from. They think that we are making things up. But really this description has been around for thousands of years, and it is documented. The problem is the tradition was lost publicly, so, people now read it, but they do not understand what it means. So this particular quote here comes from a book dating back to 200 or 300 AD and it is describing how a certain Gnostic sect understood the story of the turning of the River of Jordan. I will read it. This is a description of the Naasseni Gnostic sect’s understanding of the River of Jordan. It begins talking about the ocean and this ocean that they are talking about is a Cosmic ocean, the waters of Heaven.

The ocean is a generation of gods and generation of men ever whirled round by the eddies of water, at one time upwards, at another time downwards. There ensues a generation of men when the ocean flows downwards; but when upwards, a generation of gods takes place. This is that which has been written: I said, You are gods, and all children of the highest;  If you hasten to fly out of Egypt, and repair beyond the Red Sea into the wilderness, that is, from earthly intercourse to the Jerusalem above. If, moreover, again you return into Egypt, that is, into earthly intercourse, you shall die as men. 

For mortal is every generation below, but immortal that which is begotten above, for it is born of water only, and of spirit, being spiritual, not carnal. But what (is born) below is carnal: That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the spirit is spirit. (John 3:6)

This is the spiritual generation. This is the great Jordan (Joshua 3:7-17) which, flowing on (here) below, and preventing the children of Israel from departing out of Egypt — terrestrial intercourse, for Egypt is the body — Jesus drove back, and made it flow upwards.

Hippolytus, Refutation of All Heresies, 5, 4, (paraphrased, describing the doctrine of the Naasseni Gnostic sect)

The interesting thing about the Book of Joshua in the Old Testament is that Joshua and Jesus are really the same name. We just translate it differently in the Old Testament in order, I suppose, to avoid confusion, but really, in the Old Testament that is the same symbol of Jesus. This is why they say, in the quote, Jesus drove back and made it flow upwards.

Malkuth is Egypt, and when the River flows upwards, it liberates the Israelites and it creates the Human soul. This creating of the Human soul in this text is what is called the creation of Gods, and then the Jerusalem above is acquired. But when it is returned down into Egypt, which is the physical body, the Jordan River flows downwards and returning to Egypt means you are enslaving the Israelites. That means is creating desire and ego. Now the Israelites, as we always say, are not a group of individuals who lives in the Middle East. The Israelites is another symbol for the particles or archetypes, aspects or atoms of our Being, which are trapped in our physical body and in our psychology. They are trapped within karma and in a density of mechanistic laws. They are not free. So, by turning the River of Jordan we can work with that liberation. We have talked about this before.

What exactly is the soul? What are the vehicles of the soul that are created? A lot of traditions are very vague about this. In Buddhism, for example, there are references to the "mind-made body" (manomayakaya) which must be fashioned through use of the mind. But, they do not place enormous emphasis on this, or it is hidden or forgotten. In this case, we can say that we must use our awakened state of mind to skillfully use our sexual energy, to create subtle bodies. Not becuase it is fun, or to gain power, but rather because it is necessary to gain complete insight into the nature of consciousness.

Therefore, although many traditions are vague, you can find references to superior, or subtle bodies. The fact is we do not have them yet - we have only animal protoypes of them. We need to create them, and there are actually several vehicles that need to be created related to different levels of the Tree of Life. In a previous lecture we talked about the different densities of the Cosmoses, from the Protocosmos which is 1 Law, all the way down to the Tritocosmos which starts at 96 and goes all the way to 864. From 96 to 864, these relate to different spheres or circles of hell or the inferior worlds. These Laws, remember, are not literal rules but a way of referring to the density of various "lokas" or cosmic worlds. The most prototypical level of creation is "1 Law", and the Absolute Abstrace Space is, essentially, "0 Laws."

We need to create the soul, but what do we have presently? Presently we have our physical body related to Malkuth and we have a Vital Body which is related to Yesod, related to a world of 48 Laws, and we acquire those without any real work on ourselves. We get those, but these are bodies that were created through fornication or through sin. They are not Bodies of Perfection, but nevertheless they will do the work for us. They will be able to manifest the energies that are necessary.

Vehicles and Densities of the Being

Now related to our emotions we have the Astral Body which a body of 24 Laws. Then related to our mind and thoughts we have a Mental Body related to Netzach related to 12 Laws. Normally when people talk about astral projection, they are actually talking about projecting the lunar astral body, because that is the body that we have. We get a physical body and a vital body with this existence, but the lunar mental and lunar astral bodies we have already from prior existences – and not only prior existences as physical bodies of humans but they are from a development of many, many lives as animals and plants as well. The lunar astral and mental bodies carry the karmic legacy of all our prior rebirths. The physical and vital bodies go to the grave, and the lunar astral and mental bodies (fused with the ego), along with the Essence (psycho-spiritual principle), reconsitute in a new body, with a new personality. The lunar astral and mental bodies are beyond our personality - in most of us, these vechiles are a dark, confused, chaos of conflicting desires and ignorance. So there is a huge inheritance of energy and karma related to those bodies. This is why I said we have the appearance of being human, but psychologically, mentally and emotionally, we have this entire inheritance of being animal. 

