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Jesus with the Scribes and Pharisees
Jesus with the Scribes and Pharisees

Wonders of the Awakened Consciousness

Let's talk about the intimate self-realization of the Being. Why are we gathered in this room, for what? Obviously, we have concerns, that is clear, we yearn for something; we are not happy with the way we live. Because, undoubtedly, there is something that moves us internally, something intimate, otherwise we would not be here, in this place.

We must distinguish between the innermost (Spirit) and the essence (consciousness); the essence itself (we could say, to speak in synthesis), is a fraction, we could say, of the innermost in us. Unfortunately, the essence is bottled up within the psychic aggregates. Such aggregates personify our psychological type of errors. Unquestionably, every defect, even if it is invisible to the external senses, is duly personified.

In a very ancient past, the essence was not bottled up, it was free; it manifested itself fully through our daily lives, through our senses. Then humanity was innocent, sublime, beautiful; neither good nor evil was known, everything belonged to everyone, and everyone could eat from the neighbor's tree without fear.

In those ages, people were in contact with the creatures of the superior worlds. In such times the elementals of fire (salamanders), air (sylphs), water (undines) and earth (gnomes) were visible and tangible for every human being...

Every human spoke the very pure Ortho of the divine language that flows like a river of gold that runs through a thick, sunny jungle. This was the ineffable cosmic language, in which the Elohim speak, in which all the elementals of creation speak... This was the original language...

This language has perfect grammar; this is obvious. For example, if I wanted to tell you in a sacred language that I will stay here a while longer to give you the teachings, doing my duty, I would say, “Samael Aun Weor masleim urim seidau”. But if I wanted to add that even fighting and even if I had to make many sacrifices, I would say: "lutener aeodon"...

That phrase that appeared up on the wall in the famous Belshazzar banquet, and that Daniel interpreted, we find pure sacred language: “Mene, mene, phares upharsin”. You could also say: “Om mene tekel phares upharsin”, that is: “Your kingdom will be delivered tonight to the Medes and Persians”; and we well know that Babylon, that night, fell into the hands of the Medes and Persians... Thus, in other times, humans spoke that precious language.

Then, humanity was innocent. Any human creature in the times of the golden age, in the middle of Lemuria, could clearly perceive half of a holtapamnas. A holtapamnas has about five and a half million shades of color and it was perceptible to any human being. The initiates, those who had been educated esoterically, could clearly perceive an entire holtapamnas, except for one tonality, which can only be perceived by the infinitude that sustains all, who is, the omnimerciful, omniscient and omnipenetrating eternal universal common cosmic father.

About 300 consonants and about 51 vowels were normally used in Lemuria. Over time, the eyes atrophied, and the ability to speak also decreased. Smell powerfully diminished, degenerated, and after the submersion of Atlantis, the human race definitively plunged down the path of degeneration.

Now yes, the seven basic colors of the solar spectrum and a few shades are barely perceived; that is the harsh reality of the facts.

A dog has a better sense of smell than we can have. With his sense of smell, a dog can follow the tracks of his master. From thousands of meters high the eagle can perceive a lizard and swoop down to catch it. There are animal creatures whose spiritual achievements, whose achievements of the Being, are better than ours; that is the harsh reality of the facts.

Thus, the time has come, it should be known, that we walk the path of devolution, of degeneration. When the essence was free, it was awake, then everything was all light in us; it was said that we were in Eden. But when the ego arose in us, the essence became bottled up within “the myself.” 

When the essence was free, true faith existed, the product of true knowledge, but when the ego arose and the essence became trapped within the myself, undoubtedly, faith was lost; today skepticism reigns supreme on the face of the Earth.

It is good to know that from the 18th century onwards, skepticism has gained great strength among all humanity, it has poisoned human minds. Before the eighteenth century, people clearly saw, in Spain, off its wonderful coasts, the famous Non Trubada or concealed island, about which there are many legends. It is an island of the fourth vertical, an island that is in the Jinn or Djinn state.

But since skepticism rotted, let's say, humanoid minds, from the 18th century onwards, the Non Trubada became invisible, no one sees it anymore; it exists, but no one sees it.

Talking about elementals or goblins to the primitive inhabitants of Ireland, in the times of the Hyperboreans, was as natural as we are today to talk about peppers or onions, or potatoes. The people lived with the elementals; today the scoundrels of the intellect laugh at all these things. “Stories for little children!”, they say...

