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Rebel Angels by William Blake
Rebel Angels by William Blake

Why Revelation Says Christ Wants Us to Be Cold or Hot, Not Lukewarm

“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” – Revelation 3: 15, 16

The fundamental thing through all our studies really comes to be to tread the path that will lead us to the final liberation. Certainly, the wheel of samsara is often very painful.

We have methods to project ourselves voluntarily and consciously in the astral world, therefore, in this state we project our consciousness so that we can travel positively in the astral body, to directly investigate the mysteries of life and death.

On one occasion in a voluntarily and consciously astral projected state, I had to get in touch with that one, that fallen angel mentioned by Saturnine of Antioch; normally in the Christian world he is called "the Devil". That fallen angel had a physical body in the Lemurian era. He was a priest and a soldier at the same time. The Lemurians granted him the right to use a shield, a sword, a helmet of pure gold, of solid gold. Gold, among the ancients, did not represent bank-bills, but had a different meaning, it represented the spirit element, it represented the glory of the Sun King, it represented divine power.

Thus, Jahveh was respected in Lemuria and officiated as a priest, as an esotericist, it was known that he was an angel and everyone respected him, venerated him: an angel incarnated, he was for the Lemurians a kind of deity, something ineffable, he was a great initiate, he had his priestess wife. I speak of times when humanity had already been divided into two sexes.

Unfortunately, Jahveh allowed himself to be convinced by the followers of black tantra. For them white is black and black is white; they have a very peculiar logic, an abysmal logic.

It is well known that in Black tantra, for example, the Drukpas [dragons] of Eastern Tibet, usually during the chemical copulation, commit the crime of spilling the Cup of Hermes. It is obvious that since at that instant of the ritual, the three nourishments of the pure Akasha have been reinforced within the Brahmanic cord, then if one ejaculates the Ens-Seminis one becomes a true failure, because the abominable Kundabuffer Organ becomes active. It so happens that during the ejaculation of the Ens-Seminis, millions of extremely high voltage solar atoms are lost, which are replaced by a multitude of atoms of the secret enemy. Such atoms enter our seminal canals, they enter the Brahmanic cord, they try to go up to the brain, but it is clear that they are rejected, thus, from the coccyx such evil atoms precipitate downwards and form the tail with which the Biblical Satan is represented.

Indeed, in the coccyx there is an atom of the secret enemy; that atom enters into activity and awakens, which is well-known in the secret literature as the abominable Kundabuffer Organ. Then the igneous brazen serpent descends towards the coccygeal magnetic center and is locked in the Muladhara chakra.

Well, all black tantra does not end there. It is obvious that evil atom enters into activity in the coccyx and puts into activity the abominable Kundabuffer Organ.

So, the Kundabuffer Organ developed in the nature of Jahveh, and in fact became a terribly perverse demon, a kind of Drukpa of the lunar type; later he tried to convince his wife to accept the teachings of black tantra, but she did not accept it, thus they separated. She did not fall; she is a true angel, but Jahveh became a terrible black magician (of the mental plane).

Centuries passed. On that occasion when I got in touch with Jahveh, I had to penetrate his sphere, a sphere that was far below the three-dimensional world of Euclid. I visited him in a gloomy residence. I was well received. He offered me to take a seat and we chatted properly. He does not have a physical body; however, he has a wife, he is married in the astral world with a horrible female black magician, an abysmal woman. Jahveh's entire speech began by speaking against the Christic force; when addressing the Christic force, he said that we should not allow ourselves to be carried away by that force. I could understand that he hates the Christic force. His doctrine is based on the wheel of samsara, he knows the wheel of samsara very well and has made a mystic doctrine out of that wheel.

Jahveh does not ignore that he is devolving in the infernos, he does not ignore that he will have to recapitulate animaloid, vegetaloid, and mineraloid states within the bowels of the planet in which we live. He knows that the Second Death of which the Gospel of Jesus the Christ and the Apocalypse of Saint John speaks about will befall upon him there, but none of that frightens him.