When we talk about what is “natural”, that is not very helpful for us spiritually speaking, because to do what is “natural” for us is to be like an animal. That is not helpful when we understand that there is a Path of Self-Realization. When we understand that there is a Path of Self-Realization we must understand that what our nature is today is not the nature we need to be in order to acquire another level or step on the Path of Self-Realization. If you do not understand that there is a Path to liberation, or to awakening, or to enlightenment, or whatever you want to call it, then you must, by fact, be assuming that you are already completed, that there is no path and you are already where you need to be. This is a sort of dangerous, very subtle platitude that is repeated a lot today - that everything is already what it needs to be, but if we are looking for liberation, it is not what it needs to be. Everybody is free to do as they want, but our nature today is not the nature that is going to bring us to freedom, to liberation. The nature that we have today is only going to continue to grow and replicate itself and to eventually over complicate itself, and it is not going to continue forever (our karma will bring us into Hell).

This why we need to revolutionize ourselves. We need to actually build a “new nature” within ourselves. It is not very helpful from a real spiritual standpoint to talk about what is natural to do and what is not natural to do. And Jesus states that you need to deny yourself and we, of course, follow that, but people are scandalized by that today. To deny or to reject your own ego is seen as unhealthy or neurotic today. Why? Because there is no understanding that there is a true Self – whatever that might be – the inner Buddha, the inner Buddha nature, the Essence, and the spirit. Right?! If you do not have that grasping, or that understanding, of what your true nature is, then all that you have left is the ego. If you are coming from that perspective and you will say, “Why would I need to reject my ego, that is ludicrous! Why would I reject my desires!” If you do not have an understanding of what your true nature is, you cannot get over the questions which arrive when seeing this doctrine, such as “Why would I want to get over my desires? Why would I want to transform my sexuality? Why would I not want to do the desires that I have? Isn’t that what I really want? Why would I reject them?” Now today this is the type of narrative, which is sort of placed by default, because that is where our culture is. We should recognize that within ourselves. Ask yourself, “Do I understand what my true nature is?” This is why we need to meditate. Having a spiritual experience whilst you are meditating is so beneficial because you get a glimpse of what your existence is at some other level, or what it could be. You can take that and understand it. If you are not meditating a lot then you are not going to have those opportunities to get that perspective.

The astral body and the mental body that we normally have is lunar. It is animalistic, it is type of group mind, a group thinking. It doesn’t have a real sense of individuality. It is a herd mentality, a herd mind because that is what animals are. They are a group soul. When you can see a flock of birds moving all together - and it is very beautiful - you can almost see when those birds all move together through the sky that it is one soul. There is little differentiation of an actual individual soul. This happens in levels. We have a more individualized soul than an animal like that. Nevertheless, individualization is only reached so far mechanically. We are still very much a group thinking type of civilization. We want to copy others and we want to be part of a group. We find safety when we can attach ourselves to someone else’s theories, or to someone else’s confidence, or to someone else’s charisma, or to have more people together to kind of shield oneself from an insecurity one might have. These are very subtle and powerful forces that are at play. However, when we have comprehension that what we really are is consciousness, then you don’t need a type of false self-confidence. A lot of times people are looking to be more confident but they end up being confident in their ego not in their consciousness.

What we need, instead of a Lunar Molecular Mental Body, we need a Solar Electronic Mental Body. Instead of a Lunar Molecular Astral Body, we need to develop a Solar Electronic Astral Body. What does that mean? We use the words “molecular” and “electronic” in a specific way here. There are electronic bodies, molecular bodies and cellular bodies. A cellular body can only transmit information from one cell to another cell. The basic transmission of energy is between cell to cell. So, there is this whole envelope of molecular structures and in order to transmit energy to the next cell, it can only go across a little line, so to speak, to the next cell. A molecular body, something that is a molecular data transmission or propagation of information, happens across a plane at once. So, for instance, incense burning, those are actually molecules and it can fill up a whole space through a “planar” mode of propagation. It does not go in a straight line. It spreads out. Electronic transmission of information happens even more instantaneously. It can happen spatially – an arc of electricity jumps from one point in space to another point in space directly. So, that is where we get those words from. An electronic body is not confined molecularly because within the molecules are atoms and the atoms have fundamental properties related to electricity. To make a molecule you need the electrical forces and to make a cell you need the molecular forces.

To make a body out of pure electricity, for example, that body would be more free to move its energy faster. But if that body was made out of molecules, it is heavier and it doesn’t have as great energy transmission.

