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The Finding of Moses
The Finding of Moses

Moses' Reincarnation

“Naked came I forth from the womb of my mother, and naked I (Ashub Shameh אשוב שמה) return yonder: Iod-Havah יהוה has given and Iod-Havah יהוה has taken: let the name of יהוה Iod-Havah be blessed.” - Job 1: 21

"Job used the word Shameh שמה (yonder), which has the same letters as (Moshe משה) Moses, to show that he, Moses, wished to convert the strangers and that hereafter he will reincarnate and appear again to Israel in order to proclaim and make known (the mystery of) the Schekinah.” - Zohar

This lecture relates to the different ways in which - in accordance with the sciences of Kabbalah and Alchemy - reincarnation is understood in the bible. Moses wrote:

“And out of the ground made Iod-Havah Elohim to grow every tree that is (נחמד Nahemad) pleasant to the sight, and good for food; and (בתוך הגן Betock Ha-Gan) inside the garden, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” - Genesis 2: 9

“There are two trees in Eden: the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. The Tree of the Science of Good and Evil is sex, and this Tree of Knowledge is represented by the sexual organs.

The Tree of Life is the Being, and in our physical body this tree is represented by the spinal column.

“Every true cultural doctrine has to study in detail these two trees, because the study of one tree without the study of the other gives incomplete and useless knowledge.” - Samael Aun Weor

When we mention Kabbalah, we are addressing The Tree of Life; when we mention Alchemy, we are addressing our genitalia, or the Tree of Good and Evil.

The book of Genesis is attributed to Moses, who, as an archetype, abides within all of us. Moses (as a causal man) needs to be in the flesh; this, in order to perform everything that is written in his five books, the Torah. The Kabbalists in general accept that Moses (the archetype), in Malkuth, is the receptor of Kabbalah in us, that he receives from Tiphereth, Mount Sinai, his residence, during the symbolic forty days and nights.

Let us understand the meaning of the word reincarnation: from Latin ‘re,’ which means ‘again,’ and ‘incarnate,’ meaning ‘to make flesh.’ Incarnate means, from Latin, ‘in,’ which means ‘into,’ plus ‘carnis,’ which means ‘flesh.’ So ‘incarnation’ means, "to be in the flesh."

Adam and Eve

This is very important to understand, in order to comprehend the paintings of the Garden of Eden, where we see Jehovah Elohim, represented by an old man along with Adam and Eve. Where we read:

“And Iod-Havah Elohim made unto Adam and his wife fleshy coats, skins and clothed them.” - Genesis 3: 21

In Kabbalah, this verse could be interpreted in many ways, because every kabbalistic symbol is basically interpreted in seven ways; and each of the seven ways in seven other ways. So, we can elaborate upon different interpretations. The science of Kabbalah is very profound. We are going to talk about Moses’ reincarnation; that is, to be Moses in the flesh.

Remember that Iod-Havah Elohim divided the Hermaphrodite Adam by taking one of his ribs, and making a woman.

“Iod-Havah Elohim closed up the flesh in its place" (Genesis 2:21) “This refers to the flesh of Moses, about whom it is said: “My spirit shall not always strive with Adam, for that he also is in the flesh.” ( Genesis 6: 3). - Zohar

So, after Adam became Adam and Eve, they committed the sin of eating from the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil. And Iod-Havah Elohim dressed them with fleshy coats of skins and clothed them.

“Cain killed Abel his brother, the shepherd. The scripture states: “My spirit shall not always strive with Adam, for that he also is in the flesh.” ( Genesis 6: 3). "Beschagam," "because he is in the flesh." The word “בשגם beschagam,” also has the numerical value of (משה Moshe) Moses, who killed the Egyptian. Moses may also be regarded as the eldest son of Adam.” - Zohar

“And (from the pineal gland) Iod-Havah said unto Cain (the inferior manas), Where is Abel (the superior manas) thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother's keeper? And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground (the flesh). And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother's blood (Dami דמי ) from thy hand (יד Iod = Phallus); When thou tillest the ground (the flesh), it (because of the orgasm) shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth (the wheel of samsara).” - Genesis 4: 9-12

“Therefore Iod-Havah Elohim sent Adam forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground (the flesh) from whence he was taken.” - Genesis 3: 23

In previous lectures we have stated that that flesh is Malkuth, the Sephirah at the very bottom of The Tree of Life. Malkuth, as we see, is divided into male and female genders, because our physical body represents Malkuth. And that division is related with the flesh.

Tree of Souls

It is important to understand that Malkuth is an extension of Geburah. If you observe the graphic above, you will find The Tree of Life, upon which we wrote, in Hebrew and in English, the different types of souls, namely, Yehidah, Chaiah, Neshamah, Ruach and Nephesh, that are embodied in these fleshy coats of skins, or incarnation and reincarnation.

In the Mahabharata, the Great Avatar Krishna explains that reincarnation is only a law for Gods. Likewise, in Kabbalah, we find that reincarnation is related with the incarnation of all the parts of God, according to the way which the Book of Genesis explains it. In order to understand this reincarnation, we need to study the science of Kabbalah and the science of Alchemy, otherwise we do not know how to incarnate or reincarnate all the parts of God. This is very important to understand, because in order to be submitted to the law of incarnation or reincarnation, the law demands that we create the solar vehicles from the different archetypical elements that we have.

As you see here, we wrote the holy name of God, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, which is translated in the Bible as Jehovah. and that we the Gnostics translate as Iod-Havah. In the previous lecture, "Moses, the mystery of Baphomet," we explained very well what Iod-Havah is.

So, as we see here, Iod-Hei-Vav are the three letters of the holy name of God related with the three Sephiroth of the first triangle of the Tree of Life. The fourth letter of the holy name of God, Hei, is related to the Ain Soph. So, this is how we see the name of God in Kabbalah: the first three letters related with the law of three, Iod-Hei-Vav, and the fourth letter, Hei, is the source of the Law of Three, which is the Ain Soph, the "limitless." This is how you see the higher aspect of Iod-Havah, which is the universal God that Moses always points to in the book of Genesis.

Iod-Hei-Vav relates to the three Sephiroth, Kether, Chokmah, Binah, and is what Genesis in the bible calls “Bar-Ashyith, Bar Aelohim בר אשית בר אאלהים.” Namely, the Intimate Son, the Son of AElohim.

The letter הא Hei, which is above the first triangle, represents the Ain Soph. With the "א A” Aleph of ברא Bara (creation) Moses represented the אין Ain-nothingness of the Ain Soph, which is the "א A” hidden within the womb of the letter הא Hei, and thus making the word אאלהים [Ain Elohim]’, which means ‘No Elohim.’

The letter הא Hei represents the Ain Soph because the shape of the letter א Aleph contains two Iods and one Vav, namely, 10 + 10 + 6 = 26 = 8, the Infinite. Elohim אלהים is 1+30+5+10+40 = 86 = 14 = 5, which is the value of the letter Hei. 8+5 = 13 = 4, the Tetragrammaton. Thus הא Hei is Aelohim אאלהים, the infinitude that sustains the אלהים Elohim through the five aspects of the הא Hei, the Divine Cosmic Mother.

“Let us remember the sacred statement, “The infinite is equal to the pentalpha.” - Samael Aun Weor

Master, Samael Aun Weor abbreviates ‘Ain Elohim,’ as ‘A-Elohim, Aelohim.’ Taking into account that in Hebrew the letter ‘A’ means "without," the letter הא Hei above the triangle of The Tree of Life belongs to אאלהים A-Elohim; and יהו Iod-Hei-Vav to אלהים Elohim. This is the highest level of what we call יהוה Iod-Havah in Kabbalah. So, hidden within the womb of Hei is Aleph, the Aleph of Ain Soph, which is the first Aleph of אאלהים AElohim, the Unmanifested Seity, and the Aleph of אלהים Elohim , the Manifested Deity.


The four letters יהוה are pronounced Iod-Havah, and is what in Kabbalah is called the Tetragrammaton, which is equal to the universal light-soul, יחידה Yehidah. Yehidah in Hebrew means ‘unity.’ To explain it better, we will say it is a multiple, perfect unity. This is what Yehidah means in Kabbalah. And in Yehidah we find, for the first time, the chosen people that we read about in the bible.

“The Sun (Solar Absolute or Ain Soph Aur) has placed certain Solar seeds within the sexual glands of the intellectual animal (mistakenly called human being) which, when properly developed, can transform us into authentic Humans.” - Samael Aun Weor

Thus, within the sexual glands of the intellectual animal is contained the human seed elements, which is what the bible calls “as the people” - כעם kom in Hebrew; these “as the people” are the human archetypes. And these archetypes together relate to what in the Bible is called Israel.

“Israel is a word that must be analyzed.

“Is” reminds us of Isis and the Isiac mysteries.

“Ra” reminds us of the Solar Logos.”

“Let us remember the disc of Ra found in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs.

“El” is “El.” “El” is the interior, profound God within each one of us.

In sequence and correct etymological corollary, the people of Israel are constituted by the various parts of the Being. All of the multiple self-cognizant and independent parts of our own individual Being constitute the people of Israel.” - The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor.

Israel relates to the Solar Logos, Chokmah, the second Sephirah of the first triangle, whose kingdom is in the second triangle of the Tree of Life, specifically in Tiphereth, the heart. Thus, Israel is the chosen son of the light-soul Yehidah in the world of Atziluth אצילות (archetypical emanations).

In other words, every intellectual animal carries, in their sexual glands, Israel in potentiality. We have within - from the world of Atziluth, Yehidah - Israel, as a compound of archetypes which relate to Moses; because among those archetypes, Moses - along with all the personages that we find in the bible in the Old Testament - are kabbalistically named משה צבאות Moses Tzabaoth (the Army of Moses), which is the Army of השם Ha’Shem in Tiphereth תפארת (splendor). This is how we need to understand what Israel and Moses are, in order not to fall into confusion, because throughout the bible, the people of Israel are called, "my chosen people." When we study Kabbalah we understand that the chosen people (Israel) are the archetypes, which everybody carries within. These archetypes are the chosen ones, because through initiation, with them, Iod-Havah Elohim has the power to form, to create Adam from the dust of the earth, or, the man into the image of Elohim.

The image of the Elohim that we are talking about here resides in the light-soul Yehidah. Yehidah is the light-soul, the Messiah, who is the light of the world. So, it is in the light-soul Yehidah where we find the Messiah. The Messiah relates with the second sephirah called the Word, the Logos, Chokmah. This is very important to understand, because it is written:

“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.” - John 1: 14 So, the Messiah also incarnates.

Jesus Christ, the Master Aberamentho, the Master that came more than two-thousand years ago, is the living incarnation of “Bar-Ashyth, Bar Aelohim בר אשית בר אאלהים,” the Intimate Son, the Son of AElohim. Now, understand that in Greek, the son of God is called Christ. So, Christ is universal, because Christ relates to the light-soul Yehidah and the world of Atziluth אצילות (archetypical emanations), which is the world of archetypes. Christ also relates to the Absolute, the Ain Soph. So, the Messiah, Christ, encompasses the three primary forces, and the world of אאלהים AElohim. This is how we kabbalistically understand what the Messiah, the "anointed one," is.