He knows that after the second death, his essence will come out to the light of the Sun, and that his essence will re-emerge to begin a new evolutionary ascent, which will begin exactly in the lower state, within the mineral kingdom. He knows that later, after his mineral evolution, his essence will ascend to plant evolution. He knows that much later his essence will reincorporate itself into the animal state and will recover the humanoid state that he once lost. Jahveh ignores none of this. On the contrary, he has made a mystical doctrine of it: he says that it is delectable to inhabit plants, that it is delectable to inhabit the animal kingdom and the humanoid state; so, he has a base, but we know that the wheel is always repetitive.

For a moment in your life, relive the existence you currently have. Honestly and sincerely examine yourselves, your adolescence, your youth, just as Jahveh has been doing, do you like it ? For a moment, let's try to go back to the past when we were elementals of the animal kingdom, when we had not yet entered these humanoid bodies; obviously we were birds, fish, quadrupeds, bulls, etc., many times we killed, and many times they killed us... See with your imagination yourselves between the feline claws or between the teeth that are going to devour us. Do you think that such memories are very tasty, that they are very pleasant? Think like a fish in the ocean, a small defenseless fish, find yourselves before huge eyes and jaws. Do you think it's nice? Don't you think it's too boring? Since this seems very boring to me.

In days gone by, I saw the Hare Krishna's disciples wearing long tunics, playing a kind of drum and doing a proselytist work. It is obvious that they chose a lousy place to do their proselytist work, since people made fun of them, etc. I even commented with Tony about this case: wanting to do a proselytist work in the kingdom of Mammon which relates to the intellect and money. A university corresponds to the king of Mammon; there they are, the rascals of the intellect. You brothers and sisters already got left the cave of Mammon, I don't think you want to go back there to do proselytism, do you? Since those young people could not do their proselytist work there, I am sure that those Hare Krishna's disciples, despite having studied the religion of Krishna and worshiping Rama so much, have not fully comprehended in depth their doctrine because Krishna taught the law of the transmigration of souls.

The law of the transmigration of souls was also taught in Greece by Pythagoras, he gave it the name of Metempsychosis; but theosophists, pseudo-rosicrucians, yogis, aquarian tricksters, etc., have rejected it, why? Out of pride of course, because to go backwards and to become a sheep or a horse and carry a load, to go backwards to the pigsty turned into a pig? No, impossible, it can't be! So, they believe that it is a regression, no one disincarnates to rejoin the pigsty as a pig, that would be absurd!


But the wheel of samsara is something else, it turns relentlessly. Behold the Arcanum 10 of the Tarot. Anubis triumphantly ascends on the right, victorious, that is evolution, life (and in the left Typhon Baphomet descending towards the second death).

It is obvious that every rise is followed by a descent. The ascending evolution reaches a certain point and inevitably descends. This descent also has its culminating point, then comes the reascent. This reascent is not a return, the wheel turns from right to left, the march will not return, it is in the reascent, there is the mineral, the vegetable, the animal.

Our brothers and sisters from the pseudo-esoteric schools are still very far from understanding the doctrine of Krishna, since not even the brothers and sisters of the Hare Krishna's sect or religion, who go around, have thoroughly comprehended what we are saying. This thing about the wheel is mathematical, even the hairs are counted, everything in the universe is made based on number, measure and weight, that is why it is stated that God is a great mathematician, a great geometer, that is true. The wheel of samsara has to turn 3,000 times on its axis; after that all the doors are definitively closed to us, you already know this, it may be because you have one more degree of consciousness.

Being in Acapulco, during samadhi, I decided to know about those monads who pass 3,000 cycles, who lose all opportunities, and I thought that with 3,000 cycles there would be few who do not enter, who would not achieve self-realization, but I was astounded. In samadhi, I had to penetrate into the supreme Parabrahatman as Atman, in the Universal Spirit of Life, beyond the astral, mental, causal worlds, etc. It is obvious that there are also temples of mysteries in the center of Parabrahatman. I approached the temple with the body of Nirmanakaya and I saw creatures that were the size of the Elohim, they were coming soaring in the halls of the temple, completely innocent, beyond good and evil, those little creatures had no self-realization of any kind, and they were millions like the sands of the sea and I also saw some Mahatmas, Diamond Souls, Vajrasattvas, Kumarás, Avibhaktas, beings like Moses, like Gautama the Buddha, Siddhartha Sakyamuni, etc., majestic, sublime, terribly divine.