We need to understand that we are speaking about electricity, but not as it is normally experienced in the world of three dimensions. Electrical phenomena, measured in the physical world, exhibit qualities of space which originate in the sixth dimension. This is why we consider the solar bodies electronic. Molecular phenomena have the fifth dimension as their foundation. Cellular activity has its basis in the fourth and third dimensions. Materalists cannot accept any of this - they think they understand matter, because they can measure it - yet, they cannot mesaure the laws which allow them to measure. The laws of science are, actually, necessarily outside the scope scientific inquiry and are purely abstract. Where does time, space, and causaulty come from? Superior (or more fundamental) dimensions of space.

Returning to our topic. Think about the power of computers, which is based on directing electrical signals through silicon. That principle allows us to have immense knowledge and power which today is in our pocket as a mobile phone. In a materialistic sense, we have harnessed the power of electricity. So, normally one would need clairvoyance to see what is happening on the other side of the world. But with modern technology, harnessing electrical principles, we can have that. But, there is another type of harnessing that can occur, which is within your own soul, which can harness that power, not just materialistically but in all dimensions of space.

The world of 12 Laws and 24 Laws which are the Mental Body and the Astral Body, they have a duality, an inferior and a superior aspect. In the world of 6 Laws and above, we can say, that duality does not exist like that. The world of 6 Laws we can basically say is Nirvana or Heaven, the spiritual world. There is no ego there. Ego cannot exist there. When we get to the molecular worlds there is a fundamental basis of 12 or 24 Laws, but the negative aspect will be related to all of these much more dense regions (the inferior worlds) related to our ego. When you get to the Lunar Mental and Astral Bodies, those bodies are pretty much infused with our ego. When we comprehend a defect and we eliminate that defect – whether a single person or as a married couple – you are eliminating part of your psychology and you are cleaning (if you have a Lunar Astral body or Lunar Mental body), you are cleaning yourself from some of those inferior, heavier elements. If you do a lot of work on yourself as a single person, you are returning your soul to a more innocent, beautiful elemental state, gaining a lot of wisdom and knowledge and comprehension and gaining a lot of good karma for it.

When we talk about someone like Yogananda who did a tremendous meditation and work on himself, a lot of good efforts, but he did not create the Electronic Bodies. He cleaned, he awoke within his Lunar Bodies and that is part of the difference you must understand. Doing meditation correctly, it can awaken your mind, your consciousness, it can eliminate your ego, but meditation alone will not create the Electronic Bodies. So what is the difference between the electronic and the molecular bodies? It is just what I explained before. A Solar Electronic body is created through your individual actions, willpower, consciousness and it is the body that is created out of your own chastity, your own sexual creative energy. This is why we also call these Christic Bodies. They become more and more Christified as you progress through the work. That type of body is much more capable of handling energy, of seeing and comprehending and acting in superior ways.

Related to the world of 48 Laws, we have our physical body and our Vital Body and, as I said, you are given those bodies just by being born. There are two superior aspects of those bodies as well which is the Body of Liberation and the Body of Gold. These are bodies that are created in the world of 48 Laws and actually they are created first. They are created first, before the Astral and Mental Solar Bodies. We do not gain use of those bodies until much later though because down here we are still the sinning Adam, the sinning man, and we don’t have the capability to behave within those bodies. Those are the Masters’ bodies. Those are the bodies of the spirit - and besides, we can say that in the beginning those bodies are infantile. But through a long work, a lot of work, those bodies begin to crystallize with more and more energy and eventually when you accomplish the end of the Second Mountain, you can resurrect. The soul resurrects into those bodies and then the Master is born on earth with a body of perfection.

There is a lot of work to be done and it is important to understand that sexual transmutation, transformation of sexual energy is critical for our comprehension and it is critical for having spiritual experiences. But, in order to create these Solar Bodies you need to be in sexual cooperation, marriage, you need to be married because that creative sexual energy needs to be fertilized through the sexual act. Without that fertilization it cannot create the soul within.

If you are working individually, as a single person, you can still transmute the sexual energy. In fact, you must because that is a river of energy that is always coming, it is always flowing into you and even if you are really trying to be very well behaved and ethical and everything else, the energy is still flowing. It is a power and you need to know how to work with it, so you need to know how to transmute that energy. And that energy will find its way into every nook and cranny in our mind, into all of the very dark and disturbing regions of our own psychology, and the give them, the sinister elements, fire. We will see things in our mind that we didn’t know we had – certain elements, certain very egotistical elements and we have to fight against. We have to comprehend them.

The slide called the “Transformation of Energy” has a lot of information on it, but actually this is extremely simplified. We are going to talk about everything on this image, but I want you to know that it is actually more subtle and more interrelated than these neat sort of columns that I have put everything in.