Below the soul called יחידה light-soul Yehidah, we find the other soul, which is called חיה Chaiah, which in Hebrew means "life." The letter ח Chet of Chaiah חיה, life, is active as Jah יה in the mysterious Sephirah Daath.

The letter ח Chet, in the beginning of the word חיה Chaiah, contains the mystery of the duality, male/female. And if we observe the word יחידה ‘Yehidah,’ we also find the mystery of the duality of חיה Chaiah hidden there because Ye-hi-dah יחידה is spelled Iod-Chet-Iod-Daleth-Hei. So, the mystery of the duality of ח Chet is also in Atziluth, which is also the mystery of the duality of Jah יה in Daath-knowledge. The duality of the soul-life Chaiah חיה, expresses itself through the יד Iod of יחידה ‘Yehidah’. So, it is through the יד Iod of the unique light-soul יחידה Yehidah that the soul-life חיה Chaiah expresses itself the mystery of the duality. This is why it is written in הושע Hosea (to save):

“My people are destroyed for lack of (דעת Daath) knowledge: because thou hast rejected (דעת Daath) knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy Elohim, I will also forget thy children. As they were increased, so they sinned against me: therefore will I change their glory into shame.

They eat up the sin of my people, and they set their heart on their iniquity. And there shall be, (כעם kom) like people, like priest: and I will punish them for their ways, and reward them their doings.

For they shall eat, and not have enough: they shall commit fornication, and shall not increase: because they have left off to take heed to יהוה Iod-Havah. Fornication and wine and new wine take away the heart.” - Hosea 4: 6-11

Atziluth אצילות ("archetypical emanations") is the first cosmic world, ruled by Kether, the first Sephirah on the Tree of Life. Briah בריאה or ברא (creation) is the second cosmic world, ruled by Chokmah.

Chokmah rules Briah, but Chokmah as the Son of Abba and Aima Elohim. Chokmah cannot appear in ‘Briah ברא,’ creation if there is no father-mother; namely, El אל and Elah אלה or Abba and Aima, who are perpetually united in the word Elohim אלהים; they are Adam and Eve, who are חוה-י Iod-Chavah.

So, the soul-life Chaiah חיה in דעת Daath (Knowledge) is where we find the mystery of the duality of Briah ברא (creation) by Binah (understanding), the Holy Spirit. This duality is found in “בראשית ברא אלהים - BriahShyth Briah Elohim.” Although Briah ברא (creation) is ruled by Chokmah (wisdom) who in Atziluth אצילות (archetypical emanations) is יהוה Iod-Havah. As it is written:

“The beginning of wisdom (Chokmah) is to venerate יהוה Iod-Havah and the knowledge (דעת Daath) of the (Kadoshim קדשים) Holy Ones (Binah) understanding.” - Proverbs 9: 10

Abba and Aima are the higher aspects of Adam and Eve in the Sephirah דעת Daath (knowledge), which is where is found the Upper Eden. Yes, cosmically speaking, in the Sephirah Daath is the Heavenly Eden; here is where we find the duality of Jah יה. This is why we placed Jah יה above the Sephirah דעת Daath. Jah יה represents the duality: Adam is the י Iod and represents the ‘phallus,’ and Hei ה, is Chavah, who represents the ‘uterus.’

So, together, Iod and Hei spell what the Bible calls יה ‘Jah,’ found in the הללו־יה ‘Hallelujah.’ ‘Hallelu’ הללו is rooted in the word Hillel הילל which means ‘to praise,’ and thus הללו־יה ‘Hallelujah means ‘praise’ יה Jah. We also see the י Iod and the Hei ה in Hillel הילל, and the letter Lamed twice. This is why היללו־יה ‘Hallelujah is in the sephirah Daath that relates to the throat. This is why הללו־יה ‘Hallelujah’ is a very powerful mantra, because when we say הללו־יה ‘Hallelujah,’ really, we are emphasizing the duality in Hillel הילל, the Logos-Chokmah and יה ‘Jah,’ Binah in the throat. So in the sephirah Daath is where we find ‘Hillel’ הילל, the Logos and the duality called יה ‘Jah.’ So, יה ‘Jah’ is the androgynism of ‘Hillel’ הילל; two forces in one. Behold, יה ‘Jah’ is also contained within the spelling of the two cosmic souls, namely, יחידה ‘Yehidah’ and ‘Chaiah’ חיה, with which high initiates work, alchemically.

The light soul יחידה ‘Yehidah’ and soul-life ‘Chaiah’ חיה, descend into Yesod (sex, the bottom of the abyss) , in order to save the lost souls of Klipoth.

“How art thou fallen from heaven (הילל בן־שחר Hillel Ben Shahar), praise-one, son of the morning! how art thou (נג דעת Ng-Daath) cut from Daath to the earth that weaken the ‘גוים Goyim’ nations!” - Isaiah 14: 12

We repeat, in Briah, the soul-life ‘Chaiah’ חיה is divided into two polarities, which we mention as יה ‘Jah,’ or Abba and Aima Elohim Binah. The initiate has to first incarnate Aima, the Divine Mother, in order to incarnate Abba, the Divine Father. But both Abba and Aima, Father and Mother, belong to the sephirah Binah, which in Hebrew means understanding. Abba and Aima, are the soul-life ‘Chaiah’ חיה, they represent Father and Mother, the two polarities of יהוה אלהים Iod-Havah Elohim-Binah that we need to work with in order to incarnate the light soul יחידה ‘Yehidah,’ the Messiah משיח, who relates to Chokmah.

Many Kabbalists think that Chokmah is the Father, and Binah is the Mother: that is wrong. Chokmah rules Briah, the world of creation, but he does it through the duality of ‘Chaiah’ חיה Binah, which relates to the Holy Spirit, not only in Judaism, but in Christianity and in many other religions. We see how the Sephirah Binah relates to the duality. The higher longing of any initiate is to incarnate the duality in order to have access to the world of the Absolute, and to incarnate the rest of the parts of that higher being who is the ‘light-soul יחידה Yehidah,’ a universal multiple unity.

When, through a samadhi, we enter the world of the light-soul Yehidah, we do not find any personality. The light-soul Yehidah is universal, it has no individuality, we sense it as that which is not one person. All the beings that achieve that level are one within the light-soul Yehidah. Chaiah expresses Yehidah as duality.

Below Yehidah and Chaiah we find the seven inferior Sephiroth, which make what we call the True Man, the True Adam. Ruach is the thinking soul; Ruach means spirit in Hebrew. Ruach is Chesed - Mercy. Chesed is the outcome of the duality within each one of us.

In the same way that we have the trinity above, the first triangle, and the Absolute, the Ain Soph, beyond the interior of Chesed, our Monad, likewise, we have Chesed inside as the seventh body within. Chesed, our own particular individual spirit or angel, or Inner God, is not incarnated but is up there in the stars. The sacred name of Chesed is אל El, and אל El means God in Hebrew.

Chesed is the first Adam that is created in Chaiah. At the same level of Ruach, we have Neshamah, which is called the spiritual soul, related to Geburah. These two together are what we call Mercy and Justice; Chesed and Geburah. The last soul, which is below, is called Nephesh, the animal soul. Nephesh, as we see, is at the very bottom of The Tree of Life, related with the Sephiroth Malkuth, and Yesod.

We talk about Yesod and Malkuth together, because they are really one; but, they are separated because of the fall of Adam from Yesod. Malkuth is the feminine aspect at the very bottom, and that feminine aspect is what we call the physical body. We always state in many lectures that the physical body is feminine, even though that femininity can be polarized as masculine or feminine, in the physical world. Yesod is the vital body, the superior aspect of the physical body. Malkuth is the inferior aspect of Yesod. That is why Yesod and Malkuth are one, and they are related to Nephesh, which is called the animal soul.

So, when we talk about the returning of the souls in the Earth, we always point to Nephesh, the lower aspect. Nephesh is already in the flesh; everybody has it. We also have Ruach, but it is a lunar mental element, the thinking aspect of Ruach as soul is incipient in us. Why? Because if you observe, you see Ruach up here, as spirit in Chesed in the ethical triangle; below it is Netzach, which is the mind, whether solar or lunar.

Many Kabbalists state that Netzach relates to emotion; this is wrong. The very word ‘Metzach’ means ‘forehead,’ and relates to the mind. Any Kabbalist who is an alchemical initiate can see that easily. It is through alchemy that the Ruach Elohim affects Netzach (mind). That is why Ruach is called the thinking soul, while Neshamah is an emotional soul. And we see that Hod is underneath Geburah. So Hod is emotion and Netzach is mind. This is how we see it. And, below that is the almighty power of God, Shaddai El Chai, which is Yesod, and then Malkuth, which is the physical body, the skin, the flesh.

We told you that the skin, the flesh, relates to the sense of touch. The entirety of our skin has that sense, but, primarily, we use the sense of touch through our hand, which in Hebrew is Iod. The most sensitive organ to the sense of touch is the sexual organ, we experience this when we perform the sexual act. That is why in Kabbalah we say Iod represents the phallus, the sexual fiery force. The phallus receives, through the blood, the strength of Geburah; the blood is אש Esh (fire), which as we explained is the power of the writhing serpent. The אש Esh (fire), when descending from Geburah into Malkuth, becomes אשה Ashah the serpent that writhes in the flesh and the skin, of the phallus and uterus. The serpent that connects the brain with sex is called אישה Aisha, alchemically. This two serpents are in Sanskrit named, Ida and Pingala; these are astral fluids in our animal nature.

“This is why the first (אשה Ashah) seduced mankind and brought death into the world and entered into the heart of mankind from the left side. There is, however, another serpent (אישה Aisha) that comes from the right side. These two serpents are they that are closely attached to the flesh during lifetime.” - Zohar

“Therefore shall (איש Aish, the אש Ash-fire of the י Iod, the אישה Aisha of) a soul leave his father and his mother (soul Chaiah-life in Daath), and shall cleave unto his (אשה Ashah, the אש Ash-fire of the ה Hei, the sexual organ) wife (in Yesod): and they shall be one flesh (in Malkuth). And they were both naked, Adam and his wives, and were not ashamed.” - Genesis 2: 24, 25

The power coming from Geburah is called Aleph-Vav-Nun און Aun; it is pronounced ‘On’ in Hebrew. Aun means strength, power, might, sap, potency, virility. The name of the Master Samael, the ruler of Geburah, is Samael ‘און Aun’ Weor.