Still our past generations were a little different. Fairy tales were given to children to amuse themselves, and there is no doubt that these tales prepared their minds for the perception of elementals. Today children are given adventures of different kinds: things that smell like war, things that smell like guns, crimes, robberies, etc. In sum, from infancy children are prepared about how to become murderers, thieves and fifty thousand other things.

So, as time goes by, the ego has been taking more and more strength, and the essence, the consciousness has been more and more imprisoned within the ego.

Today, when one is born, it is obvious that the essence manages to express itself a little. It is well known that every normal, ordinary person has 97% subconsciousness and 3% consciousness or free essence.

Upon coming into the world, upon returning, upon recurring, upon reincorporating ourselves, that 3% of free essence impregnates the fertilized egg and manifests itself in the body of the newborn. The subconscious 97% of essence is bottled up within the "I's", the psychic aggregates; the essence has no opportunity to express itself.

Thus, what is expressed in the child is the free essence, the small percentage of free essence; that gives you self-awareness, cognizant objectivity.

A newborn child is self-cognizant, but the adult believes that the newborn is unconscious, unaware, and is wrong. The newborn, precisely, is different: he sees the lamentable state in which adults find themselves; he is not unaware that adults are asleep, the newborn sees them as they are; the newborn is awake.

The “I’s” or psychic aggregates (or whatever we call them), personifying errors, go around the cradle of that creature, they come and go; they would like to enter that body, but they don't have the opportunity. It is interesting to see that only the pure, free, self-cognizant essence manages to express itself through the child; that's why the child is awake.

Sometimes the creatures laugh, with whom do they laugh? With their own “I’s” coming and going, other times they get scared when they see their very ugly “I’s”. They also usually see the relatives of their past existences; they remember their previous lives; They ignore nothing and that's wonderful.

In the times when the ego had not arisen in the human species, we were all like children; we could see the angels, the gods, the ineffable beings and talk with them face to face. When the ego developed, that happiness was lost. Likewise, when the child is born, in principle its essence is manifested, but later things change: the “I’s” begin to express themselves through the personality, and in the end, the essence remains there in the background, forgotten.

Unfortunately, with the education we receive from our instructors, with the example of our relatives, the personality develops. Unquestionably, this personality comes to constitute something like a kind of double consciousness, or better to say a false consciousness.

In the personality are the customs that have been instilled in us, the habits that we have formed, the doctrines with which we have been educated, the concepts that we have elaborated, the education received, etc. For this reason, the personality comes to displace the true consciousness; the consciousness comes to remain in the depths of oblivion, with no opportunity for its manifestation. The only thing that comes to express itself through us is the false consciousness, the false personality.

Thus, the false personality acts mechanically. For every question the false personality has an answer that is always mechanical; the false personality lives according to habits, concepts, opinions, lower emotions, instincts, animal impulses, etc.

The activities of our humanoid personality are unconscious, mechanical. Our humanoid personality knows nothing about what the true consciousness is, we ignore it.

Our life is completely mechanical; it works, yes, but mechanically, due to the law of associations. It is something similar to driving a car: you are driving your vehicle through the streets of the city and all the movement of that machine is carried out automatically. One complies with moving such or which levers and the device works, it moves; we travel thousands of miles, and we are completely unaware of how the various parts of the machine are working.

The one who sits down to play the piano is inspired, she makes the notes vibrate deliciously, she is rapt with ecstasy, but what does she know about the mechanism of the piano? How is the mechanics of her fingers being processed when she moves the key? how does all her biomechanical functioning work? That is ignored by her. She is just in ecstasy vibrating its melodies, and that is all.

So too, the consciousness deep down vibrates with the entire cosmos; but what does the personality know about it? Our life unfolds within totally subjective mechanics. We know nothing about the reality, we are not aware of the mysteries of life and death; we do not know why we act, why we live, what we work for, what is the purpose of our existence. We are submerged in the most supine ignorance.

The false consciousness has displaced the true consciousness. This flashy false consciousness is sometimes even, let's say, surprising; but obviously it works mechanically.

To speak more clearly, we are mechanical marionettes, simple robots programmed for this or that profession, for this or that art, for this or that trade, or job. One is programmed: they put one in kindergarten according to a certain program; then one goes to primary according to the program; to high school, to “college”, and if one is very lucky and one’s brain helps one a little, one goes programmed to university. At last one receives a title, that's obvious, the title helps one "in order to earn some coins", as we say around here. But, after all, it's just a programmed robot and that is all. The consciousness has not intervened at all in this whole program.