The Transformation of Energy

The middle column, in purple, is the descending Ray of Creation. We talk about the seven different cosmoses, and, we associate a note with these descending, or ascending, rays of energy: DO, RE, ME, FA, SO, LA, SI (or TI). The descending Ray of Creation starts at DO and then goes backwards. There is DO-1 which is the Abstract Space and SI-3 which is the Logoic or Ayocosmos, LA-6 which is the Macrocosmos or spiritual World, SO-12 which is the Deuterocosmos or Mental World, FA-24 the Mesocosmos or the Astral World, MI-48 which is the Microcosmos or the Physical World and then RE-96 and so on for the Tritocosmos or inferior worlds. This is another way of understanding those Cosmic energies coming down into us. It is not as if that happened a long time ago and now everything is done. This energy is always flowing into us.

We receive that energy coming down into our body and we also receive energy from the outside world, right? We actually eat, we consume food and that goes through an evolution of different levels of energy as well. When a movement of energy starts, we always give it the note DO, and the number next to DO here is 768. That number, 768 happens to be the density of energy which is appropriate to eating. So any physical food that we eat is DO-768. Now there is more dense types of things, like a lot of vegetation such as grass and things like that. We could try to eat it, but we actually really cannot digest it. Or things such as rocks, we cannot really eat a rock, but we can take the minerals. So a plant can take the minerals out of the ground, and that grows up as grass. Then a cow can eat the grass, and that is evolving that energy, into a lighter thing, and then we are able to eat the animal as DO-768.

Once the food enters into our mouth we begin to refine that energy and this is all taking place more or less mechanically. We have to chew our food, and that takes it to RE-384, and as we swallow the food and it goes into our stomach, we get the stomach chyme which is MI-192. Then some other things also happen which I didn’t put on the chart relating to inhalation of air, and air also comes in at MI-192. It helps with what is called cellular respiration. We need air obviously to live, right? So the air needs to mix with these certain levels of energy within our body in order to form the fuel to run our cells. Related to the spleen and liver we can say it is FA-96. Pancreas and colon, SOL-48. LA-24 is the blood itself, and then from the blood there is one last refinement, the sexual energy which is SI-12.

Therefore, we call the sexual energy SI-12 because of this analysis. So the SI-12 is a reduction of all of the things that are happening to us in these moments. Our body is continuously producing SI-12. So the SI-12 is a combination of the food that we eat, the air that we breathe, the impressions and how we transform those impressions, and the cosmic pranic energy coming in as well. Everything is going down to the sexual organs, so this is why the physical body is the crucible. Everything is being combined and reduced. So we get the SI-12, here and now.

That SI-12 has all the properties to create a physical body if you combine it with another SI-12. So if you are a man, you possess masculine SI-12 and you then need a feminine SI-12, because your sperm needs an ovum. They unite, and a physical body can be created. However, that SI-12 can also create psychologically. It can create the soul within ourselves. But once again, the inner creation cannot happen by a single SI-12 alone. The masculine and the feminine SI-12’s must cross, they must fecundate each other but remain within the body. What happens then is that SI-12 - it is called SI-12, but it is still within the world of 48 Laws - it is still within the physical body and that is what is confusing. That is partly why I wanted to create this chart because it is confusing. It is called SI-12, but it is within this body within the world of 48 Laws. So this SI-12 within the world of 48 Laws is going to create physical bodies - if it is expelled out of the body, it will procreate and have children. But if that SI-12 is fecundated by the fire, the Alchemical fire through sexual union, through the sexual act itself, in chastity by avoiding the orgasm and using the science of our breathing techniques and with willpower, then that SI-12 is fecundated without it leaving the body. The sexual energy must never be let out. It must be transformed. So the SI-12 of the man is “crossed” with the SI-12 of the woman, there is an exchange that occurs, and part of that energy is exchanged psychologically, energetically. So there is no physical exchange here. This is a psychological, energetic exchange. This is what is called “the volatile salt” of the man being transferred to the larynx of the woman and “the volatile salt” of the woman is transferred to the larynx of the man. This is the alchemical way of describing that. “Volatile” means very airy and being able to be moved. The larynx fecudnated with fire produces the word of God.

There is a fecundation occurring across the two souls who practice sexual union with chastity. So that is how the SI-12 can begin to create that Body of Liberation and that Body of Gold within oneself. However, we need to do more than that. We need to create a body related to 24 Laws, a body related to 12 Laws and also a body related to 6 Laws. So this is something that takes a long time.

