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Visiting the Fourth Dimension

Entire races live in Jinn state. In the time of Artaxerxes, there was the case, well, in Persia, of a tribe that appeared there, a very strange tribe.

Student: Master, is the fourth vertical also called the fourth coordinate?

Samael Aun Weor: Fourth coordinate, or fourth dimension... Well, that tribe lived in their houses (triumphant, victorious), and then Artaxerxes decided to subdue them, fill them with taxes and dominate them, and sent people to subdue them to his scepter. But when the people came to look for them, to look for that race, that race had disappeared: there were no longer any houses or anything in the place where they used to be.

However, Artaxerxes received some very strange gifts, sent by the people of that race. He received some eagle feathers, which had their meaning; it meant that until he owned the air element, he couldn't master them. He received something that meant that until he mastered the element of water, he would not be able to subdue them. He received a mole, which meant that until he ruled the element earth, he couldn't rule them. And he also received a salamander (something that represented fire, or something that represented a salamander, which is fire, right?), which meant that until he mastered fire, he couldn't master them so they could submit to him. They demanded control of fire, air, water and earth. The day he achieved that dominance, they would gladly submit to his scepter. Not before, because they didn't recognize his authority.

What did that great lord, that great king, do? He shut his mouth; he had no choice! If he didn't master the elements, what was he going to do? Let's see...

Student: In that fourth coordinate, the laws that govern that fourth coordinate, are they the same as in this third dimension, or can people fly and overcome the law of gravity?

Samael Aun Weor: The laws are different, because in the fourth vertical you can float with a body of flesh and blood, and everything. In the fourth vertical, the laws are different; that's clear.

Student: Master, I understand that here, in the forest of Chapultepec, there is a temple in Jinn state. Can you pass any brother or sister (not as you did there in the pyramid, but with the physical body) to that temple?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, it can, when the members of the temple authorize it; because we are not going to break down the doors of the temple, right? You have to, first, have the authorization...

Students: ...

Samael Aun Weor: How interesting it would be! But let's see..., all that has its laws; One does not have the right to enter the temple of Chapultepec if he is not duly authorized first, and to be authorized, well, one has to deserve it, right? That is a temple of the fourth vertical; that is all.

Now, getting one into the fourth vertical, it's not that hard, it's not that hard. With a little practice, it can be done. All it takes is a little faith, faith, a lot of faith. One lies down, then, in one’s bed, on the left side, puts one's head on the palm of the left hand, watches over sleep and then invokes Harpocrates; one has to invoke him with his mantra: harpo-crat-is. This is how it is invoked, and then, well, wait a bit...

When lying down on his side, one should be placed in the form or figure that the chick has inside a shell, inside an egg.

On the bureau or nightstand that is next to the bed, you have to put, precisely, the shell of a chicken egg painted blue. And imagine one is inside that egg; and summon Harpocrates.

When one begins to feel a lot of "itchiness" in the body, the time is coming! There is a tendency for one to scratch; but don't scratch. And if it begins to look like your hands and legs and body are swelling, it's because you're already entering the fourth vertical.

When it looks like this, like swollen, well, get out of bed with true faith, and go for a walk (heading for the door) saying: "har-po-crat-is, help me because I'm going with my body"...

When leaving the bedroom, or before leaving, one takes a little jump with the intention of piercing the fourth vertical, of getting fully into the fourth dimension, and if it floats, it is because it is ready; then get out of there, out of the house, and go with a body of flesh and bone, through the fourth dimension, wherever you want to go; no problem, nothing wrong.

Student: Do you go out dressed? 

Samael Aun Weor: Well, usually one leaves in pajamas, right? For this reason, before leaving the house, it is advisable to first do the test: take the little jump, to see if one floats; because it would not be very pleasant to go out in “underwear clothes” to the street. No, one does the test first, inside, to see if it floats, and if it floats, then it gives itself the luxury of leaving. If it doesn't float, it's because it didn't “enter” the fourth vertical; then one returns to his bed and repeats the experiment. It is easy!

Student: And to come back again, don't you stay there?

Samael Aun Weor: In order to return? Well, there is a law in the fourth vertical, which perfectly..., a law that was stipulated perfectly by Lavoisier: “everything returns to its original starting point”. In the fourth vertical, that law is fully fulfilled: one returns to the original starting point...

I, for example, did many experiments (in my present existence) to learn how to travel with the physical body through the fourth vertical.