In all that program, the personality, which is the real robot, works; it is not programmed for esoteric matters, it has not been programmed to study the mysteries of life and death; nor have they programmed that humanoid robot to study, for example, what is related to the subtle forces of nature. If to this is added that the essence is bottled up, trapped within the ego, then there is no faith; from where would the faith arise from, if the ego does not have faith?

Conclusion: one is a robot without faith, loaded with many doctrines, who knows nothing about him or herself or about others; such is the harsh reality of the facts, and it is truly lamentable.

The time has come for us to worry a little more about ourselves; The time has come for us to try to explore ourselves to know ourselves, only in this way, truly, can we achieve the awakening of our consciousness.

It is good to know that, today, our center of gravity is exclusively established... that is, our magnetic center is completely established in the personality. It is necessary for that magnetic center to change places: remove it from the personality and establish it in the consciousness; that is obvious.

As we disintegrate the undesirable elements that we carry within, the personality will become more passive and our essence or our consciousness more active. When all the undesirable elements that we carry within, are reduced to cosmic dust, the consciousness will be one hundred percent active, and the personality totally at peace; it will become, then, the vehicle of our consciousness: when that happens, we will possess our soul.

Now you will be able to understand the deep meaning of that phrase of the gospel that says:

"In your patience possess ye your souls" – Luke 21: 19

Today, we cannot say that we possess our soul. On the contrary, the soul possesses us; we are a heavy burden for our soul; we are like a cancerous tumor to our soul.

But when we completely destroy the ego, then the liberated consciousness, the pure essence will manifest through our human person with all the lordship of ancient times; then we will speak again in the very pure Ortho of the divine language that flows like a river of gold that runs through a thick, sunny jungle; we will see the gods of fire, of the air, of the waters, of the earth; the princes of the elements will open for us the doors of their paradises. We will have returned to the paradisiacal state. 

It will be then when we will really possess our soul, when we will truly be all soul; even our very human body will become a soul and we will be one hundred percent soul.

Let us compare that state with the one we find ourselves in at the present time, with this artificial, mechanical personality, educated according to certain customs, programmed like any robot.

What can we know about the truth, about what is real, about that which is beyond the body, the affections and the mind? However, there are many who think they know the truth. Let us remember the words of Christ:

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32

The truth is not a matter of theories, or concepts, or opinions, or ideas. The idea that someone has about the truth, is not the truth; the concept that someone has been able to elaborate on the truth, is not the truth; an opinion, however respectable, in relation to the truth, is never the truth.

The truth is the unknown from instant to instant, from moment to moment; the truth is a matter of direct experience, like when you put your finger in the fire and get burned, or like when you swallow water and shock. 

When Jesus the Christ was asked: “what is truth?” He was silent; and when the Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni was asked the same question, he turned his back and withdrew. It is that the truth is not a matter of words, but of a lived experience.

You could feel the ecstasy of a beautiful sunset, but how would you make someone else feel that same ecstasy? Do you think that by narrating it you would feel it? This has to be felt for oneself and directly...

The time has come, then, to make an inventory of what we are, of what we have left over and of what we lack, to really work on ourselves, here and now.

Three Minds

Obviously, there are three minds (and that's something I've been talking about a lot in my last few talks).

The first we might call the "sensual mind." It elaborates its conceptual content exclusively with the data provided by the external senses, that is, through external sensory perceptions.

The second is the intermediate mind, in which religious beliefs are deposited.

And the third is the inner mind.

What can the sensual mind know about the reality, about the mysteries of life and death, about the soul, about the spirit, about eternity? Absolutely nothing!

Obviously, the sensual mind elaborates its conceptual content exclusively with the data provided by the senses. Its vehicle is too narrow and it cannot get out of the limit of the mystical-sensorial world.

The second mind, the middle mind, however brilliant it may be, has only religious beliefs, but can know nothing about the truth.

And as the third, the interior, is concerned, it is closed. It is the only one which has access to the reality. Jesus the Christ warns his disciples:

“Then Jesus said unto them, take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees.” – Matthew 16: 6

What is the leaven of the Sadducees? The doctrine of the five senses, the materialistic doctrines.

And what is the leaven of the Pharisees? The doctrines of the intermediate mind.

“Then spoke Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples, saying: The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat: All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not. 

For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.

But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments, and love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues, and greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Master, Master. But be not ye called Master: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren. And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.” – Matthew 23: 1-10

We well know that the Pharisees go to their temples so that others can see them; they attend their rites to fulfill a duty, but they never work on themselves; they always occupy the first chief seats in the synagogues, and greetings in the markets.