Now, there is another hidden mystery that we are going to unveil and it is the third name of Samael Aun Weor which is ‘Weor.’ Usually, when you write the word 'ואור Weor’ with the letter Aleph, it means ‘and light, daylight; source of light, illumination.’ But, in Hebrew, we find two A’s, א Aleph and ע Ayin. Thus, if Instead of spelling ‘Weor’ with א Aleph, we spell it with ע Ayin, we then read Weor ועור, "and skin" or "and awake, and wake up." ‘And the skin’ Weor ועור makes sense because the strength of Geburah descends into Malkuth through Hod. Thus, ‘און Aun’ Weor ועור means, "the might (the Vav, the spine) and the skin." As we see, 'Weor ועור’ and skin, sounds like 'ואור Weor’ ‘and light,’ right? But light with Aleph. [אור aur] is light. While skin is with ע Ayin, we pronounce the A ע Ayin deep in our throat. [‘עור aur’]. Sounds similar but they are not the same. ‘עור Aur’ means skin and אור Aur means light. This is why it is written:

Shining face

“And the children of Israel saw the face of Moses, that the (עור Aur) skin of Moses' face shone.” - Exodus 34: 35

The skin of Moses was red as the fires of Geburah. The face of Moses shone as the face of the sun in Geburah.

So, if we write ‘Weor’ with ע Ayin, it means ‘And the skin.’ This is why the mystery of the name of Samael Aun Weor relates to “the unveiling of the power of the virility and the muliebrity in the blood that writhes in our skin.’ Samael rules Aries, the face, and Scorpio below, which relates to Yesod, the genitalia.

Now, listen to this: the power of Geburah is the might of the blood because Geburah relates to Tiphereth, which is the heart. Geburah is the might of the blood in relation with the systole-diastole of our circulatory system. The might of the blood is what we call, ‘און Aun’; the muliebrity of the female sex and the virility of the male sex both descend from Geburah through Hod into Yesod and act through the skin of our genitalia. If we cut our flesh or our skin, we will see that blood emerges. That is the power of Geburah, Samael. The man has sexual virility, an erection, and the woman has sexual muliebrity; their sexuality is aroused when the blood circulates in their flesh, in their skin. Thus, 'און Aun,’ the creative might of Geburah writhes in the blood of our flesh, ‘and the skin (Weor ועון)' of our genitalia in Yesod-Scorpio. This is why it is written that Adam, the brain, in both male and female said: “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh” - Genesis 2: 23

Thus, if we wanted to escape from the might of Samael, we'd have to take off all of the flesh and skin from our body and drain all of our blood and thus be only bones. But, we need the flesh, which is related to Geburah, we need the skin which is related to Tiphereth, in our physicality in order to have the power of sex. In other words, the arousing sexual power of Geburah is in the skin of everybody, because this is how, when we make sexual contact, when the two skins are in contact, we see Ida and Pingala, איש Aish and אישה Aisha, the two soul serpents together working through the skin, working through the flesh, working through the blood. This is what is called sexual alchemy.

And this is why when we see our flesh and skin in Malkuth, our physicality, we see the strength of Nephesh Chaiah, the living soul, and we understand that the one that gave that strength and power to the shinning face of Moses was Samael from Geburah. Behold, the greatest power of the skin, the flesh and the blood express itself through the sexual organ.

This is why we say, ‘Aun Weor,’ is the vehicle of Samael-Geburah. And this is why, in Kabbalah, the Book of Zohar relates Samael to Nephesh, the animal soul, not only in the human kingdom, but in all kingdoms; namely, animals, plants, minerals. Because Samael is the Logos of Geburah.

So, from this alchemical and kabbalistic point of view, we understand the words ‘incarnation and reincarnation,’ because these words relate to the flesh, the skin, the blood, and how we take all of those forces of the Sephiroth, from above and bring them down and incarnate them.

Barashyth Bara-Elohim-Ath-Hashamayim-Ve-Ath-HaAretz, "In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth." In Kabbalah, Heavens is ‘Adam,’ because Adam Kadmon, the primordial man, relates to the light-soul Yehidah. And as we know, that primordial man was androgynous, in the beginning.

Construction of the tower of babel 

So, Adam Kadmon (the primordial man), the first physical-Saturnian protoplasmic root race, and the second, the Hyperborean-solar root race were Androgynous, male-female in one body. The third, or Lemurian root race, Adam-Eve, or Jah-Chavah, were the “separating hermaphrodite,” these hermaphrodites divided themselves into Cain and Abel and produced the Fourth, the Atlantean-terrestrial root race, Seth-Enosh.

This is how, according to the story of evolution, those archetypes started to form what we call the terrestrial round, in which we are right now. Really, this Aryan root race in which we are right now, comes from Seth-Enosh. But we have to understand and comprehend all of the attributes or archetypes in order to understand the law of metempsychosis or the migration of איש Aish (soul)from one flesh to another.

When we read the Bible, ‘In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth,’ we see that it is talking about Adam and Eve, because when we say ‘Heaven,' we are talking about the archetypes that, in their conjunction, form Adam, or Israel, and the Earth is that primordial matter called ‘Akash,’ in Sanskrit.

So, "Heaven and Earth" relates to Adam and Eve at the higher level, or what we call ‘Chaiah.’ In other words, if we go into Alchemy, we would say that, in the beginning, Elohim divided itself into Adam and Eve, or the two polarities of Chaiah.

This Elohim is the first triangle, the first mystery, that in the beginning, together with Ath (the Theomertmalogos, the power of the Absolute, the Ain Soph), rent itself asunder into אל El and אלה Elah in Chaiah-Binah. In other words, in Daath, Elohim rent itself asunder into Jah יה, and thereafter into the seven lower Sephiroth.

"And that mystery knows wherefore the first Commandment has rent itself asunder (into the Trinity) and wherefore it (into Jah יה, the duality and thereafter) has divided itself into the seven mysteries and wherefore it is named the first Commandment and wherefore it has come forth from (the Ain) the Fatherless.” - The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

And this is how we understand why those 12 archetypes called Israel descend into Malkuth, because they need to be developed. If we want to be humans, we need to incarnate all of those attributes of God. Only God incarnates; only God reincarnates. Or as the Bhagavad-Gita states, ‘Only the Gods reincarnate.’ We would say that only the archetypes from Atziluth אצילות (archetypical emanations) reincarnate. The only soul that we humanoids have within is animal, Nephesh: the animal cravings that return. But we are not talking about (Nephesh) Behemoth. We are alchemically and kabbalistically talking about reincarnation, which is a very high law related with the heavenly archetypes of Atziluth.

In order for us to gain the right to incarnate all the attributes of God, we need to develop all the archetypes of Israel. This is why it is written:

“And the earth was formless and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God (the רוח אלהים Ruach of Elohim) was hovering upon the face of the waters.” - Genesis 1: 2

We have our own Ruach רוח, which is the breath of אלהים Elohim. Chesed is our own individual Ruach of Elohim, who in Atziluth אצילות (archetypical emanations) is El אל, our own individual God. Chesed is hovering above מצרים Mitzrayim (Malkuth, the Earth, our physicality). Chesed remains above as אלף Aleph, symbol of Air in Kabbalah; Chesed, as Ruach, is the wind hovering above our heads waiting for the moment to enter through the פ Phe in order to work with the waters (הים Ha’Yam), the creative sexual waters of Yesod.

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a man be born of water (Mayim מים) and of the (רוח Ruach) Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of (El-אל) God.” - John 3: 5

Chesed is what we call our Spirit or Monad. Our inner El אל God, our inner Angel. Everybody has Chesed within. Ruach רוח, the Spirit, is symbolized by the letter אלף Aleph, which is hidden as Air within the letter הא Hei of Ha’Schamayim השמים, the heavens. So, he is hovering above the ש Shin and מים Mayim, namely, the fire and waters, waiting for us to start doing the work with (המים Ha’Mayim) the waters of Yesod, because our מצרים Mitzrayim, Malkuth, physicality, is formless and void and darkness is upon the face of the deep. So, in order to make light, we have to know how, because thereafter the Book of Genesis states:

“And Elohim said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” - Genesis 1: 3

Why was light mentioned here two times? Because “Let there be light” is uttered by the masculine aspect, “and there was light” is uttered by the feminine aspect. In order to understand this, sexually speaking, we could say that in the sexual act, the male says ‘I want a child,’ and after nine months the female says, ‘Here is your child.’ Now in the light created by Elohim, Abba and Aima Elohim utter through their breath (which is Ruach רוח), and thus, they create the light, which is their child, the outcome of their verbal connubium. The light is their uttered Logos, their uttered Word. This is why it is written:

“In the beginning (בראשית Barashyth) was the Word (the triune Logoi), and the Word was (in connubium) with God (the Divine Mother Aima Elohim-Binah), and their Word was (El-אל ) God (the רוח אלהים Ruach or breath of Elohim). The same was (בראשית ברא אלהים Barashyth Bara Elohim) in the beginning with Elohim. All things were (ברא Bara) made by Elohim; and without Elohim was not any thing made that was made. In Elohim is (Chaiah-חיה) life; and (Chaiah-חיה) life is the light of men. And (when Elohim says, let there be light), the light shines in darkness; and the darkness (which is upon the face of the abyss) comprehended it not.” - John 1: 1-5

Thus, the ones who say, “let there be light and there was light” are Chaiah חיה, the power of the duality. Chaiah חיה is Binah, because Binah (understanding) rules Yesod (sex) from the pineal gland. The power to make life is in the uterus and in the phallus. In Daath, the throat, the word is uttered by the breath (Ruach רוח) of Abba and Aima Elohim (Binah); this, in order to work alchemically in Yesod, the sexual organs.

In order to make light in us, our Ruach רוח or breath of Abba and Aima Elohim (Binah), has to develop the archetypes in Yesod, sex. They build the solar bodies inside of us: the Astral body, the Mental body, and the Causal body; this, in order or trace a line of relation between God and us. This is only possible by alchemically working with Adam, our brain and Eve, our genitalia. Chaiah חיה (life) is the light of men, because all the archetypes of Atziluth descend through Ruach, the breath of Abba and Aima Elohim in Daath, into Neshamah in Geburah, and finally into Nephesh in Yesod, sex. Thus, the dust of our earth or physicality is formless and void, because our archetypes are in darkness, this is why Elohim called the darkness (לילה Lilah or Lilith) Night. All of us have Lilith within.

If we do not develop the archetypes of Israel (the children of Israel or people of Israel), which are the chosen ones or archetypes of the light-soul Yehidah, we cannot reach the level of Adam. Adam is a word that through the letter Aleph represents the three sephiroth of the first triangle of the Tree of Life. We explained this in previous lectures.

The letter Daleth of Adam represents the throat because Daath is the mysterious Sephirah that contains the force of Chaiah חיה (life), with which Elohim can create in Yesod. Remember that the value of the letter Daleth is four. Thus the letter Daleth hides the mystery of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei in the throat. That is why, "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God." This is the beginning with God. "All things were made by him and without him, nothing was made that was made."

So, this is why we always state that the throat, the mouth, relates to Adam. Because Adam is the only one that can explain creation through the throat. Other animals meow and bark, but Adam talks, speaks through the mouth, the throat. This is how we have to understand the Daleth of Adam.

The last letter in Adam is the letter Mem, which symbolizes water: the primordial water, the Akash, which relates to the throat in Schamayim, the waters of heaven, and Mayim, the waters in Yesod, our sexual organs.