I even counted up to 15 unsuccessful outings in one night. That thing of having to leave my room after being one with your sarapes or blankets very warm and one go out to the patio of the house, and even raining besides, do you think that does not cost a sacrifice, until I come to get pneumonia? In pure "pajamas" and all that stuff, I start jumping and nothing; and jump and swim, back to bed.

But, in one of those many outings, I went out; I jumped and “sooooo!”, I was floating in the air and I said: ehhh!... [laughs]... ...I was floating, I was in the photo, well, that way I'll look like in jinn, well ..., [laughs] total that in the fourth vertical I was floating and already floating, I was able to go, perfectly, to where I wanted...

Once again, I began to call some Jinn people, to help me (in the fourth vertical there are people who live, entire races); and I called certain Jinn-persons (from the Jinn-worlds, of those from the Jinn-lands), so that they would come to help me.

The whole holy night (me there, lying on my side, with my head resting on the palm of my hand), calling those people from Jinn states, so that they would come.

Finally, around two or three in the morning, when I felt a very special state of laxity, someone touched my arm. I look again, and I see a lady who is there, young, and she says to me, "Well, get up!"

And I, like this, wake up (as I am at this moment), and get up? But since I am a man of faith, well, I got up from my bed, I stood up.

Then I see, with amazement, that at a little table that was there with some chairs, inside the bedroom, there were two other ladies, sitting around the table. So, with her, there were three.

They had some tarot cards; and through the tarot, they had consulted on which one was going to bear the responsibility of taking me to Europe. Sure, "luck" fell to the one who called me, that's why she called me. Then she told me, "I have to take you..."

"I really appreciate it."

Then she said, "Let's go out!..."

What I did notice, to my amazement, was that she took me here... if to help me to hold on, right?

I walked, I crossed a patio, I took a long passageway, I opened the door, I went out into the street. Opening the door did not open the physical door. what door was opened? The counterpart of the physical door...

So, I went out on the street. I said: “well, I will be the only one, alone, who goes through the fourth vertical.” And great was my astonishment when I go out, and find that many other people (men and women) live in the fourth dimension, with a body of flesh and bone...

Student: Master, and those who are in the astral body do not see that state?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, everything; there “they are mixed” the living and the dead and the whole world. Well, all in all, then, I began to walk through those streets; but it gave me, frankly, a great joy (it was one of my first trips, with a body of flesh and blood, between the fourth dimension). It gave me so much joy that I decided to float up to the clouds, and then, from there, dive down over the houses like a airplane. But, I had to stop those antics, those violent games, and everything, when the lady called me to order. She told me, "Sir, I have a great moral responsibility with you. If you continue with that behavior, well, you are going to kill yourself, you can kill yourself; remember that you are carrying your physical body, you can kill yourself. Although you are here in the fourth dimension, you can kill yourself if you continue with your behavior. So, I ask you the favor of behaving judiciously..."

"Okay," I said, "you're right." So, I kept traveling with her and we arrived in New York.

There, in an apartment in one of those skyscrapers in New York, another gentleman was waiting for us (he was also learning to manage the Jinn states). When we arrived, we greeted each other, because that lady introduced him to me. We became friends and then, she not only took me here, but him too, she said, "Let's cross the ocean!"

I thought: “In the flesh, at that time of night, and crossing the Atlantic Ocean?” For an instant, in a matter of seconds, an idea came to me, “What if we left the fourth dimension right now, and here, in the middle of the ocean? If we were to lose that Jinn state, how would we stay there, at that time of night and in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, heading for Europe?"

Well, we kept traveling until we reached the beaches of Europe. At that time there was the second world war..., The second world war...

Well, we went through some lands of Europe (you could see the barbarism of the second world war, which was terrifying). Then that friend told me, "Here we have to be very careful, because we are inside the fourth dimension and we do not carry identification documents of any kind, or passports, or any of those things that are used in the world of three dimensions. If unfortunately, we lose the Jinn state here," he told me, "we will fall here in these lands and here, or they put us in jail, or they shoot us. We are in the middle of a world war, here we lose our lives; we have to be very careful..."

Student: And it depends on oneself, not to lose that Jinn state?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, it depends on oneself to be careful, especially when approaching where there are steel points, metallic objects, iron, because it is very dangerous...

So, I told him, "Well, let's walk carefully..."