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.” – Matthew 23: 27

What can the Pharisees know about the reality? If you want to know something about the reality, you have to open your inner mind. This, in itself, works with the data of the superlative consciousness of the Being. The spring that moves it is another: that spring is the data of the consciousness.

Thus, whoever opens the third mind knows what the reality is; that one has direct access to the mysteries of life and death, that one can remember his previous lives; that one can study the books of the law, where his own debits and credits are; that one can come into direct contact with the gods of the dawn of the mahamanvantara, that one can talk with them face to face.

Only the one who has opened the third mind has faith. Faith has nothing to do with beliefs. Faith is one thing and beliefs are another. Faith is knowledge of the truth, direct, vivid knowledge of what is the reality; authentic comprehension of the universal science; pure knowledge, beyond the heap of theories.

Those who think that faith is something like religious beliefs have confused the third mind with the second. Indeed, whoever thinks like this does not really know, in depth, revolutionary psychology...

There is a need to open the third mind, whatever it takes. And this is only possible by annihilating the psychic aggregates. That is the obvious path to follow. 

But in this matter of the annihilation of the undesirable elements that we carry in our interior, there must be in-depth didactics and a vivid dialectic: the dialectic of the consciousness.

Much has been said about dialectics, but what is really important is the dialectics of the consciousness, the vivid events of the superlative consciousness of the Being.

We really need, I repeat, to begin to psychologically self-observe ourselves, if we really hope, one day, to liberate the essence, to return to the original paradisiacal state.

Psychological self-observation is fundamental; that is clear.

In the field of practical life, we ​​can discover ourselves; that's obvious. In the field of practical life is the psychological gymnasium of our own existence. Without that psychological gymnasium, self-discovery is impossible. It is in the psychological gymnasium of life where we can discover ourselves.

Interrelation is formidable: undoubtedly, in relation to our relatives, with our co-workers, with friends on the street, at school, etc., the defects that we have hidden spontaneously surface; and if we are in the state of alert perception, alert novelty, then we see them as they are.

A discovered defect must be judged analytically, and subsequently eliminated...

Elimination of Defects

Regarding the masters Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Collins, Nicoll, etc., etc., etc., we discover, with deep pain, a serious error: it so happens that Gurdjieff pronounced himself against the igneous serpent of our magical powers, and left his disciples without weapons.

The "institute for the harmonious development of man" in Paris, in fact, has failed. Gurdjieff made the doctrine of the multiple “I’s” known (he brought it from Tibet; it is not his own, the doctrine of the many comes from Tibet, and those of us who have delved into Tantric Buddhism know that), but he made a mistake! Against the kundalini...

It is good that you know that there are two serpents: the one that climbs up the spinal cord to the brain, and the one that rushes from the coccyx to the atomic infernos of the human being. The first is called "the kundalini", the second, is "the abominable kundabuffer organ".

The one that goes up is the bronze serpent that healed the Israelites in the wilderness and the serpent that coiled around the rod of Asclepius, the god of medicine.

The one that descends is the tempting serpent of Eden, it is the horrible python serpent with seven heads, which crawled through the mud of the earth, and which Apollo, irritated, wounded with his darts. The latter is the one that has hypnotized humanity.

The various psychic aggregates that we carry within ourselves and within which the consciousness is embedded, are the disastrous result of the hypnotic power of the abominable Kundabuffer organ, the descending serpent.

Now you will understand why that horrible python has massively hypnotized all of humanity.

But attributing to the bronze serpent that healed the Israelites in the wilderness, the fatal hypnotic power of the horrible python that crawled through the mud of the earth, is in fact one hundred percent absurd.

If humanity is not taught the doctrine of the ascending serpent, undoubtedly one will not be able to disintegrate the undesirable elements that one carries within.

For this reason, the very respectable and very venerable master Gurdjieff made a very serious mistake: he taught the doctrine of the many as the lamas teach it in the lands of Je Tsongkhapa; however, he did not give the “armaments” to the poor disciples. If he denied them the weapons, with what are they going to destroy the psychic aggregates, the “I’s”? The mind cannot do it. Krishnamurti himself recognizes that, then what?

Only through the igneous serpent of our magical powers is it possible to disintegrate the inhuman psychic aggregates that we carry within.

I am speaking to you in the light of vivid experience; and I am going to repeat, this time, a story that I have repeated many times; but these repetitions are sometimes convenient, for the good of the students themselves...

Many years ago, I was dealing with an ego of lust; being out of the dense form, I was subjected to multiple tests of chastity, and then I failed. Yet in the physical world I was always victorious.