The SI-12 needs to be saturated in the same way as a sponge is saturated by water. It begins to collect water. It collects that energy and crystallizes within that new body. At some point the sponge or the receiving element becomes full. All of the cells (again this is at an energetic level) become saturated with the SI-12. So then the SI-12 can ascend to the world of 24 Laws which is now starting to create the Astral Body. It is still called SI-12, but the new SI-12 always starts with the physical body and the SI-12 is always fecundated through the sexual act itself between a married couple. But then based on where things are energetically and psychologically within, there is a certain level of saturation that occurs which "shocks" the SI-12 to emerge within the Astral Body, and begins to saturate that body as it goes through an octave of DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, SI. We still call it SI-12 though. Once again this is many years of work of practicing in chastity and then that Astral Body becomes saturated and it begins to progress to the next level which is the world of 12 Laws, the Mental Body. Again, DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, SI. Then once again for the Causal Body, the world of 6 Laws. But even when the SI-12 is in the world of 6 Laws, it was fecundated by the fire in the Alchemical Crucible in the physical world. This is why we need the physical body because we do not have the ability to create that SI-12 by our own Being, because do not have a fully developed, mature soul for the Being to use. The Cosmocreators have a mature soul, a Diamond Soul. They can create because the masculine and feminine polarities are developed, so they can create with the Verb as it is called. We do not have the ability to literally create things like that but the Cosmocreators do have that power. When we develop all of the qualities of soul, then we have a complete, upright Being with masculine and feminine aspects, and those parts perform we call the Mystery of Daath, through Binah; the Trinity of Binah becoming masculine and feminine and then reuniting itself in order to fecundate its own waters to create. We cannot do that obviously because we are not at that level. In order to create, we need another physical body to unite with sexually. So it doesn’t matter what we believe in or what we desire, the only way to fecundate that SI-12 is for a man and woman to unite. That is what this column here represents, the Transmutation of Sexual Energy.

Then on the left side we have the Transformation of Impressions. Again, we are talking about the worlds of 48, 24, 12 and 6 Laws. Everything that you receive here physically - the impressions of life - is related to the world of 48 Laws.

Just a side note that I forgot to mention, this word “Hydrogen”, this is referencing density or mechanisity in different cosmic planes. When we use the word “Hydrogen,” we are talking about a spiritual Hydrogen. The same as when we are talking about spiritual Atoms, atoms of the Being. This is something that you need to understand that it is not literally the chemical hydrogen that they use in chemistry. This is a word that points towards generation, gen, hydrogen, waters. These ways of relating a level of density and mechanisity in comparison to the Absolute.

The impressions are coming in as what is called Hydrogen 48, which is related to the density of 48 "atoms of the Absolute", and we do not have something to mechanically digest those impressions, as we have said before. So we have to learn how to transform the impressions, because our mind and emotions will mechanically associate our impressions in a way that feeds our ego. It does not nourish our consciousness. However, if we know how to transform the impressions, if we know how to kiss the whip of our executioner, the Hydrogen 48 can become Hydrogen 24, and nourish our chakras and positive emotion becomes natural. The vehicle of 24 laws (Astral Body) becomes more capable of superior action. Then the Hydrogen 24 can be transformed into Hydrogen 12, and refined abstract thought and mental fortitude appears, or it is nourished. In other words, the ability for us to reach those heights is capable because we are feeding ourselves, and we are feeding our centers in that way. Then, finally Hydrogen 6 can be transformed from Hydrogen 12, and Hydrogen 6 is related to Willpower.

The big confusion that often occurs is that Hydrogen 12 looks like SI-12 because there is the number 12 in it. However, one thing is to nourish the bodies and another thing is to create the bodies. So whether you have Lunar Bodies or Solar Bodies you can be nourishing them by transforming impressions, but you can only create Solar Bodies through sexual magic, through sexual Alchemy. So with a single person, obviously the energies are arriving as SI-12 within the single person’s body and by transmuting it you are in another way also transforming the impressions. So that is why I said there is some overlap there. It is just as a single person you cannot fecundate the SI-12 in order to create the Solar Bodies, but the transmutation of energy also relates to the transformation of impressions. So it is a little bit confusing right? An individual that meditates a lot but does not know anything about the transmutation of sexual energy, someone who orgasms, it is going to be very, very difficult for them to get these higher hydrogens, to get these more spiritual energies. They could be meditating a lot their whole life, but if they are not transmuting their sexual energy, if they are wasting it, they are not going to really, profoundly experience these liberated states of consciousness. We need both, they are interrelated (transformation of impression and transmutation of sexual energy).

Just to summarize, the physical body is governed by 48 Laws. Its basic nourishment is Hydrogen 48 which is all the impressions of life. It is created by the Hydrogen TI-12. The Astral Body is governed by 24 Laws and its basic nourishment is Hydrogen 24. It is created by the activity of the Hydrogen TI-12. The Mental Body is governed by 12 Laws and its basic nourishment is Hydrogen 12, created by the activity Hydrogen TI-12. The Causal Body governed by 6 Laws and its basic nourishment is Hydrogen 6, created by the activity of the Hydrogen TI-12.