Those creatures without self-realization of any kind, looked at we, the Mahatmas in the same way that an ant might look at us; they could see, but they were far from being able to comprehend us; since within there we all are one, thus, within there one we all were, so, it was easily possible to penetrate the consciousness of those little creatures, of those little monads without any self-realization, i was able to evidence that those monads saw we, the gods in the same way that the kingdom of ants could see us, they could see us, but without comprehending us, without understanding us.

Upon seeing those monads without self-realization, upon evidencing that all of them had lost the 3,000 cycles of the wheel, that they had been black magicians in thousands of lives or that they were lukewarm creatures, I must tell you that I felt pain on the one hand and on the other the intimate significance of all of this was intensified even more.

Monads that had 3,000 cycles to self-realize and did not achieve it, they collected, yes, at the end of their 3,000 turns, each of them, collected their essence, their soul, their spirit, their principles, forces, everything, and with everything they were absorbed within the bosom of the Universal Spirit of Life, but without self-realization.

So, the Monads that do not take advantage of the Self-Realization, that do not achieve mastery in the 3,000 cycles of the wheel, fail.

I do not want to tell you that they become unfortunate creatures for all eternity, that would be an injustice of the divine, we would simply say: they are rays of the Eternal One without Self-Realization, they have happiness, the natural happiness of the Universal Spirit of Life, but they do not possess mastery; they didn't want it either, they never yearned for it, if they had wanted it, they would have done something to get it. So that divinity, the divine, the Universal Spirit of Life does not obligate anyone.

Well, it's not that easy to get mastery... but it's worth fighting for it. The 3,000 turns of the wheel are usually very bitter, the best thing is to free ourselves from the wheel.

So, I do not agree with the doctrine of Jahveh, making such a mysticism, a religion of the wheel of samsara. It seems to me that the best thing to do is to free ourselves from that wheel of fatality and embark on that difficult path of the revolution of the consciousness, because it is not the evolution nor the devolution that is going to take us to the final liberation; these are nothing more than the two factors of the wheel of samsara, such factors constitute the mechanical axis of nature. We need to free ourselves from that wheel, by treading that strait, narrow and difficult path that Jesus the Christ spoke to us about, he said:

“Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” – Matthew 7: 14

The revolution of consciousness is necessary. The Apocalypse is very clear and says:

“I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” – Revelation 3: 15, 16

The former words are from Christ to the apostle who wrote the Apocalypse. We must become aware of what it is to be hot or cold, but not lukewarm. We must bond to us its esoteric meaning, by means of the apprehension of the deep significance, which lies latently within such an apocalyptic phrase.

Cold is the one who has not been able to know the Great Arcanum or who has not found a spouse to work with, but is dedicated to eliminating the "I" of lust and staying within the base of chastity, eliminates lust. The day will come that her priest or his priestess be given unto them to work in the Great Work, meanwhile they always remains cold as ice, because they have already eliminated lust. Then, when they enter to work with full consciousness in the forge of the Cyclops, they then become hot like the Devil who turns red.

But lukewarm is the one who does not practice Sexual Magic, is not interested or chaste, is lukewarm, they multiply like any animal, as do all living beings, has not been heated by the fire of the forge of the Cyclops, no has passed through the ice, that of the anchorites.

So that hot refers to the one who is working in the forge of the Cyclops, and cold to the hermit monks and nuns who, wanting to be chaste, live in celibacy. In fact, although they are cold, much ego can be removed from them and later, with the guru's teaching, they can enter to work in the forge of the Cyclops and becomes hot.  

Inverential peace.

An Instructor's Elaboration on the Lecture

Quotes from scriptures of kabbalah with commentary by a gnostic instructor, as an elaboration on the lecture by Samael Aun Weor.

Assyrian נישראל

The Assyrian God Nishrael with an eagle head, symbolizes Adam or Israel, in the central nervous system, the heart, that controls at the same time the voluntary acts of the mind, through the pineal gland as Mi-Moshe מי-משה, the Mem מם of Adam אדם, which is the Yam ים or sea of marrow, the brain, represented in the above image by the pinecone in the right hand of the eagle (symbol of the air), and the bag on the left hand of the eagle, symbolizes the mist or Ad אד, the involuntary movements of the grand sympathetic nervous system. Within that bag, symbol of the human gonads (testicles or ovaries) is the Nun נון (fish, the female or male sperm).

The two serpents, astral fluids and the animal nature.