I had an ascetic behavior: total control of the senses and the mind. But outside the body things changed; when I was put to the test, something arose in my mind: an age-old “I” of lasciviousness, and then I failed miserably.

I appealed to the systems of Krishnamurti and Gurdjieff: an in-depth, profound comprehension, through inner meditation. Try through meditation to comprehend the process of lasciviousness, of lust.

Unquestionably, the power of discernment, deepening, became exceedingly penetrating; it was like the surgeon's scalpel, trying to pull out the root there, of a cancerous tumor; but everything was useless...

One of those many days, I was deep in meditation, trying to discern what the process of lust is, trying to comprehend what that “I” is (according to the systems of Gurdjieff, Nicoll, Krishnamurti, and many others), when, unfortunately for me, an unusual phenomenon happened to me: since the concentration was too penetrating, I left the physical body, and entered, then, that world that we would call “astral”. So, I found myself inside a luxurious mansion, caressing a lady, loving her, falling in love with her, etc. Exactly the opposite of what I was doing, the antithesis, as if by stubborn opposition that nefarious me wanted to totally destroy my work...

When I returned to the physical body again, after the ecstasy, I felt disappointed. I comprehended that the system of Krishnamurti (based on pure comprehension), and that of Gurdjieff, and that of Ouspensky, and that of Collins, and that of Nicoll and fifty thousand other authors, did not work; in practice it had failed...

Unquestionably, I went through a moment of terrible disorientation, chaos formed in my mind. I found myself in a dead end. But fortunately, I received help: since I always worry about helping others, about teaching others, well, I deserved to be helped. How could one receive help if one is not able to help others? But I had worried about teaching others, so it deserved to be taught. And one of those many days I was assisted. Upon entering the temple, I found one of the guardians of the Egyptian sphinx on the threshold (I knew that adept, I had been his friend for many centuries), looking at me fixedly, he said, "Among a group of brothers who worked in the ninth sphere, and who after having worked presented themselves in this temple, you are the most advanced; but now you" he told me, "you are lagging behind, stagnant."

My obvious question was, "Why?"

Answer, "Because you lack love."

"I lack love? But I am helping humanity and what I know I share with my brothers and sisters, with my neighbor, why would I lack love?"

"You lack love because you have forgotten your mother; you are an ungrateful son."

"What?" I said, "but my mother disincarnated a while ago, where am I going to look for her?"

He said, “Don't you know where your mother is?”

I said, "I don't know."

He said, "It is impossible for you not to know where your mother is! Listen well, what I am telling you is for your good; listen to me!" So, the guardian told me; and I said goodbye to him...

A few days passed and I was still reflecting, trying, then, to delve into this whole issue.

Finally, as the saying goes: "a light bulb lit up in my head"... One of those many days I remembered Devi Kundalini-shakti, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, the particular cosmic mother of each one of us. And I who had read so many books, who had read so many authors, in truth they all spoke of maha-kundalini, the universal cosmic mother, but there was not one who spoke about our particular, individual cosmic mother. She exists, she is a variant of our own Being, but a derivative! Our Being has many parts, and one of the most important parts of our Being is our particular, individual cosmic mother. The Hindustani call her “Devi Kundalini”; “Isis!” exclaim the Egyptians; “Diana!” shout the Greeks; “Tonantzin!” say our ancestors of Anahuac...

Thus, I profoundly concentrated on her, and I was assisted by her. So, She brought me before one of the courts of the law of karma. The judge sat down. And as the sacred scriptures say: "the books were opened"... I advanced a few steps; old medieval accounts were read to me (mistakes of ancient lives).

Later, I was able to show how this “I” had arisen; he saw the disorders committed in the Middle Ages. Orders were given to the cosmic executioner, thus, he advanced with a unshielded sword... When I saw him advancing I felt terribly disappointed: "I fought so hard there in the physical world to help humanity, to give them the teachings, and this has come to be the result! What good was it for me to have been giving the teachings there in the physical world?”

But when the sword was already approaching my chest, I felt a strange movement within the superior existential bodies of the Being, and something came out of me; I looked and saw: yes, that inhuman psychic aggregate...

The sword that was directed against me deviated, and continued to be directed against that psychological aggregate.

Finally, he plunged into the bowels of the planet and I was free. Since then, I was able to emerge victorious in all tests related to chastity...

Such a lesson, for me, was extraordinary, wonderful, and today I share it here, with all of you, because what one knows must be shared with his fellow men; That is called love...

And I kept working with Devi Kundalini. And that was how I managed to eliminate all the inhuman psychic aggregates that I carried inside me.