So, Adam is our Innermost who through the word exercises power in our flesh and our skin, in our genitalia.

This is why, in order to develop the human being (Adam) into the image of Elohim, the primordial hermaphrodite needed to be divided into two sexes, because it is through our flesh and skin in the sexual act that we attract the solar forces of Geburah and all the Sephiroth into the fluids of our sexual glands, so that our Ruach Elohim can make light in the darkness.


So, our physicality is Chavah (Eve) and is related with Mitzrayim, Malkuth, the tenth Sephirah in the following manner: Kether relates to the crown chakra, the pineal gland, the top of the head. This is why in many religions, the devotees cover the crown of their heads with the kippah, the turban, and with many other coverings. Kether means "crown," it is the Sephirah that unites our physicality with the Absolute, the Ain Soph. This is why when we talk about the crown chakra, we say that it is related to Kether, Chokmah and Binah, likewise to the Ain Soph Aur, the Ain Soph, and the Ain, all of the three aspects of the Absolute, because it is through Kether, the crown, that the solar forces of the Absolute enter into any human being.

Chokmah relates to the right side, the right hemisphere of the brain; Binah, to the left hemisphere of the brain. In our head is where we have the trinity, physically speaking, in potentiality. Daath, as we explained here relates to the throat.

Now, the skeleton, the bones of our physicality relates to Chesed, Geburah relates to the flesh and skin, Tiphereth relates to the heart, the blood. Blood to Tiphereth, Geburah to the flesh and Chesed the bones. However, inside the body, Chesed and Geburah are related to the right and left lungs. This is why we call Chesed ‘the spirit,’ and Geburah, ‘the spiritual soul.’ They relate to the lungs. When we breathe in, we are inhaling those powers, putting into activity Chesed and Geburah. Tiphereth the heart.

We know the relationship of the heart with the lungs, everybody knows how the heart receives the help of Chesed and Geburah through the oxygen that we breathe.

So, when we think about Chesed and Geburah and Tiphereth, we understand the relation of our lungs with the blood of our heart. If we are smoking drugs we should stop smoking them, this, in order to stop polluting our blood and fight for the environment because what we breathe here is smog made by haze, smoke and other atmospheric pollutants.

Below, inside the body we find Netzach and Hod which are related to the liver, kidneys, spleen, etc. Remember that the Tree of Life is related to the spinal column. The liver relates to Netzach, and Hod to the spleen. Moreover, Netzach, the right kidney, Hod, the left kidney.

So, these Sephiroth are also related to the blood, because the liver and the spleen relate to the blood. The kidneys receive their power from Netzach and Hod in order to create the sperm and the ovum in the male and female genitalia respectively. Yesod relates to the genitalia and the Vital Body (blue electric aura). And finally, Malkuth, relates to the feet and skin of our physicality.

So, this is how we see the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life in our physicality. That is why if somebody asks, ‘And how are you going to incarnate the superior Sephiroth in your body?’ the answer is, by working with Alchemy, with the energies of our chakras, crown chakra, our brain chakra. The crown chakra relates to the pineal gland, exactly in the middle of the brain. And then we have the right brain, the left brain: Chokmah and Binah. The rest of the Sephiroth, the lungs, the heart, kidneys, liver and spleen, sexual organs, and the skin.

So, this is how and why we have many exercises in which we put in activity the different plexuses, or plexi, that relate to these forces in the Sephiroth of the body.

In the exterior aspect of our body, Kabbalists say that Netzach and Hod are related to the legs, and it is true, because the legs are the two columns that hold the temple of God, which is the physical body. The feet are related to Malkuth. Yesod to sex. Chesed and Geburah to the two arms. Binah, Chokmah and Kether to the head. This is how we see the 10 sephiroth in our physicality. And this is how we have to study them in order to understand sexual Alchemy.

yab yum brass2

“And they were both (ערומים thievish) naked Adam and his wife and were not ashamed.” - Genesis 2 :25

The Hebrew word ‘Orumim ערומים' means: cunning, shrewd, sly, crafty, foxy, thievish, naked. Thus, during sexual alchemy, in the sexual act, Adam and Eve were thievish, because they felt their physicalities filled with the energy of their different inner aspects; that is, they knew that during the sexual act, all of the Sephiroth send their energy into their Malkuth, into their physicality. Thus, if we absorb that energy and transmute it, then we are not ashamed, because in the Ruach Elohim is (Chaiah-חיה) life; and (Chaiah-חיה) life is the light within our human physicality. So, through sexual alchemy is how we take advantage of Chaiah-חיה – life which is Ruach Ha’Kadosh רוח הקודש, the Holy Spirit within the fluids of our sexual glands. Now, we understand why Master Jesus said in Pistis Sophia.

“And ye have received your portion out of the power which the last Helper hath breathed into the Mixture, that [power] which is blended with all the invisibles and all rulers and all aeons, —in a word, which is blended with the world of destruction which is the Mixture. This [power], which from the beginning I brought out of myself, I have cast into the First Commandment, and the First Commandment cast a portion thereof into the great Light, and the great Light cast a portion of that which it had received, into the five Helpers, and (Geburah, the fifth and) the last Helper took a portion of that which it received, and cast it into the Mixture. And [this portion] is in all who are in (Malkuth) the Mixture, as I have just said unto you.” - Chapter 8 of The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

Now, we understand why it is necessary to have a physical body ("the Mixture") in order to be born again. Likewise, we understand why in alchemy the physical body is named ‘the Mixture.’ Because it “is blended with all the invisibles and all rulers and all aeons,” all the forces of Heaven, as the womb that creates a new creature contains all the forces of (Chaiah-חיה) life, which are in Heaven. This is why Malkuth is called the wife of Adam Kadmon, since Adam is represented by all of the sephiroth that we need to incarnate from Yesod above. Yes, the right word is ‘incarnate’ because it means ‘to make flesh’ through the womb all of those forces in us. This is what Jesus call ‘to be born again’, by the power of the Ruach, the Spirit, and ha’Mayim, the waters, the creative waters of Genesis.

In many religions, the descent of Ruach, spirit, into the water, is symbolized by the baptism, no matter what religion. They always have that ritual. In which a person, already old or young, is receiving the waters as a symbol. But the real assimilation of the waters of life is in the sexual act.

“And Jesus, when he was baptized, (Chaiah-חיה life) went up straightway (along his spinal medulla) out of (Ha’Mayim המים) the waters: and, lo, (in his pineal gland) the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw (the רוח אלהים Ruach Elohim) the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him (his pineal gland): And lo a voice (the Logos) from heaven, saying, This (the Logos) is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” - Matthew 3: 16, 17

“And the Word (the Logos) was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” - John 1: 14

This is what the Gospel of Christianity called ‘to be born again,’ meaning, to have the Logos in the flesh again. Remember that ‘re’ means 'again,' the ‘re’ of reincarnation, to incarnate again.

We are born, we incarnate within our physicality, within the Mixture, within Malkuth, the tenth Sephirah. Now, we need the Logos to be born again in us, with a birth that is completely alchemical. This birth has nothing to do with beliefs. Listen, if a woman, here, physically speaking, wants to be pregnant, she needs a man. She can endure many years believing she is pregnant but she is not. Because in order to be pregnant, she needs to perform the sexual act with a man. The same with this woman, called ‘Matter’ Malkuth, our physicality, needs to be pregnant by the רוח אלהים Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of God in the sexual alchemical act. If you are a man, your “Matter” needs a female. If you are female, your “Matter” needs a male; yes, through the sacrament of sexual alchemy is how Jesus and all alchemists transmute the water into wine.

This is how the virginity is born in us. Because right now, we are fornicators, children of Lilith, meaning, we perform the sexual act as intellectual animals. And while we perform the sexual act as intellectual animals, meaning, with the orgasm of the beasts, all the light that is condensed in our sexual fluids, leaves, because we ejaculate it. Thus, as beasts, we are submitted to the law of return, in other words, the law of death and rebirth in the wheel of Samsara.

Yet, if we want to incarnate the lord, the Logos, we have to be in chastity, meaning, we must know how to transmute Chaiah חיה (life, the Holy Spirit, the sexual force), between husband and wife. And this is how the Spirit of God reincarnates inside of us.

Remember, reincarnation from Latin re - “again¨ and incarnare “to make flesh.¨ Incarnare from Latin, in (into) + carnis (flesh). This is why Genesis states:

Angel AdamEve

“And Iod-Havah said: “My (Ruach) spirit shall not always remain eternally within Adam, for in their erring, they are flesh (beshagam): thus, his days in (Malkuth, his physicality) shall be an hundred and twenty years.” - Genesis 6: 3

Here, we see how Adam and Eve were expelled from their purity that they enjoyed when they were hermaphrodites, and that they lost when they were separated into sexes, and started losing their Chaiah (חיה) life through the orgasm, that is, when they started to perform the sexual act like beasts.

In other words, when we receive this physicality, we err a lot, because we use the energy that we receive in our physicality for foolishness, beginning with sex. We fornicate like animals. In other words, we eat of the forbidden fruit like animals; we make of the apple tree, a big feast. We not only eat one apple, but we swallow up the whole apple tree. Thus, by our own whim, we are then expelled from eternity, from everlasting life. Chaiah is life and if we fornicate, we expel that life not only through the sexual act, but through any of the three brains that we have - namely, intellectual brain, emotional brain, motor/instinctual brain - we lose the solar energy, and that is why we get old. We expend the solar energy in order to make money, and when we are old, we need that money in order to buy drugs in order to be “healthy.”

This is what the Dalai Lama says, people in this day and age live only to work for money. And, when they get it, they have to use it in order to be healthy. This is very stupid. The ones that are making business with it are those that care only to fix the symptoms. Doctors in this day and age, they know how to conduct surgery, but they cannot heal; if they could, everybody would be immortal. Sooner or later we die, no matter what medicinal drug we take, no matter what exercises we do, because we are expending in bestial pleasures all the energy that our physical body collects for us.

So, this is why it is written: my Ruach (the breath or spirit of God in us), shall not always remain eternally within Adam’s physicality, because he is always using the physicality for foolishness. Therefore, one hundred and twenty years will be the span of his physical life. That was written when humanity was in the Atlantean period. Now, after the universal flood, we are not in the Atlantean period, we are in the Aryan root race. If somebody lives one hundred and twenty years, it will appear in the internet. Most of humanity reach to at least 50 years of age. Those that live more than fifty have to kneel and give thanks to their own particular Ruach, that they are allowed to live longer in their physicality. The average lifespan now is very short. So, this is how we understand what reincarnation is.

Now, let us talk about Moses, that particular archetype that everybody has within. When I say this, it is because I saw this particular archetype within me, but thanks to the Master Samael Aun Weor, I did not fall into the mistake of confusing that archetype that everyone has within, and that I saw within me, with the actual Master Moses - even though at a certain level, I was, but the reincarnation of my own particular individual archetype called ‘Moses.’ Now, the Master Moses, the prophet that came many thousands of years ago, came in order to teach everything related with this archetype. The prophet Moses is an immortal Master, he physically lives in the fourth dimension: Moses achieved resurrection.