So, that lady led us until she entered a house in Europe, where another person was waiting, waiting for her too. The two of us stayed there, conversing a bit. And he told me, "I don't know what I see inside you," he told me, "but in you there is a bit of science, another bit of philosophy and a lot of magic."

And I told him, "You are right," I told him, "I am Samael Aun Weor..."

We waited for that lady to bring out another person who was waiting there (a humble seamstress who was studying Jinn sciences). We waited patiently, until she got it out, and now she's out too. After that, we continued our journey and I went where I had to go: to a secret place in old Europe. I got to where I had to go, and after I had been where I had to be (which is a "state secret"), then, on the way back, we calmly returned to the house through the space; I went back and laid down on my bed and everything, perfectly.

The trip was wonderful!

Student: Master, the time of the fourth vertical, how does it combine with the time of the third? Did you arrive here on the same night?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, frankly, I didn't care to look at the clock. Because in the middle of the experiment, you don't remember the little watch, one forgets about it, right? I only know that the journey was long and that it was wonderful, very wonderful...

I was also able to show that the main thing is faith.

For this reason: on a certain occasion we were in a house, in a town with a warm climate, and since it was a very hot climate, well, there, the Master Litelantes slept on her bed and I slept simply on the mere, mere floor, on the ground, to do my Jinn experiments.

I only put a pillow on the floor, not even a mat; because I didn't want a mat, the heat was unbearable. I wanted to get some coolness from the floor (you know that in hot lands it's like this: in very hot climates, you look for the floor, because that way you get some coolness).

Well, I dedicated myself to my work of concentration: watching the dream carefully and taking advantage of the first details of the dream to emerge, so that I could get up and grab the fourth vertical.

Master Litelantes (who smokes, or from time to time still smokes), took her big puffs of smoke and watched me from her bed, because she was awake. I didn't fully grasp the Jinn state, at that time, because I lacked sleep (or whatever), but I was full of faith.

I got up from the floor where I was lying, at that moment full of faith, I said, "I'm going to the street!.."

When she saw that I was going to the street, not even in pajamas but in underwear and this shirt, right? "I'm going to the street! ..." Then she told me, "But how is this man going to go like this, in underwear to the street?" Then she, immediately, she rushed to the door, she said: "Wait a minute!, where are you going?"

But since I was at that moment, well, full of faith, I told her, "Move!" And I opened the door and I even gave her a push like that, I opened the door and I went out; and when leaving her she said, "Man!" There was a bar opposite and the street was full of people, because it wasn't late at night, right? She said, "The police are going to catch this man and put him in the boat..."

Yes sir, I left. She leaned out to see, calling me, "Where are you going, how are you going to go like this?"

I was still undaunted, I went as far as I was going, full of faith, and that's all. That I could, I could, because I had to be able. Why? Well, “because of my firmness” I had to be able to, right? Simply because I wouldn't admit I couldn't...

I walked a block yes, and she was looking at me, until at one block I disappeared.

Well, on the block I jumped like this, but with absolute faith, and faith was so tremendous, that I entered the fourth vertical and went where I had to go (to a certain place, where I had to go). I floated above that city, that little town, and headed where I had to go...

After a while... Ah! When she saw that I had disappeared, she said, "I am going to close the door; and to this man, who knows what will happen to him." She closed the door, and locked it with a beam. With those old beams that didn't need so many little keys but a piece of wood like that, to lock the door, right? Something crude, heavy beam.

She waited anxiously to see what would happen. When after a while (“about an hour”, she says), she was amazed when she saw me lying down on the bed again. Because when I came back, it didn't matter that the door was closed (since I came through the fourth vertical, I went through) I arrived and went to bed again. When she turned around she came back to see me there again; she was amazed. Because even with the door closed, I went through the door...

But notice how I entered the Jinn state: yes, there was no longer even a dream at that moment, but pure faith, nothing more than an absolute faith, without a hint of doubt. What I did... to do one of those things, you need three things, not one: either to be in a state of ecstasy, or intoxicated by wisdom, crazy... [laughs].

Student: Master, whoever saw you in that dimension was going to see you in that suit?

Samael Aun Weor: Well yes, I certainly wasn't dressing very well... [laughs], but I went! And that was the important thing.