If I had not received the instruction of the guardian of the sphinx of the desert, I would have been left unarmed, so, with what weapons would I have eliminated those “I’s”?

Experience taught me that on the basis of exclusive comprehension or discernment, it is not possible. I do not deny that comprehension is fundamental, but it is not everything. It is also necessary to eliminate.

Comprehension and elimination are basic. This is how we can advance on the path of the disintegration of the undesirable elements that we carry within; like this and only like this...

Today, we are in ignorance, on the street, we know nothing. It is not possible to know as long as the essence is not unbottled; it is not possible to know something while the consciousness does not awake; it is not possible to awaken or unbottle oneself if the ego, the “I”, the myself, the self-willed, is not destroyed.

But there must be order in this type of psychological work. We all have the sense of psychological self-observation. Unfortunately, such a sense is stunted in the human race. It is necessary that this sense enters into a new activity.

When one begins to self-observe oneself, it is because that sense is already beginning to come into activity. In principle one does not see the “I’s”. Later, as that sense develops, one sees them as they are; and one gets to know through vivid, direct experience, the result of one’s work.

Although there are multiple “I’s”, although these do not keep any concordance, although they do not keep order of any kind, the inner, profound Being (to be clearer, our divine cosmic mother), establishes an order in in this (type of psychological) work.

I say this based on practice. I had to work very hard, first of all with the infrahuman “I’s” of the natural infradimensions; later, with those “I’s” of the astral world; later, with the “I’s” of the mind and later with the “I’s” causes; and lastly, with “I’s” of the same consciousness of the Being...

The latter may seem strange to you. I want you to know that before the causes that originate “I’s” appear, the erroneous causes, some atoms of the consciousness of the Being are altered. And those altered atoms become tempting “I’s”. They must be annihilated so that the sovereign consciousness remains free.

Thus, I was able to understand that an order was established at this (type of psychological) work. It is that the superior parts of the Being as they are: Devi Kundalini, and the father who is in secret, or the particular, individual Shiva, or better we would say the particular, individual Brahma, which is beyond Shiva, well, they had established a marvelous order.

As one advances in the self-observation of oneself, surprising events happen: one of those many days, we can find ourselves, for example, in the astral world; our physical body lies asleep in the bed. So, we come to discover, to our astonishment, a vile new “I”. Perhaps a jealous “I” that we thought we no longer had, perhaps an angry “I” that we thought we no longer possessed, perhaps an envious “I” that we thought we never had. Such an event incite us to work.

Thus, from that moment we dedicate ourselves to work, first to comprehend and second to annihilate that new “I”.

Another day, no matter which, another defect arises that we did not even remotely suspect. We must work on that until we annihilate it.

At a meeting of friends, we suddenly found ourselves fighting over there, possibly our self-esteem was hurt. More than enough foundation to work against the “I” of self-love.  

As we start structuring our work, we will see that it has an order. Then, what we could call "work memory" is formed in us.

Every “I” we have seen gives us a psychological snapshot; and much later, if we bring together a group of all those “I’s” that we have seen through different psychic events, we will have a figure of ourselves, of what we were. If we confront that figure of what we were with what we are now, we will notice the change and we will never want to be what we were. All of this is the result of "work memory."

Within ourselves there is impenetrable, deep, abysmal darkness. And as these “I’s” disintegrate, the consciousness, which is light, will make its way through that darkness; but the most profound darkness does not comprehend it...

Let's remember that phrase of the gospel that says:

"And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not." – John 1: 5

And the light is making its way through the abysmal depths of our own interior. And finally, the light overcomes the darkness. “light is cognizance; cognizance is light.” But people do not comprehend this: the intimate relationship between light and cognizance, between cognizance and light...

A day will come when the light will have triumphed within us, and then we will be enlightened. Darkness is unconsciousness; light is awakened cognizance. When light triumphs over darkness, we will shine in the infinite space. We will have truly come to become masters of samadhi, true enlightened masters, true resplendent masters...

The state in which we find ourselves now is one of profound darkness. We are miserable robots, as I already said, programmed, unfortunately.

The time has come to understand these things; we must begin to observe ourselves psychologically. First of all, we must admit that we have a particular psychology. People easily accept that they have a physical body because they can touch it; but they, the majority, do not accept that they have a particular psychology, because they cannot see it. The sensual mind cannot see the intimate psychology.

But when someone accepts that one really has a psychology, one begins to observe oneself. The one who begins to observe oneself, already gives hope, already in fact becomes different from others.