Synthesizing and Nourishing the Bodies

The reason this energy can ascend, the reason why the impressions can be transformed and why the bodies can be created is because of the Fire Sacrifice. So what does that mean? This is an alchemical symbol. Fire is that energy, the energy that is coming down into us, this fundamental energy of life. The Fire of the Gods, the fire of Prometheus. We have to sacrifice what we currently are in order to manifest what we wish to be. Our ego-mind is created by the misuse of our energy, the misuse of fire – psychological fire. You have to think about this symbolically. So when we get "fired up," it is because we are getting very energized by something, and, we might be getting angry. But we sacrifice our ego and when you sacrifice, you liberate. A blood sacrifice is really a Fire Sacrifice. We do not condone sacrificing animals, but the symbol behind that was the liberation of that energy, that blood which is the fire. Every time that we sacrifice our ego, we are liberating something, and that is how the heavier elements become the finer elements. However, to sacrifice your ego is not pleasant, so this is where “the rubber meets the road” as they say. People may enjoy a spiritual doctrine but when it comes down to it, you literally have to do things that you do not want to do, that you do not enjoy, that you do not like, because the "you" that you are presently is the nature of ego. So unless you have some knowledge or experience or understanding that there is some other mode of experience, of liberated consciousness, it is very difficult to continue to sacrifice your ego. So we need to be always meditating as I said earlier.

The great master Iamblichus wrote:

Sacrifices through fire [...] is a bringing upward to the divine, celestial and non-material fire. [...] All is burned and utterly consumed, and is changed into the pure and tenuous substance of fire. [...]

The characteristics in us become like the gods in the same manner as fire transforms all hard and refractory materials to luminant and tenuous bodies. They likewise lead us upward, by the sacrifices and sacrificial fire to the fire of the gods in the same way that fire rises to fire. [...]

It purifies the things that are brought to the fire, releases them from their bonds in matter, and likewise renders them, through its purity of nature, fit for the commonalty of gods. It also, through these changes, releases us from the bonds of generated existence, makes us like the gods, and likewise renders us fit for their friendship, and our material nature near to the non-material essence. [...]

As it belongs to another subject, we omit the explanation in detail in respect to each form of sacrifices which the peculiar reason in respect to the rites requires. Nevertheless, any person who is well endowed will be able, from what has been said, to extend his understanding from one subject to many, and cognize quickly from these the things which have been passed over in silence.

Iamblichus, Theurgia or On the Mysteries of Egypt, Chapter V, Sacrifices and Prayers

So this is an explanation of sexual transmutation, the Sacrifice of Fire. This is pure Alchemy. He is relating the external sacrifices to the inner symbolic psychological sacrifice of Fire. He omits the real teaching because at that time it was not appropriate to talk about these things publicly. As I already said, today things are different. We teach the rite of Sexual Magic, the Alchemical Wedding, the Fire Sacrifice, openly, for everyone's benefit.

We will conclude with this quote about spiritual marriage – the spiritual Marriage of Sexual Alchemy. Samael Aun Weor writes in his Treatise of Sexual Alchemy:

The water of our Chaos unites the most diverse principles, with the condition that they first have to be dissolved in the semen [sexual energy of man or woman] — in other words, into the water of which we are made.

This Chaotic union is eternally inseparable.

The first teaching that Christ, the divine Rabbi of Galilee, gave us was to transmute the water into wine.

The first teaching of our divine Master was sexual alchemy.

At the nuptial wedding of Cana, Christ transmuted the water into wine.

The first teaching that the divine Master gave us was sexual alchemy, when he opened the path of initiation for all human beings.

Samael Aun Weor, Treatise of Sexual Alchemy

This is the way. This is not a new doctrine, although it is at the same time the authentic New Age doctrine. What this quote is really pointing towards is that we have to reduce ourselves in order to create something new. It says we are always reduced to the semen, to the sexual energy. What happens related to our sexual energy is both the outcome of how we dealt with our most recent events and also the springboard from which we can change or provide a new current to our next state of Being. So if we are mentally misbehaving or not behaving well, or emotionally not behaving well, this all gets reduced into our sexual desires, this all gets reduced into our sexuality, into our expression. At that moment, it makes itself known very clearly. If you are trying to work in chastity, the sexual drive arrives and it has a certain quality that is the result of all the impressions that have been transformed or not, the food, the quality of food you ate – all these things – the quality of your mind most importantly, and it is both a representation of all of that reduced, but it is also the place that you can provide a new direction. The axel which all of the energy is revolving around is the sexual energy. It is the sexual organs and the hormones and all that. Everything is rotating around that, so if you want to reverse that flow, it has to be there, in sex.