Student: Master, what conclusion does an experience give you, for example? Which is the following: on one night, let's say, the physical body is sleeping, but at a certain moment there is such a tremendous vibration that one consciously... ., let's say that the body is asleep, but there comes a time when the tremendous, tremendous vibration is felt, then, at that moment, I wanted to expose, order, let's say, ask them to take it out, you see? Because I was trying to achieve, let's say, the astral, see? That was..., I fell asleep, let's say, it was about the time that I realized that I felt the vibration, but I didn't remember that I was asleep, but I felt the vibration, and then I thought that it was the astral or that was going to arrive. So, I asked, I asked and I asked to be able to go out in the astral. And when I asked so much, so much, so much that I woke up again... [laughs].

Samael Aun Weor: So, you didn't go out?

Student: No... [laughs].

Samael Aun Weor: Well, you wasted your time, man, no way. You have to keep doing experiments to learn how to get out; but you have to learn to get out. Now go out with the... aha!...

Student: This vibration..., a vibration throughout the body, tremendous, tremendous, quite a vibration...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, you simply didn't make the effort. You must have gotten up from your bed. Because what? Did you expect them to come, and take you on their arms, and then to seat you in another place and also give you a chocolate "milkshake"? [laughs].   

There is a need, then, to do your part, rise up, get up, start walking full of faith, and everything; so yes, “Strike with thy rod while thou beg to thy God.” ... action! That is what is needed. Aha!...

Student: So, can't one go out in Jinn state if one doesn't know how to go out in the astral body?

Samael Aun Weor: Many learn how to travel with a body of flesh and blood and then learn to go out in the astral.

It's easy! Coming out in the flesh is easy. Now, there are people who find it difficult. They know that there is something, for when one does many experiments and does not achieve it, and finally wants to achieve it, I am going to tell them: one concentrates on the seven potencies.

I am not referring to the seven planetary geniuses, no; but to a group of masters who are called "the seven potencies", with the mantra mueresiranca, mueresiranca, mueresirancaaaa. This is how you have to sing it: mueresirancaaaa; let the seven potencies come, let them come; one begs them with his heart to come and begs them to prepare his body; then the seven potencies prepare it for him...

But that work must be done every night; go on, and on, and on, for at least a year. When one has had a hard time working for at least a year, working like this, a year at least. Already after one considers that his body is ready, then one dedicates oneself to working again with the jinn states, until one gets it.

Working with Harpocrates seems the best for me. Because it turns out that Harpocrates is a deity who handles a variant of the Christic force, he handles the Jinn states. Wherever there is a Jinn temple, the Harpocratian force is there; Wherever there is a person who gets into a Jinn state, there is the Harpocratian force. But you have to know how to pronounce the mantra.

Harpocrates' name is Harpocrates; but as a mantra it is har-po-crat-is, har-pocrat-is, and then one concentrates..., har-po-crat-is (there I record it on that tape recorder, so that it resonates)...

Student: Master, whenever you are going to invoke the seven potencies, is it essential that you do so with that mantra?

Samael Aun Weor: No, no, no; the seven potencies is with the mantra mueresiranca.

Student: Can another mantra be used?

 Samael Aun Weor: No, it's just that...

Student: So, if, for example, in a ritual the seven potencies are invoked and another mantra is used, then they don't come?

Samael Aun Weor: No, it is not used in any ritual. I don't know, unless you use it in some ritual.

Student: No, that's why I'm asking?

Samael Aun Weor: No, for the seven potencies, the mantra mueresiranca is used to call them; and you can call them to prepare your body in order to go out in Jinn state. Then they prepare your body, they prepare it for you. And one has to help oneself with baths, with aromatic herbs; take baths...

Student: Master, this process can be done mentally as well as verbally, right?

Samael Aun Weor: As you wish. In any case, the mantra mueresiranca, is wonderful. It serves to prepare the body, so that the body is prepared... aha!

Student: Master, you say that one bathes with aromatic herbs, right?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, baths with aromatic plants help one a lot.

Student: Like which ones?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, there's the eucalyptus, there's the mint, there's the orange tree, there's the chamomile, etc. aromatic plants! And one chooses plants that have aroma, aromatic plants; They help you prepare the body...

Student: The gringos were already doing an experiment to put a ship in the fourth coordinate, according to what they say... ...and they put the crew; that they managed to do something but no...

Samael Aun Weor: In order to fit a ship into the fourth vertical, the ship had to be manufactured according to tetra-dimensional physics; you have to make a tetra-dimensional ship.