Someone who observe their own self, unquestionably, can change if they want to. But as long as they do not begin to see themselves, they will continue with their consciousness asleep, in profound darkness; And that is lamentable...

Virtues and Vices

Practical life is wonderful: we can observe our attitudes, which are these? There is an intimate relationship between attitudes and events. An event, no matter how serious, could become wonderful if we assume a good attitude. A circumstance, no matter how magnificent, could become negative and harmful if we assume the wrong attitude.

The attitude that we assume at each moment is definitive. How do we behave, for example, before the employee of a store, a hardware store, a clothing store? how?

Maybe we get upset because he didn't bring us the exact merchandise we asked for, because he's dim-witted; because he doesn't comprehend us we look at him angrily, right? And we even scold him. We would like to change him, when in truth we are the ones who must change, we are the insolent ones. Possibly we are cocky; that is why we look in that way at the shopkeeper or the employee of a store.

Conceit has so many phases; it is the worst enemy of the dissolution of the ego!

If one takes pride in the virtue of chastity, in fact, one loses it. The one who says: “I am chaste, I am working in the ninth sphere, I am one hundred percent Gnostic!” Unquestionably, deep down he turns out to be a perverse fornicator.

The one who says: “I have already reached humility, I have no pride with anyone; I deal well with everyone, even if they are the most unhappy, I respect them, I appreciate them; in my house I receive all the people "... Well, the one who thus takes pride in the virtue of humility, undoubtedly, resembles Aristippus, that philosopher from Greece, who, putting on a tunic with tremendous holes (to demonstrate his humility to the whole world), grabbed the stick of philosophy and went through the streets of Athens; when arriving before Socrates, he exclaimed: "O Aristippus! Your vanity is seen through the holes in your vesture"...

They tell of Diogenes Laercia that, entering the house of Socrates, stepping heavily, he said, "Stepping on your pride Socrates, stepping on your pride!"

Then Socrates replied, "Yes, Diogenes, with your pride you step on my pride!"

So, let's not fill ourselves with conceit, because that defect is the worst enemy of the dissolution of psychic aggregates.

There are true virtues and false virtues. Virtues are like precious stones: some are true and some are false; an imitated virtue is a false virtue. For example, if one decides to be serene, meek of heart, not to have anger; if he proposes to imitate the virtue of meekness, it would seem as if he really had that virtue... I have known cases of individuals, who said: "I have no anger against anything!". And when someone insulted them, they blessed and smiled, but when I looked at his smile, I could see that it ended in a wince. Total: they tried to imitate a virtue, but they did not have it; they imitated the virtue of meekness, but did not really possess it.

In order to have the virtue of meekness, it is necessary to eliminate the “I’s” of anger, which are legion. And that is a long and hard work.

In order to have the virtue of chastity, it is necessary to eliminate the “I’s” of lust; and that is a serious job, more bitter than gall, that lasts a lifetime; and even several lives.

In order to have the virtue of tolerance, one has to eliminate the ego of intolerance; and this is long, terrible work.

The imitated virtues are false stones, they are not real. Only true virtues are authentic, legitimate, true stones...

Thus, we must annihilate the “I’s” so that the virtues remain in us. And each virtue has to be fought hard to get to have it; It is a precious gem that we have to take out from the bottom of the abyss with the point of the sword.

Virtue is not a matter of pietistic posturing; virtue is not a matter of feigned meekness, or puritanism in bad taste, no. The virtues must be achieved through many struggles, fighting with the edge of the sword against the dark hosts that we carry within.

“Virtue” comes from a root that is “vir”, from “virility”, from the “virile”. Only with virility, only through struggle can you get that precious gem, which corresponds to some virtue. You see that the work we have to do is long, hard, expensive...

Change is needed. We could not change if we did not eliminate the undesirable elements that we carry inside. We need to go to a higher level of the Being; even more, we need to ascend from level to level, until we reach the highest part of all levels of the Being. And this is only possible by dying within oneself from instant to instant, from moment to moment. "Only with death comes the new, if the germ does not die, the plant is not born"...

To awaken, yes, that's wonderful!...

All of you would like to see, hear, touch and feel the great realities of the superior worlds, but you sleep. How could one reach the experience of the reality if one’s consciousness is asleep? But if one destroys the ego, the consciousness awakens and then one knows the reality.

Unfortunately, the consciousness of human beings is, let's say, stuck in a horrible dungeon, in a filthy dungeon, which is the ego. But everyone thinks they are free, everyone feels free, and everyone thinks they are free. That is where the mistake is!