“For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” – Matthew 12: 40

“And I will sacrifice unto thee with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay that that I have vowed. Salvation (Jesus, Jeshua יהשועה) is of Iod-Havah יהוה. And Iod-Havah יהוה spoke unto the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land.” – Jonah 2: 9, 10

So, the three days and three nights in the whale's belly corresponds to the three aspects of the Shabbath שבת that Moses explained as follows:

“And the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day Elohim אלהים ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And Elohim אלהים blessed the seventh day and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which Elohim אלהים created and made.” – Genesis 2: 1-3

So, from the earth (the whale) we can be vomited, as Jonah, out of the Nun נון (fish, sperm) after three days; or to be spewed, as a failure monad, after having passed 3,000 times through the second death within the bowels of many planets.


In Kabbalah, Nun means fish (Aramaic)

Explanation about the three days and three nights within the Nun נון (fish) or whale's belly:

Letter Tzade

Jesus, Jeshua יהשועה, is the son of Nun -  יהושע בן־נון - because in Tiphereth you have to engender Jesus, Jeshua יהשועה and join him to Moses, who in turn is engendered by means of the transmutation of the Manna מָן, which is  the Nun נון (fish, sperm) from the Mayim מים, the waters of Mitzrahimah מצרימה. Behold  Mayim מים and Mitzrahimah מצרימה, both words, contain the tenth letter Iod י of the tenth sephirah Malkuth (the whale or our physicality), which is clearly shown in the bent Nun נון or letter Tzadi צ.


This, in order to be vomited at the end of the third day, or third Shabbath שבת, as the letter Zain ז (which is the letter that represents the Shabbath שבת) from the open Nun נון or letter Ayin ע, meaning, out of the whale or out of the open letter Nun נון (fish, sperm), in other words, to be vomited as a resurrected master like Nishrael נישראל (Nun-Israel נון-ישראל) upon the beach of Eden, the promised land in the fourth dimension, as a new human seed, Zera זרע, after having pay kamaduro on the cross. The Hebrew word Zera זרע contains the letters Zain ז (which is Zath זאת, the female) and the Ayin ע of (Daath דעת, the male) and the letter Reish ר in the middle of Zain ז and Ayin ע, which clearly indicates, a new head (Rosh Chadash ראש חדש), a new mind, a new Objective Reasoning.


“And unto this people thou shalt say: Thus saith Iod-Havah יהוה; Behold, I set before you Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה) the way of life (Ath Derech HaChayim את־דרך החיים), and (VeAth Derech HaMuth ואת־ דרך המות) the way of (second) death (काली माता אם המות).” – Jeremiah 21: 8

“The sexual force has two poles: positive and negative. The positive is the serpent of bronze that healed the Israelites in the wilderness. The negative is the tempting serpent of Eden.

The work of the lucifers is a work of black magic. They awake the passionate fire of humanity with the single purpose of creating proselytes for the Black Lodge, since every demon is a fornicator.

The cephalic-rachis liquid and the semen are the poles of the sexual energy. The angel has the two poles upwards, towards his head. The common and current human beings and the demons (like Jahveh) have one pole upward and the other downward. They form the brain with one pole, and they fornicate with the other pole.

The Kundalini of the angel goes upwards; yet, the demon’s tail, the Kundabuffer goes downwards.” - Samael Aun Weor

It is also written:

“When the mind receives influence from the internal world, it invites stillness and concentration; but the mental body (like the Kikaion קיקיון) is also constituted and influenced by the external senses: it tends to express itself through the muscles created by the desire body (Kama Rupa), which form a path to it that is ready to ally itself with desire (or lust). The atom of the Holy Spirit is in the Pineal gland, but this one, which dominates the cerebral system and the grand sympathetic nervous system, has a great container at the base of the coccyx: It is the atom of the Secret Enemy, entity formed by all the abuses of the humanoid, and dominates the lower part of the grand sympathetic nervous system, defends it and makes it an involuntary system, so that voluntary acts are under the control of the mind and involuntary ones are governed by instinct and feeling. Whereas the heart participates at the same time in the voluntary acts of the mind and the involuntary ones of the grand sympathetic nervous system. This is the only organ in the body that possesses both movements and is the most obedient to the Innermost.” – Adonai

The Zohar states:

“And Iod-Havah Ath יהוה את shall utterly destroy the (lustful) tongue of (the fornicator minds in) the Mitzrahimah sea ים־מצרימה; and with his mighty Ruach רוח (Elohim אלהים, Atman, the Innermost) shall he shake his Iod (ידו) over the river, and shall smite it in the seven streams, and make go over with dry feet.” – Isaiah 11: 15

Each of the seven outlets or streams becomes divided (in the Iod י of Malkuth) and forms into seven reservoirs, and each of these into the source or fount of seven rivers (from Malkuth to Chesed) and which subdivide again and form seven brooklets (or chakras of energy distribution); thus, forming a vast circulatory system by which the (creative) waters of (Binah בינה of) each separate and then meet again and become blended together (with Shiva शिव Binah בינה in the pineal gland)."

"A great fish (Nun נון in Aramaic) coming from the left swims through all these waterways to poison and corrupt them. Its scales are as steel. From its mouth comes forth a lurid flame and its tongue is like a sharp sword. Its object is to force its way into the sanctuary of the great ocean (or sea of marrow) to pollute and defile it and thus extinguish the light (of Shiva शिव Binah בינה in the pineal gland), and causing the waters to become frozen, and the great circulatory water system may cease to operate.

"The occult meaning of this mystery is expressed in the words of scripture:

“And a mist (VeAd ואד) went up (as the Auroboros Samech ס) from the earth (Malkuth) and watered the whole face of the ground (Ath Col Pheni HaAdamah את־כל־פני־האדמה).” - Genesis 2: 6

Which refers to the sexual desires experienced by the female (polarity, the Iod יוד of Yesod יסוד, which is the Daleth ד of Ad אד, in the genitalia of our physicality) towards the male (polarity, the Yam ים or sea of marrow, the brain)." - Zohar

These two polarities are the waters HaMayim המים and represented in the Mem מם of Adam אדם.

This is why it is written:

adam and eve currents

“And (VeAd ואד) the (tempting) serpent (in both genitalia) is wiser than any (Cheth חית, letter #8) of the field (Shaddai שדי in Yesod יסוד) which יהוה אלהים (Shiva शिव Binah בינה in the pineal gland) had made. And she said unto the woman, Yea, hath Elohim said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” - Genesis 3:1

This (Ad אד) serpent wished to accomplish his aim by first corrupting (by means of the orgasm of the beasts) the brooklets below (in the genitalia) and making them impure and bitter, so that flowing back to the great ocean (or sea of marrow) their fountain head (Shiva शिव Binah בינה in the pineal gland), it might become polluted.

This is why she (the Ad אד or tempting serpent) first (by means of the orgasm of the beasts) seduced Adam אדם (the brain) and brought death into the world; she (the Ad אד of lust or desire) entered (through the blood, Dam דם) into (Tiphereth) the heart of HaAdam האדם from the left side.

"There is, however, another serpent (the Mi מי or male polarity) that (through the blood, Dam דם) emanates (from the pineal gland, the cerebral spinal nervous system into Tiphereth, the heart of HaAdam האדם) from the right side.


Lot and the two serpents


These two serpents (relate to HaMayim המים, the creative sexual waters, that are alchemically Mah מה, the parasympathetic nervous system; and Mi מי, the grand sympathetic nervous system) are they that are closely attached to Adam אדם (the cerebral spinal nervous system - Lot לוט) during his lifetime, as scripture saith:

“Of all the souls (חית or Nephesh Chaiah נפש חיה) of the field (HaShedah השדה, Yesod, sex) that (חית השדה אשר עשה יהוה אלהים Shiva शिव Binah בינה, Asher אשר, the Holy Spirit) had made (in Assiah עשיה).” - Genesis 3:1

These two (grand sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system) are (Hello, Aholah אהלה, and Welcome, Aholibah אהליבה - from Ezekiel chapter 23) the most cunning, crafty and subtle in tempting and destroying Adam אדם (the Son of Man in the Vav ו, the cerebral spinal nervous system). Woe unto them (the female and male alchemists) who allows themselves to be led on and seduced by the (Ad אד) serpent (of desire or lust), for death irretrievable is their doom, physically, morally and spiritually, both themselves and to those associated with them, as in the case of Adam and Eve who wished to know and become experts in nature's secrets and occult science.