Now, what we have to be concerned is not with that Master - who is a great Avatar, a great messenger - we have to be concerned with our own particular, individual Moses. This is why the Book of Genesis was written, along with the other books that he wrote, in order for us to understand the path and not to fall into the mistake of other initiates, who are saying that they are the reincarnation of Moses. Somehow, such people have visions that are related with their own individual archetypical Moses, and they get confused, because they do not understand.

In the Tree of Life, Moses is related with Netzach, and Elijah to Hod, they are called the two witnesses of the forces that give force to the sexual energy. They also relate to the souls that descend into the Earth: Moses is related to Neshamah. Moses is that archetype that brings all the archetypes of Israel together, as it is written in Exodus.

But in order for us to have the privilege of developing Moses within, and to see our God, our inner God face to face, such an archetypal Moses must not be a baby Moses, but an adult Moses. The adult Moses is the archetype that chooses the direct path; some other initiates that have reached mastery push Moses aside, and prefer to enter into Nirvana, into paradise, and not to descend below from Mount Sinai. That archetype is the one that, when he sees his own inner God, his inner God says to him, ‘Well, you developed, you grew up, thanks to the science of Alchemy, but now you have to descend into Malkuth and to bring up all the other archetypes which are slaves in Malkuth.’

This is how we understand why, in Kabbalah, it is stated that the only one that can see God face to face is that archetype. Do not fall into the mistake of thinking that only that Master, that individual, the Prophet Moses that came thousands of years ago can see God face to face, and that the rest of the prophets and avatars cannot. If they develop their own inner Moses, they too can see their own God face to face, in order to do what they have to do. This is how we have to understand and comprehend who Moses is.

At the very moment when that archetype - which relates to willpower, and that is named Moses - is facing his own divinity within, he feels shame, it is written:

Moses before God

“And Moses hid his face, for he was afraid to look upon God.” Why? For he remembered what had happened to him before; he remembered his sin and covered himself in shame, similar to Adam’s behavior after the sin. ‘I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.’” - Genesis 3:10. - Zohar.

This means that when Adam discovered that the Tree of Good and Evil was his own physicality, his own skin, he was afraid of his own nakedness. We always state that the Tree of Good and Evil is in Yesod, the sexual energy in our genitalia. It is true. If you make inquires into your physicality, you discover that all of it, especially your sexual organ, is covered in flesh and skin, and that is Malkuth. And this is why Kabbalah is alchemically received through the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, that are always referred to as Yesod and Malkuth. But if you do not understand, you get confused. This is very easy to comprehend, because the power of Yesod, sex, is received thanks to the blood - the blood that, as serpents, is writhing, circulating through our flesh and through our skin. That is the Tree of Good and Evil.

So, Adam is the brain and Eve the sexual organ. Thus, when Adam (the brain) received the power of his Eve (his physicality, his sexual organ), he, the brain, remembered the sin. As it is written:

“She took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.” - Genesis 3: 6

Behold Eve (the sexual organ), caused Adam (the brain) to receive the knowledge of good and evil; it was the sexual organ called Eve. And, in order to receive that knowledge, the man performed the sexual act with a ‘womb-man.’ A Woman is a womb-man who instead of a phallus has a womb. The womb-man, the woman is just another man, but with a womb. This is why Adam, the brain, said:

“This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman (womb-man), because she (the womb) was taken out of (the hermaphrodite) Man.” - Genesis 2: 23

This is why the feminine physicality is more feminine than masculine, because the feminine physicality has a womb, not a phallus. The womb is what makes a woman very feminine. So, in order to sin, they performed the sexual act. In other words, the two of them, the male and the female, committed the mistake of fornication, and this is why both of them fell. They fell into sin, because of their Eve, that is, because of their physicality and their sexual organs.

Can you see the alchemical relationship of Adam with Eve? Adam is the brain, represented by the letter י Iod, in both masculine and feminine bodies. Now, when we talk about Eve, we have to see her in different levels. In Hebrew Eve is חוה Chavah. The letter ח Chet at the beginning of the word חוה Chavah, contains the mystery of the duality of חיה Chaiah. This is why it is written:

“And Adam (the brain) called the name of his (אשת Ashoth) wives Eve (חוה Chavah): for it (the sexual organ) has become the progenitor of all (חי Chai) life.” - Genesis 3: 20

Eve, the physicality; Eve, the sexual organ in a male or female body; but also, Eve represents the female body and Adam the male body. Adam and Eve also represent the third root race, the Lemurian Root Race; likewise, the two polarities inside the female and male bodies alchemically speaking. Adam and Eve are also related with other symbols that we explained in different lectures. This is how we have to understand why it is stated that we are children of Adam and Eve, the two polarities, above and below.

“Venerations (Iroth יראת) to Iod-Havah are the (ראשית rashith) beginning of knowledge, wisdom and chastisement that fools have despised.” - Proverbs 1: 7

So, here we are reaching “venerations,” יראת iroth in Hebrew. Which is commonly translated as: ‘The fear of Iod-Havah is the beginning of knowledge. Remember that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is דעת Daath. Wisdom and chastisement that fools have despised.’ This is the direct path. Those who want to be spiritually developed, have to develop Iroth יראת; namely, fearfulness, awe, reverence, veneration to Iod-Havah, when they are in the sexual act. Fear, Iroth יראת relates to Geburah.

We can feel many types of fear. Fear of losing what we have, fear of the unknown, fear because we do not know, fear of death, etc. However Iroth יראת is a type of fear or respect that we feel towards God when we are in the very sexual act, when we know that the creative power of God is in us, expressing itself through our sexual organ. All the power of the Tree of Life is rooted in sex. In the moment of the sexual act we are between Good and Evil. In that moment, our skin and sexual organ are craving the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil, because through our skin we become aroused to reach the orgasm, or we decide to transmute and not to spill the sexual force and withdraw from the sexual act before the orgasm. The fear of death relates to that Genetic commandment that יהוה אלהים Jehovah Elohim gave and that states:

“But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”. - Genesis 2: 17

And this is because through the orgasm Adam and Eve drove, the Spirit-Life חיה Chaiah, the Holy Spirit, out from their bodies.

“The beginning of wisdom (Chokmah) is to venerate יהוה Iod-Havah and the knowledge (דעת Daath) of the (Kadoshim קדשים) Holy Ones (Binah) understanding.” - Proverbs 9: 10

Kadoshim קדשים means ‘Holy ones’: it is a Hebrew plural word. Kadosh קדש is singular, but when we find the letters ים Iod and Mem final at the end of the word, it is masculine plural. So, ודעת קדשים בינה means 'And knowledge of the (Kadoshim) Holy Ones Binah.’ Binah means understanding.

In other words, when a man and a woman are in the sexual act, that is the beginning of wisdom; that is the fear of Iod-Havah, and the knowledge of the Holy Ones, Binah. Because, Abba and Aima, Adam and Eve are Iod-Havah, Father/Mother: Adam and Eve above, expressing themselves through your flesh in the sexual act, as male/female. And that is the power of בינה Binah (understanding), whose sacred name is יהוה אלהים Iod-Havah Elohim.

Binah בינה, Iod-Havah-Elohim יהוה אלהים rules the left column of the Tree of Life. It is Kabbalistically stated that the left column of the Tree of Life relates to the tempting serpent in Malkuth. This tempting, writing serpent is in the blood, therefore, in the flesh and in the skin of your body and the body of your spouse in the very sexual act. By means of the blood in your flesh, skin and sex, the writhing serpent is inviting you through Nephesh, your lower nature, to become excited and aroused by sexual desire in which it delights. Remember what Genesis states:

“And they were both (ערומים thievish) naked Adam and his wife and were not ashamed.” - Genesis 2 :25

Crucifixion by william blake

It is important to understand that alchemically we can be "thievish" in two different ways, in relation with the sexual act: positive or negative. Just like the two thieves that were crucified alongside the Christ - to the right there was the good thief, and to the left, the bad thief - so too can we be good thieves or bad thieves. To be a bad thief is to steal the sexual potential in a negative way, is to eat of the Tree of Knowledge, and to spill the seed, to reach the orgasm of the beasts. However, to be a good thief is to retain that sexual potential, to send it inward and upward; to be in chastity in the sexual act.

“And when (האשה Hasha) the woman (the ה Hei, Eve, the אש Ash, sexual fire in both) saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise (Chokmah), she (the sexual organ) took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her (אישה Aisha) her spouse); and he (אישה Aisha, the Iod, the brain, Adam in both) did eat.” - Genesis 3: 6

“To be desired to make one wise” shows us that in the beginning their love had been ruled by Chesed in the right column ruled by Chokmah, but “took of the fruit thereof, and did eat” was performed in the end, in the chakra Muladhara or Church of Ephesus of Assiah, Malkuth. Thus, changing Gedulah (love) for animal carnal desire, the bottom of the left column ruled by Binah.

“And the eyes of them both were opened (in Klipoth), and they knew that they were (miserable, and poor, and blind, and) naked.” - Genesis 3: 7

“Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.” - Revelation 2: 5

Thus, if you remember from whence you are fallen, and repent, and do the first works of sexual alchemy, then you become a human being and withdraw from the sexual act without eating the fruit, without losing the creative power of ‘Jah,’ your God. And this is where we say: “Writhing serpent, crawl at my feet, or be tortured by the sacred fire (of transmutation) and give way before the perfumes (of chastity) that I burn in it (my spine)!” Thus, this is how ‘by praying to Jah’ we do not fall into temptation, and ‘Jah’ deliver us from evil: since for ‘יה Jah,’ יהוה אלהים Iod-Havah Elohim - Binah is the left column, namely, (ממלכת Makuth) the kingdom, and (גבורה Geburah) the power, and (הוד Hod) the glory, for ever. Amen.

But who is Jah? Jah is Iod-Hei in דעת Daath, the throat. And this is why we have to vocalize a mantra. So, Iod-Havah or Jah in synthesis will help us. That is why as a single, we vocalize mantras, or in the very sexual act we vocalize mantras too. A simple mantra is the letter "S." Ssssssssssssssss; the power of the fire that helps us to transmute, because ‘Jah’ talks through our throat in the very sexual act. And this is how Moses is born from the creative waters of sexual alchemy.

Remember that the Gospel of Christ states:

“Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” - John 3: 5, 6

The Ruach (Spirit) works through you in the water because in the beginning, the spirit of God, the Ruach Elohim, was hovering upon the face of the waters in the very sexual act. And when you do transmutation, that is, when you do not fornicate, when you sublimate your sexual energy, then Moses is born from our physical creative waters. Moses represents that willpower that is born in Yesod, in Mitzrayim - that in the Bible is translated as Egypt. Egypt/Mitzrayim is our physicality.

This is how Moses is born, and how he develops. This is how that archetype develops in anybody and enters into the world of Netzach and finally into Tiphereth. That is why, when we talk about Moses, we talk about Yesod, we talk about Hod, we talk about Netzach, and Tiphereth, and even Geburah, from where he descends in order to liberate Israel.