And to make a tetra-dimensional physics you have to have a tetra-dimensional geometry. And to make a tetra-dimensional geometry, you have to draw the fourth vertical on the paper.

So when you draw the fourth vertical, you can work out the tetra-dimensional geometry, and with it, work out such physics, by which you would build tetra-dimensional ships to travel, in the fourth dimension, through the infinite space.

Student: Master, I once read that in the Second World War experiments were carried out with wave devices, to trace, let's say, a new type of weapon, to disintegrate the psychic matter of the human being...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, that's absurd, it's not possible. With no physical apparatus, or with no physical wave, can anyone disintegrate psychic matter.

Student: I think it was Mr. Lobsang Rampa was the one who said that about the Germans, or the Jews, who spoke of inventing that device to kill, we would say, psychic matter, to destroy humans but not in the physical part.

Samael Aun Weor: That is difficult and impossible. You can destroy the physical part, but not the psychic part. For example the ego, who is going to destroy the ego? Not oneself with his own mind can destroy it; only the Divine Mother Kundalini can destroy it...

Student: Well master...

Samael Aun Weor: ...the personality that can be made visible and tangible from a distance. You can do it, there are personalities... ...that is to say, the double rather, the double of you; it is twice your physical personality; that double can transport and talk to your wife, and she can see you. Everybody has a double...

Student: And that is not the astral body?

Samael Aun Weor: No.

Student: Isn't that some form of mental?

Samael Aun Weor: No, the physical body has its double, a physical, atomic, physical double that can be made visible and tangible from a distance.

The astral also has its double; once I caught a double: the master Litelantes’s double I could catch it. And after I grabbed it, she also came in the astral and I presented her double: “here I have your double, look at it”... She stared at that double; the double stared at her like that, as if she was avoiding the sight... Every body has a double.

Student: Master, after the physical body dies, what happens?...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it disintegrates...

Student: Master, but that double is the one that does the opposite of the actions that one does?

Samael Aun Weor: No, no, no, it's an atomic double; that's it; I would say: “antimatter”. I would qualify this double as "antimatter". Because just as matter exists, antimatter exists; just as the atom exists, the anti-atom exists; Just as the neutron exists, there is the antineutron, the antistar...

The double, I would say that it is physical, that it is antimatter, with electrical charges in reverse. Antimatter is proven to exist, that it has electrical charges in reverse.

Student: But really, there are people exactly like you, what they call a "double"?

Samael Aun Weor: There are also, they exist also...

Student: ...are they available in one country?...

Student: Lobsang Rampa talks about how sometimes an essence has two bodies...

Samael Aun Weor: Is it what Rampa says?

Student: hah?

Samael Aun Weor: Did that is what Rampa say? hey, call G. K.!... Listen to this testimony here, so you can confirm what I told you about Romero Cortes.

Student: That Lobsang Rampa says that there are essences that have two bodies in two different people (but he calls them “dolls”, right? Two dolls)...

Samael Aun Weor: What I'm telling you, here we have the case of a friend, whose name I won't mention, and it happens that this friend is another of the two personalities of that man who was called “Kephren” in Egypt. Khafre had, lately, two personalities; he lived simultaneously in both. The one was Dr. Rafael Romero Cortés (graduated lawyer, in Colombia), and his other personality, is physically too similar, has the same customs, has the same reasoning, the same knowledge and his life has been similar (he was a lawyer called Salas Linares); and it turns out that this is the other personality of himself...

Student: Master, but physically, do they two look alike?

Samael Aun Weor: Just wait for me, since I will eat this bread a little bit, here; this is a kind of good bread... [laughs].

Student: Here I left a little for you...

Samael Aun Weor: No, do not leave that there...

Student: Isn't Salas Linares the one who drafted the postulates for the posclista movement in Mexico? The lawyer who helped?

Samael Aun Weor: He cooperated a lot with us in the elaboration of all those postulates and principles of the platform of the Latin American socialist party.

Student: I came to gnosis, through the doctrine, let's say, of Lobsang Rampa, because it is a doctrine that calls my attention so much; And it was because of the great interest that I had in learning about that culture of Lobsang Rampa that Gnosis interested me...

Samael Aun Weor: Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, because he is an initiate; that cannot be denied, he is a master. His mission has consisted, specifically, in doing popular work, in playing the first “trumpet”; to bring the attention of people so that each one comes to look for his path, right?; That has been the work of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. And many have come to gnosis thanks to the work that he has done...