In revealing them and exciting within them a fictitious joy and happiness, the (Ad אד) serpent (of desire or lust) acquired that influence and control over Adam and Eve’s (brains) that contributed to and brought their ruin and downfall and thus caused them to suffer, as also their successors. From the day that Israel came to the foot (Yesod יסוד, the Ad אד) of Mount Sinai, the impurity and corruption wrought by the (Ad אד) serpent (of desire) has not disappeared from the world (of Assiah עשיה, Malkuth מלכות).”  – Zohar

"Hear what saith scripture when Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree by which death entered into their souls or (Ad אד) lower nature:

And they heard the voice of Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים walking (Mithhalech מתהלך) in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves (in the Muladhara chakra) from the presence of Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים amongst the trees (of life and knowledge) of the garden (their physicality).” - Genesis 3: 8

Or, as it ought to be rendered: where he had walked (Mithhalech מתהלך). Note further that whilst Adam and Eve had not fallen, they were recipients of divine wisdom (Chokmah) and heavenly light and derived their continuous existence from the Tree of Life to which they had free access, but as soon as they allowed themselves to be seduced and deluded with the (Ad אד or serpent of) desire (or lust) of the tree of knowledge, they lost everything, heavenly light and life through the disjunction of their higher and lower souls, and, the loss of that harmony that should always exist between them, in short, they then first knew what evil was and what it entailed, and, therefore, it is written:

“For thou art not an Elohim that hath pleasure in wickedness: neither shall evil dwell with thee.” - Psalm 5: 4

Or, in other words, they who implicitly and blindly follow the dictates of their (Ad אד or) lower nature (the Ad אד of their Nephesh נפש or bestial lustful soul) shall not come near the Tree of Life.

"Whilst the protoplasts had not as yet lost their innocence and purity, they heard within themselves the voice divine, the voice out of the Great Silence. Guided and directed by divine wisdom, they walked and lived in the divine light and were not afraid. As soon, however, as they succumbed to temptation (of their Ad אד), they lapsed into a state of sin, of sorrow and shame and found that though the voice was still audible, they could not endure to hear it; and the sense of sin pervaded and prevailed throughout the world up to the time when Israel stood at the foot of Mount Sinai (Daath דעת), purified from all defilement and thus able to become conjoined with the Tree of Life, and partook of its fruits, beholding the celestial glory.

They ascended higher and higher in the divine life and lived in the enjoyment of the Beatific Vision being filled with that interior peace and tranquility known and experienced only by those who understand the mysteries of the higher and divine life. The Holy One protected them by impressing upon them his divine name, so that the spirit of evil was unable to exercise power and influence over them and thus corrupt them.

Thus they lived, pure and protected, until they bowed down and worshipped the golden calf (money). Then fell they from their high estate and lost the divine protection which was as a cuirasses or coat of mail against the assaults of evil that now again acquired power over them and brought death unto their souls.

"After their fall, scripture informs us, 'and when Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses, behold, his face shone radiant with light, and they were afraid to come nigh unto him.” - Exodus 34: 30

Before this, however, it is written, 'and Israel saw the mighty hand of the Lord'; that is, they were able by the purification of the lower nature and mental and spiritual illumination, to attain unto the Beatific Vision and view the splendor and glory of the life on high. And so, it is further written:

“And all the people saw the thunderings, and the lightnings, and the noise of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking: and when the people saw it, they removed, and stood afar off.” - Exodus 20: 18

All these glories, however, departed from them after their lapse into sin, so that they could not even endure to behold and regard the luminous face of their intercessor Moses, for, as it is said:

“And they were afraid to come nigh him.” – Exodus 34: 30

"Remark, now, what is further stated:

“And the children of Israel stripped themselves of their ornaments by the mount Horeb.” – Exodus 33: 6 (Horeb here meaning Sinai in Tiphereth).

By which is signified, that Israel, after sinning, became divested of their safeguards, the ornaments of purity and integrity, and thus fell under the power of evil (Jahveh).

So, for what reason it is stated:

“And Moses took the tabernacle, and pitched it without the camp, afar off from the camp, and called it the Tabernacle of the congregation. And it came to pass, that everyone which sought Iod-Havah יהוה went out unto the tabernacle of the congregation, which was without the camp.” - Exodus 33: 7.” – Zohar