How is it that this archetype is related with many forces? Because Moses represents willpower. Thus, we need to develop Moses within. The beginning of his development is to fear Iod-Havah, because when we reach the level of Tiphereth, when we already have developed astral solar body, mental solar body, and causal solar body, we then have the robes, the sacred solar robes; then, as a priest, we then face our own inner יהוה אלהים Iod-Havah Elohim. We then feel shame because we know that before reaching that level, we, as fornicators, were eating his forbidden fruit.

We also remember like Moses that we killed an Egyptian in Mitzrayim, Malkuth. Behold, all of us have to do the same. We have to kill an Egyptian in Malkuth in order to develop. That Egyptian represents precisely our own physicality, because here in Egypt, in this Mitzrayim, physical world, we feed our egos, our idols; we have to start annihilating that Egyptian, which represents our love of fornication. This is the only way to go up to Tiphereth. But first, Moses has to be (צר Tzer) formed within (מים Mayim) the waters of מצרים Mitzrayim. Remember:

“And a (איש Aish) male-soul of the house of Levi went and took a daughter of Levi. And the (אשה Asha) female-soul conceived, and bore a son.” Exodus 2: 1, 2

So, Moses is born from two fiery souls (איש Aish and אשה Asha) who are worshipping Iod-Havah: a priest and a priestess of Levi.

Let me remind you that in accordance with the Zohar, the Kabbalah, when Moses reaches Tiphereth he represents the True Adam made into the image of God. But before that, his flesh becomes his brother's keeper, the second son of Adam and Eve; ‘Moses, as a wandering Jew, in the wheel of samsara, becomes the reincarnation of the dead soul, Abel. The soul Abel as an embryo of Tiphereth, was very weak, and thus was killed by Cain, the mind. Thus, in accordance to the development of the initiation, when the soul of Abel resurrects from the dead, thanks to alchemy, Abel or the embryo of soul develops within Moses. This happens through sexual alchemy.

“And Adam (the brain) knew (his sexual organ) his wife again; and she (through sexual transmutation) bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel (the embryo of soul), whom Cain (the mind) slew.” - Genesis 4: 25

Thus Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve, is the reincarnation of Abel. Each reincarnation means the development of Moses, that is, more willpower, into another level.

The Book of Zohar also states that Moses is the reincarnation of Noah. Noah is another development of that willpower through initiation. Do not fall into the mistake of reading the Zohar literally and thinking that Abel reincarnated in Seth and Seth into Noah and Noah into Moses. Because when Moses appears, he is taking the direct path. Noah represents those individuals that have reached the second birth, that have Shem, Ham and Japheth: the three children or the three solar bodies, namely, astral, mental and causal solar bodies developed in Noah. Moses appears after Noah. Moses is another level of development.

There is other initiatic developments that the book of Genesis shows us, related with three other archetypes, namely, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that we already mentioned in other lectures. These are related with Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth, the Monad in each one of us.

So, there are degrees and degrees, initiations and initiations, that we must develop in order to reach that higher level called ‘Moses,’ who in Mount Sinai receives the power of God, and go down into Malkuth, in order to perform the Exodus. So, in other words, these are incarnations of the different aspects of God in different levels. As we see, this is what, through Alchemy, is in Kabbalah called "reincarnation." When one reincarnates Neshamah, all the archetypes, in one body, that person is represented by what is in Kabbalah called, Moses Tzabaoth: the Army of Moses that collects all the attributes, all the archetypes in Malkuth and who, through resurrection, goes directly into the higher level of the left column on The Tree of Life which is called Iod-Havah-Elohim-Binah. This is how we have to kabbalistically understand resurrection within the body of Adam.

Let us not confuse reincarnation with resurrection. The transformation or incarnation of the forces of the Tree of Life in the physical body of the initiate reaches an even higher level, which is the level of Saint Job. Saint Job represents the physicality of the initiate; in this case, Job represents the physicality of Moses, because Moses is always Tiphereth. Moses is above Tiphereth, talking face to face with God. But below Moses, he has his physicality, which The Zohar says, ‘Job was one of the advisors of the Pharaoh,’ and we explained that in other lectures. This is why the Book of Zohar talks about Job, and in the Bible, we find, the Book of Job that states:


"Naked came I out of my Mother’s womb and naked shall I (אשוב שמה) return yonder’. The word [שמה ‘Shameh’] is written with the same letters of (משה Moshe) Moses but backwards.

So, in the Hebrew words, (אשוב שמה Ashub Shameh) ‘I return yonder,’ is hidden the mystery of the reincarnation of Moses, because Moses, through reincarnation, is the same Job. Moses is the same Job, that says ‘Iod-Havah gave and Iod-Havah hath taken away; blessed be the name Iod-Havah,' which is Binah at the top of the left column of the Tree of Life and related with the serpent that descends. And later on, Job says:

“Behold, happy is the human being whom אלוה Eloah corrects,” (Eloah אלוה is the Schekinah, the feminine aspect of אלהים Elohim), Therefore, the chastisement of (שדי אל El-Shaddai), the almighty God do not despise.” - Job 5: 17

El-Shaddai שדי אל is the almighty power of Binah in Yesod, sex. The sin against the Holy Spirit originates ‘kamaduro,’ from Sanskrit Kama-desire + Duro from Dur, "bad" or "difficult," from Duristha – "very bad, difficult, or wicked." Kamaduro originates a type of karma that cannot be negotiable, a karma that we have to pay in our own skin.

In the Book of Job, we read how Job becomes sick with a illness in his own skin. Now, we ask you, why is Job having a sickness in his own skin, in his own flesh? It is because he is paying his kamaduro. This is the last step before resurrection. Kamaduro is a consequence of the sin against the Holy Ghost. We pay that sin only with death. But that death is a process, an initiatic process of Moses, which is Tiphereth, through Job, which is the physical body. This is how we have to see it.

Another aspect of this great archetype called Moses, is this other archetype named Joshua, which means savior. Joshua is related with Yesod and Malkuth as well, but in a higher aspect. Joshua is what in Buddhism we call, the Bodhichitta and is symbolized by the Moon. Because Tiphereth, Moses, is symbolized by the Sun. And, we know the moon is in a process of awakening, which is the consciousness that we have here below. We will say that some of us have our moon, as a new moon. ‘New’ means ‘no light.’ Others that start working, is in crescendo. The moon is going up. So, when the moon is full, it reflects all of the light of the sun; in other words, the moon represents the consciousness.

That is why when someone reaches that level, which is a completely illuminated being in the physical plane, he is called Joshua, a savior, because he is reflecting all of the light of the solar absolute through him as a full moon. And that is why in Kabbalah, a full moon is called Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei: completion.

To reach that level is our goal. And that is why, our own particular Joshua, the one that is always together with Moses, is another archetype related with our consciousness that we have to work to develop to incarnate; you see the word ‘incarnation’ there. This word ‘incarnation’ is very demanding. That is why when we read or see on TV or on online, people saying, ‘Oh, I am the reincarnation of this, or that...’ people do not understand what reincarnation means.

The Redemption of Job 

Reincarnation is not to be born again like animals. Anybody can return here in a new body: that is logical. But to reincarnate the forces of the Tree of Life is another thing. That is why Krishna said ‘Incarnation is only for Gods.’ Reincarnation is not for intellectual animals.

The Zohar explains:

“Job used the word שמה Shama (yonder) which has the same letters as (משה Moshe) Moses, to show that Moses is willing to convert the outsiders and that hereafter he will reincarnate (in Malkuth) and appear again to (the archetypes) of Israel in order to proclaim and make known the Shekinah (the Divine Mother, Kundalini). These words of Job also refer to the time when (the archetypes of) Israel in captivity (in Malkuth)¸ would perceive they were naked or devoid of the secret doctrine and therefore said: ‘Iod-Havah hath given Iod-Havah hath taken away may the name of Iod-Havah be blessed.’” - Zohar

The outsiders are us, who are not in the Tree of Life, but outside of the Tree of Life. Remember that we were kicked out of Eden, so we are the outsiders, the fornicators. The Shekinah is the Divine Mother, Kundalini. When the archetypes were in Atziluth אצילות, the world of the archetypical emanations, they were enjoying the light of the unknown. But when they descended in order to be develop, they lost that light as a terrible sunset.

So, in Atziluth אצילות, we were receiving, we were giving. But when we descended below and fornicated, Iod-Havah took the light away, because God cannot mingle with fornicators.

Now, in relation with the former quotation from the Zohar that we just read, many Kabbalists who are not initiates but only intellectual Kabbalists mistakingly suppose that the Prophet Moses will reincarnate. And this is precisely their confusion, their mistake. They are always talking about Moses, the Master, the Prophet that came to accomplish his mission many thousand years ago. That Master did his mission: it is already done.

Now, we have to focus in the development of our own particular Moses, in the reincarnation of that archetype in us in order for him to repeat the same marvels in Malkuth, because the archetypes of Israel are in slavery right now in each one of us. This is how we Gnostics understand this.

We have to understand the many kabbalistic statements of Zohar, otherwise we will err like the many Christians that are waiting for the second coming of Christ; ignoring that Christ already came many times, as a physical incarnation of the archetype Joshua, in order to give the knowledge of salvation. Now we have to develop our own particular Joshua or Jesus in Latin.

It is the same with Moses, with Buddha, and all the archetypes that did the great work. This is how we understand reincarnation.

Moses had reincarnated many times in many individuals. Moses was reincarnated in Samael Aun Weor, but his own particular individual Moses. Remember the transfiguration of Jesus: he appears with his own particular Moses and Elijah. If you do not know how to read kabbalistically or alchemically, you fall into many mistakes. Understand, that any personage in the Bible is an archetype that we have within, and that we need to develop, Gnostically speaking.

Moses Death

‘With respect to Master Moses, his death was not due to [fornication] the sin of Adam that was brought about through the operation of a mysterious [initiatic] power (the power of resurrection). When Moses finishes his work, then the initiate incarnates Binah, the Holy Spirit, the third Logos of that resurrected master. Such is the level that Master Moses reached and as an archetype that is also the last level that Moses the archetype reaches. But after Binah there are more levels. But our own particular Moses has the task to take us to that level.

“Moses, (Tiphereth, through initiation), separated himself from his wife (Malkuth, physicality), and attached himself to the divine, Shekinah, his divine mother, while in the body.” That is why we say, ‘We have to die here now with the power of the Shekinah’ and annihilating all the egos, when we reach the higher level of Moses, which is the incarnation of the Shekinah completely in him while physically alive. But in order to incarnate the higher aspect of Binah, which is Iod-Havah Elohim, one needs to die physically. One needs to pay in one’s own skin, the sin of fornication. That is why it is written, ‘And after death, he became united with Binah. The great mystery Being (the Holy Spirit) who is above and in all. All the separate grades and degrees of a spiritual life form one great and vast whole.” - Zohar.