Solvtio Perfecta

In those moments when the fire is applied to the metals, when the fire is applied to our psychology, in the moment of the sexual act, it begins to work upon the psyche and through the elongation of the sexual act those psychological principles begin to become more malleable, and a potential ability to liberate more energy is there, present. It is not simply through elongating the sexual act that anything special happens, but it melts in the same way that the wax of a candle is melted by a flame. The hardened wax becomes more liquid, it becomes more volatile and in those moments the greatest sacrifices of the ego can be manifested, because the energy is working itself. You are accumulating powerful forces and it is the opportunity, or, the job of the couple who is working in a spiritual Marriage, in a chaste marriage, to sacrifice their ego. This is something very beautiful and nothing to do with lust. To focus that energy like a laser beam onto particular psychological aggregates. A powerful force, a powerful ray of energy is developed which can help liberate the psychology and crystallize the Solar Bodies. This is sexual magic! This is the magic of sex! This is what Jesus said is to be “Born Again”. When he said that we need to be born again, it is not a theory or a thought or a concept that we need to accept. We literally need to work with the sexual energy in order to be born again.

Questions and Answers

Student: When you talk about the relationship between lust and sexual attraction, sometimes we compare lust to fire and then other times we say that Christ is the fire. Are these inseparable? Do we absolutely need lust in order to do the work or can you do it without, because then we say that lust is also the ego?

Instructor: We have lust as a fact, right? So the fire finds itself within the lust. It is too simplistic to say we "need" lust - that type of statement is based on a lack of comprehension. Now, we are forced to work with lust because that is where we find the fire. At the end of the work that fire is purely transmuted into Light and there is then no temptation. There is fire as energy, but it is pure Light. In us we have a mis-creation or this ego, which is Yaldabaoth, which is one half fire and the other half darkness. So the sexual energy arrives and normally, completely reflexively, the lust is activated through the fire. In the same way as water, as I said, when it flows it always finds the lowest place. It always flows down into the lowest crevice and it flows into areas of our mind and activates them. So in us, we are working with lust. There is no way we are going to enter into the sexual act without it being right there, but it is how to walk on that Razor’s Edge and to not identify with the lust.

Student: So should we think of lust more as fire, something that needs to be used or is it something negative?

Instructor: Lust is negative. Sexual attraction is normal, right? We can experience it at different levels, okay? So if a young man wakes up early in the morning and finds himself to be very sexually virile but doesn’t even have any thoughts of sexuality, that is just the sexual energy vibrating in that person’s body. It is the power that is there. Now immediately after that the mind might start taking control of that and forming it into lust. When you work with it, you begin to notice the quality differently. In the very beginning it is a complete mess and this is why we enter into sexuality, into the sexual act, very slowly and carefully and you refine your practice. Every act of sexuality, of Sexual Magic, is baking something in the oven. You make a bread out of it and that bread is fed to the Inner Being. Okay? This is what in Egypt they call the sepulchral cakes of the City of Pe, which is Lower Egypt. Lower Egypt is the sexual organs. So the cakes of the City of Pe get brought up to the City of Heliopolis which is Upper Egypt. Right? Do you understand this? The Egyptian religion is profound. God, the Inner Being, feeds on those breads. But we have to bake and re-bake in order to make a better bread that is more nourishing. God does not eat filth.

So in the beginning the bread is of a certain quality but still nourishes the Being. As you remove all of the negative qualities and you learn how to become more scientific in your own psychological laboratory and you can understand how the energy is working, you bake a better bread to nourish your Being. So the real thing here is that you enter into the sexual act trying to be as chaste as possible, comprehending where you were, how you fell into temptation in the past. And here I am talking about even if you are still chaste, even if you do not reach the spasm or orgasm, you still have to comprehend how you were lustful in that act. Physically chaste is one thing, that is only the start, and then the couple starts working on very many levels psychologically. So you enter into that act and then you reflect on it later. You have to keep refining and learning how the two are separate. We must bake, bake, re-bake, and bake again, until we reach perfection.

Student: So the fire is just the sexual energy, it is not the lust?

Instructor: The lust is a misapprehension of that fire.

Student: So it doesn’t have to be there necessarily? You can have the fire without the lust?

Instructor: It is possible to have the fire without the lust, but in us we always have to assume that there is a lot of lust because it is the first thing that happens.

Student: So when we talk about the symbol of the fire as the sexual energy, we are not talking about lust?

Instructor: Correct. When we are talking just about the fire that is the Fire of Christ. That is the pure, primordial energy of Life. It is Fire, it is Light. It is not lust at all. However, it is confusing because Christ’s other half is Lucifer which is also related to Fire. So, our Lucifer is demonic, but at the end of the path Lucifer is very beautiful. That is the Fire of Christus Lucifer. However, lust is not something primordial. It is not our true nature. It is something that is due to our ignorance. The Fire of Christ is primordial.

Student: When we talk about lust are we talking about the desire to have the orgasm or is it the desire to be with somebody else’s physical body?