There has been a lot of fighting for freedom; every nation has legendary heroes, who gave their blood for freedom on the battlefields. But we are still slaves of ourselves, we are still imprisoned within the ego.

Unfortunately, people are self-enclosed in that pestilent atmosphere of their own mind, worshiping their "dear ego", venerating it. The only thing that remains for them is to put it on an altar with a couple of candles and kneel before it.

“I am strong”, said someone who taught black magic to his disciples. “I am powerful, I am great”, etc., etc., etc. That is how they are; that is how humanity is.

Liberating the consciousness is a great thing! One only comes to know what freedom is when the consciousness breaks out of the dungeon in which it is put, and comes out to the light of the life free in its movement.

Notwithstanding one only comes to know the truth when the consciousness is emancipated. One only comes to know happiness when the consciousness comes out of the prison where it is trapped. Before, that one does not know happiness; one mistakes pleasure for happiness, but one does not know happiness.

So, I invite you to reflect on these words; It is necessary that you comprehend...

Questions and Answers

I will now give an opportunity for those who want to ask questions to do so, and I, with the greatest pleasure, will answer your questions...

Student: An identification with myself, I didn't believe I could get into the lecture... then, I projected with myself within the same lecture, and I began to understand... ...that is, I have been reasoning before with a logic... ...and right now I began to slide without any problem, to identify myself with the lecture...

Samael Aun Weor:  There is no doubt that for a moment, the essence, for a moment managed, let's say, to emancipate itself even momentarily from within the ego, to experience the reality of what we have been stating here. Any other questions, brothers? let's see talk...

Student:  Is it necessary to know, to understand the beginning from which the ego began from past lives in order to be able to destroy it?

Samael Aun Weor:  Obviously, if we waited first to remember our past lives and then begin to destroy the ego, well, we would reach a dead end street:  Because it is not possible, indeed, remembering the totality of past life experiences if one has not destroyed the ego.

Let's start with immediate, direct psychological self-observation; Let's start by living in a state of alert perception and alert novelty, to gradually discover our defects, here and now. Let's work from moment to moment, and in this way, we will totally dissolve the ego. One day when we are awake, we will be able to remember our innumerable births, that is all.

Student:  What is first, cognizance or mysticism?

Samael Aun Weor:  Well, mysticism is a very natural function of the essence, of the Being. An individual can be a mystic without having yet awakened the consciousness. Moreover, mysticism is needed, it is a very natural function of the consciousness. Whoever is mystical gives some hope... That is all. any other question?

Student:  Master, what does skepticism consist of?

Samael Aun Weor:  Well, skepticism is based on ignorance. Since humanity has not opened the inner mind, since humanity is only trapped by the sensual mind (which elaborates its concepts of content exclusively with the data provided by the five senses), unquestionably, it cannot know anything about the reality. How could the sensual mind know of the reality, if it is not programmed for the reality? It is programmed for the mystical-sensorial, external world, but not for extra-perceptions, not for the evidence of the Being.

Skepticism is a peculiar characteristic of the ego and the sensual mind, basic functionalism of the sensual mind and the ego. When one opens the inner mind, skepticism ends.

But to open the inner mind, one must learn to think psychologically. Whoever knows how to think psychologically disintegrates the ego, and then the inner mind remains open.

The inner mind works strictly with the data of the consciousness, with the data of the superior centers of the Being. That is why the inner mind has direct access to the reality, to the truth. But it is impossible for the sensual mind, for it to have access to the reality.

We must beware of the doctrine of the Sadducees (the sensual mind), and of the doctrine of the Pharisees (the intermediate mind) who attend their rites, their cults, etc., but without the intention of ever working on themselves.

If one departs from the doctrine of the Sadducees and the doctrine of the Pharisees, and learns to think psychologically, one dissolves the ego, and finally ends up opening the inner mind:  It gives one evidence of the reality; this provides one with the data of the knowledge of the Being; this allows one to experience everything that is, what has been and what will be, then faith arises, which is nothing but true, authentic wisdom.

Student:  You were telling us just now, master, that when one awakens the consciousness and eliminates the egos, then one can see the angels, all the superior beings. So, having done that, for example, could you talk to Jesus of Nazareth, for example?

Samael Aun Weor:  Jesus of Nazareth is a master who was able to achieve the resurrection. Along with him are many other resurrected masters; and everyone who has his consciousness awakened can enter into contact with those masters who form the esoteric circle of the divine humanity. But you must have your consciousness awakened in order to enter into a conscious contact...