Tradition confirms this statement which is corroborated by a scripture:

‘And Iod-Havah spoke to Moses, [the Bodhisattva], Tiphereth, face to face, as a man speaks unto his friend. And he turned again into the camp: but his servant Joshua [the Bodhichitta], the son of Nun, a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle.’ - Exodus 33: 11 – Zohar.

And what is the tabernacle? The sexual organs. The way in which we are working here. That is why, we mention the Bodhichitta, which is related with Joshua, which is Yesod- Malkuth. Behold Joshua, the Bodhichitta is in Yesod-Malkuth between the two columns of good and evil of the Tree of Life completely illuminated.

Moses and Joshua

"And Joshua (Jesus in Latin) the son of Nun was full of the spirit of (Chokmah) wisdom." - Deuteronomy 34: 9

"The explicit signification of which is, that Joshua [Yesod-Malkuth, the Bodhichitta], though he did not escape the physical death, enjoyed that union of the higher and lower natures that enabled him to live the higher and divine life, which the children of Israel through their idolatry and worship of the golden calf had lost and forfeited." -Zohar.

This means that the rest of the children of Israel - which is us, those that are not with the Bodhichitta within - are idolaters, because we have egos within. But the one that annihilated the ego completely is Joshua. Completely annihilating the ego unites the superior nature with an inferior, like the Master Samael Aun Weor in his last years of life. He had the Bodhichitta completely awakened. He was in a full moon, receiving all the light of Tiphereth, his inner being, his inner Moses in other words. So, that is the blessing of somebody that works in alchemy.

So, understand that parallel: Bodhichitta-Joshua, Bodhisattva-Moses. Inside, everybody has to develop that, in their own level.

Then it is written, for those archetypes of Israel in each one of us that are idolaters, ‘And their eyes were opened and they saw that they were naked,’ because of fornication.

‘This refers to [the archetypes of] Israel when they were living amidst the mud and clay of [Malkuth] Mitzrahim and had no knowledge [Gnosis] of the secret doctrine. Therefore, spoke the prophet concerning them: “I have caused thee to multiply as the bud of the field and thou hast increased and waxen great, [and thou art come to excellent ornaments: thy breasts are] fashioned, and thine hair is grown, whereas thou wast naked and bare.” -Ezekiel 16: 7.

So, all of us are receiving that sentence of Ezekiel. If you want to study Kabbalah in the right way in which Ezekiel teaches, read the book of Ezekiel. You will see how he talks very clearly, alchemically speaking, about sex, that caused the fall.

Genesis says, ‘And they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons.’ “The meaning of these words is, that man and woman will cloak themselves with the frail coverings of their own sinful tendencies when they perceive themselves naked and have nothing to hide and cover what should be hidden (their sexuality).” - Zohar

The fig tree symbolizes the feminine sexual force. To cover your sex with fig trees, that means that you are a fornicator and the flesh that you are receiving is not the flesh of reincarnation because no archetypes are incarnating in a fornicator. In order to incarnate your archetypes, to develop them, and the higher part of the Tree of Life, you have to be in chastity; you have to enter into the path, to be born again. That is the meaning.

This is why it is very funny to read about people that think that they are reincarnations of this or that personage, while they are fornicators. A lot of people, millions of them, that think that they are the vehicle of God, meanwhile, they fornicate once a week. These dimwitted individuals think that because they fornicate once a week, they are allowed to bring the force of God into their selves.

Remember the commandment:

“The beginning of wisdom (Chokmah) is to venerate יהוה Iod-Havah and the knowledge (דעת Daath) of the (Kadoshim קדשים) Holy Ones (Binah) understanding.” - Proverbs 9: 10

What is the first commandment given to humanity? Moses wrote in the Book of Genesis the first commandment that was given by Elohim, by God: it is written: (פרו ורבו) ‘Grow and multiply.’ That is a sexual sentence which is wrongly translated, because the right translation is ‘Grow and become a Master’ or ‘Grow and become a Rabbi’, because רבה Rabba means ‘multiply’ but רבו ‘Rabbi’ means Master.

Because only a true (רבו Rabbi) Master can “fill (with the archetypes, the children of Israel) the earth (his physicality), and subdue it, and thus rule over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl (angels) of the heavens, and over every חיה Chaiah-life that is creeping upon the earth.” - Genesis 1: 28

This is why, because many intellectual Kabbalists interpret that commandment as ‘Grow and multiply,’ they fornicate like רבית rabbits and have many children. Indeed, this is not the meaning of that commandment, because God did not command people to pillage the "הון hon” wealth of the earth like the demon "ממון Mammon.” To the animals, God said grow and multiply, because animals obey Chaiah, the Holy Spirit instinctually, without the need to read any commandment. Why would we, ‘humans,’ need to repeat instinctually the same commandment and multiply like animals? It is ludicrous. ‘Grow and multiply’ for humans is really ‘Grow and be a Master.’ Be a Rabbi, ‘Grow’ by gaining the knowledge (דעת Daath) of the (Kadoshim קדשים) Holy Ones (Binah) understanding. That is the first commandment given to Adam, which is exactly the same one that was given in the second chapter of the Book of Genesis, meaning, it is the same commandment, but given as a warning before splitting the hermaphrodite Adam into Adam and Eve. It is written:

“But of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, of Good and Evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” - Genesis 2: 17

This means, be afraid of eating the fruit of sex instinctually, as an animal: fear the second death. This commandment is given before the division of sexes is about to happen, because the hermaphrodite, or the androgynous Adam, was growing and multiplying as true humans who did, and are doing the alchemical sexual work. But when the division of sexes happened, now the writhing serpent can tempt them. So, let us repeat again the first commandment: “But of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, of Good and Evil, you shall not eat.” Because now, through sexual Alchemy, you must grow and become a Master; and, now that you are divided into two sexes, you might fall into the mistake of thinking that you can grow by fornicating like an animal. Thus, you must not fornicate. So, do not eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, of Good and Evil, for in the day that you eatest thereof thou shalt surely suffer the second death.

Why? Because the first commandment deals with the energy of the three brains as Jesus explains it:

“You shall love thy God with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your strength, and thy neighbor as thyself’. That is the first commandment. In synthesis, it is the same commandment, given by Moses in different steps in order for us to understand.

But when laypeople read the first chapter of the book of Genesis, they say, God said ‘Grow and multiply, so let us fornicate.' But God also said: “You shall not eat of the fruit knowledge.” What is that? And they answer: 'Well it is "knowledge," We have to be content with the the knowledge we have in our minds. Only the knowledge that we have. So let us eat, drink and fornicate, since tomorrow we will die, anyhow.' Thus this is how they justify fornication in their own way and many other ways. And this is because, the knowledge (דעת Daath) of the (Kadoshim קדשים) Holy Ones (Binah) they do not understand. Proverbs 9: 10 addresses the same commandment, the same one which was given different times.

'The (Kadoshim קדשים) Holy Ones, who are Iod-Havah Elohim (Binah), made unto Adam and his wife coats of skins and clothed them.’ This is the other aspect, the other symbol, which I spoke of in the beginning. Now, through Alchemy, when you already know the alchemical sexual work, you start clothing yourself with the solar bodies, because all of us have lunar bodies, animal bodies or protoplasmic bodies. So, we need immortal bodies. And the only way to create them is by utilizing the sexual energy of (שדי אל El-Shaddai)) the Almighty God; not in the left way but in the right way, which is chastity.

“Mayim Rabbim מים רבים - Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, he will be utterly despised.” - Song of Songs 8: 7


“The garment [solar bodies] with which Israel covers himself is symbolized in the rightful robe with its fringes and borders and also the phylacteries and sandals, and therefore scripture saith: חגורות hagoroth [coats or coverings] here is used in order to distinguish the rightful [Rightful means ‘righteous,’ chaste, solar] robe, and therefore it is written.

“Gird thy sword upon (חגור) thy thigh’, the thigh (is Yesod, that always points to the sex), ‘and make thy glory and majesty appear” - Psalm 45: 3 The sword appear when we transmute the sexual energy.

This referring to the (hearing of) שמע Shema (the words of Moses) repeated when each one [Priest and Priestess] are arrayed in the rightful robes when...

“May the high praises of God be in their mouths, And a two-edged sword in their hands.” - Psalm 149: 6” - Zohar

Hands is Iod, meaning, in the sexual act is when we take the sword (the flaming sword) of God in our hands.. Remember the [Cherubim] which are the angels of Yesod that brandish the flaming sword, which turns every way, to keep the way of the Tree of Life, this in order to avoid the impure people to enter. That sword is the fire of Geburah in the blood that goes up and down, throughout all of your body. That is the fire that goes down into your sex and tempts you. If you want to enter into Eden (which means voluptuousness, sexuality) you must control the fire. You want to enter? Defeat fire: in the blood is the flaming sword.

Many of us are defeated by the sword of fire, the flaming sword; when in the sexual act, we reach the orgasm, thus we do not enter but are expelled from Eden. That is the meaning of gird thy sword, that is in our hands in the very sexual act.

The Zohar states that when you are in the sexual act, you are fighting with Samael, the angel of Geburah. And if you defeat him, he just touches the hollow of your thigh and then your leg is out of joint and you halt upon your thigh. And one Kabbalist says, ‘It is easy to see because that angel touches the liver of the man and the spleen of the woman’. In other words, Jacob’s right thigh and Rachel’s left thigh.

How is it that an angel can touch both thighs at the same time? Because the angel does it in the sexual act; when they are sexually united, they are front to front, not back to back. Front to front. Rachel’s left thigh in front of Jacob’s right thigh. Thus Jacob defeating is the angel in the very sexual act and therefore, when defeated, the angel touches Hod and Netzach at the same time. Geburah is the power of Samael; Geburah is fire. Thus, Jacob defeats temptation in his own flesh, he does it with Rachel, his wife, in the very sexual act. Do you understand this? It is easy to see it when you know sexual alchemy.


Now, let us see the symbol of Samael, which is the five-pointed star, related with the Book of Revelation, when he is ascending to give us power, or when he is developing in us as an archetype, because Samael is another archetype within. We see the heaven of Geburah opened and the Logos Samael; “His eyes are as a flame of fire, and on his head are many crowns; and he has a name written, that no man know, but he himself. And he is clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.... And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword” - Revelation 19: 12, 13

“And out of his mouth...” - his mouth is the mouth of Adam, in Daath, the throat. There is the tip of the word, in any initiate. ‘And out of his mouth [Adam-Tiphereth] goes [the Logos as] a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations:’ All those egos that we have within, with the power of the word. ‘And he [the logos] shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he [the Logos] treads [in Yesod]’ Because Geburah is also in Scorpio, in the sexual organ; ‘The winepress of the fierceness and wrath of El-Shaddai.’ El-Shaddai is "the almighty God," which is sex. And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh [Yesod-Sex] a name written, King of Kings,’ Malachim [Melek]. The Malachim are precisely the angels of Tiphereth, [Melek] means that he rules all of them because he is a logos, ‘And lord of lords.’ Adonim, Adonai. Malkuth, because the name of God in Malkuth is Adonai, and Adonai is the holy name of God in Malkuth. And that is why we find Samael here in Geburah, and Adonai here in Hebrew, related with Malkuth, because Geburah is related with the two forces, Malkuth and Geburah. The blood, which is the symbol of Samael.