Instructor: It is all of the above. Lust is not just to have the orgasm. That is the most crude, heaviest form of it. As you achieve physical chastity then that energy instead of being let out of your body, it begins to saturate your body, and now you begin to become more “keen” to the way that you become psychologically lustful, the way that your sight goes, or the way that your mind goes in certain ways. You become more aware of that and then you have to transform that impression. We transform that impression primarily through our heart. The fastest, the best way is to work with developing Bodhicitta. Work with meditation on compassion, because Bodhicitta in combination with transmutation of sexual energy, these are things that are going to enliven each other. Because when you see someone else as different to you, you don’t have comprehension of the emptiness. You see them as someone else, you are attracted or repulsed both mentally, reflectively and subtlety. Comprehenion of the emptiness is necessary for true Bodhicitta - but the final factor of Bodhichitta is transmutation of sexual energy. Each stabilizes the other two. A Master entering into the sexual act, of course they become prepared for the sexual act. Very simple! Simple as breathing, because your body needs to become prepared for the sexual act, obviously. In the common man or woman they have to have their lust incited in order to be physiologically prepared to enter into the sexual act. For a Master it is very simple. Just by willpower more or less. The couple working at that level they do not need to incite their lust. They are working with lust at a much more subtle level. With the physical body, in the same way you have control over your hands, like if you want to type something on a keyboard, it is no problem. Also, if you know how to meditate, you learn how to relax well, without much problem. So the same can happen regarding sexual energy. But the point is, the lust is still there, but at a more subtle level and only that couple can understand where they are at, obviously. Because lust is there until the very, very end. Lust is, in its more subtle aspect, a misapprehension of the Light of Christ. It sees it as something else and it wants it. It sees it as something other than self and "I" want to possess it. But that is the same Light as Christ as I am. We can understand that intellectually, but to really know that is much different.

Student: The Old Testament describes all of this work too? It talks a lot about Egypt.

Instructor: Yes, the Old Testament becomes very beautiful when you know of these things. Egypt is the body, the Israelites are all the parts of the Being that are trapped – not just within the body but in the psychological nature – and you have to do all these works, intense magical works of willpower against the Pharaoh which is our ego and our lust – and the ego is doing all of its tricks – and there are a lot of plagues psychologically – and then we finally take those Israelites out of slavery but we have to cross, we have to part the waters, of the Red Sea which is the sea of desires – we have to part those waters in order to have dry land for the Israelites to go out. These things happen at different levels. So the Red Sea is the waters of lust, right? So we need to separate those waters in a way that the positive energies go back to the Being and the refuse stays here, goes back to the dirt. Same with our physical body which takes in all the food, takes the vitamins and gets rids of the rest. It is just waste, out and into the toilet, right? Unfortunately, we do not have a way to do that automatically with our ego. We need to extract the vitamins, the values and get rid of the rest. The ego is the waste.

Student: So in other words this lust is, therefore, necessary the whole way through?

Instructor: I would not say lust is nessary, rather, it is necessary to remove the lust, to seperate it from the primordal fire. We have a choice. We have freewill. No one forces this work upon us. God is not a tyrant. Why does God give us the opportunity to make mistakes? It has to do with the Garden of Good & Evil and how we use our energy. There is no way to gain cognizance over the energy of Good & Evil without having the possibility of doing evil which produces lust and all that goes with it.

Student: What’s left over after you are done cleaning the lunar bodies?

Instructor: So the lunar body is the same body that an Elemental would have. If you ever have an experience with the Elemental of a plant or an animal – a very beautiful representation, very pure and clean, but at the level of an elemental Buddha, for example. We say we all have a Buddha inside of ourselves, a Buddha nature, but our Buddha nature is elemental. So if we clean our mind very, very well that elemental, beautiful Buddha nature which is the Bodhicitta begins to flow. A lot of very good teachers, they might through many lifetimes have been doing a lot of work on their ego and doing a lot of meditation but they never practice sexual magic. They are developing a lot of Bodhicitta and they are cleaning their minds a lot. So they are not a Bodhisattva in the sense that we say it, but they are like a developed Bodhicitta in a certain sense. They are Bodhisattavas of intention, but not completion. Psychologically they are very beautiful but there is only so much that you can do before you need the Solar Bodies to totally eradicate the legacy of the animal past. If - let’s just say if - all of us could reach that level we would already be in physical Paradise. That is how much transformation you can make just with individual effort without using sexual magic. So the cleaning can help tremendously.

Secondly, the other thing I should mention, when you create the Solar Bodies separate to the lunar bodies - so you can have both - it is very imperative that if you are creating the Solar Bodies and you are working with sexual magic, you really need to be working on destroying the ego because you are working with very powerful energies. You have to eliminate those lunar bodies. If you don’t then you are sort of a marut, a hanasmussen, with a double center of gravity. The ego is still alive, but the Master is being born at the same time and this is very dangerous.

The primary thing with this lecture is that there is a difference between nourishing the bodies, because you can nourish your lunar bodies and that is healthy, that is good, but you also need to destroy the ego. Finally, you also need to develop the Solar Bodies.