The symbol of Samael is the five-pointed star, because Geburah is the fifth Sephirah. At the very bottom of the five-pointed star says, ‘Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei.' It is a positive symbol related with the Master that is the patriarch of this organization.

Now, let us read what is written in the Zohar, in order to understand more about what we are explaining here.

"In the beginning," Rabbi Hiyya spoke and said: "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Iod-Havah, Good (Binah) understanding have all of them that do his commandments, His praise is standing forever" - Psalm 111: 10

The beginning of wisdom has reference to (Malkuth-Yesod) the great object of wisdom, namely, to rise (from Malkuth-Yesod ) and elevate us into the higher and diviner (Chaiah) life, as it is said:

“Open ye to me the gates of righteousness (chastity) I enter into them – I thank Jah.” Psalm 118:19

It is understandable that the gates are in Malkuth and Yesod, the entrance: the main entrance is in Yesod, our genitalia in our physicality.

Malkuth-Yesod, are the gates or way of Iod-Havah, through which everyone must pass in order to attain, gradually, this (Chaiah) life and to live in the presence of the heavenly king (Binah). Before this however, there are several other gates on the upward course which must be passed through, each with their bolts and bars that have to be unloosed, yet the last (Binah relates to Yesod- Malkuth) of which is that called "the fear of the Lord." It is the one only gate of access.

We have to pass many gates, but the first one is Malkuth-Yesod. If we are not opening Malkuth-Yesod, how could we open the others? People think that they can jump into the worlds of Eden and appear there. No, you cannot jump to the world of Eden. There is one gate and that gate is in Malkuth-Yesod. That gate is Yesod, sex. Malkuth is the skin: it is the flesh, it is the blood, and it is the sexual act. That is the gate, in our physicality.

There is in scripture two beginnings (Bereshiyh) mentioned, which are united into one, namely, ‘The fear of Iod-Havah' and ‘the beginning of Wisdom.’ Both are one and the same, and never found disjointed from each other. As it is written:

“That they [man and woman in the sexual act] may know that thou alone, whose name is Iod-Havah, Art the most high over all the earth [Malkuth].’ And the very sexual act. Why is the first gate [Malkuth] called the fear of the Lord? Because it [Malkuth, the skin, the sense of touch] is a tree of good or evil. When they live uprightly [in chastity], it [their skin, sense of touch in Yesod-Sex] is a tree of good to them; if unjustly [in fornication], a tree of evil. It [Malkuth] is the gate or portal through which all blessing, spiritual or temporal, comes. The words: ‘Good understanding [Binah] have all doing them,’ refer to those gates [in Malkuth, namely: man and woman] which [in Yesod-Sex], as aforesaid, are one and the same [in the sexual act].” - Zohar

This is the only way to reincarnate the higher parts or archetypes of our inner God within us. And this is how, when we incarnate them, it is clear that they are reincarnations, since those parts were incarnated in other individuals that self-realized them, that developed them, before. Do you understand this? This means that we are not going to be the first one to incarnate those archetypes, because other individuals have entered into the path in previous lives and previous races, and incarnated them. So, in other words, Moses reincarnated many times, through many individuals. Those who are waiting for the reincarnation of Jesus of Nazareth, let me tell them that the archetype that he represented two thousand years ago has had reincarnated many times, through many individuals.

Those who presently are waiting for the reincarnation of Samael, or the return of Samael Aun Weor, let me tell you, Samael has to reincarnate in each one of us because he is the Fifth Savior, the Fifth Logos or Voice in the Treasury of the Light. As Samael himself stated in Pistis Sophia:

“Samael, the Fifth Savior, Fifth Voice in the Treasury of the Light, will be in the region of the souls of those who (in Tiphereth) have received the Fifth Mystery of the First Mystery, in the region of the Inheritances of the Light.”

“We, Samael Aun Weor, tell ye, in the name of the First Mystery of Pistis Sophia and the Savior of the world, that I will unveil the remaining part of the Gnostic Bible in the half of the half of the time.” - The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

This is the way that we understand the law of reincarnation. It is related with all the archetypes of Yehidah. Yehidah is the Treasury of the Light. In Yehidah is the Messiah that has to reincarnate in us; he would take the direct path in Tiphereth. In Chaiah, we have Abba and Aima, that in the end, will reincarnate in those that take the direct path. Other incarnations of Ruach and Neshamah can happen also in different human beings, but the only soul that returns in intellectual animals is Nephesh, and such is not a reincarnation, but as we said, a return, because Nephesh is the animal soul. Do you have questions?

Question: When it is said that Jesus is the reincarnation of Joshua, that is not referring to the Master Aberamentho, but of the archetypes of the Bodhichitta and the Savior?

Answer: Yes, Jesus of Nazareth (יהושע בן פנדירא Joshua Ben Pandira) is the reincarnation of the archetype Joshua, this is why we say that. Understand that Jesus and Joshua are written with the same Hebrew letters. Joshua means ‘savior’. Likewise Jesus means ‘savior’ however Jesus is Latinized in English a name that in Hebrew is יהושע Joshua. It is the same archetype. Obviously, Joshua is an archetype that represents the savior, because his name means ‘savior.’ But in the written Torah he is not doing the main action as Moses, because in the Torah, Moses is showing us his own development, his own archetype. Moses represents the development of that alchemical archetype. And the rest of the archetypes are with him, but these are not at the forefront, because the five books of the Torah (תורה - Law) were given to Moses in Mount Sinai from the Mouth of the Logos of גבורה Geburah, the fifth sephirah.

Now, the Gospels of Jesus represent the works of the Savior, and therefore his development is in relation with Joshua. This is why we state that Jesus is the reincarnation of Joshua, because they represents the same archetype; meaning, that the archetype in Jesus is more obvious, more explicit. So, when you read the Bible, you have to analyze and think, let see what archetype this master, this prophet, represents; let us see what relation with what Sephirah his/her archetype represents in this book that I am reading now, because that archetype is within me as well, and so on and so forth.

For instance, Shamuel. Do not confuse this name with Samael, because Samael is written with Samech, and Shamuel with Shin. Shamuel or Samuel in English represents the perfection of Hod and Netzach. The books of Samuel come after Moses. Moses means the perfection of Netzach, but he is Tiphereth. When you study Kabbalah and alchemy, you understand all these similitudes and relationships.

Question: What can you tell us about Geburah, related with Klipoth and Malkuth and the three kings of Israel that Samuel mention in his books?

Answer: Well, the fifth Sephirah Geburah, relates to Neshamah the breath of Iod-Havah Elohim. When we read the book of Samuel one and two, we have to understand what we are reading, because there we find the story of the three kings, namely, Saul, David, and Solomon who in Alchemy represent the three kings of the gospels, namely, Klipoth, hell-the dark one, Malkuth, steam boiler-the white one, and Geburah perfection of Mastery, the yellow one, respectively. Those are the three steps of Alchemy that we have to understand, because when we talk about the Messiah from Yehidah, he is the son of Joseph and the son of David. This occurs in steps: first, Joseph, chastity, purity; then David, which is harder because this is the annihilation of ten thousand. Remember, Sheol or Saul killed one thousand, but David, ten thousand. Solomon is the outcome of all of that alchemical work. To reach that high is very difficult.

Question: When we reincarnate Moses, we must become killers, psychologically speaking. Moreover, do we have to descend into Klipoth to work, the shadow of The Tree of Life, before we reincarnate Moses?

Answer: Yes. When we incarnate Moses, we have to be a killer, psychologically speaking. Because Moses, like Mohammed, descends into Malkuth in order to kill all the unfaithful ones, our defects. Those unfaithful ones are not outside, but inside of us. They represent our egos, our idols. We have thousands of them. Moses had to descend and to annihilate them little by little, systematically, until reaching the promised land. When he is close to the promised land, he has to die also, in order to pay the karma of the last sin, which is fornication, in order to enter. This is what many Kabbalists or initiates do not understand. Why did Moses die?  Why did Jesus die? why did the Buddha die? Why did Samael Aun Weor die? Ignoramuses think that they did not enter the promised land: wrong, they did. But, Moses is showing us with his own death, that only with death can you kill death, because of the sin of fornication is in him. Moses is a reincarnation of many other archetypes - Adam, Abel, Seth, Noah - and he has to pay their mistakes, and he paid it with his death. Then, he enters into the promised land. Likewise the other Initiates who worked with their Moses' archetype. Thus, everybody has to do the same.

Question: The Zohar talks about the day of the wedding, how the companions adorn the Shekinah?

Answer: Shekinah is the Divine Mother Kundalini, in Sanskrit. The Shekinah is that element that we have to awaken, in order to perform the great work, and obviously this is done in the wedding. In the Jewish wedding they mention the Shekinah because Shekinah only awakes between a man and a woman in the alchemical sexual act.

Question: Are the words that are written or spoken, are they allegories?

Answer: When you study that, the words that are spoken, etc... they are related with a lot of symbols, that only those that know alchemy understand. The problem is that in this day and age, Christians, Jews, Muslims, repeat mechanically all of those scriptures and traditions without understanding them. If they would understand them, they would not fornicate. But they multiply, as I said, like any other animal.

Question: Why is fornication a sin?

Answer: Fornication is to reach the orgasm in the sexual act. Chastity is to not reach the orgasm, and to transmute, transform the energy in the sexual act, between husband and wife; and that is to be a thievish, or to be a good thief, in other words. Adam and Eve must learn how to do Alchemy. That was a secret that now is spoken publicly because humanity needs it.

Question: What exactly is alchemy?

Answer: Alchemy is the way in which you do work of El and Elah, Elohim in other words, with the chemistry of your body. It is related with the Tree of Life. Elah-Chemy, chemistry. So, it is what we talked about today. The relation of the Tree of Life with all your organs of your body. That is chemistry. Because this is what you call chemistry. When you know how to take advantage of that, you are working with Elah, Al-chemy, the chemistry of God, Elohim in other words, in order to develop The Tree of Life.

Question: You had mentioned the transfiguration of Yeshuah. In Mark 9 it states that ‘After six days, Yeshuah brought Peter, James and John up the high mountain.’ What is the kabbalistic meaning of those archetypes being present with him and what is the significance of them wanting to build three tabernacles?

Answer: The answer to that question is very long, and implies not one lecture, but many lectures, that indeed are already given. Search in the website, there you will find were we talk about the transfiguration of Jesus...

Question: can you explain a little?

Answer: Well the transfiguration relates to the path of the Bodhisattva, in relation with the Sephirah Hod, which is in one of the lectures, Hod is related with that transfiguration of Jesus in which Moses, along with Elijah, appears with him. The three tabernacles relate to the three brains and to the other archetypes which are the disciples of Jesus namely, John, Peter, and James. This is already spoken about. Just look for it in the lectures “The path of the Bodhisattva.”